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Shark Tank

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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Contestants pitch business ideas to a group of multi-millionaire investors. Based on the Japanese reality show Dragon's Den.
Show Details:
Start date: Aug 2009
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): ABC (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 295+ eps
Genre(s): Reality
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 09 Aug 09Pilot
2.1-2 16 Aug 09Classroom Jams
3.1-3 23 Aug 09Turbobaster
4.1-4 30 Aug 09Gift Card Rescue
5.1-5 06 Sep 09Body Jac
6.1-6 13 Sep 09Element Bars
7.1-7 29 Sep 09Grill Charms
8.1-8 06 Oct 09Notehall
9.1-9 13 Oct 09Chill Soda
10.1-1020 Oct 09The Bobble Place
11.1-1108 Jan 10Romp N' Roll
12.1-1215 Jan 10The Factionist
13.1-1329 Jan 10Lipstix Remix
14.1-1405 Feb 10Send a Ball
Season 2
15.2-1 20 Mar 11Wurkin Stiffs
16.2-2 25 Mar 11Toygaroo
17.2-3 01 Apr 11Mod Mom Furniture
18.2-4 08 Apr 11Ride-On Carry-On
19.2-5 15 Apr 11Fridge Fronts
20.2-6 22 Apr 11Hot Mama Gowns
21.2-7 29 Apr 11Carsik Bib
22.2-8 06 May 11Orig Audio
23.2-9 13 May 11CitiKitty
Season 3
24.3-1 20 Jan 12The Clean Bottle
25.3-2 27 Jan 12I Want to Draw a Cat for You
26.3-3 03 Feb 12Liquid Money
27.3-4 10 Feb 12Show No
28.3-5 17 Feb 12The Last Lid
29.3-6 24 Feb 12Five Minute Furniture
30.3-7 02 Mar 12Kisstixx
31.3-8 09 Mar 12The Original Profender
32.3-9 16 Mar 12Tower Paddle Boards
33.3-1023 Mar 12The AVE Venice
34.3-1113 Apr 12Blondies Cookies
35.3-1227 Apr 12Nail Pak
36.3-1304 May 12AirBedz
37.3-1411 May 12Wild Squirrel Nut Butter
38.3-1518 May 12Cougar Energy
Season 4
39.4-1 14 Sep 12Coat Chex
40.4-2 21 Sep 12SurfSet Fitness
41.4-3 28 Sep 12Liz Lovely
42.4-4 05 Oct 12Back 9 Dips
43.4-5 12 Oct 12Cozy Bugs
44.4-6 19 Oct 12Cousins Maine Lobster
45.4-7 26 Oct 12The Shemie
46.4-8 02 Nov 12Cool Wazoo
47.4-9 09 Nov 12Drive Suits
48.4-1016 Nov 12Nearly Newlywed
49.4-1104 Dec 12The Coop
50.4-1204 Jan 13The Gameface Company
51.4-1311 Jan 13Coffee Joulies
52.4-1401 Feb 13Bibbitec
53.4-1508 Feb 13The Green Garmento
54.4-1615 Feb 13Gotta Have S'More
55.4-1722 Feb 13Addison's Wonderland
56.4-1801 Mar 13Nuts ‘N More
57.4-1908 Mar 13Baby Loves Disco
58.4-2029 Mar 13Drop Stop
59.4-2105 Apr 13Liddup
60.4-2226 Apr 13Shell Bobbers
61.4-2303 May 13Misto Box
62.4-2410 May 13Baby's Badass Burgers
63.4-2517 May 13Three-Day Rule
64.4-2617 May 13Jones Scones
Season 5
65.5-1 20 Sep 13Lynnae's Gourmet, Pickles, Postcard on the Run, Rolodoc, Sweet Ballz
66.5-2 27 Sep 13Breathometer, Man Medals, Mango Mango,
67.5-3 04 Oct 13Fairytale Wishes, Freeloader, Kook'n Kap, Rapid Ramen
68.5-4 11 Oct 13Hamboards, Scan, ScreenMend, Sunday Night Slow Jams
69.5-5 18 Oct 13BareEase, Rent-a-Goat, RuffleButts, Veggie Mama
