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It's a Miracle

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Wed, 10 Jan 2024 1:00
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1998
End date: Sep 2004
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Pax (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 28 eps
Genre(s): Reality
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze • 
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 01 Jan 98Cop Shot; Girls Survive Big Wave; Aussie Capsized; Deserted Baby Success; Dog Saves Boy
2.1-2 02 Jan 98Town Menorah; Kidney Connection; God Was My Co-Pilot; Mountain Vision; On-Ramp Romance
3.1-3 03 Jan 98Heaven's Matchmaker; Norman the Dog Angel; Elk Angels; Heaven Sent; Plane Miracle
4.1-4 04 Jan 98Tornado Miracle; Angels Save Boy; Grand Canyon Angel; Semi Truck Dream; Clemente Tragedy
5.1-5 05 Jan 98Baby Comes to Life: Burning from Within; Tara's Angels; Healed by Kindness; Dannion Brinkley
6.1-6 06 Jan 98Prayers for Theresa; Cop in a Wash; Valley Hills Vision; Jet Ski Rescue; Heaven's Window
7.1-7 07 Jan 98River Wild; Man in White; New Jersey Lake; Twister Survival; 1,000 Men and a Baby
8.1-8 08 Jan 98Body Surfer; The Rosenblatt Love Story; Dream Child; Soul Sister; Dog Rescues Cat
9.1-9 09 Jan 98Miracle on Parkway; Woman in White; Heavenly Message; Doctor Brazil; Deserted Baby
10.1-1010 Jan 98Sioux City; Dade County Canal; Lady in Green; Affair of the Heart
11.1-1111 Jan 98Thanksgiving Angel; Blind Skydiver Sees; Thanksgiving Feeding Needy; African Hijack
12.1-1212 Jan 98Fireman Rescues Girl; Flight 811; Quarterback; The Other Boy; Acting Upon Fate
13.1-1313 Jan 98God's Voice; McKay's Pennies; Doctor Rises from Ghetto; Ryan's Angels
14.1-1414 Jan 98Electric Fence; Mother and Child Reunion; Dog Saves Master; Life on a Line
15.1-1515 Jan 98Scuba Encounter; Cat Finds Gas Leak; Native Son; Boy Scout to the Rescue
16.1-1616 Jan 98Colorado Plane Crash; St. John Neumann; Pig Saves Owner; Medical Bag; Golden Knights
17.1-1717 Jan 98Parachute Rescue; Hit and Run Angels; Football Player Lives; God Was My Co-Pilot; Left at Sea
18.1-1818 Jan 98Farmhand Angels; Kidney in Common; Wrong Number Marriage; Gospel Singer; Back to Life
19.1-1919 Jan 98Miracle on the Mountain; Walking Miracle; Lost and Found Hope; Left for Dead
20.1-2020 Jan 98Alive in the Morgue; Touched by a Shepherd; Donor Angel; Together by Accident
21.1-2121 Jan 98Struck by Lightning; Lord's Prayer; Bullet Proof Dog; Orchestrated Miracle
22.1-2222 Jan 98Long Lost Cousins; Tough Love; Mother's Cure; Cat's Meow
Season 2
23.2-1 01 Jan 99Jennifer's Instinct; Sailors Angel; OR Miracle; High School Reunion
24.2-2 01 Jan 99Perfect Match; Teen Angel; Chain Reaction; Special Delivery
25.2-3 01 Jan 99Wild Ride; Stranger in the Night; Rebounding in Life; Heavenly Adoption
26.2-4 01 Jan 99Popsicle the Drug Dog; Ministry Mentor; Protective Angel; Heart from a Friend
27.2-5 01 Jan 99Living Proof; Dogwood; Mark's Mustang; Deputy's Daughter
28.2-6 01 Jan 99Sadie; Older Brother; Second Chance; Asleep at the Wheel
29.2-7 01 Jan 99Mistaken Identity; Rescue Mission; Daisy Chain; The Life You Save
30.2-8 01 Jan 99Rescued by Fate; The Dead Letter File; Coma Recovery; Sweetie
31.2-9 01 Jan 99Someone to Watch Over Me; Tooth Fairy; Torch Bearer; The Thank-You Note
32.2-1001 Jan 99Thanksgiving Blessing; Miracle in the Mailroom; The Power of Prayer; Thanksgiving Angel
33.2-1101 Jan 99Saved by a Dream; Orthodox Romance; Grady's Return; Angels among Us
34.2-1201 Jan 99The Christmas Box; Twister Survival; Brat the Cat; Lifeguard Down
35.2-1301 Jan 99Miracle of the Menorah; The Best Christmas Present; The Gift of Love; Christmas Island
36.2-1401 Jan 99A Life Revisited; The Healing Ritual; The Nicholas Effect; Miracle Down Under
37.2-1501 Jan 99Kidnapped; Spammy; Jeffrey Pontius; Capsized
38.2-1601 Jan 99Television Reunion; S J F; Internet Angels
39.2-1701 Jan 99The Ring; Dogged Determination; Double Jeopardy; The Quicker Picker-Upper
40.2-1801 Jan 99A Winter's Tale; A Child's Prayer; Mission Miracle; One False Move
41.2-1901 Jan 99Look Both Ways; Sweet Revenge; Lost and Found; Baby Sister Miracle
