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aired from: Mar 1976 to: Jun 1981 116 eps ABC 60 min mono


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    Pilot Spring 1976

  1. "Pilot" (90 min)
    gs: David Ogden Stiers [ Scott Woodville ], Diana Muldaur [ Rachel Le Mer ], Bo Hopkins [ Beau Creel ], John Lehne [ Henry Bancroft ], Tommy Lee Jones [ Arum Kolegian ], Grant Owens [ Wilder ], Ken Sansom [ Hotel Clerk ], Ron Stein [ Hicks ], Russ Grieve [ Sheriff Hopkins ]

    The wealthy Vincent Le Mer has been missing for seven years, and is about to be declared legally dead. His daughter, Janet, has not been in contact with the family for some time; so his second wife will inherit the estate. Kelly shows up at the house, posing as Janet Le Mer. Mrs. Le Mer and her associates accept her story, but try to poison her. Kelly is exposed as a fraud when the family receives word that the "real" Janet (actually Sabrina) is on her way to town. Kelly claims to have inside information about the Le Mer fortune, and promises to keep quiet about the attempt on her life in exchange for a share of the estate. Sabrina shows no interest in the inheritance, save for a portion of swampland that she would like to convert into a bird sanctuary. Bosley snoops around the swamp and allows one of Mrs. Le Mer's cohorts to capture him. He claims that there is oil on the property. Panicked, the man tries to dig up Mr. Le Mer's body and remove it before the property transfer can take place. The Angels, with some help from the police and a friend of Janet's, catch him in the act and apprehend him. The Angels learn that their client was Janet Le Mer, who had hoped to expose the truth about her father's murder.

    b: 21 Mar 76 pc: _______ w: Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts d: John Llewellyn Moxey

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    1st Season 1976

  2. "Hellride"
    gs: Don Gordon [ Gene Wells ], Mayf Nutter [ Eddie Dirko ], Kurt Grayson [ Ted Kale ], John Dennis Johnston [ Jerry Adams ], Jenny O'Hara [ Bloody Mary Barrows ], Ric Mancini [ Poker Player ], Norma Connolly [ Mrs. Lemson ], Rosane Covy [ Suzy Lemson ], Russ Grieve [ Mr. Lemson ], Anne Ramsey [ Henry's Wife ], Bob Frank [ Henry ]

    Suzy Lemson, a driver at a ladies-only racetrack, dies in a crash during a race. Her mechanic, Jerry Adams, suspects sabotage; and hires the Angels to prove that he was not negligent in his duties. Jerry brings in Sabrina as his new driver, while Bosley and Jill pose as preacher "Brother John" and his daughter and set up their trailer at the racetrack. Jerry and Sabrina discover that the car was sabotaged; and learn that Ted Kale, the mechanic for rival driver Bloody Mary Barrows, was seen tinkering with it the day before the race. Kelly visits Suzy's parents and discovers that she had once been romantically involved with Eddie Dirko, an associate of track promoter Gene Wells. Kelly hits on Eddie, and then gets him arrested for drunk driving so that Jill can have time to snoop around his motel room. She finds a course map of the upcoming race--which goes over the Mexican border--and information about a sophisticated security system. The Angels discover that Wells and Dirko plan to steal diamonds and have Bloody Mary sneak them back across the border during the race. Their scheme is foiled, and Mary spills details of Suzy's murder to the police. Suzy had refused to participate in the heist, so Wells and Dirko eliminated her by paying Kale to tamper with her car and having Mary slam her into the wall.

    b: 22 Sep 76 pc: 1 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Richard Lang

    NOTE: Opening monologue: "Once upon a time, there were three little girls who went to the police academy. And they were each assigned very hazardous duties. (Cut to shots of Sabrina writing parking tickets, Jill typing, and Kelly as a crossing guard.) But I took them away from all that, and now they work for me. My name is Charlie."
  3. "The Mexican Connection"
    gs: Cesare Danova [ Frank Bartone ], Edward Power [ Jim Taylor ], Joseph Burke [ Nick Doyle ], Arnold Soboloff [ Steiner ], Robert Tafur [ Col. Morales ], Elyssa Davalos [ Maria Bartone ], Alex Tinne [ Peasant ], Dante D'Andre [ Butler ]

    During a hijacking, a pilot is forced into a crash landing, which kills his sister and leaves him severely injured. His sister is found with heroin on her body. He learns that the hijackers were after a shipment of heroin, and hires the Angels to find out who was responsible for the drugs. Sabrina goes undercover as a stewardess and works alongside Jim Taylor, the client's best friend. Kelly heads to Mexico and gets close to Frank Bartone, the owner of the airline, who is rumored to be heavily involved in drug trafficking. Bartone hires Jill to coach his teenage daughter, an aspiring swimmer who is beginning to wonder if there is some truth behind the rumors about her father's illegal activities. Sabrina discovers a laboratory where Bartone is manufacturing heroin, which is to be smuggled in wine bottles aboard his own planes. After Bartone and his henchman catch Jill in the wine cellar, she claims to be an associate of Escobar, a rival drug trafficker suspected of orchestrating the hijacking. Jill gives Bartone the location of her next scheduled meeting with Escobar; she claims that he has convinced Bartone's Los Angeles connections that he can no longer meet their demands. The body of the man who ran Bartone's heroin lab is delivered to his house in the middle of a party, courtesy of Escobar. Bartone goes across the border in the hopes of meeting his nemesis, unaware that he is walking right into a trap. He is surrounded by drug enforcement agents and taken into custody. Sabrina realizes that the mysterious Escobar is none other than Jim Taylor. He tries to grab Sabrina, but the Angels are able to apprehend him.

    Kelly (referring to bikini): "Every time I wear it I get proposals, but not for marriage."

    Jim: "We'll tell him we stopped at a motel. He'll understand that."
    Sabrina: "Hey...how was I?"

    Jill: "Right on schedule, Stewardess Sabrina."
    Sabrina: "The only way to fly."
    Kelly: "Tacky, Sabrina. Very tacky."

    Sabrina: "You keep Bartone off our backs."
    Kelly: "It's not your backs he's after."

    Jill: "Now I know where to come in case of an air raid."
    Sabrina: "I'll drink to that."
    Jill: "Kelly's right. You are tacky tonight."

    Jim: "You mean you three are a team?"
    Jill: "Just like the Supremes."

    b: 29 Sep 76 pc: 2 w: Jack V. Fogarty d: Allen Baron
  4. "Night of the Strangler"
    gs: Richard Mulligan [ Kevin St. Clair ], Dean Santoro [ Jesse Woodman ], William Beckley [ Alec Witt ], Alex Henteloff [ Heinz Brandon ], Elizabeth Robinson [ Candy ], Rosemary Forsyth [ Michelle St. Clair ]

    The Angels investigate the strangulation death of Dana Cameron, a model who was having an affair with her employer, Kevin St. Clair. Kelly and Jill get modeling work at St. Clair's agency, due in large part to Kelly's strong resemblance to Dana. Sabrina cons her way into a job as a photo stylist. St. Clair is considered the prime suspect, until his estranged wife is strangled while he is with Kelly. Suspicion then falls on Jesse Woodman, a public relations official with a previous conviction for aggravated assault; but another (non-fatal) attack occurs while Woodman is dining with Jill. Sabrina arranges a date with photographer/porn director Alec Witt, and finds a photograph of the three victims with exes drawn over their faces. Kelly arrives to help her fend off an attack from the overzealous Witt. Jill has dinner with Heinz Brandon, a strange and lonely costumer. He leaves after stepping away to take a phone call; and is found dead in a church confessional after an apparent suicide, leaving behind a note in which he confesses to the murders. Jill suspects foul play, noting that Heinz--a devout Catholic--would never have killed himself. Sabrina discovers that St. Clair had taken out a large life insurance policy in his wife's name. He collaborated with Woodman and Witt to strangle the three women to make it appear that his wife's death was the work of a serial killer. They each attacked one of the victims, thereby making it seem as though they all had alibis. Bosley finds the entire case very confusing.

    Jill: "Sorry. I wasn't trying to be funny."
    Kelly: "You weren't."

    b: 13 Oct 76 pc: 3 w: Pat Fielder s: Pat Fielder, Glen Olson, Rod Baker d: Richard Lang

    NOTE: Jaclyn Smith has a dual role as Dana Cameron.
  5. "Angels in Chains"
    gs: David Huddleston [ Sheriff Clint ], Anthony James [ Karl Stern ], Christina Hart [ Billie ], Mary Woronov [ Maxine ], Kim Basinger [ Linda Oliver ], Neva Patterson [ Warden Sorenson ], Brooke Tucker [ Fran ], Lauren Tewis [ Christine Hunter ], Brian Cutler [ Deputy Dan Winston ], James E. Brodhead [ Harold ], Robert P. Leib [ Doctor ], Richard Kennedy [ Man ], Terry Green [ Elizabeth Hunter ]

    A woman hires the Angels to locate her sister, who disappeared from a women's prison farm after being picked up for drug possession (possibly on phony charges) in a small town. In order to infiltrate the prison, Sabrina purposely gets pulled over for speeding. The sheriff plants drugs in the trunk and arrests the Angels, who are railroaded into a prison sentence without receiving a fair trial or even being allowed to contact an attorney. They discover that many of the women inside the facility were framed. An inmate reveals that the missing girl was taken to the infirmary about a month earlier (after a deputy tried to rape her), but hasn't been seen since then. Jill fakes stomach cramps to get into the infirmary and investigate; and discovers that Elizabeth signed into the infirmary, but never checked out. The Angels are given fancy dresses and hauled away to a party, where they find that the warden has inmates perform sexual favors for prison suppliers in exchange for discounts on their wares. Jill questions a drunken partygoer about Elizabeth, and learns that she was killed in an escape attempt. The sheriff catches Jill trying to get in touch with a deputy who was the Angels' only contact. He tells her that the man is dead. The warden orders the crooked cops to haul the Angels away and kill them, but they escape from the car and find their way to a rickety pick-up truck. Jill and Kelly throw the truck's potato shipment at the sheriff, causing his car to crash and explode. The corruption at the prison is exposed, and the innocent inmates are released.

    Kelly: "There are girls who get a thousand dollars a week for this!"

    Jill: "We need another diversion."
    Kelly: "Like...?"
    Jill: "Come on. I'll show you."
    Kelly: "At fifty miles an hour?"
    Sabrina: "Sixty!"

    Kelly (referring to Jill): "Sometimes I worry about her!"

    b: 20 Oct 76 pc: 4 w: Robert Earll d: Phil Bondelli

  6. "Target: Angels"
    gs: John Horn [ Harry Wardlow ], Tom Selleck [ Dr. Alan Samuelson ], Michael Bell [ Bill Duncan ], David Healy [ Miles Cavendish ], John Agar [ Col. Blaylock ], Irene Tedrow [ Sister Anne ], Thayer David [ Ronald Meeker ], Bill Smillie [ Doorman ], John Petlock [ Minister ], Steven Burleigh [ Cabbie #2 ], Michael Lederman [ Referee ], Verda Bridges [ Louise ]

    A sniper fires a high-powered rifle into Kelly's bedroom, narrowly missing her. The same man tries to attack Jill at a gymnasium, where she had been coaching a youth girls basketball team. Kelly decides to dump her boyfriend rather than explaining her predicament and allowing him to put himself in danger. Kelly and Jill deduce that Sabrina is the likely next target and decide to stay at her apartment. Jill and Sabrina realize that someone has tampered with Sabrina's water bottle and planted explosives under the cap. They fake Sabrina's death, even going so far as to hold her funeral (which she attends, disguised by a veil). The assassin's employer is furious, as he was not supposed to succeed in killing any of the women. Sabrina's colonel father tells her of a contact who might have information about the assassin. Sabrina learns the identity of the hit man and goes to his hotel room, where she finds that he has been murdered. The Angels seek refuge at Charlie's house. They note that it seems odd that a skilled assassin would fail three times, and realize that someone was using them to locate Charlie. Bosley discovers that Ronald Meeker, a man whom Charlie put away for embezzlement, has just been released after serving a fifteen-year prison term. Realizing that Meeker will attempt to kill Charlie the moment he arrives home, Jill and Kelly steal a cab and beat Charlie back to the house. They jump out of the vehicle just before Meeker throws his explosives, and Bosley and Sabrina nab him. Charlie spots the Angels and has the cab whisk him away before they can catch a glimpse of his face.

    Sabrina: "Do you have a place to keep a low profile?"
    Kelly: "A motel in Burbank."
    Jill: "That's as low as a profile can get!"

    Bosley: "He was a terrific accountant, lousy crook."
    Sabrina: "Like an administration we once had."

    Sabrina: "After sitting in prison for all those years, I'd wanna see my victim die."
    Jill: "That's terrific. Remind me never to get you mad at me."

    b: 27 Oct 76 pc: 5 w: David Levinson d: Richard Lang
  7. "The Killing Kind"
    gs: Robert Loggia [ Paul Terranova ], Joseph Ruskin [ Koslo ], Hugh Gillin [ Harvey Sunday ], Frank Maxwell [ Fitzgerald ], Judson Pratt [ Dr. William Dignam ], Sean Fallon Walsh [ West ], Nancy Stephens [ Brooke Anderson ], Alan Sheafe [ Dale Parker ], Clarke Gordon [ George Anderson ], Janis Jamison [ Inga ], Hal Needham [ Spencer ], Lupe Ontiveros [ Maid ]

    Two men try to force investigative reporter Brooke Anderson to turn over her manuscript, which could expose a scandal involving their resort. When she refuses to cooperate, they have a female henchman drown her during an ocean swim. The woman's father, a longtime friend of Charlie's, enlists the Angels' help to prove that his daughter's death was not an accident. Jill and Kelly go undercover at the resort. They discover that the man in charge, Paul Terranova, is bribing the sheriff and head of the local planning commission in the hopes of getting clearance to expand to an area that is currently protected by environmental statutes. Sabrina learns that Terranova and his wife have false identities; they joined the witness protection program after testifying against some of their partners in crime years ago. His associates kidnap Brooke's father and try to force him to reveal the whereabouts of her manuscript. An impostor poses as Mr. Anderson in the hopes of prying information from Sabrina, who later eludes an attempt on her life by forcing her pursuer off the road. Kelly is caught rummaging through Terranova's office and held prisoner with Mr. Anderson. Jill discovers that Terranova's men have killed a senate investigator who had been working as Brooke's informant. Sabrina rescues Kelly and Mr. Anderson from their captors, and the police arrive to help catch Terranova.

    b: 3 Nov 76 pc: 6 w: Rick Husky d: Richard Benedict

    NOTE: Bosley mentions a wife in this episode; but in later shows, claims to have never married.
  8. "To Kill an Angel"
    gs: Robert Donner [ Dorbin ], Craig Ludwin [ Masters ], John Zaremba [ Dr. Stafford ], Lee Bryant [ Gail Francis ], Dennis Dimster [ Bobby "Skip" Francis ], Danny Dayton [ Peanut Vendor ], Michael Alldredge [ Adams ], Mike Robelo [ Giovanni ], Carol Jones [ Cathy ], George Kramer [ Cliff Stanton ], Daryle Ann Lyndley [ Nurse #1 ], Bea Silvern [ Nurse #2 ]

    Kelly opts out of a meeting, explaining that she has a date. She has actually arranged an excursion with Skip, a young autistic boy whom she befriended while visiting the children at a sanitarium. She loses track of him for a moment at the amusement park; and he bumps into two men who have just committed a contract killing inside the tunnel of horrors and causes one of them to drop his gun. Skip picks up the weapon and fails to realize that it is a real gun. He shoots Kelly in the head before she can warn him, and runs away in a panic. Kelly does not sustain life-threatening injuries. The Angels realize that Skip can identify the men responsible for the murder in the tunnel, and fear that the killers will come after him. The doctor at the sanitarium suspects that Skip will seek out a familiar place. He shows Jill and Sabrina the note left with Skip when his mother abandoned him, which is written on an old time card. Skip picks up a stray kitten and wanders around gathering the gifts described by Kelly in a story about a sleeping princess. Jill and Sabrina use the time card to identify Skip's mother, but the boy stays one step ahead of them. He shocks his mother by turning up on her doorstep, but quickly leaves. She had been heartsick after giving up her son (at his father's insistence), but could never relocate him. One of the killers comes to Kelly's room, posing as Skip's father. Under the influence of sedatives, she gives away Skip's probable location--the amusement park. Upon realizing her mistake, she leaves the hospital and takes a cab to the park in the hopes of saving him. She has the cabbie call Charlie, and reinforcements quickly arrive to subdue the men. Skip goes to live with his mom and her new husband.

    b: 10 Nov 76 pc: 7 w: Rick Husky d: Phil Bondelli

    NOTE: The young girl who drives Skip to the beach sports a T-shirt for another Spelling-Goldberg series, Starsky and Hutch.
  9. "Lady Killer"
    gs: Hugh O'Brian [ Tony Mann ], Alan Fudge [ Dave Erhard ], Richard Foronjy [ Danny Auletta ], Jan Shutan [ Paula ], Bob Basso [ Victor Burrell ], Lory Kochhelm [ Carmel ], Martha Smith [ Shelley ], Ruth Ko [ Feline China ], Denise Gordy [ Nikki ]

    Tony Mann hires the Angels to investigate a string of mishaps involving his Feline Club, including the murders of a pair of waitresses who were to appear as centerfolds in his magazine. Jill joins his staff as a waitress (and potential centerfold); Kelly pretends to be a singer; and Sabrina becomes Tony's houseguest and tries to teach him the virtues of women over the age of twenty. Jill is offered a chance to appear in the magazine, and is nearly taken out by an exploding tennis ball during a photo session. Kelly uncovers evidence that suggests that Dave Erhard, Tony's best friend, has been sabotaging the club in the hopes of forcing him to sell to a competitor. However, it is not enough to hold up in court. Kelly pretends to blackmail Erhard, who sets up a meeting at an abandoned refinery. She wears a wire, and her friends move in after Erhard pulls a gun on her. Erhard chases after Kelly and tries to grab her, but she is able to toss him over the edge after a distraction from Bosley. The Angels believe they have wrapped up the case after Erhard is arrested, but someone breaks into Jill's house and tries to kill her. They assume that the only remaining suspect is Victor Burrell, a troubled club employee; but Tony informs them that Victor is in ill health and couldn't possibly have killed two healthy women. The actual murderer is head of waitresses Paula, who invites an unsuspecting Jill to stay with her so that she can make another attempt on her life. Sabrina and Kelly thwart her plans. They discover that Paula has gone insane after losing her hair and suffering severe scarring to one side of her body in a car accident. They stop Paula from taking her own life, and she is placed in a hospital.

    Jill: "That's not undercover; that's not any cover at all!"

    Sabrina: "Cheer up. As soon as I'm out of here, you can run right down to the high school and check out the graduating class."

    b: 24 Nov 76 pc: 8 w: Sue Milburn d: George McCowan
  10. "Bullseye"
    gs: L.Q. Jones [ Sgt. Billings ], Robert Pine [ Dr. Canlon ], Marla Pennington [ Pvt. Jenny Warren ], Peter Leeds [ Gen. Greene ], Kelly Sanders [ Trainee ], Erin O'Rielly [ Mary Jo Walker ], Helen Lockwood [ Sally Miller ], Nora Marlowe [ Cicely ], Jeanne Bates [ Alice Clement ], Frank Geraci [ Bartender ], Betty Bridges [ Cpl. Sedgwick ]

    Mary Jo Walker, a WAC-in-training, is shot and killed by a sniper on the shooting range. The general in charge of the base, a friend of Charlie's, calls on the Angels to investigate the death. Jill and Kelly enter basic training, while Sabrina infiltrates the base hospital as a nurse. Mary Jo's roommate tells Jill that Sgt. Billings, the man in charge of their training, suddenly turned on Mary Jo a few weeks into the session. Sabrina suspects a connection between Billings and Capt. Canlon, a successful doctor at the military hospital. Bosley discovers that both men have been placing suspicious deposits in their bank accounts. A young woman suffering from a heart murmur tries to warn a nurse against using a particular medicine to treat her, and the drug turns out to be past its expiration date. Sabrina realizes that Canlon and Billings have been buying and selling expired medications; which are then shipped to other nations as part of relief efforts, thus making it impossible to trace them back to the source. Mary Jo had been one of a string of soldiers who had covered for them in the scheme, and was killed when she threatened to blow the whistle. Kelly deduces that the rifle used in the shooting has been broken down and shipped out in the kitchen garbage, which is delivered to farmers. Bosley wades through hog slop to find parts of the weapon, and the gun is traced to Billings. Billings catches Jill snooping in his office and takes her hostage. He orders Canlon to turn over his share of their profits, and kills him when he refuses to comply. Gen. Greene wants to give into his demands, but Sabrina and Kelly realize that Billings has no intention of releasing Jill. They take matters into their own hands and rescue her, before denying Billings' escape attempt.

    Kelly: "Charlie Townsend is a no-good, sadistic, totally insensitive male chauvinist pig!"

    b: 1 Dec 76 pc: 9 w: Jeff Myrow d: Daniel Haller
  11. "Consenting Adults"
    gs: Audrey Christie [ Maggie Cunningham ], Laurette Spang [ Tracy Martell ], Alan Manson [ Ed Bialy ], Dick Dinman [ Clifton Cunningham ], George Sperdakos [ Ernesto Duman ], Ward Wood [ Cooley ], G.W. Bailey [ Mumford ], Robert Hackman [ Bartender ], Montana Smoyer [ Waitress ], Randy Stone [ Stable Boy ]

    Clifton Cunningham arrives at his gallery to discover that it has been robbed. His business associate Mr. Bialy (a former racketeer who now owns horses) is convinced that he staged the burglary; he kidnaps him and presses him for information. Cunningham's mother hires the Angels to locate him. They discover that his "girlfriend," Tracy Martell, is a longtime prostitute who arranges robberies for an alleged dating service. Jill tells Tracy of Cunningham's disappearance, and promises to help her deal with her legal woes if she aids them with a sting on her boss. After his captors convince him that Tracy is to blame for the robbery, Cunningham tells them her whereabouts. Bialy kidnaps Tracy, but agrees to release her if she tells them where her boss has taken the loot. Tracy's boss and friend catch Sabrina snooping outside their warehouse. Bialy's henchman soon arrives and shoots both men, but leaves Sabrina alone because she has been blindfolded and cannot identify him. He smashes an antique frog and removes a bag of diamonds, which Cunningham had smuggled back from a buying trip to South Africa. The Angels nab Bialy's prized racehorse and promise to return it in exchange for Cunningham and the diamonds. Jill double-crosses Bialy's henchman and eludes him on her new skateboard. The police catch up to Bialy, while Tracy skips town. Cunningham's mother is philosophical about her son's legal woes, reasoning that the time in prison might straighten him out.

    Sabrina: "Move and you're part of the wall!"
    Bosley: "What a rotten attitude."

    b: 8 Dec 76 pc: 10 w: Les Carter d: George McCowan

    NOTE: The dog seen with Kelly as she sits on a park bench waiting to covertly take the jewels from Jill is Jaclyn Smith's own poodle, Albert.
  12. "The Séance"
    gs: Gertrude Flynn [ Grace Rodeheaver ], Rene Auberjonois [ Terrence ], Carole Cook [ Madame Dorian ], George Wyner [ La Plante ], Cliff Medaugh [ Elderly Gentleman ], Kathryn Fuller [ Putty ], Nancy Cameron [ Miss Ohio ], Tonya Crowe [ Young Kelly ]

    Grace Rodeheaver receives a phone call that apparently places her into a trance. She removes a valuable ring from a safe and leaves it in an outdoor location, where an unknown individual retrieves it. She cannot recall any of these events, and hires the Angels to find out who is responsible for the string of burglaries committed against her. Sabrina follows Mrs. Rodeheaver in her day-to-day routine. Kelly and Jill pose as an heiress to an oil fortune and her assistant in order to investigate Mrs. Rodeheaver's spiritual adviser, Madame Dorian. Her assistant, Terrence, hypnotizes Kelly. During a séance, she reverts to her childhood and has flashbacks about being abused by Beamish, the matron at the orphanage where she grew up. She refuses to discuss the incident, and becomes angry when Jill and Sabrina express concern for her well-being. Terrence places Kelly into a trance and gets her to come over to his house in the middle of the night in the hopes of pumping her for financial information. After she blows her cover, Terrence convinces her that Jill is actually Beamish in disguise. Terrence kills Madame Dorian after she learns about his robbery scheme and tries to call the police. He orders Kelly to kill Jill and herself by driving off a cliff. Jill gets her to snap out of it and slow down just in time. Terrence tries to rip off Mrs. Rodeheaver one last time before leaving town. Sabrina sees her go into the hypnotic state and switches the jewels with a couple of rocks. Terrence grabs Jill in a scuffle, but Kelly scares the hell out of him by pretending that she is in another trance and wants to kill him. After he releases Jill and confesses to all his crimes, she admits that she was only acting.

    b: 15 Dec 76 pc: 11 w: Robert C. Dennis d: George Brooks
  13. "Angels on Wheels"
    gs: Dick Sargent [ Hugh Morris ], Andra Akers [ Jessica Farmer ], Nate Esformes [ Toby Rizzo ], Kres Mersky [ Betty King ], Taylor Lacher [ Jeremy Carr ], Steve Sandor [ Red Loomis ], Bill Benedict [ Emmett Winston, Esq. ]

    After roller derby star Karen Jason dies in an apparent accident during a game, her sister hires the Angels to investigate. Jill poses as Barbara Jason and wins a spot on the squad. Sabrina questions Jessica Farmer, who runs an insurance company owned by Hugh Morris, the owner of the roller derby team. Kelly looks through Karen's apartment and finds a baggage claim ticket for a bus locker. Red Loomis, the burly apartment manager, calls Jessica about Kelly's discovery. Her associate, Jeremy Carr, places a bomb on the bottom of Kelly's car. Kelly discovers that the ticket leads to a suitcase filled with money; which also contains several phony drivers' licenses for Betty King, one of Karen's teammates. Charlie tips Kelly off about the bomb, and she is able to escape with the evidence. Karen's sleazy boyfriend, Joe Esposito, is found murdered. A stock market expert with ties to Charlie tells Sabrina that the Hugh Morris Corporation is suffering heavy losses due to questionable insurance settlements. Jessica and Betty ask Jill to take part in a scam in which they stage phony accidents and collect insurance settlements by using various aliases. Jessica and Jeremy discover Kelly and Jill's true identities. Jessica tries to cut a deal with Kelly, and reveals that Jill will suffer a fatal accident in the next game. Betty flips Jill over the railing, but help arrives before Jeremy can harm her. Jill climbs back onto the track and gets revenge on Betty. The Angels and the police arrest her attackers; as well as the team's coach, who was buying stock in the Morris corporation as part of a takeover attempt. Esposito had been attempting to blackmail Jessica, and Karen was killed because she knew too much information.

    Kelly: "I've been on a roller coaster ride."
    Bosley: "You're at an amusement park?!"

    b: 22 Dec 76 pc: 12 w: Charles Sailor, Jack V. Fogarty, Rick Husky s: Charles Sailor d: Richard Benedict

    NOTE: At the end of the episode, Kelly's Mustang appears in the exterior shot of the office. This seems to be a mistake, as her car was destroyed earlier in the episode. However, Kelly promptly thanks Charlie for cutting a deal with Hugh Morris to get her a car identical to her old one!
  14. "Angel Trap"
    gs: Fernando Lamas [ Jericho ], Phyllis Avery [ Janine Manchand ], John Larch [ Kamden ], James Jansen [ Desk Clerk ], Ken Del Conte [ Bartender ], Roy West [ Officer Cohen ]

    After four members from his old Army Intelligence unit are killed by a skilled assassin, a man turns to the Angels to keep himself from becoming the next victim. The culprit is believed to be a man known only as Jericho, but no case can be made against him because he never leaves any evidence. The client, Kamden, agrees to continue his daily routine in the hopes that Jericho can be caught making an attempt on his life. Sabrina poses as Kamden's girlfriend and takes him to a nearly vacant park for lunch, with Kelly, Jill, Bosley and the police providing back-up around the park's perimeters. Jericho observes Kamden, but refuses to make a move. Jill arranges a "chance meeting" with Jericho, and begins seeing him to try to get a read into when he will attempt the hit. Jericho gets a tip that someone has been asking questions about him; he suspects Jill, but does not take any action. Jill falls for Jericho's charms, and feels extremely guilty when he is wounded and placed under arrest after aiming at Kamden. Jericho had been hired by a prominent French politician, who wanted to protect his career by eliminating anyone who could reveal that he acted as an assassin for the Allies during World War II.

    b: 5 Jan 77 pc: 13 w: Ed Lakso d: George McCowan
  15. "The Big Tap-Out"
    gs: Richard Romanos [ Roy David ], John L. Fox [ Ben McMasters ], Tony Giorgio [ Blackjack Dealer ], Bert Remsen [ Pinky Tibbs ], Norman Bartold [ Mr. Platt ], Jerry Ayres [ First Policeman ], Don Wilbanks [ Fawcett ], Joel Rosenzweig [ Second Policeman ], Vince Martorano [ Club Manager ], Kurt Andon [ Bartender ], Nigel Ballard [ Employee ], William Putch [ Husband ], Grayce Spence [ Wife ]

    Roy David is caught running out of a building after a robbery, but cannot be arrested because he has shoved the money into a mail slot. He is a career criminal and gambler known for pulling off robberies whenever he hits a bad streak. The Angels set him up to lose the proceeds from his last job, knowing that this will force him to attempt another heist. Bosley poses as a bookmaker at a bar frequented by David, and Sabrina shows up to collect on winning bets for several successive days. Bosley tells David that Sabrina and Kelly are wealthy heiresses to a computer fortune; and David is led to believe that Sabrina is cheating by predicting the outcome of horse races via computer. He blackmails her into picking a winner for him. The Angels rig the outcome of a race by tricking owners into withdrawing two of the three favorites. David bets $20,000 on another race; but this time, Sabrina gives him a sure loser, and she and Bosley disappear with the money. David loses the rest of the money in a rigged blackjack game, as Charlie has planted the dealer. After observing Jill's suspicious behavior at the table, David follows her and sees her buy some sort of plans. She is apparently hit by a car, and the layout to the gambling club falls into David's hands. He pulls off the heist, but Kelly waits on a street and slams into the back of his car. He tries to get away without making an accident report, but the police and a tow truck quickly arrive. As a crowd gathers, the trunk finally pops open, revealing his stash to everyone.

    b: 12 Jan 77 pc: 14 w: Brian McKay d: Georg Stanford Brown

    NOTE: Joel Rosenzweig is the brother of producer Barney Rosenzweig.
  16. "Angels on a String"
    gs: Theodore Bikel [ Prof. Peter Wycinski ], Gary Wood [ Paul ], Charles Cyphers [ Haller ], Jude Farese [ Karl ], Albert Paulsen [ Rabitch ], Jason Wingreen [ Assistant Secretary of State ], Nancy Steen [ Mary ], Earl Montgomery [ Elderly Gent ], Jack Smith [ Master of Ceremonies ]

    The Angels go away for a three-day paid vacation. Sabrina is thrilled because Prof. Peter Wycinski, a highly respected Polish political writer, is making a speech at their hotel. Sabrina has a chance encounter with the professor, who comes to her room for a drink and asks to meet with her again. When she waves to him a few moments later, he ignores her. Kelly and Jill find her story highly dubious, but Sabrina insists that something is wrong. Prof. Wycinski's advisors try to convince her that he simply doesn't want to acknowledge her in public because it would be bad for his reputation. Sabrina realizes something is amiss when a man trying to pick her up claims never to have heard of the professor, even though she had seen him keeping surveillance on his room. Sabrina disguises herself as a waitress and sneaks into the banquet hall in the hopes of finding out what is going on. Jill and Kelly discover that someone is being held hostage in a chalet. When one of the captors tries to sneak him out in the back of a trunk, Kelly and Jill follow him and force him off the road. They find that Prof. Wycinski is the prisoner. An impostor has been sent to the banquet hall in his place; he is to make a speech supporting communist rule in his nation. The impostor attempts to drug the Assistant Secretary of State, who will then become confused and go along with a resolution in favor of the communists. Sabrina causes a commotion and removes the poisoned wine. The Angels and an FBI agent grab the culprits and send the real professor out to make his speech.

    Kelly (expressing disbelief about Sabrina's story): "Yeah, just last week, Rosalynn Carter leaped through my window with a quart of chili!"

    b: 19 Jan 77 pc: 15 w: Ed Lakso d: Larry Doheny
  17. "Dirty Business"
    gs: Alan Feinstein [ Paul Baylor ], John Calvin [ Sgt. Danner ], Sidney Clute [ Lembeck ], Eda Reiss Mesin [ Esther Goldman ], Warren Berlinger [ Marvin Goldman ], Bruce M. Fischer [ Tolchuk ], Delores Dorn [ Mrs. Evers ], William O'Connell [ Harold Parmadoor ], Larry Anderson [ Young Film Director ]

    A woman hires the Angels after two men try to set fire to the film vault at her son's business, Goldman Laboratories. Assistant D.A. Paul Baylor--known for his exemplary conviction rate--overhears Jill asking questions about the case and approaches her, claiming to have information. Bosley and Sabrina question two of Goldman's investors, and are confused when the pair angrily denies knowing the man. The Angels discover that Goldman is a pornographer. Goldman admits that he blackmailed his investors into backing him, using film he had taken of their tryst at a local motel. A man tries to shoot Jill in the garage at Sabrina's apartment building. While looking over more footage, the Angels notice a man hurriedly coming out of a building in the background of one scene. Jill suspects that it is the same guy who attacked her, and goes to the location where the film was shot to investigate. She discovers that the building includes an apartment that was the home of a murder suspect that Baylor is prosecuting. She calls a number given to her by Baylor and talks with an officer named Sgt. Danner. He and his partner come to speak with Jill, who recalls that the murder suspect claimed that someone planted evidence. She suddenly realizes that the two officers were responsible, and notices Baylor watching from a distance. He had pretended to work with her on the Goldman case so that he could monitor her progress and do away with her if she got too close. Jill appears to be in serious trouble, but Kelly and Sabrina arrive and help her bring the situation under control.

    Sabrina: "That is not the Little Bo Peep I knew and loved as a child!"

    Jill (during film): "I'm confused."
    Kelly: "Well, all right. Ask questions and I'll try to explain."

    Kelly: "I'm still saying a prayer for her."
    Charlie: "Gloria?"
    Kelly: "No, Millicent. Gloria's prayers have already been answered by now."

    b: 2 Feb 77 pc: 16 w: Ed Lakso d: Bill Bixby
  18. "The Vegas Connection"
    gs: Michael Callan [ Cass Harper ], Brooke Bundy [ Elsbeth ], Ned Wilson [ George Mallin ], Walter Matthews [ Max Sharfe ], Carla Borelli [ Tina Mallin ], Michael Stearns [ Sid Carver ], Sy Kramer [ Mal Proctor ], Cliff Cornell [ Zip ], Suzanne Hunt [ Avril ], Blackie Dammett [ Freddy ], Jack Griffin [ Doorman ], Sharon Weber [ Leora ]

    A man hires the Angels after his wife is caught stealing money from his safe. Sabrina trails Mrs. Mallin to the Poker Palace, and discovers that she has been purposely losing on a regular basis. She loses a bundle of money, but the other players each make deposits of only $1000. Mrs. Mallin and the other players each have a connection to the Versailles Hotel, a Las Vegas casino. She finally admits that she sought work as a chorus line dancer at the facility years ago, but a job never opened up. She became so desperate that she let Cass Harper talk her into spending the night with one of the high rollers for money. Someone took pictures of the encounter and has been blackmailing her for years. Kelly auditions for a spot as a dancer, and learns that Harper routinely uses young women as part of a plot to blackmail wealthy patrons. (Mrs. Mallin was targeted because she happened to end up marrying a rich man.) Jill must fend off an attack from one of Harper's accomplices, who recognizes her from the Poker Palace. The Angels seek the help of Elsbeth, an aspiring dancer who is trying to turn her life around. Bosley takes a liking to her. He poses as a Texas millionaire and sets himself up as a mark so that Sabrina can find out who else is in on the scam. Sabrina assumes the role of a tax investigator and convinces the casino owner that Harper is stealing from him. He tries to flee, but is caught by two of the owner's henchmen and forced to "go for a walk" in the desert. While he is being beaten, the Angels seize the blackmail evidence. They destroy it and tell the victims that they are in the clear.

    Bosley: "No advice. I cook alone."
    Jill: "You eat that much garlic, you'll be doing everything alone."

    b: 9 Feb 77 pc: 17 w: John D.F. Black d: George McCowan
  19. "Terror on Ward One"
    gs: Sally Carter Ihnat [ Nurse Farragut ], Jack Bannon [ Dr. Ted Danworth ], Michael McGreavey [ Ted Blain ], Fran Ryan [ Nurse Fager ], Arch Johnson [ George Halvorsen ], Robert Lipton [ Quincy ], Ray Vitte [ Sharp ], Bobbie Mitchell [ Nurse Mason ], Richard Derr [ Ed Main ], Eddie Lo Russo [ Miller ]

    The Angels investigate the misdoings at a hospital, where someone in doctor's scrubs has attempted several rapes on the nursing staff. Kelly and Jill go undercover as nurses, while Sabrina poses as a reporter. Jill accepts a date with one of the suspects, a nervous intern known for repeatedly making advances toward nurses, and discovers that he is basically harmless. Sabrina learns that chief surgeon Ted Danworth has been taking a form of methamphetamines to cope with his grueling schedule. Several pills are found at the scene of one of the attacks, and Kelly finds a number of empty bottles in Danworth's office. Bosley checks into the hospital under the pretense of having a bone spur in his toe treated. His cantankerous roommate sneaks back into the room in the middle of the night, not long after one of the rape attempts. After learning that Bosley is a detective, Halvorsen slips him his sleeping pill and switches their charts. He punches out an orderly and makes a break for it. Charlie later discovers that Halvorsen actually feared that Bosley was investigating him for overdue alimony payments. Bosley accidentally undergoes an unnecessary appendectomy. Sabrina discovers that Danworth was accused of malpractice after a man died during surgery several years earlier; the orderly, Ted Blain, is the deceased's son. She does not realize that Blain has overheard her talking with Bosley. Kelly returns to Danworth's office to find that he has overdosed, leaving a confession in an apparent suicide note. However, someone has actually forced him to take the pills at gunpoint. Kelly overpowers the attacker and discovers that it is one of the nurses. Blain tells Sabrina that he and the nurse--his mother--plotted to avenge his father's death by discrediting and murdering Danworth. He tries to attack Sabrina with a lead pipe, but Jill and Kelly disarm him. Danworth recovers from the overdose.

    Bosley: "Now if he was cleverly and deftly interrogated..."
    Jill: "Good idea, Bos. The only trouble is, you're the one that's closest to him, so you'll have to do it."

    b: 16 Feb 77 pc: 18 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Bob Kelljan
  20. "Dancing in the Dark"
    gs: John van Dreeken [ Alexander Cruz ], Logan Ramsey [ Schaffer Goodhew ], Jean Allison [ Laura Clusak ], Benny Baker [ Murphy Myrphy ], Dennis Cole [ Tony Bordinay ]

    After a woman rejects the advances of her dance instructor beau, he suddenly attacks her. Someone bursts in and photographs her in a compromising position, and also snaps photos of some drugs that have been planted in her purse. Her late husband is up for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, so she pays $10,000 to keep the pictures out of circulation. Now on the verge of bankruptcy, she asks the Angels to help her retrieve the money. Jill gets a job as a dance instructor at Alexander Cruz's studio, while Sabrina poses as a nerdy heiress and puts herself in line as instructor Tony Bordinay's next target. Bosley pays Schaffer Goodhew, the private detective working with Cruz, to leave town. Kelly passes herself off as Goodhew's assistant and wins Cruz's trust. Sabrina pretends to get drunk and pass out during a date with Bordinay, and Kelly snaps incriminating photographs. Bosley, claiming to be Sabrina's father, pays $20,000 for the photos. Sabrina tells Cruz that Bosley is a scam artist who intends to sell the pictures to her father for a huge profit. Cruz confronts Bosley and forces him to sell back the photographs for $40,000. Goodhew returns to town and exposes Kelly as an impostor. She does her best to convince Cruz that she is just an opportunist with no ulterior motives, but they have Goodhew hold her at an abandoned bowling alley that is one of Cruz's properties. Cruz and Bordinay pay a visit to Sabrina's "real" father (actually Charlie), who emphatically states that the woman in the pictures is not his daughter. They return to the alley before Kelly can escape, but she and Jill use their bowling skills to incapacitate Bordinay and Goodhew. Sabrina catches Cruz trying to make a getaway.

    Sabrina: "She's your girlfriend, isn't she?"
    Tony: "Don't be silly. Jill is just an employee here."
    Sabrina: "Make her go away. I don't like her!"

    Sabrina: "Remember when Julie Andrews sang, 'I Could Have Danced All Night'? She wouldn't have lasted three minutes with Bordinay."

    Cruz: "That was yesterday, when your name was Walker. Today is today, Bosley."
    Bosley: "And tomorrow is tomorrow is tomorrow."
    Kelly: "If we're going to stand around quoting Shakespeare, it's going to be a very tedious day."

    b: 23 Feb 77 pc: 19 w: Les Carter d: Cliff Bole

    NOTE: Dennis Cole later married Jaclyn Smith.

