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This sitcom lampoons the journalistic style of Rupert Murdoch and the Fleet Street newspapers as traditional newspaperman and editor Harold Stringer tries to preserve some dignity and integrity while managing editor Russell Spam courts scandal and the sensational in order to increase circulation.

Robert Hardy, well known to Americans for his role as Siegfried Farnon on All Creatures Great and Small and as Winston Churchill in various productions, takes on the dual roles of muckraker Russell Spam and his self-important boss, publisher Twiggy Rathbone.

Harold Stringer was played by the veteran deadpan comic actor Geoffrey Palmer in the first series. He was replaced in the second series by Richard Wilson playing a twitchier Dicky Lipton, hired to replace the missing Stringer.
Show Details:
Start date: Feb 1986
End date: Mar 1989
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): ITV (UK)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 13 eps
Genre(s): Comedy
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 16 Feb 86The Tell-Tale Heart
2.1-2 23 Feb 86The Modern Promethius
3.1-3 02 Mar 86Beyond the Infinite
4.1-4 09 Mar 86Casting the Runes
5.1-5 16 Mar 86The Slaughter of the Innocent
6.1-6 23 Mar 86The Respectable Prostitute
Season 2
7.2-1 06 Mar 88Religion of the People
8.2-2 13 Mar 88The Joker to the Thief
9.2-3 20 Mar 88The Hydra's Head
10.2-4 27 Mar 88The Twilight Zone
11.2-5 10 Apr 88Crown of Thorns
12.2-6 17 Apr 88Unleash the Kracken
S02.2-0 10 Mar 89Comic Relief Special: The Satellite Years (15 min)
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