number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,01 Jul 00,"The Foreign Man",""
2,1,2,01 Jul 00,"A Routine Operation",""
3,1,3,14 Jan 00,"The Courage to Speak",""
4,1,4,14 Jan 00,"The Bad Apple",""
5,1,5,21 Jan 00,"The Strategy of the Scorpio",""
6,1,6,21 Jan 00,"Anna",""
7,1,7,28 Jan 00,"The Antique Rose",""
8,1,8,28 Jan 00,"A Matter of Smell",""
9,1,9,04 Feb 00,"Awaiting Trial",""
10,1,10,04 Feb 00,"Blackmail",""
11,1,11,11 Feb 00,"The Actor",""
12,1,12,11 Feb 00,"Drunk",""
13,1,13,18 Feb 00,"Academic Crime",""
14,1,14,18 Feb 00,"Ageless Love",""
15,1,15,20 Feb 00,"The Fire of the Passion",""
16,1,16,20 Feb 00,"The Mole",""
17,2,1,21 Oct 01,"The Poisoned Apple",""
18,2,2,21 Oct 01,"The Mark on the Skin",""
19,2,3,28 Oct 01,"Heart of Ice",""
20,2,4,28 Oct 01,"The Magician",""
21,2,5,04 Nov 01,"Five Lobsters",""
22,2,6,04 Nov 01,"Honest Man",""
23,2,7,11 Nov 01,"The Coach Travel",""
24,2,8,11 Nov 01,"Maximum Weight",""
25,2,9,18 Nov 01,"Move Gambling",""
26,2,10,18 Nov 01,"Wife and Oxen of Your Countries",""
27,2,11,25 Nov 01,"The Band",""
28,2,12,25 Nov 01,"The Bite of the Snake",""
29,2,13,02 Dec 01,"Etruscan Tomb",""
30,2,14,02 Dec 01,"Playing with Fire",""
31,2,15,09 Dec 01,"Out Game",""
32,2,16,09 Dec 01,"The Confession",""
33,3,1,27 Sep 02,"The Secrets of the Heart",""
34,3,2,27 Sep 02,"Never Too Late in Love",""
35,3,3,04 Oct 02,"Scandal in the City",""
36,3,4,04 Oct 02,"The Hostage",""
37,3,5,11 Oct 02,"The Past Returns",""
38,3,6,11 Oct 02,"Stage Fright",""
39,3,7,18 Oct 02,"Beauty Farm",""
40,3,8,18 Oct 02,"The Job",""
41,3,9,25 Oct 02,"The Beauty",""
42,3,10,25 Oct 02,"The Convent's Mystery",""
43,3,11,01 Nov 02,"The Witness",""
44,3,12,01 Nov 02,"Nataline in Love",""
45,3,13,08 Nov 02,"Three Marriages and... One Father Christmas",""
46,3,14,08 Nov 02,"The King of Chess",""
47,3,15,15 Nov 02,"The Anonymous Letter",""
48,3,16,15 Nov 02,"The Flight",""
49,4,1,19 Feb 04,"Election Campaign",""
50,4,2,19 Feb 04,"Murder in the Library",""
51,4,3,25 Feb 04,"My Father has been in Jail",""
52,4,4,25 Feb 04,"A Debt for Life",""
53,4,5,26 Feb 04,"Dance Competition",""
54,4,6,26 Feb 04,"Death at Dawn",""
55,4,7,11 Mar 04,"Paragraph 23",""
56,4,8,11 Mar 04,"The Poisoned Chalice",""
57,4,9,18 Mar 04,"The Suitcase",""
58,4,10,18 Mar 04,"Stolen Love",""
59,4,11,25 Mar 04,"The Vault of the Heart",""
60,4,12,25 Mar 04,"Live Murder",""
61,4,13,01 Apr 04,"Private Investigations",""
62,4,14,01 Apr 04,"The Stranger",""
63,4,15,08 Apr 04,"Mysteries and Lies",""
64,4,16,08 Apr 04,"Behind the Curtain",""
65,4,17,15 Apr 04,"Precious Goods",""
66,4,18,15 Apr 04,"The Gift",""
67,4,19,22 Apr 04,"The Suspect",""
