number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,06 Feb 05,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,01 May 05,"Threat Levels",""
3,1,3,08 May 05,"Stan Knows Best",""
4,1,4,15 May 05,"Francine's Flashback",""
5,1,5,05 Jun 05,"Roger Codger",""
6,1,6,12 Jun 05,"Homeland Insecurity",""
7,1,7,19 Jun 05,"Deacon Stan, Jesus Man",""
8,1,8,11 Sep 05,"Bullocks to Stan",""
9,1,9,18 Sep 05,"A Smith in Hand",""
10,1,10,25 Sep 05,"All About Steve",""
11,1,11,02 Oct 05,"Con Heir",""
12,1,12,06 Nov 05,"Stan of Arabia: Part 1",""
13,1,13,13 Nov 05,"Stan of Arabia: Part 2",""
14,1,14,20 Nov 05,"Stannie Get Your Gun",""
15,1,15,27 Nov 05,"Star Trek",""
16,1,16,18 Dec 05,"Not Particularly Desperate Housewives",""
17,1,17,08 Jan 06,"Rough Trade",""
18,1,18,29 Jan 06,"Finances with Wolves",""
19,1,19,26 Feb 06,"It's Good to Be Queen",""
20,1,20,23 Apr 06,"Roger 'n Me",""
21,1,21,30 Apr 06,"Helping Handis",""
22,1,22,07 May 06,"With Friends Like Steve's",""
23,1,23,14 May 06,"Tears of a Clooney",""
24,2,1,10 Sep 06,"Camp Refoogee",""
25,2,2,17 Sep 06,"The American Dad After School Special",""
26,2,3,24 Sep 06,"Failure is Not a Factory-installed Option",""
27,2,4,05 Nov 06,"Lincoln Lover",""
28,2,5,12 Nov 06,"Dungeons and Wagons",""
29,2,6,19 Nov 06,"Iced, Iced Babies",""
30,2,7,26 Nov 06,"Of Ice and Men",""
31,2,8,10 Dec 06,"Irregarding Steve",""
32,2,9,17 Dec 06,"The Best Christmas Story Never Told",""
33,2,10,07 Jan 07,"Bush Comes to Dinner",""
34,2,11,28 Jan 07,"The American Dream Factory",""
35,2,12,11 Feb 07,"A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial",""
36,2,13,18 Feb 07,"Black Mystery Month",""
37,2,14,25 Mar 07,"An Apocalypse to Remember",""
38,2,15,01 Apr 07,"Four Little Words",""
39,2,16,29 Apr 07,"When a Stan Loves a Woman",""
40,2,17,06 May 07,"I Can't Stan You",""
41,2,18,13 May 07,"The Magnificent Steven",""
42,2,19,20 May 07,"Joint Custody",""
43,3,1,30 Sep 07,"The Vacation Goo",""
44,3,2,07 Oct 07,"Meter Made",""
45,3,3,14 Oct 07,"Dope and Faith",""
46,3,4,04 Nov 07,"Big Trouble in Little Langley",""
47,3,5,11 Nov 07,"Haylias",""
48,3,6,18 Nov 07,"42-Year-Old Virgin",""
49,3,7,02 Dec 07,"Surro-Gate",""
50,3,8,16 Dec 07,"The Most Adequate Christmas Ever",""
51,3,9,06 Jan 08,"Frannie 911",""
52,3,10,13 Jan 08,"Tearjerker",""
53,3,11,27 Jan 08,"Oedipal Panties",""
54,3,12,17 Feb 08,"Widowmaker",""
55,3,13,27 Apr 08,"Red October Sky",""
56,3,14,04 May 08,"Office Spaceman",""
57,3,15,11 May 08,"Stanny Slickers II: The Legend of Ollie's Gold",""
58,3,16,18 May 08,"Spring Break-Up",""
59,4,1,28 Sep 08,"1600 Candles",""
60,4,2,05 Oct 08,"The One That Got Away",""
61,4,3,19 Oct 08,"One Little Word",""
62,4,4,02 Nov 08,"Choosy Wives Choose Smith",""
63,4,5,09 Nov 08,"Escape from Pearl Bailey",""
64,4,6,16 Nov 08,"Pulling Double Booty",""
65,4,7,30 Nov 08,"Phantom of the Telethon",""
66,4,8,25 Jan 09,"Chimdale",""
67,4,9,08 Feb 09,"Stan Time",""
68,4,10,15 Feb 09,"Family Affair",""
69,4,11,01 Mar 09,"Live and Let Fry",""
