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aired from: Jul 1990 to: May 1995 114 eps NBC 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Mayim Bialik as Blossom Russo
  • Joey Lawrence as Joey Russo, her younger brother
  • Michael Stoyunov as Anthony Russo, their older brother
  • Ted Wass as Nick Russo, their father [ not in pilot ]
  • Jenna Van Oy as Six LeMeure, Blossom's best friend
  • Bernard Hughes as Buzz Richman, Blossom's maternal grandfather [ seasons 2 - 4 ]
  • David Lascher as Vinnie Bonitardi, Blossom's boyfriend [ not in pilot ]
  • Finola Hughes as Carol Russo, Nick's girlfriend and eventual second wife [ season 5 only ] Courtney Chase as Kennedy, Carol's daughter [ season 5 only ]
  • Kevin Jamal Woods as Frank, Kennedy's playmate [ season 5 only ]

    recurring characters:

  • Melissa Manchester as Maddy Russo, Blossom's mother
  • Portia Dawson as Rhonda Jo Applegate, Anthony's girlfriend
  • Gail Edwards as Sharon LeMeure, Six's mother
  • Samaria Graham as Shelley Russo, Anthony's eventual wife (Season 5)
  • Elisa Donovan as Tanya
  • Margaret Moreau as Melanie, Joey's girlfriend
  • Phyllis Diller as Mrs. Peterson's Anthony's paramedic partner

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    1. "Pilot"
      gs: Richard Masur [ Terry Russo, Blossom's father ], Barrie Youngfellow [ Barbara Russo, Blossom's mother ], Debra Sandlund [ Mrs. Young ], Justin Whalin [ William Zimmerman ], Kelly Packard [ Kimberly ]

      As Blossom records a video diary entry, she hears her parents arguing. Then they tell Blossom they have an appointment with the family lawyer. Blossom daydreams about what will happen when her parents divorce, but they return home happily and tell her they were just updating their wills.

      b: 5 Jul 90 pc: 001 w: ______________ d: ______________

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      1st Season 1991

      Production Credits:
      Impact Zone Productions, Witt/Thomas Productions and Touchstone Television
      Created by Don Reo
      Executive producers: Gene Reynolds, Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas, Don Reo
      Supervising producers: Paul Perlove (pilot only), Judith D. Allison & Bill Richmond
      Producers: John Ziffren, Racelle Rossett Schaefer
      Co-producers: David Landsberg, Josh Goldstein, Jonathan Prince
      Associate producer: Susan Nessanbaum-Goldberg
      Executive script consultant: Brenda Hampton-Cain

    2. "Blossom Blossoms"
      gs: Phylicia Rashad [ Blossom's Mom ], Giovanni Ribisi [ Mitchell ], Eileen Brennan [ Agnes ]

      Blossom reaches puberty, and substitutes an older friend for her absentee mother to talk about it.

      b: 3 Jan 91 pc: 002 w: Racelle Rossett Schaefer d: Zane Buzby
    3. "My Sister's Keeper"
      gs: Eileen Brennan [ Agnes ], Stephen Dorff [ Bobby ]

      Blossom looks forward to her first prom date, with Joey's friend Bobby, but after Joey warns him about Bobby's reputation as a ladies' man, Nick forbids her to go out with him.

      b: 7 Jan 91 pc: 007 w: Bill Richmond d: Zane Buzby
    4. "Dad's Girlfriend"
      gs: Debra Engle [ Elaine ], Rhea Perlman [ Fairy Godmother ], Jay Lambert [ Boy ], Eileen Brennan [ Agnes ]

      Blossom can't stand her dad's new girlfriend.

      b: 14 Jan 91 pc: 006 w: Judith D. Allison d: Zane Buzby
    5. "Who's In Charge Here?"
      gs: Little Richard [ Justice of the Peace ], Nile Lanning [ Stephanie ]

      Nick leaves Blossom in charge of home one night while he performs on a cruise ship, and her imagination kicks into high gear when she sees Anthony's new girlfriend Stephanie stealing a family heirloom but is afraid to tell him for fear he will be driven back to drugs.

      b: 21 Jan 91 pc: 003 w: Paul Perlove d: Zane Buzby
    6. "Sex, Lies and Teenagers"
      gs: Shawn Phelan [ Jason ], Brenda Strong [ Joanne ], Johnny Galecki [ Jason ], Ryan Francis [ Ricky ], Tobey Maguire [ Boy ], Alitzah Weinter [ Sheial ], Phil Donahue [ Himself ]

      Nick is disturbed by Blossom's increasing interest in sex, while after sneaking off to a make-out party with Six and two boys, guilty Blossom dreams discussion-show host Phil Donahue has her in a segment on "Women Who Lie to Their Parents."

      b: 4 Feb 91 pc: 009 w: Paul Perlove d: Zane Buzby
    7. "I Ain't Got No Buddy"
      gs: Estelle Getty [ Sophia Petrillo ], Penina Segall [ Doris ], Aimee Brooks [ Adrian ], Michael Landes [ Bobby ], Jason Strickland [ Boy #1 ], Xavier Garcia [ Boy #2 ]

      Blossom feels left out when Six befriends a chic new student; the kids keep Nick from seeing his divorce papers.

      b: 11 Feb 91 pc: 005 w: David Landsberg d: Zane Buzby

      NOTE: Guest Getty crosses over in her character from The Golden Girls.
    8. "Thanks for the Memorex"
      gs: Paige Pengra [ Maddy ], Aaron Freeman [ Young Anthony ], Matthew Lawrence [ Joey at age 11 ], Andrew Lawrence [ Joey at age 2 ]

      Prompted by old home movies Blossoms has transferred to video, the family retreats to the cabin by the lake where they'd shared happier times in the past.

      b: 18 Feb 91 pc: 010 w: Racelle Rossett Schaefer d: Zane Buzby
    9. "The Geek"
      gs: ALF [ Himself ], Chris Demetral [ Fred Fogerty ], Justin Whalin [ Jordan Taylor ]

      Blossom blames herself for getting tricked into a date for the homecoming dance with a school "geek"; Joey wants to get his driver's license.

      b: 25 Feb 91 pc: 004 w: Brenda Hampton-Cain & William C. Kenny d: Zane Buzby
    10. "Tough Love"
      gs: David Knell [ Mozart ], Joely Fisher [ Bambi ], John Apicella [ Mr. Fisher ], Rex Ryon [ Cop ], Aaron Lohr [ Student ], Sonny Bono [ Himself ]

      Nick gives Anthony an ultimatum: get a job or get out of the house.

      b: 4 Mar 91 pc: 008 w: Josh Goldstein & Jonathan Prince d: Zane Buzby
    11. "Such a Night"
      gs: Billy Morrissette [ Jeff ]

