number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,12 Jul 69,"Why Do You Want to Be a Doctor?",""
2,1,2,19 Jul 69,"Settling In",""
3,1,3,26 Jul 69,"It's All Go",""
4,1,4,02 Aug 69,"Peace and Quiet",""
5,1,5,09 Aug 69,"The Students Are Revolting",""
6,1,6,16 Aug 69,"Rallying Round",""
7,1,7,23 Aug 69,"If in Doubt--Cut It Out",""
8,1,8,30 Aug 69,"War of the Mascots",""
9,1,9,06 Sep 69,"Getting the Bird",""
10,1,10,13 Sep 69,"The Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Casino",""
11,1,11,19 Sep 69,"Keep It Clean",""
12,1,12,26 Sep 69,"All for Love",""
13,1,13,03 Oct 69,"Pass of Fail",""
14,2,1,10 Apr 70,"It's All in the Little Blue Book",""
15,2,2,17 Apr 70,"What Seems to Be the Trouble?",""
16,2,3,24 Apr 70,"Take Off Your Clothes ... and Hide",""
17,2,4,01 May 70,"Nice Bodywork--Lovely Finish",""
18,2,5,08 May 70,"Look Into My Eyes",""
19,2,6,15 May 70,"Put Your Hand on That",""
20,2,7,22 May 70,"The Royal Visit",""
21,2,8,29 May 70,"If You Can Help Somebody ... Don't!",""
22,2,9,05 Jun 70,"Hot Off the Presses",""
23,2,10,12 Jun 70,"A Stitch in Time",""
24,2,11,19 Jun 70,"May the Best Man...",""
25,2,12,26 Jun 70,"Doctor on the Box",""
26,2,13,03 Jul 70,"Finals",""
27,3,1,28 Feb 71,"Now, Dr. Upton",""
28,3,2,07 Mar 71,"You've Really Landed Me in It This Time",""
29,3,3,14 Mar 71,"You Make Me Feel So Young",""
30,3,4,21 Mar 71,"Doctor Dish",""
31,3,5,28 Mar 71,"Modernising Major",""
32,3,6,04 Apr 71,"Congratulations - It's a Toad!",""
33,3,7,11 Apr 71,"Change Your Partners",""
34,3,8,18 Apr 71,"Trains and Notes and Veins",""
35,3,9,25 Apr 71,"Lock, Stock and Beryl",""
36,3,10,02 May 71,"Upton Sells Out?",""
37,3,11,09 May 71,"Saturday Matinee",""
38,3,12,16 May 71,"Where There's a Will",""
39,3,13,23 May 71,"Students at Heart",""
40,3,14,30 May 71,"No Ill Feeling!",""
41,3,15,06 Jun 71,"Let's Start at the Beginning",""
42,3,16,13 Jun 71,"It's All in the Mind",""
43,3,17,20 Jun 71,"Cynthia Darling",""
44,3,18,27 Jun 71,"A Little Help from My Friends",""
45,3,19,04 Jul 71,"Devon Is Lovely at This Time of Year",""
46,3,20,11 Jul 71,"Operation Loftus",""
47,3,21,18 Jul 71,"Mother and Father Doing Well",""
48,3,22,25 Jul 71,"A Joke's a Joke",""
49,3,23,01 Aug 71,"Pull the Other One!",""
50,3,24,08 Aug 71,"It's the Rich Wot Gets the Pleasure",""
51,3,25,15 Aug 71,"Things That Go Mumps in the Night",""
52,3,26,22 Aug 71,"Mr. Moon",""
53,3,27,29 Aug 71,"The Viva",""
54,3,28,05 Sep 71,"Bewigged, Bothered and Bewildered",""
55,3,29,12 Sep 71,"A Situation Full of Promise",""
56,4,1,09 Apr 72,"The Devil You Know",""
57,4,2,16 Apr 72,"The Research Unit",""
58,4,3,23 Apr 72,"The Minister's Health",""
59,4,4,30 Apr 72,"The Black and White Medical Show",""
60,4,5,07 May 72,"Honeylamb",""
61,4,6,14 May 72,"Doctors' Lib",""
62,4,7,21 May 72,"Which Docor?",""
63,4,8,28 May 72,"Climbing the Ladder",""
64,4,9,04 Jun 72,"Face the Music",""
65,4,10,11 Jun 72,"Mum's the Word",""
66,4,11,18 Jun 72,"The Fox",""
67,4,12,25 Jun 72,"A Night with the Dead",""
68,4,13,02 Jul 72,"This Is Your Wife",""
69,4,14,09 Jul 72,"Honeymoon Special",""
70,4,15,16 Jul 72,"The Long, Long Night",""
71,4,16,23 Jul 72,"The System",""
72,4,17,30 Jul 72,"On the Brink",""
73,4,18,06 Aug 72,"Amazing Grace",""
74,4,19,13 Aug 72,"Shut Up and Eat What You're Given",""
75,4,20,20 Aug 72,"Yellow Fever",""
76,4,21,27 Aug 72,"The Taming of the Wolf",""
77,4,22,03 Sep 72,"An Officer and a Gentleman",""
78,4,23,10 Sep 72,"That's My Uncle",""
79,4,24,17 Sep 72,"The Big Match",""
