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Burke's Law (1963)

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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Solving murders among the Hollywood elite is the job of a millionaire chief of detectives who arrives at the scene of the crime in his chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce.
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1963
End date: Jan 1966
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): ABC (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 81 eps
Genre(s): Drama
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 20 Sep 63Who Killed Holly Howard?
2.1-2 27 Sep 63Who Killed Mr. X?
3.1-3 04 Oct 63Who Killed Cable Roberts?
4.1-4 11 Oct 63Who Killed Harris Crown?
5.1-5 18 Oct 63Who Killed Julian Buck?
6.1-6 25 Oct 63Who Killed Alex Debbs?
7.1-7 01 Nov 63Who Killed Sweet Betsy?
8.1-8 08 Nov 63Who Killed Billy Jo?
9.1-9 15 Nov 63Who Killed Wade Walker?
10.1-1029 Nov 63Who Killed the Kind Doctor?
11.1-1106 Dec 63Who Killed Purity Mather?
12.1-1213 Dec 63Who Killed Cynthia Royal?
13.1-1320 Dec 63Who Killed Eleanora Davis?
14.1-1427 Dec 63Who Killed Beau Sparrow?
15.1-1503 Jan 64Who Killed Jason Shaw?
16.1-1610 Jan 64Who Killed Snookie Martinelli?
17.1-1717 Jan 64Who Killed What's His Name?
18.1-1824 Jan 64Who Killed Madison Cooper?
19.1-1931 Jan 64Who Killed April?
20.1-2014 Feb 64Who Killed Carrie Cornell?
21.1-2121 Feb 64Who Killed His Royal Highness?
22.1-2228 Feb 64Who Killed Marty Kelso?
23.1-2306 Mar 64Who Killed Avery Lord?
24.1-2413 Mar 64Who Killed Andy Zygmunt?
25.1-2520 Mar 64Who Killed the Paper Dragon?
26.1-2627 Mar 64Who Killed Molly?
27.1-2703 Apr 64Who Killed WHO IV?
28.1-2810 Apr 64Who Killed Annie Foran?
29.1-2917 Apr 64Who Killed My Girl?
30.1-3024 Apr 64Who Killed the Eleventh Best Dressed Woman in the World?
31.1-3101 May 64Who Killed Don Pablo?
32.1-3208 May 64Who Killed 1/2 of Glory Lee?
Season 2
33.2-1 16 Sep 64Who Killed the Surf Broad?
34.2-2 23 Sep 64Who Killed Vaudeville?
35.2-3 30 Sep 64Who Killed Cassandra Cass?
36.2-4 07 Oct 64Who Killed the Horne of Plenty?
37.2-5 14 Oct 64Who Killed Everybody?
38.2-6 21 Oct 64Who Killed Mr. Cartwheel?
39.2-7 28 Oct 64Who Killed Cornelius Gilbert?
40.2-8 04 Nov 64Who Killed Lenore Wingfield?
41.2-9 11 Nov 64Who Killed the Richest Man in the World?
42.2-1025 Nov 64Who Killed the Tall One in the Middle?
43.2-1102 Dec 64Who Killed Merlin the Great?
44.2-1209 Dec 64Who Killed 711?
45.2-1316 Dec 64Who Killed Supersleuth?
46.2-1423 Dec 64Who Killed the Swinger on a Hook?
47.2-1530 Dec 64Who Killed Davidian Jonas?
48.2-1606 Jan 65Who Killed the Strangler?
49.2-1713 Jan 65Who Killed Mother Goose?
50.2-1820 Jan 65Who Killed the Toy Soldier?
51.2-1927 Jan 65Who Killed Rosie Sunset?
52.2-2003 Feb 65Who Killed Wimbledon Hastings?
53.2-2110 Feb 65Who Killed the Fat Cat?
54.2-2217 Feb 65Who Killed the Man on the White Horse?
55.2-2324 Feb 65Who Killed the 13th Clown?
56.2-2403 Mar 65Who Killed Mr. Colby in Ladies' Lingerie?
57.2-2517 Mar 65Who Killed the Rest?
58.2-2624 Mar 65Who Killed Cop Robin?
59.2-2731 Mar 65Who Killed Nobody Somehow?
60.2-2807 Apr 65Who Killed Hamlet?
61.2-2914 Apr 65Who Killed the Rabbit's Husband?
62.2-3021 Apr 65Who Killed the Jackpot?
63.2-3128 Apr 65Who Killed the Grand Piano?
64.2-3205 May 65Who Killed the Card?
Season 3
65.3-1 15 Sep 65Balance of Terror
66.3-2 22 Sep 65Operation Long Shadow
67.3-3 29 Sep 65Steam Heat
68.3-4 06 Oct 65Password to Death
69.3-5 13 Oct 65The Man with the Power
70.3-6 20 Oct 65Nightmare in the Sun
71.3-7 27 Oct 65The Prisoners of Mr. Sin
72.3-8 03 Nov 65Peace, It's a Gasser
73.3-9 10 Nov 65The Weapon
74.3-1017 Nov 65Deadlier Than the Male
75.3-1101 Dec 65Whatever Happened to Adriana, and Why Won't She Stay Dead?
76.3-1208 Dec 65The Man's Men
77.3-1315 Dec 65Or No Tomorrow
78.3-1422 Dec 65A Little Gift for Cairo
79.3-1529 Dec 65A Very Important Russian is Missing
80.3-1605 Jan 66Terror in a Tiny Town: Part 1
81.3-1712 Jan 66Terror in a Tiny Town: Part 2
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In the original pilot "Who Killed Julie Greer?", which aired as the first episode of "The Dick Powell Show", Dick Powell played Amos Burke.

The pilot for "Honey West", about a female private detective, aired as the season 2 episode "Who Killed the Jackpot?".

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Honey West (1965) starring Anne Francis
Burke's Law (1994) again starring Gene Barry