68,4,20,22 Apr 04,"The Laws of Change",""
69,4,21,29 Apr 04,"Lonely Hearts",""
70,4,22,29 Apr 04,"Cows and Cattle",""
71,4,23,06 May 04,"The Baby-Bottle Crime",""
72,4,24,06 May 04,"Three Shots in the Dark",""
73,5,1,02 Feb 06,"Reckoning with the Past",""
74,5,2,01 Feb 06,"Tarot of Blood",""
75,5,3,01 Feb 06,"In the Moonlight",""
76,5,4,02 Feb 06,"True Fakes",""
77,5,5,09 Feb 06,"Last Enigma",""
78,5,6,09 Feb 06,"The English Tourist",""
79,5,7,16 Feb 06,"Self Defense",""
80,5,8,16 Feb 06,"The Power of a Smile",""
81,5,9,23 Feb 06,"Final Prey",""
82,5,10,23 Feb 06,"A Quiet Sunday",""
83,5,11,09 Mar 06,"Human Error",""
84,5,12,09 Mar 06,"Broken Dream",""
85,5,13,16 Mar 06,"The Dance of the Debutants",""
86,5,14,16 Mar 06,"Poisoned Waters",""
87,5,15,23 Mar 06,"Fall From the Sky",""
88,5,16,23 Mar 06,"Dreams and Needs",""
89,5,17,30 Mar 06,"Empty Memory",""
90,5,18,30 Mar 06,"Dirty Laundry",""
91,5,19,06 Apr 06,"Arabesque",""
92,5,20,13 Apr 06,"Winning Horse",""
93,5,21,13 Apr 06,"Universal Judgment",""
94,5,22,20 Apr 06,"The Choices of the Heart",""
95,5,23,20 Apr 06,"Mail in the game",""
96,5,24,27 Mar 06,"False Start",""
97,6,1,17 Jan 08,"Welkome Back Don Matteo",""
98,6,2,17 Jan 08,"The Aroma of Coffee",""
99,6,3,24 Jan 08,"Chocolate",""
100,6,4,24 Jan 08,"An Angel's Room",""
101,6,5,31 Jan 08,"Underage Dancers",""
102,6,6,31 Jan 08,"Death of a Storyteller",""
103,6,7,07 Feb 08,"The Rhythm of Pedals",""
104,6,8,07 Feb 08,"The Strange Case of the Dog Who Disappeared at Noon",""
105,6,9,14 Feb 08,"A Touch of Rouge",""
106,6,10,14 Feb 08,"Well-being Treatments",""
107,6,11,21 Feb 08,"A Restless Spirit",""
108,6,12,21 Feb 08,"Unexpected Secrets",""
109,6,13,06 Mar 08,"Francesca and the Wolf",""
110,6,14,06 Mar 08,"The Carousel",""
111,6,15,13 Mar 08,"I'll Save You",""
112,6,16,13 Mar 08,"A Valentine for Natalina",""
113,6,17,20 Mar 08,"A Stolen Dream",""
114,6,18,20 Mar 08,"Frequent Encounters",""
115,6,19,27 Mar 08,"Natalina's Brother",""
116,6,20,27 Mar 08,"Sentimental Crisis",""
117,6,21,03 Apr 08,"A Good Year",""
118,6,22,03 Apr 08,"The Treasure of Orpheus",""
119,6,23,10 Apr 08,"The Good Boys",""
120,6,24,10 Apr 08,"A Challenge For Don Matteo",""
121,7,1,10 Sep 09,"The Last Jump",""
122,7,2,10 Sep 09,"The Art of Growing",""
123,7,3,17 Sep 09,"Bear Tracks",""
124,7,4,17 Sep 09,"The Girl Without a Name",""
125,7,5,24 Sep 09,"Not a Joke",""
126,7,6,24 Sep 09,"Prime Numbers",""
127,7,7,01 Oct 09,"Behind Convent Walls",""
128,7,8,01 Oct 09,"Dear Dad",""
129,7,9,08 Oct 09,"A Question of Honor",""
130,7,10,08 Oct 09,"Never Say Thirty",""
131,7,11,15 Oct 09,"The Ring",""
