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6:00 AM

Good Morning America (ABC)
2023x89: Taron Egerton, Juju Chang, Paul Edmonds
Professional dancers Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson introduce new baby; actor Taron Egerton ("Tetris"); ABC News "Nightline" co-anchor Juju Chang's exclusive interview with Paul Edmonds, one of the five patients to achieve remission from HIV; Deals and Steals with ABC e-commerce editor Tory Johnson.

8:00 AM

Live with Kelly and Ryan (syndication)
7x141: Kyra Sedgwick, Harry Shum Jr., guest co-host Katie Lowes
Actress KATIE LOWES joins Ryan at the co-host desk! Actress KYRA SEDGWICK catches up with the hosts, and actor HARRY SHUM JR. breaks down the latest on ABC's hit series "Grey's Anatomy."

9:00 AM

Sherri (syndication)
1x113: Luenell
Comedienne and friend to the show Luenell stops by to fill us in on her Las Vegas residency and her upcoming Netflix comedy special produced by Dave Chapelle.  Then, author Alex Aster is here for our "She's a Boss Series" and discusses her bestselling book "Lightlark."

10:00 AM

Tyler Perry's Zatima (BET+)
2x05: Not What You Think
Fatima's no-nonsense mother is unimpressed by her new relationship, Angela and Fatima blow off some steam at Club Eden, and Zac tries to ward off an insistent Deja.

Tyler Perry's Zatima (BET+)
2x06: Too Close For Comfort
Tensions escalate between Zac and Fatima amid cheating accusations, Nathan spots a familiar face on a dating app, and Bryce confronts Angela about ghosting him.

Bossy Bear (Nickelodeon)
1x30: Busy Buddies

The Price is Right (CBS)
2023x61: Thu, Mar 30, 2023

The Jennifer Hudson Show (syndication)
1x127: Julie Bowen, Method Man, Larenz Tate
Julie Bowen joins Jennifer in the studio as she promotes "Prom Pact." Method Man and Larenz Tate talk about "Power Book II: Ghost."

The View (ABC)
2023x63: Kyra Sedgwick
Kyra Sedgwick (director, "Space Oddity"); Women's History Month tribute in honor of Barbara Walters.

Rachael Ray (syndication)
17x118: It's an Hour of Foodie Power and Dan Pashman Is Cooking Up a New Pasta Shape!
Dan Pashman cooks up a new pasta shape; the women behind a pop-up pasta joint roll old school with their dish; Rachael prepares an easy salad supper; Big Ben, from the show's culinary team, makes dessert.

11:30 AM

The Young and the Restless (CBS)
2023x62: Ep. #12585

12:30 PM

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
2023x62: Ep. #8989

1:00 PM

General Hospital (ABC)
2023x63: Ep. #15190

The Talk (CBS)
2023x55: Maggie Grout, Joanna Garcia Swisher, guest co-host Morris Chestnut
"Women's History Month Groundbreakers" series continues with founder and CEO of Thinking Huts, Maggie Grout; actress Joanna Garcia Swisher and actor Morris Chestnut guest co-host. 

2:00 PM

The 700 Club (syndication)
2023x63: Episode 63

3:00 PM

25x24: Episode 24
Host Laura Rutledge takes the helm of this weekday show featuring the likes of Marcus Spears, Dan Orlovsky, Keyshawn Johnson, Mina Kimes, and Adam Schefter, who offer the latest news and analysis from across the NFL.

4:00 PM

The Five (Fox News Channel)
2023x64: Episode 64

4:30 PM

Pardon the Interruption (ESPN)
2023x60: Mar 30 Thur

5:00 PM

PBS NewsHour (PBS)
2023x64: March 30, 2023

Jeopardy! (syndication)
2022x144: Returning Champion Vs. Jacob Lang Vs. Sharon Stone, Show # 8774.
Returning Champion; Jacob Lang / Cleveland, Ohio, E-Commerce Specialist; Sharon Stone / Round Rock, Texas, Manager.

Master Minds (Game Show Network)
3x53: Trivia, Smarts & Cruise Ships

5:30 PM

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir (ABC)
2023x89: Episode 89

6:00 PM

Tyler Perry's Young Dylan (Nickelodeon)
3x17: Who's the Boss
Dylan and Charlie come face to face with their tyrant boss at the school store; Rebecca hires a conniving lab assistant who tries to sabotage her chances of entering the school's science program.

Switch (Game Show Network)
1x39: Bowling Pajamas

6:30 PM

That Girl Lay Lay (Nickelodeon)
2x20: Judge Lay Lay
The Alexander family looks to Lay Lay to cast the deciding vote on family decisions, but the newfound power goes to her head, and one ruling causes a rift between her and Sadie.

7:00 PM

Swamp People (History)
14x12: Flash Frozen Gators
An unexpected cold front threatens to freeze up gator season. Troy looks for warm waters to save the day. Don mixes up a special juice to lure big gators. Joey and Zak bet everything on a set of open flood gates. Willie beats the cold with a radical new strategy. Ronnie risks it all in the Dynamite Hole.

iMPACT Wrestling (AXS TV)
20x13: Episode 13

Young Sheldon (CBS)
6x16: A Stolen Truck and Going on the Lam
Missy steals her dad's truck and hits the road with her friend Paige.

