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Pioneering scientists make surprising discoveries that transform human understanding of nature.
Show Details:
Start date: Oct 1982
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): PBS (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 600+ eps
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 10 Oct 82The Flight of the Condor: Ice, Wind, and Fire (1)
2.1-2 17 Oct 82The Flight of the Condor: Ocean, Desert, and Thin Air (2)
3.1-3 24 Oct 82The Flight of the Condor: Down the Amazon (3)
4.1-4 31 Oct 82Amate: The Great Fig Tree
5.1-5 07 Nov 82Kopje: A Rock For All Seasons
6.1-6 14 Nov 82On The Edge Of Paradise
7.1-7 21 Nov 82Forest In The Clouds
8.1-8 28 Nov 82The Discovery of Animal Behavior: Natural Mysteries (1)
9.1-9 05 Dec 82The Discovery of Animal Behavior: In Praise of God (2)
10.1-1012 Dec 82The Discovery of Animal Behavior: Search for the Mind (3)
11.1-1119 Dec 82The Discovery of Animal Behavior: A Question of Learning (4)
12.1-1226 Dec 82The Discovery of Animal Behavior: Signs and Signals (5)
13.1-1302 Jan 83The Discovery of Animal Behavior: Living Together (6)
Season 2
14.2-1 09 Oct 83Forest in the Sea
15.2-2 16 Oct 83Fungi: The Rotten World About Us
16.2-3 23 Oct 83Acacia: Tree of Thorns
17.2-4 06 Nov 83On the Tracks of the Wild Otter
18.2-5 13 Nov 83Secret Weapons
19.2-6 18 Dec 83Voices in the Forest
20.2-7 05 Feb 84Osprey
21.2-8 12 Feb 84Big Business in Bees
22.2-9 19 Feb 84Jet Set Wildlife
23.2-1026 Feb 84The Masterbuilders
24.2-1104 Mar 84Plight of the Bumblebee
25.2-1211 Mar 84The Missing Monsoon
26.2-1325 Mar 84Resurrection at Truk Lagoon
Season 3
27.3-1 30 Sep 84Krakatoa: The Day that Shook the World
28.3-2 07 Oct 84Treasures of the Gulf
29.3-3 14 Oct 84Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind
30.3-4 21 Oct 84Fragments of Eden
31.3-5 28 Oct 84The Face of the Deep
32.3-6 11 Nov 84Yellowstone in Winter
33.3-7 02 Dec 84Winter Days
34.3-8 09 Dec 84Kilimanjaro
35.3-9 16 Dec 84Danube Delta
36.3-1013 Jan 85Tumbler in the Sky
37.3-1120 Jan 85Kinabalu: Summit of Borneo
38.3-1203 Feb 85Birds of Paradox
39.3-1317 Feb 85Lost World of the Medusa
40.3-1410 Mar 85Kitum - The Elephant Cave
41.3-1517 Mar 85Rhino on the Run
42.3-1631 Mar 85Through Animal Eyes
43.3-1728 Apr 85Man's Best Friend
44.3-1826 May 85Namaqualand: Diary of a Desert Garden
Season 4
45.4-1 20 Oct 85And Then the Rains Came
46.4-2 27 Oct 85Battle of the Leaves
47.4-3 03 Nov 85The Ganges Gharial
48.4-4 10 Nov 85One Man's Island
49.4-5 17 Nov 85Selva Verde: The Green Jungle
50.4-6 24 Nov 85The Plant Hunters
51.4-7 15 Dec 85Kalahari: Wilderness Without Water
52.4-8 05 Jan 86Emas: High Plains of Brazil
53.4-9 26 Jan 86The Feathered Swarm
54.4-1016 Feb 86Kingdom of the Ice Bear: The Frozen Ocean (1)
55.4-1123 Feb 86Kingdom of the Ice Bear: Land of Beyond (2)
56.4-1202 Mar 86Kingdom of the Ice Bear: The Final Challenge (3)
57.4-1309 Mar 86Saguaro: Sentinel of the Desert
58.4-1423 Mar 86Death Trap
59.4-1506 Apr 86Aspen: Dancer on the Wind
60.4-1627 Apr 86Secrets of an African Jungle
61.4-1704 May 86Birdwatch From Florida
62.4-1811 May 86The Gooneys of Midway
63.4-1918 May 86Where Eagles Fly
64.4-2025 May 86The Skyhunters
Season 5
65.5-1 19 Oct 86Alyeska: The Great Land
66.5-2 26 Oct 86Baja Lagoon
67.5-3 02 Nov 86Galapagos: How They Got There (1)
68.5-4 09 Nov 86Galapagos: Cold on the Equator (2)
69.5-5 16 Nov 86Galapagos: The Ocean Travelers (3)
70.5-6 23 Nov 86Pantanal: Prairie of the Great Waters
71.5-7 07 Dec 86Cats
72.5-8 14 Dec 86Leopard: A Darkness in the Grass
73.5-9 18 Jan 87The Elephant Challenge
74.5-1008 Feb 87Ichkeul: Between the Desert and the Deep Blue Sea
75.5-1122 Feb 87In the Shadow of Fujisan: See No Evil (1)
76.5-1201 Mar 87In the Shadow of Fujisan: Bird of Happiness (2)
77.5-1308 Mar 87In the Shadow of Fujisan: Long Live the Turtle (3)
78.5-1415 Mar 87America's Wild Horses
79.5-1512 Apr 87Holy Land: A Wilderness Like Eden (1)
80.5-1619 Apr 87Holy Land: Sweet Water, Bitter Sea (2)
81.5-1726 Apr 87The Forgotten Garden
82.5-1810 May 87Lords of Hokkaido
83.5-1917 May 87Designed for Living
Season 6
84.6-1 20 Sep 87The Flowing Oasis
85.6-2 27 Sep 87Amazonia: A Burning Question
86.6-3 04 Oct 87Spirits of the Forest
87.6-4 18 Oct 87Perspectives of Paradise
88.6-5 15 Nov 87A Season in the Sun
89.6-6 22 Nov 87The Legend of the Lightning Bird
90.6-7 29 Nov 87The Volcano Watchers
91.6-8 06 Dec 87Tiger!