42.2-2001 Jan 99Miracle Baby; Joe Smiler; Dalton's Angels
43.2-2101 Jan 99A Bolt Out of the Blue; The Third Eye; Twice a Lifesaver; Pen Pals
44.2-2201 Jan 99Team Hoyt; Old Man and Sea; My Two Guardian Angels; El Nino
45.2-2301 Jan 99Tornado Angel; Wrong Number Miracle; Sign of the Rose
46.2-2401 Jan 99Shooting the Rapids; Baby New Year; Message from Ted
47.2-2501 Jan 99Hurricane Andrew Miracle; Shark Attack; Double Angels; Gus
48.2-2601 Jan 99Snow Angels; The Girl Next Door; Twin Roses; Splash
49.2-2701 Jan 99The Swamp; Angels to the Rescue; River Rescue
50.2-2801 Jan 99The Magic Penny; A Mother's Prayer; Swap Meet; Love at First Sight
51.2-2901 Jan 99The Breath of Angels; Best Friends; Connected by Love; Little Treasures
52.2-3001 Jan 99Sonny; Miracle at 30,000 Feet; Crowning Achievement
Season 3
53.3-1 01 Jan 00Bumper Ride, Name Had A Ring To It, Resurrection, Marcus Johnson
54.3-2 01 Jan 00Second Sight; 911 Angel; Last Call; Baby Hope
55.3-3 01 Jan 00Kidnapped; Heart and Soul; Class Reunion; Sam Burt
56.3-4 01 Jan 00Winds Bring an Angel; Miracle on Flight 1815; Dog Overboard
57.3-5 01 Jan 00A Vital Connection; Medallion Miracle; The Dream
58.3-6 01 Jan 00A Soldier's Story; Prom Night Prognosis; Ryan's Hope; Taylor and Joshua
59.3-7 01 Jan 00Angels in Place; Check's in the Mail; A Daughter's Gift; A Special Adoption
60.3-8 01 Jan 00Lost in the Field; Blind Ambition; What's Loved is Never Lost
61.3-9 01 Jan 00A Wing and a Prayer, Signed from Above, Life in the Fastlane
62.3-1001 Jan 00Lady in the Lake; Danhy's Dream; Pink Phoenix
63.3-1101 Jan 00Accidental Angel; Friends Forever; Miracle Detector
64.3-1201 Jan 00Holiday Special: I'll Be Home for Christmas, Gift Horse
65.3-1301 Jan 00Lord's Prayer; Lost and Found; Addressed to Her Past; Miracle on Flight 811
66.3-1401 Jan 00The Dowser; Silverstar; Silo of Pisa
67.3-1501 Jan 00Mayday! Mayday!; The Hanging Horse; No Way Out; On Frozen Pond
68.3-1601 Jan 00First Love; Love Doesn't Stray; High School Reunion; Hurricane
69.3-1701 Jan 00Message from a Mermaid; A Dog's Saving Grace; The Henderson Explosion
70.3-1801 Jan 00Lost at Sea; Patra's Gift; Circle of Fire
71.3-1901 Jan 00Benny and Dean; Friends for Life; The Long Road Home; Miss Kitty
72.3-2001 Jan 00Brother's Keeper; Full Circle; Call of the Wild
73.3-2101 Jan 00Elephants Never Forget; War of Hearts; Long Way Down
74.3-2201 Jan 00Sarah's Story; Secret in the Attic; Woman's Best Friend
Season 4
75.4-1 02 May 01The Promise; Message from Mikey; Pony in the Pool
76.4-2 02 May 01Broken Wings; The Lion's Back; E.T. Come Home; Saved by the Vest; Back on Track; The Breath of Life
77.4-3 02 May 01Avalanche!; Delana's Dream; Gorillas in the Midst
78.4-4 02 May 01Operation Babylift
79.4-5 02 May 01Miracle on the Ski Lift; Church Reunion; Twin Angel; Tangled Moose
80.4-6 02 May 01The Premonition; Angel in the Dugout; Nesting Instinct
81.4-7 02 May 01Date With Destiny; Mothers and Sons; Out of Control
82.4-8 02 May 01Refusing to Die; Diamond in the Rough; Re-Vida-Lized
83.4-9 02 May 01Second Chance; The Lesson; Seeing is Believing
84.4-1002 May 01Balloons from Heaven; Miracle Reunion; Healed by Kindness
85.4-1102 May 01Life on the Line; Angel on Route 64; Benny
86.4-1202 May 01The Deadly Desert; King Kong; Fire in the Night; On the Beach
87.4-1302 May 01Gift From Above; The Christmas Angel; Santa Knows Everything
88.4-1402 May 01Venom; Lucky Lukee; Little Wet Corvette
89.4-1502 May 01One Good Turn; Washed Away; TV Reunion
90.4-1602 May 01Finding Time; Little Girl Lost; Firestorm
91.4-1702 May 01Full Circle; SWF Seeks Tall Texan; Just Like Sisters
92.4-1802 May 01Early Arrival; Miracle on Flight 811; Lucky Layover; Free Fall
93.4-1902 May 01My King and I; Sunday Comics
94.4-2002 May 01Race for Life; Adrift, Cuban Rescue
95.4-2102 May 01The Sting; Brotherly Love
96.4-2202 May 01The Bomb; The Unexpected Guest; Instrument of God
97.4-2302 May 01The Breath of Life; Rapid Descent; Racetrack Inferno; Flipper
98.4-2402 May 01Citizen's Arrest; The Family Ring; Lifesaving Intuition
99.4-2502 May 01Field of Dreams; Dani's Tale; Acres of Hope; Holly's Helping Hand
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