70,4,12,08 Mar 09,"Roy Rogers McFreely",""
71,4,13,15 Mar 09,"Jack's Back",""
72,4,14,22 Mar 09,"Bar Mitzvah Shuffle",""
73,4,15,29 Mar 09,"Wife Insurance",""
74,4,16,19 Apr 09,"Delorean Story-An",""
75,4,17,26 Apr 09,"Every Which Way But Lose",""
76,4,18,03 May 09,"Weiner of Our Discontent",""
77,4,19,10 May 09,"Daddy Queerest",""
78,4,20,17 May 09,"Stan's Night Out",""
79,5,1,27 Sep 09,"In Country...Club",""
80,5,2,04 Oct 09,"Moon Over Isla Island",""
81,5,3,11 Oct 09,"Home Adrone",""
82,5,4,18 Oct 09,"Brains, Brains, and Automobiles",""
83,5,5,08 Nov 09,"Man in the Moonbounce",""
84,5,6,15 Nov 09,"Shallow Vows",""
85,5,7,22 Nov 09,"My Morning Straitjacket",""
86,5,8,29 Nov 09,"G-String Circus",""
87,5,9,13 Dec 09,"Rapture's Delight",""
88,5,10,03 Jan 10,"Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth",""
89,5,11,31 Jan 10,"A Jones for a Smith",""
90,5,12,14 Feb 10,"May the Best Stan Win",""
91,5,13,21 Feb 10,"Return of the Bling",""
92,5,14,11 Apr 10,"Cops & Roger",""
93,5,15,18 Apr 10,"Merlot Down Dirty Shame",""
94,5,16,25 Apr 10,"Bully for Steve",""
95,5,17,09 May 10,"An Incident at Owl Creek",""
96,5,18,16 May 10,"Great Space Roaster",""
97,6,1,03 Oct 10,"100 A.D., Pt 1 of 2",""
98,6,2,10 Oct 10,"Son of Stan, Pt. 2 of 2",""
99,6,3,07 Nov 10,"Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls",""
100,6,4,14 Nov 10,"Stan's Food Restaurant",""
101,6,5,21 Nov 10,"White Rice",""
102,6,6,28 Nov 10,"There Will Be Bad Blood",""
103,6,7,05 Dec 10,"The People vs. Martin Sugar",""
104,6,8,12 Dec 10,"For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls",""
105,6,9,16 Jan 11,"Fartbreak Hotel",""
106,6,10,23 Jan 11,"Stanny Boy and Frantastic",""
107,6,11,13 Feb 11,"A PiƱata Named Desire",""
108,6,12,20 Feb 11,"You Debt Your Life",""
109,6,13,27 Mar 11,"I Am the Walrus",""
110,6,14,03 Apr 11,"School Lies",""
111,6,15,10 Apr 11,"License to Till",""
112,6,16,17 Apr 11,"Jenny Fromdabloc",""
113,6,17,08 May 11,"Home Wrecker",""
114,6,18,15 May 11,"Flirting with Disaster",""
115,6,19,22 May 11,"Gorillas in the Mist",""
116,7,1,25 Sep 11,"Hot Water",""
117,7,2,02 Oct 11,"Hurricane!",""
118,7,3,06 Nov 11,"A Ward Show",""
119,7,4,13 Nov 11,"The Worst Stan",""
120,7,5,20 Nov 11,"Virtual In-Stanity",""
121,7,6,27 Nov 11,"The Scarlett Getter",""
122,7,7,11 Dec 11,"Season's Beatings",""
123,7,8,08 Jan 12,"The Unbrave One",""
124,7,9,29 Jan 12,"Stanny Tendergrass",""
125,7,10,12 Feb 12,"Wheels & the Legman and the Case of Grandpa's Key",""
126,7,11,19 Feb 12,"Old Stan in the Mountain",""
127,7,12,04 Mar 12,"The Wrestler",""
128,7,13,11 Mar 12,"Dr. Klaustus",""
129,7,14,18 Mar 12,"Stan's Best Friend",""
130,7,15,25 Mar 12,"Less Money, Mo' Problems",""
131,7,16,01 Apr 12,"The Kidney Stays in the Picture",""
132,7,17,06 May 12,"Ricky Spanish",""
133,7,18,13 May 12,"Toy Whorey",""
134,8,1,30 Sep 12,"Love, AD Style",""
135,8,2,07 Oct 12,"Killer Vacation",""
136,8,3,04 Nov 12,"Can I Be Frank with You?",""
137,8,4,18 Nov 12,"American Stepdad",""