92.6-9 03 Jan 88Land of the Kiwi
93.6-1010 Jan 88Costa Rica: Paradise Reclaimed
94.6-1117 Jan 88Masked Monkeys
95.6-1224 Jan 88In-Flight Movie; Birds of the Sun God
96.6-1314 Feb 88Hawaii: Islands of the Fire Goddess
97.6-1421 Feb 88Okavango: Jewel of the Kalahari: The Search for the Jewel (1)
98.6-1528 Feb 88Okavango: Jewel of the Kalahari: The Living Jewel (2)
99.6-1606 Mar 88Okavango: Jewel of the Kalahari (3)
100.6-1713 Mar 88Great Moments with Nature's Filmmakers
101.6-1820 Mar 88Elephant: Lord of the Jungle
102.6-1927 Mar 88Miracle of the Scarlet Salmon
103.6-2024 Apr 88Cowboys, Caimans and Capybaras
104.6-2101 May 88Tom's River: Reflections of a River Keeper
105.6-2208 May 88The Elephant Challenge
106.6-2312 Jun 88The Coral Triangle
Season 7
107.7-1 09 Oct 88Bonebreakers' Mountain
108.7-2 16 Oct 88Extremadura: Spain's Forgotten Forest
109.7-3 30 Oct 88Peacock's War
110.7-4 13 Nov 88Nature of Australia - A Separate Creation
111.7-5 20 Nov 88Nature of Australia - Seas Under Capricorn
112.7-6 27 Nov 88Nature of Australia - The Making of the Bush
113.7-7 04 Dec 88Nature of Australia - The Sunburnt Country
114.7-8 11 Dec 88Nature of Australia - Land of Flood and Fire
115.7-9 18 Dec 88Nature of Australia - End of Isolation
116.7-1008 Jan 89Night Hunters
117.7-1105 Feb 89Beyond Timbuktu
118.7-1219 Feb 89Under the Emerald Sea
119.7-1326 Feb 89Wild Waterfalls
120.7-1405 Mar 89Meerkats United / The Bee-Team
121.7-1512 Mar 89Icebird
122.7-1619 Mar 89Mozu the Snow Monkey
123.7-1726 Mar 89The Everglades: Rain Machine
124.7-1816 Apr 89Islands in the Sky
125.7-1930 Apr 89Rulers of the Wind
126.7-2014 May 89Kariba: The Lake that Made a Dent
Season 8
127.8-1 08 Oct 89The Great Rift: Footprints in the Valley (1)
128.8-2 15 Oct 89The Great Rift: Out of the Ashes (2)
129.8-3 22 Oct 89The Great Rift: Breaking the Continent (3)
130.8-4 29 Oct 89Under the Ice
131.8-5 12 Nov 89Land of Dragons
132.8-6 19 Nov 89The Great Wood of Caledon
133.8-7 10 Dec 89Gorillas
134.8-8 17 Dec 89Forest of Fear
135.8-9 07 Jan 90Gran Paradiso
136.8-1021 Jan 90Cranes of the Grey Wind
137.8-1104 Feb 90King Solomon's Mountains
138.8-1211 Feb 90Hunters of the Sky
139.8-1318 Feb 90A Wolf in the Fold
140.8-1404 Mar 90The Colorado
141.8-1511 Mar 90The Emerald Isle
142.8-1618 Mar 90Giant Otters
143.8-1725 Mar 90The Haida Gwai: Islands of the People
144.8-1801 Apr 90Presque Isle: Land in Motion
145.8-1908 Apr 90The Great Yellowstone Fire
146.8-2015 Apr 90Serpents
Season 9
147.9-1 30 Sep 90Seasons in the Sea
148.9-2 07 Oct 90Monkeys on the Edge
149.9-3 14 Oct 90Scandinavia: Land of the Midnight Sun (1)
150.9-4 21 Oct 90Scandinavia: Fresh Waters, Salt Seas (2)
151.9-5 11 Nov 90The Sisterhood
152.9-6 18 Nov 90Supersense: Sight and Sound (1)
153.9-7 25 Nov 90Supersense: Super Scents and Beyond (2)
154.9-8 02 Dec 90Supersense: Making Sense (3)
155.9-9 09 Dec 90Monkey Island
156.9-1016 Dec 90Grizzly Country
157.9-1113 Jan 91The Wild Shores of Patagonia
158.9-1217 Feb 91The Gulf: Portrait of the War Zone
159.9-1324 Feb 91One Man's Kenya
160.9-1403 Mar 91The Elephants of Tsavo: Love and Betrayal
161.9-1510 Mar 91Grand Teton Wilderness
162.9-1617 Mar 91Year of the Jackal
163.9-1724 Mar 91Black Bear of the North
164.9-1807 Apr 91Wild Dogs of Africa
165.9-1914 Apr 91Marathon Bird
166.9-2028 Apr 91The Cat That Came In From the Cold
167.9-2112 May 91Crown of the Continent: Waterton/Glacier National Park
Season 10