  21. "I Will Be Remembered"
    gs: Ida Lupino [ Gloria Gibson ], Peter MacLean [ Frank Ross ], Alfred Ryder [ Barkley ], Jan Peters [ Galbraith ], Wynn Irwin [ Barney ], Louie Guss [ Lunchie ], Richard Libertini [ Ed ], Aharon Ipalé [ Marinelli ], Ray Middleton [ Jardine ], Diane Duncan [ Daughter ], Al Eben [ Gate Cop ], Cathy Amsterdam [ Secretary ], E. James Dogans Jr. [ Assistant Director ]

    Esteemed veteran actress Gloria Gibson seeks the help of her old friend Charlie after she experiences a string of frightening mishaps, including seeing a man hanging from a tree in her front yard. Because all of the events are recreations of scenes from her films, there is some speculation that she might be hallucinating. Gloria insists that someone is trying to drive her crazy--or perhaps even kill her. Sabrina stays in Gloria's house as her secretary, while Kelly lands a job as an extra in her next film. Jill hangs around the set as a reporter. Gloria nearly dies when she is trapped inside her trailer after it is set on fire. Kelly finds it suspicious that one of the stage hands, Galbraith, just happens to have a crowbar handy to pry open the trailer door. Galbraith and his friend Barkley become nervous as Jill investigates the "accident." Barkley climbs onto a catwalk and tries to drop a light onto Jill; but Sabrina warns her, and Barkley falls to his death. Sabrina and Jill see Galbraith and Barkley with Gloria and her husband in an old photograph. She reveals that they once helped her husband obtain a reproduction of a famous painting, which now adorns a wall in her den. Kelly is bewildered to see Gloria's agent, Frank Ross, meeting secretly with Galbraith on the set. She is caught calling her friends, and Frank chases her onto the catwalk with a gun. Sabrina and Jill arrive to help her. They reveal that the painting was actually an original, worth millions; Galbraith and Barkley decided to re-acquire it after the death of Gloria's husband. Frank hoped to keep Gloria from working so that she would become destitute and sell the house, putting the painting into the trio's hands.

    Kelly: "I did plays in high school and college, and I never get speeding tickets."
    Barney: "Speeding tickets? What does that have to do with anything?"
    Kelly: "Whenever the police pull me over, I cry."

    Kelly: "Would you think I was pushy if I asked why you were shooting at me?"

    b: 9 Mar 77 pc: 20 w: Melvin Levy s: Richard Powell d: Nicholas Sgarro
  22. "Angels at Sea"
    gs: Frank Gorshin [ Harry Dana ], John Myhers [ Captain ], David Watson [ Tom Lavin ], Harold J. Stone [ John Strauss ], Katie Hopkins Zerby [ Jerian Mayer ], Michael Irving [ Jack Armetage ], Bill McLean [ Mr. Gow ], Meg Wyllie [ Mrs. Gow ], Louie Elias [ Fred Couper ], James Phipps [ Male Honeymooner ], Carol Newell [ Female Honeymooner ]

    The owner of a cruise line hires the Angels to determine who is responsible for a series of accidents during the voyages, including the death of a honeymooning couple. The Angels receive a threatening note before they have even boarded the ship. A crew member is murdered during the cruise, and Bosley is knocked out and stripped naked after a phony "man overboard" warning. The killer locks Kelly into a passageway and turns on the steam valve; but she is able escape through a panel in the ceiling. Bosley, Jill and Sabrina announce that Kelly is dead, and ask the passengers to submit to fingerprinting so that their prints may be compared to those supposedly left on the steam valve. The killer takes the bait; and Kelly catches Harry Dana, the ship's comedian, wiping the valve clean. The Angels capture him, only to learn that he has planted three sophisticated bombs somewhere on the ship. The deranged Dana explains that he developed psychic abilities after a car accident a few years ago, and blames his boss for his inability to obtain funding to begin a research center. He finally reveals the location of the bombs. A member of the bomb squad communicates with the Angels via radio and helps them work on the devices, which they are ultimately able to throw overboard.

    Jill: "My guess is, he's the murderer. How else would he know that Charlie called us angels?"
    Sabrina: "Well, it could have just been a coincidence. He was trying to come on to all three of us and needed a collective noun."

    Sabrina: "We're not going to laugh at you, Bosley."
    Kelly: "And we're not gonna make jokes, either."
    Jill: "Jerian did wanna know if you're married though."

    b: 23 Mar 77 pc: 21 w: John D.F. Black d: Allen Baron
  23. "Blue Angels"
    gs: Dirk Benedict [ John Barton ], Tom Ligon [ Miller ], Timothy Carey [ Burt ], Michael Bell [ Bill Duncan ], Joanna Kerns [ Natalie Sands ], Paul Larsen [ Cap. Rogers ], Ed Lauter [ Lt. Howard "Doc" Fine ], Stanley Brock [ Breshnik ], Marilyn Joi [ Brenda ], Vidonne [ June ], Bernie Cuby [ Man ]

    Lt. Howard Fine enters a massage parlor, where the owner has shot and killed a customer for assaulting an employee. Fine kills him for threatening to expose his involvement with the establishment, which is a front for prostitution. The chief of police hires the Angels to investigate corruption within the vice squad, as someone has been tipping off the massage parlors before raids. Bosley and Jill re-open one of the parlors, while Sabrina goes to the police department as a special investigator from Phoenix. Fine instructs two men to run over Sabrina in an alley. She gets their license plate number, and is stunned to discover that the car is registered to police cadet John Barton. Kelly returns to the police academy and enrolls in the same class as Barton. He and his friend Miller admit that they are involved in a rather lucrative venture. Fine plans to kill Natalie Sands, the girl who was beaten at the massage parlor; but Sabrina interrupts. Natalie reveals that her boss received inside information from "Doc," a man with ties to the police department. Fine spares her life because she cannot identify Doc or his associates. Bosley records a conversation between Barton and Fine that proves their involvement in the scandal. Fine calls Bosley and explains that he will "look out" for his establishment in exchange for weekly payments. Sabrina's ex-husband, who had been transferred to Santa Barbara, notices her name plate during a brief stopover at the police station. He ends up blowing the Angels' covers. Jill goes to the restaurant where Kelly is dining with Barton and advises her to watch him. Jill and Kelly ride to a junkyard with Barton and Miller, but realize that something is amiss and disarm them. Fine takes Sabrina to the junkyard and plans to kill her, but walks right into an ambush. He shoots himself in the stomach.

    Bosley (on phone): "We take reservations, but she's booked up through next week. No, she wouldn't do that. I don't think she even knows what it is! I know I don't know what it is!"

    Charlie: "You seem a bit down in the dumps, Bosley."
    Bosley: "Actually, I'm down on the floor, Charlie."
    Charlie: "Whatever pleases you."

    b: 4 May 77 pc: 22 w: Edward J. Lakso s: Laurie Lakso Beasley d: Georg Stanford Brown

    NOTE: This is Farrah Fawcett-Majors' final show as a regular. She would return for six guest appearances during the third and fourth seasons as part of a settlement after being sued for breach of contract.

    There were 33 character deaths during the first season.

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    2nd Season 1977

  24. "Angels in Paradise (1)"
    gs: France Nuyen [ Leilani Sako ], Art Metrano [ Alfred Blue ], Ron Soble [ Ace ], Cliff Emmerich [ Deuce ], Alan Manson [ George Hollis ], Pat Suzuki [ Kona ], Don Ho [ Himself ], Tom Fujiwara [ Billy Sako ], Al Harrington [ Ned ], Lei Kayahara [ Ewa Sako ], Jake Hoopai [ Apa ], Jack Hisataki [ 2nd Guard ], Yankee Chang [ Grandfather ], Beatrice Chun [ Grandmother ], Vincent Mc Angus [ Kimo ], Ed Coupee [ Sailor ], Camille Eubel [ Rita ], Tracy Monsarrat [ Hostess ], Reggie Ho [ Fisherman ], David Simmons [ Student ]

    Sabrina and Kelly are upset over Charlie's decision to hire a replacement for Jill, who has taken a leave of absence to pursue a career as a race-car driver. Their fears quickly fade after they discover that their new partner is Jill's younger sister Kris, who attended the police academy in San Francisco. They must fly to Hawaii after Charlie calls and reveals that he has been kidnapped from his boat. The Angels meet Charlie's captor, a cunning young smuggler named Leilani Sako. She threatens to kill Charlie unless the Angels help her husband Billy escape from prison. Sabrina determines that they will break Billy out, and then return him after Charlie is safe. Billy's lawyer arranges for a court hearing, and the Angels and Bosley set up an elaborate scheme to stage an accident and spring him from a police car. The Angels grow concerned over the interference from one of Leilani's rivals; who attempts a hit on Leilani, shoots Billy's sister, and threatens Kelly. Leilani loses Charlie to the competitor, Alfred Blue, but still hopes to force the Angels to return her husband. Sabrina emphatically states that she will not see Billy again unless she helps them find Charlie. Blue tries to cut his own deal for Billy. A man's body washes up on the beach--with Charlie's identification in his back pocket.

    Bosley: "I always thought the world of Jill. She tell you anything else?"
    Kris: "She said you had eyes like Paul Newman and a smile like Robert Redford."
    Bosley: "I see that you've got your sister's peculiar sense of humor."

    Kris: "Is that the speaker that Charlie talks to you on?"
    Kelly: "There is no Charlie. Bos made him up."

    Kris: "I can't believe it. Charlie's been kidnapped, and I haven't even seen him yet."
    Kelly: "So what else is new?"

    Kona: "Hey sister, you in the business?"
    Kelly: "No."
    Kona: "Big shame, girl. Could get rich."
    Kelly: "Money ain't no big thing, sista."

    Sailor: "How 'bout a massage?"
    Sabrina: "No thanks."
    Sailor: "How 'bout you give me one?"
    Sabrina: "You'll have to wait till I'm done with the admiral in the back."

    (Blue sneezes)
    Kris: "God bless you...I think."

    Leilani: "Sabrina, I am not accustomed to taking orders."
    Sabrina: "Learn."

    b: 14 Sep 77 pc: 23A w: John D.F. Black d: Charles S. Dubin

    NOTE: Cheryl Ladd joins the cast as Kris Munroe. The opening monologue has changed slightly. Charlie now says, "Once upon a time, there were three little girls who went to the police academy: two in Los Angeles, the other in San Francisco." For her "hazardous duties," Kris is shown trying to operate a switchboard.
  25. "Angels in Paradise (2)"
    gs: France Nuyen [ Leilani Sako ], Art Metrano [ Alfred Blue ], Norman Fell [ Sammy Telford ], Ron Soble [ Ace ], Cliff Emmich [ Deuce ], Alan Manson [ George Hollis ], Tom Fujiwara [ Billy Sako ], Al Harrington [ Ned ], Jake Hoopai [ Apa ], Jack Hisataki [ 2nd Guard ], Vincent Mc Angus [ Kimo ], Ted Horino [ Muyi ]

    The Angels cannot identify the body, but one of Leilani's men says that it is not Charlie. Billy describes to Bosley the way he fell in love with Leilani, and laments her reluctance to give up their shady lifestyle. Billy suggests that they simply trade him for Charlie, but the Angels refuse to even consider sacrificing him. Kelly and Kris search for Sammy Telford, an eccentric man who might have information about Blue. One of Leilani's men tries to kidnap them to set up an exchange for Billy, but Blue's men drive the attackers away. Leilani assures Kris and Kelly that she had nothing to do with the kidnap attempt, and promises that there will be no further interference. Kris finds Sammy at a nude beach, where he is preaching about the dangers of too much sun. She must discard her clothes to get onto the beach and talk to him, prompting much teasing from Kelly and Sabrina. Sammy tells Kris that Blue is most likely holding Charlie on his yacht. The Angels cannot call the police because they would get into hot water for springing Billy. Sabrina contacts Blue and pretends that she wants to turn over Billy in exchange for cash and future employment opportunities. She goes to his yacht to discuss business, with Kelly, Kris and Billy hiding under a cover in her speedboat. The trio sneaks on board the boat, where Kris barricades herself in the engine room and Kelly takes over the bridge. Sabrina tries to free Charlie, but he breaks loose of his shackles and jumps out a window while she is fighting with Blue and his men. Kelly steers the boat toward shore; and the Coast Guard comes aboard and accuses Blue of harboring a fugitive. Billy comes out of hiding and surrenders, claiming that Blue broke him out of prison. The Angels follow Charlie's lead by jumping overboard and swimming to shore.

    (Kelly and Sabrina laugh hysterically.)
    Kris: "Well, fine. What would you have done in my place?"
    Kelly: "I just wouldn't have thought it would have been this funny if it had been me!"

    Sabrina (while watching film of herself hula dancing): "I will never have another Mai Tai as long as I live."

    b: 14 Sep 77 pc: 23B w: John D.F. Black d: Charles S. Dubin
  26. "Angels on Ice (1)"
    gs: Harvey Jason [ Alvin ], Edward Andrews [ Mason Fairchild ], James Gammon [ Billy ], Lee Delano [ Dirgus ], Timothy Agoglia Carey [ Henchman ], Jim Backus [ Iggy ], Phil Silvers [ Max Brown ], Geoffrey Binney [ Jack Ward ], James Oliver [ Paul ], Vicky Perry [ Shirley Ward ], Inga Schilling [ Olga ], Tom Lawler [ Luisi ]

    A temperamental ice show owner hires the Angels to investigate after someone breaks into his office. Billy, a slow-witted locker room attendant, accepts a bribe to leave a door unlocked so that some masked men can kidnap the male skating star. They also take his partner, much to Billy's dismay. Kelly and Kris audition for the show. They are able to sweet-talk the artistic director into accepting them, although Kris is reassigned to clown duty after she repeatedly falls down. Two fabulous skaters suddenly show up out of nowhere to take over for the missing leads. Kelly finds their appearance rather suspicious, but is unaware that they are actually highly skilled assassins. Their employer also nabs a security guard and sends in one of his goons as a substitute. While checking out the missing female skater's apartment, Sabrina has a run-in with one of the kidnappers. She tries to chase him, but gets arrested for commandeering a truck and accidentally slamming into a police car. Sabrina talks with a wino who has been hanging around outside the arena all week. She learns that a limousine with diplomatic license plates has been involved in several mysterious happenings. The skaters practice a routine in which they will fire muskets that contain American flags. The masked men knock out the ice show's machinist, and the new skaters' "cousin" offers to fill in for him. He tampers with the muskets, putting real artillery into two of them.

    Kris: "It's Canoe, isn't it? I knew it was Canoe. You know, with your body chemistry, it's like gardenias in the fall."

    Kelly: "Alvin, you know, you're really outrageous."
    Alvin: "Oh?"
    Kelly: "Who else could get away with fuchsia and magenta?"
    Kris: "And you make it work, too."

    Cop #1: "License, please."
    Sabrina: "Uh, that would be a driver's license."
    Cop #2: "That's the idea."
    Sabrina: "Look, uh, you're never gonna believe this, but I don't have it with me. You see, I left it in the room when I took my gun out of my purse to shoot at the gorilla who was driving the limousine."
    Cop #2: "The gorilla driving the limousine?"
    Sabrina: "I mean, it wasn't really a gorilla. A gorilla can't drive even if he does have his license. It was a person in a gorilla mask."
    Cop #1: "Have you been drinking, ma'am?"

    Bosley: "While Sabrina was busy turning into one of the ten most wanted, what have we learned?"

    Mason: "Young lady, do I look like someone who is not sure of himself?"
    Sabrina: "Aw, Mason...don't ask me that."

    Sabrina: "He calls it the blue people-popper and he says it also spits out money."
    Bosley: "Oh, that's great. Now we've got a drunk that sounds like a bad song supplying the clues."

    b: 21 Sep 77 pc: 24A w: Rick Edelstein d: Robert Kelljan

    NOTE: The actors portraying skater Helene Robinson and the two police officers are not credited.

    DeDe Andros sings "If We Only Have Love," the song that plays during Olga and Luisi's audition.

  27. "Angels on Ice (2)"
    gs: Harvey Jason [ Alvin ], Edward Andrews [ Mason Fairchild ], James Gammon [ Billy ], Lee Delano [ Dirgus ], Timothy Agoglia Carey [ Henchman ], Jim Backus [ Iggy ], Phil Silvers [ Max Brown ], Geoffrey Binney [ Jack Ward ], James Oliver [ Paul ], Eric Kilpatrick [ Jo Jo ], Paul Wexler [ Arabian Guard ], Vicky Perry [ Shirley Ward ], Inga Schilling [ Olga ], Tom Lawler [ Luisi ]

    Kelly grows even warier of Olga and Luisi after they commit a rare error during rehearsal; they point their muskets in the wrong direction. Kris develops a friendship with Billy. After cooking her dinner, he tearfully explains his role in Helene's kidnapping. Sabrina learns that the only files in Max's office affected during the break-in were the arena lay-out and seating chart. While talking with Mason about the infamous limousine, Kelly sees the vehicle arrive. She pays a motorcyclist to follow it, and ends up at an Arabian restaurant. She poses as a belly dancer and gains access to the room where Dirgus and his associates are meeting. Unfortunately, her veil falls off during her routine, allowing Dirgus and his henchman to recognize her. She is taken to the warehouse where the skaters, security guard and Iggy are being held prisoner. They are able to create a catapult; and launch Kelly to the top of the room, where she climbs out the window. She makes it to the arena and sends help to the warehouse. Sabrina and Bosley work as vendors and keep an eye on a group of sheiks in town for an OPEC meeting, as they seem to have some role in all the commotion. Kris realizes that Olga and Luisi are going to shoot the sheiks, and tackles them as they try to fire their weapons. She and Kelly knock them out; while Billy helps Bosley and Sabrina take down Dirgus and his henchman. The conspirators were dissidents from various Arab nations, who hoped to assassinate their compatriots and seize control of much of the world's oil.

    Kelly (with Southern accent): "I wanna thank you for bein' so kind and courteous. I'm gonna be sure and talk about you to my cousin Ermadine now."

    Sabrina: "You wanna talk to me, you gotta do it in front of 10,000 people?!"
    Kris: "Just be funny."
    Sabrina:"You be funny. I can't stand up!"

    b: 21 Sep 77 pc: 24B w: Rick Edelstein d: Robert Kelljan
  28. "Pretty Angels All in a Row"
    gs: Burton Gilliam [ Ulmer ], Richard Kelton [ Hubie ], Jack Knight [ Ben Pawl ], Steve Franken [ Fred ], Patricia Barry [ Millicent Farber ], Dorey Oatman [ Billie Jolene ], Bobbie Mitchell [ Grace Cooley ], Bill McIntyre [ Si Dearborn ], Marki Bey [ Sarah ], Don Starr [ C.J. ], Dana Kimmel [ Holly ], Danuta [ Candy ], Cliff Medaugh [ Cree ], Leslie Vallen [ Hazel Spaulding ], Tommy Breslin [ Henry ], Lisa Baur [ Contestant #1 ], Nancy Cameron [ Contestant #2 ], Celita De Castro [ Contestant #3 ], Denise DuBarry [ Contestant #4 ], Marcy Hanson [ Contestant #5 ], Linda Red Ford [ Contestant #6 ]

    Ben Pawl, the host of the Miss Chrysanthemum pageant, flies out from Iowa to seek the Angels' help after someone begins scaring away the contestants. Kelly and Kris enter the pageant, while Sabrina and Bosley pose as a news crew filming a story about the event. Someone fires shots into Kris's room, and a sandbag is dropped on the main stage in the middle of rehearsal. Two rather stupid men try to bribe one of the judges (an older woman) into voting for Billie Jolene, the daughter of a wealthy Texas businessman. When she refuses and begins hitting them, they kidnap her. Sabrina stakes out the airport as the replacement judge arrives. She overhears the men bribe and blackmail the woman until she agrees to vote for Billie. Sabrina hides in the guys' trunk in the hopes of finding the kidnapped judge, but gets caught in the act. After the wealthy Millie refuses to pay the men to release her, Sabrina suggests that they might be able to get Bosley to cough up the money. They approach Bosley with guns drawn, but Kelly and Kris jump offstage in the middle of the show and beat them up. The goons reveal Sabrina and Millie's location, and confess their role in the bribery scam. Billie is disqualified, but a disappointed Kelly and Kris lose the pageant to a girl who recited a soliloquy from The Merchant of Venice while twirling a baton. Bosley explains that the host told the judges not to vote for them because they were not legitimate contestants. Charlie spends all of his time watching a woman in a bikini play with a medicine ball.

    Pawl: "This isn't for real, is it? I mean, this isn't really going to be on a network television news show."
    Sabrina: "Oh, you bet it is. You see, we're private detectives. We gotta pick up a dollar here, a dollar there. Every little bit helps."

    Sabrina: "Bosley, what are you doing with Kris's pigeons?"
    Bosley: "Kris's pigeons?"
    Sabrina: "Yeah, they're for a magic act."
    Bosley: "Why were they skulking in a closet?"
    Sabrina: "They weren't skulking, Bosley. Pigeons can't skulk."
    Bosley: "These can. They were skulking in there. They are skulking pigeons!"

    Kris (with Southern accent): "My favorite colors are red, white and blue, 'cause they are the colors of our flag of freedom."

    Kelly: "From that moment on, I knew what we should all do is help one another to realize that...well, we should realize that no man or woman is an island; that we should never ask for whom the bell tolls; that we're all one and we need each other's support to be happy. No, we shouldn't ask for whom the bell tolls. When one man is lost or friend is injured, when the bell tolls, it tolls for all of us."
    (Bosley rolls his eyes back into his head.)

    Bosley: "Which one of you would have won?"
    Kris and Kelly (simultaneously): "She would have."
    Sabrina: "I'm glad I was only kidnapped."

    b: 28 Sep 77 pc: 25 w: John D.F. Black d: John D.F. Black

    NOTE: Producer Edward J. Lakso wrote the theme song for the Miss Chrysanthemum pageant.
  29. "Angel Flight"
    gs: Fawne Harriman [ Angela Rhodes ], Robert Gentry [ Gene Knox ], Marshall Thompson [ Meadows ], Phil Roth [ Eddie Williams ], Ben Hayes [ Bill Glover ], Ralph Byers [ Cliff ], Mary Angela [ Maralyn Bassett ], Lisa Moore [ Mai Ling Johnson ], Lee Travis [ Paula ], Nigel Bullard [ Palmer ]

    Sabrina's college roommate Angela, a stewardess, receives threatening phone calls from someone who keeps leaving her black roses. Sabrina goes to stay with her, while Kelly and Kris go into training to become stewardesses. One of the other stewardesses is attacked in a parking garage and killed with a karate chop to the throat. Mai Ling, a trainee with a chip on her shoulder, becomes a suspect because she holds a black belt in karate. The killer calls Angela and orders her to follow his instructions or risk losing more of her friends. She agrees, and refuses to tell Sabrina what is going on. Angela obeys a recording in which the killer orders her to drug the co-pilot; hijack the plane during a test flight for the student stewardesses; and kill the pilot upon arriving in Peru. However, the pilot is actually her stalker; he arranged the hijacking scenario to make himself appear innocent of any wrongdoing. Angela accidentally shoots the pilot in a struggle, and then hits her head and gets knocked out. The co-conspirator, who has assaulted the flight engineer, pulls out a gun and orders the stewardesses to get the cockpit door open. Kelly and Kris refuse to act until he explains. He says that he and the pilot plan to sell the airline's new automated pilot technology, which can fly the plane until it lowers to an elevation of fifty feet. The co-pilot wakes up long enough to put the plane on automatic pilot. Kris and a tall woman disarm the gunman, and Mai Ling kicks in the door. Kelly must follow the tower's instructions to bring the plane to a safe landing.

    Sabrina: "I wonder what Burt Reynolds is up to."
    Kelly: "From what I hear, anything you want."

    Cliff: "I'm just trying to help Angela teach you dummies a thing or two."
    Kelly: "Kind of like the blind leading the blind."

    Angela: "Would you mind giving me back the key to my apartment?"
    Gene: "Well, I did. A couple of weeks ago at dinner at Devereaux's restaurant. It was right after you threw your salad in my lap."
    Angela: "I threw your salad in your lap."
    Kelly: "Well, I don't like the salad at Devereaux's either."

    b: 5 Oct 77 pc: 26 w: Brian McKay d: Dennis Donnelly

    NOTE: Lee Travis later married producer Edward J. Lakso.

  30. "Circus of Terror"
    gs: James Darren [ David Barzak ], Charles Tyner [ Anton Tarloff ], Denny Miller [ Helmut Klaus ], Patty Maloney [ Tinkle Belle ], Marvin Kaplan [ Zobar ], Read Morgan [ Otis ], Tom Reese [ Reed ], Ramon Bieri [ Yanos Barzak ]

    The Barzak family circus is plagued by a number of mysterious accidents. The owner's son, David, seeks the Angels' help to determine the cause. They must keep their identities a secret from his father, a gypsy who believes in handling his problems on his own--and also has a problem with women in the workplace. Sabrina seeks work as a clown's apprentice, while Kris becomes the knife thrower's assistant. Kelly convinces Barzak to hire her as a motorcycle daredevil, but two men sabotage her equipment. Sabrina and David quickly take a liking to one another. Someone leaves a snake in her bed in the hopes of scaring her away, and Kelly and Kris narrowly escape when their tent is set on fire. Intrigued by his strange behavior, Kris swipes a glass with the fingerprints of knife thrower Helmut. A computer check reveals that he is an East German circus star who recently defected. Anton Tarloff, the clown, is actually behind all of the misdoings. He blames Barzak for his niece's death in a circus accident years earlier, and has become obsessed with driving him out of business. Tarloff and his cohorts suspect that the Angels are cops and decide that they must do away with them. One man knocks out Helmut and takes his place in the knife-throwing act, but Kris gets away. He reveals (under duress) that Tarloff plans to kill Sabrina by using a real sword in their comedic duel. He cannot bring himself to do this because Sabrina reminds him of his late niece. Kris tackles a sniper, thwarting his attempt to shoot Kelly during her motorcycle jump. Bosley tries to avoid the persistent advances of an amorous little person.

    Barzak: "I have no problem with women, long as they wear skirt and stay in kitchen wear they belong."
    Kelly: "Listen, how'd you like a swift kick in the shins?"

    Kelly: "Lucky you didn't jump into bed without turning on the lights."
    Sabrina: "Well, it wouldn't have been one of my better nights."

    David (to Sabrina): "You can't stay here tonight. Why don't you stay with me?"
    (Kelly and Kris snicker.)

    Sabrina: "What is that?!"
    Kris: "Well, you never would have had to diet again, babe."

    b: 19 Oct 77 pc: 27 w: Robert Janes d: Allen Baron

  31. "Angel in Love"
    gs: Peter Haskell [ Doug O'Neal ], Carole Cook [ Hildy Slater ], Tom Simcox [ Lon Molton ], Amanda McBroom [ Lorraine Fielding ], Doris Martin [ Audrey ], Dante De Andre [ Eric ], Charles Picerni [ Frank Slater ]

    Resort owner Hildy Slater hires the Angels after her drifter nephew, Frank, is strangled in his cabin. Kelly and Kris join the staff, while Sabrina goes undercover as a magazine reporter. Bosley checks into the facility and struggles to stick to his diet. Sabrina begins to fall for one of the guests, Doug O'Neal. Lon Molton, Hildy's right-hand man, dons a stocking mask and attacks Kris and Kelly in their cabin. Someone later leaves a fake bomb in the cabin in the hopes of driving them away. Kelly discovers that Doug and Frank were in the same Air Force unit in Vietnam. Sabrina refuses to believe that Doug is responsible for the crime. She tells him that she is writing a story about the murder, and Doug freely admits that Frank was one of his best friends. He claims that he came to the facility to try and find some answers. Kelly and Kris search Doug's room and discover that he is carrying newspaper clippings about B.J. Smith, a man who disappeared after committing a two-million-dollar skyjacking. An indignant Sabrina suggests that they confront Doug with the allegations. Doug ransacks Kelly and Kris's cabin and finds the money hidden inside the wall. Lon hits him over the head and takes the money, but Kelly and Kris catch up to him on horseback and tie him up. Doug confesses his role in the skyjacking to Sabrina; he landed in a tree after jumping from the plane, and suffered severe injuries. Frank assumed that he was dead and took the money, and Doug finally tracked him down at the cabin. He accidentally shot Frank during a scuffle, and Lon finished him off after Doug fled. Doug tries to convince Sabrina to run away with him, but she holds him at bay until Kelly returns.

    Kris: "I'm so disappointed. I thought that sex would be running rampant."
    Kelly: "Oh, it's running, all right. You just haven't caught up to it."

    Lon: "You have a way of showing up where you don't belong."
    Kelly: "Well, that's why I'm with Kris. She's giving me 'belonging' lessons."

    b: 26 Oct 77 pc: 28 w: Skip Webster and Jock MacKelvie d: Paul Stanley
  32. "Unidentified Flying Angels"
    gs: Dennis Cole [ James Britten ], Bill Striglos [ Teddy Nolan Jr. ], Ross Martin [ Dr. Franklin Perine ], Ken Olfson [ Seth Corday ], John McKinney [ Hood #1 ], Michele Nichols [ Joyce Sheridan ], Ernestine Barrier [ Charlotte Sheridan ], Richard Ziker [ Hood #2 ], Edna Glover [ Woman ], George Carey [ Man ], Nancy Cameron [ Secretary ]

    A young woman hires the Angels to find her missing aunt, an eccentric old woman who believed in the existence of UFOs. Kris and Bosley pose as a couple and join the Celestial Research Foundation, an organization run by Dr. Franklin Perine that is devoted to the study of alien life. The group often arranges UFO sightings for its members. Kelly romances James Britten, a disgraced astronaut who works as a front for the foundation, in order to elicit inside information. Sabrina intentionally allows Dr. Perine and company to catch her tailing their car. She pretends to be a bungling detective investigating the possible infidelity of one of their members, and is allowed to come to the group's desert headquarters and snoop around. Kris establishes a rapport with nerdy Teddy Nolan during a meeting, but he clams up when she mentions Mrs. Sheridan. Kelly comes to his office, claiming to be a visitor from outer space, and demands answers. He says that Mrs. Sheridan was dragged away by two men while shouting something about the temperature on Venus. The Angels conclude that Mrs. Sheridan was murdered because she had realized that Dr. Perine's theories conflicted with scientific fact and was about to expose him as a fraud. Britten confesses his involvement with the institute to Kelly, who tries to convince him to get out. Dr. Perine discovers that Kelly is a detective and orders Britten to kill her. Kris distracts Dr. Perine while Bosley uses Mrs. Sheridan's dog to help locate her body, which is still buried at the headquarters. Sabrina gets caught snapping photographs of the phony flying saucers, but Kris comes to her aid until Bosley and the police arrive. Britten sabotages Kelly's seatbelt before taking her up in his airplane. She notices this and creates her own makeshift belt, and then forces Britten to land the plane at gunpoint.

    Dr. Perine: "The space visitors are just like ordinary human beings like you or me, with one very definite distinction."
    Sabrina: "Pointed ears!"
    Dr. Perine: "Absolutely not."
    Sabrina: "Little green pointed ears!"

    Sabrina (while being dragged away): "Come on, I swallowed my gum here!"

    Kelly: "Didn't have the courage, Jim. You never did."

    b: 2 Nov 77 pc: 29 w: Ronald Austin and James David Buchanan d: Allen Baron
  33. "Angels on the Air"
    gs: Nicolas Coster [ Professor Arthur Croyden ], Linda Dano [ Joy Vance ], Larry Golden [ Dwayne Hansen ], Taylor Lacher [ Buck Willis ], Larry Gilman [ Gary ], Kay Stewart [ Martha Quinlan ], Richard McMurray [ Father Polumbo ], Judith-Marie Bergan [ Raven ], Linda Ryan [ Nurse ]

    Someone calls Joy Vance, a reporter for KBEX radio, to a phony story location and fires a shot at her. The Angels and Bosley go undercover as station employees and investigate a number of possible suspects. Sabrina becomes the new traffic/weather reporter and works with Buck Willis, a macho chopper pilot who became very angry after Joy ended their romance. He realizes that she considers him a suspect, and proves his innocence by turning over shells from his guns (which do not match the bullet fired at Joy). Kelly poses as Joy because of their similar voices. She goes after a man who threatened Joy for exposing him as a wife beater, but finds that he died a few days earlier. Kris tries to infilitrate the clan of motorcycle thief Dwayne Hansen. She fears for her life when the group sees through her act; but Dwayne has given up his criminal ways, electing to captalize on his notoriety and start an acting career. Sabrina approaches Professor Arthur Croyden, who lost major research grants after Joy exposed his cure for the common cold as a fraud. Joy's attacker forces Kelly off the road and tries to run over her, but Buck and Sabrina buzz him in the chopper and drive him away. Croyden realizes that Sabrina's story is phony and injects her with truth serum. He plans to kill her, but Kelly, Kris and Bosley arrive in the nick of time. Kelly chases Croyden across the entire campus and takes him down.

    Kelly (on wife beater Ernest Quinlan): "I want to get at this one."
    Kris: "Remember one thing: no police brutality."
    Kelly: "I'm not on the force anymore."

    Bosley: "So you are about to matriculate."
    Sabrina: "Oh no. I told my mother I'd never do that. But I might run around with him for a while."

    Kelly: "Hey, did the Bionic Man get started this way?"

    b: 9 Nov 77 pc: 30 w: William Froug d: George W. Brooks
  34. "Angel Baby"
    gs: Edward Winter [ Hugh Tomlinson ], Scott Colomby [ Sgt. Tommy Anders ], John Karlen [ Leonard Chaffey ], Cissy Wellman [ Felice Carere ], Bruce Fairbairn [ Jayce ], Sunny Johnson [ Marie ], Jean Allison [ Mrs. Morris ], Ivy Bethune [ Miss Cuttler ], Annie O'Neill [ Terry ], Shirlee Kong [ Sam ], Joshua Gallegos [ 1st Officer ]

    Tommy Anders is arrested for causing a disturbance at his girlfriend's home. He calls Kelly, who helped the one-time juvenile delinquent get in his life in order by encouraging him to enlist in the Air Force. He explains that he became worried when his girlfriend stopped writing him, and went AWOL after her roommates gave a phony excuse to explain her disappearance. His girlfriend's roommates take Kelly aside and tell her that Marie is pregnant with Tommy's child; she has contacted an adoption agency, which will sell the baby. Kelly poses as a pregnant woman planning to give up her baby and enters the adoption home, where she seeks out Marie. Marie admits that she has changed her mind and wants to keep her child. In order to prove that the agency is breaking the law, Sabrina and Bosley assume the roles of a chain-smoking socialite and her wealthy husband and outbid another couple for Kelly's baby. Kelly informs them that a girl recently disappeared after deciding that she didn't want to give up her baby. She was found dead a few days after giving birth, and her mother believes that someone murdered her for threatening to expose the agency. Kris crashes a party thrown by agency co-owner Hugh Tomlinson, pretending to be desperate for money. He sets her up with a man to conceive a child, which will then be sold. The guy warns Kris not to become involved in Tomlinson's schemes, so she reveals her true identity. He tells her that Leonard Chaffey, Tomlinson's bodyguard, killed Annette Morris. Tommy ignores Sabrina's warnings and sneaks into the adoption home. He gets caught, and is held prisoner with Kelly and Marie. Chaffey elects to spare their lives until after Marie gives birth so that he can collect the fee. Marie goes into labor, leaving Kelly to deliver the baby. Sabrina, Kris and Bosley arrive to rescue them. Kris goes into shock after wounding Chaffey in a shootout, as she had never shot anyone. Tommy and Marie marry and plan to rejoin his unit. Charlie arranged for emergency leave so that Tommy wouldn't have to face a court martial.

    Charlie: "We start with Kelly getting pregnant."
    Sabrina: "What?"
    Kelly: "I quit!"

    Jayce: "If I just met you in a bar, I'd be up here for free, right?"
    Kris: "Don't you believe it."

    b: 16 Nov 77 pc: 31 w: George R. Hodges and John D.F. Black s: George R. Hodges d: Paul Stanley

    NOTE: In this episode, Kris becomes the first Angel to shoot someone during the series.
  35. "Angels in the Wings"
    gs: Gene Barry [ Frank Jason ], Nicolas Beauvy [ Larry Jason ], Michael Fox [ Austin Wells ], Nehemiah Persoff [ Anton Metzger ], Shani Wallis [ Ellen Jason ], Lew Palter [ Enrico Mancino ], Michael Fairman [ Cal Stone ], Hal Needham [ Julio ], Tony Epper [ Canty ], Tammy Greenough [ Norma Friedrick ]

    Ellen Jason seeks help from the Angels after someone tries to kill her during rehersals for a film version of the musical Sweet Misery. The sound stage is considered "jinxed" because a number of accidents have occurred since Norma Friedrick died in a fall while filming a scene fifteen years earlier. Ellen's ex-husband, Frank, falls under suspicion because of the couple's rocky relationship. He has no interest in re-teaming with his wife for the film, but the studio will not finance the picture without him. Kris, who is a huge fan of Frank's, approaches in the hopes of getting him to re-consider. They become friends as she protects him from some thugs trying to collect money, and she reveals that she once had a part in a summer stock production of Sweet Misery. Frank agrees to do the film to pay off his gambling debts, but only if Kris can play one of the smaller parts. Frank and Ellen's teenage son, Larry, grows frustrated with his parents' constant bickering. He runs off, vowing never to return. Someone tries to drop a light on Kris's head after a take. Kelly and Sabrina chase someone up on the catwalk, but he vanishes. Kelly learns that Anton Metzger, the stage hand who tried in vain to save Norma's life after her fall, has an apartment across the street from the set. The Angels discover that his apartment is a shrine to Norma. They realize that he has been responsible for all of the "accidents," and decide to draw him out by re-creating Norma's final scene. The plan succeeds, and Sabrina comforts Anton and assures him that Norma no longer needs his protection. Larry returns, and the Jasons decide to repair their relationship.

    Sabrina:"Sweet Misery, starring KRIS MUNROE and others. I think it's got a nice ring to it."

    Kris: "Like I said, Frank's idea. Totally!"
    (Sabrina nudges Kelly.)
    Kelly: "Well, I think I should call and tell him you simply refuse."
    (Pretends to dial a number. Kris puts her hand over the phone.)
    Kris: "You do and I'll break your arm."

    b: 23 Nov 77 pc: 32 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Dennis Donnelly

    NOTE: Edward Lakso wrote all of the songs for the fictional Sweet Misery: "If Only We'd Been Together Then," "Where Is My Lady?" and "Words." He also wrote "Ballet Theme," the music heard in the background of Norma's final scene.

  36. "Magic Fire"
    gs: Rudy Solari [ Danzini ], Victoria Carroll [ Mary Ann Webb ], Howard Witt [ Joseph Watson ], E.J. Andre [ Wendell Muse ], Wyatt Johnson [ Lt. Alex Summers ], Jay Rasumny [ Thomas Romero ], Hugh Warden [ Art Gage ], Susan Cotton [ Receptionist ]

    Magician Wendell Muse seeks the Angels' help to prove that he did not set a series of mysterious fires at Fashion City warehouses across the country. Sabrina poses as a wacky French lady and convinces Joseph Watson, owner of Fashion City, to hire her as a designer. Bosley and Kris go undercover as a hilarious "mind-reading" act. Someone causes fire to come out of the shower backstage, nearly burning Kris. Kelly claims to be the daughter of a famous illusionist in order to get close to a magician named the Great Danzini and determine whether he is a suspect. Sabrina gets caught in a blaze at the Fashion City warehouse. Intrigued by the fact that the telephone had rung just before several of the fires, she investigates. She discovers that someone is rigging the phones with phosphorus, thereby starting the fires just by making a call. Sabrina fixes a sabotaged phone and observes it as part of a plan to catch the culprit. Kris sees Mary Ann Webb, Danzini's assistant, making the call from backstage during the "disappearing lady" trick. Mary Ann explains that her husband accepted money from companies to set "magic" fires as part of an insurance fraud scam. Watson double-crossed him and left him trapped in one of the fires, so Mary Ann began destroying his businesses as revenge. Watson finds Sabrina in his office and assumes that she is the one responsible for the fires. He ties her up and rigs the phone, leaving her for dead. Kelly and Kris arrive to pull Sabrina out of the blaze, and the police catch up to Watson. Kelly and Sabrina won't leave Kris alone after Charlie reveals that he was in the audience for her act.

    Kris: "Let me guess. Their bookings were all along the time that the Magic Man was..."
    Sabrina: "Don't say it!"
    Kelly: "Up to his old tricks."

    Kris: "Concentrate now, Zolton. I will try to steer you in the right direction."
    Bosley: "You are holding a side of beef!"