70.5-6 25 Oct 13Elephant Chat, FiberFix, Ten Thirty One Productions, Total Merchant Resources
71.5-7 01 Nov 13180CUP, Better Life, Kymera, Tree T Pee
72.5-8 08 Nov 13Paparazzi Proposals, Bellybuds, Schulzies Bread Pudding, PetPaint
73.5-9 15 Nov 13DoorBot, Magic Moments, SLAWSA, Surprise Ride
74.5-1022 Nov 13YUBO, Pursecase, Chocomize, Grace and Lace
75.5-1106 Dec 13Virtuix, SpiritHoods, Fohawx, Bubba's Q BBQ
76.5-1213 Dec 13Cashmere Hair, The Hanukah Tree Topper, Tipsy Elves, Line-Netics
77.5-1310 Jan 14Bounce Boot Camp, Wall Rx, Eyebloc, GrooveBook
78.5-1417 Jan 14Alaska Glacial Mud Co., invisiPlug, LockerBones, Balloon Distractions
79.5-1524 Jan 14SwimZip, FitDeck, LifeCaps, Freshly Picked
80.5-1631 Jan 14Cow Wow, Nexersys, Cycloramic, The Cookie Dough Cafe
81.5-1721 Feb 14Moberi, Spy Escape and Evasion, DDP YOGA, Southern Culture Artisan Foods
82.5-1828 Feb 14Cheek'd, Zipit, Bambooee, Buzzy
83.5-1907 Mar 14Revolights, Squeeky Knees, Buffer Bit, U-lace
84.5-2014 Mar 14Define Bottle, iReTron, Boo Boo Goo, Henry's Humdingers
85.5-2121 Mar 14Chapul, Garage Door Lock, Morninghead, Packback
86.5-2204 Apr 14Kodiak Cakes, Monkey Mat, Plated, The Paint Brush Cover
87.5-2310 Apr 14Happy Feet, Lord Nut Levington, Velocity Signs, Hold Your Haunches
88.5-2411 Apr 14Taylor Robinson Music, Funtime Express, Power Pot, Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tools
89.5-2518 Apr 14ilumi, Zoobean, Intelli-Stopper, Fort Magic
90.5-2625 Apr 14Crio Bru, Rugged Races, Cerebral Success, Mo's Bows
91.5-2702 May 14The Bouqs Company, Angellift, HangEase, Susty Party
92.5-2809 May 14Oru Kayak, Bon Affair, Hargitt Marine Services, Cinnaholic
93.5-2916 May 14Baker's Edge, Foot Fairy, Tie-Not, BZBOX
Season 6
94.6-1 26 Sep 14Season 6 Premiere: Sleeping Baby, Hammer & Nails, Amber, Bombas
95.6-2 26 Sep 14Toys to Inspire Female Engineers; Porcelain Coffee Mug; Better Golf Putter
96.6-3 03 Oct 14Week 2: SoapSox, Heart Pup, Ninja Cards, DrumPants
97.6-4 10 Oct 14Week 3: FunCakes Rental, Paper Box Pilots, Tablejacks USA, Reviver
98.6-5 17 Oct 14Week 4: Jungle Jumparoo, The Caddy Girls, Red Dress Boutique, Sun-Staches
99.6-6 24 Oct 14Week 5: Oilerie USA, Honeyfund, EmergenSee, Beatbox Beverages, Jimmy Kimmel
100.6-7 31 Oct 14Week 6: Titin, Beardbrand, Singtrix, Myself Belts
101.6-8 07 Nov 14Week 7: The Natural Grip, Priority One Canine, Man-PACK, Bottle Breacher
102.6-9 14 Nov 14Week 8, The 100th Episode: Storm Stoppers, Pipsnacks, Squatty Potty, Heidi Ho
103.6-1021 Nov 14Week 9: Kitchen Safe, Off the Cob, Magic Cook, Earth-Log
104.6-1105 Dec 14Week 10: Biaggi, S.W.A.G Essentials, Gameday Couture, Zipz
105.6-1212 Dec 14Week 11: Mensch on a Bench, Eve Drop, Q Flex, Hoppy Paws
106.6-1309 Jan 15Week 12: Coffee Meets Bagel, SkinnyShirt, Doorman, Bantam Bagel
