number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,23 Jul 06,"Design a New York Townhouse",""
2,1,2,30 Jul 06,"Designing to Sell",""
3,1,3,06 Aug 06,""Wild Card" Design",""
4,1,4,13 Aug 06,"$10,000 Kitchen Makeover",""
5,1,5,20 Aug 06,"Designing with Color",""
6,1,6,27 Aug 06,"Create a Dream Room",""
7,1,7,03 Sep 06,"Glass Houses",""
8,1,8,10 Sep 06,"And the Winner Is…",""
9,2,1,29 Jul 07,"Designing a Las Vegas Penthouse",""
10,2,2,05 Aug 07,"Dueling Kitchens",""
11,2,3,12 Aug 07,".99 Reasons to Be Creative",""
12,2,4,19 Aug 07,"I Do...Vegas Style",""
13,2,5,26 Aug 07,"Designing for a Celebrity!",""
14,2,6,02 Sep 07,"Deserving Designs",""
15,2,7,09 Sep 07,"Island Dreams",""
16,2,8,16 Sep 07,"Finale",""
17,3,1,08 Jun 08,"Raising the Bar",""
18,3,2,15 Jun 08,"Home Sweet Lake Home",""
19,3,3,22 Jun 08,"Making Design History",""
20,3,4,29 Jun 08,"Flying Solo",""
21,3,5,06 Jul 08,"Celebrity Suites",""
22,3,6,13 Jul 08,"Final 5 Heat Up the Kitchen",""
23,3,7,20 Jul 08,"Hometown Design",""
24,3,8,27 Jul 08,"Giving Back",""
25,3,9,03 Aug 08,"America Decides!",""
26,4,1,19 Jul 09,"Design Your Hollywood Home",""
27,4,2,26 Jul 09,"Dueling Kitchens",""
28,4,3,02 Aug 09,"Ready For Your Close Up?",""
29,4,4,09 Aug 09,"Think Inside the Box",""
30,4,5,16 Aug 09,"Homes of the Brave",""
31,4,6,23 Aug 09,"Kid Clients",""
32,4,7,30 Aug 09,"The Longest Yard",""
33,4,8,06 Sep 09,"Celebrity Homes",""
34,4,9,13 Sep 09,"The Final Challenge",""
35,5,1,13 Jun 10,"The White Box Challenge",""
36,5,2,20 Jun 10,"Fashion Forward Room Design",""
37,5,3,27 Jun 10,"Symphony in the Name of Design",""
38,5,4,11 Jul 10,"Flower Power",""
39,5,5,18 Jul 10,"New York's Finest Makeovers",""
40,5,6,25 Jul 10,"Getting Trumped",""
41,5,7,01 Aug 10,"Sears Catalog Kitchen Challenge",""
42,5,8,08 Aug 10,"Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen Challenge",""
43,5,9,15 Aug 10,"The Glass House Challenge",""
44,5,10,22 Aug 10,"Lights, Camera, Action!",""
45,6,1,11 Jul 11,"HGTV Design Star",""
46,6,2,18 Jul 11,"White Box Challenge",""
47,6,3,25 Jul 11,"Old Room, New Life",""
48,6,4,01 Aug 11,"Bed & Breakfast",""
49,6,5,08 Aug 11,"Dream Kitchen Challenge",""
50,6,6,15 Aug 11,"24-Hour Wedding",""
51,6,7,22 Aug 11,"Someone Gets HGTV'd!",""
52,6,8,29 Aug 01,"The Nate Berkus 'Look for Less' Makeover",""
53,6,9,05 Sep 11,"Tiny Houses",""
54,6,10,12 Sep 11,"It's Showtime",""
55,7,1,29 May 12,"Designers Transform Their New Hollywood Mansion",""
56,7,2,05 Jun 12,"Eleven Designers Transform Identical White Rooms Shopping Only at a Home and Garden Store",""
57,7,3,12 Jun 12,"Designers Transform the New Offices of The Kardashians",""
58,7,4,19 Jun 12,"Designers Transform Indoor and Outdoor Spaces for Real Homeowners",""
59,7,5,26 Jun 12,"Designers Celebrate Hollywood's 125th Birthday",""
60,7,6,03 Jul 12,"Designers Create Dazzling Kitchens and Compete to Win a Feature in HGTV Magazine",""
61,7,7,10 Jul 12,"Final Four Designers Make Over Condos",""
62,7,8,17 Jul 12,"Final Three Transform yurts into Fantasy Bedroom Suites",""
63,7,9,24 Jul 12,"And the Design Star Is?",""
64,8,1,09 Jun 13,"A Brand New Season",""
65,8,2,16 Jun 13,"Lofty Ideas",""
66,8,3,23 Jun 13,"One Client, Four Apartments",""
67,8,4,30 Jun 13,"Real People, Real Kitchens",""
68,8,5,07 Jul 13,"Sorority vs. Fraternity",""
69,8,6,14 Jul 13,"School Bus Makeovers",""
70,8,7,21 Jul 13,"Palm Springs Finale",""
S01,1,0,02 Nov 06,"A Design Star's Beginning",""
S01,1,0,09 Nov 06,"Learning and Doing",""
S01,1,0,16 Nov 06,"New Friends, Old Friends",""
S01,1,0,23 Nov 06,"And Action!",""
S04,4,0,22 Sep 09,"The Antonio Project",""