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Joking Off

(a Guest Stars & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Mon, 5 Apr 2021 -1:00
Three teams of improv comics compete in various contests based on images, video or texts from the Internet.
Show Details:
Start date: Mar 2015
End date: Oct 2016
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): MTV2 (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 35 eps
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 25 Mar 15Host DeRay Davis, Charlamagne Tha God, Lil Duval
2.1-2 01 Apr 15Host DeRay Davis, Charlamagne Tha God, James Davis
3.1-3 01 Apr 15Host DeRay Davis, Monroe Martin, Desus and Mero
4.1-4 08 Apr 15Jon Gabrus; Jordan Carlos; 'Fuzzfeed'; 'Snap Shots'; 'What the Gif?'; 'Game Changers'; 'Call You Out.'
5.1-5 08 Apr 15Monroe Martin; Desus and Mero; 'OK Stupid'; 'If They Could Talk'; 'Step to This'; 'Call You Out.'
6.1-6 15 Apr 15Donnell Rawlings; Lil Duval; Selling Out; Snap Shots; What the Gif?; Step to This
7.1-7 22 Apr 15Tanisha Long; Shalyah Evans; Fuzzfeed; Textify; What the Gif?; Social Mediacrity
8.1-8 29 Apr 15Host Deray Davis, Charlamagne Tha God, Lil Duval
9.1-9 06 May 16Host DeRay Davis, Jon Gabrus, Jordan Carlos
10.1-1013 May 15Host Deray Davis, Tim Delaghetto, Mac Lethal
11.1-1120 May 15Host Deray Davis, Chris Distefano, Monroe Martin
12.1-1227 May 15Host Deray Davis, Mike E. Winfield, Stephen Guarino
13.1-1303 Jun 15Host Deray Davis, Damien Lemon, Dave Ebert
Season 2
14.2-1 16 Dec 15Host Deray Davis, Charlamagne, Mac Lethal
15.2-2 23 Dec 15Host Deray Davis, David Magidoff, Derek Gaines
16.2-3 30 Dec 15Host Deray Davis, Desus And Mero
17.2-4 06 Jan 16Host Deray Davis
18.2-5 13 Jan 16Host Deray Davis, Jon Gabrus, Damien Lemon
19.2-6 20 Jan 16Host Deray Davis, Jon Gabrus, Karlous Miller
20.2-7 27 Jan 16Host Akaash Singh, Welven Da Great
21.2-8 03 Feb 16Host DeRay Davis, Dave Ebert, Jon Gabrus
22.2-9 10 Feb 16Host DeRay Davis, Flo Rida, Matteo Lane
23.2-1017 Feb 16Host DeRay Davis, Dave Ebert, Lauren Flans
24.2-1124 Feb 16Host DeRay Davis, Desus and Mero; "That Moment When'', "Hashtagged'', "Role Play'', "Call You Out''
25.2-1224 Feb 16Kevin Hart; "Be Like''; "Two Faced''; "Mixfakes''; "Call You Out.''
Season 3
26.3-1 04 Aug 16Desiigner Guest Judges with Host DeRay Davis
27.3-2 11 Aug 16Host DeRay Davis, Vinny Guadagnino
28.3-3 18 Aug 16Host Deray Davis, James Davis, David Ebert
29.3-4 25 Aug 16Mtv Awkard's Molly Tarlov Judges With Host Deray Davis
30.3-5 01 Sep 16Host Deray Davis, Leonard Ouzts, David Ebert
31.3-6 08 Sep 16Dj Khaled Shouts Out Host Deray Davis, Vinny Guadagnino
32.3-7 15 Sep 16Matteo Lane; Monroe Martin; Desus and Mero; James Manzello; Anna Lore
33.3-8 22 Sep 16Host Deray Davis, James Davis, Matteo Lane
34.3-9 29 Sep 16Comics include David Ebert, Derek Gaines, Matt Pavich, Kristen Acimovic, Jeremy ``Burpie'' Alsop and Craig ``Lowie'' Low.
35.3-1006 Oct 16Comics include Mike Camerlengo, Julia Young, Matt Richards, Kerry Coddett, Casey Jost and Burpie.
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