168.10-128 Sep 91From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers' Warning
169.10-213 Oct 91Vietnam: A Country, Not a War
170.10-303 Nov 91Kali the Lion
171.10-417 Nov 91Madagascar: Island of Ghosts
172.10-524 Nov 91Land of the Eagle: The Great Encounter (1)
173.10-624 Nov 91Land of the Eagle: Confronting the Wilderness (2)
174.10-725 Nov 91Land of the Eagle: Conquering Swamps (3)
175.10-825 Nov 91Land of the Eagle: Across the Seas of Grass (4)
176.10-926 Nov 91Land of the Eagle: Into the Shining Mountains (5)
177.10-1026 Nov 91Land of the Eagle: Living on the Edge (6)
178.10-1127 Nov 91Land of the Eagle: The First and Last Frontier (7)
179.10-1227 Nov 91Land of the Eagle: Searching for Paradise (8)
180.10-1308 Dec 91Great Moments with Nature's Filmmakers
181.10-1405 Jan 92Horse Tigers
182.10-1512 Jan 92Arctic Wanderers
183.10-1619 Jan 92Ladakh: Kingdom in the Clouds
184.10-1709 Feb 92Tiwai: Island of the Apes
185.10-1816 Feb 92A Celebration of Birds with Roger Tory Peterson
186.10-1901 Mar 92Elephant Seals: Those Magnificent Diving Machines
187.10-2008 Mar 92Dolphins: Close Encounters
188.10-2131 May 92Last Stand of the Giants
Season 11
189.11-105 Oct 92Realms of the Russian Bear: Green Jewel of the Caspian (1)
190.11-205 Oct 92Realms of the Russian Bear: The Arctic Frontier (2)
191.11-306 Oct 92Realms of the Russian Bear: The Red Deserts (3)
192.11-406 Oct 92Realms of the Russian Bear: The Celestial Mountains (4)
193.11-507 Oct 92Realms of the Russian Bear: Siberia, the Frozen Forest (5)
194.11-607 Oct 92Realms of the Russian Bear: Born of Fire (6)
195.11-718 Oct 92Shadows in a Desert Sea
196.11-825 Oct 92The Tree of Music
197.11-929 Nov 92Slaves to the Queen
198.11-1010 Jan 93Ice Fox: Struggle for Survival
199.11-1124 Jan 93Cheetahs in the Land of Lions
200.11-1214 Feb 93Gorilla: King of the Congo
201.11-1321 Feb 93American Trickster
202.11-1428 Feb 93Hebrides: The Secret Islands
203.11-1514 Mar 93Echo of the Elephants
204.11-1609 May 93The Ghosts of Ruby
205.11-1716 May 93The Bandit and the Builder
206.11-1823 May 93Spirit of the Sound
Season 12
207.12-103 Oct 93In the Company of Wolves with Timothy Dalton
208.12-210 Oct 93Treasure of the Andes
209.12-307 Nov 93Echoes from the Ice
210.12-422 Nov 93The Nature of Sex: The Primal Instinct (1)
211.12-522 Nov 93The Nature of Sex: A Time and a Place (2)
212.12-623 Nov 93The Nature of Sex: The Sex Contract (3)
213.12-723 Nov 93The Nature of Sex: Sex and the Human Animal (4)
214.12-824 Nov 93The Nature of Sex: A Miracle in the Making (5)
215.12-924 Nov 93The Nature of Sex: Young Ones (6)
216.12-1005 Dec 93Nature's Great African Moments
217.12-1123 Jan 94Anima Mundi: Before It's Too Late
218.12-1220 Feb 94Phantom of the Forest
219.12-1313 Mar 94Sea Otter Story: Warm Hearts & Cold Water
220.12-1415 May 94Toadskin Spell
Season 13
221.13-102 Oct 94In the Lion's Den with Anthony Hopkins
222.13-209 Oct 94Pandas of the Sleeping Dragon
223.13-306 Nov 94Warts and All
224.13-420 Nov 94Nomads of the Wind: The Faraway Heaven (1)
225.13-520 Nov 94Nomads of the Wind: Crossroads of the Pacific (2)
226.13-621 Nov 94Nomads of the Wind: Burning Their Boats (3)
227.13-721 Nov 94Nomads of the Wind: Distant Horizons (4)
228.13-822 Nov 94Nomads of the Wind: The Pierced Sky (5)
229.13-908 Jan 95Fire Bird
230.13-1005 Feb 95Creatures in Crime
231.13-1126 Feb 95Tigers with Bob Hoskins
232.13-1205 Mar 95Ghost Bear