      Blossom leans on Six for support while calling a boy for a date; Anthony tries to help a friend stay sober; Nick gives Joey a hard lesson in mathematics.

      b: 11 Mar 91 pc: 011 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: Zane Buzby
    12. "School Daze"
      gs: Judith-Marie Bergan [ Dominique ], Priscilla Morrill [ Mrs. Whiting ], Nicole Huntington [ Wendy ], Frank Como [ Mike Henderson ], Kris Newquist [ Boy ]

      Against her father's wishes, Blossom plans to drop out of her snooty private school and enroll in public school; Joey schemes to pass a history test.

      b: 25 Mar 91 pc: 001 w: Don Reo d: Zane Buzby
    13. "Papa's Little Dividend"
      gs: Megan Gallagher [ Arlene ], Nick Ullett [ Maitre D' ], Eric Poppick [ Francois ]

      Blossom and Six spy on a woman who claims a rattled Nick is the father of her child; Anthony preps for a blind date.

      b: 8 Apr 91 pc: 012 w: Nancy Beverly d: Zane Buzby
    14. "Love Stinks!"
      gs: Jane Leeves [ Sheila ], Joshua Hoffman [ Ricky ], Josh Goddard [ Boy ]

      It's bye-bye love for Blossom when a guy she's been yearning to see again tells her he's found someone else.

      b: 29 Apr 91 pc: 013 w: Racelle Rossett Schaefer d: Zane Buzby

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      2nd Season 1991

      Production Credits:
      Executive producers: Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas, Don Reo
      Supervising producers: Judith D. Allison, Bill Richmond, Racelle Rosett Schaefer
      Producers: Josh Goldstein, Jonathan Prince
      Produced by Roxie Wenk Evans
      Co-producer: Glen Merzer
      Executive script consultant: Brenda Hampton
      Story editors: J.J. Wall, Portia Iversen

    15. "Second Base"
      gs: Reggie Jackson [ Himself ], Justin Whalin [ Jimmy ]

      Blossom debates whether or not to let Jimmy get to second base; Anthony prepares for an earthquake.

      b: 16 Sep 91 pc: 015 w: Racelle Rossett Schaefer d: Zane Buzby
    16. "Here Comes the Buzz!"
      gs: Tisha Campbell [ Toni ], AnneGee Byrd [ Linda ]

      Nick's control of the Russo household is undermined when he ex-father-in-law visits. Bernard Hughes joins the regular cast as Buzz, a jazzman who has the kids grooving, but who's horning in on Nick's act.

      b: 23 Sep 91 pc: 014 w: Bill Richmond d: Zane Buzby
    17. "The Joint"

      Blossom and Six find a marijuana cigarette, then Blossom loses it in the house, where it's found by Nick, who wants to weed out the dope the joint belongs to.

      b: 30 Sep 91 pc: 016 w: Judith D. Allison d: Zane Buzby
    18. "I'm With the Band"
      gs: Will Smith [ Fresh Prince ], Jeff Kahn [ Bellhop ], Stefanie Ridel [ Melissa ]

      Blossom enjoys unchaperoned bliss on a school band trip, which enables her to play around in a hotel room with Six. Meanwhile, at home, Nick fears Anthony is messing around again.

      b: 7 Oct 91 pc: 017 w: Josh Goldstein & Jonathan Prince d: Zane Buzby

      NOTE: Will Smith crosses over in his starring role from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
    19. "Honor?"
      gs: Chris Demetral [ Dennis ], Nick Ullett [ Teacher ], Joshua Goddard [ Boy #1 ], Omar Godding [ Tyler ], Jane Hait [ Michelle ], Cleander Norman [ Larry ], Douglas Emerson [ Boy #2 ]

      Joey's cheating lands him in an advanced English class, while an innocent Blossom is labeled a "naughty girl" when an old friend spreads a vicious rumor.

      b: 14 Oct 91 pc: 018 w: J.J. Wall d: Zane Buzby

      NOTE: Guest Demetral played a different character, Fred Fogerty, in episode 4, "The Geek".
    20. "To Tell the Truth"
      gs: Tisha Campbell [ Toni ], John Capodice [ Interviewer ], Jonathan Brandis [ Steve ], Magda Harout [ Honey #1 ], Kay Feeman [ Honey #2 ]

      Blossom gets a crush on Steve, who suddenly shows interest in Six; Anthony worried his past drug problems will ruin his job interview.

      b: 21 Oct 91 pc: 020 w: Glen Merzer d: Zane Buzby
    21. "Intervention"
      gs: Matt Levin [ Frankie ], Tommy Newsom [ Himself ], Tom Nibley [ Waiter ], Alex Nevil [ Usher ], Dorothy Reo [ Mrs. Williams ]

      Anthony warns Joey that his friend might be getting hooked, while Nick plays hooky with Blossom and misses an important telephone call.

      b: 4 Nov 91 pc: 021 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: Zane Buzby
    22. "Run For the Border"
      gs: Sam McMurray [ Sergio ], Karla Montana [ Anna ], Joe Shea [ Mr. Garduno ]

      Joey gets a job in a Mexican cafe and falls for a colleague, but she only speaks Spanish; Six worries about her parents getting divorced; Tony saves a famous photographer's life.

      b: 11 Nov 91 pc: 022 w: Brenda Hampton d: Zane Buzby
    23. "Rockumentary"
      gs: Neil Patrick Harris [ Derek Slade ], Jere Burns [ Himself ], David Cassidy [ Himself ], Dick Clark [ Himself ], David Faustino [ Himself ], Don King [ Himself ], Dinah Manoff [ Herself ], Warren Littlefield [ Himself ], Wolfgang Puck [ Himself ], Martha Quinn [ Herself ], Tori Spelling [ Herself ], J.J. Wall [ Cop ], Ryeland Allison [ Reggie ], Jodi Peterson [ Fan #1 ], Megan McGinnis [ Fan #2 ]

      Blossom falls asleep watching In Bed with Madonnaand dreams she is a famous singer.

      b: 18 Nov 91 pc: 023 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: Zane Buzby
    24. "Expectations"
      gs: Susan Anton [ Suzy ], Portia Dawson [ Bambi ], Karla Montana [ Barbara ]

      When Nick announces he is bringing his new love interest home for dinner, everyone has bizarre fantasies about her.

      b: 25 Nov 91 pc: 019 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: Zane Buzby

      NOTE: Guest Dawson will later return in the recurring role of Rhonda.
    25. "You Can't Go Home"
      gs: Ann Guilbert [ Elizabeth ]

      rc: Sharon

      After the Russos invite the LeMeures for dinner, Six and Blossom hope their respective single parents will fall in love; but when they stay in Santa Monica overnight, Six gets very nervous.

