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Show Details:
Start date: May 1964
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): BBC Two (UK)
Run time: 50 min
Episodes: 1100+ eps
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1964
1.1964-105 Feb 64The World of Buckminster Fuller
2.1964-230 May 64Pesticides and Posterity
3.1964-327 Jun 64A Candle to Nature
4.1964-425 Jul 64Strangeness Minus Three
5.1964-522 Aug 64The Air of Science
6.1964-621 Sep 64The Knowledge Explosion
7.1964-719 Oct 64The Amateur Scientist
8.1964-816 Nov 64Tots and Quods and Woodgeries
9.1964-901 Dec 64Professor J.B.S. Haldane, Obituary
10.1964-1014 Dec 64Science, Toys and Magic
Season 1965
11.1965-106 Jan 65Learning from Machines
12.1965-220 Jan 65The Technique of Change
13.1965-303 Feb 65Star Gazers
14.1965-417 Feb 65Science and Art
15.1965-503 Mar 65The Great Computer Scandal
16.1965-617 Mar 65Faster, Farther, Higher
17.1965-731 Mar 65Restless Genius
18.1965-814 Apr 65Other Side of the Pill
19.1965-912 May 65The Big Smoke
20.1965-1026 May 65The Long Slide
21.1965-1109 Jun 65Men and Sharks
22.1965-1223 Jun 65The Sudden Light
23.1965-1314 Jul 65Dr. Joseph Needham
24.1965-1428 Jul 65Science Fiction: Science Fact?
25.1965-1511 Aug 65Certain of Uncertainty
26.1965-1625 Aug 65Time Stood Still
27.1965-1708 Sep 65Fuel for the Future
28.1965-1822 Sep 65Let Newton Be
29.1965-1910 Oct 65Special Senses
30.1965-2024 Oct 65An Affair of the Heart
31.1965-2107 Nov 6510,000 Tombs
32.1965-2221 Nov 65Toil, Sweat & Tears
33.1965-2305 Dec 65The Big Dishes and the Living Stream
34.1965-2419 Dec 65Boys on Bubbles
Season 1966
35.1966-102 Jan 66Windows of the Soul
36.1966-216 Jan 66The Troubled Mind
37.1966-330 Jan 66A Man of Two Visions
38.1966-413 Feb 66A Theory of the Earth
39.1966-527 Feb 66Route 128
40.1966-613 Mar 66The Beginning of Life
41.1966-727 Mar 66So You Want to Be an Inventor?
42.1966-810 Apr 66Chance and Decay
43.1966-924 Apr 66Towers of Ilium
44.1966-1008 May 66Man in Space
45.1966-1122 May 66Destination Mars
46.1966-1205 Jun 66Man Meets Duck
47.1966-1319 Jun 66Where Must the Money Go?
48.1966-1403 Jul 66Genes in Action
49.1966-1517 Jul 66The Lonely Children
50.1966-1631 Jul 66Man of Science
51.1966-1711 Sep 66The Dolphins That Joined the Navy
52.1966-1825 Sep 66M.I.T's ABC
53.1966-1910 Oct 66Ten Years in the Antarctic
54.1966-2024 Oct 66The Athlete
55.1966-2107 Nov 66From Peenemünde to the Moon
56.1966-2221 Nov 66Sex-Change?
57.1966-2305 Dec 66The Structure of Life
58.1966-2425 Dec 66Hand Me My Sword, Humphrey
Season 1967
59.1967-117 Jan 67Sons of Cain
60.1967-217 Feb 67How Best to Make a Man, How Best to Make a Scientist
61.1967-328 Feb 67Dynamo - The Life of Michael Faraday
62.1967-414 Mar 67Migraine
63.1967-528 Mar 67How Safe is Surgery?