80,4,25,24 Sep 72,"The Rumour",""
81,4,26,01 Oct 72,"Blackmail",""
82,4,27,08 Oct 72,"A Long Day's Journey Into Knighthood",""
83,5,1,15 Sep 73,"The Merger",""
84,5,2,22 Sep 73,"Men Without Women",""
85,5,3,29 Sep 73,"A Deep Depression Centred Over St. Swithin's",""
86,5,4,06 Oct 73,"The Epidemic",""
87,5,5,13 Oct 73,"The Garden Fete",""
88,5,6,20 Oct 73,"Brotherly Hate",""
89,5,7,27 Oct 73,"The Loftus Papers",""
90,5,8,03 Nov 73,"In Place of Strife",""
91,5,9,10 Nov 73,"The Pool",""
92,5,10,17 Nov 73,"The Godfather",""
93,5,11,24 Nov 73,"A Man's Best Friend Is His Cat",""
94,5,12,01 Dec 73,"There's No Fire Without Smoke",""
95,5,13,08 Dec 73,"Hello Sailor!",""
96,5,14,15 Dec 73,"Any Complaints?",""
97,5,15,22 Dec 73,"Watch Out - There's a Thief About",""
98,5,16,29 Dec 73,"Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?",""
99,6,1,21 Apr 74,"Sir John and Baby Doc",""
100,6,2,28 Apr 74,"Oh I Do Like to Be Beside the Seasick",""
101,6,3,05 May 74,"A Healthy Ship Is a Happy Ship",""
102,6,4,12 May 74,"The Senior Officer's Perks",""
103,6,5,19 May 74,"Go Away, Stowaway!",""
104,6,6,26 May 74,"Floating Profits",""
105,6,7,02 Jun 74,"Goodbye, Mr. Ships!",""
106,6,8,09 Jun 74,"The V.I.P.",""
107,6,9,16 Jun 74,"In a Little Spanish Town",""
108,6,10,23 Jun 74,"Physician Heal Thyself",""
109,6,11,30 Jun 74,"A Wolf in Ship's Clothing",""
110,6,12,07 Jul 74,"Murder! He Said",""
111,6,13,14 Jul 74,"But It's So Much Nicer to Come Home",""
112,7,1,27 Apr 75,"Keep Your Nose Clean",""
113,7,2,04 May 75,"When a Body Meets a Body",""
114,7,3,11 May 75,"It's the Thought That Counts",""
115,7,4,18 May 75,"Radio Activity",""
116,7,5,25 May 75,"A Run for Your Money",""
117,7,6,01 Jun 75,"Learning by Heart",""
118,7,7,08 Jun 75,"It's Just the Job",""
119,7,8,15 Jun 75,"What's Op Doc?",""
120,7,9,22 Jun 75,"Room for Change",""
121,7,10,29 Jun 75,"A Heart in the Right Place",""
122,7,11,06 Jul 75,"What's Your Problem",""
123,7,12,13 Jul 75,"Clunk Clink",""
124,7,13,20 Jul 75,"The Course of True Love",""
125,8,1,16 Jan 77,"When Did You Last See Your Father?",""
126,8,2,23 Jan 77,"I Love Paris... When I Get There",""
127,8,3,30 Jan 77,"Money Spasms",""
128,8,4,06 Feb 77,"What's in a Name?",""
129,8,5,13 Feb 77,"The War of the Wards",""
130,8,6,20 Feb 77,"For Your Own Good",""
131,8,7,27 Feb 77,"Bunny Makes the World Go Round",""
132,8,8,06 Mar 77,"Loftus the Terrible",""
133,8,9,13 Mar 77,"A Turn for the Worse",""
134,8,10,20 Mar 77,"M*A*T*C*H*",""
135,8,11,27 Mar 77,"California Girl",""
136,8,12,03 Apr 77,"Sunday Bleeping Sunday",""
137,8,13,10 Apr 77,"Happy Ever After",""
138,9,1,12 Feb 79,"Thanks for the Memory",""
139,9,2,19 Feb 79,"It's a Job Worth Doing",""
140,9,3,26 Feb 79,"A Bird in the Hand",""
141,9,4,05 Mar 79,"I Gotta Horse",""
142,9,5,12 Mar 79,"The Hawaiian Operation",""
143,9,6,19 Mar 79,"The More We Are Together",""
144,9,7,26 Mar 79,"It's All in the Mind",""
145,9,8,02 Apr 79,"If You Can't Beat 'Em.........",""
146,9,9,09 Apr 79,"Alias Clarke and Waring",""
147,9,10,16 Apr 79,"Impatients",""
148,9,11,07 May 79,"The Sydney Surprise",""
149,9,12,30 Apr 79,"Name of the Game",""
150,9,13,14 May 79,"Identity Crisis",""
151,10,1,21 Feb 91,"Sins of the Father",""
152,10,2,28 Feb 91,"Happy Birthday, Sir Geoffrey",""
153,10,3,07 Mar 91,"The VIP",""
154,10,4,14 Mar 91,"The Kindest Cut",""
155,10,5,21 Mar 91,"Bye Bye, Bickerstaff",""
156,10,6,28 Mar 91,"It's All Right, I Am a Doctor",""
157,10,7,04 Apr 91,"Waring Goes Private",""