    Sabrina: "Someone stuffed a pyrophoric compound..."
    Kris: "Wait a minute. Pyra-what?"
    Bosley: "You shouldn't say words like that in public, Bri."

    b: 30 Nov 77 pc: 33 w: Lee Sheldon d: Leon Carrere

  37. "The Sammy Davis Jr. Kidnap Caper"
    gs: Sammy Davis Jr. [ Himself/Herbert Brubaker III ], Norman Alden [ Louis Fluellen ], Robert Pine [ Andy Price ], Altovise Davis [ Herself ], Marvin Kove [ Georgie ], Lee Jones De Breaux [ Leo Harris ], Harry Rhodes [ Ben Brody ], Natalie Core [ Mrs. Warren ], Betty McGuire [ Secretary ], Robert Hackman [ Tipsy Diner ]

    Sammy Davis Jr.'s manager hires the Angels for bodyguard duty after Sammy narrowly eludes multiple kidnap attempts. Sabrina and Kris have a run-in with the kidnappers during a charity event. Herbert Brubaker III, owner of the H&B Boozeterias, wins the celebrity look-alike contest because of his resemblance to Sammy. Herbert comes over to Sammy's house to take him up on his promise to let him drive one of his prized automobiles. The kidnappers mistake Herbert for Sammy and nab him. The Angels convince Sammy to lay low so that the kidnappers will believe they succeeded. They demand a $375,000 ransom for Sammy's return. Sabrina finds the dollar amount to be rather suspicious. Kris poses as a floozy and gains access to the office of Andy Price, Sammy's business manager. She discovers that he has embezzled a great deal of money to cover his debts, and agreed to help orchestrate the kidnapping to cover his tracks. After Bosley leaves with the ransom money, Sammy and his wife emerge and explain the case of mistaken identity. Kelly and Kris claim that an electronic tracking device was planted in the money, prompting Andy to take off to warn the kidnappers. The Angels trail him to their hideout, and Sammy insists on coming along because he feels responsible for Herbert's predicament. The kidnappers plan to kill Herbert, and decide they must do away with Andy after he objects. After Sammy distracts them, the Angels break in and subdue everyone. Sammy feels sorry for Andy and decides not to press charges against him. He invites the Angels to an opening, but they are horrified to discover that it is for Herbert's newest boozeteria.

    Kelly: "I understand, Mr. Davis. You prefer to be incognito."
    Herbert: "Don't you be talking no smut, girl. I'm a veteran!"

    Herbert: "Now who did you say you are again?"
    Kelly: "Well, at this moment, it's not definite."

    Kris (as Taffy): "He said that if he wasn't here, I should wait for him in his office so that people wouldn't get the wrong idea...What did he mean by that?"

    Herbert: "What do you mean, I'm worthless? I got a chain of liquor stores. What you got, chump?"

    b: 7 Dec 77 pc: 34 w: Ron Friedman d: Ronald Austin
  38. "Angels on Horseback"
    gs: Angel Tompkins [ Jean Trevor ], Woodrow Parfrey [ Sheriff Hayden ], William Phipps [ George Jackson ], James Sikking [ Joseph Frisch ], Ted Markland [ Ed Cole ], Louie Elias [ Sloan ], Buddy Joe Hooker [ Farrell ], Hal Riddle [ Ed Miller ]

    The Angels and Bosley head to the Sunwest Dude Ranch to investigate the death of Joseph Frisch, who was found murdered on the facility's bus. They pretend to be strangers, but camp foreman Ed Cole becomes suspicious when he sees them talking with the sheriff before boarding the bus. He places a burr under a horse's saddle, causing it to buck Sabrina. George Jackson, a sleazy private investigator who once worked for Charlie, calls two men and reports the location of one of the camp's guests. Bosley learns that Cole and ranch guest Jean Trevor were once employees of Frisch's company. Jean denies having ever met Frisch. Kelly overhears a scuffle in Cole's room, and someone shoves her out of the way as she enters. She finds that Cole has been murdered. Bosley is perplexed to see Jean embracing a man named Ed Miller, as she had reportedly been involved with Frisch. After much prompting, she finally admits that Frisch switched identities with Ed Miller because some of his mob associates are out to get him. He told Jean that he killed Miller in self-defense, but the man was actually just an innocent bystander. Frisch also murdered Cole because he had recognized Frisch and was trying to blackmail him. The mobsters show up in Frisch's room while Sabrina is talking with him, and take them both prisoners. They try to escape on horseback after the sheriff calls for a roadblock, but Kris and Kelly catch up to them. Kris wounds one of the men in a shootout; she isn't thrilled, but is able to handle it.

    Kelly: "What about Miss Trevor?"
    Bosley: "Well, she...I think she's attracted to me. Really. She said, 'I like the cut of your cloth.'"
    Sabrina: "She likes the...cut of your cloth?"
    Bosley: "Those were her very words. She said, 'I like the cut of your cloth.'"
    Kris: "Well, maybe she wants to borrow a shirt."

    Jean: "Well, you can't arrest a lady for being liberated."
    Kelly: "I didn't know we were talking about a lady."

    b: 21 Dec 77 pc: 35 w: Edward J. Lakso d: George W. Brooks

    NOTE: Kris shoots one of the gangsters, marking the second time she wounded someone during the series. At this point, she is the only Angel to have shot someone in an episode.
  39. "Game, Set, Death"
    gs: Bibi Besch [ Carrie Jo Evans ], Larry Block [ Arlo Spinner ], Seth Foster [ Ronnie Kyle ], Tiffany Bolling [ Helga Borne ], George Caldwell [ Eddie Fisk ], Lynda Beattie [ Sandy Keller ], Lee Terri [ Mrs. Hailey ], Randy Phillips [ Umpire ], Arthur Adams [ Bartender ], David T. Hayman [ Spectator ]

    A tennis player narrowly escapes severe burns when someone traps her in the showers. The incident drives away many of the entrants in that week's tournament. Kris, a former collegiate player, joins the field; while Sabrina and Kelly pose as a designer and model of tennis clothing. Mexican champion Carmita Medina is found murdered while meditating. A sniper fires several shots at Carrie Jo Evans, an aging star attempting a comeback. Sabrina and Kelly chase after the sniper, but cannot even tell if it is a man or woman. The investigation focuses on Ronnie Kyle, a player turned broadcaster who has become very bitter since losing a grudge match to Carrie Jo. Kris tries to bait him by challenging him to a match, and he storms out during the first game. However, Bosley discovers that Kyle is an old drunk who couldn't possibly have been fit enough to run away from Sabrina and Kelly. A rattlesnake attacks Helga, the Swedish champion. The culprit, Eddie Fisk, overhears the Angels telling her that they are detectives. Carrie Jo eavesdrops and learns that her sponsor, Arlo Spinner, has had Fisk arrange the "accidents" to drive away her competition. He believes that she will win the tournament and everyone will buy his rackets to emulate her. Carrie Jo approaches Sabrina and Kelly during her match and explains the situation. They head out to help Kris, who staves off an attack from Fisk in the locker room. Arlo manages to trick the Angels and hold them all at gunpoint, but Sabrina realizes that he won't personally kill anyone and convinces him to give himself up. Bosley agrees to a date with a woman who keeps staring at him as he conducts his towel boy duties.

    Kelly: "For birthdays or fun days, a perfect gift for your lady or business associate."
    Bosley: "No, Kelly. You cannot keep it."

    b: 4 Jan 78 pc: 36 w: Worley Thorne d: Georg Stanford Brown

    NOTE: The actress playing Carmita Medina is uncredited.
  40. "Hours of Desperation"
    gs: Stanley Kamel [ Denny Dinsmore ], Peter Palmer [ Fred Michaels ], John Quade [ Lester Brown ], Edward Power [ Clint Murdock ], Tom Clancy [ Williams ], Taurean Blacque [ Dr. Stevens ], Paul Sorenson [ Earl Jackson ], Sari Price [ Nurse Alice Johnson ], Barbara Baldavin [ Waitress ], Joe Petrullo [ Male Nurse ]

    Three men pull off a diamond heist, but one of them jumps out of the car and runs off with the loot. Ring leader Denny Dinsmore shoots him, and he manages to get himself to a hospital before collapsing. Dinsmore and his partner, Williams, show up at the office and hold Bosley and the Angels at gunpoint. Dinsmore forces Sabrina to wear a locking belt covered with charges; unless Kris and Kelly can find Murdock and retrieve the diamonds in ten hours, he will activate the device and kill Sabrina and Bosley. Murdock, who is very weak after having the bullet removed, leaves the hospital to meet a fence and sell the diamonds. Kelly and Kris force the security guards who aided with the theft to lead them to the motel where the exchange is to take place. They discover that Murdock has died and the diamonds are gone. Kelly and Charlie each call the office and make it seem as though Kris has vanished and plans to leave the country. Kelly tips off Sabrina and Bosley by saying that Kris abandoned her station wagon (she actually drives her sister's old Cobra), and Sabrina recognizes the name of the "company plane" Kris will be using as a street. Sabrina and Bosley convince the crooks that Kris has sold them out and accepted a partnership with Murdock. Sabrina points out that they can still stop her at the airport, and claims to have a shortcut. Kris and Kelly set up a roadblock. Sabrina conks the distracted Dinsmore over the head, giving herself enough time to jump into a nearby pond and deactivate the charges. Dinsmore and Williams are apprehended, and Interpol catches the fence at a French airport.

    b: 11 Jan 78 pc: 37 w: Ray Brenner d: Cliff Bole
  41. "Diamond in the Rough"
    gs: Dan O'Herlihy [ Freddie Brander ], Bert Remsen [ Brewster McFarland ], Sid Haid [ Reza ], Robert Perault [ Ali Salim ], René Enriquez [ Faris Salim ], Tony Giorgio [ Carl ], Rita Madero [ Cleo ], Michael Evans [ Maitre D'Hotel ], John Winston [ Hotel Clerk ]

    Two men take legendary jewel thief Freddie "The Fox" Brander prisoner and demand that he reveal the whereabouts of a priceless diamond. He escapes, and seeks the Angels' help to retrieve the stolen gem from a wealthy Arab and return it to a museum. He admits that he is looking for an exciting ending for his autobiography. They travel to a Caribbean island; where Freddie and Sabrina pose as a snooty lord and lady, with Kelly as their secretary. The men who had nabbed Freddie follow them and observe their every action. In order to get Kelly into Faris Salim's house, Bosley spreads a rumor about his secretary so that she will be let go. Freddie then fires Kelly in front of Salim at a restaurant; he quickly hires her. Kris "selflessly" makes a play for Salim's hunky son Ali, a car fanatic who disapproves of his father's ways. Salim invites Freddie and Sabrina to his birthday party, where they feign boredom so that he will show off the diamond. They furtively take photographs and notes about the various security measures; including guard dogs; security monitors; an alarm that is triggered if anyone makes contact with the floor; and a snake inside the glass case. Ali observes Kris's actions and realizes that she is planning to steal the diamond. She reveals her true motives, and asks him not to give them away. The Angels drug the dogs, and Kelly distracts the man on duty by dancing with him. Freddie takes ill and cannot go through with his part of the heist. Freddie's rivals approach him at gunpoint. Sabrina uses a blowtorch to cut through the bars surrounding the window, and Kris goes into the room on a rope and hangs above the diamond. She sticks a piece of metal into the case to distract the snake while she snares the diamond. Salim's right-hand man sees them running across the lawn, but Kelly steals his sub-automatic machine gun so that she can make her getaway. Ali comes to Freddie's rescue and kisses Kris goodbye before the Angels flee.

    Ali: "Should we try it?"
    Kris: "Try what?"
    Ali: "The car."

    Kelly: "Bosley, how can you make up such a story? You don't even know Salim's secretary."
    Bosley: "I got it from the bell boy, who got it straight from Salim's gardener."

    Bosley: "Freddie, I read the proofs on the book. I enjoyed it."
    Freddie: "Did you really?"
    Sabrina: "Oh yes. So did I. Especially the part where you ran along the roof of the Salim mansion, you lowered yourself down with a rope and picked the diamond out with your teeth."
    Kelly: "I liked the part where you made a loop out of your tie and caught the snake."
    Kris: "I particularly liked that part."

    b: 18 Jan 78 pc: 38 w: Brian McKay, Ronald Austin, James D. Buchanan s: Brian McKay d: Ronald Austin
  42. "Angels in the Backfield"
    gs: Gary Wood [ Joe Phillips ], Nancy Fox [ Amy Jarvis ], Patch MacKenzie [ Julia Smyth ], Garn Stephens [ Elizabeth Mary "Pokey" Jefferson ], L.Q. Jones [ Dan Jarvis ], Heidi Von Beltz [ Grinelda ], Saundra Sharp [ Hilda ], Larry Huffman [ Football Announcer ]

    Amy Jarvis, player/owner of a women's professional football team, seeks the Angels' help after two thugs on motorcycles attack one of her players on the practice field. Her team, the Ducks, is scheduled to play an exhibition game at the Los Angeles Coliseum the following week. Charlie notes that Sabrina and Kelly once took part on a police football team, and instructs the Angels to go undercover as members of the Ducks. Julia Smyth, owner of the Ducks' opponent, tries to recruit quarterback Sabrina for her team. Sabrina notices that Julia rides a motorcycle, and suspects that she might be involved in the attack. Kelly and Kris hope to wrap up the case before the game so that they don't have to play, while Sabrina wants to teach the overconfident Julia a lesson. A mean-spirited woman named Grinelda continually takes cheap shots at Kris during practice. She taunts Kris and nearly baits her into a fight, but Kelly shows up and kicks her ass. Bosley develops a rapport with Pokey, a receiver who often becomes confused on the field because she suffers from dyslexia. Kelly befriends Joe Phillips, a washed-up ex-jock who frequently attends the Ducks' practices. The motorcyclists attack Kelly and Joe in a parking lot after their lunch date. Kelly draws a sketch of one of the bikes, and Bosley tracks down the name of individuals who have recently purchased that model. Kelly and Kris visit a garage, only to discover Joe and some friends leaving in a van. Kris finds a blueprint of the Coliseum on the premises. They realize that Joe and his friends are planning to steal the proceeds from the previous night's rock concert. They tried to scare the Ducks so that the game would be cancelled or moved, leaving the stadium vacant. After foiling the heist, the Angels learn that Grinelda and Julia are old friends; Grinelda was obviously planted to steal the Ducks' plays. The Angels take the field with a 13-point deficit and under two minutes to play. They thwart Grinelda by changing plays amongst themselves after leaving the huddle. Kelly scores a touchdown, and Kris recovers the kick-off after Sabrina convinces Grinelda that she is going to attempt an onside kick. Sabrina finally calls a pass play to Pokey, aware that she will run the wrong direction and be left open. She scores a touchdown with no time remaining, and Amy kicks the winning extra point and gains the approval of her gruff father.

    b: 25 Jan 78 pc: 39 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Georg Stanford Brown
  43. "The Sandcastle Murders"
    gs: Alan Feinstein [ Dave Christopher ], Melissa Converse [ Melissa Rossiter ], John Crawford [ Lt. Francona ], Bibi Osterwald [ Mabel ], Hunter Von Leer [ Hank ], Melody Thomas [ Betsy Harper ], Steve Sandor [ Ovie Gerson ], Jason Evers [ Larry Fallon ], Sheila Smith [ Leslie ], Cis Rundle [ Girl on Beach ]

    Betsy Harper, a girl who lives on the beach near Kris's house, approaches her in a panic. She hints that she has information about a crime, but refuses to elaborate and runs off. Despite Bosley's objections, Charlie agrees to Kris's request that they postpone a lucrative case and try to help Betsy. Kelly and Kris return to the beach, but find that Betsy has become the latest victim of a serial murderer known as the "sandcastle killer." They get harassed by Lt. Francona, Charlie's former partner on the force, who is extremely bitter over Charlie's success. Kris and Kelly talk with Melissa Rossiter, the president of the makeup company that employed Betsy, who sometimes gave her a place to stay. They are surprised to learn that Melissa is engaged to employee Larry Fallon, as a lifeguard had told Kelly that Fallon had recently been involved with Betsy. While working the hamburger stand, Bosley spots Gerson, a man who had upset Betsy by spying on her through binoculars. Kris and beach security guard Dave Christopher trail Gerson to the Santa Monica pier and look through his van. Sabrina gets a job at the cosmetics firm in order to get close to Larry, and finds that he is not a suspect in the murders. She learns that Melissa is married to Dave, who hopes to get a large piece of her company in the divorce settlement. Gerson attacks Kris at her beach house, but Sabrina and Kelly arrive to help. Dave shows up conveniently and hauls Gerson into jail. The next day, Lt. Francona smugly warns Kris that Gerson made bail. Sabrina notes the victims' physical resemblance to Melissa and suspects that Dave plans to kill her and take her fortune; he arranged the other murders so that her death would appear to be the work of a serial killer. Melissa believes her theory is crazy, as Dave has just agreed to grant the divorce. Melissa meets Dave at the vacant pier amusement park, where she finds that Gerson is dead. Dave gloats that he will murder Melissa; then tells everyone that he captured the "sandcastle killer," but killed him in a struggle. The Angels emerge and pursue him. He falls into the water after Bosley shoots him, but Sabrina dives in and saves him.

    b: 1 Feb 78 pc: 40 w: Robert C. Dennis, Skip Webster, Jock MacKelvie, Ronald Austin, James D. Buchanan s: Robert C. Dennis d: George McCowan

    NOTE: Bosley shoots someone for the first time in the series.

  44. "Angel Blues"
    gs: Bess Gatewood [ Amy Waters ], Gary Bisig [ Lenny ], Bill Quinn [ Ted Waters ], Andy Jarrell [ Eban Stone ], Vincent Schiavelli [ Freddie ], Steve Gravers [ Cooperman ], Herb Braha [ Hank ], Lou Picetti [ John Donegar ], Tim Rossovich [ Taylor ]

    Country singer Amy Waters abruptly leaves a concert after suffering a nervous breakdown. She rides around town in a cab for a while, but stops to call her father. She tells him that she wants to come home, and adds that she has some information for the police. When Amy arrives at her father's place, two acquaintances grab her and inject her with heroin, killing her. Charlie finds Amy's overdose suspicious and asks the Angels to investigate. Kris poses as a country music reporter and asks the cab driver, Lenny, to show her all of the stops that Amy made on the night of her death. Kelly and Sabrina follow in their cars and check out each of the locations. Kelly confronts Amy's guitarist boyfriend, who beat her up after she ordered him to leave the apartment for which she paid rent. The men who killed Amy murder her boyfriend, and then begin following Kelly. Sabrina confronts a mobster named Cooperman and accuses him of forcibly taking over the rights to Amy's songwriting publishing company. His henchman follows Sabrina to an apartment building and shoots at her. The building is the residence of John Donegar, Amy's manager. He admits that he used his power of attorney to sell the publishing company without permission (under coercion), and agrees to turn himself in so that the police will protect him from Cooperman. Kelly ditches the guy following her, and then has Sabrina trail him. She follows him to a laundromat, where he and his friend remove a soap machine. When Lenny overhears Kris talking with Bosley on the phone, he pulls a gun on her. Bosley notes a discrepancy in the mileage of the cab trip and realizes that Lenny purposely left a stop out of his log. Kelly and Sabrina follow the killers to their rendezvous with Lenny, and bail out Kris. After subduing the men, they discover that the soap machine is filled with packets of cocaine. They were involved in an elaborate drug-dealing scheme, and Amy had threatened to blow the whistle. They killed her boyfriend because he was another of their customers and knew too much.

    b: 8 Feb 78 pc: 41 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Georg Stanford Brown

    NOTE: Edward J. Lakso wrote Amy Waters' signature song "Trippin' to the Mornin'," which is performed by Lynne Marta.
  45. "Mother Goose is Running for His Life"
    gs: Murray Matheson [ Leland Swinnerton ], Gilbert Green [ Tony Phelan ], Clifford David [ Gordon Roclair ], Don Knight [ Jack Orwell ], Bobbi Jordan [ Donna ], Holly Irving [ Mrs. Cooley ], Eldon Quick [ Designer ], Vincent Duke Milana [ Larry Wilkes ], John Roselius [ Motorcycle Cop ]

    Toy manufacturer Leland Swinnerton (a.k.a. Mother Goose) seeks the Angels' help after someone begins sabotaging his company as part of a takeover attempt. The Angels suspect an inside job, so Sabrina goes to the factory as a wealthy businessman's daughter hoping to learn the toy business. Gordon Roclair, a brilliant designer who often clashes with Leland because the boss discourages his fascination with "horror toys," suspects that Sabrina is trying to arrange a takeover. He tells her that the business will soon fail. A wire-tapper breaks into the factory and is found mysteriously shot to death in the design room. Kelly and Kris approach the man's opportunistic fiancé and pay her off. She reveals that Larry was working for Tony Phelan, a mobster who wants to purchase the toy company for use as a front. Kris flies onto Tony's property in a hang glider and wins his approval. Kelly approaches Larry's replacement, Jack Orwell, and convinces him to go into a partnership. They record Sabrina arranging to sell Leland's new designs to Gordon. Tony calls Gordon over to the house and orders him to get the plans and sell them to him. Kris eavesdrops and learns that Larry was killed by a realistic toy cannon designed by Gordon, who had rigged it with the hopes of shooting Leland. Jack kidnaps Kelly after Donna sells her out and gives away her identity. Kelly runs a red light to attract the attention of the police, and gets pulled over. Jack throws the gun out the window and tries to refute Kelly's kidnapping claim; but Bosley approaches with the discarded weapon. After Tony obtains the plans from Sabrina, Kris (dressed as a giant doll) pulls a switch to make it appear that he double-crossed Tony. Sabrina, Kelly and Bosley approach and suggest that he give himself up, but he refuses. He tries to escape the furious Tony and his associate by dashing into the design room, forgetting that he had rigged his cannon in another attempt to kill Leland. He passes out; unaware that Kris had plugged the cannon with her gum. Leland gives the Angels dolls of themselves to thank them for saving his business.

    (Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies plays)
    Bosley: "If he plays that one more time, I'm going to require insulin!"

    Leland: "Lately I have been thinking I should get out of the toy business and get into something similar, like cuckoo clocks."
    Bosley: "If you did, the Swiss would probably send a hit man."

    b: 15 Feb 78 pc: 42 w: Del Reisman, Ronald Austin, James D. Buchanan s: Del Reisman d: George McCowan
  46. "Little Angels of the Night"
    gs: Paul Cavonis [ Roman Vail ], Jeffry Druce [ Freddie ], Denise Galik [ Bonnie ], Tara Tyson [ Mary Thomas ], Grayce Spence [ Dolly Smith ], Kutée [ Melanie ], Rod Colbin [ Dr. Eggars ], Mike Warren [ Lt. Mathews ], James Mitchell [ Jim Walker ], Joy Garrett [ Carol ], Shauna Sullivan [ Terry Jones ]

    A woman who runs a building that is mainly populated by hookers seeks Charlie's help after two of her tenants are murdered. The Angels move into the building, while Bosley grudgingly takes a job as the maintenance man. A resident named Melanie insists that the culprit is Freddie, a strange and temperamental delivery boy from the Italian restaurant across the street. The killer attacks another girl, but Kris and Kelly save her. Sabrina notes that all of the victims have been blondes and suspects a pattern. They contact an expert psychologist, who theorizes that the murderer is killing look-alikes to deal with his aggression toward a woman in his life. Kris agrees to a meeting on a yacht with one of the victims' former clients. He acts strangely and complains about his wife, but does not attempt to harm her. Roman Vail, owner of the restaurant that employs Freddie, strangles another of the apartment building's residents and leaves Freddie's shark tooth necklace at the scene. Freddie gets into an altercation with Melanie and is found hiding in the apartment of a woman who is on vacation. He denies any involvement in the killings. Sabrina and Kelly note that he cannot be the murderer because Melanie is African American and does not fit into the pattern. They conclude that he has been set up. Kris, who had gone to the restaurant to wait for Freddie, sees Roman throw a fit of anger after a blonde customer repeatedly rejects him. She sees scratches on his neck and realizes that he received them from a victim who tried to defend herself. Kris has to fight off an attack until her friends arrive. The Angels and Bosley chase Roman on bicycles until he crashes into a car. They learn from his ramblings that the woman at the restaurant was his ex-wife, Mary.

    Sabrina: "I have a bad back. I'm supposed to stay off...I mean on my feet."
    Carol: "What about you, Kelly?"
    Kelly: "Uh, I have a terrible cold." (Sneezes.)
    Sabrina: "You should probably put on a sweater, or a wrap."

    Sabrina: "You notice anything about these two girls that were killed? They're both blondes, and so's Bonnie."
    Kelly: "Well, half the girls in America are blondes, or trying to be."

    Sabrina: "Who said blondes have more fun?"
    Kris (ruefully): "Yeah."

    Kris: "If the boat leaves the dock, I'm gonna jump ship. Can you 'jump yacht'?"

    b: 22 Feb 78 pc: 43 w: Mickey Rose d: Georg Stanford Brown
  47. "The Jade Trap"
    gs: Barry Bostwick [ Ted Machlin ], Victoria Shaw [ Julie Redmond ], Irene Hervey [ Samantha McKendrick ], Dirk Benedict [ Denny Railsback ], Lurlene Tuttle [ Mrs. Machlin ], Joan Leslie [ Catherine ], Jack Kosslyn [ Clerk ], Thomas Bellin [ Man ], Nancy Penoyer [ Wife ]

    A gigolo murders his older girlfriend after she cuts him loose and reneges on a promise to help pay off a loan on his boat. A jewel thief overhears the argument, and the murderer gets a good look at his face before he makes his escape. The owner of the residential hotel where the crime occurred enlists the Angels' services. She reports that the building has suffered mysterious break-ins for three years, but no one had ever been hurt. Kris poses as a Swedish film star and moves into the facility, while Kelly pretends to be from a wealthy New Orleans family. She takes a liking to Ted Machlin, unaware that he is the jewel thief. Sabrina re-creates the burglaries by going to the roof and swinging down along the side of the building. Denny knocks out Bosley and tries to cut Sabrina's rope, but she escapes into someone's apartment. Kris takes sailing lessons from Denny, who panics after seeing Ted walking down the street with Kelly. He promptly steals a car and tries to run them over at the beach. Bosley trails Machlin's mother and discovers that she secretly works for a security company, where she has access to all of the hotel's safe combinations. Kris arranges an auction to sell the jade collection supposedly left by her dead fourth husband. Ted discovers that Kelly lied about her identity, but she claims to be a museum buyer looking to get a good deal on the collection. Bosley is supposed to rig the auction so that Kelly will win, but he gets carried away and somehow lets someone else buy Charlie's jade. Ted is caught trying to steal the jade from Kris's apartment that night. In exchange for a more lenient punishment, he agrees to help them catch Denny and force him to confess.

    Mrs. Machlin: "The clientele here is not what it used to be."

    Charlie: "Would she think I'm too vulgar if I dunk my crumpet in the tea?"
    Sabrina: "Only if you leave it there, Charlie."

    Mrs. Machlin: "My son has always had bad luck with women!"

    b: 1 Mar 78 pc: 44 w: Lee Sheldon s: Tom Lazarus d: George McCowan
  48. "Angel on the Run"
    gs: Don Reid [ Larry Kantrelle ], Carole Mallory [ Rosie ], Belinda Balaski [ Sue Kantrelle ], Bill Duke [ David Pearl ], Alex Courtney [ Taylor ], Elaine Joyce [ Nancy Coleman ], Judy Landers [ Mrs. Chicken ], Maurice Sneed [ Blackjack ], Fred Kareman [ Mel ], David Chow [ Mace ], Craig T. Nelson [ Stone ], Sy Kramer [ Roger ]

    A car gets sideswiped at a red light. Panicked by the presence of the police, one of the passengers gets out and hides a package in the back of a dump truck. The dump truck driver later goes to a small club to watch his wife, Sue, make her singing debut. Two men show up and kidnap him. A worried Sue asks the Angels to help find Larry, as he hasn't been in contact with any friends or relatives. The kidnappers come to Sue's apartment and try to break in; they see Kelly strumming a guitar and mistake her for Sue. The Angels convince Sue to leave town for safety reasons and let Kelly impersonate her. Sabrina and Kris talk with one of Larry's co-workers and learn that he was having affairs with most of his female clients. Sabrina visits the farm of Nancy Coleman, a paramour of Larry's who has a very dangerous husband. Nancy denies that her husband had anything to do with Larry's disappearance. She takes offense to Sabrina's questions and tries to run her over with a tractor. Kris talks with Rosie, the diner proprietor whom Larry was coming to see when the car accident occurred. The owner of a nearby dress shop reports seeing the package dropped into the truck. Just before Kelly's singing debut, two other men hit Bosley over the head and kidnap Kelly from backstage. She convinces Larry to play along and pretend that she is his wife. They refuse to share the location of the package unless the kidnappers take them along. The foursome reveals that it pulled off a heist for five million dollars in diamonds. The group travels to Nancy's farm, where Kelly tells her about Larry's various escapades. Sabrina, Kris and Bosley search the other drop sites and realize that the package had to have been left at Nancy's place. They borrow a neighbor's truck and show up disguised as hillbillies. They overpower the kidnappers and find the diamonds buried in the dirt pile.

    Kris: "There's a direct correlation between a woman's chest and a man's ears."
    Sabrina: "I have not heard this theory before."
    Kelly: "Neither have I."
    Kris: "Well, you see, the lower the neckline, the more tone-deaf they are."

    Sabrina: "You know what? I take it back. I don't like your tractor at all!"

    Kelly: "You heard of the good guys and the bad guys?"
    Nancy: "Yeah. I made some of them what they are."
    Kelly: "I'll bet you did."

    Kelly: "Sort of makes you wanna hum the wedding march."
    Nancy: "Not anymore it doesn't!"

    Bosley: "If he hasn't picked up the instrument, what has he been doing? Strike the question."

    b: 3 May 78 pc: 45 w: Edward J. Lakso s: Laurie Lakso d: Bob Kelljan

    NOTE: The sign outside the Backwoods Café mentions a performance by The Lakso Trio, a reference to Edward J. Lakso and daughter Laurie, who contributed the story idea for this episode.
  49. "Antique Angels"
    gs: Edward Bell [ Greeves ], Joseph Hacker [ Carl Nichols ], Kenneth Tigar'[ Danner ], Chuck Winters [ Jeffers ], Ken Scott [ Slade ], Sandy Ward [ Ed Stone ], Borah Silver [ Doc Hendricks ], Mala Powers [ Martha Harriman ], Rick Casorla [ Joe Marshall ], Richard Milholland [ Trask ]

    Some men convince a security guard to open a gate by pretending to film a movie. They shoot him to death and break into the building; where they steal libidrium, a highly radioactive fuel. The head of the facility seeks the Angels' help to locate the thieves and keep them from selling the libidrium to a foreign power. Sabrina notices unusual tire tracks at the scene of the crime, and realizes that they came from an old-fashioned car. The Angels and Bosley acquire a car from Charlie and head for an antique car rally in nearby Termo. While searching for a car with tires matching the tracks found at the crime scene, Sabrina encounters Carl Nichols, an uptight young man who freaks out when she tries to look at his engine. Bosley later reveals that Nichols is an ex-convict. Bosley meets a charming woman, but fears that she is up to something when a computer check shows that she lied about her name. He later learns that she is an affluent widow who wants to hide her wealth from potential suitors until they know each other better. Kelly pays the opportunistic rally director for a look at the sign-up sheet. Two men shoot and kill him. Kelly discovers that the arrival times of two of the entries--including Nichols--have been forged. Nichols finally confesses that he has rigged his engine in the hopes of winning the race and taking the $5000 prize money. Kris snoops around the other suspects' car and discovers the libidrium fastened to the bottom. She gets caught and is held hostage. Bosley, Kelly and Sabrina chase after the thieves in Nichols' car. Kris struggles with the men to distract them during the shootout, and the Angels eventually force the car off the road. The thieves had joined the race to get through the roadblocks set up by the Angels' client and conclude a deal off the coast.

    Kris: "I hate my hat!"

    b: 10 May 78 pc: 46 w: Edward J. Lakso s: Lee Travis d: Leon Carrere

    NOTE: There were 19 character deaths during the second season.

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    3rd Season 1978

  50. "Angels in Vegas (1)"
    gs: Dean Martin [ Frank Howell ], Scatman Crothers [ Jib Baker ], Vic Morrow [ Mark Hanes ], Dick Sargent [ Marty Cole ], Michael Conrad [ Ed Slocum ], Lee Travis [ Joan Wells ], Herbert Edelman [ Joey January ], James Hong [ Professor Perkins ], Rita Alexander [ Mary Phillips ], Ron Rondell [ Case ], Patti Pivaar [ Daphne ], Gary Brockette [ Dean Williams ], Eddie Lo Russo [ Gus ], Sid Conrad [ Dr. Hinton ]

    Frank Howell, owner of the Tropicana casino in Las Vegas, seeks the Angels' help after two of his employees are killed. He mentions other mysterious happenings, and suspects that someone is out to get him. Sabrina poses as his assistant, and they quickly begin falling for each other. Kelly wins a spot in the chorus line and befriends Joan Wells, the dance captain and roommate of one of the victims, Mary Phillips. Kris gets a job as a backup singer for Marty Cole. He mentions that she bears a striking resemblance to his late wife. Someone in a black truck fires a shot at comedian Joey January. Frank believes that the incident was staged, as the disgruntled Joey is trying to use it to get out of his contract. Kelly notes that Joan seems to bristle at the mention of Mark Hanes, manager of a nearby casino. She goes to Hanes' establishment and meets him, claiming to be an old friend of Mary Phillips. She tests his reaction by claiming that her mother is sending her a letter in which Mary described the source of her recent unhappiness. A man who uses a calculator to predict the odds of dice games wins a ton of money at the Tropicana. The driver of the black truck runs over Frank's good friend, Jib Baker, in the parking lot. After Frank and Sabrina visit Jib, Marty Cole sneaks in and injects something into his IV.

    Frank: "I'm sure of only one thing, and that's winning. And that you and I are gonna be more than just friends. But that you already know, don't you, Sabrina?"
    Sabrina: "I might have known it before you did."

    b: 13 Sep 78 pc: 47A w: Edward J. Lakso d: Bob Kelljan

    NOTE: Edward J. Lakso wrote and performed "One for the Dealer," the song heard during Marty Cole's act.

    The opening credits feature footage of Las Vegas, and the usual shots of the cast are replaced by scenes taken from this episode (without Charlie's monologue). The four main guest stars are also included in the main credits, complete with photographs (similar to the way guest stars are introduced on The Love Boat).

  51. "Angels in Vegas (2)"
    gs: Dean Martin [ Frank Howell ], Scatman Crothers [ Jib Baker ], Vic Morrow [ Mark Hanes ], Dick Sargent [ Marty Cole ], Michael Conrad [ Ed Slocum ], Lee Travis [ Joan Wells ], Herbert Edelman [ Joey January ], James Hong [ Professor Perkins ], Ron Rondell [ Case ], Sid Conrad [ Dr. Hinton ], Lionel Decker [ Dr. Jarvis ], Robert Urich [ Dan Tana ]

    Jib dies of respiratory failure. Sabrina notices strange footprints in his hospital room. Kelly is continually followed by a thug-for-hire named Ed Slocum. Kelly learns that Hanes had been romantically involved with Mary Phillips, but she broke things off because he scared her. Bosley takes a spill on a golf cart behind Slocum's car to prevent him from trailing Kelly as she goes to see Hanes. She accuses him of forcing Mary off the road and killing her. The professor continues to accumulate huge winnings at the craps table, with Slocum at his side for protection. Sabrina tries to convince Frank to take the loss, to no avail. She does manage to coax him into going out for a picnic with Kris and Marty. Someone fires shots from a speedboat. They nearly catch up to the culprits, but Marty covertly sabotages the boat and cuts off their engine. Hanes meets with Marty and congratulates him for orchestrating Frank's apparent downfall. However, Hanes threatens to kill him if he learns that he was to blame for Mary's death. Frank tries to fire the Angels for their own safety after learning that Sabrina was the gunman's intended target. A suspicious Marty kidnaps Kris at gunpoint and takes her to his house. He confesses to all of the murders, explaining that he wanted revenge on Frank for his wife's death. Marty was certain that they were going to have an affair, and Leslie drove away and crashed her car after an argument. Marty believes that she killed herself for some reason. Kelly, Sabrina and Bosley become concerned by Kris's disappearance, and Joan reports seeing her leave with Marty. They ambush Slocum, and Kelly threatens to kill him unless he takes them to Kris. Slocum tries to warn Marty, but Kris throws his driver/bodyguard through a window and escapes. Marty and Slocum try to come after the Angels in his truck; Sabrina shoots out the tires and forces them to crash. Despite Sabrina's pleas, Frank insists on giving the professor one final hand, with the entire casino as the stakes. The professor loses, much to the chagrin of Frank's enemies. Before heading home, the Angels meet handsome local private eye Dan Tana.

    Kelly: "You're Dan Tana."
    Kris: "You're Dan Tana?"
    Kelly: "I just said that."
    Dan: "Yeah. I told Bos I wanted to take you all out to dinner while you were in town."
    Kelly: "Bosley, you didn't tell us."
    Bosley: "Look, I did. I mean, I tried. I mean, I begged!"
    Dan: "Well, uh, maybe next time."
    Kris: "Maybe tonight. We could take a later plane."
    Kelly: "Right. Or, you know, maybe you could fly back on the plane with us."

    Kelly: "Bosley, why you didn't tell us?"
    Bosley: "I did!"
    Kelly: "No, you didn't."
    Bosley: "I did too!"
    Kris: "Now wait a minute. You told us, but you didn't tell us."

    b: 13 Sep 78 pc: 47B w: Edward J. Lakso d: Bob Kelljan

    NOTE: Robert Urich guest-stars as Dan Tana, lead character from the Spelling-Goldberg series Vega$, which had just debuted in the fall of 1978.
  52. "Angel Come Home"
    gs: Stephen Collins [ Steve Carmody ], Bill Vint [ Danny Bligh ], Jackie Stewart [ Himself ], Dolly Martin [ Andrea Lassiter ], Horst Bucholz [ Paul Ferrino ], Martin Azarow [ George Danforth ]

    rc: Jill

    Jill returns to Los Angeles after receiving an emergency telegram supposedly sent by Kris. She gets a message asking her to meet Paul Ferrino, an ex-boyfriend who once gave her a job on his racing team, in a parking lot. Paul claims not to have sent the message, and suspects that someone is using her to find him. Jill takes off on the back of Paul's motorcycle without telling her sister or friends where she is going. Paul shows off his new car, which has a super turbo-charged engine that burns far less fuel than the average car. He hopes to receive a patent for his invention and become wealthy, but needs Jill to drive it in the U.S. Grand Prix to prove that it is safe. Jill runs into her fiancé, Steve Carmody, who has followed her back from Europe. Paul's car suddenly bursts into flames, injuring mechanic Danny Bligh. The fire is quickly extinguished, but Paul suspects sabotage. Kris is shocked to see a woman named Andrea Lassiter kissing Steve at a press conference; but Steve immediately confesses the incident to Jill and insists that he has no interest in Andrea. Kelly, posing as a magazine reporter, pries information about Paul's enemies from Danny. A background check reveals that Steve has heavy gambling debts and once got into a fight with Paul after the latter cheated in a race. Sabrina follows Steve and snaps photographs of him having a clandestine meeting with Danny. Steve freely answers Kris's questions about his past, but flips out after she presents the photograph. The Angels follow him to the raceway, where he takes Paul's car out onto the track. They discover that he was testing the car to ease his fears about Jill driving it in the race. As he brings the car back in, it explodes and kills him. Danny informs Andrea that he is going on the lam. While Kris tries to console a devastated Jill, the others track down Danny. Bosley hitches his trailer and drives it to the police station, and Sabrina and Kelly jump inside and demand some answers. Danny reveals that he built two bombs, under orders from Paul. Paul was the one who planted the bombs. His invention had failed, so he decided to blow up the car (staging the earlier explosion so that he could claim sabotage) and get a grant to start over. Jill overhears Paul and Andrea discussing their plot. Paul chases her, but Kelly and Sabrina show up and stop him. Kris, Kelly and Sabrina offer Jill their love and support; and cheer her a little by putting together a picnic on the beach and making fun of Bosley.

    b: 20 Sep 78 pc: 48 w: Stephen Kandell d: Paul Stanley
  53. "Angel on High"
    gs: Bert Freed [ Jonathan Stambler ], Don Reid [ Harmon ], Johnny Seven [ Fenton ], Michael Goodwin [ Bill Freeman ], Lee Terri [ Evelyn Wales ], Ben Hamnor [ George Faylon ], Bill Zucker [ Jake Meadows ], Gloria Manners [ Joan Freeman ], Ben Young [ Joseph Markle ], Annalee Jefferies [ Clerk ], Billie Perkins [ Waitress ], Larry Huffman [ Reno Air Show Announcer ]

    Joan Freeman is accidentally struck by a car and killed while crossing a street in tiny Caines Corners, California. During her funeral, two men torch the county records office in order to destroy her files. Jonathan Stambler contacts the Angels for help locating Joan's son, Bill. Joan had suddenly broken off their engagement 35 years earlier, and Stambler suspects that she had been pregnant with his child. The Angels go to Caines Corners to investigate, and are confronted by a man on Joan's property. He is shot to death moments later, and the Angels are able to identify him as an employee of Brockhurst Industries, a corporation with syndicate ties. Sabrina flies to New York to meet with George Faylon, CEO of Brockhurst Industries. She learns that Joan was the daughter of the company founder, but cut all ties to her father because she objected to his lifestyle. Sabrina theorizes that Faylon didn't want the employee to find Bill because he is the potential heir to the company. One of the men who torched the records office follows Sabrina to New York and takes a shot at her. Kelly, Kris and Bosley fly to Reno to see Bill take part in an air show. Kelly meets lone wolf Bill and quickly develops a connection with him, but Stambler objects to her refusal to immediately tell Bill the purpose of her mission. The other man responsible for the fire hits on Kris in order to stay close to her and monitor the investigation. Evelyn Wales, Stambler's nurse and personal assistant, is actually behind the fire and attempt on Sabrina's life. Fearing that she is about to lose her claim on Stambler's estate, she orders the men to kill Kelly, Kris and Bill. They take the trio prisoner, but Bill overpowers one of their captors and Sabrina and Bosley help apprehend the men. They quickly reveal their connection to Miss Wales. Despite Kelly's pleas, Bill insists on leaving town instead of meeting Stambler and undergoing tests to find out if they are father and son. Stambler is heartbroken, but concludes that Bill will eventually have a change of heart.

