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Legends of the Hidden Temple (2021)

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Mon, 13 Feb 2023 0:00
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Adult version of the children's game show in which teams compete to retrieve supposed historical artifacts in a Mayan-themed temple by performing physical challenges and answering trivia questions.
Show Details:
Start date: Oct 2021
End date: Jan 2022
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): CW (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 13 eps
Genre(s): Game/Quiz
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 10 Oct 21The Maya Legend of the Hero Twins
2.1-2 17 Oct 21The Hawaiian Legend of Pele
3.1-3 24 Oct 21The Llocano Legend of Lam-Ang
4.1-4 31 Oct 21The Nyanga Legend of Mwindo
5.1-5 07 Nov 21The Hindu Legend of Rama
6.1-6 14 Nov 21The Norse Legend of Freyja
7.1-7 21 Nov 21The Greek Legend of Atalanta
8.1-8 05 Dec 21The Japanese Legend of Susano'o
9.1-9 12 Dec 21The Irish Legend of Cuchulainn
10.1-1019 Dec 21The Egyptian Legend of Isees
11.1-1109 Jan 22The Lakota Legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman
12.1-1216 Jan 22The Sumerian Legend of Gilgamesh
13.1-1323 Jan 22The Aboriginal Australian Legend of the Seven Sisters
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