number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,14 Jul 03,"New Jersey",""
2,1,2,15 Jul 03,"The Mid West",""
3,1,3,16 Jul 03,"New England",""
4,1,4,17 Jul 03,"The Capitol",""
5,1,5,21 Jul 03,"The South East",""
6,1,6,28 Jul 03,"California",""
7,1,7,04 Aug 03,"Texas",""
8,1,8,25 Aug 03,"New York",""
9,1,9,01 Sep 03,"Oregon",""
10,1,10,08 Sep 03,"Philadelphia",""
11,2,1,21 Jun 04,"Civil War Submarine",""
12,2,2,28 Jun 04,"Internment Artwork",""
13,2,3,05 Jul 04,"Mail Order Brides",""
14,2,4,12 Jul 04,"Hollywood",""
15,2,5,19 Jul 04,"Dueling Pistols",""
16,2,6,02 Aug 04,"Riding Crop",""
17,2,7,16 Aug 04,"Migrant Poems",""
18,2,8,23 Aug 04,"Bonnie & Clyde",""
19,2,9,06 Sep 04,"Lost Gold Ship",""
20,2,10,13 Sep 04,"Pop Lloyd Baseball Field",""
21,2,11,20 Sep 04,"Koranic School Book",""
22,2,12,27 Sep 04,"Body in the Basement",""
23,3,1,27 Jun 05,"The Spirit of St. Louis",""
24,3,2,11 Jul 05,"Black Star Line Certificates",""
25,3,3,18 Jul 05,"Arthur Szyk's Earliest Cartoons",""
26,3,4,25 Jul 05,"Cherokee Bible",""
27,3,5,01 Aug 05,"Portrait of George Washington",""
28,3,6,15 Aug 05,"Secrets of the Tape",""
29,3,7,22 Aug 05,"Doc Holliday's Watch",""
30,3,8,29 Aug 05,"Hermann Goering's Shotgun",""
31,3,9,05 Sep 05,"Coney Island Lion",""
32,3,10,12 Sep 05,"Leisureama Homes",""
33,3,11,19 Sep 05,"Home for Unwed Mothers",""
34,4,1,19 Jun 06,"The Chisholm Trail; Harry Houdini Poster; McKinley Casket Flag",""
35,4,2,26 Jun 06,"Wartime Baseball; Confederate Eyeglass; Howard Hughes' Invention",""
36,4,3,03 Jul 06,"Coca-Cola Trade Card; Vicksburg Map; Lawrence Strike",""
37,4,4,10 Jul 06,"Alternative Service Certificates; Carolina Mystery Books; Mickey Mouse's Origin",""
38,4,5,17 Jul 06,"U.S.S. Indianapolis; Highlander Badge; Spirit of St. Louis",""
39,4,6,24 Jul 06,"Orphan Film Reel; Chinese Opium Scale; Hermann Goering's Shotgun",""
40,4,7,31 Jul 06,"Survivor Camera; Alcoholics Anonymous Letter; Tallahassee Mystery Cross",""
41,4,8,14 Aug 06,"Calf Creek Arrow; Doc Holliday's Watch; Black Star Line Stock Certificates",""
42,4,9,21 Aug 06,"Grace Kelly Automobile; Illicit P.O.W. Photos; Mystery Motorcycle",""
43,4,10,28 Aug 06,"Lou Gehrig Autograph; Cleveland Electric Car; Philadelphia Freedom Paper",""
44,4,11,04 Sep 06,"Superman Sketch; Lost Musical Treasure; Rebel Whiskey Flask",""
45,5,1,25 Jun 07,"3-D Cuban Missile Crisis; Amon 'n' Andy Record; Women's Suffrage Painting",""
46,5,2,02 Jul 07,"Continental Currency; Short-Snorter; Liberty Bell Pin",""
47,5,3,09 Jul 07,"GAR Photograph; Jefferson Pledge; Dempsey Fight Bell",""
48,5,4,16 Jul 07,"Atocha Spanish Silver; Lucy Parsons Book; Ernie Pyle's Typewriter",""
49,5,5,23 Jul 07,"Great Mexican War Posters; Nora Holt Autograph Book; Muhlenberg Robe",""
50,5,6,30 Jul 07,"NC-4: First Across the Atlantic; Howard Hughes Crash; Professor Lowe's Hot Air Balloon",""
51,5,7,20 Aug 07,"Red Cloud Letter; '32 Ford Roadster; Cast Iron Eagle",""
52,5,8,27 Aug 07,"Lincoln Letter; Quaker Map; USS Indianapolis",""
53,5,9,03 Sep 07,"Bill Pickett Saddle; McKinley Casket Flag; Hitler Films",""
54,5,10,10 Sep 07,"USS Thresher; Pete Gray Cartoon; Manhattan Project Letter",""
55,6,1,30 Jun 08,"WWII Diary/Annie Oakley Coin/1856 Mormon Tale",""
56,6,2,07 Jul 08,"Red Hand Flag/Seth Eastman Painting/Isleton Tong",""
57,6,3,14 Jul 08,"Japanese Balloon Bomb/Society Circus Program/Camp David Letter",""
58,6,4,21 Jul 08,"China Marine Jacket/Airstream Caravan/Lincoln Forgery",""
59,6,5,28 Jul 08,"Hindenburg Artifact/Bonus Army Stamp/Dempsey Fight Bell",""
60,6,6,04 Aug 08,"GAR Photograph/Bill Pickett Saddle/Hiter Films",""
61,6,7,11 Aug 08,"Black Tom Shell/USS Olympia Glass/Front Street Blockhouse",""
62,6,8,18 Aug 08,"John Adams Book/Mankato Spoon/NC-4",""
63,6,9,08 Sep 08,"Shipwreck Cannons/Connecticut Farmhouse/Kahil Gibran Painting",""
