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ABC News Breakfast (ABC)
2023x64: Episode 64


ABC News Mornings (ABC News 24)
2023x64: Episode 64


ABC News at Noon (ABC)
2023x64: Episode 64


ABC News Afternoons (ABC)
2023x64: Episode 64


10 News First (Network 10)
2023x89: Episode 89


The Drum (ABC)
2023x49: Episode 49
John Barron and the panel discuss how inflation has fallen in February but the cost of rent, electricity and food continue to rise, plus how Australian attitudes towards violence against women have changed.

Mastermind Australia (SBS)
5x34: Episode 34


The Project (Network 10)
2023x127: 30th of March, 2023


A Current Affair (Nine Network)
2023x60: Episode 60

Home and Away (Seven Network)
36x58: Episode 8003


Taskmaster (Network 10)
1x09: Episode 9
Fabulous Taskmaster Tom Gleeson puts five funny folk to the test, with Julia Morris, Luke McGregor, Jimmy Rees, Nina Oyama and Danielle Walker undergoing a range of hilarious tasks for our amusement.

7.30 (ABC)
2023x46: TBA


Foreign Correspondent (ABC)
2023x07: Waking the Red Dragon - Wales
This week on Foreign Correspondent, reporter Nick Dole explores the new push for Independence in Wales and meets the leaders campaigning to break up with Britain. When the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, Brexit supporters predicted the UK would boom. Three years later and the nation is at breaking point with high inflation, an energy crisis and concerns about a recession fuelling a healthy dose of Brexit regret. No more so than in Wales where something remarkable is happening. The Welsh are finding their voice, and the famous red dragon is awakening. This week on Foreign Correspondent reporter Nick Dole explores the new push for Independence and meets the leaders of the movement campaigning for Wales to break up with Britain. He travels to the city of Wrexham where the locals are riding high on a wave of pride as their football team gains global recognition thanks to the popular tv streaming show Welcome to Wrexham. The club was recently bought by Hollywood celebrities Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney – and it's put Wrexham on the map. But as well as a growing confidence in their team for some there's also an increasing belief that Wales can achieve much more as an independent nation, away from the rule of Westminster. With a major push now on to preserve the Welsh language one question is getting louder: A fyddai cymru yn well ei byd ar ei phen ei hun? (Would Wales be better off on its own?)

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