132,7,12,15 Oct 09,"Who Killed Sitting Bull?",""
133,7,13,22 Oct 09,"Ambitious Destinations",""
134,7,14,22 Oct 09,"The Anniversary",""
135,7,15,29 Oct 09,"Dance With Me",""
136,7,16,29 Oct 09,"Race Against Time",""
137,7,17,05 Nov 09,"A Bad Turn",""
138,7,18,05 Nov 09,"A Friendly Chat",""
139,7,19,12 Nov 09,"Perfect",""
140,7,20,12 Nov 09,"Tango",""
141,7,21,19 Nov 09,"For Mother",""
142,7,22,19 Nov 09,"Look Who's Coming For Dinner",""
143,7,23,26 Nov 09,"A Daisy for Natalina",""
144,7,24,26 Nov 09,"Whatever It Takes",""
145,8,1,15 Sep 11,"It Was My Daughter",""
146,8,2,15 Sep 11,"Rave party",""
147,8,3,22 Sep 11,"Proof of Love",""
148,8,4,22 Sep 11,"The Man Who Knew How To Fly",""
149,8,5,29 Sep 11,"Her Return",""
150,8,6,29 Sep 11,"Three Grandchildren and One Nanny",""
151,8,7,06 Oct 11,"Severino In Love",""
152,8,8,06 Oct 11,"Another Life",""
153,8,9,13 Oct 11,"Marry Me",""
154,8,10,13 Oct 11,"Deception",""
155,8,11,20 Oct 11,"The Father-in-law Is Always Right",""
156,8,12,20 Oct 11,"The Secrets of Gubbio",""
157,8,13,27 Oct 11,"Life Choices",""
158,8,14,27 Oct 11,"Generation Y",""
159,8,15,03 Nov 11,"The Most Beautiful Day",""
160,8,16,03 Nov 11,"The Miracle Child",""
161,8,17,10 Nov 11,"Old Friends",""
162,8,18,10 Nov 11,"The Sought-after Child",""
163,8,19,17 Nov 11,"A Shadow of Suspicion",""
164,8,20,17 Nov 11,"The Investigation of a Daughter",""
165,8,21,24 Nov 11,"Love Is Not Enough",""
166,8,22,01 Dec 11,"Betrayal",""
167,8,23,01 Dec 11,"All is Lost",""
168,8,24,08 Dec 11,"Blackmail",""
169,9,1,09 Jan 14,"A New Beginning",""
170,9,2,09 Jan 14,"The Second Wife",""
171,9,3,16 Jan 14,"The Prosecutor's Witness",""
172,9,4,16 Jan 14,"Love Put to the Test",""
173,9,5,23 Jan 14,"A Record for Life",""
174,9,6,23 Jan 14,"Out of this World",""
175,9,7,30 Jan 14,"A Daughter's Courage",""
176,9,8,30 Jan 14,"Hanging On by a Thread",""
177,9,9,06 Feb 14,"The Final Blow",""
178,9,10,06 Feb 14,"Cyberbully",""
179,9,11,13 Feb 14,"Near and Far",""
180,9,12,13 Feb 14,"A Losing Bet",""
181,9,13,27 Feb 14,"The Price of Love",""
182,9,14,27 Feb 14,"The Foreigner",""
183,9,15,06 Mar 14,"A Question of Priority",""
184,9,16,06 Mar 14,"A Choice",""
185,9,17,13 Mar 14,"Under Attack",""
186,9,18,13 Mar 14,"The Fortune Teller",""
187,9,19,20 Mar 14,"Custody Battles",""
188,9,20,20 Mar 14,"My Son",""
189,9,21,27 Mar 14,"Family Business",""
190,9,22,27 Mar 14,"Nothing to Lose",""
191,9,23,03 Apr 14,"A Real Fairy Tale",""
192,9,24,03 Apr 14,"Alma's Return",""
193,9,25,10 Apr 14,"Old Memories",""
194,9,26,10 Apr 14,"Goodbye Natalina!",""
195,10,1,14 Jan 16,"La Colpa",""
196,10,2,14 Jan 16,"Colpi Proibiti",""
197,10,3,14 Jan 16,"Senza via d'uscita",""
