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Caroline in the City

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1995
End date: Apr 1999
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): NBC (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 97 eps
Genre(s): Comedy
  • regulars:
  • Lea Thompson as Caroline Duffy
  • Eric Lutes as Del Cassidy, Caroline's sometimes boyfriend and fiancee, who is president of the greeting card company she designs for
  • Malcolm Gets as Richard Karinsky, Caroline's new colorist
  • Amy Pietz as Annie, Caroline's best friend and next door neighbor
  • Andy Lauer as Charlie, Del's bizarre messenger/delivery person
  • Tom LaGrua as Remo, proprietor of the neighborhood restaurant all the other characters frequent; Remo is a first a recurring guest and becomes a regular character at the beginning of Season Two
  • Sofia Milos as Julia, Richard's long-lost true love, who becomes his wife and a series regular at the beginning of Season Three
  • recurring characters:
  • Candie Azzara as Angie Spadaro, Annie's mother, who leaves Annie's unfaithful father and moves in with her during Season Two (apparently as a writers' ploy to temper Annie's promiscuity); she is referred to but seen very infrequently in seasons Three and Four
  • Mark Feuerstein as Joe DeStefano, Caroline's boyfriend during Season Two (and currently a regular cast member on Fired Up)
  • John Mariano as Johnny, Remo's waiter
  • Lauren Graham as Shelly, Richard's neurotic girlfriend in the first half of Season One
  • Cathy Ladman as Elevator Lady, an obnoxious fellow-tenant in Caroline's building
  • Tia Riebling as Vicki, Caroline's pregnant friend (episodes 22, 25, and 26 only)
  • Charles Cioffi as Mr. Mazzone, Julia's father, later Richard's revenge-obsessed former father-in-law
  • Anthony Tyler Quinn as Randy, Caroline's high school boyfriend (Season Four only)
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 21 Sep 95Caroline in the City
2.1-2 28 Sep 95Caroline and the Mugger
3.1-3 05 Oct 95Caroline and the Gay Art Show
4.1-4 12 Oct 95Caroline and the Bad Back
5.1-5 19 Oct 95Caroline and the ATM
6.1-6 02 Nov 95Caroline and the Folks
7.1-7 09 Nov 95Caroline and the Opera
8.1-8 16 Nov 95Caroline and the Balloon
9.1-9 07 Dec 95Caroline and the Convict
10.1-1014 Dec 95Caroline and the Christmas Break
11.1-1104 Jan 96Caroline and the Gift
12.1-1211 Jan 96Caroline and the Married Man
13.1-1325 Jan 96Caroline and the Twenty-Eight-Pound Walleye
14.1-1401 Feb 96Caroline and the Watch
15.1-1515 Feb 96Caroline and the Bad Date
16.1-1622 Feb 96Caroline and the Proposal
17.1-1714 Mar 96Caroline and the Kid
18.1-1828 Mar 96Caroline and the Ex-Wife
19.1-1904 Apr 96Caroline and the Movie
20.1-2018 Apr 96Caroline and the Cereal
21.1-2125 Apr 96Caroline and Richard's Mom
22.1-2209 May 96Caroline and the Bridesmaids
23.1-2316 May 96Caroline and the Wedding
24.1-2405 Aug 96Caroline and the Condom
Season 2
25.2-1 17 Sep 96Caroline and the Younger Man (1)
26.2-2 24 Sep 96Caroline and the Letter (2)
27.2-3 15 Oct 96Caroline and the Cat Dancer
28.2-4 22 Oct 96Caroline and the Guy Who Gets There Too Soon
29.2-5 29 Oct 96Caroline and the Dreamers
