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Tatort: Borowski

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 9:00
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Selected episodes of the long-running German police series Tatort featuring the annoyingly persistent German police detective Borowski, who investigates crimes in the port city of Kiel. In German with English subtitles.
Show Details:
Start date: Nov 2003
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): Das Erste (DE)
Run time: 120 min
Episodes: 25+ eps
Genre(s): Crime/Mystery, Drama
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Set 1
1.-54930 Nov 03Fathers
2.-56128 Mar 04Change of Shift
3.-57410 Oct 04Circle of Life
4.-59220 Mar 05Shadow Wedding
5.-60802 Oct 05Borowski in the Underworld
6.-62702 Apr 06Birthright
7.-63910 Sep 06Man Overboard
8.-65511 Feb 07End of Silence
Set 2
9.-67316 Sep 07The Power of Fear
10.-68817 Feb 08Borowski and the Girl in the Moor
11.-70712 Oct 08Borowski and the Lonely Hearts
12.-73203 May 09Borowski and the Ideal World
13.-74120 Sep 09Borowski and the Stars
14.-76104 Apr 10Tango for Borowski
15.-77724 Oct 10Borowski and the Matter of Pure Taste
16.-78526 Dec 10Borowski and the Fourth Man
17.-81202 Oct 11Borowski and the Woman in the Window
Set 3
18.-81606 Nov 11Borowski and the Cool Dog
19.-84209 Sep 12Borowski and the Silent Guest
20.-84614 Oct 12Borowski and the Free Fall
21.-87312 May 13Borowski & the Burning Man
22.-90630 Mar 14Borowski and the Sea
23.-89229 Dec 13Borowski and the Angel
24.-93325 Jan 15Borowski and the Crystal Sky
25.-94129 Mar 15Borowski and the Children of Gaarden
Set 4
26.-96429 Nov 15Borowski and the Return of the Silent Guest
27.-99906 Nov 16Borowski and the Lost Girl
28.-101519 Mar 17Borowski and the Dark Net
29.-102518 Jun 17Borowski and the Feast of the North
31.-104925 Feb 18Borowski and the Land Between the Seas
32.-106502 Sep 18Borowski and the House of Ghosts
33.-108603 Mar 19Borowski and the Happiness of Others
34.-111215 Dec 19Borowski and the House by the Sea
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