      b: 2 Dec 91 pc: 024 w: Portian Iversen d: Zane Buzby
    26. "This Old House"
      gs: Margaret Reed [ Madolyn ], Matthew Lawrence [ Young Joey ], Grant Gelt [ Young Anthony ], Autumn Winters [ Young Blossom ], Marissa Rosen [ Young Six ], Peggy Mannix [ Real Estate Lady ]

      Memories, of which there are many, aren't enough to make a balloon payment on the house, so Nick is forced to consider selling.

      b: 9 Dec 91 pc: 025 w: Racelle Rossett Schaefer d: Zane Buzby
    27. "It's A Marginal Life"
      gs: Chance Quinn [ Skunk ], Nicholas Guest [ Jean-Claude ], Quinn Cummings [ Millie ], Jesse Dabson [ Cop ], Santa Claus [ Himself ]

      The Russos spend a turbulent Christmas: It isn't a wonderful life for Nick as Christmas approaches, since a musicians' strike forces him to take a gig in a mall organ store.

      b: 16 Dec 91 pc: 026 w: Don Reo d: Zane Buzby
    28. "The Test"
      gs: Gregg Daniel [ Proctor ], Marjorie Harris [ Teddi ], Jake Price [ Woody ]

      rc: Jason Marsden [ Jimmy ], Omar Gooding [ Brad ], Megan McGinnis [ Susan ]

      Blossom is confident about her PSATs, while Six suffers from exam nerves; and things turn out differently then either expects. Meanwhile, Anthony's IQ is tested by a trip to the racetrack with Buzz.

      b: 6 Jan 92 pc: 027 w: Susan Tenney d: Zane Buzby
    29. "Hot For Teacher"
      gs: Parker Stevenson [ Scott Alexander ], Damon Martin [ Jack ], Jodi Peterson [ Carrie ], Paige Pengra [ Melissa ], Erin Reed [ Tammi ]

      rc: Omar Gooding [ Brad ]

      Blossom develops a crush on her handsome substitute teacher, who turns out to be happily married.

      b: 13 Jan 92 pc: 028 w: Josh Goldstein & Jonathan Prince d: Zane Buzby
    30. "Three O'Clock and All is Hell"
      gs: Todd Susman [ Todd ], Debra Jo Rupp [ Lucy ], Don Lake [ Cop #1 ], Helena Apothaker [ Donna ], Danny Nucci [ Lou ], Kelly Packard [ Taylor ], Reva Rose [ Miss Kitchens ]

      Blossom is paired with a tough guy for a household management class exercise, and targeted by his girlfriend, the school female bully; Nick is interviewed for his old high school newspaper by his old "most likely to succeed" classmate, who has a crisis in the living-room closet; and Anthony fears falling off the wagon because of drugs he's given for toothache.

      b: 20 Jan 92 pc: 029 w: Brenda Hampton d: Zane Buzby
    31. "Losers Win"
      gs: Gregg Daniel [ Mr. Ross ], Randy Josselyn [ Chad ]

      rc: Rhonda

      Blossom has a problem with public speaking; Tony saves Miss June's life; Nick practices for appearing in a Paula Abdul video.

      b: 10 Feb 92 pc: 031 w: J.J. Wall d: Zane Buzby
    32. "The Letter"
      gs: James Pickens Jr. [ Vinnie ], Salt-n-Pepa [ Themselves ]

      rc: Rhonda

      The family makes a video birthday card for Mom's 40th birthday; Nick visits a fitness studio.

      b: 17 Feb 92 pc: 033 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: Zane Buzby
    33. "Wake Up Little Suzy"
      gs: Edward Winter [ Coach Crawford ], Brooke Theiss [ Allison ], A.J. Langer [ Sherry ], Nicki Vannice [ Tricia ], Karyn Parsons [ Hilary ]

      rc: Megan McGinnis [ Susan ]

      A girl from school uses Blossom as a cover for dating boys.

      b: 24 Feb 92 pc: 034 w: Portia Iversen d: Ted Wass
    34. "You Must Remember This"
      gs: Leah Remini [ Ellen ], Debra Jo Rupp [ Mrs. Robinson ], C+C Music Factory [ Themseves ], Ryeland Allison [ Billy ]

      Blossom and Six wait in line for 15 hours to get tickets to C+C Music Factory; Joey gets his first baby-sitting job; Anthony is mystified by a female co-worker's hostility

      b: 2 Mar 92 pc: 035 w: Eve Needleman d: Zane Buzby
    35. "House Guests"
      gs: James Madio [ Silvio ], Brenda Strong [ Diane ], Jonathan Schmock [ Waiter ], Joel Murray [ Doug LeMeure ]

      rc: Rhonda, Sharon

      Six shows how much her parents' breakup bugs her when she and her mother stay at the Russo house overnight while theirs is being sprayed by an exterminator; and a 12-year-old boy develops a crush on Blossom.

      b: 23 Mar 92 pc: 032 w: Glen Merzer d: Zane Buzby
    36. "Whines and Misdemeanors"
      gs: Lee Garlington [ Samy ], Dena Dietrich [ Mrs. Ubermeyer ], Jonathan Prince [ Mr. Cunningham ], Abraham Benrubi [ Francis ]

      Blossom forges her detention slip in order to sneak out to a big rock concert; Nick lies about where he's spending the night after he hits it off with a country singer.

      b: 6 Apr 92 pc: 030 w: Jonathan Schmock d: Zane Buzby
    37. "Driver's Education"
      gs: Teri Copley [ Glenda Dudley ], Perry Anzilotti [ Driving Examiner ], Tiffany-Amber Thiessen [ Ricky ], Vendela Kirsebom [ Fairy Godmother ]

      Blossom passes her driver's test, but only because she cries; Joey is being sexually harassed by his boss at work.

      b: 27 Apr 92 pc: 036 w: Karol, Shelley d: Zane Buzby
    38. "Spring Fever"
      gs: Barbara Tyson [ Diane ]

      rc: Rhonda, Vinnie

      Everyone has a date except Joey and Six, who spy on Blossom and Vinnie.

      b: 4 May 92 pc: 037 w: Brenda Hampton d: Zane Buzby
    39. "Runaway"

      Nick wakes up to find that Blossom has run away with Vinnie.

      b: 10 Aug 92 pc: 038 w: Don Reo d: Bill Bixby
    40. "Dear Mom"

      Blossom writes a letter to her mother about Vinnie.

      b: 17 Aug 92 pc: 039 w: Don Reo d: Bill Bixby
    41. "No Cure for Love"
      gs: Lisa Rieffel [ Cybill ]

      rc: Vinnie

      Tony is depressed about splitting up with Rhonda; Blossom is happily in love with Vinnie, until he suggests they should see other people; Joey thinks it is his fault that the girl he split up with was in an accident.