233.13-1321 May 95Born to Run
234.13-1423 Jul 95New Guinea: Island Invaders
235.13-1530 Jul 95New Guinea: Other Worlds
Season 14
236.14-108 Oct 95Jaguar: Year of the Cat
237.14-215 Oct 95Incredible Suckers
238.14-305 Nov 95Monkey in the Mirror
239.14-403 Dec 95The World of Penguins
240.14-517 Dec 95Castaways of Sulawesi
241.14-614 Jan 96Hunters of the Sea Wind
242.14-704 Feb 96Parrots: Look Who's Talking
243.14-811 Feb 96Alien Empire: Hardware Replicators
244.14-912 Feb 96Alien Empire: Battlezone Metropolis
245.14-1013 Feb 96Alien Empire: Voyagers and War of the Worlds
246.14-1103 Mar 96Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees
247.14-1231 Mar 96Victims of Venom
248.14-1305 May 96Call of Kakadu
249.14-1412 May 96Monsoon
Season 15
250.15-113 Oct 96Sperm Whales: The Real Moby Dick
251.15-220 Oct 96The Crater Lions
252.15-310 Nov 96Mask of the Mandrill
253.15-417 Nov 96The Joy of Pigs
254.15-508 Dec 96Echo of the Elephants: The Next Generation
255.15-612 Jan 97Wolves and Buffalo: The Last Frontier
256.15-716 Feb 97The Elephant Men
257.15-823 Feb 97A Lemur's Tale
258.15-909 Mar 97Extraordinary Dogs
259.15-1013 Apr 97Bowerbird Blues
260.15-1111 May 97Spirits of the Jaguar: The Forging of a New World
261.15-1212 May 97Spirits of the Jaguar: The Forests of Maya
262.15-1313 May 97Spirits of the Jaguar: Hunters of the Caribbean Sea
263.15-1414 May 97Spirits of the Jaguar: The World of Aztecs
Season 16
264.16-112 Oct 97Toothwalkers: Giants of the Arctic Ice
265.16-219 Oct 97Grand Canyon
266.16-309 Nov 97Animal Attractions: Amazing Tales from the San Diego Zoo
267.16-416 Nov 97The Elephants of Africa
268.16-507 Dec 97Orangutans: Just Hangin' On
269.16-618 Jan 98Yellowstone Otters
270.16-701 Feb 98Gremlins: Faces in the Forest
271.16-801 Mar 98Life at the Edge of the Sea
272.16-929 Mar 98Secret Garden
273.16-1026 Apr 98Forces of the Wild: In the Beginning
274.16-1127 Apr 98Forces of the Wild: Perpetual Motion
275.16-1227 Apr 98Forces of the Wild: Heavenly Partners
276.16-1327 Apr 98Forces of the Wild: Living Dangerously
277.16-1403 May 98Forces of the Wild: Playing with Fire
278.16-1517 May 98Eagles
279.16-1614 Jun 98The Wild Side of New York
Season 17
280.17-111 Oct 98Great White Bear
281.17-218 Oct 98The Secret World of Sharks and Rays
282.17-301 Nov 98American Buffalo: Spirit of a Nation
283.17-415 Nov 98India, Land of the Tiger: Tiger's Domain
284.17-515 Nov 98India, Land of the Tiger: Sacred Waters
285.17-616 Nov 98India, Land of the Tiger: Unknown Seas
286.17-716 Nov 98India, Land of the Tiger: Desert Kingdom
287.17-818 Nov 98India, Land of the Tiger: Mountains of Gods
288.17-918 Nov 98India, Land of the Tiger: Monsoon Forests
289.17-1006 Dec 98John Denver: Let This Be a Voice
290.17-1110 Jan 99Serengeti Stories
291.17-1207 Feb 99Iceland: Fire and Ice
292.17-1314 Feb 99Walking with Giants: The Grizzlies of Siberia
293.17-1421 Feb 99Extraordinary Cats
294.17-1523 May 99The Seedy Side of Plants
295.17-1608 Aug 99A Conversation with Koko
Season 18
296.18-124 Oct 99Antarctica: The End of the Earth: Katabatic (1)
297.18-231 Oct 99Antarctica: The End of the Earth: Iceberg (2)
298.18-314 Nov 99Horses
299.18-421 Nov 99Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic
300.18-505 Dec 99Wisdom of the Wild
301.18-604 Jan 00Inside the Animal Mind Part One: Are Animals Intelligent?
302.18-711 Jan 00Inside the Animal Mind Part Two: Do Animals Have Emotions?