    Kelly: "I've been to about 10,000 feet. I've been upside down, down side up, front ways, back ways, some ways I can't explain. I drank wine from a paper cup under a tree in a meadow, named an airplane, came home."
    Kris: "Oh! And what did you do for excitement?"

    Kris: "You know the heavy date I told you about? A little heavier than I figured."

    b: 27 Sep 78 pc: 49 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Larry Doheny
  54. "Angels in Springtime"
    gs: Joan Hotchkis [ Dr. Slavin ], Nancy Parsons [ Zora Stafford ], Pat Delany [ Ingrid Nyberg ], Amy Stryker [ Eve Perkins ], Marie Windsor [ Eve Le Deux ], Mercedes McCambridge [ Norma Powers ], Bobbie Breese [ Amy O'Toole ], Tracie Hunt [ Guard ]

    Acclaimed actress Eve Le Deux is electrocuted in a hot tub at a women's only spa, supposedly because of bad wiring. Her niece suspects foul play, noting that Eve's memoirs were not found among her personal effects. Sabrina and Kris join the facility's staff; and receive a less than warm welcome from their new boss, Ingrid. Physical therapist Zora catches Kris snooping around and threatens her. Kelly arrives as a guest, and notes that her room is bugged and equipped with a peephole. Actress Norma Powers, a charming but cantankerous guest who was one of Eve's closest friends, warns Kris that Ingrid has given away her true identity. Someone locks Kris inside the steam room and tries to kill her, but Kelly saves her. When he is unable to get a message to Sabrina, Bosley poses as an electrician to gain entry to the spa. He informs her that Zora has threatened and bribed staff member Amy O'Toole, the last person to see Eve alive, to get her to keep quiet about what she may have seen. The doctor tries to hypnotize Kelly to get her to reveal information about possible scandals in her life. When she attempts to give her an injection of truth serum, Kelly puts her in a headlock. The doctor reveals that she and Zora have been blackmailing the guests. However, Eve was not among their victims. Norma actually murdered Eve to prevent her from publishing incriminating facts about her, as she couldn't handle the shame. She pays Zora to track down the manuscript. Zora catches Kris searching for the book, and she and Norma bury her under a series of herbal wrap treatments. Kelly, Sabrina and Bosley burst in just as the duo is about to smother her. Norma makes a break for it, but Kelly and Sabrina catch her. They are surprised when she gets out of her wheelchair and tries to run. They later learn that she sprained her ankle several years ago, and continued to use the wheelchair because she liked the attention. Eve's niece shows the Angels a photo of Charlie on the stage with her aunt, but his face is hidden by a mask.

    Sabrina: "What about Kelly?"
    Charlie: "Somebody has to be a guest."
    Kris: "Teacher's pet."
    Kelly: "I'll wave to you."

    Kris (to Norma): "Are you sure you're in the theater, and not the mafia?"

    Kelly: "Not only is my room bugged, but there's a peephole."
    Kris: "I'd undress in the closet if I were you."

    b: 11 Oct 78 pc: 50 w: William Froug d: Larry Stewart
  55. "Winning is for Losers"
    gs: Jamie Lee Curtis [ Linda Frye ], Gary Bisig [ Bill Montclair ], Casey Kasem [ Tom Rogers ], Ray Wise [ Evan Victor Wilcox ], George Pentecost [ George Ritlin ], E.J. Peaker [ Donna Dawson ], Buck Young [ Bartender ], Rita Gomez [ Chambermaid ]

    Kris goes to watch her longtime friend, Linda Frye, play in a professional golf tournament. A sniper takes a shot at Linda at the close of the round, and she admits that someone has been trying to force her to withdraw. The Angels check into the hotel near the course to watch over Linda, and someone throws a brick through her window. Bosley strikes up a conversation with Donna Dawson, a veteran player who is Linda's chief rival for the tourney title. She admits that she would do anything to win the prestigious event for a third time. Kris and Linda go to stay at her secluded childhood home. The individuals harassing Linda transport alligators from a nearby swamp to put in the creek, and sabotage a bridge. Kris has to wrestle an alligator until Bill Montclair, Linda's manager and attorney, arrives to help them. Sabrina catches a strange man in an army jacket eavesdropping as Linda and the Angels talk at the hotel. He has been lurking around for days, but claims that he is just a fan in search of an autograph. Bill objects too strongly when Sabrina questions the man. He is actually one of two men whom Bill owes a great deal of money. After he tells them that he cannot get Linda to withdraw from the tournament, they order him to kill her during the final round. He refuses, and gets shot to death in a scuffle after threatening to contact the police. Linda considers quitting the tourney, but eventually decides to keep playing. Bosley accuses Donna of hiring hit men to take out Linda, but she adamantly insists that she would not want to play without strong competition. The Angels thwart the killers' attempt to take out Linda, and she makes the winning putt on the 18th hole. Bill had borrowed money from the duo to help pay the estate taxes on Linda's house, with the promise that she would sell it to them later for a good price. They were trying to prevent her from becoming a successful golfer so that she could afford to keep the place.

    b: 18 Oct 78 pc: 51 w: Ray Brenner d: Cliff Bole

    NOTE: The name of Nancy Lopez, the LPGA's leading money-winner in 1978, can be seen just below Linda and Donna's names on the tourney leader board.
  56. "Haunted Angels"
    gs: Linden Chiles [ Dr. Douglas Holden ], Joseph Hacker [ Eric Knight ], Roger Brown [ Rev. Green ], Jeanne Lange [ Kathy Wade ], Katharine Charles [ Barbara Niles ], Gretchen Wyler [ Claire Rossmore ], Peter Donat [ Peter Russell ], Lenore Woodward [ Mrs. Brendleberry ], Clint Young [ Coach ], Rick Casorla [ Voice of Martin Faber ]

    Claire Rossmore, Bosley's bridge partner, believes that her dead nephew Martin has spoken to her at the psychic institute she has funded since his death in a motorcycle crash five years earlier. Bosley believes that someone is trying to scam Claire out of her money, as she had threatened to withdraw her support unless they succeeded in making contact with Martin. Kris goes undercover as a graduate student majoring in parapsychology, with Sabrina as her subject. They cheat during the testing session so that Dr. Holden, the head of the facility, will believe Sabrina has special abilities. A psychic named Eric Knight makes a connection with Kris, but realizes that she is not who she claims to be. TV psychic Peter Russell and his assistant, Kathy Wade, conduct an experiment at Claire's request. Both can be seen on video screens throughout the event. Martin suddenly begins speaking, and becomes quite angry; Kathy is found dead by an apparent blow to the back of the neck. A baffled Bosley and Kelly investigate Martin's past, and discover that he had a violent temper. Kelly learns from Kathy Wade's grandmother that the young woman had been dating Martin at the time of his death. As they are talking, her shop suddenly begins shaking for no apparent reason. Bosley tries to convince a guilt-ridden Claire to let go, as she was not to blame for Martin's death. Claire convinces Peter to re-create the experiment from the night Kathy was killed, with Sabrina in her place. As everyone waits in the house that evening, Kelly's room begins shaking. She also sees someone riding a motorcycle on the grounds. Sabrina snoops in the basement and discovers hidden electronic equipment. She deduces that Peter slipped in a videotape so that he could sneak out of the room and kill Kathy without detection. Peter grabs Sabrina at gunpoint and tries to leave with her. She escapes, and Peter is apprehended when Bosley rides up on the motorcyle that Peter had stashed on the grounds. Peter made it seem as though Martin was talking by editing the tapes that he had sent his aunt from college. He had hoped to seize control of the institute, and killed Kathy when she threatened to expose him. He also created the disturbances in the house and at Mrs. Brendleberry's shop through the use of sound waves.

    Sabrina: "So Bosley, why don't you check out Martin's past?"
    Bosley: "Before he died, or after?"

    Kelly: "Well, look. Charlie discovered through his earthly contacts that Kathy Wade was a fictitious name. Her real name was Kathy Brendleberry."
    Kris: "Hmm. No wonder she changed it."

    Peter: "You have been out of body."
    Kelly: "Not since puberty."

    Kelly: "I just had a visitor. It made my glasses do a dance!"

    b: 25 Oct 78 pc: 52 w: Lee Sheldon d: Ronald Austin

    NOTE: Kris's comment about Kathy Brendleberry changing her name is probably an inside joke, considering that Cheryl Ladd's maiden name was Stopplemoor.

  57. "Pom Pom Angels"
    gs: Lonny Chapman [ Eddie Cobb ], Stephanie Blackmore [ Beverly Casey ], Rick Casorla [ Timothy Asher ], Ben Davidson [ Tasker ], Fran Ryan [ Belle Asher ], Anne Francis [ Margo ], Sandy Ward [ Dan Abner ], Cis Rundle [ Ellen ], B.J. Bartlett [ Sam Braham ], Joan Vigman [ Waitress ], Jade McCall [ Officer ], James Ferrier [ Photographer ]

    The owner of a professional football team enlists the Angels' help after two cheerleaders and their group leader disappear. The team had received threatening letters from a religious fanatic since introducing the cheerleaders a few weeks earlier. Kelly and Kris join the squad, with Sabrina filling in as the leader. A recently cut player threatens Kelly for replacing a cheerleader that he liked. She assures him that she had nothing to do with the woman's disappearance, and manages to calm him and convince him to get some rest. Timothy Asher, the son of an agent with connections to the team, is considered a suspect because of his habit of staring at the girls and generally acting creepy. Kris learns that his mother forces him to attend seminary school in order to keep him away from women. Kris gets Bosley to distract Timothy's mother so that she can go out with him and ask some questions. Eddie Cobb, the team's public relations director, sends Timothy away while Kris is making a phone call. He drugs her coffee and kidnaps her. She awakens in an abandoned building, where Eddie and a priestess have cut the hair of the cheerleaders and their leader and forced them to wear sack cloth as penance for acting "sinful." Kelly and Sabrina learn of Kris's disappearance and seek the aid of Eddie's best friend for information on his possible whereabouts. He explains that Eddie has experienced mental problems on and off since the death of his sister, who had run away and become a prostitute. They deduce that Eddie is holding Kris and the others at an old printing plant where he used to play cards with his friends. Kris turns on her captors, and ends up knocking over some candles and setting the place on fire. She escapes with the other victims and the priestess, and Sabrina helps her return to save Eddie from the flames. Charlie sends the Angels on a tropical vacation as a reward for their work.

    Kris: "I don't think I'm all in this."
    Kelly: "I don't think you're supposed to be."

    Sam: "Atlanta, home of old 44."
    Kris: "Old 44?"
    Sam: "Hank Aaron. He was 44."
    Kris: "Oh? I mostly hung out with the younger crowd."

    Bosley: "Why should I ride home with you?"
    Kelly: "I want you to help get that ex-boyfriend from under my sink."

    Sabrina: "You two stick around. I wanna check out your new outfits."
    Kelly: "What's the matter, something not showing?"

    b: 1 Nov 78 pc: 53 w: Richard Carr d: Cliff Bole

    NOTE: When Bosley comes along to "save" Kelly from Tasker, he identifies himself as "Sgt. Webb," prompting Dragnet-esque music to play in the background.
  58. "Angels Ahoy"
    gs: Peter Brown [ Mark Correll ], Jack Murdock [ Doc Harris ], Hector Elias [ Leo Sanchez ], Doug Sheehan [ Ben Anderson ], Parley Baer [ Capt. Jack McGuire ], Janis Paige [ Joan Kendall ], Derek Murcott [ Capt. James Brunner ], Prudence Wright Holmes [ Lisa Blake ], Tara Leigh [ Young Woman ]

    A young woman falls overboard and drowns during a cruise, not long after she had reported seeing an escaped convict who is wanted for murder. Cap. Jack McGuire, head of the cruise line, calls on the Angels to investigate the series of mysterious accidents that have plagued his ships. Purser Leo Sanchez has allegedly been helping wanted criminals get false identification and skip the country via the cruise line. Sabrina poses an embezzler in need of aid in the hopes of learning the identity of the head of the operation. Kelly comes aboard the Southern Queen as activities director, while Kris and Bosley each take the singles cruise. Kelly soon finds that the ship's captain has learned that she is a detective, and is unhappy with his boss for seeking outside assistance. Sabrina realizes that a number of crew members are involved after the photo for her fake passport is taken about the ship. Kris bedevils musician Mark Correll by teasing him about a time they supposedly met in the past. She discovers that he is a talented artist, and could have been involved in passport forgeries. Kelly introduces Bosley to Joan, a charming widow who is taking her first singles cruise. He immediately develops a strong connection with her. Someone gives Kelly a note asking her to meet in the boiler room to discuss the case, and then sets the room on fire. Kris manages to pull her out of the flames. She later snoops in Mark's room and discovers that he has his own printing press. Kris hides in a closet and overhears Mark and Leo planning to kill Kelly, as they have learned that she is a detective. Everyone tries desperately to find Kelly during the masquerade ball, but she has been kidnapped. The ship's doctor is in charge of the operation, and the captain made the mistake of entrusting him with Kelly's secret. They plan to drown Kelly in the pool and make it appear as though she was drunk, but decide to bring in Sabrina as a witness. She knocks out Leo and trades costumes with him. Sabrina, Kris and Bosley subdue all of the criminals. Bosley is shocked to discover that Joan had murdered all four of her husbands, and was attempting to flee to Brazil. After the case is completed, the Angels take Bosley out to lunch to console him.

    Bosley: "One of you will have to be a wanted criminal. Tough, streetwise, and capable of anything."
    Sabrina: "Wait a minute! Why are you looking at me?"

    Sabrina: "Bosley will love the swinging singles scene."
    Kelly: "That is, if he gets a new tie."

    Ben: "Welcome to the Southern Queen."
    Kris: "Forget the queen, honey. Where's the king?"

    Leo: "Sabrina Lampone may have chewed gum, but Sabrina Duncan does not, right?"
    Sabrina: "I'll put it on the roof of my mouth!"

    b: 8 Nov 78 pc: 54 w: Lee Sheldon d: Allen Baron
  59. "Mother Angel"
    gs: Gary Collins [ Victor Buckley ], Roy Jenson [ Max ], Hermione Baddely [ Mrs. McNaughton ], Robert Davi [ Richie ], Olivia Barash [ Sam ], John Steadman [ Junkyard Operator ], Peggy Rea [ Bridget ], Mike Mazurki [ Tommy Robbins ], Isaac Ruiz Jr. [ Laundryman ]

    rc: Jill

    An orphaned girl breaks into the greenhouse of Victor Buckley, the ex-boyfriend of her jet-setting aunt, and sees him kill a man during an argument. She contacts the Angels after finding Jill's business card in her aunt's rolodex. Everyone is dubious about her story, but Bosley finally asks Kris and the visiting Jill to conduct a cursory investigation. Samantha's nanny tells them that Sam has an extremely vivid imagination, and once had a crush on Buckley. Kris assumes that the girl is just looking for attention, and wants to call the whole thing off. Jill recalls that Sam claimed the dead man was from Boston, and decides to at least search the lot for a car with Massachusetts license plates. After she finds the car, two men chase her and take the vehicle to a junkyard. Kris and Bosley learn that the car has been crushed, but obtain the license plate. Charlie sends Buckley's maid on an all-expenses paid trip to Ireland so that Sabrina can replace her and get Buckley's fingerprints. Kelly distracts him by posing as a wealthy horticulture aficionado. Sam, determined to work on the case, runs away from Jill at the beauty parlor. Buckley catches her snooping around his apartment and demands to know if she witnessed the murder. She escapes when Kelly drops by for a visit. The two goons kidnap Jill and Sam from her beach house and hold them captive on Buckley's boat. He expects them to kill the duo, but they refuse because it violates their morals. Jill helps Sam break out of the locked room, and Sam swipes the keys to the padlock and springs Jill. The Angels arrive to help take down Buckley and his associates. The murdered man was a bail bondsman, as Buckley had jumped bail after an arrest for jewel theft several years earlier.

    Sam: "They used to be lovers. Aunt Charlotte has absolutely tons of them."
    (Sabrina drops pencil.)

    Jill: "I haven't seen you since you were a toddler."
    Sam: "I was never a toddler!"
    Bosley: "I'm inclined to agree with that."

    Sam: "I found your number in Aunt Charlotte's private phone book, squished between 25 men."

    Sam: "You're not a very subtle factotum, Mr. Bosley."

    Charlie: "Sam's Aunt Charlotte is a very old and close friend of mine."
    Sabrina: "I'll bet she is."

    Bosley: "Jill, as long as you two are old friends, why don't you and Kris just look into it?"
    Sabrina and Kelly: "Yeah, that's a good idea. See you later."
    Jill: "Oh yes, it's times like these you find out who your real friends are."

    Sam: "I brought some detectives, Nanny, even though they don't look like it."

    Sam: "She only stuffs me with cookies to keep me from the sherry."

    Sabrina (as Katie): "Whom should I say is calling?"
    Kelly: "Kelly...oh, tulips!"
    Buckley: "What is it, Katie? Who is that?"
    Sabrina: "She says her name is Kelly O'Tulips. A good looker, but no manners."

    Buckley: "I'm afraid she's temporary and a bit peculiar."
    Kelly: "She certainly is."

    Jill: "Let's decide on a hairstyle for you. How should we do it?"
    Sam: "Like yours."
    Jill: "Well, I think everyone should have a hairstyle that's best for them, don't you?"

    b: 15 Nov 78 pc: 55 w: Rift Fournier d: Don Chaffey
  60. "Angel on My Mind"
    gs: Michael Whitney [ Ted Burton ], Tom Spratley [ Jimmy ], Billy Barty [ News Vendor ], Jonathan Frakes [ Brad ], Neil Elliot [ Mel ], Jenny Sherman [ Jeni ], Dix Turner [ Jarvis ], Ed Gallardo [ Mugger #1 ], Frank Doubleday [ Mugger #2 ], Rick Sawaya [ Mugger #3 ], Ed Ruffalo [ Stark ], Lloyd McLinn [ Bartender ], Edward Cross [ Officer ], Jordan Ladd [ Little Kris ]

    Kris leaves a lunch date with her friends to go to an appointment. In the restaurant parking lot, she sees a man beat the manager to death with a pipe as retaliation for banning him from the eatery the previous week. When she tries to stop the killer, he backs into her with his car and knocks her into the garbage cans. She awakes with amnesia and wanders off. Kelly, Sabrina and Bosley realize that something is amiss when Kris doesn't show up for work the next day. They go to the restaurant to investgate; and meet the man who attacked her, Ted Burton. He pretends to assist them with the search in the hopes of learning her whereabouts. Kris takes a cab to the beach and befriends a kindly homeless man named Jimmy. Three young men try to steal her purse, but she fights them off and pulls her gun. After they flee, she drops her gun and runs away in a panic. Kelly, Sabrina and Bosley learn Kris's probable location through a newsstand owner and the cabbie. They run into her attackers, who grudgingly assist them after Sabrina holds them at gunpoint. A drunken Jimmy mistakes the trio for the muggers and shoots at them. They take him to a restaurant to sober him up and ask some questions. Burton shows up, pretending to have received a tip, and learns where Kris may have gone. Kris receives comfort from a young man playing volleyball on the beach, angering his jealous girlfriend. She gradually begins to regain her memory, and decides to go home. Charlie reveals that Burton is the murder suspect, prompting the others to race off in search of him. Burton tries to do away with Kris, but she keeps him at bay until help arrives. Kris admits that she enjoyed thinking back on the more peaceful times of her childhood, but is glad to be back with her friends.

    Kelly: "Does Bosley's arm have a cramp, or is he actually reaching for his wallet?"

    Sabrina: "This is my gun, and I got an impatient nature too!"
    Bosley: "Sabrina, you're not gonna shoot somebody else today?!"

    b: 22 Nov 78 pc: 56 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Curtis Harrington

    NOTE: Cheryl Ladd's daughter Jordan plays Kris as a child in a flashback.

    Kris's car can be seen in an establishing shot of the office, even though it was actually still in the restaurant parking lot at the time.

    Bosley shoots someone for the second time in the series.

  61. "Angels Belong in Heaven"
    gs: Don Galloway [ John Gorman ], Tracy Brooks Swope [ Sally Miles ], Lloyd Bochner [ Jellek ], Eddie Firestone [ Tom Norton ], Barry Quinn [ Ed Jarvis ], John Voldstad [ Stashu Voshnosky ], Buddy Lewis [ Man at Airport ]

    Tom Norton, who owes Charlie a favor, leaves an answering machine message warning that an acquaintance has hired a hit man to kill one of the Angels. Before he can identify the target, the assassin shoots him to death. The Angels take the tape to a police expert, who concludes that the call came from the airport. They find the body in a phone booth. Kelly takes her house guest, longtime friend Sally Miles, to a hotel out of concern for her safety. Someone forces Bosley's car off the road with Kris and Sabrina aboard, leading them to draw the conclusion that one of them must be the intended victim. Kris gets a scare when she sees someone following her car, but discovers that he just wants to take her picture. The assassin shoots at Sabrina; she finds it suspicious that the bullets struck her tires, and wonders if he might have missed intentionally. Bosley discovers that Norton had a connection with John Gorman (a.k.a. Wilson Flicker), a passenger on a flight that arrived just before Norton was killed. Gorman eavesdrops on Kelly and Sally from the hotel room next door. The hit man kidnaps Kelly outside her house and demands details of her conversations with Sally. He stupidly leaves bullets on a coffee table, and Kelly pilfers one while he ransacks her apartment. She eventually retrieves her gun and shoots him out the window, where Kris is waiting to discourage any further attempts on Kelly's life. Bosley prevents Gorman from escaping, and a stunned Sally arrives to see her fiancé hauled away in handcuffs. Kelly had busted him five years earlier for romancing a wealthy woman and bilking her out of her fortune with phony investment opportunities. He had planned to do away with Kelly before she could warn Sally about his past.

    b: 6 Dec 78 pc: 57 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Paul Stanley

    NOTE: Kelly shoots someone for the first time in the series.
  62. "Angels in the Stretch"
    gs: John David Carson [ Kevin Ryan ], Deirdre Berthong [ Valerie Ferrar ], James Gammon [ Gates ], Dick Bakalyan [ Thad Roper ], Sidney Clute [ Les Ferrar ], Joyce Jameson [ Gini ], David Hedison [ Carter Gillis ], Al Hopson [ Fred ], Jeremy West [ Waiter ]

    Les Ferrar, a man who makes his living betting the horses, notes something odd about the behavior of Perdition, a colt that has finished out of the money in every race. Exerciser Kevin Ryan and stablehand Gates catch him snooping around the stables; Gates hits him in the head with a shovel and kills him. They try to make it appear as though he was trampled by an ill-tempered stallion. Ferrar's daughter Valerie refuses to believe that his death was an accident, and hires the Angels to confirm her hunch. Valerie and Sabrina discover a note among Ferrar's personal effects in which he mentioned a white spot on a horse's lower left cheek. Sabrina gets a job as a horse exerciser and becomes friends with Ryan. Kelly strikes up a rapport with wealthy Carter Gillis. Sabrina rides Perdition and finds that he is extremely fast. However, everyone keeps insisting that the horse is a dud, and Kris and Bosley's attempt to buy him is ignored. Sabrina finds that Perdition has a white spot on his lower left cheek, although she had not noticed one earlier in the week. Gates tries to attack Sabrina, but his heart gives out because of his bad temper and constant drinking. Charlie reports that Perdition has a twin; the Angels realize that someone has decided to pull a switch and run the faster horse in order to collect on the long odds. Kris and Bosley track down the real Perdition and bring him back to the track. They switch the horses back and hang around the windows to see who places unusually large bets on the colt. Ryan and Gillis each bet heavily on Perdition. Sabrina confronts Ryan, but he jumps her and gets her gun away. Fortunately, Kris arrives to help, and Ryan and Gillis are taken into custody.

    b: 20 Dec 78 pc: 58 w: Bob Mitchell and Esther Mitchell d: Lawrence Doheny
  63. "Angels on Vacation"
    gs: Denny Miller [ Ed Fellows ], Lyle Talbot [ Tom Mills ], Ron Sable [ Slade ], Lee Delano [ Dressler ], John McIntire [ Sheriff Paul Danvers ], Jeanette Nolan [ Lydia Danvers ], Jason Wingreen [ Bill Storm ], Herb Ugran [ Joe Weatherby ], Cliff Medaugh [ Connors ], Louie Elias [ Haller ], Fred Lerner [ Fisk ], Mavis Neal Palmer [ Woman ], Eve McVeagh [ Old Lady ], Georgia Schmidt [ Granny ]

    The Angels and Bosley head for Paylon, Arizona for a few days of rest and relaxation. Shortly before their arrival, Kris's uncle Paul--the town sheriff--is taken away at gunpoint. The townspeople become frantic when Kris begins inquiring about her uncle's whereabouts. Someone busts the headlights on Bosley's car, and the hotel claims to have lost their reservation. When the only other hotel in town claims to have no vacancies, the Angels realize that the residents are trying to drive them away. Sabrina notes that there do not seem to be any women in the town. They head for the home of Kris's aunt Lydia, the mayor, in search of answers. A deputy and another man follow them and begin shooting. Kelly kills both men during the shootout. A panicked Lydia explains that the dead men had killed the real deputy and taken his uniform. They are part of a group that has taken Paul and all of the women in town hostage, hoping to exchange them for a federal prisoner who was recently captured in the nearby mountains. If the other men do not hear from their cohorts in a few hours, they will kill everyone. Kris uses one of her uncle's radio units and poses as a CB fanatic; the kidnapper asks Paul to get her off of the line, and he covertly reveals their location. Lydia sneaks into the group's campsite to warn the elderly women about the Angels' plans. The trio dresses in old clothes and mingles amongst the ladies. They knock out the captors and take away their guns.

    Kris: "Cave Rock? Uncle Paul and I hiked up there."
    Bosley: "Oh whee!"

    Lydia: "I never saw a man I couldn't handle yet."

    Kelly: "Your uncle could deputize maybe two or three of those ladies, give them assignments by phone, let them do all the work and he just lays back and relaxes."

    b: 10 Jan 79 pc: 59 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Don Weiss

    NOTE: For the first time, the Angels fatally shoot someone. Both of the assassins killed during the shootout appear to have been brought down by Kelly.
  64. "Counterfeit Angels"
    gs: Hilary Thompson [ Carol Brewster ], Linda Scruggs Bogart [ Annie Collins ], Robin G. Eisenman [ Janet Ames ], Wynn Irwin [ Sam Punch ], Paul Cavonis [ Asher ], Bubba Smith [ Toby ], Holly Irving [ Edna Hatter ], Noah Keen [ Sgt. Dirkson ], Mark Lonow [ Mickey Biggs ], Hope Newell [ Mrs. Brown ], Nigel Bullard [ Tom ], Richard Sett [ George Simmons ], Rose Parrish [ Saleslady #1 ], Barbara Kahn [ Saleslady #2 ], Ellyn Stern [ Nurse ], Tommy Reamon [ Guard ]

    Three women impersonating the Angels pretend to conduct a security check for a company, only to rob the place. The near-sighted secretary identifies the real Angels as the culprits. Charlie pretends to cooperate with the police, and then has Bosley give the Angels access to his apartment at an exclusive men's club so that they can remain free and conduct an investigation. They try to show the witness that she has made a mistake, but she freaks out and starts screaming. The scam is actually being orchestrated by impressionist Mickey Biggs; who imitates Charlie over the phone to set up an appointment, and then sends in impostors hired by his agent. He hopes to pay off his gambling debts; but Asher, the man he owes, sees the opportunity for a big score. Carol Brewster, the woman impersonating Sabrina, gets hit by a car while fleeing from a jewelry store robbery. Bosley identifies her as Sabrina, as they would not be able to catch the man behind the plot if an arrest were made so soon. Sabrina poses as Carol's sister and is welcomed into the gang. Asher forces Biggs to set up a theft at a think tank, which hosts important papers that are worth millions. Bosley has the women posing as Kris and Kelly arrested so that they can take their places and go after Biggs' partner, and Charlie informs the man in charge of the think tank of their plans. However, Asher has arranged for two crooked security guards to do away with his accomplices. Kelly and Sabrina grab Asher and Biggs and take care of the guards.

    Kris: "Do you really think I look like that?"
    Sabrina: "I don't know. It's hard to say. We've never seen you in a mattress garden."

    Kelly: "I used Charlie's credit card and bought us all new clothes."
    Sabrina: "That'll teach him to do that to us again."
    Kris: "Who cares if we look great in here?"

    Sabrina (as Sandy): "Would you look at that? I'm all out of gum and I'm nervous."

    Kris: "I think we should all pose for pictures."
    Kelly: "I wouldn't if I were you. Not after that mattress commercial."

    b: 24 Jan 79 pc: 60 w: Richard Carr d: Georg Stanford Brown
  65. "Disco Angels"
    gs: Zalman King [ Harry Owens ], Peter MacLean [ Fred Heston ], Shera Danese [ Connie ], Robert Symonds [ Simon ], Raymond Singer [ Lanny Press ], Gregory Rozakis [ Mario Montero ], Diane McBain [ Marian Heston ], Titos Vandos [ Hector Montero ], Arthur Malet [ James Hannah ], Bonnie Keith [ Sharon ], Iris Korn [ Woman #1 ], Ruth Ballan [ Woman #2 ]

    A homeless man is strangled by a serial killer who preys on elderly men just after they get off the city bus. All of the victims had some connection to a disco called Freddie's, so the Angels go undercover at the establishment. Kris wins a job as partner for Mario, a handsome dancer who is studying to become a lawyer. She meets his father, who doesn't seem to care much for other senior citizens. Kelly pitches new records to Harry Owens, a popular but eccentric D.J. Sabrina poses as a reporter for Disco Magazine and investigates owner Fred Heston, who had argued with the deceased on the night of the most recent murder. Heston uses Harry as his alibi because he was with his mistress/secretary all night. He fears that his wife hired the Angels to prove his infidelity and help her get a hefty divorce settlement. Heston shares his suspicions with Harry, who tries to attack Kelly. He is interrupted by a visit from his father, who lambastes him for forgetting an appointment to put flowers on his mother's grave. Harry flies into a blind rage, and Kelly suspects that he might be killing other elderly men to deal with his anger toward his father. Bosley discovers that Harry lost his driver's license after a drunk driving conviction a few months earlier, and had likely been riding the bus with the victims. Harry tries to bar Kelly from the club and gets into an argument with Mario. Mario's father screams at Harry and calls him a worthless bum. Kelly and Kris follow the men to the beach and manage to thwart Harry's attempt to kill Mr. Montero.

    Kelly: "Drinking is very bad for gout, Bosley."
    Bosley: "Yeah, but it hurts less."

    b: 31 Jan 79 pc: 61 w: George Slavin d: Georg Stanford Brown

    NOTE: Cover versions of "Disco Inferno," originally by the Trammps; and Chic's "Dance Dance Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)" play at the disco.
  66. "Terror on Skis (1)"
    gs: Cesare Danova [ Franco Sarella ], Francois-Marie Benard [ Paolo Donettelli ], Dennis Cole [ Carl Hansworth ], Chris George [ Chadway ], Kathleen Nolan [ Elizabeth James ], Rossano Brazzi [ Vincenti Donettelli ], Burt Douglas [ Bannock ], Jefferson Kibbee [ Norton ]

    An FBI agent assigned to protect Carl Hansworth, the president's special envoy to the U.N., disappears near a ski trail in Vail, Colorado shortly after trying to deliver an urgent message to Washington. Agent Chadway reluctantly goes along with his boss's wishes and enlists the Angels to aid with both the search and security for Hansworth, who is participating in a skiing competition. Hansworth immediately expresses an interest in Kelly, while Bosley tries to convince Hansworth's overworked secretary that she is attractive. Kris and Chadway search for the missing agent, and two men shoot at them. Chadway finds his friend's body in a snowbank, where he has been shot to death. A stubborn Hansworth refuses to consider leaving town or quitting the competition. Sabrina notes the odd behavior of a ski jumper named Paolo, who blows up at a fan for snapping a photograph. She purchases the camera so that the FBI can develop the film and run a check on Paolo. They are unaware that he is the son of one of the men who killed the agent and fired at Kris and Chadway. Sabrina and Kelly see Paolo shove others out of the way in his eagerness to ride a ski lift with Hansworth. He plans to shoot Hansworth under orders from his father, but drops the gun off the lift when the Angels and Chadway follow. They exchange shots with Paolo's father and his partner. Paolo shows up with Hansworth and feigns innocence, but no one believes him.

    b: 7 Feb 79 pc: 62A w: Edward J. Lakso d: Don Chaffey

    NOTE: Jefferson Kibbee later directed episodes of several Spelling Productions series, including Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, and Models Inc..

    The roles of the ski lift operator and the man who tries to take a picture of Paolo are uncredited.

  67. "Terror on Skis (2)"
    gs: Cesare Danova [ Franco Sarella ], Francois-Marie Benard [ Paolo Donettelli ], Dennis Cole [ Carl Hansworth ], Chris George [ Chadway ], Kathleen Nolan [ Elizabeth James ], Rossano Brazzi [ Vincenti Donettelli ], Burt Douglas [ Bannock ], Jefferson Kibbee [ Norton ]

    A background check reveals that Paolo is a member of a group called Patriots for a Free Society. His father, Vincenti, and their friend Franco were arrested in a protest outside an international banking conference while Hansworth was in Rome. Unfortunately, the Angels and Chadway have no visual identification of Vincenti and Franco. Vincenti remains bitter about his time in prison. Although Franco tries to convince him to let it go, he is determined to make an example out of Hansworth. Sabrina enters the slalom ski competition to stay close to Hansworth. She agrees to a picnic with Paolo in the hopes of learning more about his background. He reveals that his father was a professor of economics who organized a movement decrying what he viewed as an international banking conspiracy. Sabrina sees Vincenti and Franco approaching and flees. She skis away from them, but eventually crashes and is captured. The men inform Hansworth that they will only release Sabrina if he turns himself over to them. He ignores Chadway's advice and insists on making the deal. Paolo is left alone to keep watch over Sabrina. She realizes that he is not prone to violence and tells him that his father's cause has lost sight of its original goals. He does not take action as Sabrina phones Kelly and makes her escape. Hansworth climbs into a limo before the Angels can tell him that Sabrina is free, but Bosley tries to block its path. The photographs of Vincenti and Franco arrive; Kelly and Kris recognize Franco as the limo driver and shoot the tires. Vincenti starts shooting and wounds Chadway, but Sabrina hits him with a snowmobile and kills him before he can fire again. Kelly and Hansworth realize that their relationship cannot work because of his busy schedule. Elizabeth gains confidence from her time with Bosley and forces her boss to show her more respect. Chadway admits that Kris's positive attitude has tempered some of his skepticism. He agrees to arrange a lighter sentence for Paolo, and surprises Kris with a goodbye kiss.

    Paolo: "What my father has said has meaning."
    Sabrina: "It had meaning. In the beginning, I'm sure it had meaning. But it doesn't anymore. It doesn't mean anything anymore. 'Cause when you need a gun to sell a cause, it's just a lot of empty words."

    b: 7 Feb 79 pc: 62B w: Edward J. Lakso d: Don Chaffey

    NOTE: The roles of the hotel desk clerk and the limo driver assaulted by Franco are uncredited.
  68. "Angel in a Box"
    gs: John Colicos [ Anton Karazna ], Bill Fletcher [ Stratton ], Ed Bakey [ Ed Jackson ], Perry Lopez [ Ruiz ], Art La Fleur [ Carl ], Bill Story [ Desk Clerk ], Rawn Hutchinson [ Attendant ], Walker Williams [ Messenger ]

    rc: Jill

    Kris goes to a Mexican restaurant to meet a potential client, but two men kidnap her. They shoot out Bosley's tires when he arrives and tries to help. A witness reports that the vehicle had advertising for a resort called Georgian Acres painted on the door. The witness had actually been promised money to lead the Angels to the resort; Kris's captors decide to kill him instead. The Angels receive a telegram that gives the impression that the kidnappers actually meant to nab Jill. Jill flies in from Montreal to help with the case. The foursome heads for the resort, with Bosley disguised as a Scottish golfing aficionado to hide his identity from the kidnappers. Bosley recognizes the tennis instructor as one of the men who grabbed Kris, so Jill tries to make time with him. Jill and Sabrina catch a man rummaging through Jill's room, and he drops his room key in his haste to escape. Sabrina poses as a maid to get into the man's room, and covertly snaps a photograph. She finds an address scribbled on a piece of paper next to a picture of Kris. Kelly and Sabrina drive to that location, and the man holding Kris orders his associate to follow and kill them. Sabrina realizes that the kidnappers have deliberately left them false clues to get them out of the way. She knocks out the man pursuing them, but the tennis instructor grabs Jill in the meantime. Bosley follows them to a gated house. Ruiz tells Jill that Anton Karazna arranged Kris's kidnapping. He is certain that his son Dino deliberately crashed his car during a race to kill himself because he was devastated by his break-up with Jill. Karazna made Jill believe she was the intended kidnap victim so that she would feel guilty. Jill insists that her split with Dino was amicable. She says that he crashed his car because he was a lousy driver; he had been a sensitive and poetic man forced to pursue macho activities in order to please his domineering father. Karazna plans to fly Jill and Kris to Mexico and kill them. Bosley, Kelly and Sabrina chase after Karazna's car, and Jill and Kris escape. Karazna tries to flee in his plane while his henchmen are engaging the Angels in gunfire. Kelly shoots his engine and forces him to crash into a mountain and blow up.

    Kris: "Bosley, where are you?"
    Bosley: "In my car."
    Kris: "I know, but where?"
    Bosley: "In the front seat."

    Karazna: "The food is not to your liking, Miss Munroe?"
    Kris: "I'm not too crazy about the company, either."

    Jill: "It pays to have friends."

    Jill: "You will take care of my little friend here, won't you?"
    (Kris grimaces.)
    Kelly: "Here's to taking care of our 'little friend.'"

    b: 14 Feb 79 pc: 63 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Curtis Harrington
  69. "Teen Angels"
    gs: Audrey Landers [ Donna Rossiter ], Jane Alice Brandon [ Liz Marshall ], Debi Richter [ Patty Cantwell ], Laurie Lethin [ Bo Fleming ], Jack Fletcher [ Jeffrey Blackmoor ], Elissa Leeds [ Cissy Canfield ], Hal Englund [ Victor Hoagland ]

    Patty Cantwell, a student at an exclusive all-girls school, is strangled shortly after arguing with her friend Liz and threatening to report several students to the dean. The head of the school turns to the Angels to track down the culprit. Kris goes undercover as a student, with Kelly and Sabrina as teachers and Bosley as a stablehand. Kris and Bosley see three girls loading a large crate into a van near the bus depot. Bosley later mentions this to maintenance man Victor Hoagland, but they find that his van is empty. Donna Rossiter, a cruel and elitist student, harasses Kris and warns her not to tell anyone what she has seen. Kelly catches Donna's friend Bo Fleming cheating on an English test, but wins her trust by choosing not to publicly expose her actions. Kris discovers that her roommate, Cissy Canfield, has a ring that was missing from Patty's personal effects. She finds that Cissy is a kleptomaniac. Donna, Bo, Liz and Cissy are selling alcohol and drugs out of the stables. Donna bullies Liz and accuses her of killing Patty. When Bo tells her to back off, Donna reports her to the dean for cheating. Bo first believes that Kelly ratted on her, and then accuses Liz. Someone tries to strangle Liz that night, but she is able to fend off her attacker. Bosley discovers the crate with the girls' stash. Donna overhears him talking with the Angels; she sets the stables on fire with Kris, Sabrina and Bosley trapped inside. They escape, and are able to save the horses. They realize that Donna is guilty after finding that her horse has been removed and tied up in a safe location. Kelly talks with Victor about his role in the girls' scheme; he suddenly admits that he strangled Patty because she treated him rudely, and then grabs Kelly. After learning that Donna set the fire, Bo and Cissy break free of her influence and admit that she was blackmailing them. Donna says that Victor helped them because she had learned that he is the strangler. Bo tells Sabrina and Kris that she saw Victor drive away with Kelly. They chase after his jeep, and Kelly is able to untie herself and bail out. Kris tackles Victor, and Bosley makes good use of a tractor to keep Donna from fleeing the scene. Charlie sends everyone to Acapulco as a reward for their good work.

    b: 28 Feb 79 pc: 64 w: Bob Mitchell and Esther Mitchell s: Laurie Lakso d: Allen Baron
  70. "Marathon Angels"
    gs: Sarah Purcell [ Millicent Krail ], Danuta Wesley [ Helga Jonsson ], Ronnie Schell [ Ernie Flack ], Edward Walsh [ George Tolan ], Eric Mason [ Castor ], Walter Brooke [ Twilliger ], Beth Specht [ Jane ], Karen Specht [ Jan ], Suzanne Niles [ June ], Elizabeth Norman [ Lashi ], Andre Philippe [ Hassir ], Minda Burr [ Mary Craft ], Liberty Godshall [ Joanne Craft ], Jeri Lea Ray [ Sally Cole ], Louise Fitch [ Seamstress ], Betty Jean Samuelson [ Sylvia Laven ], Erin Russell [ Belinda ]

    A woman turns to the Angels for help after two men in masks kidnap her friend during a jog. She explains that they planned to enter Twilliger's Twenty, a fifteen-mile road race organized by a sports clothing manufacturer. He has agreed to pay twenty women $1000 each for completing the race, with a bonus prize of $5000 for the winner. The Angels and Bosley investigate and come across three participants and a male friend behaving in a very suspicious fashion. Another competitor hides a large snake in her backpack. The Angels ask Charlie to run background checks on Twilliger and Millicent Krail, a cynical TV reporter who accuses Twilliger of exploiting the young women in the race. The daughter of a wealthy sheik insists on running the race to experience what it is like to be an American. The men in the masks nab a second runner. Kelly and Kris try to enter the race to check things out, but two sisters have conveniently appeared to fill the vacant spots. They refuse an offer to let Kelly and Kris run in their place and give them the money. Kris and Kelly sneak into the race wearing fake numbers, and Kelly sees the van that may have been involved in the kidnapping. The trio that behaved mysteriously before the race was actually plotting with its manager to put on a song and dance "audition" for the cameras during an interview with Millicent. The woman with the snake gives an on-air plug for the Snake Pit restaurant. Charlie discovers that the Craft sisters have a criminal record, and that the van belongs to one of two men who was involved in a scheme with them during their time in the Navy. The kidnappers dump the missing runners off at a warehouse. The Craft sisters try to grab the sheik's daughter, but Kris stops them. Kelly chases the van back toward Sabrina and Bosley, and they force the men to lead them to the other girls. They had taken the runners whose numbers were directly before and after the sheik's daughter so that the Craft sisters could replace them. They planned to kidnap the woman and demand a large ransom.