Walker (The CW)
3x15: False Flag (2)
In the thrilling second half of a two-part episode, the Texas Rangers and the Walker Family must contend with Grey Flag's plans and one truth..that everything was a lie.

Station 19 (ABC)
6x12: Never Gonna Give You Up
A call from a social media star's livestream sends the team on an unusual rescue. Travis' mayoral campaign takes off, much to his chagrin. Back at the station, Ben treats a patient with a surprising diagnosis. 

Restaurant: Impossible (Food Network)
22x14: Mountain Town Mess
In Lincoln, NH, Robert Irvine discovers he has more than just a restaurant to repair. The White Mountain Tavern's co-owners have a volatile relationship and toxic standing in the community, giving Robert only two days to fix two massive problems.

BattleBots (Discovery Channel)
8x11: Never Say Die
Buckle up for a bumpy ride. For some of tonight's teams, it's Do or Die – they must either win the battle or go home. And there's a Main Event so violent, sparks will be bouncing off the BattleBox, as one robot dies and the other fries. But will victory go to Bloodsport or Rotator?

Law & Order (NBC)
22x17: Bias
When a public defender is murdered, Cosgrove and Shaw are surprised to find Price at the crime scene. His involvement in the trial compromises the case.  

This Old House (PBS)
44x16: Ipswich: Secrets Behind the Wall
The architect explains his vision for the property; exploratory demo; a lesson on first period homes; the team hopes to uncover the original timber frame during demo.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (MTV)
6x10: TBD

Next Level Chef (Fox)
2x08: Going Global
The game has changed completely as the teams have been terminated and, moving forward, each will compete as their individual self. When the platform drops, each person will grab a box with a country's flag on it but will not know what's inside their box. Each will be tasked to make the country's signature dish, but they won't know what it is until the competition begins. One chef's dreams will come to an end.

Anderson Cooper 360° (CNN)
2023x64: Episode 64

All In with Chris Hayes (MSNBC)
2023x62: Episode 62

7:30 PM

Ask This Old House (PBS)
21x16: Wetlands; Foundation Painting
Exploring wetlands; indoor air quality testing; repainting an exterior concrete foundation.

7:31 PM

Ghosts (CBS)
2x18: Alberta's Descendant
Alberta is thrilled when a living relative, Alicia visits Woodstone to learn more about her, but things take a turn when she hits it off with Todd, Sam's podcast co-host. Also, Nigel uses his knowledge of Trevor and Hetty's secret tryst to try to blackmail Hetty.

8:00 PM

Grown & Gospel (WE tv)
1x03: Marriage Revival
Tasha struggles with her desire to reconcile with her estranged husband and attempts to woo him back by appealing to his baser instincts; Bree agrees to trust Elijah, who has offered to direct a photoshoot for her.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
19x12: Pick Yourself Up
In the immediate aftermath of shocking events at the clinic, the hospital goes on lockdown and the Grey Sloan doctors split up to save multiple lives. Meanwhile, Maggie lands in hot water with Winston, and Jules' roommate makes a surprise appearance. 

Animal Control (Fox)
1x07: Peacocks and Pumas
Frank and Victoria stakeout a squawking peacock. Emily and Patel attend to Shred.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC)
24x17: Lime Chaser
The search for a suspect drugging women's drinks in crowded bars leads the SVU to Muncy's brother. Churlish makes a risky move to impress Benson.  

Top Chef (Bravo)
20x04: Spurred Lines
The chefs are tasked with creating a beloved English classic: the biscuit; the chefs head to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for a football-themed team challenge; the teams that succeed are safe while the rest are relegated and must compete again.

The Flipping El Moussas (HGTV)
1x04: There's a New Flipper in Town
Armed with everything she's learned from Tarek, Heather embarks on her first solo flip, and she finds that flipping isn't so easy on her own. Thankfully, she's put together a dream team, but even the difficulties they face may prove to be too challenging.

A Time to Kill (Investigation Discovery)
7x05: Curtain Call
An enraged killer strikes down 26-year-old Alexandra Ducsay, an aspiring entertainer with a big heart and a blossoming career; slain inside her family's Connecticut home, her attacker uses her own dance trophy to bludgeon her to death.

Ex on the Beach (MTV)
6x08: Burying Your Relationship
The partners return to the villa to discover what their other haves have been up to. At the Reflection Ceremony, Leylah makes a decision about her relationship with Liam while Spari makes a shocking proposal.

Barnwood Builders (DIY Network)
14x06: Barnwood Busy
The guys revive a 19th century cabin taken down in Ripley, W.Va; for a break, they to the state fair; they go to the Barnwood Living backlot, where they're challenged to make a 30-foot timber frame enclosure using only spare parts.

Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog (National Geographic Channel)
3x"": Quirky Canines
Cesar helps three families with quirky pups.

