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The Mothers-In-Law

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Wed, 10 Jan 2024 1:00
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1967
End date: Apr 1969
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): NBC (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 56 eps
Genre(s): Comedy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze • 
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 10 Sep 67On Again, Off Again, Lohengrin
2.1-2 17 Sep 67Everybody Goes on a Honeymoon
3.1-3 24 Sep 67All Fall Down
4.1-4 01 Oct 67A Night to Forget
5.1-5 08 Oct 67The Newlyweds Move In
6.1-6 15 Oct 67The Career Girls
7.1-7 22 Oct 67Who's Afraid of Elizabeth Taylor?
8.1-8 29 Oct 67My Son, the Actor
9.1-9 05 Nov 67How Do You Moonlight a Meatball?
10.1-1012 Nov 67I Thought He'd Never Leave
11.1-1119 Nov 67The Great Bicycle Race
12.1-1226 Nov 67Through The Lurking Glass
13.1-1303 Dec 67Divorce-Mother-In-Law Style
14.1-1410 Dec 67The Not Cold Enough War
15.1-1517 Dec 67You Challenge Me to a What?
16.1-1631 Dec 67Everybody Wants to Be a Writer
17.1-1707 Jan 68The Kids Move Out
18.1-1814 Jan 68The Hombre Who Came to Dinner (Part 1)
19.1-1921 Jan 68The Hombre Who Came to Dinner (Part 2)
20.1-2028 Jan 68Don't Give Up the Sloop
21.1-2104 Feb 68I'd Tell You I Love You, But We're Not Speaking
22.1-2211 Feb 68Herb's Little Helpers
23.1-2325 Feb 68Bye, Bye Blackmailer
24.1-2403 Mar 68The Wig Story
25.1-2510 Mar 68It's Only Money
26.1-2617 Mar 68I Haven't Got a Secret
27.1-2724 Mar 68Jerry's Night Out with the Boys
28.1-2831 Mar 68The Long, Long Weekend
29.1-2907 Apr 68Jealousy Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
30.1-3028 Apr 68How Not to Manage a Rock Group
Season 2
31.2-1 15 Sep 68Here Comes the Bride, Again
32.2-2 22 Sep 68The Match Game
33.2-3 29 Sep 68A Little Pregnancy Goes a Long Way
34.2-4 06 Oct 68Love Thy Neighbor, If You Can't Get Him to Move
35.2-5 13 Oct 68I Didn't Raise Myself to Be a Grandmother
36.2-6 20 Oct 68Even Mothers-in-Law Have Mothers-in-Law
37.2-7 27 Oct 68The Matador Makes a Movie
38.2-8 10 Nov 68It's a Dog's Life
39.2-9 24 Nov 68The First Anniversary is the Hardest
40.2-1001 Dec 68The Birth of Everything but the Blues
41.2-1108 Dec 68Nome, Schnome, I'd Rather Have It at Home
42.2-1215 Dec 68Hail, Hail, the Gang's Still Here
43.2-1322 Dec 68Didn't You Use to Be Ozzie Snick?
44.2-1405 Jan 69Make Room for Baby
45.2-1512 Jan 69Haven't You Had That Baby Yet?
46.2-1619 Jan 69And Baby Makes Four
47.2-1726 Jan 69Nanny Go Home
48.2-1802 Feb 69Double Trouble in the Nursery
49.2-1909 Feb 69Void Where Prohibited by In-Laws
50.2-2023 Feb 69Guess Who's Coming Forever?
51.2-2102 Mar 69Every In-Law Wants to Get Into the Act
52.2-2216 Mar 69Two on the Aisle
53.2-2323 Mar 69Take Her, He's Mine
54.2-2430 Mar 69Show Business is No Business
55.2-2506 Apr 69The Charge of the Wife Brigade
56.2-2613 Apr 69The Not-So-Grand Opera
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