138,8,5,02 Dec 12,"Why Can't We Be Friends?",""
139,8,6,09 Dec 12,"Adventures in Hayleysitting",""
140,8,7,23 Dec 12,"National Treasure 4: Baby Franny: She's Doing Well: The Hole Story",""
141,8,8,06 Jan 13,"Finger Lenting Good",""
142,8,9,13 Jan 13,"The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone and His Boy Jabari",""
143,8,10,27 Jan 13,"Blood Crieth Unto Heaven",""
144,8,11,10 Feb 13,"Max Jets",""
145,8,12,17 Feb 13,"Naked to the Limit, One More Time",""
146,8,13,10 Mar 13,"For Black Eyes Only",""
147,8,14,24 Mar 13,"Spelling Bee My Baby",""
148,8,15,14 Apr 13,"The Missing Kink",""
149,8,16,21 Apr 13,"The Boring Identity",""
150,8,17,28 Apr 13,"The Full Cognitive Redaction of Avery Bullock by the Coward Stan Smith",""
151,8,18,05 May 13,"Lost in Space",""
152,8,19,12 May 13,"Da Flippity Flop",""
153,9,1,29 Sep 13,"Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure",""
154,9,2,06 Oct 13,"Poltergasm",""
155,9,3,03 Nov 13,"Buck, Wild",""
156,9,4,10 Nov 13,"Crotchwalkers",""
157,9,5,24 Nov 13,"Kung Pao Turkey",""
158,9,6,01 Dec 13,"Independent Movie",""
159,9,7,08 Dec 13,"Faking Bad",""
160,9,8,15 Dec 13,"Minstrel Krampus",""
161,9,9,05 Jan 14,"Vision: Impossible",""
162,9,10,12 Jan 14,"Familyland",""
163,9,11,26 Jan 14,"Cock of the Sleepwalk",""
164,9,12,16 Mar 14,"Introducing the Naughty Stewardesses",""
165,9,13,23 Mar 14,"I Ain't No Holodeck Boy",""
166,9,14,30 Mar 14,"Stan Goes on the Pill",""
167,9,15,06 Apr 14,"Honey, I'm Homeland",""
168,9,16,13 Apr 14,"She Swill Survive",""
169,9,17,27 Apr 14,"Rubberneckers",""
170,9,18,04 May 14,"Permanent Record Wrecker",""
171,9,19,11 May 14,"News Glance with Genevieve Vavance",""
172,9,20,18 May 14,"The Longest Distance Relationship",""
173,10,1,14 Sep 14,"Roger Passes the Bar",""
174,10,2,14 Sep 14,"A Boy Named Michael",""
175,10,3,21 Sep 14,"Blagsnarst, A Love Story",""
176,11,1,20 Oct 14,"Blonde Ambition",""
177,11,2,27 Oct 14,"CIAPOW",""
178,11,3,03 Nov 14,"Scents and Sensei-bility",""
179,11,4,10 Nov 14,"Big Stan on Campus",""
180,11,5,17 Nov 14,"Now and Gwen",""
181,11,6,01 Dec 14,"Dreaming of a White Porsche Christmas",""
182,11,7,23 Feb 15,"LGBSteve",""
183,11,8,02 Mar 15,"Morning Mimosa",""
184,11,9,09 Mar 15,"My Affair Lady",""
185,11,10,16 Mar 15,"A Star is Reborn",""
186,11,11,23 Mar 15,"Manhattan Magical Murder Mystery Tour",""
187,11,12,30 Mar 15,"The Shrink",""
188,11,13,18 May 15,"Holy Shit, Jeff's Back!",""
189,11,14,25 May 15,"American Fung",""
190,11,15,01 Jun 15,"Seizures Suit Stanny",""
191,12,1,25 Jan 16,"Roots",""
192,12,2,01 Feb 16,"The Life Aquatic with Steve Smith",""
193,12,3,08 Feb 16,"Hayley Smith, Seal Team Six",""
194,12,4,15 Feb 16,"N.S.A. (No Snoops Allowed)",""
195,12,5,22 Feb 16,"Stan Smith as Keanu Reeves as Stanny Utah in Point Breakers",""
196,12,6,29 Feb 16,"Kiss Kiss, Cam Cam",""
197,12,7,07 Mar 16,"The Devil Wears a Lapel Pin",""
198,12,8,14 Mar 16,"Stan-Dan Deliver",""
199,12,9,21 Mar 16,"Anchorfran",""
200,12,10,28 Mar 16,"The Two Hundred",""