      b: 24 Aug 92 pc: 042 w: Glen Merzer d: Ted Wass

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      3rd Season 1992

      Production credits:
      Executive producers: Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas, Don Reo
      Supervising producers: Bill Richmond, Josh Goldstein, Jonathan Prince
      Producer: Glen Merzer
      Associate producers: Joe Bergen, Richard G. King

    42. "What Price Love?"
      gs: Cathryn de Prume [ Kandy ], Christine Joan Taylor [ Patty ]

      Joey uses an escort service in an attempt to ease his overactive hormones; Blossom's new romance threatens her friendship with Six.

      b: 14 Sep 92 pc: 041 w: Eve Needleman d: Bill Bixby
    43. "The Joey Chronicles"
      gs: Billy O'Sullivan [ Chucky ], Jessica Hahn [ Girl #1 ], Raye "Zap" Hollit [ Girl #2 ], Bobbie Phillips [ Girl #3 ], Jill Pierce [ Girl #4 ]

      Joey has a deadline for a story about himself, but is continually distracted by fantasies about beautiful women; Blossom is upset when Vinnie wants to go out with his ex-girlfriend.

      b: 21 Sep 92 pc: 040 w: _____ d: Bill Bixby
    44. "Kids"
      gs: Katherine Cannon [ Doris ], Andrew Hill Newman [ Guy #1 in Bar ], David Pressman [ Guy #2 ]

      Blossom decides to have sex with Vinnie, but he refuses; then she learns he is in a coma after a motorcycle accident.

      b: 28 Sep 92 pc: 043 w: Don Reo d: Bill Bixby
    45. "Only When I Laugh (a.k.a. The Last Laugh)"
      gs: David Arquette [ David ], Bernie Allen [ Sid ], Jack Carter [ Himself ], Bill Dana [ Himself ], Slappy White [ Himself ], Rex Ryan [ Bouncer ]

      Blossom and Six try to get fake IDs to get into a club; Anthony loses his first patient, an old comedian who left him laughing in the ambulance, and wants to have the funeral at the house.

      b: 5 Oct 92 pc: 045 w: Bill Richmond d: Bill Bixby
    46. "I Killed Chico Barranca"
      gs: Tony Plana [ Chico Barranca ], Bonnie Morgan [ Katherine ], Paul Eiding [ Det. Bryant ]

      rc: Sharon

      Blossom and Six are arrested when stolen items turn up in their garage sale; pro-baseball scout Chico Barranca visits Joey to see if he has a future in baseball.

      b: 12 Oct 92 pc: 046 w: J.J. Wall d: Bill Bixby
    47. "All Hallows Eve"
      gs: Perry Anzilotti [ Unknown ], John Christian Graas [ Boy ], A.J. Langer [ Unknown ], Jonathan Schmock [ Unknown ]

      Grounded on Halloween, Joey gets mistaken for a crazed prowler, while Nick, Anthony, and Buzz have their car break down outside a very macho bar -- in costume as a female rock band.

      b: 26 Oct 92 pc: 048 w: Brenda Hampton d: Bill Bixby
    48. "The Making of the President"
      gs: Jason Marsden [ Eddie Warwick ], Lenny Wolpe [ Unknown ], Phil Buckman [ Unknown ], Omar Gooding [ Unknown ], Timothy Leary [ Himself ], David Leisure [ Himself ], Megan McGinnis [ Susan ], Keith Morrison [ Unknown ], Tommy Newsom [ Himself ], Angul Nigam [ Unknown ], Jill Pierce [ Unknown ]

      Blossom runs for president of the student council against popular Eddie Warwick.

      b: 9 Nov 92 pc: 044 w: George Tricker d: Bill Bixby
    49. "My Girl"
      gs: Donna Spangler [ Bambi ], Jennifer Van Buskirk [ Lambi ]

      Blossom records her family on video; Joey becomes suspicious that he was switched at birth.

      b: 16 Nov 92 pc: 049 w: Shelley Karol d: Bill Bixby
    50. "The Frat Party"
      gs: Christopher Daniel Barnes [ Terry ], Alex Inberg [ Tom ], Brooke Alexander [ Ms Quigly ]

      rc: Vinnie, Rhonda

      Blossom gets drunk on spiked punch at a frat party and wakes up nude in a stranger's bed; Rhonda moves in with Anthony while her apartment is fumigated; Joey gets a gorgeous math tutor.

      b: 23 Nov 92 pc: 052 w: J.J. Wall d: Bill Bixby
    51. "Losing Your ... Religion"
      gs: Alan King [ Rabbi Hyman Greenblatt ], Mark-Paul Gosselaar [ Kevin ]

      Six considers having sex with her new boyfriend; Blossom's class change religions for a week, so she seeks information about Judaism from a wise, wisecracking rabbi; Joey and Anthony buy an old car together.

      b: 7 Dec 92 pc: 047 w: Josh Goldstein & Jonathan Prince d: Bill Bixby
    52. "Ruby"
      gs: Christopher Daniel Barnes [ Farnsworth ], Frank Capp [ Unknown ], the Juggernaut Army Corps Band

      rc: Vinnie

      Blossom is called for a Harvard interview, and Buzz tries to dissuade her from rejecting college to stay with her beau by telling her of his World War-II era romance with her grandmother Ruby.

      b: 21 Dec 92 pc: 051 w: Bill Richmond d: Bill Bixby
    53. "The Last Laugh"
      gs: Steven Gilborn [ Mr. Pipper ], Carol Barbee [ Andrea ], Gina Phillips [ Unknown ], Arsenio Hall [ Himself ]

      rc: Sharon, Rhonda

      Nick is upset when the stand-up comic he is dating makes fun of him on the Arsenio Hall Show; Joey falls in love with Rhonda's niece; Blossom and Six make a serious video about safe sex that gets a thumbs down from the principal.

      b: 4 Jan 93 pc: 054 w: Susan Tenney d: Ted Wass
    54. "Time"
      gs: Mary-Margaret Humes [ Unknown ], Michelle Collins [ Unknown ]

      rc: Rhonda

      Blossom and Six ponder the passage of time; Joey's too nervous to open a college letter of acceptance; Anthony pops the question to Rhonda; Nick learns his date comes with strings attached.

      b: 11 Jan 93 pc: 053 w: Don Reo d: Bill Bixby
    55. "Car Wrecks and Marriage"
      gs: Gladys Holland [ Genevieve LeChere ], Monica Lauren [ Herself ], April Storms [ Herself ]

      Six begs Blossom to accompany her on a final practice drive before getting her license; Buzz announces he has gotten married; Joey is visited by two beautiful models, but no one will believe him.

      b: 18 Jan 93 pc: 056 w: J.J. Wall d: Ted Wass
    56. "Mystery Train"
      gs: Michael J. Pollard [ Randy ], Keith Allison [ Pete Weston ]

      rc: Vinnie

      Nick encounters an old friend; Blossom and Vinnie becomes closer after he asks her to the prom; and Joey and Anthony have a close encounter with a UFO.