64.1967-625 Apr 67The Shape of War to Come
65.1967-709 May 67Memory
66.1967-823 May 67Masters of the Desert
67.1967-920 Jun 67Cancer - The Smoker's Gamble
68.1967-1004 Jul 67Science and the Supernatural
69.1967-1118 Jul 67Hypnosis
70.1967-1212 Sep 67The War of the Boffins
71.1967-1326 Sep 67Aspects of Alcohol
72.1967-1410 Oct 67Lords of the Sea
73.1967-1524 Oct 67Will Art Last?
74.1967-1607 Nov 67Air Safety - The Unknown Factor
75.1967-1721 Nov 67The Life and Death of the Pine Processionary
76.1967-1805 Dec 67Koestler on Creativity
77.1967-1912 Dec 67The World of Ted Serios
78.1967-2024 Dec 67Professor in Toyland
Season 1968
79.1968-102 Jan 68An Ingenious Man - Sir H. John Baker
80.1968-230 Jan 68Man's Best Friend
81.1968-313 Feb 68Once a Junkie
82.1968-427 Feb 68Towns, Traffic and Tomorrow
83.1968-512 Mar 68The Man Makers
84.1968-626 Mar 68Man in Search of Himself
85.1968-709 Apr 68Investigating Murder
86.1968-807 May 68The Equation of Murder
87.1968-912 Sep 68The Lindemann Enigma
88.1968-1019 Sep 68From Field to Factory
89.1968-1126 Sep 68Comfort on Aging
90.1968-1203 Oct 68Experiments in War
91.1968-1317 Oct 68African Medicine
92.1968-1424 Oct 68The Broken Bridge
93.1968-1531 Oct 68Children Without Words
94.1968-1607 Nov 68Computer Revolution
95.1968-1714 Nov 68The Doctor's Dilemma
96.1968-1821 Nov 68In the Matter of Dr. Alfred Nobel
97.1968-1928 Nov 68Wheels Within Wheels
98.1968-2005 Dec 68Black Man, White Science
99.1968-2112 Dec 68Hidden World
100.1968-2219 Dec 68The Talgai Skull
101.1968-2324 Dec 68Phantasmagoria: The Magic Lantern
Season 1969
102.1969-102 Jan 69Inside Every Fat Man
103.1969-209 Jan 69If Only They Could Speak
104.1969-316 Jan 69The Miraculous Wonder: The Human Eye
105.1969-423 Jan 69The Years of the Locust
106.1969-530 Jan 69The Gifted Child
107.1969-606 Feb 69The Last of the Polymaths
108.1969-713 Feb 69Music and the Mind
109.1969-820 Feb 69Report on V.D.
110.1969-922 Feb 69A True Madness
111.1969-1027 Feb 69Extra Sensory Perception
112.1969-1106 Mar 69The Drift from Science
113.1969-1213 Mar 69Powers of Persuasion
114.1969-1320 Mar 69The View from Space
115.1969-1427 Mar 69The Unborn Patient
116.1969-1510 Apr 69King Solomon's Garden
117.1969-1624 Apr 69Muck Today, Poison Tomorrow
118.1969-1701 May 69Shark
119.1969-1815 May 69Technology and Self-Determination
120.1969-1922 May 69After Apollo
121.1969-2029 May 69Discovery
122.1969-2105 Jun 69Machines and People
123.1969-2215 Sep 69Science on Safari
124.1969-2329 Sep 69The Problem of Pain
125.1969-2406 Oct 69Four Fast Legs and a Nose
126.1969-2513 Oct 69Father of the Man
127.1969-2620 Oct 69Master of the Microscope
128.1969-2727 Oct 69C.E.R.N.
129.1969-2803 Nov 69Snap, Crackle and Bang
130.1969-2910 Nov 69Cancer Now
131.1969-3017 Nov 69There's a Rhino in My Sugar
132.1969-3124 Nov 69Fit to Live
133.1969-3201 Dec 69Don't Cackle, Lay Eggs
134.1969-3308 Dec 69How Much Do You Drink?