201,12,11,11 Apr 16,"The Unincludeds",""
202,12,12,18 Apr 16,"The Dentist's Wife",""
203,12,13,25 Apr 16,"Widow's Pique",""
204,12,14,02 May 16,"The Nova Centauris-burgh Board of Tourism Presents: American Dad",""
205,12,15,09 May 16,"Daesong Heavy Industries",""
206,12,16,16 May 16,"Daesong Heavy Industries II: Return to Innocence",""
207,12,17,23 May 16,"Criss-Cross Applesauce: The Ballad of Billy Jesusworth",""
208,12,18,30 May 16,"Mine Struggle",""
209,12,19,06 Jun 16,"Garfield and Friends",""
210,12,20,13 Jun 16,"Gift Me Liberty",""
211,12,21,20 Jun 16,"Next of Pin",""
212,12,22,27 Jun 16,"Standard Deviation",""
213,13,1,07 Nov 16,"Father's Daze",""
214,13,2,14 Nov 16,"Fight and Flight",""
215,13,3,21 Nov 16,"The Enlightenment of Ragi-Baba",""
216,13,4,28 Nov 16,"Portrait of Francine's Genitals",""
217,13,5,05 Dec 16,"Bahama Mama",""
218,13,6,12 Dec 16,"Roger's Baby",""
219,13,7,19 Dec 16,"Ninety North, Zero West",""
220,13,8,10 Apr 17,"A Whole Slotta Love",""
221,13,9,17 Apr 17,"The Witches of Langley",""
222,13,10,24 Apr 17,"A Nice Night for a Drive",""
223,13,11,01 May 17,"Casino Normale",""
224,13,12,29 May 17,"Bazooka Steve",""
225,13,13,05 Jun 17,"Camp Campawanda",""
226,13,14,12 Jun 17,"Julia Rogerts",""
227,13,15,24 Jul 17,"The Life and Times of Stan Smith",""
228,13,16,31 Jul 17,"The Bitchin' Race",""
229,13,17,07 Aug 17,"Family Plan",""
230,13,18,14 Aug 17,"The Long Bomb",""
231,13,19,21 Aug 17,"Kloger",""
232,13,20,28 Aug 17,"Garbage Stan",""
233,13,21,04 Sep 17,"The Talented Mr. Dingleberry",""
234,13,22,11 Sep 17,"West to Mexico",""
235,14,1,25 Dec 17,"Santa, Schmanta",""
236,14,2,12 Feb 18,"Paranoid Frandroid",""
237,14,3,19 Feb 18,"The Census of the Lambs",""
238,14,4,26 Feb 18,"Shell Game",""
239,14,5,05 Mar 18,"The Mural of the Story",""
240,14,6,12 Mar 18,"(You Gotta) Strike for Your Right",""
241,14,7,19 Mar 18,"",""
242,14,8,26 Mar 18,"Death by Dinner Party",""
243,14,9,09 Apr 18,"The Never-Ending Stories",""
244,14,10,16 Apr 18,"Railroaded",""
245,14,11,23 Apr 18,"My Purity Ball and Chain",""
246,14,12,30 Apr 18,"OreTron Trail",""
247,14,13,07 May 18,"Mean Francine",""
248,14,14,11 Feb 19,"One-Woman Swole",""
249,14,15,18 Feb 19,"Flavortown",""
250,14,16,25 Feb 19,"Persona Assistant",""
251,14,17,04 Mar 19,"The Legend of Old Ulysses",""
252,14,18,11 Mar 19,"Twinanigans",""
253,14,19,18 Mar 19,"Top of the Steve",""
254,14,20,25 Mar 19,"Funnyish Games",""
255,14,21,01 Apr 19,"Fleabiscuit",""
256,14,22,08 Apr 19,"The Future is Borax",""
257,15,1,15 Apr 19,"Fantasy Baseball",""
258,15,2,22 Apr 19,"I Am the Jeans: The Gina Lavetti Story",""
259,15,3,29 Apr 19,"Stan & Francine & Connie & Ted",""
260,15,4,06 May 19,"Rabbit Ears",""
261,15,5,13 May 19,"Jeff and the Dank Ass Weed Factory",""
262,15,6,20 May 19,"Lost Boys",""
263,15,7,27 May 19,"Shark?!",""
264,15,8,03 Jun 19,"The Long March",""
265,15,9,10 Jun 19,"The Hall Monitor and the Lunch Lady",""
266,15,10,17 Jun 19,"Wild Women Do",""
267,15,11,24 Jun 19,"An Irish Goodbye",""