      b: 1 Feb 93 pc: 057 w: Don Reo d: Bill Bixby
    57. "Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men"
      gs: Adam Biesk [ Unknown ], Carol Ann Susi [ Unknown ], Julie Anne Martin [ Unknown ], Cathy Merriman [ Unknown ], Erik Reo [ Unknown ], Temre Sawyer [ Unknown ], Carolyn Lawrence [ Unknown ], The Party [ Themselves ]

      rc: Vinnie

      Nick tries to keep the kids away from his Disneyland job as an Elvis impersonator; Blossom gets jealous when she sees Vinnie with his cousin.

      b: 8 Feb 93 pc: 059 w: Jonathan Schmock d: Bill Bixby
    58. "Student Films"
      gs: Susan Burell [ Unknown ]

      The family gathers to watch the student films they have made through the years.

      b: 15 Feb 93 pc: 058 w: Josh Goldstein & Jonathan Prince d: Jonathan Prince
    59. "All Dressed Up (a.k.a. Vinnie, We Hardly Knew Ye)"
      gs: Ashlee Levitch [ Heather ]

      rc: Rhonda, Vinnie

      Blossom refuses to attend the senior prom when she learns Vinnie is not a virgin; meanwhile, Joey escorts a pregnant girl.

      b: 22 Feb 93 pc: 060 w: Brenda Hampton d: Bill Bixby
    60. "The Thrill is Gone"
      gs: B.B. King [ Himself ]

      rc: Maddy

      Blossom's mother reflects on her breakup with Nick while reading a letter from Blossom that focuses on her broken relationship with Vinnie.

      b: 1 Mar 93 pc: 055 w: Don Reo d: Ted Wass
    61. "You Did What?"
      gs: Terry Kiser [ Vito ]

      Nick's money problems prompt the kids to help out, but when Blossom applies for a job at a record store, she discovers she has been beaten to the punch by Six. Meanwhile, Joey decides to make a fortune speculating in baseball cards, while Anthony tries to sell cosmetics by phone.

      b: 12 Apr 93 pc: 062 w: Judith D. Allison d: Bill Bixby
    62. "Sitcom"
      gs: Mitchell Whitfield [ Larry Levin ], Mary Hart [ Herself ], Robert Stack [ Himself ], Rickey D'shon Collins [ Devon ], Todd Susman [ Steve ], John Ratzenberger [ Himself ], Vincent Ventresca [ Grant ]

      Nick and a TV-writer buddy pitch a sitcom to the network that's based on the Russo family, only Six gets cast in the role of Blossom.

      b: 3 May 93 pc: 050 w: Don Reo d: Bill Bixby
    63. "Hunger"
      gs: T.C. Warner [ Julie ], Stephanie Beacham [ Mrs. Robinson ], Mary-Margaret Humes [ Carol ], Michelle Collins [ Jennie ]

      Joey delivers a pizza to a woman who propositions him; Blossom suspects Six may be bulimic; sudden passion consumes Anthony and an antagonist.

      b: 10 May 93 pc: 061 w: Glen Merzer d: Bill Bixby
    64. "Paris"
      gs: none

      Upset over her breakup with Vinnie, Blossom longs to visit her mother in Paris. She gets her wish at the beginning of the next season.

      b: 17 May 93 pc: 063 w: Don Reo d: Bill Bixby

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      4th Season 1993

      Production Credits
      Executive producers: Judith D. Allion & Rob LaZebnik
      Supervising producer: Glen Merzer
      Produced by Kenneth R. Koch
      Producers: Brenda Hampton, Joe Berger
      Co-producer: Jonathan Schmock
      Association producer: Sally S. Kleiman

    65. "Blossom in Paris (1)"
      gs: Jacques Coltelloni [ Laurent ], Chantal Delsaux [ Information Woman ], Tom Gallop [ Frank ], Gerard Ismael [ Immigation Officer ], Stephen Root [ Louie ], Jonathan Schmock [ Man in Hat ], Eric Viellard [ Robert ], Victoria Wicks [ Jacqueline renaud ], Jaclyn Bernstein [ Elizabeth ], Don Bloomfield [ Customs Official ], Nikki Cox [ Cynthia ], Kelli Kirland [ Mary ], Megan McGinnis [ Jennifer ], Brittany Murphy [ Wendy ], Riff Regan [ Susan ], Jodi Peterson [ Darlene ], Erik Reo [ Airport Clerk ], Penina Segall [ Karen ], Aquilina Soriano [ Sherry ]

      rc: Maddy

      After moving to Paris to live with her mother, Blossom finds a new boyfriend, friendly waiter Laurent, who gives her a tour of the romantic city par excellence.

      b: 19 Sep 93 pc: 064 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: John Whitesell
    66. "Blossom in Paris (2)"
      gs: Jacques Coltelloni [ Laurent ], Chantal Delsaux [ Information Woman ], Tom Gallop [ Frank ], Gerard Ismael [ Immigation Officer ], Stephen Root [ Louie ], Jonathan Schmock [ Man in Hat ], Eric Viellard [ Robert ], Victoria Wicks [ Jacqueline renaud ], Jaclyn Bernstein [ Elizabeth ], Don Bloomfield [ Customs Official ], Nikki Cox [ Cynthia ], Kelli Kirland [ Mary ], Megan McGinnis [ Jennifer ], Brittany Murphy [ Wendy ], Riff Regan [ Susan ], Jodi Peterson [ Darlene ], Erik Reo [ Airport Clerk ], Penina Segall [ Karen ], Aquilina Soriano [ Sherry ]

      rc: Maddy

      Joey and Anthony take jobs as air couriers to Paris.

      b: 19 Sep 93 pc: 065 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: John Whitesell
    67. "Blossom in Paris (3)"
      gs: Jacques Coltelloni [ Laurent ], Chantal Delsaux [ Information Woman ], Tom Gallop [ Frank ], Gerard Ismael [ Immigation Officer ], Stephen Root [ Louie ], Jonathan Schmock [ Man in Hat ], Eric Viellard [ Robert ], Victoria Wicks [ Jacqueline renaud ], Jaclyn Bernstein [ Elizabeth ], Don Bloomfield [ Customs Official ], Nikki Cox [ Cynthia ], Kelli Kirland [ Mary ], Megan McGinnis [ Jennifer ], Brittany Murphy [ Wendy ], Riff Regan [ Susan ], Jodi Peterson [ Darlene ], Erik Reo [ Airport Clerk ], Penina Segall [ Karen ], Aquilina Soriano [ Sherry ]

      rc: Maddy

      Vinnie shows up in Paris; Anthony and Joey are followed; Nick and Six's mother spend the night together.