107.6-1413 Jan 15Week 13: Scratch and Grain, Bottle Bright, Vestpakz, EvRewares
108.6-1516 Jan 15Week 14: Lumio, Napwell, TurboPup, Bello Verde
109.6-1630 Jan 15Week 15: Victoria's Kitchen, Green Box, Tycoon Real Estate, PhoneSoap
110.6-1703 Feb 15Week 16: Fresh Patch, Balm Chicky, Drain Strain, BedJet
111.6-1806 Feb 15Week 17: Himalayan Dog Chew, Lip Bar, BevBoy, FunBites
112.6-1913 Feb 15Week 18: Sseko Designs, Gold Rush Nugget Bucket, Boobypack, Lumi
113.6-2020 Feb 15Week 19: LuminAID, Taaluma Totes, Keen Home, Scholly
114.6-2106 Mar 15Week 20: Coco Jack, BedRyder, Frill Clothing, Twin Z Pillow
115.6-2213 Mar 15Week 21: Echo Valley Meats, EmazingLights, AquaVault, Naja
116.6-2320 Mar 15Week 22: BeeSweet Lemonade, BrandYourself, iCPooch, The Home T
117.6-2410 Apr 15Week 23: Budsies, Bee Thinking, PullyPalz, Forus Athletics
118.6-2517 Apr 15Week 24: NeatCheeks, Melni Connectors, Beneath the Ink, PittMoss
119.6-2624 Apr 15Week 25: ZinePak, SnagaStool, Buck Mason, Noene USA
120.6-2701 May 15Week 26: Zero Pollution Motors, The Paleo Diet Foods, World Record Striper Company, Frameri
121.6-2808 May 15Week 27: Zoom Interiors, Sunscreen Mist, SynDaver Labs, You Kick Ass
122.6-2915 May 15Season Finale: Shark Wheel, Gato Cafe, Sway Motorsports, Spikeball
Season 7
123.7-1 25 Sep 15Season 7 Premiere: Guest Shark Ashton Kutcher, The Beebo, ACTON, McClary Bros., SignalVault
124.7-2 02 Oct 15O'Dang Hummus, Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions, LOLIWARE, Splikity
125.7-3 09 Oct 15Guest Shark Troy Carter, Foot Cardigan, Two Guys Bow Ties, ValPark, Nerdwax
126.7-4 16 Oct 15Table 87, EZPeeZ, milk and brookies, DUDE Products
127.7-5 23 Oct 15Switch Witch, Three Jerks Jerky, The Skinny Mirror, xCraft
128.7-6 30 Oct 15Rent Like a Champion, HotShot, Windcatcher, Stem Center USA
129.7-7 06 Nov 15Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo, Wink Frozen Desserts, Saavy Naturals, Clean Cube, Simply Fit Board
130.7-8 13 Nov 15AfreSHeet, Unshrinkit, Grip Clean, PolarPro, and Sharks at the White House
131.7-9 20 Nov 15National Association of Bubble Soccer, Umano, Brazi Bites, SockTABS
132.7-1004 Dec 15Leaux Racing Trikes, Glow Recipe, Sarah Oliver Handbags, Trunkster
133.7-1111 Dec 15GeekMyTree, Beard Head, Lovepop, PiperWai
134.7-1205 Jan 16Extreme Sandbox, ABS Pancakes, Total Tie Keep, FireAvert
135.7-1308 Jan 16Spretz, ezpz, Hungry Harvest, Controlled Chaos
136.7-1415 Jan 16Hatch Baby, Village Scholarships, Fixed, Beard King
137.7-1529 Jan 16Shefit, CO.ALITION, IcyBreeze, 2400 Expert
138.7-1605 Feb 16R. Riveter, BearTek, Major Mom, Combat Flip Flops
139.7-1712 Feb 16SmartPlate, Bee Free Honee, Float Baby, MTailor
140.7-1819 Feb 16Sworkit, Clean Sleep, TUTUblue, Nohbo
141.7-1921 Feb 16Insta-Fire, Custard Stand, PRxPerformance, Rags to Raches
