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St. Elsewhere

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St. Eligius Hospital is located in a low-income area of Boston. Rundown for years, the facility earned the nickname St. Elsewhere because of a reputation as a dumping ground. Under stressful conditions, the staff tries their best to sort out patients and their own busy lives.
Show Details:
Start date: Oct 1982
End date: May 1988
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): NBC (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 137 eps
Genre(s): Drama, Medical
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 26 Oct 82St. Elsewhere
2.1-2 09 Nov 82Bypass
3.1-3 16 Nov 82Down's Syndrome
4.1-4 23 Nov 82Cora and Arnie
5.1-5 30 Nov 82Samuels and the Kid
6.1-6 07 Dec 82Legionnaires (1)
7.1-7 14 Dec 82Legionnaires (2)
8.1-8 21 Dec 82Tweety and Ralph
9.1-9 04 Jan 83Rain
10.1-1011 Jan 83Hearts
11.1-1118 Jan 83Graveyard
12.1-1201 Feb 83Release
13.1-1308 Feb 83Family History
14.1-1422 Feb 83Remission
15.1-1501 Mar 83Monday, Tuesday, Sven's Day
16.1-1608 Mar 83The Count
17.1-1715 Mar 83Brothers
18.1-1822 Mar 83Dog Day Hospital
19.1-1905 Apr 83Working
20.1-2012 Apr 83Craig in Love
21.1-2119 Apr 83Baron von Munchausen
22.1-2203 May 83Addiction
Season 2
23.2-1 26 Oct 83Ties That Bind
24.2-2 02 Nov 83Lust Et Veritas
25.2-3 09 Nov 83Newheart
26.2-4 16 Nov 83Qui Transtulit Sustinet
27.2-5 23 Nov 83A Wing and a Prayer
28.2-6 30 Nov 83Under Pressure
29.2-7 07 Dec 83Entrapment
30.2-8 14 Dec 83All About Eve
31.2-9 21 Dec 83AIDS & Comfort
32.2-1011 Jan 84A Pig Too Far
33.2-1118 Jan 84Blizzard
34.2-1201 Feb 84Hearing
35.2-1308 Feb 84In Sickness and in Health
36.2-1415 Feb 84Drama Center
37.2-1522 Feb 84Attack
38.2-1629 Feb 84After Dark
39.2-1707 Mar 84Vanity
40.2-1814 Mar 84Equinox
41.2-1928 Mar 84The Women
42.2-2002 May 84Cramming
43.2-2109 May 84Rough Cut
44.2-2216 May 84Hello, Goodbye
Season 3
45.3-1 19 Sep 84Playing God (1)
46.3-2 26 Sep 84Playing God (2)
47.3-3 03 Oct 84Two Balls and a Strike
48.3-4 17 Oct 84Strikeout
49.3-5 24 Oct 84Breathless
50.3-6 31 Oct 84My Aim Is True
51.3-7 07 Nov 84Fade to White
52.3-8 14 Nov 84Sweet Dreams
53.3-9 21 Nov 84Up on the Roof
54.3-1028 Nov 84Girls Just Want to Have Fun
55.3-1105 Dec 84Homecoming
56.3-1212 Dec 84The Children's Hour
57.3-1319 Dec 84Dr. Wyler, I Presume
58.3-1402 Jan 85Whistle, Wyler Works
59.3-1516 Jan 85Bye, George
60.3-1616 Jan 85Saving Face
61.3-1723 Jan 85Give the Boy a Hand
62.3-1830 Jan 85Any Portrait in a Storm
63.3-1913 Feb 85Red, White, Black and Blue
64.3-2020 Feb 85Amazing Face
65.3-2127 Feb 85Murder, She Rote
66.3-2213 Mar 85Tears of a Clown
67.3-2320 Mar 85Bang the Eardrum Slowly
68.3-2427 Mar 85Cheers
Season 4
69.4-1 18 Sep 85Remembrance of Things Past
70.4-2 25 Sep 85Fathers and Sons
71.4-3 23 Oct 85Haunted
72.4-4 30 Oct 85The Naked and the Dead
73.4-5 06 Nov 85Slice O'Life
74.4-6 13 Nov 85Lost and Found in Space
75.4-7 20 Nov 85Close Encounters
76.4-8 27 Nov 85Watch the Skies
77.4-9 04 Dec 85Sanctuary
78.4-1011 Dec 85Loss of Power
79.4-1118 Dec 85Santa Claus Is Dead
80.4-1208 Jan 86The Boom Boom Womb
81.4-1315 Jan 86To Tell the Truth
82.4-1422 Jan 86Family Ties
83.4-1529 Jan 86Family Feud
84.4-1612 Feb 86Family Affair
85.4-1719 Feb 86Time Heals (1)
86.4-1820 Feb 86Time Heals (2)
87.4-1926 Feb 86Out on a Limb
88.4-2005 Mar 86Come Home, Oh Sapien
89.4-2112 Mar 86Cheek to Cheek
90.4-2219 Mar 86Black's Magic
91.4-2330 Apr 86The Equalizer
92.4-2407 May 86E.R.
Season 5
93.5-1 24 Sep 86Where There's Hope, There's Crosby
94.5-2 01 Oct 86When You Wish Upon a Scar
95.5-3 08 Oct 86A Room with a View
96.5-4 15 Oct 86Brand New Bag
97.5-5 29 Oct 86You Beta Your Life
98.5-6 05 Nov 86Not My Type
99.5-7 12 Nov 86Up and Down
100.5-8 19 Nov 86Nothing Up My Sleeve
101.5-9 26 Nov 86After Life
102.5-1003 Dec 86Once Upon a Mattress
103.5-1110 Dec 86Lost Weekend
104.5-1207 Jan 87Cold War
105.5-1314 Jan 87Russian Roulette
106.5-1421 Jan 87Visiting Daze
107.5-1528 Jan 87Getting Ahead
108.5-1604 Feb 87Jose, Can You See?
109.5-1711 Feb 87Schwarzwald
110.5-1818 Feb 87You Again?
111.5-1925 Feb 87Rites of Passage
112.5-2004 Mar 87Women Unchained
113.5-2113 May 87Good Vibrations
114.5-2220 May 87Slip Sliding Away
115.5-2327 May 87Last Dance at the Wrecker's Ball
Season 6
116.6-1 16 Sep 87Resurrection
117.6-2 23 Sep 87The Idiot and the Odyssey
118.6-3 30 Sep 87A Moon for the Misbegotten
119.6-4 21 Oct 87Ewe Can't Go Home Again
120.6-5 28 Oct 87Night of the Living Bed
121.6-6 04 Nov 87The He-Man Woman Hater's Club
122.6-7 11 Nov 87Handoff
123.6-8 18 Nov 87Heart On
124.6-9 02 Dec 87Weigh In, Way Out
125.6-1009 Dec 87No Chemo, Sabe?
126.6-1116 Dec 87A Coupla White Dummies Sitting Around Talking
127.6-1206 Jan 88Final Cut
128.6-1313 Jan 88Heaven's Skate
129.6-1403 Feb 88Curtains
130.6-1510 Feb 88Fairytale Theater
131.6-1617 Feb 88Down and Out on Beacon Hill
132.6-1720 Apr 88Their Town
133.6-1827 Apr 88The Naked Civil Surgeon
134.6-1904 May 88Requiem for a Heavyweight
135.6-2011 May 88Split Decision
136.6-2118 May 88The Abby Singer Show
137.6-2225 May 88The Last One
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St. Elsewhere is one of the finest television show ever produced. A mixture of laughter, tears, grit, intelligence, and realism that no other program has managed to combine. Major characters went through changes that were rooted in years of history and behavior. Some died, and not always those expected to. Veteran characters were respected, instead of being shuffled away in favor of vapid newcomers. History was used to enhance future stories; these were not heroic doctors who had no past and only the brightest future.