Alex Wagner Tonight (MSNBC)
2023x50: Episode 50

CNN Primetime (CNN)
2023x15: Former Vice President Mike Pence
As tensions on the global stage continue to rise and the 2024 election takes shape, former Vice President Mike Pence joins CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer for a one-on-one conversation. In the wide-ranging interview, Pence will discuss his own political future, the multiple investigations into former President Donald Trump, Israel turmoil, attacks on American bases, the fate of entitlements, and more.

8:01 PM

So Help Me Todd (CBS)
1x16: Twelve Worried Persons
When a juror dies during Susan's first big trial as lead attorney, Margaret and Todd work to exonerate Amy, a juror from the same trial suspected of the murder. Also, Margaret's sister Patty is in town and sparks fly between Todd and Amy.

8:31 PM

Call Me Kat (Fox)
3x19: Call Me Not Okurrr
In the heat of the moment, Zoey kisses Kat at karaoke night. Zoey hopes this moment can be kept between the two of them, but Kat struggles to keep the kiss a secret from Max. During another hectic day of condo renovations, Randi discovers a secret hideaway, that she hides from Carter and transforms into a place for her to unwind.

8:35 PM

Swamp People: Serpent Invasion (History)
3x12: Mad Woman Woods
Troy and Pickle help a friend look for his lost dog. Bill and Tes search for pythons in a spot ravaged by wildfires. Zak and Bruce investigate an abandoned boat yard, and Dusty hunts in an area with a dark past.

9:00 PM

Good Trouble (Freeform)
5x03: About Damn Time
Mariana returns to Speckulate. Davia evaluates her next career move when a friend from her theater days resurfaces. Luca struggles to keep up in his first-ever professional dance class. Malika attempts to find work/life balance.

CSI: Vegas (CBS)
2x17: The Promise
When the body of a young girl who was killed over 40 years ago is discovered at the bottom of Lake Mead, Max Roby promises her mother, Raquel Williams, that the CSI team will finally find justice for her daughter.

Vice News Tonight (Vice TV)
8x13: March 30, 2023

Law & Order: Organized Crime (NBC)
3x17: Blood Ties
A father desperate to find his son helps Stabler uncover a sinister human trafficking operation. Bell's investigation is undermined by a high-powered politician.  

Impractical Jokers (truTV)
10x07: Paul Scheer
Unable to pull off this week's pickleball and coffee shop challenges, the losing Jokers are forced to participate in an overseas game show hosted by special guest Paul Scheer.

City Confidential (A&E)
13x02: The Telltale Creek
Residents in North Carolina feel nervous when a high school freshman disappears while on her way to see a friend, and when her body is found weeks later, the community comes together to determine who is to blame for her untimely death.

The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell (MSNBC)
2023x61: Episode 61

Lone Star Murders (Investigation Discovery) series premiere
1x01: Fire & Brimstone
A preacher's house catches fire on a hot Texas night and becomes a tomb for his devoted wife; the accident tears apart their community and unearths secrets usually reserved for a confessional booth.

9:01 PM

Alaska Daily (ABC)
1x11: Most Reckless Thing I've Ever Done
With rumors of a new Alaskan newspaper swirling, the team investigates their competition and what it means for the future of local news. Meanwhile, Eileen and Roz listen to Gloria's final call and find their lead before an innocent man is put away. 

10:00 PM

The Daily Show (Comedy Central)
2023x39: Princess Nokia

E! News (E!)
23x50: Ice-T, Christian Siriano, Lala Kent
Interviews with Ice-T & Christian Siriano .. Plus, Lala Kent joins us live in studio!

Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen (Bravo)
12x04: Episode 4

iMPACT Wrestling (AXS TV)
20x"": Impact x NJPW Multiverse United: Only The STRONG Survive

The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle (MSNBC)
2x64: Episode 64

Vice Special Report (Vice TV)
1x13: Aging, Inc.

10:30 PM

Inside the NBA (TNT)
2022x59: Episode 59
Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O'Neal discuss and give analysis of tonight's games, including highlights and interviews.

10:35 PM

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS)
2023x42: Brooke Shields, Clint Smith, Weyes Blood
Actress and model Brooke Shields, author Clint Smith, performance by Weyes Blood.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC)
2023x58: Edward Norton, Ego Nwodim, Parker McCollum
Guests include Edward Norton, Ego Nwodim and musical guest Parker McCollum. 

Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)
2023x44: Viola Davis, Julius Tennon, Brett Goldstein, Daniel Caesar
1. Viola Davis and Julius Tennon ("AIR")  2. Brett Goldstein ("Ted Lasso")  3. Musical Guest Daniel Caesar

11:35 PM

Late Night with Seth Meyers (NBC)
2023x43: Taron Egerton, Maude Apatow, Jessi Klein, Fred Armisen
Guests Taron Egerton (Tetris), Maude Apatow (Little Shop of Horrors) and Jessi Klein (I'll Show Myself Out: Essays on Midlife and Motherhood). Fred Armisen sits-in with the 8G Band.

The Late Late Show with James Corden (CBS)
2023x41: Kevin Bacon; Kyra Sedgwick; Dustin Nickerson
Kevin Bacon; Kyra Sedgwick; stand-up comedy performance by Dustin Nickerson.

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