142.7-2026 Feb 16BetterBack, Glacé Cryotherapy, Linka, Teaspressa
143.7-2111 Mar 16MobCraft Beer, Beloved Shirts, IllumiBowl, Innovation Pet
144.7-2218 Mar 16Beer Blizzard, Vengo Labs, The Good Promise, Wondercide
145.7-2308 Apr 16PrideBites, Trobo, NoPhone, CoolBox,
146.7-2415 Apr 16Petnostics, Frends, popSLATE, Slyde Handboards
147.7-2522 Apr 16Drip Drop, Jarrett & Raja, KidRunner, InchBug
148.7-2629 Apr 16FashionTap, brellaBox, My Fruity Faces, Brightwheel (61 min)
149.7-2706 May 16Dollop Gourmet, CreaProducts, Yourself Expression, The Spooner (61 min)
150.7-2813 May 16Camp No Counselors, Extreme Vehicle Protection, Gladiator Lacrosse, VPCABS
151.7-2920 May 16Pete & Pedro, PMS Bites, Felt, PavLok
Season 8
152.8-1 23 Sep 16ISlide, Re Think, Fizzics, Spoonful of Comfort
153.8-2 30 Sep 16GoodHangups, The Lapel Project, Ice Age Meals, TactiBite
154.8-3 07 Oct 16Raising Wild, The Cookie Kahuna, TekDry, Night Runner, Angels and Tomboys
155.8-4 14 Oct 16Angels and Tomboys, Atlantic Candy Company, The biēm Butter Sprayer, Solemates
156.8-5 21 Oct 16SandiLake Clothing, Parker's Maple, Safe Grabs, SiliDog
157.8-6 28 Oct 16Joyce's LuLu Bang, unPack, Sunscreenr, Potato Parcel
158.8-7 04 Nov 16EcoFlower, The Style Club, Safe Catch, #BeSomebody
159.8-8 11 Nov 16Milk Snob, Jack's Stands, Chi'Lantro BBQ, Toor
160.8-9 18 Nov 16Barbell, PupBox, Line Cutterz, Energybits
161.8-1002 Dec 16Chewable Coffee Products, Electronic Skateboard, Simply Fit Board
162.8-1109 Dec 16An Entrepreneur Who Works with Santa to Reply to Children's Letters, 83-Year-Old Ironman Triathlon Competitor, Profile of Billionaire Mark Cuban
163.8-1206 Jan 17Naturally Perfect Dolls, PDX Pet Design, Basic Outfitters, Victory Coffees
164.8-1313 Jan 17Grease Bags, Pinblock, Mama's MilkBox, Nicepipes Apparel
165.8-1427 Jan 17Tiny House Rentals; Snack Chips with Cricket Flour; Earplugs That Filter Damaging Sounds; Modernized Childhood Toy
166.8-1503 Feb 17Stylish Baby Mats; Portable Pressurized Shower Kit; Folding Smart-Cart
167.8-1610 Feb 17A Vibrating Mat That Helps Calm Babies; An Ointment Made From Essential Oils; A Natural Snack Made With Acai
168.8-1717 Feb 17An App That Allows Children To Use A Plush Toy To Send And Receive Voicemail; Software That Automates Plant Care
169.8-1824 Feb 17Food Supplements, Drone Pilot Training and Educational Courses, Elephant-Themed Apparel and Stylish Beach Towels (61 min)
170.8-1903 Mar 17The Sleep Styler, Blendtique, MealEnders, Rareform
171.8-2007 Apr 17Apollo Peak, Under The Weather, Seedsheet, Cropsticks
172.8-2114 Apr 17Guard Llama, Flag, Validated, Guardian Bikes
173.8-2221 Apr 17Goverre, See Rescue Streamer, Bootyqueen Apparel, Loctote Industrial Bag Co
174.8-2305 May 17Thompson Tee, Wallet Buckle, Rumi Spice, Peoples Design
