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1,1,1,"",4/Mar/97,"Episode #1.1",n
2,1,2,"",5/Mar/97,"Oscar: The Inside Story",n
3,1,3,"",6/Mar/97,"Episode #1.3",n
4,1,4,"",7/Mar/97,"Episode #1.4",n
5,1,5,"",8/Mar/97,"Frank Bruno: The Nation's Favourite",n
6,1,6,"",1/Mar/97,"The Dream Teens",n
7,1,7,"",1/Apr/97,"The Nanny: Our Favourite American Sitcom",n
8,1,8,"",2/Apr/97,"An Awfully Well Behaved Lunch",n
9,1,9,"",3/Apr/97,"Top TV Cops",n
10,1,10,"",4/Apr/97,"What's Been Going on This Week Then?",n
11,1,11,"",7/Apr/97,"We're Game On",n
12,1,12,"",8/Apr/97,"Boys Behaving Baddiely",n
13,1,13,"",9/Apr/97,"The Most Famous Faces on Radio",n
14,1,14,"",0/Apr/97,"The Spice Girls of the Street",n
15,1,15,"",1/Apr/97,"What's Been Going on This Week Then?",n
16,1,16,"",4/Apr/97,"Sports Star Models",n
17,1,17,"",5/Apr/97,"Let's Get Psychical",n
18,1,18,"",6/Apr/97,"Working Men's Lunch",n
19,1,19,"",7/Apr/97,"The World's Best Looking Lifeguards",n
20,1,20,"",8/Apr/97,"What's Been Going on This Week Then?",n
21,1,21,"",1/Apr/97,"Funny Feisty Female Friends",n
22,1,22,"",2/Apr/97,"The Ladies Who Lunch",n
23,1,23,"",3/Apr/97,"Too Many Cooks",n
24,1,24,"",4/Apr/97,"Robin's Nest: Our Favourite Seventies Sitcom",n
25,1,25,"",5/Apr/97,"What's Been Going on This Week Then?",n
26,1,26,"",8/Apr/97,"Gary Forever",n
27,1,27,"",9/Apr/97,"Big Hair Day",n
28,1,28,"",0/Apr/97,"Close Encounters",n
29,1,29,"",1/May/97,"Richard, Emma and a Bun in the Oven",n
30,1,30,"",2/May/97,"Eurovision: Douze Points",n
31,1,31,"",5/May/97,"Double Trouble",n
32,1,32,"",6/May/97,"Best Seller Bonanza",n
33,1,33,"",7/May/97,"Women Who've Made Millions",n
34,1,34,"",8/May/97,"Kate and Stephanie: Dynasty's Divas",n
35,1,35,"",9/May/97,"What's Been Going on This Week Then?",n
36,1,36,"",2/May/97,"Small Screen Smoothies",n
37,1,37,"",3/May/97,"Fab at Forty",n
38,1,38,"",4/May/97,"Best Pants Day",n
39,1,39,"",5/May/97,"The King and Queen of Royal Reporters",n
40,1,40,"",6/May/97,"What's Been Going on This Week Then?",n
41,1,41,"",9/May/97,"Our Favourite Brit Babes",n
42,1,42,"",0/May/97,"The Avengers: Still Kinky After All These Years",n
43,1,43,"",1/May/97,"Andi and Emma: Reunited and It Feels So Good",n
44,1,44,"",2/May/97,"A Problem Shared Is a Problem Halved",n
45,1,45,"",3/May/97,"What's Been Going on This Week Then?",n
46,1,46,"",7/May/97,"Animal Attraction",n
47,1,47,"",8/May/97,"Madge and Vera: We Hold No One Dearer",n
48,1,48,"",9/May/97,"Men Who Put Their Hands Up Puppets",n
49,1,49,"",0/May/97,"What's Been Going on This Week Then?",n
50,1,50,"",2/Jun/97,"Hooray for Hollyoaks",n
51,1,51,"",3/Jun/97,"Why Can't We Be Jackie Collins?",n
