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The Joey Bishop Show

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The personal and professional life of a former nightclub comedian who hosts a TV talk and variety show originating in New York and featuring many celebrities guest-starring as themselves.
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1961
End date: Mar 1965
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): CBS (US) / NBC (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 123 eps
Genre(s): Comedy
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 20 Sep 61On the Spot
2.1-2 27 Sep 61Joey Meets Jack Paar
3.1-3 04 Oct 61A Windfall for Mom
4.1-4 11 Oct 61This is Your Life
5.1-5 18 Oct 61The Contest Winner
6.1-6 25 Oct 61The Bachelor
7.1-7 29 Oct 61Help Wanted
8.1-8 01 Nov 61Five Brides for Joey
9.1-9 08 Nov 61Back in Your Own Backyard
10.1-1015 Nov 61Charity Begins at Home
11.1-1122 Nov 61Ring-a-Ding-Ding
12.1-1206 Dec 61Ham in the Family
13.1-1313 Dec 61Follow That Mink
14.1-1427 Dec 61Barney, the Bloodhound
15.1-1503 Jan 62Taming of the Brat
16.1-1610 Jan 62Home Sweet Home
17.1-1717 Jan 62A Letter from Stella
18.1-1824 Jan 62Jury Duty
19.1-1931 Jan 62The Income Tax Caper
20.1-2007 Feb 62Double Exposure
21.1-2114 Feb 62A Man's Best Friend
22.1-2221 Feb 62Very Warm for Christmas
23.1-2328 Feb 62The Big Date
24.1-2407 Mar 62Joey Hires a Maid
25.1-2514 Mar 62That's Showbiz
26.1-2621 Mar 62A Young Man's Fancy
27.1-2728 Mar 62Surprise, Surprise
28.1-2811 Apr 62Must the Show Go On?
29.1-2918 Apr 62Once a Bachelor
30.1-3025 Apr 62Route 78
31.1-3102 May 62A Show of His Own
32.1-3209 May 62The Image
Season 2
33.2-1 15 Sep 62The Honeymoon
34.2-2 22 Sep 62Penguin's Three
35.2-3 29 Sep 62Three's a Crowd
36.2-4 06 Oct 62Door to Door Salesman
37.2-5 13 Oct 62Joey's Replacement
38.2-6 20 Oct 62The Fashion Show
39.2-7 27 Oct 62The Break-Up
40.2-8 03 Nov 62A Woman's Place
41.2-9 10 Nov 62Baby, It's Cold Inside
42.2-1017 Nov 62Joey Takes a Physical
43.2-1124 Nov 62Deep in the Heart of Texas
44.2-1201 Dec 62The Honeymoon is Over
45.2-1308 Nov 62Chance of a Lifetime
46.2-1415 Dec 62Joey's Lucky Cuff Links
47.2-1522 Dec 62Wife vs. Secretary
48.2-1629 Dec 62Kiss and Make Up
49.2-1705 Jan 63Double Time
50.2-1812 Jan 63Jillson and the Cinnamon Buns
51.2-1919 Jan 63Freddy Goes Highbrow
52.2-2026 Jan 63Joey Leaves Ellie
53.2-2102 Feb 63Ellie, the Talent Scout
54.2-2216 Feb 63A Crush on Joey
55.2-2323 Feb 63Joey's Houseguest
56.2-2402 Mar 63We're Going to Have a Baby
57.2-2509 Mar 63The Baby Formula
58.2-2616 Mar 63Joey's Dramatic Debut
59.2-2723 Mar 63Joey and the Laundry Bags
60.2-2830 Mar 63The Masquerade Party
61.2-2906 Apr 63Joey, the Good Samaritan
62.2-3013 Apr 63My Son, the Doctor
63.2-3120 Apr 63The Expectant Father's School
64.2-3227 Apr 63The Baby Nurse