175.8-2412 May 17Bridal Buddy, Laid Brand, Rocketbook, Wine and Design, Shark Profiles
Season 9
176.9-1 01 Oct 17Locker Board, WYP Aviation, Sierra Madre Research, Simple Habit (120 min)
177.9-2 01 Oct 17The Seventy2, Jackson's Honest, Qball, Trippie
178.9-3 08 Oct 17Third Wave Water, Fidgetland, Tangle Pets, Enso Rings
179.9-4 15 Oct 17Benjilock, Ice Shaker, Solemender, Delighted by Hummus
180.9-5 22 Oct 17Kwikhang, mirmir, Ash & Erie, Human Bobber
181.9-6 29 Oct 17Brazyn Life, Novel Effect, Drain Wig, Father Figure
182.9-7 29 Oct 17Pearachute, Qeepsake, GeoOrbital, WaiveCar
183.9-8 05 Nov 17No Mo-stache, Snarky Teas, SnoofyBee, Dreampad
184.9-9 05 Nov 17Glovestix, BrilliantPad, BRAVO, Hoopmaps
185.9-1012 Nov 17Robin Auto Pilot, Smartgurlz, DNAsimple, Grypmat
186.9-1112 Nov 17Reely Hooked, Prontobev, Slumberkins, Cut Buddy
187.9-1226 Nov 17Mush, Hater, Everlywell
188.9-1303 Dec 17Rokblok, The Original Comfy, The Christmas Tree Hugger, Modern Christmas Tree
189.9-1407 Jan 18FRYWALL, Birddogs, Inirv, Elliptical Stroller
190.9-1507 Jan 18recharj, stasher, iFork
191.9-1614 Jan 18G.O.A.T., The Longhairs, Joe's Gourmet Fish Fry
192.9-1714 Jan 18ZUP, BOOBIE BAR, Pandaloon, Alice's Table
193.9-1821 Jan 18Rounderbum, Brush Hero, Savy, Guzzle Buddy
194.9-1921 Jan 18Bouquet Bar, Zuvaa, The Wingman, The Pop
195.9-2028 Jan 18ChangEd, SnapClips, ShowerPill, The Dough Bar
196.9-2128 Jan 18Petrol / Sap! / Everytable
197.9-2211 Feb 18GUNNAR Optiks / Avocaderia / SolSource / Sunniva
198.9-2318 Feb 18Eggmazing Egg Decorator / Hugo's Amazing Tape / Coolpeds / Coinout
199.9-2425 Feb 18Bermies / Lace Your Face / Palmini (O.A. Foods) / Thrive+
Season 10
200.10-107 Oct 18BoxLock, Le-Glue, FinalStraw, Bear Minimum
201.10-214 Oct 18Shed Defender, LugBug, Ta-Ta Towels, Sanaia Applesauce
202.10-321 Oct 18Soupergirl, Bundil, Beyond Sushi, Cup Board Pro
203.10-428 Oct 18Manscaped, BoomBoom, Cave Shake, Butter Cloth
204.10-518 Nov 18The Handbag Raincoat, RewardStock, WISP, The Kombucha Shop
205.10-625 Nov 18Vade Nutrition, LockStrap, BottleKeeper, Nui Cookies
206.10-702 Dec 18Hire Santa, Ski-Z, Prank-O, Oatmeals
207.10-809 Dec 18Pop It Pal, Yumble, BollyX, Mother Beverage
208.10-906 Jan 19Moki Door Step, Sproing Fitness, Bruw, TushBaby
209.10-1013 Jan 19Adventure Hunt, Uniform, Pristine Cleansing Sprays, Aquapaw
210.10-1120 Jan 19Makeup Junkie Bags, Angel Shave Club, Kitty Kasas, Sonnet James
211.10-1227 Jan 19ZuGoPet, Obvious Wines, Twist It Up Comb, Monti Kids
212.10-1327 Jan 19Life Lift Systems, Fresh Bellies, SubSafe, Zorpads
213.10-1403 Mar 19Zookies Cookies, CurlMix, GOGA Goat Yoga, Shower Toga
214.10-1510 Mar 19Jolly Roger Telephone Co., Toybox Labs, Goalsetter, Moink
215.10-1617 Mar 19Urban Float, Wild Earth, Kudo Banz, Pooch Selfie
