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Cast Photo
aired from: Mar 1994to: Jul 1995 27 eps CBS 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Edward Asner as Gil Jones
  • Jim Beaver as Leland DuParte
  • Lindsay Felton as Jenny Turner
  • Andrew Keegan as Jack Kelly
  • Haley Joel Osment as Harry Turner
  • Kelly Vint as Claudine Turner
  • Robin Riker as Bobbi Turner [ season 2 ]
  • Diane Venora as Bobbi Turner [ season 1 ]

    recurring characters:

  • Angelina Fiordellisi as Rita
  • Ritch Brinkley as Walter [ season 1 ]
  • Nick Searcy as Brett [ season 1 ]

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      1st Season Winter 1994

      Production credits:
      Wind Dancer Production Group in association with Touchstone Television
      Produced by Gayle S. Maffeo
      Producer: Tim Doyle
      Associate producer: Caterina Fiordellisi Nelli
      Creators: Matt Williams & David McFadzean & Carmen Finestra

    1. "The Prototype"
      gs: Wayne Wilderson [ Mike ]

      rc: Walter

      A retired racecar driver and garage owner has to adjust when his daughter Bobbi and her children come to live with him, beginning with a clash over how to discipline the kids.

      b: 9 Mar 94 pc: _________ w: Carmen Finestra & David McFadzean & Matt Williams d: Barnet Kellman
    2. "The Love Triangle"

      rc: Walter, Rita

      Gil becomes romantically interested in Harry's teacher, not realizing the boy has a crush on her himself.

      b: 16 Mar 94 pc: _________ w: Robert Zappia d: Robby Benson
    3. "Chore Patrol"
      gs: Claudette Nevins [ Ellen ]

      rc: Walter, Brett

      Gil bribes the children with a promise of pizza to get them to do their chores, but his plan backfires.

      b: 23 Mar 94 pc: _________ w: Tim Doyle d: Andy Cadiff
    4. "Girls' Night Out"
      gs: Rita, Wolf Larson [ Clay ], Ben Browder [ Marcus ]

      Gil baby-sits while Bobbie goes out to dinner with his niece Rita.

      b: 30 Mar 94 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
    5. "Bloodsuckers"
      gs: Richard Schiff [ Pat Perkins ]

      Gil's impending IRS interview worries Bobbie; meanwhile, Gil plans a practical joke on the kids using a hearse that is in the garage for servicing.

      b: 6 Apr 94 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
    6. "Happy Endings"
      gs: Jeremy Jackson [ Danny ]

      rc: Walter, Rita

      Claudine is interested in a boy; meanwhile, Gil is being honored with a lifetime-achievement award.

      b: 13 Apr 94 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
    7. "A Fistful of Phyllis"
      gs: Sharon Madden [ Mrs. Millman ], Tina Hart [ Phyllis Millman ]

      Hostilities with annoying neighbor Mrs. Millman escalate when Jenny punches her daughter Phyllis.

      b: 20 Apr 94 pc: _________ w: John Pardee & Joey Murphy d: John Rago
    8. "As a Matter of Fact"
      gs: Jeremy Jackson [ Danny ]

      rc: Walter, Brett

      Gil has trepidations about his grandchildren's behavior at an awards banquet.

      b: 4 May 94 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________

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      2nd Season 1994

      Production credits:
      Produced by Gayle S. Maffeo
      Supervising producers: Bob Burris, Michael B. Kaplan, Lissa Levin, Michael Ware
      Producer; Barry Gold
      Executive story consultants: Jake Weinberger & Michael Wenberger
      Executive producers: Dan Guntzelman, Carmen Finestra, David McFadzean, Matt Williams
      Consulting producer: Billy Riback
      Co-producer: Debbie Pearl
      Associate producer: Caterina Fiordellisi Nelli

    9. "Never Say Die"
      gs: Allan Garfield [ Dr. Shapiro ], Kathryn Kates [ Nurse #1 ], Patricia Ayame Thomson [ Nurse #3 ]