      b: 19 Sep 93 pc: 066 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: John Whitesell
    68. "Blossom in Paris (4)"
      gs: Jacques Coltelloni [ Laurent ], Chantal Delsaux [ Information Woman ], Tom Gallop [ Frank ], Gerard Ismael [ Immigation Officer ], Stephen Root [ Louie ], Jonathan Schmock [ Man in Hat ], Eric Viellard [ Robert ], Victoria Wicks [ Jacqueline renaud ], Jaclyn Bernstein [ Elizabeth ], Don Bloomfield [ Customs Official ], Nikki Cox [ Cynthia ], Kelli Kirland [ Mary ], Megan McGinnis [ Jennifer ], Brittany Murphy [ Wendy ], Riff Regan [ Susan ], Jodi Peterson [ Darlene ], Erik Reo [ Airport Clerk ], Penina Segall [ Karen ], Aquilina Soriano [ Sherry ]

      rc: Maddy

      Blossom must decide whether or not to stay in Paris with her mother.

      b: 19 Sep 93 pc: 067 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: John Whitesell
    69. "Transitions"
      rc: Rhonda

      Joey and his dad go fishing together in hopes of bonding; Blossom discovers that Six is abusing alcohol.

      b: 27 Sep 93 pc: 068 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: Bill Bixby
    70. "Kiss and Tell"
      gs: Don Novello [ Father Guido Sarducci/God ], Stephanie Ridel [ Barbara Jenkins ], Tony Pope [ Voice-overs ]

      rc: Mrs. Peterson, Maddy

      Nick and Blossom are alarmed when Maddy returns with intentions of staying; Six rides along with Anthony and a cantankerous EMT.

      b: 4 Oct 93 pc: 069 w: Brenda Hampton d: Bill Bixby
    71. "Six and Sonny"
      gs: David Schwimmer [ Sonny Catalano ]

      rc: Sharon

      Blossom is horrified to learn that Six is dating a married ex-con ten years her senior. Meanwhile, Joey gets a letter from the President asking for his advice, and Vinnie and Anthony set up an illegal cable hookup.

      b: 11 Oct 93 pc: 072 w: J.J. Wall d: Bill Bixby
      "Blossom's Dilemma"
      gs: David Schwimmer [ Sonny Catalano ], Tom McCleister [ Prison Guard ], Bill Bixby [ Voice of Cop ]

      rc: Sharon, Cathryn dePrume [ Veronica ]

      Six has run off with Sonny, and only Vinnie and Blossom know where they've gone. Blossom tries to talk Six out of her infatuation, but it ends only when Sonny is arrested and immediately falls for a female prison guard.

      b: 18 Oct 93 pc: 073 w: J.J. Wall d: Bill Bixby
    72. ".38 Special"
      gs: Dick Martin [ Frosty the Clown ], Keith Allison [ Pete Weston ], Devon Gummersall [ Jimmy Kelly ], Jack Kenny [ Vice Principal ], David Reo [ Musician ]

      Blossom spots a gun in a classmate's locker; Joey encounters an alcoholic clown.

      b: 25 Oct 93 pc: 071 w: David Reo d: Ted Wass
    73. "The Fifty-Minute Hour"
      gs: Richard Roat [ Dr. Samuelson ], Bill Bumiller [ Surgeon ], Laura Harring [ Nurse ]

      rc: Rhonda

      In a psychiatrist's office in the near future, Nick recalls the good old days, when Blossom got her SAT scores, Anthony proposed to Rhonda and Joey got a bad break en route to the big leagues.

      b: 1 Nov 93 pc: 070 w: Josh Goldstein & Jonathan Prince d: Bill Bixby
    74. "True Romance"
      gs: Michael A. Nickles [ Drake ], Christina Belford [ Nancy ], Irena Ward [ June ], Hugh Hefner [ Himself ], Tawni Cable [ Brenda ], Barbara Moore [ Ariel ], Monique Noel [ Claire ]

      After his breakup with Rhonda, Anthony accompanies Joey to a function at the Playboy Mansion, while Blossom attempts to write a romance novel to fund her college education.

      b: 8 Nov 93 pc: 075 w: Rob LaZebnik d: Bill Bixby
    75. "Let's Talk About Sex"
      gs: Blaire Baron [ Barbara ], Lisa Kelly [ Agnes ]

      Blossom feels Vinnie is losing interest in her; Six tries to seduce Joey; Nick discovers his date has had sex with Anthony.

      b: 15 Nov 93 pc: 074 w: Bill Richmond d: Bill Bixby
    76. "Big Doings (1)"
      gs: Tori Spelling [ Herself ], Jay Kerr [ Elrod ], Edd Hall [ Himself ], Erik Reo [ Dealer ]

      rc: Carol, Shelly

      Anthony starts drinking again while in Las Vegas; the family tries to accept Nick's new girlfriend.

      b: 22 Nov 93 pc: 076 w: J.J. Wall d: Ted Wass
    77. "Big Doings (2)"
      gs: Alaina Reed Hall [ Esther ], Ivory Ocean [ Carl Lewis ], John Apcella [ Minister ], Kent Shocknek [ Himself ], Mary pat Gleaon [ Woman ], John Mariano [ Dave ]

      rc: Carol, Shelly

      Anthony and Shelly discover they are married after a night of drinking in Las Vegas; Vinnie proposes to Blossom.

      b: 29 Nov 93 pc: 077 w: J.J. Wall d: Ted Wass
    78. "Copycat"
      gs: Ellen Blane [ Audrey ], Jack Price [ Chip ], Fred Roggin [ Himself ]

      rc: Shelly

      A new student irritates Blossom by imitating everything she does; a character in Shelly's book resembles Tony.

      b: 13 Dec 93 pc: 081 w: Glen Merzer d: Ted Wass
    79. "Getting Lucky"
      rc: Carol

      Blossom becomes bitter when she realizes that Nick is in love with Carol; Joey finally has sex with his new girlfriend but worries that it will ruin their relationship.

      b: 10 Jan 94 pc: 078 w: Brenda Hampton d: Bill Bixby
    80. "Meat"
      gs: Lochlyn Munro [ Evan Henderson ], Marty Polio [ Waiter ]

      rc: Shelly

      There's something cooking between Blossom and her supervisor at a homeless shelter; meanwhile, Nick tries becoming a vegetarian, and Anthony can't stomach a waiter's racial slurs.

      b: 24 Jan 94 pc: 079 w: Glen Merzer d: Bill Bixby & Selig Frank
    81. "Double Date"
      gs: Scott Wolf [ Gordo McCain ], Ivory Ocean [ Carl Lewis ], Paul Wittenburg [ Leslie ], Cliff Dorfman [ Bully ]

      rc: Shelly

      Six's date, who is Vinnie's best friend, makes a pass at Blossom and then denies it; Joey's secret admirer turns out to be a gay teammate; Anthony's father-in-law visits and discovers that he once arrested Nick during a 1970s campus protest.