303.18-818 Jan 00Inside the Animal Mind Part Three: Animal Consciousness
304.18-906 Feb 00Cheetahs in a Hot Spot
305.18-1013 Feb 00Showdown at Grizzly River
306.18-1127 Feb 00Animal Attractions: Amazing Tales from the San Diego Zoo
307.18-1216 Apr 00Obsession with Orchids
308.18-1323 Apr 00Earth Navigators
309.18-1407 May 00The Body Changers
310.18-1514 May 00Springs Eternal: Florida's Fountain of Youth
311.18-1611 Jun 00The Nature of Sex
Season 19
312.19-122 Oct 00Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts
313.19-229 Oct 00The Octopus Show
314.19-312 Nov 00Extraordinary Birds
315.19-419 Nov 00The Urban Elephant
316.19-517 Dec 00Intimate Enemies: Lions and Buffalo
317.19-607 Jan 01Polar Bear Invasion
318.19-715 Jan 01Triumph of Life: The Four Billion Year War
319.19-821 Jan 01Triumph of Life: The Mating Game
320.19-928 Jan 01Triumph of Life: The Eternal Arms Race
321.19-1004 Feb 01Triumph of Life: Winning Teams
322.19-1111 Feb 01Triumph of Life: Brain Power
323.19-1218 Feb 01Triumph of Life: The Survivors
324.19-1304 Mar 01Baby Tales
325.19-1401 Apr 01The Panda Baby
326.19-1506 May 01Golden Seals of the Skeleton Coast
327.19-1620 May 01Australia's Little Assassins
Season 20
328.20-109 Sep 01Africa: Savanna Homecoming (1)
329.20-216 Sep 01Africa: Desert Odyssey (2)
330.20-323 Sep 01Africa: Voices of the Forest (3)
331.20-430 Sep 01Africa: Mountains of Faith (4)
332.20-507 Oct 01Africa: Love in the Sahel (5)
333.20-614 Oct 01Africa: Restless Waters (6)
334.20-721 Oct 01Africa: Leopards of Zanzibar (7)
335.20-828 Oct 01Africa: Southern Treasures (8)
336.20-904 Nov 01Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies
337.20-1011 Nov 01Dogs: The Early Years
338.20-1118 Nov 01Animals Behaving Badly
339.20-1216 Dec 01Ravens
340.20-1313 Jan 02Condition Black
341.20-1410 Feb 02The White Elephants of Thailand with Meg Ryan
342.20-1507 Apr 02Song of the Earth with David Attenborough
343.20-1614 Apr 02Big Red Roos
344.20-1719 May 02The Polar Bears of Churchill with Ewan McGregor
Season 21
345.21-113 Oct 02Tall Blondes
346.21-220 Oct 02Horse and Rider
347.21-327 Oct 02Dive To the Abyss
348.21-417 Nov 02Bloody Suckers
349.21-515 Dec 02Trail of the Cougar
350.21-612 Jan 03Under Antarctic Ice
351.21-702 Feb 03The Reptiles: Alligators and Crocodiles
352.21-809 Feb 03The Reptiles: Snakes
353.21-916 Feb 03The Reptiles: Turtles and Tortoises
354.21-1023 Feb 03The Reptiles: Lizards
355.21-1113 Apr 03Lost World of the Holy Land
356.21-1220 Apr 03Leopards of Yala
357.21-1311 May 03A Mystery in Alaska
358.21-1418 May 03War Wrecks in the Coral Seas
Season 22
359.22-119 Oct 03Hippo Beach
360.22-202 Nov 03Kalahari: The Great Thirstland
361.22-303 Nov 03Kalahari: The Flooded Desert
362.22-416 Nov 03White Shark/Red Triangle
363.22-523 Nov 03Cloud's Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns
364.22-618 Jan 04Shadow Over the Sun: A Story of Eagles
365.22-708 Feb 04Diamonds
366.22-815 Feb 04The Real Macaw
367.22-922 Feb 04Holy Cow
368.22-1028 Mar 04Ireland
369.22-1111 Apr 04Flight School
370.22-1218 Apr 04Land of the Falling Lakes
371.22-1316 May 04Pale Male
Season 23
372.23-107 Nov 04Chasing Big Cats
373.23-214 Nov 04Shark Mountain
374.23-321 Nov 04The Good, the Bad and the Grizzly
375.23-409 Jan 05Violent Hawaii
376.23-516 Jan 05Silent Roar: Searching for the Snow Leopard
377.23-630 Jan 05Cuba: Wild Island of the Caribbean
378.23-713 Feb 05From Orphan to King
379.23-820 Feb 05Snowflake: The White Gorilla
380.23-903 Apr 05The Venom Cure
381.23-1017 Apr 05Deep Jungle: New Frontiers
382.23-1124 Apr 05Deep Jungle: Monsters of the Forrest
383.23-1201 May 05Deep Jungle: The Beast Within
384.23-1315 May 05The Dolphin Defender
Season 24
385.24-106 Nov 05Killers in Eden
386.24-213 Nov 05Can Animals Predict Disaster?