268,15,12,01 Jul 19,"Stompe Le Monde",""
269,15,13,08 Jul 19,"Mom Sauce",""
270,15,14,15 Jul 19,"Hamerican Dad!",""
271,15,15,22 Jul 19,"Demolition Daddy",""
272,15,16,29 Jul 19,"Pride Before the Fail",""
273,15,17,05 Aug 19,"Enter Stanman",""
274,15,18,12 Aug 19,"No Weddings and a Funeral",""
275,15,19,19 Aug 19,"Eight Fires",""
276,15,20,26 Aug 19,"The Hand That Rocks the Rogu",""
277,16,1,13 Apr 20,"100 Years a Solid Fool",""
278,16,2,20 Apr 20,"Downtown",""
279,16,3,27 Apr 20,"Cheek to Cheek: A Stripper's Story",""
280,16,4,04 May 20,"A Starboy is Born",""
281,16,5,11 May 20,"Tapped Out",""
282,16,6,18 May 20,"Brave N00b World",""
283,16,7,25 May 20,"Into the Woods",""
284,16,8,01 Jun 20,"One Fish, Two Fish",""
285,16,9,08 Jun 20,"Exquisite Corpses",""
286,16,10,15 Jun 20,"Trophy Wife, Trophy Life",""
287,16,11,22 Jun 20,"Game Night",""
288,16,12,29 Jun 20,"American Data?",""
289,16,13,06 Jul 20,"Salute Your Sllort",""
290,16,14,13 Jul 20,"Ghost Dad",""
291,16,15,20 Jul 20,"Men II Boyz",""
292,16,16,27 Jul 20,"First, Do No Farm",""
293,16,17,03 Aug 20,"Roger Needs Dick",""
294,16,18,10 Aug 20,"The Old Country",""
295,16,19,17 Aug 20,"Businessly Brunette",""
296,16,20,24 Aug 20,"The Chilly Thrillies",""
297,16,21,31 Aug 20,"Dammmm, Stan!",""
298,16,22,07 Sep 20,"The Last Ride of the Dodge City Rambler",""
299,16,23,14 Sep 20,"300",""
300,16,24,21 Dec 20,"Yule. Tide. Repeat.",""
301,17,1,19 Apr 21,"Who Smarted?",""
302,17,2,26 Apr 21,"Russian Doll",""
303,17,3,03 May 21,"Stan Moves to Chicago",""
304,17,4,10 May 21,"Shakedown Steve",""
305,17,5,17 May 21,"Klaus And Rogu In Thank God For Loose Rocks: An American Dad! Adventure",""
306,17,6,24 May 21,"The Wondercabinet",""
307,17,7,31 May 21,"Little Bonnie Ramirez",""
308,17,8,07 Jun 21,"Dancin' A-with My Cell",""
309,17,9,14 Jun 21,"Mused and Abused",""
310,17,10,21 Jun 21,"Henderson",""
311,17,11,28 Jun 21,"Hot Scoomp",""
312,17,12,05 Jul 21,"Lumberjerk",""
313,17,13,12 Jul 21,"Stan & Francine & Stan & Francine & Radika",""
314,17,14,19 Jul 21,"Flush After Reading",""
315,17,15,26 Jul 21,"Comb Over: A Hair Piece",""
316,17,16,02 Aug 21,"Plot Heavy",""
317,17,17,09 Aug 21,"The Sinister Fate!!",""
318,17,18,16 Aug 21,"Dr. Sunderson's SunSuckers",""
319,17,19,23 Aug 21,"Family Time",""
320,17,20,30 Aug 21,"Cry Baby",""
321,17,21,06 Sep 21,"Crystal Clear",""
322,17,22,25 Oct 21,"Steve's Franken Out",""
323,18,1,24 Jan 22,"Langley Dollar Listings",""
324,18,2,31 Jan 22,"Dressed Down",""
325,18,3,07 Feb 22,"The Book of Fischer",""
326,18,4,14 Feb 22,"A Roger Story",""
327,18,5,21 Feb 22,"Epic Powder Dump",""
328,18,6,28 Feb 22,"American Dad Graffito",""
329,18,7,07 Mar 22,"Beyond the Alcove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Klaus",""
330,18,8,14 Mar 22,"A Song of Knives and Fire",""
331,18,9,05 Sep 22,"Gold Top Nuts",""
332,18,10,12 Sep 22,"The Curious Case of the Old Hole",""
333,18,11,19 Sep 22,"A League of His Own",""
334,18,12,26 Sep 22,"The Three Fs",""