135.1969-3415 Dec 69A Game of War
136.1969-3522 Dec 69Bread
137.1969-3629 Dec 69For the Safety of Mankind
Season 1970
138.1970-105 Jan 70Just Another World
139.1970-212 Jan 70Henry Royce, Mechanic
140.1970-319 Jan 70A Disease of Our Time - Stress
141.1970-426 Jan 70A Disease of Our Time - Heart Attacks
142.1970-502 Feb 70Sex and Sexuality
143.1970-616 Feb 70Whose Coast?
144.1970-723 Feb 70A Much Wanted Child
145.1970-802 Mar 70The Expert Witness
146.1970-909 Mar 70After the Iron Age
147.1970-1016 Mar 70Let the Therapy Fit the Crime
148.1970-1123 Mar 70The World Outside
149.1970-1230 Mar 70In the Beginning Was the Word
150.1970-1313 Apr 70The Drifting of the Continents
151.1970-1420 Apr 70A Case of Priority
152.1970-1527 Apr 70The Fretful Elements
153.1970-1611 May 70One Man's Meat
154.1970-1706 Jul 70Only Skin Deep
155.1970-1813 Jul 70Wolves and Wolfmen
156.1970-1910 Aug 70A Measure of Uncertainty
157.1970-2017 Aug 70The Manhunters
158.1970-2124 Aug 70Don't Get Sick in America
159.1970-2231 Aug 70Crown of Thorns
160.1970-2307 Sep 70Noah's Ark in Kensington
161.1970-2414 Sep 70Virus
162.1970-2521 Sep 70Water, Water
163.1970-2628 Sep 70All Creatures Great and Small
164.1970-2705 Oct 70Child for a Lifetime
165.1970-2812 Oct 70Something for Our Children
166.1970-2902 Nov 70Million Ton Tanker
167.1970-3009 Nov 70The Insect War
168.1970-3116 Nov 70The Savage Mind
169.1970-3223 Nov 70Tanks
170.1970-3330 Nov 70Mind the Machine
171.1970-3407 Dec 70Square Pegs
172.1970-3514 Dec 70The City That Waits to Die
173.1970-3621 Dec 70The Man Who Talks to Frogs
174.1970-3728 Dec 70The Gargantuan Triumph of Science
Season 1971
175.1971-104 Jan 71Wildlife - The Last Great Battle
176.1971-218 Jan 71Great Ormond Street
177.1971-325 Jan 71A Bulldozer Through Heaven
178.1971-401 Feb 71Rumors of War
179.1971-515 Feb 71I'm Dependent - You're Addicted
180.1971-622 Feb 71Kuru - To Tremble with Fear
181.1971-708 Mar 71Due to a Lack of Interest, Tomorrow Has Been Canceled
182.1971-815 Mar 71What Kind of Doctor?
183.1971-922 Mar 71Nice Sort of Accident to Have
184.1971-1005 Apr 71The Wood
185.1971-1112 Apr 71The Measure of a Man
186.1971-1226 Apr 71Three Score Years and Then?
187.1971-1303 May 71Darwin's Bulldog
188.1971-1410 May 71The Secret
189.1971-1517 May 71What Every Girl Should Know
190.1971-1624 May 71Tastes of Food to Come
191.1971-1731 May 71Looking for a Happy Landing
192.1971-1807 Jun 71A Case of Depression
193.1971-1914 Jun 71The Total War Machine
194.1971-2021 Jun 71The Dinosaur Hunters
195.1971-2127 Sep 71Your Country Needs You
196.1971-2204 Oct 71Rheumatism
197.1971-2311 Oct 71If at First You Don't Succeed...You Don't Succeed
198.1971-2418 Oct 71One Liverpool or Two?
199.1971-2525 Oct 71Rutherford, Cavendish
200.1971-2601 Nov 71The Fierce People
201.1971-2715 Nov 71The Men Who Painted Caves
202.1971-2822 Nov 71The Crab Nebula
203.1971-2929 Nov 71Can Venice Survive?
204.1971-3006 Dec 71Willingly to School
205.1971-3120 Dec 71Periscope War
206.1971-3227 Dec 71Patently Absurd
Season 1972
207.1972-103 Jan 72The Missing Link
208.1972-210 Jan 72Navajo - The Last Red Indians
209.1972-317 Jan 72How Much Do You Smell?
