number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,17 Aug 06,"Triple Crown Cake",""
2,1,2,19 Aug 06,"Wedding Cakes & Headaches",""
3,1,3,31 Aug 06,"Hell Week",""
4,1,4,07 Sep 06,"Life's a Zoo",""
5,1,5,14 Sep 06,"Duff Goes Hollywood",""
6,1,6,21 Sep 06,"Cake Walk",""
7,2,1,18 Jan 07,"Chi-Town and Wedding Gowns",""
8,2,2,24 Jan 07,"The Boss is Gone",""
9,2,3,24 Jan 07,"Great Scot",""
10,2,4,08 Feb 07,"Four Weddings and a Rat",""
11,2,5,15 Feb 07,"Monkey Business",""
12,2,6,01 Mar 07,"Tributes and Tribulations",""
13,2,7,08 Mar 07,"Flying High",""
14,2,8,15 Mar 07,"Milestones and Monuments",""
15,2,9,29 Mar 07,"Cake-Tastrophe",""
16,2,10,12 Apr 07,"Shell Shocked",""
17,2,11,19 Apr 07,"Playing Games",""
18,2,12,26 Apr 07,"The Super Cake",""
19,2,13,17 May 07,"Dr. Duff",""
20,3,1,19 Jul 07,"Wedding Bells and Shotgun Shells",""
21,3,2,26 Jul 07,"Tattoos and Traditions",""
22,3,3,02 Aug 07,"Mary (Alice) Go Round",""
23,3,4,09 Aug 07,"Challenge Road Trip",""
24,3,5,16 Aug 07,"Rock & Roll",""
25,3,6,23 Aug 07,"Wishes Granted",""
26,3,7,30 Aug 07,"Stadium Games and Eating Brains",""
27,3,8,06 Sep 07,"Battleships and Birthdays",""
28,3,9,13 Sep 07,"Charm and Charities",""
29,3,10,20 Sep 07,"Uncle Sam Wants Duff",""
30,3,11,27 Sep 07,"Coach Duff",""
31,3,12,16 Oct 07,"Hairspray Premiere",""
32,3,13,13 Dec 07,"Charm City Christmas",""
33,4,1,24 Jan 08,"The Harry Potter Cake",""
34,4,2,31 Jan 08,"Volcano Cakes and Mix Tapes",""
35,4,3,07 Feb 08,"Airplanes and Arks",""
36,4,4,14 Feb 08,"Mascots and Mice",""
37,4,5,21 Feb 08,"The Spy Who Caked Me",""
38,4,6,06 Mar 08,"Skaters and Speedsters",""
39,4,7,13 Mar 08,"Celebration Week",""
40,4,8,20 Mar 08,"Police Cars and Wine Bars",""
41,4,9,27 Mar 08,"Avenue Q Cake",""
42,4,10,03 Apr 08,"Duff's Birthday",""
43,4,11,24 Apr 08,"Skate, Rattle and Roll",""
44,4,12,01 May 08,"Wedding Week",""
45,4,13,08 May 08,"Book of Cakes",""
46,5,1,29 Jun 08,"Food Network Friends",""
47,5,2,17 Jul 08,"World's Largest Cupcake",""
48,5,3,24 Jul 08,"Elephant Delivery Service",""
49,5,4,07 Aug 08,"Pandamonium",""
50,5,5,14 Aug 08,"Swimming with the Sharks",""
51,5,6,21 Aug 08,"Pinball Wizard",""
52,5,7,28 Aug 08,"Lord Stanley",""
53,5,8,11 Sep 08,"Gone to the Dogs",""
54,5,9,18 Sep 08,"Frogs to Turkey and Everything in Between",""
55,5,10,25 Sep 08,"Get Cake",""
56,5,11,02 Oct 08,"Tanks, Trucks and Vikings",""
57,5,12,09 Oct 08,"The Big Cakeowski",""
58,5,13,16 Oct 08,"New Frontiers",""
59,6,1,15 Jan 09,"Fire Fighters and Fire Breathers",""