64,6,10,15 Sep 08,"Blueprint Special/Monroe Letter/Atocha Spanish Silver",""
65,7,1,22 Jun 09,"PsychoPhone; War Dog Letter; Pancho Villa Watch Fob",""
66,7,2,29 Jun 09,"Manhattan Project Patent/Galleon Shipwreck/Creole Poems",""
67,7,3,06 Jul 09,"St. Valentine's Day Massacre/Booth Letter/Cemetery Alarm",""
68,7,4,13 Jul 09,"Sideshow Babies/Lubin Photos/Navajo Rug",""
69,7,5,20 Jul 09,"Tokyo Rose Recording; Crazy Horse Photo; WWII Diary",""
70,7,6,27 Jul 09,"Amelia Earhart Plane/Fillmore Pardon/Boxcar Home",""
71,7,7,10 Aug 09,"Hindenburg Artifact/John Adams Book/Birthplace of Hip-Hop",""
72,7,8,17 Aug 09,"Mussolini Dagger, Liberia Letter, N.E.A.R. Device",""
73,7,9,24 Aug 09,"WPA Mural Studies/George Washington Miniature/Japanese Balloon Bomb",""
74,7,10,31 Aug 09,"Stalag 17 Portrait/Seadrome/Black Tom Shell",""
75,7,11,07 Sep 09,"Duke Ellington Plates/Scottsboror Boys Stamp/Civil War Bridge",""
76,7,12,14 Sep 09,"Shipwreck Cannons/Connecticut Farmhouse/Kahlil Gibran Painting",""
77,8,1,21 Jun 10,"Space Boot; Satelloon; Moon Museum",""
78,8,2,28 Jun 10,"Iwo Jima Map, Copperhead Cane, Theremin",""
79,8,3,05 Jul 10,"Lauste Film Clip; Baker's Gold; Transatlantic Cable",""
80,8,4,12 Jul 10,"Barton Letter; Andrew Jackson's Mouth; Spybook",""
81,8,5,19 Jul 10,"Cromwell Dixon; Bartlett Sketchbook; Duke Ellington Plates",""
82,8,6,26 Jul 10,"Korean War Letter, Diana, Lookout Mt. Painting",""
83,8,7,09 Aug 10,"St.Valentine's Day Massacre; G. Washington Miniature; Stalag 17 Portrait",""
84,8,8,16 Aug 10,"Hot Town Poster, Face Jug, Lost City of Gold",""
85,8,9,23 Aug 10,"Jackie Robinson All-Stars, Modoc Basket, Special Agent Five",""
86,8,10,30 Aug 10,"WB Cartoons; Galvez Papers; Mussolini's Dagger",""
87,8,11,06 Sep 10,"Chicago Clock; Universal Friends; War Dogs",""
88,9,1,21 Jun 11,"Yakima Canutt's Saddle; The Ni'ihau Incident; Civil War Cannon",""
89,9,2,28 Jun 11,"Spanish Civil War Eulogy; World War II Leaflets; Tiffany Windows",""
90,9,3,05 Jul 11,"Siberian Bullet; John Brown Pike; Ronald McDonald Costume",""
91,9,4,12 Jul 11,"African American Comic Book; Lindbergh-Sikorsky Fabric; Civil War Letters",""
92,9,5,19 Jul 11,"Clara Barton Letter; Teddy Roosevelt War Club; Drone Propeller",""
93,9,6,26 Jul 11,"Baker's Gold; Kittery Telescope; Japanese Carved Cane",""
94,9,7,23 Aug 11,"Andrew Jackson's Mouth Modoc Basket Hot Town Poster",""
95,9,8,30 Aug 11,"Drug Smuggling Doll, Florida Map, Marion Carpenter Camera",""
96,9,9,06 Sep 11,"1775 Almanac, Exercise Records, Moon Museum",""
97,9,10,20 Sep 11,"Leopold Medal, Suffrage Pennant, WB Cartoons",""
98,9,11,27 Sep 11,"Continental Club Card, Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, Society Circus Program",""
99,9,12,11 Oct 11,"Ince Ledger; Harlem Heirs; Chandler Tintype",""
100,10,1,17 Jul 12,"Bob Dylan Guitar; Beatles Autographs; Frank Zappa Collage",""
101,10,2,24 Jul 12,"Civil War-Era Pistols; KKK Records; Motown Amp",""
102,10,3,24 Jul 12,"Book of Rogues; Empire State Crash; Forbidden Pinup",""
103,10,4,31 Jul 12,"Bird of War; Lincoln Oath; War Spoils of a Peace Chief",""
104,10,5,07 Aug 12,"Titanic Picture Frame; Woolworth Signs; Nazi Spy Toys",""
105,10,6,02 Oct 12,"Vietnam Diary; Bootlegger's Notebook; Hollywood Ledger",""
106,10,7,09 Oct 12,"Colored Heroes, Valley Forge Map and a Transistor Radio",""
107,10,8,08 Jan 13,"Bill of Sale, Cobb Powder Horn and the Star Spangled Banner",""
108,10,9,02 Apr 13,"Mysteries from the Wild West",""
109,10,10,06 Aug 13,"3-D Cuban Missile Crisis",""
110,11,1,01 Jul 14,"Civil War Sabotage?",""
111,11,2,08 Jul 14,"The Disappearance of Glenn Miller",""
112,11,3,15 Jul 14,"Texas Servant Girl Murders",""
113,11,4,22 Jul 14,"Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa?",""
S06,6,0,23 Feb 09,"Slave Songbook/Josh White Guitar/Birthplace of Hip Hop",""