52,1,52,"",4/Jun/97,"Magnus Magnusson and His Master Minds",n
53,1,53,"",5/Jun/97,"It's Mel's Birthday and She'll Invite Who She Wants To",n
54,1,54,"",6/Jun/97,"What's Stiffened Your Marrow This Week Then?",n
55,1,55,"",9/Jun/97,"Mmm... Men of the Moment",n
56,1,56,"",0/Jun/97,"What's in the Water in Emmerdale?",n
57,1,57,"",1/Jun/97,"Ange and Glo: We Love Ya Babies",n
58,1,58,"",2/Jun/97,"A Quite Frightening Lunch",n
59,1,59,"",3/Jun/97,"What's Tickled Your Courgette This Week Then?",n

60,2,1,"",6/Oct/97,"Kings of Comedy",n
61,2,2,"",7/Oct/97,"Beadle Mania",n
62,2,3,"",8/Oct/97,"You Groovy Muckers",n
63,2,4,"",9/Oct/97,"Hello Soldier",n
64,2,5,"",0/Oct/97,"A Look Back at Lunchtime",n
65,2,6,"",3/Oct/97,"Head Turners",n
66,2,7,"",4/Oct/97,"Phwoar by Phwoar",n
67,2,8,"",5/Oct/97,"Married to the Job, Darling",n
68,2,9,"",6/Oct/97,"Ooh Doctor, I Feel a Bit Peaky",n
69,2,10,"",7/Oct/97,"Whose Lunch Is It Anyway?",n
70,2,11,"",0/Oct/97,"Let the Girl Talk Begin!",n
71,2,12,"",1/Oct/97,"Men with Good Bedside Manners",n
72,2,13,"",2/Oct/97,"UK for Hollywood",n
73,2,14,"",3/Oct/97,"Twiggy and Heaven Leigh",n
74,2,15,"",4/Oct/97,"A Couple of Bigguns",n
75,2,16,"",7/Oct/97,"This Life Lives On",n
76,2,17,"",8/Oct/97,"They're Awesome, They're Awestralian",n
77,2,18,"",9/Oct/97,"Come and Have a Go If You Think You're Hard Enough",n
78,2,19,"",0/Oct/97,"It's Crazy But It Might Just Work",n
79,2,20,"",1/Oct/97,"Cor Blimey, Luv a Duck, Ain't the Queen Mum Got a Lovely Smile?",n
80,2,21,"",3/Nov/97,"70s Super Cops",n
81,2,22,"",4/Nov/97,"What Are the Chances of That Lasting, Eh?",n
82,2,23,"",5/Nov/97,"Terry and Mark: Like Father, Like Son",n
83,2,24,"",6/Nov/97,"Anything to Declare?",n
84,2,25,"",7/Nov/97,"Episode #2.25",n
85,2,26,"",0/Nov/97,"It's All Our Birthdays Come at Once",n
86,2,27,"",1/Nov/97,"He's a Little Bit Country, He's a Little Bit Rock and Roll",n
87,2,28,"",2/Nov/97,"Considerably Funnier Than Yeow",n
89,2,30,"",4/Nov/97,"Can You Go Five Nights a Week?",n
90,2,31,"",7/Nov/97,"Girls on Film",n
91,2,32,"",8/Nov/97,"Sexy Chanteurs",n
92,2,33,"",9/Nov/97,"Nosey But Nice",n
93,2,34,"",0/Nov/97,"G'day, G'day, Yum Yum",n
95,2,36,"",4/Nov/97,"It's a Bolly Good Show",n
96,2,37,"",5/Nov/97,"Just Tell Us What It's Worth",n
97,2,38,"",6/Nov/97,"Could We Have the Bill Now Please?",n
98,2,39,"",7/Nov/97,"Surprise! I'm Having Your Gay Baby... Get Lost Sucker!",n
99,2,40,"",8/Nov/97,"Gardening Gods",n
100,2,41,"",1/Dec/97,"It's Been a Ton of Fun",n
101,2,42,"",2/Dec/97,"We're Talking Balls",n
102,2,43,"",3/Dec/97,"How Are We Supposed to Live Without You?",n
103,2,44,"",4/Dec/97,"Once More Into Your Breeches",n