    Kris: "Hold it, hold it. How come all of a sudden we're the ones running?"
    Sabrina: "Well, you thought of it and you agreed. Isn't that reasonable?"
    Bosley: "Perfectly."

    Bosley: "Stations will do anything these days for a rating."

    Kelly: "We had to grab quick while Twilliger's lady was looking for a spotted mouse."
    Bosley: "You think I oughta ask her what she's talking about?"
    Sabrina: "No, let's not."

    Sabrina: "Did you persuade the Craft sisters to let you take their places?"
    Kelly: "Negative. They were intractable."
    Kris: "Stubborn, too."

    Kelly: "Was that the grim reaper or a man in a shawl?"
    Kris: "Or a very ugly lady in a shawl?"

    Sabrina: "What's she doing?"
    Kris: "She's jogging her memory."

    Bosley: "She told me if I improved my sartorius maximus, she would make it worth my while."
    Sabrina: "What's she gonna do to make it worth your while, Bosley?"

    b: 7 Mar 79 pc: 65 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Bob Kelljan
  71. "Angels in Waiting"
    gs: Pat Crowley [ Ellen Miles ], James B. Sikking [ Lawrence Wellman ], Ed Ruffalo [ Bartender ], Jeff Eagle [ Waiter ], Tad Tadlock [ Waitress ]

    A man with a gun arrives in Los Angeles and begins secretly following Bosley. Bosley approaches a woman in a restaurant and develops a rapport with her, but has to leave for the office. He grows frustrated with his life, as he is tired of doing all the paperwork while the Angels are out in the field. In order to prove that he is not predictable, he decides to play a game with them. He declares that he is leaving, and challenges the Angels to figure out where he has gone; he will call and provide a clue every two hours. Bosley returns to the restaurant to meet up with Ellen, and they head for the amusement park at the pier. In the meantime, Charlie calls the office and announces that Harrison Wellman, a man whom Bosley helped send to prison with his testimony, has been paroled after serving eight years for murdering his wife. Someone shoots at Bosley and Ellen as they walk along the beach. After discovering that the bullets were blanks, he jumps to the conclusion that the Angels are messing with his head. They become very concerned and ask him to come back to the office, but he refuses. Ellen behaves very strangely as Bosley mentions Wellman's release. She recalls that Wellman insisted his wife's shooting was an accident, and implies that it is Bosley's fault that he was sent to prison. Charlie tells the Angels that Wellman suffered a heart attack just after his release and probably will not survive. However, his brother Lawrence flew to Los Angeles earlier in the day. Sabrina figures out where Bosley is, and the Angels race for the pier to help him. Ellen drugs Bosley's coffee to immobilize him, and then holds him at gunpoint. She is Wellman's sister, and is certain that Bosley perjured himself to set up her brother. Bosley insists that Wellman really did murder his wife, and that he was only doing his job. Realizing that Ellen will not really harm him, he climbs out of the car during a traffic jam and stumbles away. Lawrence chases him under the boardwalk and tries to shoot him. He still tries to fire even after the Angels surround him, so Sabrina wounds him. Lawrence and Ellen are taken into police custody, and Charlie sends Bosley to the Bahamas for a vacation.

    b: 21 Mar 79 pc: 66 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Allen Baron

    NOTE: Sabrina shoots someone for the only time in the series.
  72. "Rosemary, For Remembrance"
    gs: Ramon Bieri [ Jake Garfield ], Gilbert Green [ Lawrence Renaldi ], Robert Karnes [ Gordon Sanders ], Barbara Tarbuck [ Frau Elsa Himbeere ], Michael Shannon [ Tim Stone ], Ron Lombard [ Belding ]

    Jake Garfield, a prohibition-era gangster who has just been released from prison after serving a long sentence for tax evasion and other crimes, narrowly eludes several attempts on his life. Jake's nephew, Tim Stone, convinces him to hire the Angels for protection. Jake has demanded that the police re-open the 40-year-old investigation of his wife Rosemary's murder. He believes that his rival, Lawrence Renaldi, mistakenly killed Rosemary while trying to take out Jake. Renaldi insists that he is innocent, but Sabrina and Bosley suspect that he is trying to silence Jake out of fear that the investigation might prove that Renaldi is not the legitimate businessman he claims to be. Renaldi and Gordon Sanders, the police lieutenant originally assigned to the case, believe that Jake actually killed Rosemary. Tim insists that Kris stay at Jake's mansion and serve as his bodyguard. She soon discovers that she looks exactly like Rosemary, and Jake has a difficult time keeping in touch with reality. Kelly and Sabrina recommend that she get out of the house after someone tries to shoot at her, but Kris insists on staying. The maid reveals that she saw Jake retrieve his gun on the night of the murder, after the philandering Rosemary decided to run off with the chauffeur. Kris accuses Tim of using her because of her resemblance to Rosemary. He admits that he was hoping she could restore Jake's memory so that he might remember the whereabouts of Rosemary's diamond necklace, which was never found after her death. Tim needs the money to pay off all of his uncle's debts so that they won't lose the house. Kris ignores her friends' warning and decides to help Jake remember what happened the night of the murder. Jake becomes delusional and puts together a birthday party for Rosemary; he gives her present--the necklace--to Kris. Bosley poses as a syndicate representative and warns Renaldi to stop harassing Jake. Renaldi is found murdered shortly thereafter. Everyone assumes that Jake is to blame, so Kris decides to get out of the house as quickly as possible. Jake believes that Kris and Tim are actually Rosemary and the chauffeur, and goes after his gun. He takes back the necklace, but lets them leave without firing at them. Kris realizes that Jake could not have been the murderer, because Rosemary and the chauffeur were killed up the street. A car suddenly blocks their path, and Sanders emerges with a gun. He confesses that he killed Rosemary by mistake after Renaldi paid him $5000 for a hit on Jake. Renaldi offered him a substantial amount to finish the job after Jake's release, but then tried to back out following the visit from Bosley. Tim knocks the gun away from Sanders, and Kris hits him with the wooden jewelry box. Jake thanks Kris for her help and convinces her to dance with him.

    Tim: "Uncle Jake...likes blondes."
    Kelly: "I could've worn a wig!"

    b: 2 May 79 pc: 67 w: Lee Sheldon d: Ronald Austin

  73. "Angels Remembered"

    Charlie calls the Angels into the office the night before they are leaving for their vacations. He announces that it is the agency's third birthday, and throws together a party with cake and champagne. They all sit around reminiscing about past cases.

    Kris: "I can't believe it is two years since I walked in that door."
    Bosley: "As I recall, you didn't walk in. You sort of roared."

    Kelly: "He had us almost believing there were really UFOs."
    Sabrina: "I'm not so sure there aren't."
    Bosley (swigging a drink): "Oh, I agree. In fact, I might be seeing several very shortly."

    b: 16 May 79 pc: 68 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Kim Manners

    NOTE: This is Kate Jackson's final episode.

    There were 26 character deaths during the third season.

    Extended clips are shown from"Angels in Paradise," "Angels on Ice," "Angels in Vegas," "Antique Angels," "Angel on My Mind," "Angel in Love," "Circus of Terror" and "Unidentified Flying Angels."

    A montage of disguises and misadventures is also included, with clips from"Mother Goose is Running for His Life," "Angels on a String," "The Jade Trap," "Pom Pom Angels," "Pretty Angels All in a Row," "Bullseye" and "Angel on the Run."

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    4th Season 1979

  74. "Love Boat Angels (1)"
    gs: Bert Convy [ Paul Hollister ], Bo Hopkins [ Wes Anderson ], Sandy McPeak [ Edward Rourke ], Dick Sargent [ Avery ], Barry Sullivan [ Mr. DeMageron ], Lee Travis [ Eleanor Case ], Gavin MacLeod [ Capt. Merrill Stubing ], Bernie Kopell [ Dr. Adam Bricker ], Fred Grandy [ Burl "Gopher" Smith ], Ted Lange [ Isaac Washington ], Lauren Tewes [ Julie McCoy ], Judy Landers [ Blonde Girl ], Louie Elias [ Joseph Stack ], Read Morgan [ John Kadin ]

    With Sabrina married and expecting a child, Charlie hires Tiffany Welles, the daughter of an old friend and the top student in her graduating class at the Boston police academy. A group of thieves pulls off a startling heist to nab a valuable shipment of bronze and gold statues being transferred from a freighter to a museum. Three men pretend to have car trouble and create a roadblock; their two cohorts then chain the armored truck to a helicopter and fly away. The Angels are called onto the cruise ship Pacific Princess; where the man behind the theft, Paul Hollister, is expected to be a passenger. Hollister is a former naval officer turned photojournalist who formed a kinship with the Vietnamese people during their struggle for freedom in Saigon. Mr. Avery, an insurance company representative, emphasizes that he is only interested in re-acquiring the statues and avoiding a five-million dollar pay-off to the museum. He does not particularly care about bringing Hollister to justice. Kris and Paul develop a mutual attraction, which makes it somewhat difficult for her to keep her mind on the case. She wins his trust by claiming to be involved in some rather shady dealings. The other three men confront Paul on behalf of their buyer and demand the location of the artwork. A fight ensues; and Kris shows up to bail out Paul and his partner, Wes Anderson. Kris learns that Paul underwent a drastic attitude change following the deaths of his girlfriend and Wes's wife during the fighting in Saigon. Back in Los Angeles, Bosley follows Eleanor Case, who is apparently trying to locate another buyer for the stolen artwork. Mason grows frustrated with Kelly and Tiffany because they don't seem to be doing anything other than working on their tans. They identify the three men who harassed Paul. The man who was supposed to acquire the statues kidnaps Paul during an excursion to the beach with Kris. She tries to intervene, but the man's associates threaten to kill Paul unless she backs off.

    Capt. Stubing: "This is Gopher. He's also slightly forward."

    Kris: "Sure is a crime that he's a thief."
    Tiffany: "Isn't that redundant?"

    Charlie: "When do you reach St. Thomas?"
    Kelly: "In about four pounds."
    Charlie: "Four pounds?"
    Kelly: "Charlie, the food is incredible. I'm gaining two pounds a day."

    b: 12 Sep 79 pc: 69A w: Edward J. Lakso d: Allen Baron

    NOTE: Shelley Hack joins the cast as Tiffany Welles.

    The cast of The Love Boat makes an appearance.

  75. "Love Boat Angels (2)"
    gs: Bert Convy [ Paul Hollister ], Bo Hopkins [ Wes Anderson ], Sandy McPeak [ Edward Rourke ], Dick Sargent [ Avery ], Barry Sullivan [ Mr. DeMageron ], Lee Travis [ Eleanor Case ], Gavin MacLeod [ Capt. Merrill Stubing ], Lauren Tewes [ Julie McCoy ], Louie Elias [ Joseph Stack ], Read Morgan [ John Kadin ]

    Paul still refuses to tell DeMageron where the artwork is stashed. DeMageron and his men discover that Kris is a detective. Eleanor Case recognizes Bosley at the airport as he arives in the Virgin Islands. She and Wes also learn the Angels' identities. A frustrated Avery announces that he will go to his "contingency plan" and offer Paul a million dollars for the return of the artwork. Kris feels more torn than ever after Paul tells her that he uses the proceeds from his thefts to cover re-location costs for refugees. Bosley and Tiffany research a mysterious fire on the ship that originally transported the statues. The captain suspected that someone broke into the cargo hold, but nothing turned up missing. Paul takes Kris out on a salvage boat to pull up the statues. He stole them from the cargo hold and replaced them with some junk; the high-profile theft involving the helicopter was just a decoy. DeMageron and his men take Kelly and Avery hostage and demand to know Paul's location. Kelly first denies knowing anything about the statues; then lies and offers to lead them to Paul and Kris, even though she isn't quite sure where they are. She covertly marks a map with her lipstick so that Bosley and Tiffany will know where to find her. Paul tries to kill Kris during the dive after Wes shares the news that she is a detective, but she escapes. She admits that she wouldn't have gone after him if she had known his motives. DeMageron and his men arrive, as Kelly's hunch about Kris's location proves to be true. Kris, Paul and Wes get into a shootout with DeMageron and his men. Kelly cuts off the boat's engines and jumps overboard with Avery. Tiffany and Bosley arrive to help surround DeMageron. Although he might receive more from the sale, Kris convinces Paul to accept Avery's offer of a million dollars for the return of the statues, which haven't been reported stolen because of the potential embarrassment for the insurance company. Avery tries to swindle Paul by substituting another briefcase for the one with the cash, but Kris switches them back.

    Avery: "I am less than pleased by your performance, ladies."
    Tiffany: "Well, we are less than pleased by your attitude, Mr. Avery!"

    DeMageron: "You're in no position to make conditions."
    Kelly: "Then find them yourself."

    b: 12 Sep 79 pc: 69B w: Edward J. Lakso d: Allen Baron

    NOTE: Gavin MacLeod and Lauren Tewes only appear in the clips recapping part one of the episode.

    When Kris speculates that Paul will do "very well" with the money, her next line about the Malaysian boat people he is helping seems to be dubbed over. The scene may have originally been written to make it appear that Kris intentionally withheld the information about Paul's motives from her friends, but was then changed in post-production when someone pointed out that this made no sense and cast Kris in a bad light.

  76. "Angels Go Truckin'"
    gs: Joanne Linville [ Maggie Brill ], Royce D. Applegate [ Bingo ], James Carrington [ Sam Willis ], John Chappell [ Cafe Manager ], James Crittenden [ Bobby Lee ], Mickey Jones [ Bo Mackey ], Bill Zuckert [ Sheriff ], Eric Lawson [ Man #2 ], Rosanne Covy [ Annie ], Gary Grubbs [ Driver #2 ], James Lough [ Jack Collins ], Gary Lee Davis [ Driver #3 ], Lucille Meredith [ Mother Trucker ]

    Maggie Brill, the operator of an all-female trucking line and the widow of one of Charlie's good friends, seeks the Angels' help after a million-dollar pharmeceutical shipment disappears. The drivers report that nothing unusual occurred during their run. Kris and Tiffany get their truckers' licenses, and Charlie arranges for them to transport a shipment identical to the one that was stolen in the hopes of baiting the thieves. Kelly applies for work as a waitress at a truck stop along the route. She impresses the owner by subduing a large, overzealous customer named Bingo. Kris engages in CB talk with the other truckers and becomes very popular. She and Tiffany have trouble with the trailer brakes; they are old and worn out, even though Maggie's mechanic insisted that he had just replaced them. They nearly get into hot water when they pick up a man with engine trouble, only to learn that he is a bootlegger. After the sheriff pulls them over, Sam hides in the back of the cab and gets rid of him by going on the CB and claiming to have liquor for sale at another location. Kris and Tiffany finally make it to the truck stop, where a man suddenly enters and challenges Bingo to a fight. While they are brawling, some men bring in a truck identical to Kris and Tiffany's and switch their trailer with one filled with sandbags. Bingo tells Kelly that his fight, as well as minor car accidents on either side of the highway, were staged to keep people out of the lot for some unspecified reason. Kelly goes after Kris and Tiffany in Bingo's pick-up, and they discover that their load is gone. They realize that the trailers were switched after Bingo looks at the brakes and says that they appear to be brand new. Kris's CB friends help her track down the missing trailer. They retrieve the cargo and apprehend the thieves, who identify Maggie as the person controlling the operation. She had her own cargo hijacked so that she could sell the drugs for a big profit. The only reason she reported the theft to Charlie is because he is the actual owner of the company.

    Kelly: "Charlie very rarely allows his clients to go bankrupt. It makes collecting his fee very iffy."

    Bingo: "I got this brand new pick-up right here in the lot."
    Kelly: "Then use it to pick up something else."

    Kelly: "I'm sure glad I didn't try to flip you."

    Kris: "I was also the first one in grade school to learn pig latin."
    Tiffany: "Underfulway."

    Kris: "I can't remember if 'shotgun' means your partner, or a radar scope."
    Tiffany: "In these parts, I believe it's often associated with marriage."

    b: 19 Sep 79 pc: 70 w: Richard Carr d: Lawrence Dobkin

    NOTE: As this is the first episode with Shelley Hack in the opening credits, Charlie's monologue has again changed slightly. He now says, "Once upon a time, there were three little girls who went to the police academy: one in Los Angeles, one in San Francisco, the other in Boston." For her "hazardous duties," Tiffany is shown completing a typing assignment, only to have another pile of work dumped onto her desk.
  77. "Avenging Angel"
    gs: Cameron Mitchell [ Frank Desmond ], Stephen McNally [ Joseph Thurgood ], Dick Bakalyan [ Eddie Feducci ], Steve Kanaly [ Harold Sims ], Ernest Saracino [ Guido ], Tim Rossovich [ Terrence ], Danielle Aubry [ Secretary ]

    Frank Desmond, a heroin smuggler whom Kelly helped send to prison during her time on the force, is released after a five-year sentence. He was forced to go through withdrawal after guards caught him shooting up and sent him to solitaire, and blames Kelly for his pain. He and his friend Eddie get jobs at a diner that Kelly frequents, and drug her coffee. While she is knocked out, they sneak into her house and inject her with heroin. They also steal her wallet so that she will return to the diner and repeat the pattern. Meanwhile, Desmond's old boss follows him in the hopes of finding two kilos of heroin that vanished from the shipment five years earlier. He sees Desmond at Kelly's house and concludes that they conspired to hide the drugs. Thurgood's lawyer, Harold Sims, goes to talk to a ragged Kelly at the office and realizes that she is high. They kidnap her and take her to a warehouse, where they demand information about the drugs. She is stunned when they accuse her of being a user (she thought that she was just sick), but figures out that Desmond drugged her. When she cannot provide any answers, they decide to go after Desmond. Kris, Tiffany and Bosley overhear Kelly's abduction via the phone, and Kris believes that she recognizes Sims' voice. They question Thurgood, whose inadvertent slip-up lets them know that he is involved. Thurgood and his men realize that Kelly probably doesn't have any information. They inject Desmond with heroin with the hopes of making him talk during withdrawal. Desmond admits to Kelly that he hid the other two kilos. He took the fall for Thurgood and Sims because they promised to supply him with drugs in prison. Kris and Tiffany trail Thurgood and Sims, while Bosley heads for the warehouse. Sims suggests that they forget the drugs and kill their prisoners before Kelly can be rescued and put them away. Kelly enlists Frank's help to stack a bunch of crates and climb out of the air duct. He claims to be too weak, but she urges him to stand up for himself and stop being a loser for a change. She stresses that she is not to blame for his problems, but will help him if they survive. They escape just as Thurgood's henchman enters intending to follow his boss's orders and kill them. He chases them across the roof, but falls into a pile of boxes after Bosley startles him. Kris and Tiffany capture Thurgood and Sims. Frank testifies against his bosses and gives the location of the hidden drug stash. He thanks Kelly for helping him, as her kindness has finally given him reason for optimism. He and Eddie decide to move to Mexico and take it easy.

    b: 26 Sep 79 pc: 71 w: Edward J. Lakso s: Laurie Lakso d: Allen Baron

    NOTE: John Forsythe does not take part in this episode.

  78. "Angels at the Altar"
    gs: Kim Cattrall [ Sharon Rose Kellerman ], John David Carson [ Scott Miller ], Adrienne Larussa [ Claudia Harper ], Joseph Hacker [ Randy Todd ], Robert Walker [ Burt Marshall ], Walter Brooke [ Mark Kellerman ], Marie Windsor [ Gloria Kellerman ], Parley Baer [ Grandpa ], Ivan Bonar [ Rev. DePugh ], Glenn Robards [ Richard Guzman ], Paula Hoffman [ Flower Girl ]

    Kelly prepares to serve as maid of honor for Sharon, her best friend from high school. A car drives up on the sidewalk and nearly hits Kelly, Sharon, and Scott Miller, the groom-to-be. Sharon tells Kelly that she fears that someone is trying to kill Scott because there have been a number of "accidents" in the weeks leading up to the wedding. She hires the Angels to investigate. Kelly expresses suspicion about Sharon's ex-flame Randy; who has had a very difficult time readjusting to society after returning from Vietnam, and has even been institutionalized. Kris questions Scott's business partner, Burt Marshall; while Tiffany poses as a violinist to keep an eye on the happenings at the wedding. Bosley works as the bartender and gets an earful from Sharon's grandfather, who reports that Randy recently threatened Scott. Scott picks up Claudia Harper, Sharon's cousin and bridesmaid, at the airport. They make out and discuss the way they have staged the attempts on his life. Scott next comes down with food poisoning. Kelly talks with Randy as he takes her portrait for the wedding. He declares that he is now happy for Sharon, and explains that Scott befriended him and insisted on hiring him as the wedding photographer. He also reveals that Scott is a gourmet chef, prompting Kris to become a little suspicious of the fact that Scott claims to have absent-mindedly eaten bad potato salad. Scott and Sharon sneak off to the woods to make out before the rehearsal, and someone fires a shot at them. Scott offers to call off the ceremony for Sharon's safety, but she refuses to consider this. They also will not entertain the idea of having police protection. Kris visits Scott's ex-partner in Aspen and learns that Scott was heavily involved with Claudia. Randy gets drunk at the bachelor party and threatens Bosley for refusing to serve him, but quickly apologizes. Scott slips out during the commotion, and Kelly and Bosley spy him kissing Claudia in the woods. When Kelly confronts her, Claudia says that she was making one last play in the hopes of winning back Scott. Kris arrives with the maid service, and she and Tiffany snoop through Claudia's room during the ceremony. Kris finds a rifle in Burt Marshall's room, but Claudia jumps her and locks her in a closet. Tiffany frees her, and they race off to stop the wedding. They explain that Burt planned to kill Sharon just after the wedding--in what would be seen as another attempt on Scott's life--leaving Scott to inherit all her money. He would play a grieving widower for a while, and then eventually reunite with Claudia. Scott tries to take Sharon hostage, but Kelly kicks him. Randy chases after Scott and pounds him until reinforcements arrive. Sharon is too embarrassed to approach Randy about a reconciliation, so the Angels arrange for a face-to-face meeting between the couple.

    b: 3 Oct 79 pc: 72 w: Larry Alexander d: Lawrence Dobkin
  79. "Fallen Angel"
    gs: Timothy Dalton [ Damian Roth ], Marilu Tolo [ Carla Leone ], Michael De Lano [ Michael Leone ], Richard Roat [ Arthur Nobbs ], Jenny Neumman [ Mrs. Nobbs ], Sandra Caron [ Costumer ], Gregory Itzin [ Waiter ]

    rc: Jill

    Michael Leone asks the Angels to protect the diamond necklace favored by his cousin Carla, an opera singer in town for a concert. She insists on wearing the necklace at all times in public. Michael fears that it has become a target of Damian Roth, a wealthy and cunning cat burglar known for his daring daylight robberies. He has never been caught, and does not have any known vices. Kris, Kelly and Tiffany each try to get close to Roth, only to be shut down. Kelly follows Roth to a martial arts training center and catches him with his workout partner and love interest: Jill. A stunned Kris, who had no idea that her sister was in town, begins following her. She watches her pick up Michael at the airport and pretend to be interested in him. Kris confronts Jill at a wedding and warns her about Roth. Jill ignores her advice and orders her to mind her own business. Roth is impressed by her loyalty, and they plan the diamond heist together. Kelly overhears them plotting at the gym, and then confronts Jill about her treatment of Kris. The Angels realize that the duo plans to take the diamond during an extra dress rehearsal the next day. Although Charlie offers to let her bow out, Kris gamely insists on continuing to work the case. Jill and Roth go after the necklace when Carla removes it for a few minutes. They discover her "failsafe security precaution"--a snake--but Roth charms the creature and snags the necklace. They climb onto the roof, where Jill suddenly pulls a gun and reveals that she has been working against Roth all along. They fight until the other Angels and Bosley arrive to help her out. Charlie had secretly enlisted Jill's help months earlier because Roth is a racing enthusiast. He was able to use Carla's necklace as bait because of his close friendship with Michael's father. Jill apologizes for deceiving everyone, but explains that Roth would have realized that she was up to something if she had let on to her friends that she was working undercover. She patches things up with Kris and Kelly.

    Kris: "Jill, you're not that dumb."

    Jill: "Why don't you just get the hell out of my life?"
    Kelly: "I'd be happy to, whoever you are."

    b: 10 Oct 79 pc: 73 w: Kathryn Michaelian Powers d: Allen Baron

    NOTE: Charlie describes Damian Roth as a "James Bond" type; Timothy Dalton went on to play 007 in two films in the 1980s.
  80. "Caged Angel"
    gs: Shirley Stoler [ Agnes Kemp ], Louise Sorel [ Lily Burton ], Sally Kirkland [ Lonnie ], Rose Gregorio [ Matron Wallace ], Bonnie Keith [ Coley ], Tisha Serling [ Singer ], Ellen Geer [ Hutton ], Walter Mathews [ Mr. Nalon ], Lynn Carlin [ Warden Ingram ], Harry Northrup [ Rogers ], Tyrone Van Haynes [ Counter ]

    Four women pull off a robbery at a security company, and one of them is shot to death during the escape. She was a prison inmate involved in a work furlough program, and had just a short time left on her sentence. Her father adamantly declares that Amy could not have willingly taken part in the robbery. She was sentenced to prison for writing bad checks after her ex-husband refused to send child support, and has never shown any tendency toward violence. He does not understand what connection she could have to the security company, as she was a supermarket checker. He asks the Angels to prove that his daughter was coerced, and Kris volunteers to go undercover in the prison. In order to attract the interest of those who pulled off the robbery, her file will state that she worked at a diamond brokerage. The prison officials cannot be made aware of her identity because of the possibility of corruption, but Charlie later slips in a masseuse to provide Kris with an update on the case. Tiffany discovers that Amy once dated someone who worked for the security company, and would have been able to provide a detailed description of the facility. A massive inmate named Big Aggie steals from Kris and continually bullies her. She and her two cohorts convince Lonnie, a tough woman with a bad temper that Kris has stolen from her. Lonnie chases Kris around the yard, but Kris knocks her into the pool. Kris realizes that Lonnie cannot swim and saves her from drowning, and then takes the blame for the fight so that Lonnie won't be sent to solitary. Lonnie thanks Kris for her kindness and offers to help her whenever she needs it. She reveals that she is in prison for stopping her brother-in-law from killing her sister. Big Aggie visits Kris in solitary and forces her to agree to help with their next heist. Bosley learns that the information Kris memorized about the brokerage is inaccurate, as a fire required the installation of new security systems. Kelly and Tiffany dress as nuns and go into the prison to deliver a message to Kris. The brokerage's new schematic is on the inside of a religious pamphlet, and Kris is able to get to it by putting the document under the shower. Big Aggie and the others take her to the brokerage and pull off the robbery that night; the stolen goods are to be sent to a Mexican bank until everyone is released. After learning that the heist has occurred ahead of schedule, Kelly, Tiffany and Bosley head for the prison with a bunch of cops to spring Kris. Meanwhile, corrections officer Lily Burton finds Kris's discarded pamphlet. Lily is in on the scam, and warns the others that they have been set up. Big Aggie tries to kill Kris, but she flees and seeks Lonnie's help. They get trapped in the boiler room, where Lonnie is able to take down two of their pursuers before Aggie shoots her in the shoulder. Kris disarms Aggie, and the Angels arrive with the police before she can recover. Lonnie has the final year of her sentence commuted as a reward for her courageous actions.

    Kelly: "God be with you, my child."

    b: 31 Oct 79 pc: 74 w: B.W. Sandefur d: Dennis Donnelly
  81. "Angels on the Street"
    gs: Richard Lynch [ Freddie Jefferson ], Ford Rainey [ Mr. Harkins ], Madilyn Rhue [ Georgia ], Nancy Fox [ Sunny ], Richard Karron [ Big Larry ], Amy Johnston [ Judy Harkins ], Vivian Ford [ Naomi ], Jeff Gerrard [ Young Man ], Conrad Palmisano [ Toby ]

    Judy Harkins, a young woman who runs a music conservatory with her father, is beaten by a local pimp. She claims to have no connection to the man who assaulted her, and her father turns to the Angels for help. They enroll at the school and try to get close to her, but she refuses to talk about the incident and runs off. Kelly and Tiffany visit a nearby diner, whose owner pegs them as potential new "talent." They meet a young prostitute named Rose, who considers Judy a snob and despises her. Kris and Bosley have a run-in with the pimp, Freddie, when they stop him from harassing Rose. Kelly and Tiffany reluctantly pose as prostitutes and ask Rose to introduce them to Freddie. The other girls seem terrified of Freddie and his threats, but Kelly encourages them to stand up for themselves. Judy and Rose are actually the same person, but Judy does not seem to have any recollection of what she does as Rose. Kris becomes suspicious when Judy hands her father a big wad of cash and claims to have gotten it from the bank, as Mr. Harkins' check to Charlie had bounced the previous day. Georgia, the diner owner, sees Kelly and Tiffany talking with Kris and Bosley and rats on them to Freddie. He takes Kelly and Tiffany to a party at some freak's house, and instructs Rose and a girl named Sunny to put acid in their drinks. Bosley and Kris cannot find their friends anywhere, but suddenly spot Rose in a cab. They follow her, and see her emerge from a restroom as Judy. Kris is able to coax a bewildered Judy into acknowledging that she is Rose and recalling Kelly and Tiffany's location. Sunny, touched by Kelly's repeated efforts to help her escape from Freddie, knocks her drink away and suggests that they leave. Freddie shows up just as they step outside, but Tiffany shoots out his tires and Kelly forces him to surrender. Kris promises Judy that she will help her get counseling.

    Bosley: "Since the lady here isn't gonna press charges, it looks like you get a free pass. So just crawl away."

    Kris: "Well, I can't join Freddie's stable. He and I have already met. Besides, Rose thinks you two have all the moves down."
    Kelly: "I knew she'd say that. I knew it."

    Kelly: "Bosley, we work as a team."
    Bosley: "A team? That's pretty kinky."
    Tiffany: "That's why it's a thousand."

    Larry: "Love what I see, love what I hear. Step into my garden of delights, my dear."
    Kelly: "I bet you say that to all the girls."
    Larry: "I say that to everybody!"
    Tiffany: "How democratic."

    Kelly: "Freddie, you can't shoot and you can't drive. So you better pack it in before you hurt yourself."

    b: 7 Nov 79 pc: 75 w: Edward J. Lakso s: Laurie Lakso d: Don Chaffey

    NOTE: Edward J. Lakso wrote Judy's song, "If I Could See."
  82. "The Prince and the Angel"
    gs: Leonard Mann [ Prince Eric Railman ], Jesse Doran [ Edward Dain ], Herb Braha [ George Stanos ], Karl Held [ Paul Kohler ], Tom Spratley [ Grayson ], Stacy Peralta [ Kid on Skateboard ]

    rc: Jill

    Jill returns to town for Charlie's birthday party, and aids in the girls' efforts to convince him to appear at the event in person. A handsome prince, who hails from a republic that recently gained its independence from Austria, convinces his bodyguards to let him enter a men's wear store alone. He is smitten with Jill, who is shopping for Charlie's birthday present with Kelly, and asks her out to lunch. During the meal, Eric admits his true identity, but uses a sarcastic tone that causes Jill to believe that he is joking. Eric baffles Jill by impulsively purchasing an expensive sports car from a dealership near the restaurant. An assassin tries to shoot Eric from across the street, but is unable to get a clear shot. Jill notices his strange behavior, and later spots the same man tailing their car. Eric's horrible driving and lack of familiarity with U.S. customs prompt Jill to conclude that he is lying about being an American. She warns Eric that they are being followed, and they are able to escape by turning off into a driveway. In spite of his secrecy, Jill agrees to join Eric for an afternoon aboard a boat. He explains the presence of his bodyguards by claiming to be a clothing designer. Jill sees the assassin aiming a rifle from a distant boat; she fires at him and hits the windshield. She tells Eric that she is a detective, and swipes one of his drinking glasses so that Charlie can check his fingerprints. She is stunned to learn that he is a prince. Kelly and Tiffany get a description of the shooter from the man who rented the boat to him. They are surprised to find that he did not leave in the same car that he had been driving the previous day. Jill meets Eric for a picnic in the park and demands some answers. Eric explains that he came to the United States because someone in his homeland was attempting to kill him. He says that he simply wanted a chance to behave like a normal person. Kris, concerned that Jill might get caught in the line of fire, shows up to keep an eye on her. Kelly and Tiffany arrive, and the Angels learn from Bosley that the assassin drove off in the limousine usually operated by Eric's bodyguards. They conclude that the bodyguards are in on the assassination plot, and Tiffany subdues the men. Kris and Kelly thwart the hit man's efforts to take out Jill and Eric during their horseback ride. Eric returns to his country, but he and Jill promise to meet at one of her races in a few weeks. The Angels are furious to discover that Charlie showed up at the office while they were out and took his presents and a piece of birthday cake, but left before they returned. He loves the purple sweater given to him by Kelly, even though everyone else had repeatedly told her that it was ugly.

    Bosley: "You mean that you were actually picked up in a men's haberdashery?"
    Jill: "'Picked up' sounds so declasse. Was I picked up?"
    Kelly: "I'd say you were confiscated."

    b: 14 Nov 79 pc: 76 w: Edward J. Lakso s: Laurie Lakso d: Cliff Bole
  83. "Angels on Skates"
    gs: Ed Begley Jr. [ Kenny Daniels ], Roz Kelly [ Gert Thomas ], Chris Mulkey [ Reggie Martin ], Joanna Barnes [ Julia Lathrop ], Lory Walsh [ Rita Morgan ], Rene Auberjonois [ Frederick Victor Fortune ], Nicholas Worth [ Reed ], Virgil Frye [ Otis ]

    Kris and Kelly convince a reluctant Tiffany to join them for skating lessons at Venice Beach. They watch their teacher, Kenny Daniels, and his partner put on a performance for the crowd along the boardwalk. His partner, Rita, panics when someone takes her picture. She tries to flee, but two men grab her and shove her into a van. The police cannot be sure that she was actually kidnapped because she was using a false name. The Angels speculate that she may have been taken by a competitor who wanted to keep Rita and Kenny from winning the $30,000 grand prize for a roller disco contest at Freddie Fortune's rink (a.k.a. "Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace"). Bosley poses as a roller derby scout in order to approach Gert, the clerk at the skating rental outlet. She reports that Rita's old partner, Reggie Martin, might have a motive. Reggie insists that he has no hard feelings toward Rita, but opines that Kenny was just using her to win the contest. Kelly and Tiffany look through Rita's apartment and find expensive clothing and photographs of her family. She is the daughter of a wealthy businessman, but ran away from home after his death a few months earlier. Freddie orchestrated the kidnapping, and his goons are holding Rita hostage in a back room at the rink. Kenny begins to panic after Kris tells him about Rita's identity; he told Freddie the truth in the hopes of getting a cut of the ransom, but is now wracked with guilt and fears the Angels will soon discover his involvement. Julia Lathrop, Rita's stepmother, agrees to pay one million dollars for her release. Bosley traces the call to a phone booth near the rink. Kris accepts Freddie's offer to join the roller disco chorus in the hopes of finding some answers. Kenny tries to set up a meeting with Kris to confess, but Freddie's men grab him. Tiffany delivers the ransom to the drop site. The men force Kenny to retrieve it, and Kelly chases after him on skates. Bosley enlists Gert's help in taking out a co-conspirator. Kenny breaks into the room where Rita is being held and tussles with one of the captors. Kris breaks it up, as Kenny apologizes profusely to Rita. Bosley nabs Freddie and forces him to allow Kenny and Rita into the contest, where they excel. Rita moves back in with Julia, who vows to do her best to keep Kenny out of jail.

    Reggie: "You're in the space...of His Grace!"
    Kelly: "Darling."

    b: 21 Nov 79 pc: 77 w: Michael Michalian and John Francis Whelpley s: John Francis Whelpley d: Don Chaffey

    NOTE: Kenny and Rita skate to a slow instrumental version of Donna Summer's "Last Dance."
  84. "Angels on Campus"
    gs: Gary Collins [ Professor James Fairgate ], Nina Talbot [ Willamena Campbell ], Richard Hill [ Steve Fitzpatrick ], David Hayward [ Richard Milligan ], Janice Heiden [ Susan ], Sandie Newton [ Jenny Thomas ], Jo Ann Pflug [ Barbara Kay ], Paul Cavonis [ Otis ], Nina Axelrod [ Nikki Fitzpatrick ], Helaine Lembeck [ Lori ], Erin Donovan [ Cathy Evans ], Steve Eoff [ Reno ], Robin Blythe [ Pledge ]

    Jenny Thomas, a student at Whitley College, argues with her boyfriend Richard about her refusal to go away to the beach for the weekend. A few moments later, a man grabs her. Jenny is the second girl from Tiffany's old sorority, Kappa Omega Psi, to disappear in the last few weeks. Tiffany is called on to investigate, acting as "big sister" for the girls during rush week. She is revered by all the girls because of her work during her time as president. The only connection between the victims seems to be Dr. James Fairgate, a dashing English professor on whom both the girls had crushes. A background check reveals that two girls also disappeared from the Cal-Berkeley campus while Fairgate was teaching there. Tiffany asks a few questions, and Kris audits one of his classes in the hopes of getting close to him. The sorority suffers a scare when someone cuts the lights; but it turns out to be a prank conducted by a rival sorority, Pi Nu, and their boyfriends. Kappa Omega Psi rejects a pledge because her brother Steve, a star tight end on the football team, was involved in the prank. Tiffany questions Richard about Jenny's disappearance, but believes that he is genuinely concerned about her well-being. Bosley later discovers that his alibi checks out. Bosley uses the library as his meeting place with Tiffany, and flirts with the librarian. Fairgate is having two men hold the heavily drugged girls captive until he can sell them into white slavery. Tiffany arranges a volleyball game against Pi Nu in the hopes of getting revenge. Steve confronts her after the game, and Tiffany knocks him down a peg. Someone traps Tiffany in the locker room and tries to shoot her, but she escapes. Ms. Kay, Tiffany's old housemother, is in on the plot; she has promised Tiffany to Fairgate because she is in love with him. Bosley and Kelly pose as NFL scouts and convince Steve that his attitude could affect his chances of being drafted and playing in the pros. Tiffany is startled when someone sneaks up behind her in the quad; but it is a remorseful Steve, who apologizes and makes an offer of friendship. After he leaves, a man grabs Tiffany and knocks her out with chloroform. Kris has drinks with Fairgate, and realizes he is about to sell his victims because he is leaving the country later that night (the same pattern he followed after the Berkeley incidents). Bosley and Kelly discover Tiffany's disappearance and compare notes with Kris. They all head for Fairgate's house. Tiffany is shocked to learn of Ms. Kay's involvement. She unties herself and takes out Ms. Kay, her other captor, and the late-arriving Fairgate. Another man holds her at gunpoint; but she knocks him off-balance with a telephone, and has everything in hand even before her friends arrive.

    Tiffany (to Steve): "I like men, not boys."

    Tiffany (to Bosley): "Well, kissy kissy!"

    Kelly: "I think Tiffany would have looked great behind a harem's veil."

    b: 28 Nov 79 pc: 78 w: Michael Michaelian d: Don Chaffey

    NOTE: As Tiffany talks with Fairgate, she switches the last names of victims Jenny Thomas and Beth Harris.
  85. "Angel Hunt"
    gs: Lloyd Bochner [ Malcolm Case ], L.Q. Jones [ Burdette ], Paul Sylvan [ Walker ]

    As she and Kelly are trying to teach Tiffany to surf, Kris receives an apparent distress call from Charlie on a bad connection. The Angels are told to immediately fly to Mazatlan and charter a boat. A man named Walker shows them one of Charlie's business cards, and claims that he and Bosley are on Diablo Island. He drives the Angels to the island on his boat, and then takes off with all their stuff. Kelly tries to keep Kris's spirits up, as she keeps berating herself for not investigating the phone call more carefully. Bosley and Charlie are deeply concerned when they are unable to get in touch with the Angels. They receive a call from Malcolm Case, a sadistic man whom Charlie helped send to prison eleven years earlier for killing three of his family members during a safari. He says that he has taken the Angels as revenge, and will kill one every day until Charlie finds them and turns himself over to Case. Bosley learns that Case has escaped from prison with his partner Burdette and Walker. While building a fire, the Angels discover a sign identifying the island as a big game reserve. They also find one of Burdette's cigarette butts, and realize that they are not alone. The next day, the three men begin their "hunt." Tiffany catches Walker by surprise and tries to grab his rifle away; but gets knocked into the river and is believed to have drowned. Kelly has to stop Kris from going after her because it would mean certain capture and death for both of them. They overhear Case and Burdette talking on walkie-talkies and ascertain what is going on. They try to search for Tiffany, but don't find a body. Bosley finds out that Kris chartered a plane to Mexico, and learns that Diablo Island is a Case family holding. Tiffany wakes up near the shore and sees a tiger a few feet away. She is able to remain calm and keep it from attacking her. Walker tracks her down and holds her captive in a shack at the top of the mountain. Kris and Kelly, using Kris's knowledge of old movies, set a bunch of traps to trip up their pursuers. They rig a tree to fall on Burdette and kill him. Charlie and Bosley approach the island on a boat. Case has to leave Tiffany alone in the shack after Kelly draws Walker away from his post. Kris swings on a rope from a tree and kicks Walker in the head, knocking him out. Case tries to pursue them, but gets devoured by the tiger. Kris considers not contacting Charlie so that they could have a chance to see him, but everyone agrees that it would be wrong to make Bosley and him worry. Charlie promises to send another boat immediately, and then has the driver turn back for the mainland. Kelly tries to catch a glimpse of him through binoculars, but only sees his back.