      b: 31 Jan 94 pc: 080 w: Glen Merzer d: Joe Bergen
    82. "Beach Blanket Blossom (1)"
      gs: Fabian [ Himself ], Angela Visser [ Ethel the Mermaid ], Avery Schreiber [ Stubby the Henchman ]

      rc: Vinnie

      A spoof of '60s beach-party movies features the new chick from Santa Monica making waves with the teen queen of Malibu over a surfer god.

      b: 14 Feb 94 pc: 084 w: ______________ d: Peter Baldwin
    83. "Beach Blanket Blossom (2)"
      gs: Angela Visser [ Ethel the Mermaid ], Avery Schreiber [ Stubby the Henchman ], Phyllis Diller [ Herself ], Fabian [ Himself ], Jimmy Walker [ Himself ], David Willis [ Surfer ], Ken Enomoto [ Japanese Guy #1 ], Y. Hero Abe [ Japanese Guy #2 ]

      Fabian, Phyllis Diller and Jimmie Walker become part of Blossom's beach party fantasy as Shy is Otto's hostage on the eve of the Ruler of the Waves surf contest.

      b: 21 Feb 94 pc: 085 w: Jonathan Schmock d: Peter Baldwin
    84. "A Little Help From My Friends"
      gs: Mr. T. [ Himself ], Doren Fein [ Kennedy ], David DeLuise [ Randy ]

      rc: Carol

      Joey turns to a childhood imaginary friend for help when he suspects a teammate is using steroids; Blossom volunteers to baby-sit Carol's daughter, then is invited to a concert.

      b: 28 Feb 94 pc: 083 w: Jonathan Schmock d: Peter Baldwin
    85. "Our Favorite Scenes"

      Cast members introduce favorite clips.

      b: 14 Mar 94 pc: 091 w: ______________ d: ______________
    86. "Blue Blossom"
      gs: Neil Duncan [ Graham ], Michole White [ Robin ]

      rc: Shelly

      Blossom's 18th birthday makes her blue; Joey writes a letter to Hillary Clinton about health care; Carol's ex has an odd proposal for Nick; and Shelly's cousin Robin isn't thrilled to meet Anthony because of something Shelly hasn't told her about Anthony - that fact that he's white.

      b: 19 Mar 94 pc: 087 w: Brenda Hampton d: Peter Baldwin
    87. "Sex, Lies and Mrs. Peterson"
      gs: Sarah Lee Jones [ Barbara ]

      rc: Mrs. Peterson

      Blossom and Anthony scheme to fix up a lonely Buzz with Anthony's cantankerous EMT partner Mrs. Peterson; meanwhile, Joey takes notes from Nick on a school project.

      b: 2 Apr 94 pc: 082 w: Roger Garrett d: Peter Baldwin
    88. "Seven Deadly Sins (a.k.a. Gluttony)"
      gs: Patrick Towne [ Waiter ]

      Two aliens in a flying saucer (voices of Joey Lawrence and Michael Stoyanov) choose the Russo home as the site for their observations of earthling behavior, particularly their susceptibility to the seven deadly sins, which are illustrated in encounters between the various characters. (This being a family sit-com, sloth gets the most airtime.)

      b: 9 Apr 94 pc: 089 w: Glen Merzer d: Peter Baldwin
    89. "Night of Reckoning"
      gs: Andrew Lawrence [ Little Joey ], Matthew Lawrence [ Young Joey ]

      rc: Melissa Manchester, Rhonda, Shelly

      A missed baseball game prompts Joey to recall his mom's history of broken promises; Tony and Shelly's marriage is put to the test when Rhonda returns unexpectedly; Nick takes Blossom and Six to the drive-in and is not prepared for a barrage of questions about his past.

      b: 2 May 94 pc: 086 w: Brenda Hampton d: Joe Bergen
    90. "Last Tango"
      gs: Jonathan Del Arco [ Raymond Salazar ], Steven Gilborn [ Mr. Finhorn ], Marguerite Moreau [ Melanie ]

      rc: Carol

      At the prom, Blossom gets the news that Vinnie's been accepted to an Ivy League school; Six is escorted by a nerdy foreign student with a hidden talent; and chaperones Nick and Carol act like a couple of teenagers in love.

      b: 9 May 94 pc: 088 w: Jonathan Schmock d: Peter Baldwin
    91. "Graduation"
      gs: Terry Bradshaw [ Coach Morton ]

      rc: Maddy

      Vinnie wants to announce his engagement to Blossom after he graduates, but Blossom has lost the ring - which she perceives as a bad omen. Meanwhile, college-bound Joey is drafted by a pro baseball team. (Season finale)

      b: 23 May 94 pc: 090 w: Glen Merzer & Jonathan Schmock d: Peter Baldwin

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      5th Season 1994

      Production credits:
      Executive producers: Allan Katz, Judith D. Allison
      Supervising producers: Susan Seeger, Jonathan Schmock
      Produced by Kenneth R. Koch
      Story editors: Dan Cohen & F.J. Pratt
      Associate producer: Robin Weiner

    92. "A New Life (1)"

      Major changes in the Russo household unsettle Blossom: Carol and Kennedy move in; Anthony and Shelly move out; and Joey hits the road with his baseball team.

      b: 26 Sep 94 pc: 092 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: Gil Junger
    93. "A New Life (2)"

      Blossom and Nick fight over her resistance to change, particularly Carol, and she runs away from home to join Joey on his road trip.

      b: 3 Oct 94 pc: 093 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: Gil Junger
    94. "Puppy Love"
      gs: Philip Angelotti [ Richie ], Lorna Scott [ Mrs. Featherman ]

      rc: Tanya

      Blossom is furious when Joey refuses to set her up on a date with his handsome but dumb teammate Richie, but has to admit he was right when a double date with Joey's dim new girlfriend Tanya bores her to distraction. Meanwhile, Kennedy finds a lost bulldog and is heartbroken when his owner claims him; and Shelly keeps picking on Anthony but won't say why - until we finally learn she is pregnant.

      b: 10 Oct 94 pc: 094 w: Allan Katz d: Gil Junger
    95. "Your New Planet"
      gs: John Caponera [ Thunderclap Jackson ], Bridget Sienna [ Maid ]

      Blossom makes a video for the unborn baby of Anthony and Shelly to introduce him or her to the Russos' world; meanwhile, a veteran gives Joey the rookie treatment.

      b: 17 Oct 94 pc: 095 w: Jonathan Schmock d: Gil Junger
    96. "The Wedding"
      gs: Alistair Duncan [ Graham ], John Apicella [ Minister ]

      rc: Maddy, Tanya, Frank

      As Nick and Carol's wedding day arrives, there's something old (their exes at the bachelor party and bridal shower) and something blue (the bitter little flower girl, Kennedy).