104,2,45,"",5/Dec/97,"Ice to See You, to See You Ice",n
105,2,46,"",8/Dec/97,"What an Unlikely Combination",n
106,2,47,"",9/Dec/97,"Thank Goodness We Do a Lunchtime Show",n
107,2,48,"",0/Dec/97,"Mr and Mrs Smith? Of Course You Are!",n
108,2,49,"",1/Dec/97,"Spice to See You, to See You Spice",n
109,2,50,"",2/Dec/97,"We Are Tarby Girls in a Tarby World",n
110,2,51,"",6/Dec/97,"The Light Lunch Cardigan Christmas",n
111,2,52,"",5/Jan/98,"Let's Get All Steamy and Soapy",n
112,2,53,"",6/Jan/98,"Episode #2.53",n
113,2,54,"",7/Jan/98,"What a Lovely Pair",n
114,2,55,"",8/Jan/98,"Episode #2.55",n
115,2,56,"",9/Jan/98,"The Magnificent Seven",n
116,2,57,"",2/Jan/98,"The Future's Bright, the Future's Funny",n
117,2,58,"",3/Jan/98,"Let's Get Nissed as a Pewt",n
118,2,59,"",4/Jan/98,"Let's Get Heartbreak High",n
119,2,60,"",5/Jan/98,"Quick, Roll Us Over and Put Us Out",n
120,2,61,"",6/Jan/98,"What a Spot of Luck, It's a Show Full of Men Again",n
121,2,62,"",9/Jan/98,"Will There Be Brookie Nookie or Will He Molly Well Ron Away?",n
122,2,63,"",0/Jan/98,"Hey, Don't Go Changing",n
123,2,64,"",1/Jan/98,"Goodness Gracious What a Great Show",n
124,2,65,"",2/Jan/98,"Kings of the Road",n
125,2,66,"",3/Jan/98,"Ohh, What a Lovely Pair",n
126,2,67,"",6/Jan/98,"I'm Getting Swotty with Some Brainy Totty",n
127,2,68,"",7/Jan/98,"Sporty Spice: Eat Your Heart Out",n
128,2,69,"",8/Jan/98,"Our Flexible Friend",n
129,2,70,"",9/Jan/98,"Tomorrow, Tomorrow, We Love You Tomorrow's World",n
130,2,71,"",0/Jan/98,"Praise Be, It's the Vicar of Dibley... Without the Vicar",n
131,2,72,"",2/Feb/98,"Football's Coming Here",n
132,2,73,"",3/Feb/98,"The Light Side of the Force",n
133,2,74,"",4/Feb/98,"Hooray It's Grandstand",n
134,2,75,"",5/Feb/98,"Let's Play Doctors and Nurses",n
135,2,76,"",6/Feb/98,"Have We Got News Gods for You?",n
136,2,77,"",9/Feb/98,"It's All in the Writing",n
137,2,78,"",0/Feb/98,"A Comedy Double on Ice",n
138,2,79,"",1/Feb/98,"Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, They're Magic",n
139,2,80,"",2/Feb/98,"Let's Have a Fashion Show Right Here, Sweetie",n
140,2,81,"",3/Feb/98,"All We Want to Be Is Modine Girls",n
141,2,82,"",6/Feb/98,"Good They've Been to the Gym",n
142,2,83,"",7/Feb/98,"Bring Us a Bucket of Water, Soap and a Towel: We're Going In",n
143,2,84,"",8/Feb/98,"It's Crim Up North",n
144,2,85,"",9/Feb/98,"It's Good Craic",n
145,2,86,"",0/Feb/98,"Time for Teletotty",n
146,2,87,"",3/Feb/98,"That's Entertainment",n
147,2,88,"",4/Feb/98,"Let's Take a Walk on the Wild Side",n
148,2,89,"",5/Feb/98,"Diddle Diddle Dit Diddle Diddle Dit",n
149,2,90,"",6/Feb/98,"We're 'Avin' a Laugh, Ain't We?",n
150,2,91,"",7/Feb/98,"Not Goodbye... But Au Revoir",n