    Tiffany: "Hey, do I look like a surfer?"
    Kelly: "Yeah."
    Tiffany: "Do I really?"
    Kelly: "Yeah. Now carry it like a surfer."

    Walker (describing Charlie's supposed companion): "She was attractive, almost as pretty as you three."
    Kelly (rolling her eyes): "Figures."

    Tiffany: "So where's our man Friday?"
    Kris: "No such luck, honey. It's Saturday."

    b: 5 Dec 79 pc: 79 w: Lee Sheldon d: Paul Stanley

    NOTE: Charlie seems especially relieved to hear that Tiffany is okay, but no one had ever told him that she was the supposed victim. (Maybe he just assumed it was her because of her inexperience.)
  86. "Cruising Angels"
    gs: Peter Mark Richman [ Ken Atamien ], Rodolfo Hoyos [ Gen. Renez ], Reni Santoni [ Holder ], Gene Evans [ Cap. James Webner ], Beverly Garland [ Pat Justice ], Pepe Hern [ Gomez ], Noah Keen [ Dr. Post ], Zachary Lewis [ Scaggs ], Tracy Dennison [ Nurse Warren ]

    Charlie asks Bosley to prepare his boat, the Wayward Angel, for a voyage. Bosley flirts with Charlie's interior decorator, Pat Justice, and does his best to impress her. James Webner--the captain hired by Pat--damages his boat on the brake water, complicating his plans for a piracy scheme with a man named Ken Atamien. Webner and Atamien steal the Wayward Angel while Bosley is at dinner with Pat, and use it to raid another boat. They knock out the crew with gas, but someone manages to stab Webner in the shoulder. Bosley discovers that the boat is missing, but it turns up shortly thereafter. Gen. Renez, the man whose boat was pillaged, visits the harbor doctor and learns Webner's identity. Kris discovers blood stains on the deck, and Bosley has them analyzed at a laboratory. He poses as a doctor and is able to get a look at the harbor doctor's files and identify Webner. He assumes that Webner was just taking the boat for a test run. The Angels realize from the gap in the captain's log that the boat was missing for 45 minutes, and take it out in the hopes of finding where it had gone. Upon their return, Kelly bumps it into the dock and causes some wine bottles to break. When they go to the cellar to inspect the damage, they discover gold in a cabinet. Webner, Atamien and Pat are conducting a plot to smuggle the gold out of the country for sale. Renez's men grab Webner and later kill him. Renez then kills Atamien after pressing him for information. After the bon voyage party, Bosley confronts Pat to confirm the Angels' suspicions about her involvement. Before he can contact the authorities, Gen. Renez and his men come aboard and hold them at gunpoint. Renez tells Kelly that he will kill Bosley if the police or Coast Guard shows up. They take Bosley and Pat to a warehouse, where they meet their buyer and sell the gold for several million dollars. Bosley knocks over the man guarding them, and he and Pat escape from the truck. Tiffany drives through the warehouse door and apprehends one of the smugglers. Renez appears to have Bosley and Pat cornered, but Kris and Kelly show up to save them. Pat receives probation in exchange for her testimony. Charlie is distraught to learn that his boat will be impounded for several months as evidence.

    Tiffany: "Oh, I think we know exactly what you mean, John."

    b: 12 Dec 79 pc: 80 w: B.W. Sandefur d: George McCowan

    NOTE: This is the first time that Tiffany is seen driving the orange Pinto previously used by Sabrina.
  87. "Of Ghosts and Angels"
    gs: Paul Burke [ Clifford Burke ], Virginia Gregg [ Mrs. Craig ], R.G. Armstrong [ Sebastian Craig ], Frank Christi [ George Harper ], Robin Mattson [ Erica Burke ], Lu Duffy Gardner [ Madeleine Burke ]

    Tiffany suffers recurring nightmares about driving to a castle on a rainy night and seeing a dark-haired woman in a wheelchair pushed down a flight of stairs. She goes to visit her college friend Erica, who has recently married and moved into her husband's castle. She is stunned to discover that Erica's house is the same one from her nightmares, and Erica confesses that she detects a sinister presence. Erica's husband, Clifford, dismisses the whole thing as nonsense. Tiffany awakens in the middle of the night when a storm forces her windows open. She finds a masquerade party going on downstairs, but no one can see or hear her. She suddenly sees the dark-haired woman at the top of the stairs and calls out to her; everyone promptly vanishes. Kelly and Kris arrive the next day, and Tiffany explains what has happened. They are surprised to learn from Erica that Tiffany had an avid interest in the occult during college, and was found to be sensitive to the paranormal in a test. Kelly and Kris believe that Tiffany might be getting a little carried away. A car with no driver apparently tries to run down Erica and Tiffany. Tiffany talks with Clifford's staff--an old married couple--and learns that he was previously married. His previous wife, Madeleine, was a brunette confined to a wheelchair because of polio. She was murdered during a masquerade party, supposedly by an escaped convict who stole her engagement ring; but her killer was never captured. Mrs. Craig believes that Madeleine doesn't like the idea of another woman living in her house and is trying to drive Erica away. Clifford and Erica's party that night is to be the first in the house since the killing. Tiffany fears that something terrible will happen after she sees Erica, who suffered a sprained ankle escaping the car, in a wheelchair. Clifford talks with a disgruntled man whom he owes money, and promises to turn his whole business over to him if he can't pay off his debts in 30 days. While Tiffany talks with Kris and Kelly, the windows suddenly open and the bed shakes. Lights begin selectively turning on and off, and Tiffany suspects that Madeleine wants to be followed. The ghost lights a secret passageway and leads Tiffany to a storage room, where she finds Madeleine's engagement ring with the diamond missing. Kris finds her, and Tiffany explains that Clifford killed his wife and sold the diamond. Kelly tries to keep an eye on Erica, but Clifford distracts her and takes Erica back upstairs. Tiffany and Kris race off to try to save Erica; the ghost holds the kitchen door closed so that Tiffany will have to go upstairs. Clifford leaves Erica alone for a moment, and then returns in a skeleton costume and tries to push her down the stairs. Tiffany arrives and cries out, alerting Erica. She eludes Clifford, who falls down the stairs and dies. The Angels and Erica learn that Clifford killed at least two young wives for their insurance money. Bosley upsets Madeleine's ghost by doubting her existence.

    Tiffany: "Did you feel anything else strange when it did?"
    Kris: "Just Kelly."
    Kelly: "Just Kris."

    b: 2 Jan 80 pc: 81 w: Kathryn Michaelian Powers d: Cliff Bole

    NOTE: The woman in the pirate costume whom Kelly mistakes for Kris has several lines, but is uncredited.
  88. "Angel's Child"
    gs: Simon Oakland [ Sgt. Cates ], Michael Whitney [ Stone ], Rick Casorla [ Burke ], Michael Allen Harris [ Joe Willows ], Saudra Sharp [ Miss James ], Michael Hershewe [ Greg Cates ], John Zaremba [ Judge Daniel Towers ], John Petlock [ Williams ]

    The Angels collaborate with the police to break up a theft ring, with Kelly as the main operative. One of the thieves shoots and kills a cop before fleeing. Sgt. Cates, the slain officer's partner, flies into a rage. Kelly is barely able to dissuade him from shooting an unarmed accomplice. He goes home and berates his young son for waiting up for him. The boy locks himself in his room, but Cates kicks in the door and beats him. Kelly arrives the following morning to drive Cates to their court date, but he has left on his own. She discovers the bruises on Greg's face, and doesn't really believe his story about a fall. Cates orders her to mind her own business. The cop killer and the two masterminds behind the robberies plot to stop Kelly and Cates from testifying, as it would likely cause their two captured friends to squeal on them. They decide that they will kill Kelly, and put pressure on Cates by kidnapping Greg. Kelly goes to see Greg, who reluctantly admits that his father has been abusing him. The thieves ram into Kelly's car, but she pulls a quick maneuver and leaves them in the dust. However, she is unsure of the identities of her attackers. Kelly meets Cates for lunch and confronts him about his behavior. She urges him to seek counseling and offers to help any way she can, but Cates angrily rebuffs her advice. Kelly contacts social services and takes him to court. The custody hearing is postponed because of Cates' involvement with the investigation of his partner's murder, and Kelly offers to take Greg for the time being. She still hopes to convince Cates to seek voluntary counseling so that nothing will end up on his record. When she arrives home with Greg, the thieves confront them at gunpoint and take them inside. They call Cates and order him to find a way to spring their friends before they are transferred to another facility. Kelly switches off the answering machine while her captors are not looking. When Bosley tries to call, the Angels note the fact that her machine isn't on, as this goes against their usual procedure. They realize that she is being held there. One of the thieves suspects what Kelly has done and decides to move everyone. When Kelly goes to the bedroom to retrieve Greg, she barricades the door and breaks a window so that he can escape. The cop killer chases after him, but Cates attacks him and gets wounded in the arm. The guy in charge brings Kelly out of the house at gunpoint, but Tiffany distracts him by yelling out to Kelly. Kelly slaps the gun away and runs back into the house, and Tiffany stops the man from pursuing her. Greg wants to return home, but Cates feels that he should stay with Kelly for a while. He promises to attend counseling sessions.

    Bosley: "These three men, they would have had a very difficult time trying to make a move on Kelly and the boy while they were driving in the car. I mean, she's just too good!"

    b: 9 Jan 80 pc: 82 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Dennis Donnelly
  89. "One of Our Angels is Missing"
    gs: Jonathan Goldsmith [ Rick Devlin ], Dan "Red" Barry [ Harry Silvers ], Marc Alaimo [ John Mackey ], Bob Levine [ Frank Harris ], Warren Berlinger [ Fred Beck ], Louis Plante [ Motel Manager ], John Becher [ Caretaker ]

    Rick Devlin goes to a park to meet with John Mackey, an old partner who went to prison for a theft they committed together. He threatens to tell the police about some of Devlin's nefarious deeds of the past unless he splits the proceeds from the necklace he stole most recently. Devlin pretends to consider this, and then shoots Mackey in the back as he walks away. A bail bondsman is perplexed when Devlin vanishes, as the charges against him were about to be dismissed due to lack of evidence. Charlie, unaware that Devlin is dangerous, sends Kris to Phoenix alone in the hopes that she can coax him back to Los Angeles. Devlin quickly approaches Kris, and she manages to fight off her urge to gag and feign an interest in him. However, she repeatedly rejects his physical advances. Kris claims to be a wealthy divorcée who left town while potential buyers checked out her house. She later asks Devlin to mail a letter for her; he calls his bumbling friend Beck and asks him to check out the address. Kelly poses as a real estate agent and leads Beck through the house, with Tiffany as a potential buyer. Bosley pretends to be a security guy and mentions that he must turn off the alarm because of a wiring problem. Beck passes this information along to Devlin. Kris tells Devlin that she has to return to Los Angeles to check out an offer on her house, and asks him to come along. He agrees, provided that they can drive instead of flying. Just before their departure, Bosley calls Kris and lets her know that Mackey identified Devlin as his assailant before dying; he also fingered him as the rapist and murderer of three women. Charlie orders Kris to turn the case over to the police, but she fears that Devlin would drop out of sight. She could not live with herself if another woman was harmed after she passed up a chance to stop him. Beck goes back to the house for his lucky hat and learns from a housesitter that the place is not for sale. Devlin convinces a reluctant Kris to stop at a motel for the night, and tries to attack her. Beck shows up the next day and tells Devlin that Kris is lying to him. The motel manager sees them force Kris into a car and drive away. The trio pulls off the road to avoid the cops, and Beck's car experiences problems. Kris tries to convince the sympathetic Beck that Devlin is a psycho. She grabs her gun, but Devlin has removed the bullets. Kris warns Beck that he will become an accessory to murder. After learning of Devlin's other crimes, Beck jumps him and gets shot. Kris climbs up onto the top of a crane, and the Angels fly down in a helicopter to resuce her. Beck goes to the controls and lowers the crane so that Devlin cannot shoot her. Kelly and Tiffany apprehend Devlin, and Kris asks for a lighter sentence for Beck because of the risks he took to help her.

    b: 16 Jan 80 pc: 83 w: Robert S. Biheller and Dal Jenkins d: Allen Baron
  90. "Catch a Falling Angel"
    gs: Elissa Leeds [ Bess Hemsdale ], Gary Wood [ Joe Willis ], Sully Boyar [ Stiles ], Eugene Butler [ Hacker ], R. Anthony Mannino [ Trask ], Richard Basin [ Jarvis ], Robert Peirce [ Seth Jeffers ], James Gleason [ Sloan ], Dorit Stevens [ Elaine ]

    Seth Jeffers storms out of an adult movie theater and flies into a rage. He goes to a wilderness area and attempts to talk to Bess Hemsdale, his former girlfriend. Her new boyfriend, Joe Willis, intercepts him at her request and asks him to leave. When he refuses, Willis has his associates murder him. A month later, Charlie (an old friend of Seth's father) asks the Angels to investigate his disappearance. Seth's movie ticket was found in his motel room, so Kelly and Tiffany check out the theater. The manager claims not to recognize Seth or Bess, but Kelly discovers a movie poster in which Bess is pictured as the star under the name Sally Storm. They listen to a series of tapes that Bess (who is illiterate) had sent to Seth back in Tennessee, and learn that she came out west in the hopes of becoming a singer or actress. Kris approaches the film producer--Willis--to express an interest in becoming his next star. Meanwhile, Kelly and Tiffany go to talk with Bess, who is now engaged to Willis. They are disgusted to learn that Willis has convinced her that he produces "art" films. Willis snaps at Bess for talking with them, but claims that he didn't hurt Seth. He has his men ram into Tiffany's car, and Tiffany and Kelly narrowly escape serious injury after being forced over a cliff. Willis's men panic after the police begin searching for Seth's body, and Bess overhears them discussing the murder. Willis plots to kill her by using re-shooting her character's climactic death scene, with real bullets in the prop gun. Kris shows up on the set and tries to convince Bess to leave with her. She realizes that something is amiss when Willis hints that he will have work for her soon. She fires at Willis before he can kill Bess, and they try to flee. Kelly, Tiffany and Bosley arrive, and the Angels get into a shootout with Willis's henchmen. Bosley sneaks up behind the men, and Tiffany shoots out Willis's tires to prevent him from escaping. Bess is uncertain about her future, but the Angels encourage her to go back home and make a fresh start.

    Kelly: "I always wondered how I'd feel if got that close to dying."
    Tiffany: "How do you feel?"
    Kelly: "Angry."

    b: 23 Jan 80 pc: 84 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Kim Manners

    NOTE: Bess's song, "Home," was writted by Edward J. Lakso and performed by Lynne Marta.
  91. "Homes Sweet Homes"
    gs: Dick Gautier [ Barry Kingsbrook ], Sherry Jackson [ Tina Fuller ], Natalie Core [ Mrs. Mayhew ], Vito Scotti [ Tyrone ], Arthur Spice [ Harry Mayhew ], Ernest Harada [ Changa ], William Marquez [ Juan Garcia ], Eugene Robert Glazer [ Marty ], Mark Thomas [ Glenn ], Anne Bruner [ Tyrone's Secretary ], Paula Jones [ Cindy ], Albert the Dog [ Himself ]

    A couple returns to its home following an open house, and is surprised by robbers. A man assaults the husband and steals his collection of rare Egyptian jewelry. The Angels suspect the Kingsbrook Realty Company, which has been investigated several times in connection with robberies. Kelly checks out renowned caterer Tyrone, whose stolen van was used in the robbery, but finds that he is not involved. Charlie gets Kris a job with Kingsbrook Realty; while Tiffany contacts Barry Kingsbrook under the guise of a wealthy woman selling her aunt and uncle's house. They plant valuable letters from the founding fathers in the house, and Kingsbrook contacts an expert in the field (who happens to owe a favor to Charlie). The man finds Kingsbrook a very interested buyer--Bosley. Barry promises to get a hold of the letters and sell them for two million dollars. Tina Fuller, Barry's top agent and love interest, becomes suspicious of Kris after discovering her going through the listings of houses that have been robbed. She discovers that Kris does not have a real estate license on file. Kelly, Tiffany and Bosley worry when Kris does not show up for their stake-out as planned. They see Tina turn off the alarm system, and catch three men in exterminator outfits robbing the house. Kelly chases after Tina and forces her to reveal Kris's whereabouts. Barry has taken her to his house. He gives her a drink with a poisonous coating on the glass in the hopes of extracting information. Kris grows confused and disoriented. When she refuses to talk, Barry plans to leave her in the hot tub to die. However, she reveals that she was faking all along, and subdues Barry.

    Tiffany: "It looks like we've zeroed in on the rat."
    Kris: "Now all we have to do is get the rat into the trap."
    Kelly: "You Northern girls sure talk dirty."

    Kris: "I think that's called moving the merchandise."

    b: 30 Jan 80 pc: 85 w: William Froug s: William Froug, Robert E. Lee, Ronald E. Osborn d: Allen Baron

    NOTE: Jaclyn Smith's poodle, Albert, makes his second appearance on the series.
  92. "Dancin' Angels"
    gs: Cesar Romero [ Elton Mills ], Norman Alden [ P.J. Wilkes ], John Lansing [ Steve Ames ], Lee Delano [ Al Norman ], Dawn Jeffory [ Jenny Wills ], Brad Maule [ Joe Fairgate ], Jason Kincaid [ Billy ], Lindsay Bloom [ Sally Fairgate ], Pamela Peadon [ Betty ]

    During a ballroom dancing contest, wealthy Sally Fairgate steps outside to get some air and is attacked. Her brother Joe enlists the Angels' help to find her. They head to the ballroom; where Kris catches the eye of manager Al Norman, who has an obsession with old movie gangsters. Bosley and Tiffany enter the contest and try to get close to Steve Ames and Jenny Wills, a talented couple that seems desperate to win the $5000 grand prize. Joe shows up and announces that the police have found Sally's body on the beach. Steve argues with Billy, one of the singers, about the selection of music. Bosley breaks up the fight and wins Steve's trust by claiming to be an agent looking for new talent. Kelly visits P.J. Wilkes, who owns the club with Norman, and tests him by claiming to have recently spoken with Sally. The Angels realize from his reaction that he knows that she is dead. Someone hits Billy over the head with a piece of wood and kills him. A background check reveals that Steve has a long criminal record, and that a missing persons report has been issued for 17-year-old Jenny. Norman forces Kris into his office so that he and Wilkes can interrogate her. Betty, the other singer, finds Billy's body in the alley. Kelly notes her shocked expression as she re-enters the club, and approaches to help. Elderly band leader Elton Mills eavesdrops as Kelly looks over the body and identifies herself as a detective. He grabs her gun away and takes her to a storage room, where he confesses to the crimes. The unstable Mills believed that Sally was distracting everyone from his band with her fine dancing, and was angry with Billy for calling the music "cornball muck." Bosley and Tiffany find Billy's body and Kelly's purse in the alley. They barge into Wilkes' office to help Kris, and demand answers from Wilkes and Norman. They insist that they had nothing to do with Sally's death; they moved the body to the beach because they feared they would lose business if the public learned that someone was murdered at their club. Bosley confronts Steve; who denies involvement in the killings, but threatens Jenny when she tries to drop out of the contest. Mills plans to take Kelly to the beach to kill her, but she escapes. Kris, Tiffany and Bosley quickly surround Mills and force him to surrender. The dance contest is shut down early because of the murders. A shaken Jenny decides to go back home to her parents, telling an outraged Steve to keep the prize money from their victory.

    Norman: "Well, now. Here's looking at you, kid."
    Kris (laughing): "You didn't really just say that."

    Mills: "In this very ungracious world, genuine quality is easy to recognize."

    Bosley: "Where's Tiffany?"
    Kelly: "In the powder room. Something about a toe you stepped on during the tango."
    Bosley: "Impossible."

    Norman: "Listen blondie, I'm getting really impatient with you!"
    Kris: "'Blondie'? You've really got to stop saying stuff like that."

    Kris: "Listen, you musical comedy mobster, I've had it up to here with your bad dialogue and bad manners."

    b: 6 Feb 80 pc: 86 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Dennis Donnelly
  93. "Harrigan's Angel"
    gs: Howard Duff [ Harrigan ], Ed Nelson [ George Starrett ], Michael Cavanaugh [ Anthony Felber ], Robert Englund [ Belkin ], Michael Baseleon [ Crail ], Charles McDaniel [ Matthews ], Marte Slout [ Waitress ]

    A group of thieves pulls off an elaborate robbery at an electronics plant. While the security guard is distracted by a phone call from his boss, they drop a giant photographic copy of the building over the outside of their truck so that he won't be able to detect anything on his monitors. George Starrett, the head of the company, hires the Angels at the behest of his insurance carrier. They have threatened to cancel his coverage unless he brings in someone to assist the investigator already on the case. The Angels are bemused to learn that they must work with Harrigan, a hard-drinking, absent-minded bumbler. Kris volunteers to pair up with Harrigan because he reminds her of her alcoholic father. She struggles constantly to stop Harrigan from drinking and keep his focus on the case. While going through his notes, she discovers that a photo engraving truck made an unusual visit to Starrett Electronics. They visit North Valley Photo Engraving, where employee Belkin proves to be extremely tight-lipped about his store's services. Kelly and Tiffany talk with Felber, a man at the company whose stolen truck was used in the robbery. Although he seems cooperative, Tiffany becomes suspicious because he didn't offer them any coffee. A man in a large black truck rams into Kris's car and tries to force it off the road. Harrigan suggests a maneuver that allows them to successfully elude their pursuer. He writes down the license plate number, but a computer check reveals that it doesn't exist. Kris begins to put together a theory on how the robbery was carried out, including the use of the giant photograph. Kelly and Tiffany question Starrett about Belkin and Felber, but he claims not to recognize their names. Kris looks through Harrigan's belongings and discovers that he was once a very brilliant man employed by presidents and military leaders. He began to fall apart after the deaths of his wife and their baby in childbirth. Bosley calls Tiffany and reports that Starrett owns several warehouses where the stolen merchandise could have been sold for re-distribution. He also has a criminal record, and Belkin and Felber were arrested for involvement in the same crime. Starrett and his associate go after Kelly and Tiffany in the truck, but Tiffany spots it and recognizes the license number as the one identified by Harrigan. Kelly cuts off the truck, and Starrett's driver confesses and tells them that Belkin and Felber plan to kill Kris and Harrigan. Tiffany calls Kris, but Harrigan steps outside and gets shot before Kris can warn him. He is not seriously hurt, and they are able to fight off the two men. Harrigan thanks Kris for her kindness and promises to get himself back on track.

    Bosley: "We don't work with other investigators, Mr. Starrett. It's sort of a rule."
    Starrett: "Even at twice your usual fee?"
    Bosley: "Then again, rules are made to be broken."

    Waitress: "We don't have spirits, sir."
    Harrigan: "I don't want to be haunted, darling. I want a drink."

    b: 20 Feb 80 pc: 87 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Don Chaffey
  94. "An Angel's Trail"
    gs: L.Q. Jones [ Sam Mason ], Tracey Walter [ Clint Mason ], John Lupton [ Sheriff Hunt ], John Dennis Johnston [ Harley Mason ], Dorothy Dells [ Nurse ], Cis Randle [ Lee Thomas ]

    rc: Jill

    Jill drives to Arizona, where several race car drivers plan to visit a young girl suffering from leukemia. She stops at a small gas station just as two men are committing a robbery. One of them shoots the owner, and they grab Jill and force her into their van before she can escape. Before dying, the owner identifies one of the robbers as Sam Mason, a dangerous criminal who recently broke out of prison, where he was serving a life sentence for murdering his wife. The shooter is his son Clint, who has been in trouble with the law since the age of twelve. The Angels determine that they must aid in the search for Jill. Charlie warns Kelly that Jill has little chance for survival, and asks her to take care of Kris. Jill quickly befriends Sam's oldest son Harley, a sweet man who is mentally handicapped. The police set up roadblocks along the highways and believe they have cut off all possible escape routes. However, Clint has discovered a path through a range of mountains that was believed to be impassable. The trio plans to take refuge in Canada. Kris grows frustrated with the cops' refusal to conduct more than a perfunctory search in the mountains. Tiffany heads off to the state capital to research whether the Masons might be following a path that the authorities have overlooked. Jill makes a break for it when the group stops in a ghost town for the night, but falls through a floor and nearly tumbles into a group of rattlesnakes. Sam decides to save her for the time being. Jill pleads with Harley to help her, but he doesn't want to risk disappointing his father. Jill learns that Clint and Harley broke their father out of prison because they believe he is innocent. Jill is outraged at Sam's treatment of Harley, particularly when he forces him to risk his life on a precarious mountain road to remove a large rock that is blocking the van. Clint loses control of the van; and they tumble off a cliff, injuring Sam's ankle. Clint and Sam kill two people at a campsite and steal their truck. Tiffany goes to the university and discovers that the Mormons once succeeded in navigating a trail through the mountains; Clint had obtained the same information a few months earlier. The sheriff finally agrees to check out the area, and Kris insists on coming along. Jill tries to bail out of the truck, but is quickly caught. Harley refuses to allow Clint to shoot her, and Clint disobeys his father's order to kill his brother. Harley and Clint get into a scuffle, and Clint falls and hits his head on a rock. Sam forces Jill to drive him toward the highway, abandoning his sons. When Jill questions his behavior, he attributes it to the fact that he grew tired of supporting a wife who supposedly cheated on him and spent all his money. He admits that she tried to flee with the boys many times before he finally killed her. Harley realizes that Sam has always lied to him, and that he killed his mother. He chases after the vehicle in a rage. Jill kicks Sam in his bad leg and jumps out of the truck. She tries to hit him with a piece of wood, but he recovers and grabs her. Harley shows up to save her, and Jill manages to dissuade him from killing his father. Kris and the sheriff soon arrive. Bosley and Jill visit Harley at a nice group home and bring him a chocolate cake.

    b: 27 Feb 80 pc: 88 w: Wayne Cruseturner d: Dennis Donnelly
  95. "Nips and Tucks"
    gs: Louis Jourdan [ Dr. Paul Redmont ], Tab Hunter [ Bill Maddox ], Barbara Iley [ Elena ], Corinne Michaels [ Angela Redmont ], Lisa Shure [ Julie Evers ], Joanna Pettet [ Barbara Brown ]

    Renowned surgeon Paul Redmont receives a phone call from his mistress, Barbara Brown, advising him to "lose" the file of former patient Tom Ford. Moments later, Ford is killed by a car bomb. Ford was a crooked accountant who had recently agreed to testify before a committee headed by Sen. Thompson. The senator asks the Angels to investigate. They discover that Bill Maddox, an unscrupulous financier, has returned to the country under an assumed name and plans to undergo plastic surgery at Dr. Redmont's clinic. Tiffany gets a job as a nurse at the facility and befriends Julie, a young woman who is terrified that her operation did not remove the scar from her face. Bosley checks in as a potential patient, with Kris as his demanding high-society wife. Barbara tries to goad Paul into performing the surgery on Maddox by claiming that he murdered Ford and has threatened her. She had apparently convinced him to operate on Ford years earlier by claiming that he had harmed her during her modeling days and would do so again unless Paul cooperated. When Paul refuses to accept a hefty sum from Maddox and ignores his blackmail attempts, Maddox threatens to break his hands. Barbara shows up, and Maddox's goons pretend to grab her so that Paul will consent. A sympathetic Kelly talks with Paul's estranged wife and learns Barbara's identity. Paul fell for her in part because he was so proud of the work he had done on her scarred face. A background check reveals that Barbara is an explosives expert who uses many aliases. Kelly and Kris plan to nab Maddox and take him away in an ambulance before he can undergo the surgery. Dr. Redmont's anesthesiologist recognizes Maddox's photograph, and Barbara kills her with a blow to the head. Tiffany and Paul find her body, and Barbara pulls a gun on them and forces them to perform the surgery. Bosley realizes that something is amiss when Tiffany shooes him away from the operating room. Kelly poses as a patient and hides a gun on her gurney to get Maddox's goon away from the door. Tiffany decides to use inhalation anesthesia, and bleeds the lines so that ether and oxygen will enter the air. Barbara cannot fire her gun without blowing up the entire room. She grabs Tiffany and holds a scalpel to her face, but Bosley bursts in and knocks her to the ground. Julie undergoes a full recovery, and thanks Tiffany for her kindness and support. The district attorney offers Paul immunity for his testimony, but he still feels like a fool for falling under Barbara's spell.

    b: 5 Mar 80 pc: 89 w: B.W. Sandefur s: Cory Applebaum and B.W. Sandefur d: Don Chaffey

    NOTE: The actors playing Maddox's goons, Berg and Kemp, are uncredited.
  96. "Three for the Money"
    gs: Vincent Baggetta [ Harley Dexter ], Lee Terri [ Prof. Joan McKendrick ], Michael Pataki [ De Sousa ], William Wellman Jr. [ Gibel ], Richard John Miller [ Mike Lloyd ], Carol Bruce [ Mrs. Pattison ], Conrad Bachman [ Sen. Ted Langston ], Andrew Masset [ Abercrombie ], John Parak [ Malakian ]

    Mike Lloyd interrupts a meeting between Harley Dexter and his mafia associates and threatens to report him to Sen. Ted Langston, the man investigating him for his illegal business dealings. Lloyd lost $65,000--his life savings--in one of Dexter's phony deals. Dexter's associate, Gibel, beats up Lloyd and throws him in an alley. The Angels set up a complex con game in the hopes of recovering funds that Dexter stole from three individuals: Lloyd, Prof. Joan McKendrick (who lost $75,000) and Mrs. Pattison (who lost $100,000). Tiffany poses as an aide to Sen. Langston and assures Dexter that her employer is willing to "negotiate" a price for his freedom, despite the comments he might make about him in public. Prof. McKendrick approaches Dexter and asks him to go in on the purchase of some stolen Mayan art treasures. He has them authenticated by an expert, unaware that it is actually Bosley. Their country bumpkin dealer--Kelly--presses them to make payment that same day; so he has to use mobster De Sousa's money, which he plans to replace before the debt is called in. Dexter secretly approaches Kelly with a plan to cut Prof. McKendrick out of the deal. He claims to have been assaulted and robbed en route to the exchange site, and is unaware that the professor has returned home with her $75,000. Kris and Lloyd buy a run-down Rolls Royce and fix it up to resemble Dexter's car. She pretends to have broken down on the highway, and Dexter comes to her aid. He has the car towed and asks her to be his house guest while she is supposedly in town for a high school reunion. Tiffany puts a potato in his tail pipe so that his car will not start, and it also has to be taken in for repairs. De Sousa's men approach Dexter and demand money, as they have grown concerned by Sen. Langston's decision to freeze Dexter's account. Dexter offers them partial payment in the form of some cash that is stashed in the upholstery of his car. He decides to turn over the Mayan statues as collateral for the rest of the debt. While Gibel is on the phone with Dexter, the Angels and company switch the cars. Gibel inadvertently tears Kris's car apart. She claims that she cannot wait for repairs because she needs the car for her reunion. After removing the money from his Rolls, Dexter writes up a bill of sale switching ownership of the cars. Lloyd plans to sell the vehicle to recoup his earlier losses; Bosley explains that they couldn't have simply kept the money in the car because it belonged to De Sousa. Kelly shows up at the house to take Dexter up on his earlier job offer. She and Kris pretend to be shocked to see each other, and run off in a huff. Tiffany slips into Dexter's study and tells him that Langston is willing to let him off the hook for $100,000. He reluctantly turns over his "getaway fund." Moments later, he gets a call from an infuriated De Sousa, who has discovered that the statues are made of plaster. He hides at a hotel to elude the authorities and De Sousa. Lloyd is happy to receive all but $8.48 of his lost money via the Rolls Royce sale, but Bosley is not satisfied. He poses as a room service official and collects that amount from Dexter. De Sousa and his men show up to confront Dexter. As they haul him away, an elevator opens to reveal the Angels, Bosley and the three smiling victims.

    Bosley: "This is Mayan culture at its finest."
    Prof. McKendrick: "You're holding it upside down."

    Kelly (to Kris): "Well, well. What have we here, the upstairs maid?"

    Kris (to Kelly): "If you're looking for the stables, they're out back."

    b: 12 Mar 80 pc: 90 w: Lee Sheldon d: George McCowan
  97. "Toni's Boys"
    gs: Stephen Shortridge [ Cotton Harper ], Bruce Bauer [ Matt Parrish ], Bob Seagren [ Bob Sorenson ], Barbara Stanwyck [ Antonia "Toni" Blake ], Robert Loggia [ Michael Durano ], Andy Romano [ Riso ], Tricia O'Neill [ Anne Moore ], Roz Kelly [ Jade Allen ], Jenny Sherman [ Sunny O'Day ], James E. Brodhead [ Rolph ], Ken Scott [ Messina ], Fil Formilda [ Gate Guard ], Patti Townsend [ Model #1 ], Asa Teeter [ Doorman ], Yuliis Ruval [ "Chemin Blanc" ], Dusty Deason [ Arnie ]

    While his boss distracts Kelly with a phone call, a man breaks into her car and switches Tiffany's birthday present with a package containing a bomb. Fortunately, she leaves the box in the car while taking groceries into Tiffany's house, so the Angels are unharmed when the bomb goes off. Charlie forces the Angels to become clients of his friend Antonia Blake, who has run a successful detective agency since the death of her husband. The Angels are told to work with her operatives: Olympic decathlete Bob Sorenson, actor Matt Parrish, and rodeo champion Cotton Harper. They believe they can solve the case alone, and try to ditch the men. Toni finally manages to convince them to cooperate. The man plotting against them is believed to be Michael Durano, a mobster who vowed revenge against the Angels for testifying against him. He was recently released from prison after serving just six months of a 15-year-sentence. Kris and Bob visit a strip club previously owned by Durano, and learn that he is trying to convince others that he has gone straight. Kelly and Cotton talk with a woman who has given riding lessons to Durano's daughters, and learn his address. Matt and Tiffany go to Durano's modeling agency, and she seems to succeed in getting a job. She does not realize that the employee recognizes her; the woman contacts Durano, who kidnaps Tiffany. Toni and the guys decide to use Kelly and Kris as bait to lead them to Tiffany. Toni and Cotton attend a soiree at Durano's winery, and Matt convinces the modeling agency head to let him work the event. Kris and Kelly take the models' places to get Durano's attention. When Bob fails to get backstage to protect them, Toni and Cotton start a brawl as a distraction. They somehow manage to lose Kris and Kelly, much to Charlie's annoyance. They trace their whereabouts to Durano's ranch, where he is having someone seal them up in a vault. Matt gets on the premises by posing as a wine connoisseur, but his attempt to capture Durano at gunpoint is foiled when another henchman comes up behind him. Bob pole vaults over the electric fence and arrives to help. Durano tries to escape, but Cotton lassoes his plane and apprehends him. The Angels ask Toni to give them a description of Charlie, but she is less than helpful.

    Kelly: "Careful, Tiff. I wouldn't get him upset. He might try to shot put you or something."

    Kris: "I don't know about you two, but I feel like we're on a triple blind date with Captain America, James Bond and the Lone Ranger."

    Kris: "Please don't talk to me like that. It sounds like you're calming down your horse."

    b: 2 Apr 80 pc: 91 w: Katharyn Powers s: Robert Janes and Katharyn Powers d: Ron Sattof
  98. "One Love...Two Angels (1)"
    gs: Patrick Duffy [ Bill Cord ], Lynne Marta [ Linda ], Ray Milland [ Oliver Barrows ], Robert Reed [ Glenn Staley ], Simon Scott [ Richard Carver ], William Mims [ Sam Worden ], Harry Townes [ Harnen ], Nancy Fox [ Eva ], Joe Ross [ Mark Getterling ], Sandy Freeman [ Dora Carver ], Nigel Bullard [ Wallert ], Diane Vincent [ Saleslady ], Bobby A. [ Lane ]

    Kelly receives a visit from attorney Bill Cord, whose research has led him to believe she may be the long-lost daughter of Oliver Barrows, wealthy owner of San Diego's Barrows Hotel. Barrows' daughter was lost as an infant after being shuffled to various hospitals following the car accident that killed her mother. Kelly is unsure as to whether she should pursue the lead, but her friends urge her to find out the truth. Barrows' nephew, Glenn Staley, worries about his uncle's plans to turn the hotel over to the city. He has long stipulated in his will that he would sell unless there was a direct heir to inherit the business. Glenn tampers with the cork on a bottle of wine, and Oliver suffers a mild heart attack during dinner. Bill and Glenn take a nervous Kelly to see Oliver, who initially pretends that he believes she is after his money. However, he is actually convinced of the truth by the strong resemblance between Kelly and his late wife, who is pictured in a painting. Although Oliver is thrilled to accept Kelly as his daughter Margaret and refuses to allow any DNA tests, she remains a bit skeptical. Kelly becomes angry with Bill for not telling her about the painting, but he apologizes and convinces her to go out with him. He lies to her again by claiming that he is taking her to dinner at the yacht club, instead of simply admitting that he wants to barbecue hamburgers on his small boat. She sleeps with him anyway. Glenn is shanghaied by a mobster who bailed out the hotel's main investor. He has options on a number of buildings on the same block as the Barrows, which will become worthless if the hotel goes over to the city. He warns Glenn to take care of the problem. Glenn poisons another wine cork and kills Oliver during a big dinner introducing Kelly to the family. Kelly refuses to take her inheritance until she is certain that she is actually Margaret Barrows. She asks her friends to help her with the investigation. While Tiffany flies to San Diego to look over the files, Kris spends way too much time with Bill and goes totally ga-ga over him. Glenn and his girlfriend grow impatient with Kelly, as they stand to lose the hotel in a few weeks unless she agrees to take on ownership. Glenn, at Linda's suggestion, tampers with Kelly's new car so that she cannot control it. She manages to avoid hitting other vehicles and injuring people, but finally slams into a bunch of gas cans near the docks and goes flying up into the air.

    Oliver: "Is that all you've got to say?"
    Kelly: "That's all I can say and still remain a lady."

    b: 30 Apr 80 pc: 92A w: B.W. Sandefur d: Dennis Donnelly
  99. "One Love...Two Angels (2)"
    gs: Patrick Duffy [ Bill Cord ], Lynne Marta [ Linda ], Robert Reed [ Glenn Staley ], Simon Scott [ Richard Carver ], Harry Townes [ Harnen ], Nancy Fox [ Eva ], Nigel Bullard [ Wallert ], Bobby A. [ Lane ], Clint Young [ Inspector Burton ], Ed Ruffalo [ Contruction Worker #1 ], M. David Cohen [ Construction Worker #2 ]

    Kelly's car crashes into a building and catches on fire, but bystanders are able to save her. She suffers relatively minor injuries. Meanwhile, Bill and Kris continue to fall for each other. She notes his odd behavior and asks if he is seeing someone, but he doesn't reply. Bill races back to San Diego after receiving word of Kelly's accident, and professes his love from beside her hospital bed. After Kelly is released from the hospital, Glenn pressures her to sign some documents. Bill convinces her to do it, declaring that she needs to accept the fact that she is Margaret Barrows. When everyone meets up at the Barrows mansion, Kris is shocked to see Bill and Kelly kissing. She immediately confesses the truth, and Kelly thanks her for her honesty. Bill plays them against each other by insisting that he loves them both and can't choose between them. Kris chases after Kelly to apologize and assure her that she didn't know about her relationship with Bill. When Kelly asks how they should handle the situation, Kris says that she isn't going to stop seeing Bill; so Kelly makes the same declaration. Tiffany discovers that someone tampered with Kelly's gears, and concludes that the car accident was actually a murder attempt. Bosley goes to Bill's office to share this information, and Bill immediately goes on the defensive about Kris and Kelly. Bosley lays into him for destroying their friendship and the Angels' partnership. Bill whines about his misfortune in meeting two women at the same time and his difficult choice. Bill investigates Glenn's finances and learns that he has a lot to gain if the Barrows remain in family control. He realizes that Glenn needed an heir, and rigged the information that led Bill to Kelly. When he confronts him, Glenn poisons his drink and kills him. Bill's body is found in the water near his boat. Tiffany notices that his keys (including those to the boat) are still in his car and suspects foul play. The autopsy proves that Bill did not drown, and that he had traces of poison in his system. Tiffany goes to a construction site to take photographs of Glenn's business associates. Glenn has someone drop a bunch of bricks on her rental car, but she escapes harm by hiding beneath the vehicle. The Angels re-enact the night of Oliver's death with his servants, and realize that Glenn poisoned the wine cork. They decide to have Kelly invite Glenn and Linda to dinner in the hopes of forcing him to confess. Glenn repeatedly denies Kelly's allegations, until she reveals that she discovered the footprints of the infant Margaret in the attic earlier in the afternoon. He knows that this will prove that Kelly is not the heir to the Barrows fortune. Glenn puts Kelly in a headlock and holds a knife to her throat as he walks her out of the house. Bosley and Tiffany emerge with guns, but cannot take any action. Kris comes up from behind and startles Glenn, allowing Kelly to escape. Kelly thanks Kris for saving her life, but Kris just glares at her and replies, "That was for Bill." The next morning, a guilt-ridden Kris arrives at the office with her letter of resignation. Kelly shows up with her own letter of resignation, and insists that she cannot let Kris leave on her account. Kris is bewildered when Kelly tries to take the blame, as Kris feels that she is the one at fault. She finally realizes that Kelly just wants to put the whole thing behind them. She apologizes and hugs her, and they advise Charlie to cancel the resignations.