      Bobbi and Gil clash over how to soothe Harry's fears over an impending tonsilectomy.

      b: 14 Sep 94 pc: _________ w: Lissa Levin d: Robby Benson

      NOTE: Robin Riker replaces Diane Venora as Bobbie Jones from this episode.
    10. "Speak No Evil"
      gs: Sam Anderson [ Mr. Riley ], David Bridbin [ Mr. Mendelsohn ], Brenda Song [ Brenda ], E .J. De La Pena [ E.J. ], Dane Estes [ Dane ]

      Gil addresses Harry's class on career day, but Bobbie doesn't like the message he gives about the worth of formal education.

      b: 21 Sep 94 pc: _________ w: Barry Gold d: Robby Benson
    11. "Easy Money"
      gs: Gloria Dorson [ Mrs. Wilson ], Carmen Filpi [ Kookie ]

      Gill takes the kids to the racetrack, to Bobbi's consternation.

      b: 28 Sep 94 pc: _________ w: Jake Weinberger & Michael Weinberger d: Robby Benson
    12. "Get a Job"
      gs: William Thomas Jr. [ Job Counselor ], Ryan Bollman [ Instructor ], Robert Neches [ Training Tape Voice ], Susan Bugg [ Woman #1 ], Hanna Hertelendy [ Woman #2 ]

      Gil is left to content with the kids after he shames Bobbie in looking for a "real job".

      b: 5 Oct 94 pc: _________ w: Bob Burns & Michael Ware d: Robby Benson
    13. "First Date"
      gs: Zachary Ty Bryan [ Brad Taylor ], Alexander Zale [ Cashier ], Mark Zecca [ Announcer /Video Game Voice ]

      rc: Rita

      A boy asks Claudine to the school dance, but Bobbi and Gil impose conditions she rebels against.

      b: 12 Oct 94 pc: _________ w: Robert Zappia d: Robby Benson

      NOTE: Guest Bryan crosses over in his role from Home Improvement.
    14. "Give 'Em Hell, Bobbi"
      gs: M.C. Gainey [ Mr. Ohrt ], Bertila Davis [ Parent #1 ], Gregg Daniel [ Parent #2 ], Marcus Toji [ Mason Charter-Wells ], Meghan Murphy [ Patti ]

      As the new coach of Jenny's basketball team, Bobbie renames it the Bluebirds and puts its members (and their parents) in a foul mood with a winning-isn't-everything philosophy.

      b: 19 Oct 94 pc: Z131 w: Gabriel, Steve d: Robby Benson
    15. "Sex, Lies & Popcorn"
      gs: Rob Roy Fitzgerald [ Greg ], Berlia Damas [ Delores ], Wesley Thompson [ Unknown ]

      Bobbi tells one little white lie, which escalates out of all proportion.

      b: 26 Oct 94 pc: Z133 w: Bob Burris & Michael Ware d: Robby Benson
    16. "The Garage Sale"
      gs: Chris Carrara [ Rainbow/Stuart ], Wesley Thompson [ Customer #1 ], Jacqui Bakshy [ Customer #2 ], Gloria Dorson [ Gigi ], Carmen Filpi [ Older Man ], Maxine Elliott [ Older Woman ]

      A family garage sale finds Bobbie and Gil in a rhubarb over ownership of a 1972 baseball card collection that may bring in as much as $2200.

      b: 2 Nov 94 pc: Z130 w: Michael B. Kaplan d: Robby Benson
    17. "Accidentally at First Sight"
      gs: Tony Carreiro [ Peter Berlow ]

      rc: Rita

      Bobbi meets an attractive new man, but the rest of the family don't approve of her dating him.

      b: 7 Mar 95 pc: Z140 w: ______________ d: Robby Benson
    18. "Are We There Yet?"
      gs: Eileen Brennan [ Irma ], Dion Anderson [ Goldie ], Bryan Clark [ Wrong Way Burditt ], Randy Kovitz [ Policeman ]