The guiding influences in the first year were Joshua Brand & John Falsey; they produced a diverse, fascinating cluster of episodes that stand out as some of the best the show has to offer. They left after the first year (but are given an ironic tribute in the series finale). Former scriptwriter and story editor Tom Fontana (along with John Masius) took over around season 2 or 3, mixing the most extreme aspects of humanity. Good and evil were represented in all their forms, sometimes in the same episode. A typical example would be Cheek to Cheek, with a scene of a doctor reading a tender goodbye present given to her by a cartoonist patient, immediately followed by a scene of another doctor being brutally raped. Fontana also established an actor base and wealth of in-jokes that he still uses today.

When Masius and Fontana took a lesser role in season 6, others stepped up to the plate, resulting in a few bad stories and some that were incredibly powerful. That was the miraculous thing about St. Elsewhere it never experienced the transformation from superb to wretched most long-running dramas do. When writing problems emerged, they worked themselves out. Irritating stories evolved, or simply ended. As the closing credits for the last episode rolled, most of the characters were still intact, as complex and absorbing as ever. St. Elsewhere was one of a kind. It stands out as a beacon of quality. Nearly 20 years since the pilot, and there are few signs of dating. Some of the storylines are more groundbreaking than anything on network television currently. Amazingly enough, the show never won an Emmy for Best Drama Series, but several performers did. Awards: St. Elsewhere (1982) lists many of the awards and nominations wracked up over the 6 seasons.

Thanks to Donna Lemaster and TVFan for their initial efforts in creating this guide.