387.24-320 Nov 05Katrina's Animal Rescue
388.24-418 Dec 05Encountering Sea Monsters
389.24-508 Jan 06Life in Death Valley
390.24-622 Jan 06Oceans in Glass: Behind the Scenes of the Monterey Bay Aquarium
391.24-729 Jan 06Underdogs
392.24-812 Feb 06True Adventures of the Ultimate Spider Hunter
393.24-919 Feb 06Animals Behaving Worse
394.24-1002 Apr 06Murder in the Troop
395.24-1109 Apr 06The Queen of Trees
396.24-1230 Apr 06The Vanishing Lions
397.24-1307 May 06Crime Scene Creatures
Season 25
398.25-124 Oct 06Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History
399.25-212 Nov 06Penguins of the Antarctic
400.25-319 Nov 06Christmas in Yellowstone
401.25-414 Jan 07The Best of 'Nature': 25 Years
402.25-528 Jan 07Rhinoceros
403.25-603 Feb 07Unforgettable Elephants
404.25-711 Feb 07Supersize Crocs
405.25-818 Feb 07Raptor Force
406.25-925 Feb 07Andes: The Dragon's Back
407.25-1015 Apr 07Voyage of the Lonely Turtle
408.25-1122 Apr 07Dogs That Changed The World: The Rise of the Dog
409.25-1229 Apr 07Dogs That Changed The World: Dogs by Design
410.25-1306 May 07Sharkland
411.25-1413 May 07Superpride
412.25-1515 Jul 07Ferrets: The Pursuit of Excellence
413.25-1619 Jul 07Mighty Moose
Season 26
414.26-128 Oct 07Silence of the Bees
415.26-204 Nov 07In the Valley of the Wolves
416.26-311 Nov 07The Cheetah Orphans
417.26-418 Nov 07The Beauty of Ugly
418.26-506 Jan 08The Desert Lions
419.26-627 Jan 08Parrots in the Land of Oz
420.26-710 Feb 08Crash: A Tale of Two Species
421.26-817 Feb 08Arctic Bears
422.26-906 Apr 08Part One - What Females Want and Males Will Do
423.26-1013 Apr 08Part Two - What Females Want and Males Will Do
424.26-1120 Apr 08The Gorilla King
425.26-1204 May 08Superfish
426.26-1311 May 08Prince of the Alps
Season 27
427.27-126 Oct 08White Falcon, White Wolf
428.27-209 Nov 08Clever Monkeys
429.27-316 Nov 08American Eagle
430.27-423 Nov 08The Wolf That Changed America
431.27-511 Jan 09The Dragon Chronicles
432.27-625 Jan 09Is That Skunk?
433.27-708 Feb 09Drakensberg: Barrier of Spears
434.27-815 Feb 09Why We Love Cats and Dogs
435.27-929 Mar 09Kilauea: Mountain of Fire
436.27-1005 Apr 09Frogs: The Thin Green Line
437.27-1119 Apr 09The Loneliest Animals
438.27-1203 May 09Eagles of Mull
439.27-1317 May 09Victoria Falls
Season 28
440.28-125 Oct 09Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions
441.28-201 Nov 09Born Wild: The First Days of Life
442.28-308 Nov 09Black Mamba
443.28-415 Nov 09Fellowship of the Whales
444.28-510 Jan 10Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air
445.28-617 Jan 10Clash: Encounters of Bears and Wolves
446.28-731 Jan 10Wild Balkans
447.28-819 Jan 10Invasion of the Giant Pythons
448.28-904 Apr 10Moment of Impact: Part One - Hunters & Herds
449.28-1011 Apr 10Moment of Impact: Part Two - Jungle
Season 29
450.29-126 Sep 10Cuba: The Accidental Eden
451.29-217 Oct 10Echo: An Elephant to Remember
452.29-324 Oct 10A Murder of Crows
453.29-407 Nov 10Braving Iraq
454.29-514 Nov 10Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom
455.29-621 Nov 10Revealing the Leopard
456.29-709 Jan 11Elsa's Legacy: The Born Free Story
457.29-823 Jan 11Birds of the Gods
458.29-913 Feb 11The Himalayas
459.29-1020 Feb 11Broken Tail: A Tiger's Last Journey
460.29-1127 Mar 11Outback Pelicans
461.29-1217 Apr 11Survivors of the Firestorm
462.29-1301 May 11Salmon: Running the Gauntlet
463.29-1408 May 11Bears of the Last Frontier: City of Bears
464.29-1515 May 11Bears of the Last Frontier: The Road North
465.29-1622 May 11Bears of the Last Frontier: Arctic Wanderers
Season 30
466.30-119 Oct 11Radioactive Wolves
467.30-202 Nov 11The Animal House
468.30-309 Nov 11Jungle Eagle
469.30-416 Nov 11My Life as a Turkey
470.30-511 Jan 12Kangaroo Mob
471.30-625 Jan 12Fortress of the Bears
472.30-708 Feb 12Raccoon Nation
473.30-822 Feb 12Ocean Giants: Part One - Giant Lives
474.30-922 Feb 12Ocean Giants: Part Two - Deep Thinkers
475.30-1022 Feb 12Ocean Giants: Part Three - Voices of the Sea
476.30-1118 Apr 12River of No Return
477.30-1209 May 12The White Lions
478.30-1316 May 12Cracking the Koala Code
Season 31
479.31-110 Oct 12Siberian Tiger Quest
480.31-224 Oct 12Magic of the Snowy Owl
481.31-307 Nov 12Animal Odd Couples