210.1972-431 Jan 72Parasite of Paradise
211.1972-507 Feb 72The Day It Rained Periwinkles
212.1972-614 Feb 72Are You Doing This for Me, Doctor?
213.1972-721 Feb 72How They Sold Doomsday
214.1972-828 Feb 72For Love or Money
215.1972-906 Mar 72Whales, Dolphins and Men
216.1972-1013 Mar 72What is Race?
217.1972-1120 Mar 72Man-Made Lakes in Africa
218.1972-1227 Mar 72Survival in the Sahara
219.1972-1310 Apr 72Mind Over Body
220.1972-1417 Apr 72Out of Volcanoes
221.1972-1501 May 72The Wizard Who Spat on the Floor
222.1972-1608 May 72Rail Crash
223.1972-1722 May 72Do You Dig National Parks?
224.1972-1812 Jun 72Sorry I Opened My Mouth
225.1972-1903 Jul 72The Way We Move
226.1972-2010 Jul 72The Life That Lives on Man
227.1972-2124 Jul 72Sex Can Be a Problem
228.1972-2231 Jul 72The Surgery of Violence
229.1972-2312 Oct 72Hospital, 1922
230.1972-2419 Oct 72When Polar Bears Swam in the Thames
231.1972-2526 Oct 72The Making of the English Landscape
232.1972-2602 Nov 72Shadows of Bliss
233.1972-2709 Nov 72Billion Marsh
234.1972-2816 Nov 72Do You Sincerely Want a Long Life?
235.1972-2923 Nov 72The Making of a Natural History Film
236.1972-3030 Nov 72Fire
237.1972-3107 Dec 72Alaskan Pipe Dream
238.1972-3221 Dec 72Their Life in Your Hands
239.1972-3328 Dec 72Navigating Europe
Season 1973
240.1973-104 Jan 73Epidemic
241.1973-211 Jan 73Worlds in Collision
242.1973-318 Jan 73The Military Necessity
243.1973-425 Jan 73The Curtain of Silence
244.1973-501 Feb 73Crime Lab
245.1973-608 Feb 73When the Breeding Has to Stop
246.1973-715 Feb 73Science is Dead, Long Live Science
247.1973-801 Mar 73...And Where Will the Children Play?
248.1973-908 Mar 73Acupuncture: A Chinese Puzzle
249.1973-1022 Mar 73What Time is Your Body?
250.1973-1105 Apr 73Survival of the Weakest
251.1973-1212 Apr 73Red Sea Coral and the Crown of Thorns
252.1973-1326 Apr 73Lumbered with Back-Ache!
253.1973-1403 May 73Airport
254.1973-1517 May 73Do You Remember the Memory Man?
255.1973-1624 May 73What a Waste!
256.1973-1707 Jun 73The Laws of the Land
257.1973-1814 Jun 73Do We Really Need the Railways?
258.1973-1921 Jun 73The Telly of Tomorrow
259.1973-2028 Jun 73The Rat Man
260.1973-2105 Jul 73How Does It Hurt?
261.1973-2209 Aug 73A Scientist Looks at Religion
262.1973-2324 Sep 73In Search of Konrad Lorenz
263.1973-2401 Oct 73Stretch Up Tall
264.1973-2508 Oct 73Gilding the Lily
265.1973-2615 Oct 73Black Holes of Gravity
266.1973-2722 Oct 73What's So Big About Us?
267.1973-2829 Oct 73The Steadfast Tin Soldier
268.1973-2905 Nov 73Carry on Smoking
269.1973-3026 Nov 73Air Crash Detective
270.1973-3103 Dec 73An Element of Mystery
271.1973-3217 Dec 73Digging Up the Future
272.1973-3324 Dec 73Kula, a Reason for Giving
Season 1974
273.1974-107 Jan 74A Matter of Self-Defense
274.1974-214 Jan 74Bird Brain - The Mystery of Bird Navigation
275.1974-321 Jan 74Never Too Late to Learn
276.1974-428 Jan 74The Great Fish Hunt
277.1974-504 Feb 74Pedal Power
278.1974-611 Feb 74The Writing on the Wall
279.1974-718 Feb 74Where Did the Colorado Go?