      b: 24 Oct 94 pc: 098 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: Gil Junger
    97. "Writing the Wrongs"

      Blossom struggles with a deceptively difficult school assignment in which she can express herself in any way she chooses, so Carol suggests that she simply write anything.

      b: 31 Oct 94 pc: 097 w: Susan Seeger d: Ted Wass
    98. "Dirty Rotten Scoundrel"
      gs: Melanie Smith [ Alex ], Francesca Smith [ Lizzy Martin ], Mark L. Taylor [ Ralph Martin ], Elise Ogden [ Nancy Martin ]

      rc: Tanya

      Blossom baby-sits Kennedy and her friend, a frightfully obnoxious little girl; meanwhile, Joey is like a babe in the woods when he's approached by a seasoned baseball groupie.

      b: 7 Nov 94 pc: 096 w: Dan Cohen & E.J. Pratt d: Gil Junger
    99. "The Game You Play Tomorrow"
      gs: Eric Allan Kramer [ Wildman Boyette ]

      Six finds it hard to believe that she and Blossom weren't accepted at the same college; when Joey faces his first batting slump, Nick must revive his childhood persona of "The Fishstick Man" to help his son get his swing back; and Anthony panics when it looks like Shelley is starting labor contractions.

      b: 14 Nov 94 pc: 099 w: Jonathan Schmock d: Gil Junger
    100. "Blossom Gump"
      gs: Jenna Strom [ Madonna ], E'Cassanova [ Michael Jackson ], Liz Sheridan [ Mrs. Walker ], Sid Melton [ Reporter #1 ], Frank Fowler [ Reporter #2 ], Bill Saluga [ Paul, the plumber ]

      Blossom dreams of herself as "Blossom Gump," giving simple words of advice to Madonna and Michael Jackson, when in reality she'd rather be giving her opinions in the school newspaper.

      b: 21 Nov 94 pc: 101 w: Allan Katz d: Ted Wass
    101. "Oh, Baby"
      gs: Brian George [ Shakir ], Darion Basco [ Gang Kid ]

      rc: Mrs. Peterson

      When Shelly goes into labour, Blossom, Six and Joey are under the gun to get her to the hospital, while Anthony is being held at gunpoint in his ambulance.

      b: 28 Nov 94 pc: 100 w: Brenda Frampton d: Ted Wass
    102. "Mating Rituals"
      gs: Michael Buchman Silver [ David ], Sara Rue [ Angie ], Stephanie Dicker [ Hayley ]

      rc: Frank

      Blossom sneaks off to a young-adult party, where she meets a guy who treats her like a mature young woman.

      b: 9 Jan 95 pc: 104 w: Susan Seeger d: Ted Wass
    103. "Hi Diddly Dee"
      gs: Ian Abercrombie [ Mr. Winters ]

      Blossom thinks the acting life might be for her, but her audition for a famous stage director doesn't play out as she hoped.

      b: 16 Jan 95 pc: 102 w: Dan Cohen & F.J. Pratt d: Gil Junger
    104. "A Kiss is Just a Kiss"
      gs: Christopher Daniel Barnes [ Steve ], Andrew Mark Berman [ Boomer ], Stephanie Dicker [ Hayley ]

      rc: Frank

      Blossom's wants some time alone with her new boyfriend to try to get something going, but there's too much going on in the house to get anything started.

      b: 23 Jan 95 pc: 105 w: Allan Katz d: Ted Wass
    105. "Who's Not On First"
      gs: Alex Trebeck [ Himself ], Shelly Smith [ Andrea ], Bruce Hedgeman [ Steve ]

      Joey proves he's no dummy when he uses his scientific knowledge of anatomy to relieve Nick's stiff back; then fantasizes he is a contestant on Jeopardyopposite Blossom and - Albert Einstein.

      b: 6 Feb 95 pc: 106 w: Bruce Hershkowitz d: Ted Wass
    106. "It Happened One Night"
      gs: Charlie Heath [ Fred ], Chris Mulkey [ Dan ]

      rc: Vinnie

      Nick hopes sparks will fly when Blossom agrees to go out with the son of his old pal (who turns out to be happily gay); trapped by a flash flood, Joey and Six check into a hotel room together.

      b: 13 Feb 95 pc: 107 w: Dorie D'Amour d: Ted Wass
    107. "A Mind With a Heart of Its Own"
      gs: Holly Fields [ Alyssa ]

      rc: Vinnie

      Vinnie announces he is transferring to UCLA because he misses Blossom; a new girlfriend spoils Joey.

      b: 20 Feb 95 pc: 108 w: Dan Cohen & F.J. Pratt d: Gil Junger
    108. "The Date"
      gs: Jimmy Marsden [ Josh ]

      Blossom is assaulted by her date, a popular football star, when she tries to fend off his aggressive advances.

      b: 27 Feb 95 pc: 109 w: _____ d: Allan Katz
    109. "The Departure"
      rc: Melanie

      Joey proposes to his old flame; Blossom gets a job at an ad agency run by Carol's old boyfriend, and Nick's bothered when Carol accepts an offer to be a consultant there.

      b: 6 Mar 95 pc: 103 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: Gil Junger
    110. "A Star is Bared"
      gs: Talia Shire [ Herself ], Stephen Lloyd-Williams [ Marty ], Ken Lerner [ Danforth ]

      Talia Shire asks Blossom to play the lead in a new movie she's directing - but the part requires Blossom to appear in the nude.

      b: 13 Mar 95 pc: 110 w: Bruce Hershkowitz d: Gil Junger
    111. "You Say Tomato"
      gs: Gina Hecht [ Ms. Teller ], Sid Melton [ Mr. Koch ], Kathleen McClennan [ Sorel ]

      Blossom stubbornly refuses to accept a grade that she thinks is lower than she deserves - even if it means she won't graduate.

      b: 20 Mar 95 pc: 111 w: Dorie D'Amore d: Gil Junger

      NOTE: The show was put on hiatus after this episode, then cancelled.
    112. "So Many Milestones, So Little Time"
      rc: Melanie

      Joey proposes to Melanie; Nick decides to sell the house when Carol discovers she is pregnant; Blossom gets her first real job.

      b: 22 May 95 pc: 112 w: Susan Seeger d: Ted Wass
    113. "Goodbye"
      gs: Jonathan Schmock [ Mr. Johnson ], Michael Monks [ Mr. Phillips ], Judy Kain [ Mrs. Phillips ]

      Blossom, Joey and Six discourage prospective buyers of the house, while Shelly and baby Nash plan to move back east.

      b: 22 May 95 pc: 113 w: Don Reo & Judith D. Allison d: Ted Wass

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