number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,15 Aug 98,"I Spy with My Hairy Eye",""
2,1,2,16 Aug 98,"The Big Chill Out",""
3,1,3,23 Aug 98,"Bad Hair Day",""
4,1,4,30 Aug 98,"Raiders of the Lost Banana",""
5,1,5,06 Sep 98,"Ape Foo Young",""
6,1,6,13 Sep 98,"Booty and the Beast",""
7,1,7,20 Sep 98,"Kong for a Day",""
8,1,8,27 Sep 98,"From Zero to Hero",""
9,1,9,04 Oct 98,"Buried Treasure",""
10,1,10,11 Oct 98,"Cranky's Tickle Tonic",""
11,1,11,18 Oct 98,"Get a Life, Don't Save One",""
12,1,12,25 Oct 98,"The Curse of Kongo Bongo",""
13,1,13,01 Nov 98,"Orangutango",""
14,1,14,08 Nov 98,"Speed",""
15,1,15,15 Nov 98,"Klump's Lumps",""
16,1,16,22 Nov 98,"Bluster's Sale Ape-Stravaganza",""
17,1,17,22 Nov 98,"Kong Fu",""
18,1,18,29 Nov 98,"Bug a Boogie",""
19,1,19,29 Nov 98,"Watch the Skies",""
20,1,20,06 Dec 98,"Baby Kong Blues",""
21,1,21,06 Dec 98,"To the Moon Baboon",""
22,1,22,13 Dec 98,"Double Date Trouble",""
23,1,23,13 Dec 98,"Ape-Nesia",""
24,1,24,20 Dec 98,"A Thin Line Between Love & Ape",""
25,1,25,28 Dec 98,"Barrel, Barrel ... Who's Got the Barrel",""
26,1,26,29 Dec 98,"Legend of the Crystal Coconut",""
27,2,1,23 Dec 99,"The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights",""
28,2,2,07 Jan 00,"Hooray for Holly-Kongo Bongo",""
29,2,3,12 Jan 00,"Speak No Evil, Dude",""
30,2,4,19 Jan 00,"The Day the Island Stood Still",""
31,2,5,21 Jan 00,"Message in a Bottle Show",""
32,2,6,31 Jan 00,"Monkey Seer, Monkey Do",""
33,2,7,03 Mar 00,"Four Weddings and a Coconut",""
34,2,8,07 Apr 00,"Vote of Kong-fidence",""
35,2,9,14 Apr 00,"Follow That Coconut",""
36,2,10,05 May 00,"The Big Switch-a-Roo",""
37,2,11,02 Jun 00,"Hunka Hunka Burnin' Bluster",""
38,2,12,09 Jun 00,"Best of Enemies",""
39,2,13,16 Jun 00,"It's a Wonderful Life",""
40,2,14,07 Jul 00,"Just Kidding",""