60,6,2,22 Jan 09,"Snow Boards and Cupcakes",""
61,6,3,29 Jan 09,"Tiki Time",""
62,6,4,05 Feb 09,"Food, Fashion and Galactic Bounty Hunters",""
63,6,5,12 Feb 09,"Macy's and the Big Apple",""
64,6,6,03 May 09,"King of Charm City",""
65,6,7,12 Mar 09,"Ghoul's, Ghosts and Chocolate",""
66,6,8,19 Mar 09,"What's Up Cookie?",""
67,6,9,26 Mar 09,"I Do!",""
68,6,10,02 Apr 09,"The Eagle Has Landed",""
69,6,11,09 Apr 09,"Demolition Cakes",""
70,6,12,16 Apr 09,"Bobble Head Bakery",""
71,6,13,09 May 09,"LOST in Hawaii",""
72,7,1,19 Jul 09,"Baked Alaska",""
73,7,2,30 Jul 09,"Three Ringed Bakery",""
74,7,3,06 Aug 09,"Cakes Take Flight",""
75,7,4,13 Aug 09,"Pasta, Pizza and Pastry",""
76,7,5,20 Aug 09,"Yankee Stadium",""
77,7,6,27 Aug 09,"Big Red Squig",""
78,7,7,03 Sep 09,"Double Secret Cake Surprise",""
79,7,8,10 Sep 09,"It's a Hard Knock Cake for Duff",""
80,7,9,17 Sep 09,"Charm City Carnival",""
81,7,10,24 Sep 09,"En Garde!",""
82,7,11,01 Oct 09,"Get Your Kicks on Cake",""
83,7,12,08 Oct 09,"Dizzy Doings",""
84,7,13,22 Oct 09,"Book of Cakes",""
85,7,14,29 Oct 09,"Harry Potter and the Big Apple",""
86,8,1,14 Jan 10,"Man Caves",""
87,8,2,21 Jan 10,"Fondant and Finances",""
88,8,3,28 Jan 10,"Christmas in July",""
89,8,4,04 Feb 10,"Copper, Carbonite and Jewels",""
90,8,5,11 Feb 10,"A Four Letter Word for Pastry",""
91,8,6,18 Feb 10,"Oprah!",""
92,8,7,25 Feb 10,"Charm City Throwdown",""
93,8,8,04 Mar 10,"A Cake to Take the Cake",""
94,8,9,11 Mar 10,"Dog Day Afternoon",""
95,8,10,08 Apr 10,"The Revenge of Ivan the Terrible",""
96,8,11,27 Nov 10,"Holiday on Icing",""
97,8,12,15 Apr 10,"Bake, Rattle and Roll",""
98,8,13,22 Apr 10,"Clone Wars",""
99,9,1,01 Jul 10,"100 Episodes of Cake",""
100,9,2,08 Jul 10,"Miami Meltdown",""
101,9,3,15 Jul 10,"30 Rock (And Roll)",""
102,9,4,22 Jul 10,"Indy, Ice and Improv",""
103,9,5,29 Jul 10,"Duff Goes to Bat",""
104,9,6,05 Aug 10,"Boston and the Pops",""
105,9,7,26 Aug 10,"Happy Birthday Jimmy John's",""
106,9,8,02 Sep 10,"Full Throttle Bakery",""
107,9,9,09 Sep 10,"Music and Mayhem",""
108,9,10,16 Sep 10,"Grand Ole Opry",""
109,9,11,23 Sep 10,"Charm City... Off the Grid",""
110,9,12,30 Sep 10,"Slow Mules and Fast Cars",""
111,9,13,09 Dec 10,"UK Invasion",""
112,10,1,06 Jan 11,"US Open",""
113,10,2,13 Jan 11,"Betty White Takes the Cake",""
114,10,3,20 Jan 11,"A Millionaire Moment",""
115,10,4,27 Jan 11,"Come on Down!",""
116,10,5,03 Feb 11,"A Cake in Shining Armor",""
117,10,6,10 Feb 11,"Charm City Cakes Goes Back to the Future",""