      It's time for the stock-car racers' reunion, but Harry puts the brakes on Gill's enthusiasm when he decides to ta g along; Bobbie tries to sell the girls on the idea of a mother-daughter slumber party.

      b: 14 Mar 95 pc: Z134 w: Lissa Levin d: Robby Benson
    19. "Breaking Away"
      gs: Dane Michael Estes [ Robert ], Timothy Trinidad [ Kevin ]

      rc: Rita

      Bobbi and Harry both learn lessons about trust and letting go when Bobbie, worrying that Claudine doesn't confide in her, is tempted to read her diary; and Gil prods Harry to lose his bicycle training wheels.

      b: 21 Mar 95 pc: Z139 w: ______________ d: Pat Fischer-Doak
    20. "The Trouble With Harry"

      The girls convince Harry that he has ruined Gil's prized stock-car engine with a dropped marble, but the prank backfires when Harry confesses and an overheated Gil explodes, prompting Harry to run away from home.

      b: 28 Mar 95 pc: Z137 w: ______________ d: Robby Benson
    21. "Workin' Man's Blues"
      gs: Matt Battaglia [ Jack Crawford ], Jordan Blake Warkol [ Sam ]

      When the kids misbehave, Gil metes out their punishment: Harry must work in the garage, and the girls are evicted from their rooms. Meanwhile, Bobbie laughs at Gil's plan to "lock the tigers outside of their cage."

      b: 4 Apr 95 pc: Z142 w: Bill Freiberger d: Robby Benson
    22. "A Little Me Time"
      gs: Kate Asner [ Kate ], Larry Gelman [ Customer ]

      rc: Rita

      Bobbie takes a break from the demands of the kids and Gil by going bowling with Rita and her friends -- on the night Gil plans to watch "the fight of the century."

      b: 11 Apr 95 pc: Z136 w: Barry Gold d: Robby Benson
    23. "I Am Spartacus"
      rc: Rita

      When Bobbie finally takes Gil's advice about demanding the kids respect her authority, they seem singularly unimpressed.

      b: 18 Apr 95 pc: Z135 w: ______________ d: Robby Benson
    24. "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"
      gs: Pat Crowley [ Elizabeth ], Bette Ford [ Wanda ], Gregory White [ Maitre D' ]

      rc: Rita

      Gill's romantic evening is spoiled by the surprise arrival of Bobbie and the kids; but the disastrous evening only warms him up for the kids' well-intentioned plans to make amends.

      b: 25 Apr 95 pc: Z141 w: Jake Weinberger & Michael Weinberger d: Pat Fischer-Doak
    25. "Just a Vacation"
      gs: Romy Rosemont [ Mrs. Duffy ], Kirsten Holmquist [ Inga ]

      rc: Rita

      Bobbi reserves a week at a family vacation spot in the hopes that it will leave the children with wonderful memories, but it looks like the only camp regulation at Scattered Pines is Murphy's Law.

      b: 2 May 95 pc: Z143 w: __________ d: Robby Benson
    26. "Buzz Off, Buzzard Boy"
      gs: Bart Johnson [ Buzzard Boy ], Cliff Bemis [ Enviro-Man ], Brenda Song [ Kathy ], Ramsey Krull [ Boy #1 ]

      Harry wants his birthday party to be in the theme of his favorite superhero, Buzzard Boy; but Bobbi wants a less violent alternative -- Enviro-Man, a superhero that only Mother Earth could love.

      b: 9 May 95 pc: Z137 w: Steve Gabriel d: Robby Benson
    27. "No Swing Set"
      gs: Anthony Russell [ Delivery Guy ]

      Bobbi can't afford the expensive toy the kids have their hearts set on.

      b: 4 Jul 95 pc: Z132 w: __________ d: Robby Benson

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