65.2-3304 May 63My Buddy, My Buddy
66.2-3411 May 63The Baby Cometh
Season 3
67.3-1 21 Sep 63The Baby's First Day
68.3-2 28 Sep 63Joey Plugs the Laundry
69.3-3 05 Oct 63Joey's Mustache
70.3-4 12 Oct 63Danny Gives Joey Advice
71.3-5 19 Oct 63The Baby Sitter
72.3-6 26 Oct 63Joey's Lost What-ch-ma-call-it
73.3-7 01 Nov 64Two Little Maids Are We
74.3-8 09 Nov 63Joey's Surprise for Ellie
75.3-9 23 Nov 63Vic Damone Brainwashes Joey
76.3-1030 Nov 63Joey Jr.'s TV Debut
77.3-1114 Dec 64Bobby Rydell Plugs Ellie's Song
78.3-1221 Dec 63The Baby's First Christmas
79.3-1328 Dec 63Ellie Gives Joey First Aid
80.3-1404 Jan 64Jack Carter Helps Joey Propose
81.3-1525 Jan 64Joey's Hideaway Cabin
82.3-1601 Feb 64Zsa Zsa Redecorates the Nursery
83.3-1708 Feb 64Double Play from Foster to Joey to Durocher
84.3-1815 Feb 64Joey Insults Jack E. Leonard
85.3-1922 Feb 64Joey, the Comedian vs. Larry, the Writer
86.3-2029 Feb 64Joey and Roberta Sherwood Play a Benefit
87.3-2107 Mar 64Joey and Buddy Hackett Have a Luau
88.3-2214 Mar 64Hilda, the Maid, Quits
89.3-2328 Mar 64Every Dog Should Have a Boy
90.3-2404 Apr 64Weekend in the Mountains
91.3-2511 Apr 64Joey, Jack Jones, and Genie
92.3-2618 Apr 64Joey Introduces Shecky Greene
93.3-2729 Aug 64Andy Williams Visits Joey
94.3-2809 May 64Joey Meets Edgar Bergen
95.3-2923 May 64Joey and Milton and Baby Makes Three
96.3-3030 May 64Joey and the Andrew Sisters
97.3-3105 Sep 64Joey and the Los Angles Dodgers
Season 4
98.4-1 27 Sep 64Joey Goes to CBS
99.4-2 04 Oct 64Joey, the Patient
100.4-3 11 Oct 64Joey vs. Oscar Levant
101.4-4 18 Oct 64Joey and Larry Split
102.4-5 25 Oct 64In This Corner, Jan Murray
103.4-6 01 Nov 64The Nielsen Box
104.4-7 08 Nov 64Your What, Again?
105.4-8 15 Nov 64Joey Goes to a Poker Party
106.4-9 22 Nov 64The Perfect Girl
107.4-1029 Nov 64Joey's Courtship
108.4-1106 Dec 64Ellie Goes to Court
109.4-1213 Dec 64Jillson's Toupee
110.4-1329 Dec 64A Hobby for Ellie
111.4-1405 Jan 65Rusty Arrives
112.4-1502 Jan 65The Weed City Story
113.4-1619 Jan 65Rusty's Education
114.4-1726 Jan 65The Sultan's Gift
115.4-1802 Feb 65Joey Entertains Rusty's Fraternity
116.4-1909 Feb 64The Do-It-Yourself Nursery
117.4-2016 Feb 65The Sergeant's Testimonial
118.4-2123 Feb 65Joey Changes Larry's Luck
119.4-2202 Mar 65Never Put It in Writting
120.4-2309 Mar 65Larry's Habit
121.4-2416 Mar 65Joey, the Star Maker
122.4-2523 Mar 65What'll You Have?
123.4-2630 Mar 65Joey Discovers Jackie Clark
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In the first season, spun off from an episode of the Danny Thomas show Make Room for Daddy, Joey was unmarried and working for a public relations firm in Hollywood.

After three seasons in color on NBC, the series moved to CBS for its final season, where it was shown in black and white.

Joey Bishop later hosted a real nighttime talk show on ABC from 1967 to 1969.