number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,20 Jun 09,"Air Cannon Assault",""
2,1,2,27 Jun 09,"Crane Wreck: Surfers vs. Techies",""
3,1,3,04 Jul 09,"Water Wars",""
4,1,4,11 Jul 09,"Dump Trucks of Doom: Athletes vs. Drama Club",""
5,1,5,15 Jul 09,"Water Taxi Takedown: Gamers vs. Musicians",""
6,1,6,22 Jul 09,"Wide Load: Younger Siblings vs. Older Siblings",""
7,1,7,04 Nov 09,"Football Team vs. Marching Band",""
8,1,8,11 Nov 09,"Brains vs. Balls",""
9,1,9,18 Nov 09,"Ben 10 vs. Dude, What Would Happen",""
10,1,10,02 Dec 09,"Older Siblings vs. Younger Siblings",""
11,1,11,24 Feb 10,"Grave Digger vs. Maximum Destruction",""
12,1,12,03 Mar 10,"The Miz vs. John Morrison",""
13,1,13,10 Mar 10,"Dads vs. Kids",""
14,1,14,17 Mar 10,"Rock n Rollers vs. Country Fans",""
15,2,1,06 Oct 10,"NFL Explosion: Gates vs. Merriman",""
16,2,2,13 Oct 10,"Dude Duel II: Scooby Doo! vs. The Dudes",""
17,2,3,20 Oct 10,"NASCAR Pile-up: Edwards vs. Logano",""
18,2,4,27 Oct 10,"Midnight Battle: Big Bros vs. Little Bros",""
19,2,5,03 Nov 10,"Extreme Demolition: Motocrossers vs. Streetballers",""
20,2,6,10 Nov 10,"Mothers of Mayhem: Sons vs. Moms",""
21,2,7,17 Nov 10,"Classroom Clash: Teachers vs. Students",""
22,2,8,01 Dec 10,"Footballers vs. Cheerleaders",""
23,3,1,01 Jun 11,"Food Fight: Valley Girls vs. Jersey Boys",""
24,3,2,08 Jun 11,"Sports Mash-Up Smash-Up: The Speed Freaks vs. Chillaxers",""
25,3,3,15 Jun 11,"Weird Science: Attack of Geniuses!: The Straight A's vs. The A Gamers",""
26,3,4,22 Jun 11,"Battleship Boom: Bulleyes vs. Frenemies",""
27,3,5,29 Jun 11,"Submarine Showdown: Army Bratz vs. Navy Seals",""
28,3,6,20 Jul 11,"Blimps? Mad Moves vs. Mad Scientists",""
29,3,7,27 Jul 11,"Celebrities: Skaters vs. BMXers",""
30,3,8,03 Aug 11,"Ultimate Warrior: Team Captains vs. Class Presidents",""
31,3,9,10 Aug 11,"Andrew's TV Funhouse: Dee Jays vs. Dirt Bikers",""
32,3,10,17 Aug 11,"Urban Cowboy: The Engineers vs. The Hams",""
33,3,11,24 Aug 11,"Destroyers in Space: Black Belts vs. The Cleats",""
34,3,12,31 Aug 11,"Destroy Sweet Destroy: Tricksters vs. Trash Talkers",""
35,3,13,07 Sep 11,"Team Wentz vs. Team Chiddy",""
36,3,14,14 Sep 11,"The Art of Destruction: The Gleeks vs. 4.0 Magnets",""
37,3,15,21 Sep 11,"Catch and Destroy: Grease Monkeys vs. The Models",""