    Bosley: "I haven't come to play Miss Lovelorn, if that's what you mean."

    Bill: "I didn't plan it this way, believe me."
    Bosley: "Well, you couldn't have done any better if you'd tried."

    b: 7 May 80 pc: 92B w: B.W. Sandefur d: Dennis Donnelly

    NOTE: This is Shelley Hack's final episode.

    There were 18 character deaths during the fourth season.

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    5th Season 1980

  100. "Angel in Hiding (1)"
    gs: Jack Albertson [ Edward Jordan ], Vic Morrow [ Harry Stearns ], Christopher Lee [ Dale Woodman ], Dack Rambo [ Steve ], Don Stroud [ Jimmy Joy ], Kitty Ruth [ Louise ], Earl Colbert [ Jason Mills ], Nancy Bleier [ Terry Mann ], Diane Lander [ Sally ], George Dickerson [ Lloyd Marks ], Charles Picerni [ Benson ], Matthew Tobin [ Barry ], Jerrold Ziman [ Eddie Roberts ], Mae Marms [ Miss Delp ], Jesse Logan [ Betty ], Ann McMurray [ Jody Mills ], Vivian Ford [ Ellie ]

    A man hires Kris, Kelly and Bosley to locate his daughter, Jody Mills, who had most recently worked for the Woodman modeling agency. (Tiffany has returned to the east coast.) The client asks the Angels to hold off on the investigation until he arrives the next morning. That night, Jody's friend and fellow model Terry gets thrown out of a client party by Woodman. Jody's roommate, Julie Rogers, goes to the party to score some drugs for her. She heads for the home show where Jody had been working; and learns that she is now employed at Eddie's, a sleazy establishment that lets perverts take pictures of girls with their own cameras. Jody's elderly client strangles her in an alley just before Julie arrives. He knocks some boxes onto her so that he can escape. Mr. Mills asks the Angels to find out who killed his daughter, and why she had been taking drugs. Kris and Bosley check out the alley where Jody died and find a broken piece of lens cap. Kelly poses as an old friend of Jody's and tries to get some answers from Julie. Julie claims that she had no idea that Jody was in trouble, as they didn't keep the same schedules. Julie and her friend Harry grow suspicious of Kelly's behavior. Kelly and Kris push their way into the Woodman agency and convince him to give them a chance. They are asked to attend a party that night. Julie shows up with Harry, who tells drug dealer Jimmy Joy that he is taking over his action. Julie warns Kelly to stay away from the modeling industry. Kris and Kelly receive a similar admonishment from two other girls, who hint at the disasters that lay ahead for models who are dropped from the "A" list. Woodman introduces them to Edward Jordan, a client from Cincinnati who happens to be the man who killed Jody. He grows fixated with Kris. Kelly and Kris win Woodman's favor and are invited to join the agency. Kris suggests that she might find out what happened to Jody if she intentionally screwed up, as she could learn the fate of models who fall out of favor. The Angels discover that Julie has a police record. A panicked Terry shows up at Julie's apartment and begs for drugs. Julie tries to convince her to quit working at Eddie's and go home, even offering to cover her plane fare. Terry storms off in a huff, and Julie cannot stop her from driving away. Terry drowns herself in the ocean. Jimmy Joy fumes over the way Harry pushed him around. Woodman's right-hand man Steve, who has been doing business with Jimmy Joy with his boss's cooperation, warns him not to do anything stupid. Kelly, Kris and Bosley head for the beach after learning of Terry's death. Julie and Harry also arrive to check things out, but Jimmy Joy drives by and shoots Harry. Harry urges an inconsolable Julie to track down his shooter, and then dies from his wounds. A baffled Bosley learns from the ambulance dispatcher that Harry is a police officer. He concludes that Julie must be working undercover.

    Lloyd: "Julie baby, what are you doing down here?"
    Julie: "Slumming."

    Eddie: "My, we're a snotty broad, ain't we?"
    Julie: "Eddie, 'we're' indicates plural. 'A snotty broad' indicates the singular. You're mixing your subjects. Also, I'm not a broad. And if you call me that one more time, I'm gonna come down on you like a house of bricks."

    Eddie: "What's wrong with my place?"
    Julie: "Mostly it's that you hang around there, Eddie."

    Woodman: "Who are these young ladies?"
    Kris: "She just told you, Garrett and Munroe. You weren't paying attention, Mr. Woodman."

    Woodman: "What makes you think you can succeed here?"
    Kelly: "What makes you think I can't?"
    Woodman: "Somehow I knew she was going to say that."

    Kris (watching belly dancer): "How does she do that?"
    Kelly: "I think you need special joints."

    b: 30 Nov 80 pc: 93A w: Edward J. Lakso d: Dennis Donnelly

    NOTE: Tanya Roberts joins the cast as Julie Rogers.

    Charlie's opening monologue has now undergone a complete overhaul. It begins, "Once upon a time, there were three beautiful girls. Two of them graduated from the police academy. The other graduated from a top school for models. And they each reaped the rewards of their exciting careers..." For her "reward," Julie is shown jogging on a treadmill while promoting a drink called Joggerade.

    Kelly drives her third different identical Mustang of the series after the previous one was blown up in"Toni's Boys".

    Bosley looks over brochures of Hawaii in anticipation of the Angels' possible assignment there.

  101. "Angel in Hiding (2)"
    gs: Jack Albertson [ Edward Jordan ], Christopher Lee [ Dale Woodman ], Dack Rambo [ Steve ], Don Stroud [ Jimmy Joy ], David Hurst [ Stovich ], George Dickerson [ Lloyd Marks ], Charles Picerni [ Benson ], Matthew Tobin [ Barry ], Jerrold Ziman [ Eddie Roberts ], Mae Marms [ Miss Delp ]

    Kris, Kelly and Bosley approach Julie after Harry's funeral. She explains that she served time for shoplifting, and Harry was her parole officer. After her release, she got work at the Woodman agency and noticed a lot of drug dealing and other illegal activities. She and Harry began working together in the hopes of uncovering the culprits. Julie did not actually buy drugs for Jody on the night of her death; she was just trying to infiltrate the operation. Kris and Kelly convince a reluctant Julie to work with them to break the case, but Julie warns them to let her have Harry's killer to herself. Kris overhears Steve and Jimmy Joy arguing at the site of a photo shoot, but cannot understand what they are saying. Kris acts very clumsy and creates total chaos on the set as part of her plan to fall out of the "A" group. She borrows money from Woodman, as Julie had told her that many models end up getting in debt. Woodman and Steve recommend that she seek work at the auto show. Kris complains about the auto show atmosphere and the outfit that she is expected to wear. Eddie overhears and offers her a job at his place, which she accepts. Edward Jordan is her first client. Bosley explains Julie's tough background to a sympathetic Kelly. She grew up on the streets; never knew her father; and had an alcoholic mother who eventually died. While leaving an agency party, Julie recognizes Jimmy Joy's car as the one driven by Harry's assailant. She follows him to a bar and watches Jimmy Joy and his cohort from afar. They are plotting to kill Steve because he is behaving too nervously and may blow it for them. Steve shows up and spots Julie loading her gun. He drags her over to Jimmy Joy's table, and is surprised when the men force both of them to come with them at gunpoint. Kelly and Bosley arrive to bail out Julie, and apprehend Steve and Benson. Julie jumps onto the roof of Jimmy Joy's car as he tries to escape; she hangs on as he drives through the garage. After he finally crashes into a post, she knocks him out with a piece of wood and gets his gun away. Steve squeals about the drug dealing operation to the cops. Jordan recognizes Kris from the agency party, and becomes suspicious of her rapid fall from grace. She notices that his lens cap is cracked in such a way that matches the missing piece found in the alley. He confesses and threatens to kill Kris. Jordan injures her shoulder by throwing his camera against it, but she manages to shoot him. He runs into the street and gets hit by a car just as Kelly and Bosley arrive. Realizing that Woodman probably cannot be charged for his involvement in the drug dealing, Kelly, Kris and Bosley ruin his reputation by interrupting one of his parties and telling the guests about his behavior. Everyone storms out in disgust. Charlie arranges for Julie to receive a probationary investigator's license and begin working with Kris and Kelly.

    Kelly: "Also, being a little clumsy will discourage him."
    Julie: "She's clumsy, too?"
    Kelly: "Actually, it comes quite easy for her."
    Kris: "Very funny."

    b: 30 Nov 80 pc: 93B w: Edward J. Lakso d: Dennis Donnelly

    NOTE: Kris shoots someone for the third time in the series.
  102. "To See an Angel Die"
    gs: Cameron Mitchell [ Tom Grainger ], Gary Frank [ Ted Grainger ], Jane Wyman [ Eleanor Willard ], Katie Hanley [ Charlene Grainger ]

    The Angels and Bosley fly to Hawaii to set up a temporary office. Kris offers to go to the store and pick up some champagne to help them celebrate the occasion. A truck forces her off the road, and a man named Tom Grainger confronts her and claims that she killed his wife. He and his two grown children shove her into the truck and drive away. An older woman named Eleanor Willard finds Kris's car abandoned on the beach and suspects that something is wrong. She gets the agency's address from the police and seeks out Kelly, Julie and Bosley. She informs them that she is a registered psychic who has helped the police on several occasions. Eleanor takes them to the car and explains that she senses that something violent has occurred. Although they are skeptical, Kelly, Julie and Bosley must rely on her instincts because other leads may not pan out in time to save Kris. Grainger's son Ted tells a confused Kris that she arrested his mother for prostitution in San Francisco three years ago; she killed herself in her cell that night. Kris wonders why Mrs. Grainger was in San Francisco instead with her family in Hawaii, and why it took them so long to find out what happened to her. Grainger screams at her to mind her own business. Kris jumps out at a red light and tries to escape. Ted finds her, and thinks about letting her go for a very long time before alerting his father and sister. Kris realizes that Mrs. Grainger fled to escape her husband's beatings. Ted admits that his father has beaten all of them, but doesn't believe that he is a bad person. He also insists that Grainger won't really kill Kris. Eleanor looks through Kris's belongings and focuses on her old Hansel and Gretel book, which she believes is important. Kelly confirms that Kris's mother read her the book as a child, and that Kris carries it as a good luck charm. Kris kicks her purse out of the truck as a clue for her friends, who are using Eleanor's visions in an attempt to follow her. Kris thinks about the bread crumbs in the story and subtly opens a salt bag, leaving a white line on the road. Kelly tries to calm a worried Julie, and thanks her for showing so much concern for someone she barely knows. They find Kris's purse and pick up her trail. The Graingers drive to the family nursery, and Ted realizes that his father actually intends to kill Kris. Kris tells off Grainger and states that she is not responsible for his wife's death; if anything, he is to blame for mistreating her. Grainger gets drunk and falls into despair as he tries to convince her (and himself) that he treated his wife fairly. While he is distracted, Kris knocks his gun to the floor and escapes. Ted pulls up in the truck in an attempt to help Kris get away from his father and sister. Grainger shoots out the tires and sends Kris flying into a pile of dirt. He tries to come after her, but Kelly appears and strongly discourages this course of action. The Angels return to the office after a day at the beach, and are pleased to receive a visit from Eleanor. She says that she usually keeps to herself, but their friendship has inspired her to become more open.

    Ted: "My father is not a bad man."
    Kris: "He sure does a good impersonation of one."

    Kris: "You can shoot me with that gun, Mr. Grainger. But before you do, you're going to know that I think you are a self-pitying coward and a liar!"

    Kelly: "I don't know who you are, but you've got about two seconds to drop that gun. And one of them's already gone."

    Kris: "I can see that this is going to be a big problem."
    Kelly: "A problem? What do you mean?"
    Kris: "All this indecision. Should be spend the day at the beach or at the pool?"

    b: 30 Nov 80 pc: 94 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Dennis Donnelly

    NOTE: Kris's last name is misspelled "Monroe" on her driver's registration. Her Hawaii address (possibly the agency) is 4376 Kalhaii Ave.
  103. "Angels of the Deep"
    gs: Patti D'Arbanville [ Bianca Blake ], Antonio Fargas [ Blackie ], Gary Lockwood [ Claude ], Sonny Bono [ Marvin ], Moe Keale [ Chin ], Bradford Dillman [ Tony Kramer ], Anne Francis [ Cindy Burton ]

    rc: Lt. Torres

    Julie develops an interest in scuba diving. Her guide, Bianca, takes her out to a location where a boat supposedly sank. A man comes after Julie with a knife and cuts her breathing apparatus, but Bianca is able to save her. The man's hippie friend, Marvin, blows up Julie and Bianca's boat. Two other men observe the situation, and take off when the Coast Guard arrives to help Julie and Bianca. Julie contacts the police, and is stunned when Bianca climbs out a bathroom window and flees the scene. She also learns that Bianca lied about her address. The Angels determine that they must track her down and find out what is going on. Blackie and Chin--the two men who watched the explosion from afar--report back to their boss, Tony Kramer. They realize that Marvin and Claude have stolen a shipment of marijuana from his sunken boat. Not wishing to tip their hand, they decide to go after Bianca and Julie and find out if they know anything. Kelly and Julie search for Bianca, and are unable to find any leads. Charlie recommends that Julie check into the hotel where she met Bianca in case she turns up again. Blackie and Chin try to kidnap Julie in front of the hotel, but take off in a hurry after she and Kelly give them each a beating. Marvin and Claude meet with a woman named Cindy Burton and try to cut a deal to sell the pot. Bianca follows them back to the warehouse where they are crashing, and goads them into giving her a cut. Julie and Kelly see Blackie and Chin rummaging through Julie's hotel room. As they pursue them, Julie runs into Bianca. Even with help from Kris and Bosley, they are unable to catch up to the men. Bianca tells the Angels about the grass shipment and feigns innocence about her own involvement. Kelly and Julie catch her meeting with Marvin, Claude and Cindy; and identify themselves as detectives. After learning that Bianca never actually saw the grass, Julie theorizes that Marvin and Claude have already pulled the stash from Tony's boat and are going to stiff her. They go back to the site of the sunken vessel to confirm this. Kris spots Claude diving into the water, and goes down to warn Julie and Bianca. He blows up the wreck, but everyone is able to make it back to the surface safely. Bianca gives the Angels the location of the warehouse, and they show up just as Marvin and Claude are completing their deal with Cindy. They have hidden the pot in potato chip bags. Tony, Blackie and Chin race up in search of revenge. Kris and Kelly stop Cindy, Marvin and Claude; and Tony's car crashes into the water when he and his men swerve to keep Julie from shooting them. Cindy is later found to be one of the biggest pot dealers in California. The Angels decide to vouch for Bianca; even though she is a pathological liar, she is basically harmless and had helped them a lot on the case.

    Blackie: "Tony, you're not gonna believe this. Now there are four girlies."
    Chin: "And a fat guy!"

    Kris: "Bianca, shut up!"

    Marvin (after Kelly shoots at him): "Oh wow, man! What a bummer."

    Bianca: "When you think about it, you couldn't have broken this case without me."
    Kris: "When you think about it, we wouldn't have been involved in this case without you."
    Bianca: "See how much I did for you?"

    b: 7 Dec 80 pc: 95 w: Robert George d: Kim Manners

    NOTE: After Kelly and Julie tell Bianca that they are detectives, she claims to be an undercover narcotics cop. Patti D'Arbanville later assumed many such undercover roles as Lt. Cooper on the FOX series New York Undercover, although she usually stayed at the station and coordinated the efforts of the other officers.
  104. "Island Angels"
    gs: Richard Jaeckel [ Bud Fisher ], Barbi Benton [ Toni Green ], Lyle Waggoner [ Jack Barrows ], Don Knight [ Frederick Ober ], Keye Luke [ Lin ], Randolph Mantooth [ Dr. Mark Williams ], Carol Lynley [ Lisa Gallo ]

    rc: Lt. Torres

    Lt. Torres of the Honolulu Police asks the Angels for help in capturing a member of the Red Circle terrorist group, who they believe is coming to town to make another attempt on the life of diplomat Eric Nielsen. They need Julie's help to identify the man because she was a witness to one of his shooting sprees at a Mexico City train station a few years earlier. Julie spots the man as part of a singles tour group at the airport, and Kelly and Kris stop him from getting into a cab. He is identified as Frederick Ober, and a machine gun is found among his belongings. The Angels and Bosley worry that the assignment was much too easy, and Ober boasts that another member of his group will carry out the attack. Torres realizes that Ober's job was to distract the authorities while another assassin slipped through without detection. Kelly and Torres cannot convince Eric Nielsen to postpone his trip until conditions are safer. Aware that the killer slipped in as part of the tour group, Julie and Bosley infiltrate their resort as a photographer and reporter from magazine. Kris gets a job as a bartender at the hotel. Julie and Bosley note the suspicious behavior of Bud Fisher, a reclusive guest who becomes furious when Julie takes his picture. A man named Jack Barrows also becomes angry after being photographed; his girlfriend, Lisa Gallo, tells Bosley that he is worried that his wife will learn of their affair. She admits that she is at the resort for some uncomplicated fun, and hits on Bosley. Someone breaks into Julie's room and steals a roll of film; she walks in on the burglar and gets shoved into a closet. Tour director Toni Green helps the Angels with the case, and gets Kris moved to a better location so that she can observe the guests coming and going. Julie has to replace all of the photographs; and tries to get a shot of Dr. Mark Williams, who has been hiding in his room for the entire trip. She falls down while trying to take his picture from the porch. He tells her that he saw his wife and a patient together and assumed they were having an affair. Overcome with despair, he jumped on the first plane out of town. Julie advises him to call his wife and patch things up. Kris sees Jack Barrows return from a shopping trip with a unique bag. His body is found in the water shortly thereafter, and an autopsy reveals that he had ingested a rare poison. Mark is considered a suspect because of his medical knowlege; he also lied about his address to the airline. Bud Fisher also lied about his identity, as he is wanted for questioning by the FBI with regards to some missing funds. Barrows' bag is not found among his belongings, and the Angels suspect that the luggage store might have been holding a weapon for him because he couldn't carry it on the plane. Kelly goes to the store, where the owner becomes very edgy after she claims to be a friend of Barrows. He tries some martial arts moves on her, and ends up knocked out cold. A distraught Lisa Gallo tells Bosley that she is leaving town. Moments later, Kelly arrives with an Interpol photograph of members of the Red Circle--including Lisa. Julie and Toni discover that Mark has vanished, and fear that he may also be involved. The Angels race off to the airport and catch up to Lisa. She shoves Kelly and tries to get away, but Kris tackles her. Julie sees Mark at the gate where Nielsen's flight is coming in. However, he is actually waiting for his wife, who just happened be on the same flight. They thank Julie for her good advice and take her to lunch. Everyone praises her for doing a fine job on her first case. She is embarrassed, but grateful to Kris and Kelly for accepting her as part of the family.

    Lisa: "Can I trust you?"
    Bosley: "With what?"
    Lisa: "A confession."
    Bosley: "Do I look like a priest?"

    Kelly: "Don't worry, Lt. Torres. He won't give you any more trouble."

    b: 14 Dec 80 pc: 96 w: Robert George s: Robert I. Holt d: Don Chaffey
  105. "Waikiki Angels"
    gs: Dan Haggerty [ Bo Thompson ], Patrick Wayne [ Steve Walters ], Rex Holman [ Lee Dain ], Denise DuBarry [ Marti Lindsay ], Christopher Goutman [ David Lindsay ], Richard Anderson [ Congressman Sam Knight ], Edd Byrnes [ Ted Burton ]

    rc: Lt. Torres

    Marti Lindsay and her new husband, David, are attacked by men in dune buggies while picnicking on a secluded beach. David is struck by one of the vehicles and knocked unconscious, while Marti vanishes. Her father, Congressman Sam Knight, seeks help from the Angels to locate her. He goes against their wishes and decides to offer a reward through the media. Lt. Torres reports that there have been a number of recent incidents in which people have been terrorized on the beaches. A group of motorcycle gang members from the mainland are believed to be responsible. Meanwhile, Bo Thompson and his friends hang out at an unattended house, where he is posing as a caretaker. He repeatedly drugs Marti. The Angels plan to go undercover as lifeguards at Pacific Beach, where the last two incidents occurred. They must first finish in the top 25 in the lifeguard tryouts. Although Julie struggles, all three manage to make the cut. Bo and his friends play football on the beach near Kelly's station. When he tries to grope her, she almost breaks his arm. The humiliated Bo vows revenge, and he and his friends later come after Kelly with their dune buggies. She tries to fight them off, and they run away after Julie and Kris show up. Julie chases them in the patrol jeep, but loses their trail when they leave the beach. Ted Burton, one of Bo's friends, becomes very nervous about their kidnapping of Marti. He calls about the reward, and his call is traced to a phone booth. The disoriented Marti jumps out of the car and runs away. Bo and his friend Lee catch up to Ted, and are furious at his betrayal. Kelly and Julie arrive at the scene and see Marti wandering near the road. Kelly shoves Marti out of the path of an oncoming car. Marti is extremely traumatized by the experience, but she and David are both expected to recover with time. The congressman believes the case is over, but the Angels are determined to find the culprits. Ted's body is found at the bottom of a two-thousand foot cliff. Julie checks around the dune buggy shops and is able to get a tentative i.d. on his companions. Kelly uses herself as bait in the hopes that Bo will make another attempt to grab her. Kris hides in the shack with a gun as back-up and helps Kelly confront Lee. Unfortunately, Bo emerges with a rifle and kidnaps them. Julie and Bosley discover their disappearance, and realize that they were taken by dune buggies. Kris contacts them with her radio, which the men had not confiscated from her backpack. Julie recognizes the music in the background during Kris's transmission as the same music coming from a loud radio nearby. Bosley drives the jeep through the gate, enabling Kris and Kelly to escape. Kelly and Bo engage in a dune buggy chase until he crashes and flips over. The Angels are not pleased to learn that Bosley and Charlie have tried to arrange for them to teach a lifeguard course at a new hotel. Claiming that they need practice on their rescues, they throw Bosley into the pool.

    Kris: "Beautiful, romantic Hawaii. At least what I can see of it."
    Kelly: "For me and the Hawaii visitors' bureau, I apologize."

    Kris: "Sweet guy."
    Kelly: "Yeah, Mr. Right all the way."

    Bosley: "Unfunny!"

    b: 4 Jan 81 pc: 97 w: B.W. Sandefur d: Dennis Donnelly

    NOTE: Patrick Wayne is the son of John Wayne.

    The roles of Kono (a police officer assisting Lt. Torres) and the man from the governor's office who commends the Angels are uncredited.

  106. "Hula Angels"
    gs: Gene Barry [ Steve Moss ], Patch MacKenzie [ Amy ], Branscombe Richmond [ Bob Ahuna ], Shawn Hoskins [ Donna Smith ], Pat Crowley [ Marion Moss ], Joanna Cassidy [ Stacy Parrish ], Barry Woodruff [ Mark Gleason ], William Bryant [ Lamont Burns ], Kristin Larkin [ Margot ], Elizabeth Lindsey [ Lily ]

    rc: Lt. Torres

    Nightclub owner Steve Moss orders the firing of Donna Smith, a go-go dancer who was struggling to learn the moves. He tells her that she isn't cut out for that line of work, and suggests that she go home. That night, four people in pig masks kidnap Steve in the parking lot and shove him into a van. He is taken to a warehouse and held in a cage that hangs from the ceiling. The ringleader talks to him over a p.a. system while using a disguised voice. Steve's wife, Marion, receives a ransom note demanding one million dollars. The kidnappers also threaten to carry out a "surprise" on each day that she does not comply. A panicked Marion insists that she cannot come up with the money. The Angels interview several people, who state that Steve's club is extremely successful. No one has particularly kind words to say about Steve. The Angels believe that Marion might have arranged the kidnapping as a clever way to get rid of an unwanted husband. However, Steve laughs after the kidnapper informs him of the ransom demand; and declares that Marion could not possibly pay it. A go-go dancer vanishes during that evening's show, and a mannequin and threatening note are left in her cage. Kris and Julie try out as replacements for the missing girl in the hopes of investigating dance captain Stacy Parrish. Kris gets the job, and Julie is asked to remain available for future vacancies. As Julie leaves, she runs into Donna Smith, who had hoped to thank Steve. She explains that Steve gave her money to get on with her life. Despite the Angels' misgivings, Marion insists on trying to catch the kidnappers with a phony ransom drop. A man approaches Marion and delivers the code word, and then takes a swing at Bosley when everyone begins to surround him. He manages to elude Julie, but Kelly beats him up. He explains that someone paid him one hundred dollars to approach Marion as a prank. Stacy, who had orchestrated the entire thing, calls someone with orders. She notices Julie walking near the pool. Kris discovers that another dancer has disappeared. The Angels are unaware that the "kidnapped" girls are actually Stacy's co-conspirators. The club comedian tells Julie that Steve has secretly devoted a substantial amount of money toward helping struggling girls like Donna get back on their feet. Steve once had a teenage daughter, who ran away and ended up dead. He also reveals that Stacy repeatedly made advances toward Steve, but he turned her down. Stacy realizes that Kris and Julie are detectives, and decides to hire Julie as a dancer and keep an eye on her. Kris sets herself up as bait by revealing her identity to Stacy and asking for help on the case. She is wracked with guilt when Julie ends up being the one who gets kidnapped. Charlie decides to pay the ransom to ensure the safe release of Julie and Steve. Kris, Kelly and Bosley stake out the area, but one of Stacy's friends collides with Marion and takes the money earlier than expected. They pursue Stacy in a truck and track them to the warehouse. Stacy plans to kill Julie and Steve, but Kris crashes the truck through the door at that moment. The cage lands safely on top of the truck and the kidnappers are captured.

    b: 11 Jan 81 pc: 98 w: Robert George d: Kim Manners
  107. "Moonshinin' Angels"
    gs: Andrew Duggan [ Hawkshaw Bartlett ], George Loros [ Max Lacy ], Dennis Fimple [ George Bartlett ], Steve Hanks [ Bobby Dan Bartlett ], Miriam Byrd-Nethery [ Flo Bartlett ], Tisch Raye [ Melinda Catlin ], Dabbs Greer [ Bluford Catlin ], Bob Lesser [ Burt Walker ], Richard Fullerton [ Turk Swanson ], Barbara Lang [ Etta ], Arnie Moore [ Josh ]

    Bobby Dan Bartlett is injured when someone forces his car off the road during a moonshine delivery. Bobby Dan's father, Hawkshaw, is certain that their longtime rivals, the Catlins, are to blame for the attack. Bobby Dan's girlfriend, Melinda Catlin, comes by to see him and insists that her father has denied responsibility. They are all unaware that businessman Max Lacy is attempting to pit the Bartletts and Catlins against each other in the hopes of setting off another feud. The governor seeks the Angels' help in preventing another "Gifford County War," as the last such battle (thirty years earlier) caused numerous injuries and much property damage. Kris brushes up on her organic chemistry and convinces Bluford Catlin to hire her to run his distillery. She befriends Melinda and assures her that the trouble between the Catlins and Bartletts will end soon, making it possible for Bobby Dan and her to go away to college and get married. Kelly replaces the injured Bobby Dan as the Bartletts' driver. George Bartlett has been secretly supplying Lacy and his associates with information in exchange for his brother's release from prison. They threaten George and demand that he describe Kelly's route. They ram into the car and try to shoot her; but she is able to escape, thanks to Bobby Dan's souped-up engine. She tells Bosley that her attackers were obviously not locals. Julie takes a waitress job at a nearby diner and keeps an eye on Lacy, who has been in town for a few weeks. The Angels conclude that Lacy is trying to take over the liquor market as part of a plan to gain a political foothold in the state. Bosley poses as a San Antonio businessman and offers to buy out the entire stocks from Bartlett and Catlin. They both agree to get out of the business. However, Lacy forces George to help him remove security measures from the Bartletts' still, which his men then cover with dynamite. George sees Kelly taking a midnight stroll and saves her from the explosion. Hawkshaw blames the Catlins for the destruction of his business and decides to go to their house with a shotgun. Kelly gives her real identity and tells him about Lacy's plot, but he refuses to listen. Lacy's men kidnap Bosley and take him to their boss. Julie sees Bosley in the back of their car and goes after them. Kelly, Julie and Bobby Dan apprehend the trio and free Bosley. They race over to the Catlin house, where Kris and Melinda try in vain to prevent Hawkshaw and Bluford from going ahead with their dual. Kelly and Bosley force Lacy to confess; he agrees, provided that they take him to the police instead of turning him over to Bartlett and Catlin. Julie arrives with Bobby Dan, who shares a kiss with Melinda--much to their fathers' chagrin. The government decides to subsidize a gasoline franchise for the families.

    Charlie: "The last time the feud between the Catlins and the Bartletts exploded, it made headlines all over the country."
    Kris: "Well, how come I never heard about it?"
    Bosley: "You weren't even born yet!"
    (Kris grins widely.)

    Kris (with hillbilly accent): "You reckon all the feuds in Gifford County end this way?"
    (Bosley rolls his eyes. Kelly turns Kris toward her and gives her a look of complete befuddlement.)

    b: 24 Jan 81 pc: 99 w: B.W. Sandefur d: Kim Manners
  108. "He Married an Angel"
    gs: David Hedison [ John Thornwood ], Harold J. Stone [ Joe Fenell ], Beege Barkett [ Monica Regis ], Eloise Hardt [ Barbara Stone ], Ernie Sarracino [ Rev. Benedictine ], Lee Teri [ Jane Stone ], George Ball [ Bill Connors ], Jack Kosslyn [ Harrison ], Louie Nicholas [ Gus ], Sharon Johansen [ Ms. Fricke ]

    John Thornwood convinces his "fiancé," Jane Stone, to invest $100,000 in an oil exploration venture. He goes to a San Francisco bank to close out their corporation, but sneaks out the back door. Jane's skeptical sister Barbara--with whom she shares a joint account--sees Thornwood fleeing and tries to catch him, but gets into a wreck. Barbara learns that Thornwood has relocated to Los Angeles, and seeks the Angels' help in recovering the money. Jane does nothing but blubber all the while. Kris moves into an apartment down the hall from Thornwood; and makes him believe she is a fellow con artist by letting him overhear an argument with a mark--a disguised Bosley. Kelly and Julie follow Thornwood to an art gallery and see him making time with his latest potential victim, naive gallery owner Monica Regis. Monica believes that Thornwood will be her husband, even though she has yet to go on a single date with him. Julie investigates the group that arranged financing for the gallery, and is confused to discover a meat-packing plant at the listed address. She gets in to see the boss, and discovers that he is a notorious mobster named Joseph Fenell. She tries in vain to flee after the secretary searches her purse and tells Fenell that she is a detective. Julie claims that she was checking out the gallery's business ties because Charlie wants to donate something from his collection. Fenell explains that his daughter uses a different name to avoid negative publicity. Kris tells Thornwood that she has set up a scam involving phony Egyptian art work, but lost her investor. Thornwood convinces Monica to put up a great deal of cash and go in on the deal. Kris is horrified to learn that Thornwood has proposed to Monica. Hoping to prevent Monica from getting badly hurt, Charlie has a banker friend suggest that Thornwood and Monica hold off on setting up a corporation until after the wedding. Rather than making a break for it, Thornwood shocks Kris by declaring that he and Monica are to be wed the next day. Although Kelly feels that it is a stupid idea, Kris declares that they should go through with the wedding and have Thornwood stay married to Monica. Julie agrees that Fenell would force Thornwood to treat Monica well. Bosley poses as a priest; Kris pretends to hold him up at gunpoint so that Thornwood will believe that they have substituted an impostor for the actual priest and are not having a valid ceremony. Julie and Bosley delay Fenell so that Thornwood will not learn his identity beforehand and run off. Thornwood realizes after the ceremony that something is amiss, and takes off for the bank in the hopes of retrieving his money. He learns that Kris has already closed out the corporation; she returned the $100,000 to the Stone sisters. Fenell and his associates catch up to Thornwood and drag him back to Monica. Everyone seems really happy about creating a loveless sham of a marriage--with the exception of the weeping Jane Stone, who still wishes that she had become Mrs. Thornwood.

    Barbaraz "Are you hurt?"
    Jane (sobbing): "No."
    Barbara: "Well, and then shut up!"

    Bosley (as Texan): "You're loco. You are loco!"

    Fenell: "Your boss will soon make that donation to my little girl's gallery?"
    Julie: "Oh, absolutely."
    Fenell: "I'll be anxious to see what it is."
    Julie: "Me too."

    Kelly: "For real? Are you crazy?!"
    Kris: "Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. Let's talk about it."
    Kelly: "We just did. You're crazy!"

    Bosley (to Kris, as Rev. Benedictine): "May the Lord forgive you, for you know not what you do."

    b: 31 Jan 81 pc: 100 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Don Chaffey
  109. "Taxi Angels"
    gs: Norman Alden [ Jake Barnett ], Sally Kirkland [ Laurie Archer ], Robert Costanzo [ Mac Gossett ], Scott Brady [ Master Sgt. William Baker ], Charles R. Penland [ Jammer ], David Pritchard [ Tom Archer ], Donald Craig [ Fred Simon ], Jimmy A. Henderson [ Punk Rocker ]

    While waiting for a passenger, Tom Archer parks his cab and buys some flowers for his wife. A mentally ill old man named Sarge accosts him and looks around inside the cab. The vehicle explodes moments later, rendering Tom unconscious. Tom's wife, Laurie, seeks the Angels' help to find out who is trying to sabotage their company. Kelly joins the ranks of the drivers; Julie becomes the new dispatcher; and Kris takes a job as a rollerskating waitress at a nearby drive-in restaurant frequented by the cabbies. She tries to make conversation with mechanic Jake Barnett, but he accuses her of being too nosy. He also argues briefly with Julie when she catches him messing around with a cab, until he identifies himself. Sarge hides in the garage and overhears Kelly, Julie and Laurie discussing Jake's possible involvement in the case. He later freaks out and believes that he is in France during the war. Jake explains that Sarge used to work as a janitor, but Tom had to fire him because he kept experiencing flashbacks. Jake takes a more cogent Sarge to lunch, and learns that the women don't trust him. He convinces a panicked Sarge that Julie and Kelly are cops who want to send him back to the V.A. hospital. Sarge becomes the top suspect after a flower salesman tells Kelly that he saw Sarge messing with Tom's cab. Someone cuts Kelly's brake lines, and she is only able to save her fare and herself by driving up a ramp into the back of a tractor-trailer filled with boxes of tortilla chips. She receives an anonymous note from someone who claims to have information about the case. Jake meets her at the drive-in and tells her that he saw Sarge hanging around the cabs. He claims that Sarge's wife was accidentally hit by a cab and killed two years earlier. When Kelly and Julie go to Sarge's apartment to talk to him, he becomes terrified and climbs onto the roof. He tries to jump to another building, but slips and falls to his death. Bosley arrives and reports that Jake's story about Sarge was not true; Sarge's wife died of a heart attack a long time ago. Kelly blames herself for Sarge's death, as she believes that she should have checked out Jake's claims more thoroughly. They discover that Jake's longtime live-in girlfriend, Marian, was actually the one who was killed by a cab. Determined to bring Jake to justice, Kelly gets him out in her cab under false pretenses and coaxes him into confessing to trying to force the Archers out of business. She has bugged the cab so that their conversation can be heard and recorded at the garage. Julie becomes concerned about her safety and takes a cab to the scene as back-up. Jake tries to attack Kelly; but she smacks him in the face and jumps out of the cab, which he then commandeers. When Julie arrives, Kelly takes over driving duties and pursues Jake. She catches up to Jake and deftly cuts off every escape route, forcing him to abandon the car. Kelly and Julie capture Jake, who breaks down in tears. When pressed by her friends, Kelly finally reveals the source of her superior driving skills.

    Julie: "Drop it, or you'll go down with it!"

    Julie: "I'll bet you went to some kind of driving school."
    Kelly: "Well, to tell you the truth, I learned from this guy I used to go out with in my old neighborhood."
    Bosley: "You mean he drove racing cars?"
    Kelly: "No. He drove stolen cars."

    b: 7 Feb 81 pc: 101 w: Robert George d: John Peyser
  110. "Angel on the Line"
    gs: Tisha Sterling [ Mary ], Diane McBain [ Penny ], Paul Cavonis [ Harry Stark ], Bruce Watson [ Paul Factor/Margo ], Brad Maule [ Bartender ], Clare Peck [ Lois ], Frank Arno [ Master of Ceremonies ], Tobi Allyn [ Waitress ]

    A woman takes her visiting friend to the Hotline Club, where patrons contact each other over the telephone. A man calls her friend and threatens to kill her. Although Mary believes it is just a crank call, Lois runs out in a panic. Someone approaches her in the parking lot and tries to strangle her. Lois escapes, but runs right into the path of a car and is killed. Mary hires the Angels to find out what has happened, as she fears for her own safety. She returns to the club with the Angels, and Kelly sits with her. The man calls Kelly and threatens her life. A terrified Mary asks Bosley to take her home, and decides to hide out in Cincinnati until the case is resolved. Kris and Julie search the room for other customers who were using the phone at the time of the call, ignoring the fact that the caller said that he was not in plain sight. Margo, the club hypnotist, calls Kelly and an uptight man named Harry Stark to the stage to take part in her act. Harry accuses Kelly of staring at him, and becomes very angry when she warns that he shouldn't be hypnotized if he has something to hide. He runs out of the club, and Julie and Kelly see him drive away. However, he returns a moment later, and Kelly receives another call from the stalker. Kelly refuses to stay with Kris or Julie, as she doesn't want the stalker to control her life. Margo approaches Kelly and asks her about Harry's sudden departure. She says that she put them together in the act because Harry was watching Kelly, and she assumed that he had called her on the phone. Kelly gives Margo her card and asks her to call her if she has any other information. A man follows Kelly away from the club; she is able to shake him off, but cannot make out any details about him or the car. Kelly receives a call from the stalker at her house. A background check reveals that both Stark and another suspect, Joe Harkins, have extensive criminal records. The man who pursued Kelly approaches her and introduces himself as a free-lance writer named Edward Ford. He says that Margo told him that she was a detective, and asks to meet her for lunch to discuss a possible story. Kelly agrees, but calls Kris and asks her to check him out. They learn that his car is registered to someone named Paul Factor. Kelly leaves a message for Margo and decides to go to the club to talk to her. Kris and Julie go the restaurant in search of Kelly. Bosley drives up and tells them that he has shocking news about Paul Factor. Margo insists that she did not give anyone information about Kelly, and claims to have been approached by Paul Factor. She tells her that a car matching the description of Paul's is in the parking lot. As Kelly looks at the car, Margo pulls a knife and tries to attack her. A confused Kelly fights her off, and her friends arrive to help. Kris and Julie chase Margo, who falls into a puddle. They pull off her wig and reveal that she is actually Edward Ford/Paul Factor. A badly shaken Kelly is unharmed, but asks Kris and Julie to wrap up the case so that Bosley can drive her home. Paul is committed to a psychiatric hospital, and Kelly says that she is recovering from the experience. The Angels explain to Charlie that Stark and Harkins were behaving suspiciously because they were using the club to conduct a drug deal.

    Kelly: "As of now, I want to hurt him as much as he wants to hurt me."

    b: 14 Feb 81 pc: 102 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Kim Manners
  111. "Chorus Line Angels"
    gs: Michael Callan [ Darian Mason ], Mark Slade [ John Summers ], Pamela Peadon [ Marcia Howard ], Mary Doyle [ Ruth Traina ], Nancy Fox [ Nancy ], Lee Travis [ Jessica Thorpe ], Eileen Barnett [ Renee ], Sandy Roveta [ Grace ], Louis Zito [ Mr. Karnes ]

    A dancer with a diva-like attitude storms out of rehearsals for a musical. As she steps into the alley, someone in a skeleton mask shoots her with a tranquilizer dart. She becomes the second person from the show to disappear, joining the original choreographer. Investor Ruth Traina seeks the Angels' help to discover who is trying to sabotage the show; it was produced on speculation, and she stands to lose $150,000 if an upcoming audition for Las Vegas proves unsuccessful. The Angels must hide their true identities from director Darian Mason, who does not want to bring in detectives. Kelly decides to try out for the missing dancer's spot, and Julie poses as her agent/manager. Kris claims to be a reporter from the Omaha Dance Review. Choreographer Marcia Howard is befuddled when Darian orders her to hire Kelly--who does not have any professional dance credits--before she has even auditioned. Julie witnesses an argument between a dancer named Jessica and the janitor, who threatens to expose Jessica's past unless she is more considerate of his feelings. They discover that Jessica worked at a strip club in Bakersfield, and the smitten janitor followed her to Los Angeles and got a job at the theater. Kelly questions Marcia's harsh treatment of Nancy, a struggling dancer. Kris is confused when Nancy confesses that her father "bought" her a part in the show, as Mrs. Traina had supposedly provided full backing. Nancy searches Darian's office and calls Kris to set up a meeting, but the person in the skeleton mask catches her and puts her under. Nancy's father confirms that he paid a substantial amount of money to fund the production. Kris looks over Darian's financial records, and finds the skeleton mask in his desk. Darian surprises her and holds her at gunpoint. He admits that he has six investors who believe they have a 100 percent interest in the show; they will all think they have lost their money when the show fails, thereby allowing Darian to keep it for himself. He tried to ensure the show's failure by hiring inexperienced dancers, and kidnapping anyone who was too talented. Although he knocked out Nancy to keep her quiet, he will have to kill Kris. Kelly and Julie, concerned by Kris's failure to make a scheduled appointment, come to the theater to look for her. They surround Darian, who holds Kris in a headlock. She dives to safety as gunfire is exchanged, and Julie shoots Darian in the leg. Marcia and the cast are demoralized to learn that they were hired because of their lack of ability, but the Angels urge them to go through with the audition and prove Darian wrong. Kelly joins them in the performance, which sufficiently impresses the visitors from Las Vegas.

