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Hotel de Paree

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A former gunfighter, who wears a mirrored hatband to blind his adversaries, becomes the marshal of a Colorado town and part owner of the local hotel, run by two French women.
Show Details:
Start date: Oct 1959
End date: Jun 1960
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): CBS (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 32 eps
Genre(s): Drama, Western
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze •  TV.com
Episode # Prod Code Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1- 1 2 Oct 59Sundance Returns
2.1- 2 9 Oct 59Juggernaut
3.1- 316 Oct 59Vein Of Ore
4.1- 423 Oct 59The High Cost Of Justice
5.1- 530 Oct 59Return Of Monique
6.1- 6 6 Nov 59A Rope Is For Hanging
7.1- 713 Nov 59A Fool And His Gold
8.1- 820 Nov 59The Only Wheel In Town
9.1- 927 Nov 59The Man Who Believed In Law
10.1-1011 Dec 59Sundance And The Hostiles
11.1-1118 Dec 59Sundance and the Violent Siege
12.1-12 1 Jan 60Sundance And The Blood Money
13.1-13 8 Jan 60Sundance And The Bare-Knuckled Fighters
14.1-1415 Jan 60Sundance And The Kid From Nowhere
15.1-1522 Jan 60Sundance Goes To Kill
16.1-16 5 Feb 60Sundance And The Boat Soldier
17.1-1712 Feb 60Sundance And The Man In Room Seven
18.1-1819 Feb 60Hard Luck For Sundance
19.1-1926 Feb 60Sundance And The Greenhorn Trader
20.1-20 4 Mar 60Sundance And Useless
21.1-2111 Mar 60Sundance And The Hero Of Bloody Blue Creek
22.1-2218 Mar 60Sundance And The Marshal Of Water's End
23.1-23 1 Apr 60Sundance And The Black Widow
24.1-24 8 Apr 60Vengeance For Sundance
25.1-2515 Apr 60Sundance And The Man In The Shadows
26.1-2622 Apr 60Sundance And The Long Trek
27.1-2729 Apr 60Bounty For Sundance
28.1-28 6 May 60Sundance And The Good-Luck Coat
29.1-2913 May 60Sundance And The Cattlemen
30.1-3020 May 60Sundance And The Barren Soil
31.1-3127 May 60Sundance And The Fallen Sparrow
32.1-32 3 Jun 60Sundance And The Delayed Gun (Last Show)
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