482.31-414 Nov 12An Original DUCKumentary
483.31-523 Jan 13Attenborough's Life Stories: Part One - Life on Camera
484.31-630 Jan 13Attenborough's Life Stories: Part Two - Understanding the Natural World
485.31-706 Feb 13Attenborough's Life Stories: Part Three - Our Fragile Planet
486.31-813 Feb 13Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo
487.31-903 Apr 13What Plants Talk About
488.31-1017 Apr 13The Mystery of Eels
489.31-1101 May 13Legendary White Stallions
490.31-1208 May 13The Private Life of Deer
491.31-1315 May 13Great Zebra Exodus
Season 32
492.32-116 Oct 13Saving Otter 501
493.32-206 Nov 13Love in the Animal Kingdom
494.32-313 Nov 13Parrot Confidential
495.32-422 Jan 14Meet the Coywolf
496.32-529 Jan 14The Funkiest Monkeys
497.32-619 Feb 14Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem
498.32-726 Feb 14Ireland's Wild River
499.32-809 Apr 14My Bionic Pet
500.32-916 Apr 14Touching the Wild
501.32-1023 Apr 14Snow Monkeys
502.32-1114 May 14Leave It to Beavers
503.32-1221 May 14The Gathering Swarms
504.32-1325 Jun 14Fabulous Frogs
505.32-1404 Sep 13Earthflight part 1
506.32-1511 Sep 13Earthflight part 2
507.32-1618 Sep 13Earthflight part 3
508.32-1725 Sep 13Earthflight part 4
509.32-1802 Oct 13Earthflight Part 5
510.32-1909 Oct 13Earthflight Part 6
Season 33
511.33-115 Oct 14Animal Misfits
512.33-205 Nov 14A Sloth Named Velcro
513.33-319 Nov 14Invasion of the Killer Whales
514.33-407 Jan 15Wild France
515.33-528 Jan 15Penguin Post Office
516.33-618 Feb 15Owl Power
517.33-725 Feb 15The Last Orangutan Eden
518.33-808 Apr 15Animal Homes: The Nest
519.33-915 Apr 15Animal Homes: Location, Location, Location
520.33-1022 Apr 15Animal Homes: Animal Cities
521.33-1129 Apr 15Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La
522.33-1213 May 15Animal Childhood
523.33-1320 May 15The Sagebrush Sea
524.33-1424 Sep 14Penguins Spy In The Huddle Part 1
525.33-1501 Oct 14Penguins Spy in the Huddle Part 2
526.33-1608 Oct 14Growing Up
Season 34
527.34-123 Sep 15Nature's Miracle Orphans: Second Chances
528.34-230 Sep 15Nature's Miracle Orphans: Wild Lessons
529.34-307 Oct 15Big Birds Can't Fly
530.34-414 Oct 15Soul of the Elephant
531.34-521 Oct 15Pets: Wild At Heart: Playful Creatures
532.34-628 Oct 15Pets: Wild At Heart: Secretive Creatures
533.34-713 Jan 16Natural Born Hustlers: Staying Alive
534.34-820 Jan 16Natural Born Hustlers: The Hunger Hustle
535.34-927 Jan 16Natural Born Hustlers: Sex, Lies & Dirty Tricks
536.34-1010 Feb 16Moose: Life of a Twig Eater
537.34-1117 Feb 16Raising the Dinosaur Giant
538.34-1224 Feb 16Snow Chick
539.34-1330 Mar 16Animal Reunions
540.34-1413 Apr 16India's Wandering Lions
541.34-1511 May 16Nature's Perfect Partners
542.34-1618 May 16Jungle Animal Hospital
Season 35
543.35-112 Oct 16Super Hummingbirds
544.35-219 Oct 16My Congo
545.35-326 Oct 16Giraffes: Africa's Gentle Giants
546.35-402 Nov 16The Story Of Cats: Asia To Africa
547.35-509 Nov 16The Story Of Cats: Into The Americas
548.35-611 Jan 17Snowbound: Animals of Winter
549.35-701 Feb 17Spy In The Wild - Love
550.35-808 Feb 17Spy In The Wild - Intelligence
551.35-915 Feb 17Spy In The Wild - Friendship
552.35-1022 Feb 17Spy In The Wild - Bad Behavior
553.35-1101 Mar 17Spy In The Wild - Meet the Spies
554.35-1229 Mar 17Yosemite
555.35-1312 Apr 17Puerto Rico: The Island That Rains Frogs
556.35-1419 Apr 17Hotel Armadillo
557.35-1526 Apr 17Forest Of The Lynx
558.35-1603 May 17Dolphins: Spy In The Pod
559.35-1710 May 17Dolphins: Spy In The Pod (2)
Season 36
560.36-104 Oct 17Naledi: One Little Elephant
561.36-211 Oct 17Fox Tales
562.36-325 Oct 17Charlie And The Curious Otters
563.36-401 Nov 17H Is for Hawk: A New Chapter
564.36-508 Nov 17The Cheetah Children
565.36-622 Nov 17Nature's Miniature Miracles
566.36-717 Jan 18Arctic Wolf Pack
567.36-831 Jan 18Animals with Cameras: Part 1
568.36-907 Feb 18Animals with Cameras: Part 2
569.36-1014 Feb 18Animals with Cameras: Part 3
570.36-1121 Feb 18The Last Rhino
571.36-1204 Apr 18Sex, Lies And Butterflies
572.36-1325 Apr 18Natural Born Rebels: Hunger Wars
573.36-1402 May 18Natural Born Rebels: Survival
574.36-1509 May 18Natural Born Rebels: The Mating Game
575.36-1623 May 18World's Most Wanted Animals
Season 37
576.37-124 Oct 18Super Cats - Extreme Lives