    Marcia: "Time we haven't got, Nancy. Elephants have time, and they dance just about as well."

    Kelly: "One thing first."
    Marcia: "What?"
    Kelly: "You lay into me like that and I'll climb down your throat!"

    Kelly: "The clock's ticking, my feet hurt, and tomorrow I have some heavy waltzing."
    Kris: "Oh!" (Makes mock sympathetic faces at her.)

    Darian: "I suppose you're a detective too."
    Kelly: "How'd you figure that out?"
    Darian: "Well, you're no great dancer."
    Kelly (playing with her gun): "What did you say?"
    Darian: "But on the other hand, you're not that bad."

    b: 21 Feb 81 pc: 103 w: Edward J. Lakso d: David Doyle

    NOTE: Edward J. Lakso wrote all of the songs that are performed: "Sleepless Rag," "Dancing Lady" and "Pals, Buddies and Friends."

    Julie shoots someone for the first time in this episode.

  112. "Stuntwomen Angels"
    gs: Denny Miller [ Jeff Stanovich ], Pat Cooper [ Jonathan Tobias ], Beth Schaffel [ Ellen Travers ], Ed Ruffalo [ Bob Micklin ], Gerald S. O'Loughlin [ Jake Webner ], Jack Wells [ Director ], Tommy Reamon [ Ed ], Tony Epper [ Big Teddy ], Meredith Chapman [ Miss Taylor ]

    A man dressed as Robin Hood shoots a chaffeur with a bow and arrow in the parking lot of a movie studio. Jonathan Tobias, the harried studio head and intended victim, hires the Angels to find out the identity of the "mad archer." The Angels reluctantly enroll in stunt school and are hired by the studio as stuntwomen. Kris and Julie work on a western, where the archer deflates a landing area and causes the stuntpeople to take a very hard fall. Bosley gets Kris and Julie transferred to the same picture as Kelly, a remake of the Errol Flynn classic "Robin Hood and His Merry Men" entitled "Marian and Her Merry Maids." Kelly introduces them to actress Ellen Travers and her overprotective husband, Jeff Stanovich. Someone shoots Ellen in the stomach with an arrow during one scene, and a devastated Jeff declares that he will take her back home after she is released from the hospital. Charlie runs a computer check on everyone associated with "Marian and Her Merry Maids" to see if anyone has a connection to the original picture. Jeff comes to the set to clean out Ellen's trailer, and Kelly goes to talk with him about Ellen's condition. Bosley looks over the results of the background checks and discovers that Jake Webner, a security guard who often quotes poetry, acted in the Errol Flynn film under another name. Jake climbs around in the rafters and shoots the director in the foot with an arrow. He holds off Kris and Julie with his bow and arrow, but they are able to capture him after Bosley fires a shot at him. Bosley calls Kelly in Ellen's trailer to report that Jake is the mad archer. However, he could not have attacked Ellen because he was on duty at the time. Bosley reports that Jeff is an archery expert, and Jeff overhears Kelly's half of the conversation. He pulls a gun on her, but she barricades herself in the trailer. Jeff bangs on the door and insists that he had to shoot Ellen so that he would not lose her to her acting career. Bosley arrives and apprehends him. Jake tells Jonathan that he was trying to shut down the studio because he was disgusted by the type of films it now produces.

    Miss Taylor: "Oh my God! Oh my God!"
    Jonathan: "Stop 'my God'ing! Go get a doctor."

    Bosley: "I must say that after just one week at Big Teddy's stunt school, you two have certainly acquired the look."
    Julie: "You too."
    Bosley: "Me?"
    Julie: "You've acquired the look of someone who's been stuffing his face while we're sweating our buns off!"

    Bosley: "I have kept my ear to the ground, so to speak. And guess what I came up with."
    Julie: "A flat ear?"
    Bosley: "Funny."

    Kris: "You gonna be okay?"
    Julie: "Easy as falling out of a tree."
    Kelly: "She said it, I didn't."

    Julie: "What insight you have, Bos."
    Bosley: "You needn't have said that."
    Julie: "Modest, too."
    Kelly: "Not really. It was probably Charlie's idea."

    Kris: "Call Kelly in the dressing room."
    Julie: "Also, get her back here! It's no fun getting abused without her."

    Jake: "I would also say you've lost your sense of decency and good taste, but if you never had something, how can you lose it?"

    b: 28 Feb 81 pc: 104 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Dennis Donnelly
  113. "Attack Angels"
    gs: Eric Braeden [ John Reardon ], Darleen Carr [ Darlene Warden ], David Sheiner [ Robert Carver ], Brett Halsey [ Steve Briggs ], Norman Bartold [ Edward Tustin ], Dr. Joyce Brothers [ Dr. Lantry ], Barbara Luna [ Cynthia Weaver ], Mickey Cherney [ John Danvers ], Stephanie Hoff [ Francine Miller ], Randy Scott Harris [ Attendant ]

    A man approaches John Reardon in the hopes of arranging the killings of four board members from Western Techtronics, a company that has faced several takeover attempts in the aftermath of its breakthrough in the development of geothermal energy. Reardon introduces him to his assassins, three young women whom he has programmed into doing his bidding. They are completely loyal, and can kill without even remembering what they have done. After the "accidental" deaths of two of the executives and a temporary employee, Western Techtronics hires the Angels to investigate. Kelly and Kris join the ranks as junior executives, with only Steve Briggs aware of their true identities. Julie applies for work at Reardon's temp agency, claiming to be a friend of victim (and unwitting assassin) Francine Miller. After she refers to something in Francine's bio that was actually fictitious, Reardon realizes that Julie is working undercover. He hypnotizes her into revealing her employer and the names of everyone working the case. Reardon brainwashes Julie, but has her behave normally around the Angels and Bosley so that they will not think that anything is amiss. Employee Cynthia Weaver poisons the coffee of Steve's colleague, John Danvers. He suffers a heart attack, and is only saved when Kelly and Kris appear. They search the office in the hopes of finding evidence to prove that someone tried to kill Danvers. After Cynthia vanishes, Kris looks through her briefcase and discovers that she has a candlestick identical to one that Julie had received as a gift from Reardon. Kelly and Kris head for Steve's office to give him an update. Julie arrives for a meeting with Steve and suddenly attacks him. Julie hits a stunned Kelly and tries to escape, but Kris fights her off. Kelly recovers and helps Kris restrain Julie, who has absolutely no idea what has happened. Steve sends her to talk to the company psychiatrist, who only makes progress after Kris retrieves the candlestick from Julie's apartment. The doctor explains that fire is often used as a hypnotic suggestion, and is able to de-program Julie. Julie insists on being allowed to go back to Reardon's place to search for evidence. He places the guilt-ridden Cynthia in the submersion chamber used in his hypnosis process, with plans to make it look as though she died of natural causes. Reardon catches Julie in the act, and deduces that she is no longer under his spell after she answers a question about killing Steve. Kris and Kelly head inside to search for Julie, and are able to locate and rescue Cynthia. Julie tussles with Reardon before finally throwing him through a two-way mirror.

    Kris: "Can you start as an executive by being late?"
    Kelly: "I think that comes later."

    Reardon: "Is that your friend?"
    Julie: "Don't worry. I'm not gonna share you with her."

    Kris: "Hi. This must be the disco room you were telling me about."
    Julie: "Yeah. But I just can't seem to keep a partner."

    b: 3 Jun 81 pc: 105 w: B.W. Sandefur d: Kim Manners
  114. "Angel on a Roll"
    gs: Mark Pinter [ Ted Markham ], Rick Casorla [ Hank ], Joseph Sirola [ Boris ], Robert Rockwell [ Harrison ], Noah Keen [ Bank President ], Steve Liska [ Steve ], Alvin Ing [ Takashegi Yagamuchi ], Micki McHay [ Miss Withers ], Danielle Aubry [ Saleslady ], Buddy Lewis [ Dealer ], Johnnie Decker [ Las Vegas Dealer ], Michelle Lynn Traxell [ Desk Clerk ], Tom Dunston [ Player ], Anthony Raganese [ Policeman ], Lawrence I. Levine [ Bartender ], Deborah Donnelly [ Girl Cashier ]

    A man disguises himself as an elderly Chinese man and opens a bank account. That night, he uses a remote control activator to take money from automated teller machines around the city. One of the bank presidents--an old friend of Charlie's--convinces all of the other banks to hire the Angels to solve the crime. The twelve individuals who used their cards in the thefts are all from varied backgrounds, and do not seem to have anything in common. Ted Markham, the man who designed and installed all of the victimized ATMs, is considered a suspect after he suddenly quits his job the day after the thefts. All of the stolen bills are sequential, so Charlie suggests that one of the Angels could develop a rapport with Markham and convince him to spend some of the money on her. Kris eagerly volunteers for the job after seeing a photograph of the handsome Markham. She follows him to a small poker club, where he uses a wristwatch calculator to count cards. He turns down Kris when she tries to buy him a drink during the game, but approaches her a few moments later. When the club owner confronts Markham about his methods, he responds by hitting him. Kris helps Markham escape from the club owner and his associate, who shoots out one of her tires. Kris agrees to drive to Las Vegas with Markham after her tire is repaired. Bosley and Kelly believe that she should just grab some of the bills, but Kris wants to give Markham the benefit of the doubt because she likes him. Kelly discovers that one person is probably responsible for the thefts, as the phrase "IOU Some Money" can be picked out of the names of the mysterious account holders. The club owner heads for Vegas with his goon, and plans to establish connections with big-time casino owners by warning them about Markham's propensity for cheating. After Markham buys Kris some expensive jewelry, she puts the purchase on a credit card so that she can take some bills as evidence. She reluctantly gives the serial numbers to Bosley, and is dejected to learn that Markham is the thief. He wins $300,000 at a table before the owner shuts it down and has him banned from every casino in the city for counting cards. Kris causes a scene so that they get thrown out of the establishment and have to return to Los Angeles. They stop at a bank on the outskirts of Vegas, where Kris reports in to her friends. Kelly, Julie and Bosley plan to wait in the parking lot of the small gambling club with the police. Kris becomes more enraptured with Markham as he describes plans to tour the countryside of Europe together. She seems quite tempted by the idea, but follows through with the plan and takes him back to the club. The owner and friend try to rob Markham of his winnings, but Kelly and Julie bring the situation under control. Markham feels betrayed after he learns that Kris is a detective. As Markham is being booked, Bosley learns that the charges have been dropped. He used the stolen money to bankroll himself, and then returned it all after getting rich at the casinos. The banks do not want to endure the embarrassment of admitting that they were robbed in this fashion. Markham asks Kris to run away with him, but she doesn't think this is a good idea.

    Kelly: "Guess where I'm gonna put the next one if you don't drop that gun."

    b: 10 Jun 81 pc: 106 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Dennis Donnelly
  115. "Mr. Galaxy"
    gs: Roger Callard [ Ron Gates ], Dick Bakalyan [ Artie Weaver ], Ric Drasin [ Chuck Wilde ], Joseph Ruskin [ Danny Barr ], Bonnie Keith [ Selena Hansen ], Floyd Levine [ Norman Powers ], Louie Elias [ Frank ], Will MacMillan [ John Wheeler ], Karen Haber [ Sally ], David Wende [ Deliveryman ], Allan Graf [ Carl ]

    The Angels are hired to protect bodybuilder Ron Gates, a top contender for the title of Mr. Galaxy, after someone makes an attempt on his life. Norman Powers, the manager for six-time Mr. Galaxy winner Chuck Wilde, approaches Ron and adviser Artie Weaver outside the run-down gym where Ron trains. Chuck, who spent time in prison for gang-related crimes before taking up bodybuilding, observes them with disgust. Shady promoter/arena owner Danny Barr confronts Ron and orders him to resume his boxing career after the conclusion of the contest. Ron offers to buy out his contract, but a furious Barr raves that Ron has betrayed him. He has his goons beat up Ron and Artie. Kris shows up and pulls her gun on them, and is confused by Ron's refusal to defend himself. A woman named Selena shows up at the gym and upsets Ron. Kris goes for a drive with Ron, and he confesses that he nearly killed Selena's husband in the ring. He has vowed that he will never hit anyone again, although Kris points out that defending himself from physical harm is different from boxing. Someone rams into Ron's car and forces them off the road. Bosley joins a gym and meets Chuck, while Julie gets a job as a part-time receptionist. She listens to Norman Powers' phone conversation and hears him yelling about money. Chuck storms into Norman's office and accosts him for making an offer to represent Ron. Kelly poses as a reporter and sets up an interview with Barr, but he knows that she is actually a detective. He boasts that Ron would already be dead if he wanted to kill him. When Kris goes back to the gym to pick up her car, a man dressed as a jacuzzi repairman scurries outside and drives away quickly. Kris races upstairs and saves Ron from being electrocuted by the sabotaged tub. After Chuck throws away a note, Kelly and Julie fish it out of the garbage and learn the time and location of a clandestine meeting. They overhear him arguing with a man about money. Kelly sneaks in and looks over his records, but the man returns. Julie holds him at gunpoint, and they lock him in the bathroom. They are embarrassed to later learn that he is a real estate agent working with Chuck to build a youth center, although he is understanding about the mix-up. Barr's goons catch Kris snooping through his office. Charlie reveals that Norman Powers borrowed from Chuck's account, and Julie overheard him trying to collect gambling debts to cover up his indiscretion. With Barr the only remaining suspect, Kelly and Julie head for the arena to help Kris. Julie spots a car that fits the description of the one that knocked Ron and Kris off the road. Ron joins in the search for Kris, and Chuck also insists on putting the contest on hold to aid them because he does not want to win by default. A perplexed Bosley announces that the car used in the attack is registered to Selena. They track her down at her work station, and learn that she just rents the car from her employer--Barr. She gives them a tip about where Barr might hold Kris, and Ron and Chuck bust down the door. Kris escapes, and is pleased when Ron punches out one of the goons. He returns to the stage and wins the contest. Barr tries to run over Ron in the parking lot, but Kelly and Julie shoot up his car and force him to surrender. Ron and Chuck decide to open a new gym together.

    Barr: "What have we here? Wonder Woman?"

    Kelly: "You can call off your brave bulls, Mr. Barr. I'm leaving."

    b: 17 Jun 81 pc: 107 w: Mickey Rich s: Lewis Mitchell and Robert Spears d: Don Chaffey
  116. "Let Our Angel Live"
    gs: Gary Wood [ Joe Danworth ], George Ball [ Dr. Jackson ], Michael Whitney [ Police Officer ], Patti Mariano [ Nurse Stratton ], Amelia Haas [ Nurse Farrell ], Michael Magnuson [ Ambulance Attendant #1 ], John Bernabei [ Ambulance Attendant #2 ]

    Bosley prepares to relieve Kelly at an especially boring stakeout outside the home of embezzlement suspect Joe Danworth. Danworth returns home at that moment, and they approach him for questioning. He is initially hostile, and then seems willing to go quietly after Kelly pulls her gun on him. He conceals a gun underneath his jacket and shoots her in the head at point blank range. Danworth tries to turn on the enraged Bosley, who pummels him and leaves him unconscious. Bosley emphatically refuses to allow Danworth to be transported to the hospital in the same ambulance as Kelly. Kris rides with Kelly in the ambulance, and holds vigil at the hospital with Bosley and Julie. Although a top surgeon is attending to Kelly, Charlie arranges for another expert to assist him. The surgery is successful, but the doctor only estimates her chances for survival as fifty percent. Kris, Bosley and Julie try to pass the time by discussing past cases. Kris disagrees when Julie claims to understand the pain she is suffering, but Julie reminds her that her best friend Harry was murdered. She says that she could not bear to lose another person who is close to her. Kris grows frustrated when Charlie fails to appear to comfort them, and begins to doubt the importance of the agency. Bosley resolves that they must agree that everything they have done has been worth it--regardless of what happens to Kelly. A police officer brings Danworth to the hospital for medical attention. Danworth acts afraid of Bosley, and then mouths off and hides behind the cop for protection when Bosley lunges for him. Bosley admits that he is just as scared as Kris and Julie. They recall the compassion with which Kelly has always treated others, even those who have harmed her. While Julie is talking with the nurse, the alarm in Kelly's room suddenly goes off and doctors begin running around frantically. Bosley suggests that the trio go for a walk, and they end up in the hospital chapel. The doctors find them and announce that Kelly is okay. She seemed to be developing an embolism, but it dissipated. Bosley takes note of a man in scrubs standing behind the doctors. Kelly wakes up and tells her friends that Charlie was at her bedside, but she was too groggy to make out his face. Bosley reports that Charlie was in the operating room with Kelly throughout the entire surgery. Charlie observes through the window as everyone enjoys a joyful reunion.

    b: 24 Jun 81 pc: 108 w: Edward J. Lakso d: Kim Manners

    NOTE: The episode includes clips from"Terror on Ward One," "Angel in Hiding (1)," "Terror on Skis (1)," "Angel's Child" and "Avenging Angel." A large portion of the clip shown from "Angel in Hiding," in which Kelly and Kris approach Julie and the dying Harry and Bosley reports Harry's true identity, had been cut from syndicated broadcasts of that episode. The edited version of part one ended with Julie imploring Harry not to die, with the second part opening with his funeral.

    There were 11 character deaths during the fifth season.

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Feature Films

  • "Charlie's Angels"
    gs: Cameron Diaz [ Natalie Cook ], Drew Barrymore [ Dylan Sanders ], Lucy Liu [ Alex Munday ], Bill Murray [ John Bosley ], Sam Rockwell [ Eric Knox ], Tim Curry [ Roger Corwin ], Kelly Lynch [ Vivian Wood ], Crispin Glover [ Creepy Thin Man ], Matt Le Blanc [ Jason Gibbons ], L.L. Cool J [ Mr. Jones (Dylan's Alter Ego) ], Tom Green [ Chad ], Luke Wilson [ Pete Komisky ], Sean Whalen [ Pasqual ], Tim Dunaway [ Flight Attendant ], Alex Trebek [ Himself ], Raleigh Wilson [ Reform Officer ], Mark Ryan [ Fencing Opponent ], Bobby Ore [ Driving Instructor ], Guy Oseary [ DJ ], Joe Duer [ UPS Delivery Guy ], Matthew Frauman [ Red Star Systems Techie #1 ], Reggie Hayes [ Red Star Systems Techie #2 ], Melissa McCarthy [ Doris ], Bob Stephenson [ Red Star Systems Director #1 ], Ned Bellamy [ Red Star Systems Director #2 ], Gaven E. Lucas [ Boy #1 ], Michael Barryte [ Boy #2 ], Andrew Wilson [ Corwin's Driver ], Branden Williams [ Assistant Director ], Michiko Nishiwaki [ Stuntwoman ], Frank Marocco [ Accordionist ], Darrell Pfingsten [ Partygoer ], Jimmy Calloway [ Bouncer #1 ], Kevin Grevioux [ Bouncer #2 ], Michael Papajohn [ Bathroom Thug ], Jim Palmer [ Shooter #1 ], Shawn Woods [ Shooter #2 ], Kenny Endoso [ Getaway Driver #1 ], Tom Garner [ Getaway Driver #2 ], Isaac C. Singleton Jr. [ Kidnapper ], Paul Eliopolous [ Knox Thug #1 ], Tim Gilbert [ Knox Thug #2 ], Al Goto [ Knox Thug #3 ], Steven Ito [ Knox Thug #4 ], Felipe Savahge [ Knox Thug #5 ], Mike Smith [ Knox Thug #6 ], Jerry Trimble [ Knox Thug #7 ]

    The Angels--Dylan, Alex and Natalie--are called on to investigate the disapperance of young computer genius Eric Knox, who was kidnapped from a parking garage. The prime suspect is Knox's chief rival, Roger Corwin, who was furious when his takeover attempt failed a few months earlier. Vivian Wood, the president of Knox's company, believes that Corwin had Knox kidnapped in the hopes of getting a hold of his voice identification software. Alex fills in for Corwin's usual masseuse and puts him to sleep so that the Angels can snoop in his locker and copy his schedule and car key. Natalie breaks down surveillance footage of the kidnapping to obtain a picture of one of the thugs, a "creepy thin man." Bosley, Alex and Dylan finagle invitations to Corwin's party, where Bosley poses as a self-help guru and wins Corwin's approval. Waitress Natalie awkwardly flirts with the bartender, Pete, and makes a date with him. The Angels spot the creepy thin man at the party and take off after him. The trio gets into a fight with the man in the alley; he escapes, but they find Knox bound and gagged in an abandoned building. They still must recover Knox's stolen technology. Bosley forms a racing team and accepts Corwin's invitation to the track. Dylan distracts Corwin's limo driver while Alex breaks into the trunk and sneaks a small camera into Corwin's briefcase. Natalie recognizes the driver for Corwin's team as the creepy thin man and pursues him in another race car. They leave the track and take their chase to the streets before engaging in a game of chicken on a bridge. The thin man tries to bail out and topples into the water. The Angels use the camera planted in Corwin's briefcase to gain access to Red Star's layout and evaluate security procedures. Alex poses as an efficiency expert and distracts all of the engineers. Dylan and Natalie dress as men and head for the mainframe. They use fingerprints and visual patterns taken from the directors to open the doors. Natalie slips into the mainframe and plants a detection device on the computer. Vivian seems unusually upset when the Angels explain that Bosley will be processing the data because they cannot give Vivian and Knox access to Red Star's information. They worry that Knox may still be in danger, and Dylan runs a security check at his house. Knox shows her a picture of his father in the Green Berets, and reveals that he was killed by his best friend. Dylan can relate to his sadness, as she lost her mother as a little girl and never knew her father. Dylan goes against her better judgment and sleeps with Knox. Vivian shows up at the office while Bosley is processing the data and attempts to seduce him. She ends up drugging his wine. Natalie and Pete go on a date to a taping of Soul Train, where she lives her lifelong dream of dancing on the show's main stage. The thin man suddenly reappears and kills Corwin. As Alex tries to prepare dinner before actor boyfriend Jason returns from work, some men with machine guns drive up and shoot his trailer full of holes. A man attacks Natalie in the bathroom. He reveals, under duress, that Vivian hired him. Natalie calls Dylan, who discovers Vivian waiting in the living room. She tries to warn Knox, only to learn that he has been in on the scheme all along. He admits that he is out to get Charlie, and then apparently shoots Dylan out the window. She eludes the bullet, but her sheet rips away from the window and sends her toppling down a hill naked. She gets some help from two very surprised young boys and meets up with her friends at the office. As the trio compares notes outside, the office building suddenly explodes. Dylan realizes that Knox blames Charlie for his father's death. He hatched the plan to access Red Star's global positioning systems in order to combine it with his voice identification software and locate the reclusive Charlie. The kidnapped Bosley is held captive in a castle. He accidentally jars the mouth microphone he had worn at Corwin's party, causing it to become operational again. Natalie recognizes a song in the background as coming from a bird that is native to the Carmel area. The Angels run a computer check and discover that Knox owns a castle in the area. In order to keep a low profile, they convince Dylan's strange sometime paramour Chad to drive them in his tugboat. Dylan confronts Knox, but is quickly apprehended by Vivian. Natalie tracks down Bosley and frees him while simultaneously fighting two goons and carrying on a conversation with Pete on her cellular phone. Vivian goes after Natalie and engages her in a fight. Knox takes a call from Charlie on Bosley's cellular phone and puts the software to work to locate him. As Alex monitors the conversation from the rooftop, she narrowly eludes an attack by the thin man. Dylan singlehandedly fights off five of Knox's goons with her hands tied. Knox takes off in a helicopter and fires a missile into the castle. The Angels jump to safety, and Bosley picks them up in a jeep. They shoot a line up to the helicopter so that the Angels can infiltrate it. Dylan distracts Knox while Alex re-programs the missile from targeted to heat-seeking, causing it to turn back toward the chopper. Natalie cuts the controls. The enraged Dylan continues to pound on Knox, and Natalie is barely able to pull her out of the cockpit before the missile blows up the chopper. The Angels wash up near the shore and head for Charlie's house, only to discover that he has fled the premises. He talks to them over the speaker phone as they relax on the beach with Bosley. Charlie explains that Knox's father was actually a double agent who was killed by the enemy. Dylan apparently sees Charlie talking on his cell phone nearby, but doesn't let on to her friends.

    "Blind" by Korn (opening seconds)
    "Live Wire" by Motley Crüe (Jones and Pasqual fall from airplane)
    "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham! (flashback of Natalie in Driver's Ed)
    "Money (That's What I Want)" by Flying Lizards (flashback of Alex in equestrian competition)
    "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (flashback of Dylan lighting up in high school bathroom)
    "Charlie's Angels 2000" by Apollo Four Forty (Angels in speedboat / driving in Bosley's jeep in pursuit of Knox)
    "Angel of the Morning" by Juice Newton (Dylan wakes up on Chad's boat)
    "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" by Tavares (Natalie's dream / Angels and Bosley play on beach)
    "Undercover Angel" by Alan O'Day (Alex says goodbye to Jason)
    "Principles of Lust" by Enigma (Corwin's massage)
    "Turning Japanese" by the Vapors (Angels break into Corwin's locker)
    "Independent Women, Part I" by Destiny's Child (Angels at fast food drive-thru / closing credits)
    "Twiggy Twiggy" by Pizzicoto Five (Dylan, Alex and Bosley enter Corwin's party)
    "Groove Is in the Heart" by Deee-Lite (Natalie meets Pete)
    "Sukiyaki" by Kyu Sakamoto (Natalie flirts with Pete at party)
    "Zendeko Hachijo" (played by live band as Bosley and Corwin "sumo wrestle")
    "Smack My Bitch Up" by Prodigy (Angels fight Thin Man)
    "Another Town" by Transister
    "Angel's Eye" by Aerosmith (Natalie and Thin Man's car chase / Angels drive in search of Bosley)
    "Belly" by Nomad (Alex and Natalie's belly dance)
    "Barracuda" by Heart (Alex lectures the techies)
    "True" by Spandau Ballet (Dylan at Knox's house)
    "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" by Leo Sayer (Natalie and Pete arrive at club, Jason professes his love, Vivian shows up at the office)
    "The Humpty Dance" by Digital Underground (Natalie and Pete at Soul Train)
    "Tangerine Speedo" by Caviar (Vivian hits on Bosley / closing credits)
    "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot (Natalie's moment of glory on Soul Train)
    "Dot" by Destiny's Child (Natalie says goodbye to Pete after attempt on her life)
    "Got to Give It Up (Pt. 1)" by Marvin Gaye (Knox reveals his true self)
    "Miami Vice Theme" by Jan Hammer (Bosley's soap gun)
    "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" by Looking Glass (Chad and Dylan sing on tugboat as he drives Angels)
    "Leave U Far Behind (V2 Instrumental Remix)" by Lunatic Calm (Knox dances at castle)
    "Skullsplitter" by Hednoize (fight at castle)
    "Song 2" by Blur (Dylan fights Knox's thugs)
    "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson (Dylan's victory dance)
    "Ya Mama" by Fatboy Slim (Angels infiltrate chopper)
    "Angel" by Rod Stewart (Angels wake up on beach)
    "All the Small Things" by Blink-182 (credits/bloopers)

    Jason: "Wow! You know, for a bikini waxer, you sure know a lot about bombs."
    Alex: "Isn't it amazing how much information you can learn from the Internet?"

    Alex: "They come on all lovey-dovey until they find out I can shatter a cinder block with my forehead."

    Corwin: "You're very good...with your hands. I could you someone like you on my staff."
    Alex: "Thanks for the offer, but my hands aren't going anywhere near your staff."

    Dylan: "Any creepy thin men?"
    Natalie: "Lots of creepy, none thin."

    Man: "I was wondering if..."
    Alex: "No."
    Man: "So you're saying..."
    Alex: "No."
    Man: "...there's no chance..."
    Alex: "No!"

    Pete: "Thursday."
    Natalie: "My favorite day!"
    Pete: "I'm gonna get tickets..."
    Natalie: "I love tickets!"
    Alex: "What do you know? A guy who speaks Natalie."

    Vivian: "Working undercover?"
    Dylan: "Well, it's a full-service job."

    Bosley: "The place where they got me, it looks like Cher's bedroom and it stinks!"

    Dylan: "It's an anagram. Rearrange the letters and you'll get Eric Knox."
    Alex: "Scrabble freak."

    Chad: "Was it the Chad?"
    Dylan: "No! The Chad was great!"
    Chad: "The Chad was great."

    Natalie (after Vivian breaks her phone): "Hey! I like that guy!"

    Natalie (while pummeling Vivian): "Do you know how hard it is to find a quality man in Los Angeles?"

    Dylan: "And that's kicking your ass!"

    b: 3 Nov 00 w: Ryan Rowe, Ed Solomon, John August d: McG

  • "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle"
    gs: Cameron Diaz [ Natalie Cook ], Drew Barrymore [ Dylan Sanders a.k.a. Helen Zaas ], Lucy Liu [ Alex Munday ], Bernie Mac [ Jimmy Bosley ], Demi Moore [ Madison Lee ], Crispin Glover [ Anthony ], Matt LeBlanc [ Jason Gibbons ], Luke Wilson [ Pete Komisky ], Cyia Batten [ Treasure Chest Dancer ], John Cleese [ Mr. Munday ], Mark Gantt [ ], Shia LeBeouf [ Max Petroni ], Will Leong [ Mongolian Fighter #4 ], Luke Massy [ Irish Henchman #4 ], Ashley Olsen [ Future Angel ], Mary-Kate Olsen [ Future Angel ], Robert Patrick [ Ray Carter ], Pink [ Bike Race Organizer ], Rodrigo Santoro [ Randy Emmers ], Justin Theroux [ Seamus O'Grady ], Daxing Zhang [ Demented Mongol ], Eve [ Future Angel ], Joan M. Blair [ Beach Lady With Sandcastle ], Luke Massy [ Irish Henchman #4 ], Bruce Willis [ William Rose Bailey ], Ja'Net DuBois [ Mrs. Bosley ], Bela Karolyi [ Himself ], Cheung-Yan Yuen [ Deranged Mongol ], John Chow [ Eager Mongol ], Bruce Comtois [ Large Mongol ], Khin-Kyaw Maung [ Crooked Tooth ], Russell Bobbitt [ Madison's Minion ], Charles Townsend [ Madison's Minion ], Al Kahn [ Madison's Minion ], Tanoai Reed [ Wrestler ], Joshua Miller [ Chess Kid ], Clifford Happy [ Fleeing Suspect ], Mushond Lee [ FBI Agent ], Robert Forster [ Roger Wixon ], Andrew Wilson [ Cop ], Eric Bogosian [ Alan Caulfield ], Travis Bobbitt [ Surfer ], Ricky Carmichael [ Himself ], Chris Gosselaar [ Himself ], Carey Hart [ Himself ], Jeremy McGrath [ Himself ], Guy Oseary [ Restaurant Patron ], Mark Cotone [ Prison Guard ], Carrie Fisher [ Mother Superior ], Zack Shada [ Thin Boy ], Ed Robertson [ Sheriff ], Jennifer Gimenez [ Nun ], Kate Hendrickson [ Nun ], Josh Janowicz [ Hot Priest ], Shanti Lowry [ Treasure Chest Dancer ], Kasey Campbell [ Treasure Chest Dancer ], Nadine Ellis [ Treasure Chest Dancer ], Hannah Feldner-Shaw [ Treasure Chest Dancer ], Staci Flood [ Treasure Chest Dancer ], Carmit Bachar [ Treasure Chest Dancer ], Hayley Zelniker [ Treasure Chest Dancer ], Tommy Flanagan [ Irish Henchman ], Chris Pontius [ Irish Henchman ], Jonas Barnes [ Irish Henchman ], Big Boy [ Bosley's Cousin ], Anthony Griffith [ Bosley's Cousin ], Wayne Federman [ Bathroom Guy ], Steve Hytner [ Bathroom Guy ], Leo Moctezuma [ Reunion Dancer ], Gabriel Paige [ Reunion Dancer ], Marc-John Jefferies [ Bus Stop Kid ], Shawn Huang [ Bus Stop Kid ], Michael Guarnera [ Antonioni Crime Boss ], Bob Stephenson [ Crazed Fan ]

    The Angels travel to Mongolia and pull off a daring rescue of Ray Carter, a U.S. Marshal. He is upset by the fact that he lost a ring to his captors, but the Angels don't understand the true reasons for his concern. An important goverment official is ambushed and murdered; a ring identical to Carter's is stolen from the body. Meanwhile, Dylan and Alex help Natalie move out of her house, as she is moving in with Pete. A conversation with Alex about Natalie's new level of commitment prompts Dylan to worry about the possibility of her friends leaving the agency and drifting away from her. Jason shows up to help with the move; but Alex is less than pleased to see him because they are on a "time out" from the relationship. The Angels are called to the office. Bosley's brother, Jimmy, has recently taken over as the liaison to Charlie. He asks the girls for tips on how he can do as job as well as possible. Charlie tells the Angels that the rings stolen from Carter and the other man contain the identities of everyone who is in the Federal Witness Protection Program. A man in the program is killed, and the Angels and Bosley pose as crime scene investigators to get a closer look. They conclude that the assassin had recent knee surgery, and discover that he left pineapple surfboard wax behind because he used the same credit card to break in that he uses on his board. The Angels and Bosley hit the beach to search for the man. Natalie has a chance meeting with Madison Lee, a legendary former Angel. The Angels discover that a man named Emmers matches all the criteria of the killer. They learn that his next probable victim is someone taking part in a no rules bike race, and set out to stop the murder. Natalie enters the race, and Alex and Dylan jump in when it becomes apparent that she is getting more than she bargained for. Another rider also seems to be helping protect the victim, and Emmers winds up dead. The Angels are shocked to discover that the man assisting them is the Creepy Thin Man, who they believed was evil (not to mention dead). They later visit a convent and learn more about this man, whom the sisters knew as Anthony. The person stalked by Emmers turns out to be a teenage boy named Max. The Angels find a picture of Dylan on Emmers' body, with the name Helen Zaas. She explains that she went into witness protection after witnessing a murder by her boyfriend Seamus, a member of the dangerous O'Grady family. Max says that he testified against the O'Gradys after they killed his parents. The Angels vow to protect Max, and Bosley takes him to his mother's home in South Central Los Angeles. Seamus is released from prison, and is hell-bent on getting revenge against Dylan. Dylan and Natalie meet Alex's father, and learn that he thinks his daughter is a doctor. Jason later inadvertently leads Mr. Munday to believe that Alex is a prostitute. The Angels manage to retrieve the rings from Seamus and his cohorts after a tough battle. When Dylan falls during their escape, Seamus catches up to her and says that he will kill her friends. Natalie and Pete go to his high school reunion, and he says that he wants to ask something important. She comes to believe that he is going to propose, and asks for one last dance so that she can sow her last wild oats. Pete decides to hold off on his question. Dylan packs up and leaves town, certain that her friends are better off without her. Alex, Natalie and Bosley discover that Ray Carter orchestrated his own kidnapping as part of a plan to gain possession of both rings and sell them to the highest bidder. He takes them to his partner, Madison, who betrays and kills him. While Dylan is drowning her sorrows in a Mexican bar, Kelly Garrett appears to talk some sense into her. She warns her that she is only putting her friends in more danger by abandoning them. Dylan arrives to help Alex and Natalie, but Madison shoots them all off a building. She then goes to the office to taunt Charlie. He believes there is still good in her and urges her not to go through with her evil plans, but she refuses to listen. She is apparently still bitter about being shot in the chest on a case. She feels that her partners let her down, and that she can work more effectively alone. The Angels, who were protected by kevlar vests, regain consciousness and plan to thwart Madison's attempt to sell the rings. They pose as men working with Madison to set up their meeting; and send dozens of gangsters right into a trap, as they are surrounded by FBI agents on the roof of a building. The Angels pay a visit to Madison, and Seamus and his cohorts show up because he wasn't fooled by Dylan's disguise. Anthony saves Dylan from Seamus, and they share a kiss. Anthony, tragically, is killed by Seamus seconds later. Dylan battles Seamus and eventually knocks him off a building to his death. Madison tries to set off a bomb that would kill thousands attending Jason's movie premiere, but Bosley knocks it away. The Angels jump into Madison's car as she tries to escape. Dylan and Alex are thrown out of the car and through a store window. Madison and Natalie face off after he car crashes into a warehouse, and Natalie winds up having a gun pointed at her head. Fortunately, Dylan and Alex arrive to help, and they use teamwork to defeat and kill Madison. They arrive at the movie premiere, where Alex decides to reunite with Jason. Mrs. Bosley says that she is adopting Max, just as she did for John Bosley years earlier. Pete asks Natalie his important question: he wants to get a dog! Although Dylan could now safely resume her old life, she says she would much rather stay with her family, the Angels.

    "Wild Thing" by Tone Loc (Natalie riding the bull)
    " " by Rage Against the Machine (fight/escape in Mongolia)
    "Mickey" by Toni Basil (flashback of Natalie in high school)
    "Through the Eyes of Love"(?) by Melissa Manchester (flashback of Alex as gymnast)
    "Rebel Rebel" by David Bowie (flashback of Dylan as pro wrestler)
    "Charlie's Angels 2000" by Apollo 440 (Charlie's opening monologue)
    "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer (Angels dance while helping Natalie move)
    "Centerfold" by the J.Geils Band (Alex and Jason talk outside Pete and Natalie's)
    "Who Are You?" by the Who (Angels pose as crime scene investigators)
    "Misirlou" by Dick Dale (surfing scence)
    "Surfer Girl" by The Beach Boys (Natalie meets Madison)
    "Danger! High Voltage" by Electric Six (Natalie approaches Emmers)
    "Thunder Kiss '65" by White Zombie (bike race)
    "Feel Good Time" by Pink featuring William Orbit (bike race)
    "Breathe" by Prodigy (bike race)
    "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi (flashback of Dylan and Shamus)
    "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang" by Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Doggy Dog (Bosley takes Max to South Central)
    "The Lonely Goatherd" (Angels pose as nuns at convent)
    "Working for the Weekend" by Loverboy (Jason sings along with headphones at Alex's house)
    "Flashdance...What a Feeling" by Irene Cara (Angels welding)
    "Pink Panther Theme" by Henry Mancini (Angels dance routine at the Treasure Chest)
    "Firestarter" by Prodigy (fight with Shamus and thugs)
    "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" by Natalie Cole (Max bonds with the Bosleys over Clue game, Jason talks to Mr. Munday, Natalie and Pete at reunion)
    "Sleepwalk" by Santo & Johnny (Kelly talks to Dylan)
    "Planet Claire" by The B-52's (Carter goes to meet with Madison)
    "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" by B.J. Thomas (sprinklers soak Angels)
    "Hurray for Hollywood" (establishing shots of premiere)
    "A Girl Like You" by Edwyn Collins (gangsters getting instructions on meeting with Madison)
    "Block Rockin' Beats" by Chemical Brothers (fight with Madison and Shamus atop the building)
    "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" by Nickelback featuring Kid Rock (car chase with Madison)
    "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" by Andy Gibb (denouement)
    "Any Way You Want It" by Journey (closing credits/bloopers)
    "Nas' Angels...The Flyest" by Nas featuring Pharrell (closing credits)


    Alex: "I'm Alex Munday. I'll be your rescuer today."

    Dylan: "Just once I'd like to walk out of a bar."

    Alex: "Nat, move in. Dylan thinks he's hot."
    Dylan: "What do you mean?"
    Alex: "You always fall for the bad guy."

    Natalie: "He just took out a guy and a stunt double!"

    Natalie (making fun of Dylan's old name): "You must have been the butt of every joke!"

    Alex (when Dylan drools over handsome priest): "Thorn Birds."

    Natalie: "I'm sure Helen Zaas was great, but I can't imagine life without Dylan Sanders."

    Natalie (about she and Pete being high school mascots): "You were the cock? I was the beaver!"

    Kelly: "Angels are like diamonds. They can't be made; they have to be found. Each one is unique."

    Alex (after Madison leaves them for dead): "Damn. What a beeyotch."

    Bosley: "It's raining white women!"

    Jason (after the bomb goes off): "Whoa! They really went all out for this."

    Natalie: "I have something you'll never have."
    Madison: "Oh yeah? What's that?"
    Natalie: "Friends."

    Madison: "Enjoy heaven."
    Natalie: "Go to hell!"

    b: 27 Jun 03 w: John August, Cormac Wibberley, Marianne Wibberley s: John August d: McG

    NOTE: Star/producer Drew Barrymore wanted Kate Jackson and Farrah Fawcett to appear in the movie as well, but no agreement could be reached. In a 2000 interview with Rolling Stone, Barrymore said that Kelly was always her favorite Angel (and Dylan seems to be patterned after Kelly in some ways, only with less self-control).

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