198,10,4,14 Jan 16,"Distanza di Sicurezza",""
199,10,5,21 Jan 16,"I Thought It Was Love",""
200,10,6,21 Jan 16,"Out Of The Game",""
201,10,7,28 Jan 16,"It's Not The Fault Of The Stars",""
202,10,8,28 Jan 16,"Medical Market",""
203,10,9,04 Feb 16,"Locally Sourced Love",""
204,10,10,04 Feb 16,"The Shopping Cart Man",""
205,10,11,18 Feb 16,"And How Much Are You Worth?",""
206,10,12,18 Feb 16,"Free From Evil",""
207,10,13,25 Feb 16,"Little Stars",""
208,10,14,25 Feb 16,"Webcam Mom",""
209,10,15,03 Mar 16,"The Promise",""
210,10,16,03 Mar 16,"Life Is A Movie",""
211,10,17,10 Mar 16,"The Rediscovered Friend",""
212,10,18,10 Mar 16,"The Two Mothers",""
213,10,19,17 Mar 16,"The Diva",""
214,10,20,17 Mar 16,"The Scam",""
215,10,21,31 Mar 16,"The Last Memory",""
216,10,22,31 Mar 16,"Resurrection",""
217,10,23,07 Apr 16,"The Infection",""
218,10,24,07 Apr 16,"The Last Turn Of The Carousel",""
219,10,25,14 Apr 16,"The Escape",""
220,10,26,14 Apr 16,"Faithful Over The Centuries",""
221,11,1,11 Jan 18,"The Most Beautiful Mistake",""
222,11,2,11 Jan 18,"Scenes From A Wedding",""
223,11,3,18 Jan 18,"Salvation",""
224,11,4,18 Jan 18,"For Their Own Good",""
225,11,5,25 Jan 18,"True Wealth",""
226,11,6,25 Jan 18,"The Price Of Talent",""
227,11,7,01 Feb 18,"Mismatched Love",""
228,11,8,01 Feb 18,"I'll Take Care Of You",""
229,11,9,15 Feb 18,"My Justice",""
230,11,10,15 Feb 18,"The Night Of The Soul",""
231,11,11,22 Feb 18,"Still A Child",""
232,11,12,22 Feb 18,"Choose Me!",""
233,11,13,01 Mar 18,"Pain Of Love",""
234,11,14,01 Mar 18,"A Normal Family",""
235,11,15,08 Mar 18,"A Personal Matter",""
236,11,16,08 Mar 18,"One Of Those",""
237,11,17,15 Mar 18,"Parents And Children",""
238,11,18,15 Mar 18,"Don Matteo Under Fire",""
239,11,19,22 Mar 18,"Tell Me Who You Are",""
240,11,20,22 Mar 18,"One Way",""
241,11,21,29 Mar 18,"The Crack",""
242,11,22,05 Apr 18,"Premonitions",""
243,11,23,12 Apr 18,"For Life",""
244,11,24,12 Apr 18,"The Power Of Forgiveness",""
245,11,25,19 Apr 18,"The Christmas Baby (Part 1)",""
246,11,26,19 Apr 18,"The Christmas Baby (Part 2)",""
247,12,1,09 Jan 20,"Thou shalt have no other gods",""
248,12,2,16 Jan 20,"Not take the Lord's name in vain",""
249,12,3,23 Jan 20,"Remember the sabbath day",""
250,12,4,30 Jan 20,"Honour thy father and thy mother",""
251,12,5,20 Feb 20,"Thou shalt not kill",""
252,12,6,27 Feb 20,"Thou shalt not commit adultery",""
253,12,7,03 Mar 20,"Thou shalt not steal",""
254,12,8,05 Mar 20,"Thou shalt not bear false witness",""
255,12,9,12 Mar 20,"Thou shall not covet your neighbor's wife",""
256,12,10,19 Mar 20,"Thou shall not covet your neighbor's house",""