216.10-1724 Mar 19Press Waffle Co., SilkRoll, Pick-Up Pools, Dare-U-Go
217.10-1807 Apr 19Nuchas, HavenLock, Kanga, CertifiKID
218.10-1914 Apr 19Pricetitution, Hydroviv, Flip-It! Cap, Luma Soda
219.10-2021 Apr 19Mavens Creamery, Spare, Swoveralls, Somnifix
220.10-2128 Apr 19Basepaws, Best Pocket Square Holder, Kymera Body Boards, The Bang Shack
221.10-2205 May 19cubicall, Doughp, SauceMoto, DESKVIEW
222.10-2312 May 19Quikflip, Coyote Vest, BatBnB, Fat Shack
Season 11
223.11-129 Sep 19Blueland, MinusCal, The Baby Toon, TaDash
224.11-206 Oct 19Circadian Optics, Boost Oxygen, Face Yoga, Atlas Monroe
225.11-313 Oct 19Aira Wireless Charging Pad, Baobab Polo Shirts, Squid Socks, Eterneva Diamonds
226.11-420 Oct 19Bug Bite Thing, Snacklins, Knife Aid, Plop Star
227.11-527 Oct 19Tailgate N Go, Nerdit Now, GolfKicks, MyoStorm
228.11-603 Nov 19The Measuring Shovel, Pili Hunters, Supply, EZC Pak
229.11-710 Nov 19Baubles + Soles, Dog Threads. Peanut Butter Pump, The Yard Milkshake Bar
230.11-817 Nov 19Gallant, Mrs. Goldfarb's Unreal Deli, Terra-Core Fitness, Outer
231.11-901 Dec 19Easy Treezy, Beardaments, Kit Lender, Little Elf
232.11-1005 Jan 20SlumberPod, Fortress Clothing, Zuum Technologies, FlexScreen
233.11-1112 Jan 20Wise Pocket Products, Kreyol Essence, LoveSync, Wanna Date
234.11-1219 Jan 20Genius Juice, Rapid Rope, Ready Set Food!, Ka-Pop
235.11-1328 Feb 20Bala Bangles, Shake it Pup. Pips & Bounce, Fur
236.11-1406 Mar 20Bite Toothpaste Bits, BabyQuip, Coconut Girl, PAIR Eyewear
237.11-1513 Mar 20KidsLuv, Swimply, Space Traveler, Bertello
238.11-1620 Mar 20Boho Camper Vans, Bohana, Grouphug, Safety Nailer
239.11-1727 Mar 20Pasta by Hudson, Goumi, Critter Pricker, The Frozen Farmer
240.11-1803 Apr 20Muvez, PrepWell, Beddley, Bad Birdie
241.11-1910 Apr 20Just The Cheese, Neuro, Seriously Slime, First Saturday Lime
242.11-2001 May 20Fried Green Tomatoes, Little Burros, Jiggaerobics, Mural Painter
243.11-2106 May 20UnbuckleMe, Tanoshi, Proven, Van Robotics
244.11-2208 May 20Tough Tie, Lord von Schmitt, DadWare, Potty Safe
245.11-2313 May 20mcSquares, Rescue Ready, Slate Milk, Salted
246.11-2415 May 20Dreamland Baby, The Mad Optimist, RollinGreens, Yellow Leaf Hammocks
Season 12
247.12-116 Oct 20Touch Up Cup, SparkCharge, GarmaGuard, Rumpl Blankets
248.12-223 Oct 20BootayBag, GoOats, Pooch Paper, P-Nuff Crunch
249.12-330 Oct 20Hug Sleep, Animated Lure, The Cereal Killerz KItchen, Chirp
250.12-406 Nov 20JADA Spices, Surprise Cake, Mighty Carver, Flipstik
251.12-513 Nov 20FitFighter, Liftid, Foam Party Hats, Honeywine
252.12-620 Nov 20Pan's, K9 Mask®, Moment, Prime 6
253.12-704 Dec 20Holiball, Katamco, ODR Skis, Buckle Me Baby Coats
254.12-811 Dec 20Peekabo, Brake Free Technologies, Click & Carry, Pillar Learning
255.12-908 Jan 21Electra, ALL33, His and Her, Trophy Smack