280.1974-804 Mar 74The Future Goes Boom
281.1974-911 Mar 74Fusion: The Energy Promise
282.1974-1022 Apr 74The First Ten Years
283.1974-1129 Apr 74This Yankee Dodge Beats Mesmerism Hollow
284.1974-1206 May 74The Hunting of the Quark
285.1974-1313 May 74A Noah's Ark for Europe
286.1974-1403 Jun 74Bridges: When It Comes to the Crunch
287.1974-1510 Jun 74Search for Life
288.1974-1610 Jun 74The Secrets of Sleep
289.1974-1724 Jun 74Who Needs Skills?
290.1974-1801 Jul 74Hills of Promise
291.1974-1908 Jul 74The Race for the Double Helix
292.1974-2015 Jul 74The Immigrant Doctors
293.1974-2122 Jul 74Mines, Minerals and Men
294.1974-2229 Jul 74What Price Steak?
295.1974-2305 Aug 74Listen and Be Loyal
296.1974-2412 Aug 74Adam or Eve?
297.1974-2502 Sep 74An Unholy Scramble
298.1974-2628 Oct 74Do as You Are Told
299.1974-2704 Nov 74The First Signs of Washoe
300.1974-2811 Nov 74The Other Way
301.1974-2909 Dec 74Joey
302.1974-3016 Dec 74The Neglected Harvest
303.1974-3123 Dec 74How on Earth Did They Do That?
304.1974-3230 Dec 74The Lysenko Affair
Season 1975
305.1975-106 Jan 75The Cleanest Place in the World
306.1975-220 Jan 75The Killer Dust
307.1975-327 Jan 75A Time to Be Born
308.1975-410 Feb 75The Unsafe Sea
309.1975-517 Feb 75The Change of Life
310.1975-624 Feb 75Project Fido
311.1975-707 Apr 75The Long, Long Walkabout
312.1975-814 Apr 75The Overworked Miracle
313.1975-921 Apr 75Not the Cheapest, But the Best
314.1975-1028 Apr 75A Spoonful of Roughage
315.1975-1105 May 75Brain Poison
316.1975-1212 May 75The Bulldog's Last Bark
317.1975-1319 May 75Benjamin
318.1975-1402 Jun 75The McMaster Experiment
319.1975-1509 Jun 75The Glazed Outlook
320.1975-1616 Jun 75The Three Chord Trick
321.1975-1723 Jun 75The Cleanest Place in the World
322.1975-1830 Jun 75Strange Sleep
323.1975-1907 Jul 75The Greatest Advance Since the Wheel?
324.1975-2014 Jul 75How Do You Read?
325.1975-2121 Jul 75The Sickly Sea
326.1975-2228 Jul 75Happy Catastrophe
327.1975-2304 Aug 75To Die, to Live - The Survivors of Hiroshima
328.1975-2411 Aug 75Cannabis
329.1975-2518 Aug 75Meditation and the Mind
330.1975-2629 Dec 75The Trobriand Experiment
Season 1976
331.1976-105 Jan 76The Transplant Experience
332.1976-212 Jan 76Intimate Strangers
333.1976-319 Jan 76A Fair Share of What Little We Have
334.1976-426 Jan 76The Incredible Machine
335.1976-502 Feb 76King Coal Revived
336.1976-609 Feb 76A Question of Trust
337.1976-716 Feb 76The Case of the Bermuda Triangle
338.1976-823 Feb 76The Lords of the Labyrinth
339.1976-901 Mar 76Inside the Shark
340.1976-1008 Mar 76The Chemical Dream
341.1976-1115 Mar 76The Edelin Affair
342.1976-1222 Mar 76The World of Margaret Mead
343.1976-1329 Mar 76The Pathway from Madness
344.1976-1405 Apr 76Geronimo's Children
345.1976-1512 Apr 76The Vision of the Blind
346.1976-1626 Apr 76A Lesson for Teachers
347.1976-1703 May 76Why Did Stuart Die?
