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1,1,1,"101",5/Sep/99,"Diary of a Mad Sister / Black-Eyed Babysitters",n
2,1,2,"102",2/Sep/99,"Daddy Dismissed / Rebel Without a Ride",n
3,1,3,"103",9/Sep/99,"R.I.P. Off Wade / Lights, Camera, Traction",n
4,1,4,"104",6/Oct/99,"Gods and Monster Trucks / Killer McB, I Set You Free",n
5,1,5,"105",3/Oct/99,"Getting Over Davey / Grand Theft Weird-Oh",n
6,1,6,"106",0/Oct/99,"Headlocks for Homework / Turbocharged Theatrical Tragedy",n
7,1,7,"107",7/Oct/99,"A Birthday Wish / Pranks for the Memories",n
8,1,8,"108",3/Nov/99,"Street Sense / Not Without My Gator",n
9,1,9,"109",0/Nov/99,"Family Fuel / Y2 Chaos",n
10,1,10,"110",7/Nov/99,"The Ever-Spending Story / I Do?",n
11,1,11,"111",4/Nov/99,"The Cycle of No Escape / A Tale of Two Wades",n
12,1,12,"112",8/Mar/00,"Legend of the Phantom Racer / The Blue N' Marooned",n
13,1,13,"113",5/Mar/00,"Head Gasket of the Class / Beach Blanket Traffic Jam",n