30.2-6 12 Nov 96Caroline and the Nice Jewish Boy
31.2-7 19 Nov 96Caroline and Victor/Victoria
32.2-8 26 Nov 96Caroline and the Comic
33.2-9 03 Dec 96Caroline and the Therapist
34.2-1010 Dec 96Caroline and the Red Sauce
35.2-1117 Dec 96Caroline and the Freight King
36.2-1207 Jan 97Caroline and the Perfect Record
37.2-1314 Jan 97Caroline and the Singer
38.2-1421 Jan 97Caroline and the Kept Man
39.2-1511 Feb 97Caroline and the Long Shot
40.2-1618 Feb 97Caroline and the Dearly Departed
41.2-1725 Feb 97Caroline and the Getaway
42.2-1811 Mar 97Caroline and the Monkeys
43.2-1901 Apr 97Caroline and the Buyer
44.2-2008 Apr 97Caroline and the New Neighbor
45.2-2115 Apr 97Caroline and the Critics
46.2-2222 Apr 97Caroline and the Ombudsman
47.2-2306 May 97Caroline and the Bad Trip (1)
48.2-2413 May 97Caroline and Richard & Julia (2)
49.2-2513 May 97Caroline and the Wayward Husband (3)
Season 3
50.3-1 22 Sep 97Caroline and the Reception (4)
51.3-2 29 Sep 97Caroline and the Kink
52.3-3 06 Oct 97Caroline and the Novelist
53.3-4 13 Oct 97Caroline and the Free Cable
54.3-5 20 Oct 97Caroline and the Blind Date
55.3-6 03 Nov 97Caroline and the Egg
56.3-7 10 Nov 97Caroline and the Desperate Cat
57.3-8 17 Nov 97Caroline and the Cold Sesame Noodles
58.3-9 24 Nov 97Caroline and the Bitter Beast
59.3-1001 Dec 97Caroline and the Councilman
60.3-1108 Dec 97Caroline and the Used Car Salesman
61.3-1215 Dec 97Caroline and the Decanter
62.3-1305 Jan 98Caroline and the Love That Dares Not Speak Its Name (2)
63.3-1412 Jan 98Caroline and the Quiz Show
64.3-1519 Jan 98Caroline and the Reluctant Father
65.3-1626 Jan 98Caroline and the Outer Limits
66.3-1702 Feb 98Caroline and the Toothbrush
67.3-1809 Mar 98Caroline and the Cabbie
68.3-1916 Mar 98Caroline and the Visit From Mom
69.3-2006 Apr 98Caroline and the Little White Lies
70.3-2113 Apr 98Caroline and the Killer Dad
71.3-2227 Apr 98Caroline and the Sandwich
72.3-2304 May 98Caroline and the Marriage Counselor (1)
73.3-2404 May 98Caroline and the Marriage Counselor (2)
74.3-2518 May 98Caroline and the Secret (1)
75.3-2618 May 98Caroline and the Bullfighter (2)
Season 4
76.4-1 21 Sep 98Caroline and the Guys in the Bathroom
77.4-2 28 Sep 98Caroline and the Office
78.4-3 05 Oct 98Caroline and the Rotten Plum
79.4-4 12 Oct 98Caroline and the Drycleaner
80.4-5 26 Oct 98Caroline and the First Date
81.4-6 02 Nov 98Caroline and the Paper Chase
82.4-7 09 Nov 98Caroline and the Big Night
83.4-8 16 Nov 98Caroline and the Diva
84.4-9 30 Nov 98Caroline and the Booby Trap
85.4-1014 Dec 98Caroline and the Bar Mitzvah
86.4-1121 Dec 98Caroline and the Fright Before Christmas
87.4-1211 Jan 99Caroline and the Big Bad Bed
88.4-1318 Jan 99Caroline and the Horny Kid
89.4-1425 Jan 99Caroline and the Firing Squad
90.4-15Caroline and Joanie and the Stick
91.4-1608 Mar 99Caroline and the 2000th Strip
92.4-1715 Mar 99Caroline and the Ancestral Home
93.4-1822 Mar 99Caroline and the Sudsy Guy
94.4-1929 Mar 99Caroline and the Return of the Sudsy Guy (1)
95.4-2005 Apr 99Caroline and the Ultimatum (2)
96.4-2126 Apr 99Caroline and El NiƱo (1)
97.4-2226 Apr 99Caroline and the Big Move (2)
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