256.12-1015 Jan 21Slice of Sauce, Love is Project, Luna Magic, Bubbly Blaster
257.12-1122 Jan 21Quevos, Brumachen, Aura Bora, SwipenSnap
258.12-1205 Feb 21Rule Breaker, MountainFlow Eco-Wax, Yono Clip, NightCap
259.12-1312 Feb 21Jax Sheets, The Pizza Cupcake, IceBeanie, Draft Top
260.12-1419 Feb 21Pashion Footwear, Souper Cubes, Byoot Company, Sienna Sauce
261.12-1526 Feb 21Better Bedder, Everything Legendary, Walkee Paws, Hopscotch
262.12-1605 Mar 21Simply Good Jars, Pinch Me Therapy Dough, Muff Waders, Busy Baby Mat
263.12-1712 Mar 21Misfit Foods, Chill Systems, Tandem Boogie, Totes Babies
264.12-1826 Mar 21NuMilk, Hairy Grabster, Mad Rabbit, Bunch Bikes
265.12-1902 Apr 21StepNpull, DynoSafe, Probiotic Maker, Phoozy
266.12-2009 Apr 21OpulenceMD Beauty, The Cheese Chopper, The Matte, FurZapper
267.12-2116 Apr 21Truffle Shuffle, Suds2Go, Salad Sling, Larq
268.12-2223 Apr 21Jiggy Puzzles, The Scrubbie, The Bumbling Bee, XTorch
269.12-2307 May 21Grind, Creation Nation, Sneakerasers, BEERMKR
270.12-2414 May 21Pluto, FlingGolf, FloatNGrill, The Original Stretchlace
271.12-2521 May 21Dino Don, Copper Cow Coffee, Lit Handlers, Super Potty Trainer
Season 13
272.13-108 Oct 21Kin Apparel, Uprising Food, Lion Latch, Pashko
273.13-215 Oct 21Songlorious, MuteMe, Proper Good, Long Wharf Supply Co.
274.13-322 Oct 21Sparketh, Oat Haus, Flasky Flowers, Incredible Eats
275.13-429 Oct 21TheMagic5, Tabby, SoaPen, 54 Thrones
276.13-505 Nov 21Wedfuly, Wad-Free, Beulr, Spergo
277.13-612 Nov 21Fish Fixe, Hello Prenup, DEUX, Hidrent
278.13-719 Nov 21Sheets Laundry Club, Pink Picasso, Love & Pebble, Zach and Zoë Sweet Bee Farm
279.13-810 Dec 21Wendy's Gnome Shop, Ornament Anchor, The Real Elf, Santa's Enchanted Mailbox
280.13-917 Dec 21MAXPRO, Banana Loca, Liberate, Tenikle
281.13-1007 Jan 22Snactiv, The SMART Tire Company, Candi, Black Sands Entertainment
282.13-1114 Jan 22VaBroom, Must Love, RomperJack, Roq Innovation
283.13-1221 Jan 22Tania Speaks Organic Skincare, TA3 Swim, HiccAway, Tristen Ikaika
284.13-1328 Jan 22Kettle Gryp, Calm Strips, The Blowzee, OverEZ Chicken Coops
285.13-1425 Feb 22Range Beauty, Diaper Dust, Pinole Blue, Junobie
286.13-1511 Mar 22Episode 15
287.13-1618 Mar 22Episode 16
288.13-1725 Mar 22Episode 17
289.13-1801 Apr 22Umaro Foods, FORT, No Limbits, Apolla Performance
290.13-1908 Apr 22LUCIDArt, SwiftPaws, BusyBox, Dirty Cookie
291.13-2015 Apr 22Cat Amazing, Lil Advents, HairFin, Browndages
292.13-2102 May 22Cupbop, Plunge, Handy Pan, Hampton Adams
293.13-2206 May 22Pulp Pantry, Kawaii Lighting, Pricklee, Ooakshell
294.13-2313 May 22Stryx, Driftline, Springer, Chill-N-Reel
295.13-2420 May 22The Transformation Factory, The Players Trunk, Aqua Boxing Glove, Project Pollo
Season 14
296.14-123 Sep 22Shark Tank LIVE!