577.37-231 Oct 18Super Cats - Cats in Every Corner
578.37-307 Nov 18Super Cats - Science and Secrets
579.37-414 Nov 18A Squirrel's Guide To Success
580.37-521 Nov 18Dogs In The Land Of Lions
581.37-628 Nov 18Snow Bears
582.37-709 Jan 19Attenborough And The Sea Dragon
583.37-816 Jan 19Nature's Equus: Story Of The Horse - Origins
584.37-923 Jan 19Nature's Equus: Story Of The Horse - Chasing The Wind
585.37-1013 Feb 19Wild Way Of The Vikings
586.37-1120 Feb 19Living Volcanoes
587.37-1210 Apr 19The Incredible Egg With David Attenborough
588.37-1329 Apr 19American Spring Live: Birth And Rebirth
589.37-1430 Apr 19American Spring Live: Migration
590.37-1501 May 19American Spring Live: Connections
Season 38
591.38-102 Oct 19Octopus: Making Contact
592.38-209 Oct 19The Serengeti Rules
593.38-316 Oct 19Undercover In The Jungle
594.38-423 Oct 19Okavango: River of Dreams - Episode 1: Paradise
595.38-530 Oct 19Okavango: River of Dreams - Episode 2: Limbo
596.38-606 Nov 19Okavango: River of Dreams - Episode 3: Inferno
597.38-713 Nov 19Nature's Biggest Beasts
598.38-820 Nov 19Bears
599.38-908 Jan 20The Whale Detective
600.38-1015 Jan 20Hippos: Africa's River Giants
601.38-1112 Feb 20Wild Florida
602.38-1219 Feb 20The Mighty Weasel
603.38-1301 Apr 20Cuba's Wild Revolution
604.38-1408 Apr 20Remarkable Rabbits
605.38-1529 Apr 20Spy In The Wild, A Nature Miniseries "The Tropics"
606.38-1606 May 20Spy In The Wild, A Nature Miniseries "The North"
607.38-1713 May 20Spy In The Wild, A Nature Miniseries "The Islands"
608.38-1820 May 20Spy In The Wild, A Nature Miniseries "The Poles"
Season 39
609.39-121 Oct 20Pandas: Born to Be Wild
610.39-228 Oct 20Australian Bushfire Rescue
611.39-304 Nov 20Secrets of Survival | Primates
612.39-411 Nov 20Family Matters | Primates
613.39-518 Nov 20Protecting Primates | Primates
614.39-625 Nov 20Santa's Wild Home
615.39-713 Jan 21The High Life | The Alps
616.39-820 Jan 21Winter's Fortress | The Alps
617.39-903 Feb 21Pumas: Legends of the Ice Mountains
618.39-1010 Feb 21Big Bend: The Wild Frontier Of Texas
619.39-1114 Apr 21The Leopard Legacy
620.39-1221 Apr 21Sharks of Hawaii
621.39-1330 Jun 21The Bat Man of Mexico
Season 40
622.40-120 Oct 21My Garden of a Thousand Bees
623.40-227 Oct 21Season of the Osprey
624.40-303 Nov 21The Elephant and the Termite
625.40-410 Nov 21First Steps | Born in the Rockies
626.40-517 Nov 21Growing Up | Born in the Rockies
627.40-619 Jan 22Oceans | Animals with Cameras
628.40-726 Jan 22Australia | Animals with Cameras
629.40-809 Feb 22Penguins: Meet the Family
630.40-916 Feb 22The Ocean's Greatest Feast
631.40-1023 Feb 22American Horses
632.40-1106 Apr 22Hippo King
633.40-1213 Apr 22American Arctic
634.40-1327 Apr 22Portugal: Wild Land on the Edge
Season 41
635.41-119 Oct 22Running with the Beest
636.41-226 Oct 22Canada: Surviving the Wild North
637.41-302 Nov 22Woodpeckers: The Hole Story
638.41-409 Nov 22American Ocelot
639.41-518 Jan 23Wildheart
640.41-625 Jan 23Soul of the Ocean
641.41-708 Feb 23Dogs in the Wild : Meet the Family
642.41-815 Feb 23Dogs in the Wild : Secrets of Success
643.41-922 Feb 23Dogs in the Wild : Defending Wild Dogs
644.41-1012 Apr 23The Hummingbird Effect
645.41-1119 Apr 23Niagara Falls
646.41-1226 Apr 23Treasure of the Caribbean
647.41-1303 May 23Attenborough's Wonder of Song
Season 42
648.42-118 Oct 23The Platypus Guardian
649.42-225 Oct 23Spy in the Ocean : Deep Thinkers
650.42-301 Nov 23Spy in the Ocean : Deep Feelings
651.42-408 Nov 23Spy in the Ocean : Deep Relationships
652.42-515 Nov 23Spy in the Ocean : Deep Trouble
653.42-610 Jan 24Big Little Journeys: Home
654.42-717 Jan 24Big Little Journeys : Survival
655.42-824 Jan 24Big Little Journeys : Bloodlines
656.42-931 Jan 24Gorilla
657.42-1007 Feb 24Flyways
658.42-1114 Feb 24Attenborough and the Jurassic Sea Monster
659.42-1221 Feb 24Patrick and the Whale
660.42-1310 Apr 24Raptors: A Fistful of Daggers: Meet the Raptors
661.42-1417 Apr 24Raptors: A Fistful of Daggers: Extreme Lives
662.42-1508 May 24Grizzly 399: Queen of the Tetons
663.42-1615 May 24Saving the Animals of Ukraine
664.42-1722 May 24Wild Ireland: Kingdom of Stone
S35.35-001 Nov 17H Is For Hawk
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