number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,13 Nov 18,"We Are at War",""
2,1,2,20 Nov 18,"The Games Have Just Begun",""
3,1,3,27 Nov 18,"Show Down",""
4,1,4,04 Dec 18,"Answered Questions",""
5,1,5,08 Jan 19,"The Heat is On",""
6,1,6,15 Jan 19,"A Death in the Family",""
7,1,7,22 Jan 19,"Home Coming",""
8,1,8,29 Jan 19,"Mexican Stand Off",""
9,2,1,02 Jul 20,"Back to Life",""
10,2,2,02 Jul 20,"Put a Ring on It",""
11,2,3,02 Jul 20,"Introducing Brother X",""
12,2,4,02 Jul 20,"Heat It Up!",""
13,2,5,02 Jul 20,"You Can Run But You Can't Hide",""
14,2,6,02 Jul 20,"Casualties of War",""
15,2,7,31 Dec 20,"Take No Prisoners",""
16,2,8,31 Dec 20,"The Nuclear Option",""
17,2,9,31 Dec 20,"Mothers and Their Sons",""
18,2,10,31 Dec 20,"I Don't Want to Lose My Queen",""
19,2,11,31 Dec 20,"Deploy the Drones",""
20,2,12,31 Dec 20,"The Hunt for Brother X",""
21,3,1,14 Oct 21,"The Heat is On",""
22,3,2,14 Oct 21,"Who is Curtis Duncan?",""
23,3,3,14 Oct 21,"The Hunt for Consuela",""
24,3,4,14 Oct 21,"What's Better than Heat? Fire!",""
25,3,5,14 Oct 21,"Time to Start Washing the Money",""
26,3,6,14 Oct 21,"Blood on Your Hands",""
27,3,7,14 Oct 21,"Brotherly Love",""
28,3,8,14 Oct 21,"Money Has No Friends",""
29,3,9,14 Oct 21,"Brother X Strikes Again",""
30,3,10,14 Oct 21,"Bye, Bye, Harris",""
31,3,11,14 Oct 21,"Clear the Table",""
32,3,12,14 Oct 21,"Flipping The Script",""