297.14-230 Sep 22The Woobles, Banana Phone, Turbo Trusser, Stealth Bros & Co
298.14-307 Oct 22Halloween Moments, Stakt, Mama O's, Create A Castle
299.14-414 Oct 22Storage Scholars, GHIA, Expedition Subsahara, Woosh
300.14-521 Oct 22Plufl, Bridal Babes, Big Bee Little Bee, Pretty Rugged
301.14-611 Nov 22Collars & Co., SquareKeg, Nana Hats, WONDRY
302.14-718 Nov 22Boarderie, Ride FRSH, ActionGlow, Legacy Shave
303.14-802 Dec 22HummViewer, Sliimeyhoney, FireFighter1, ShredSkinz
304.14-909 Dec 22ReadyFestive, ZipString, ChessUp, Garage Celebrations
305.14-1006 Jan 23Long Table, VoChill, JicaFoods, Kudos
306.14-1113 Jan 23Kinfield, Metric Mate, wildwonder, Cabinet
307.14-1220 Jan 23Nopalera, Nutr, Brass Roots, Frescos Naturales
308.14-1327 Jan 23FryAway, Anytongs, Copy Keyboard, Slick Barrier
309.14-1417 Feb 23FunkkOFF!, Retold Recycling, The Chub Rub Patch, Kahawa 1893
310.14-1503 Mar 23Eat Your Flowers, Surf Band Pro, Youthforia, Big Mouth Toothbrush
311.14-1610 Mar 23Pluie, FLATED, Woof, Sweetkiwi
312.14-1717 Mar 23Crispy Cones, Chubby Buttons, Autio, Tngnt Ski Bikes
313.14-1831 Mar 23LavaBox, Bleni Blends, Happi Floss, The Ice Cream Canteen
314.14-1907 Apr 23Parting Stone, Cincha, Burlap & Barrel, Milkify
315.14-2014 Apr 23Honey Bunchies, Dapper Boi, Play Maysie, Tia Lupita Foods
316.14-2105 May 23Nature's Wild Berry, See The Way I See, Noshi, You Go Natural
317.14-2219 May 23Episode 22
Season 15
318.15-129 Sep 23Gatsby, Pie Wine, See Worthy, Gently Soap
319.15-206 Oct 23StormBag, Return Home, Matador, Toast-IT
320.15-313 Oct 23Glove Wrap, Wellingtons, Bot-It, Dating By Blaine
321.15-420 Oct 23PaddleSmash, Monosuit, Buena Papa, FairyTail Pet Care
322.15-527 Oct 23Thrill Builders, I Love Chamoy, Maniac Pumpkin Carvers, American Ghost Walks
323.15-603 Nov 23Krapp Strapp, Mini Materials, TIK PIK, Supermix Studio
324.15-717 Nov 23Bunny Eyez, The Fidget Game, REKKIE, Yum Crumbs
325.15-808 Dec 23Black Paper Party, Pick-Up Bricks, Snow in Seconds, Tomte Cake (61 min)
326.15-915 Dec 23Rebel Cheese, The Pocket Panty, FlyWithWine, CAKES body
327.15-1012 Jan 24Fishwife, Dingle Dangle, VibeRide, Heather's Choice
328.15-1119 Jan 24The Table Tyke, Poplight, Like Air Puffcorn, The Duo
329.15-1226 Jan 24Meat The Mushroom, BarBees, Jay's Pet Butter, Mama Sing My Song
330.15-1302 Feb 24Genius Litter, Modern Picnic, AU Baby, TORCH
331.15-1416 Feb 24How to be a Redhead, The Peep Show, Flora, SplashZen
332.15-1523 Feb 24PSYONIC, Dogue, Cup-a-Bug, Coldest
333.15-1601 Mar 24Funky Mello, Mella Pet Care, Da Vinci Eye, Fila Manila
334.15-1708 Mar 24Chefee, Boona, Let Them Eat Candles, Lady Alpha
335.15-1815 Mar 24The Murder Mystery Company, Overplay, Nourish + Bloom Market, Nowhere Bakery
336.15-1905 Apr 24Richualist, Hibear, Veba, Splash Place Swim Goggles
337.15-2012 Apr 24VSEAT, Wedy, SORx, blinger
338.15-2119 Apr 24RoboBurger, HOOD, The Hype Company, K3 Shooting Band
339.15-2203 May 24Mosh, Sip Herbals, Arber, Flaus
Season 16
340.16-118 Oct 24TBA
S05.5-0 02 May 14Swimming with Sharks
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