348.1976-1810 May 76The Planets
349.1976-1917 May 76The Children of Peru
350.1976-2024 May 76Dying
351.1976-2131 May 76The Great British Drought
352.1976-2207 Jun 76A Home Like Ours... A Story of Four Children
353.1976-2314 Jun 76What's Wrong with the Sun?
354.1976-2425 Oct 76The Bull's Eye War
355.1976-2501 Nov 76The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs
356.1976-2608 Nov 76Billion Dollar Bubble
357.1976-2715 Nov 76The Selfish Gene
358.1976-2822 Nov 76A Child of Our Own
359.1976-2929 Nov 76Secrets of a Coral Island
360.1976-3006 Dec 76The Long Valley
361.1976-3113 Dec 76Half-Way to 1984
362.1976-3220 Dec 76The Mystery of King Arthur and His Round Table
Season 1977
363.1977-107 Jan 77A Smile for a Crocodile
364.1977-214 Jan 77The Pill for the People
365.1977-321 Jan 77The Ape That Stood Up
366.1977-404 Feb 77The Human Animal
367.1977-518 Feb 77The Guinea Pig and the Law
368.1977-625 Feb 77Hunters of the Seal
369.1977-704 Mar 77The Red Planet
370.1977-811 Mar 77One of Nature's Hotels
371.1977-918 Mar 77Dawn of the Solar Age
372.1977-1001 Apr 77Genetic Roulette
373.1977-1115 Jul 77The Amazing Doctor Newton
374.1977-1222 Jul 77The Trouble with Medicine
375.1977-1329 Jul 77Silent Speech
376.1977-1405 Aug 77The Green Machine
377.1977-1526 Aug 77Horizon 2002
378.1977-1602 Sep 77The River That Came Clean
379.1977-1709 Sep 77Blueprints in the Bloodstream
380.1977-1816 Sep 7740 Years of Murder
381.1977-1923 Sep 77Darwin's Dream
382.1977-2030 Sep 77The Cry for Help
383.1977-2107 Oct 77The Sunspot Mystery
384.1977-2221 Oct 77The Rhine's Revenge
385.1977-2302 Dec 77Icarus' Children
386.1977-2409 Dec 77The Healing Nightmare
387.1977-2523 Dec 77The Great Wine Revolution
Season 1978
388.1978-106 Jan 78Living Machines
389.1978-220 Jan 78A Land for All Reasons
390.1978-327 Jan 78I Don't Want to Be a Burden
391.1978-403 Feb 78Zero G
392.1978-517 Feb 78The Message in the Rocks
393.1978-624 Feb 78The Eddystone Lights
394.1978-710 Mar 78Light of the 21st Century
395.1978-824 Mar 78The New Breadline
396.1978-931 Mar 78Now the Chips Are Down
397.1978-1014 Jul 78Explosions in the Mind
398.1978-1121 Jul 78One Small Step
399.1978-1228 Jul 78The Tsetse Trap
400.1978-1304 Aug 78A Whisper from Space
401.1978-1411 Aug 78Prisoners of Hope
402.1978-1518 Aug 78On a Different Track
403.1978-1625 Aug 78Careering Into Science
404.1978-1701 Sep 78Cashing In on the Ocean
405.1978-1808 Sep 78Bags of Life
406.1978-1915 Sep 78Innocent Slaughter
407.1978-2003 Nov 78The Beersheva Experiment
408.1978-2110 Nov 78Divers Do It Deeper
409.1978-2217 Nov 78The Big Sleep
410.1978-2324 Nov 78The Vital Spark
411.1978-2429 Dec 78The Red Deer of Rhum
Season 1979
412.1979-126 Feb 79The Forever Fuel
413.1979-205 Mar 79In Search of Pegasus
414.1979-312 Mar 79The Keys of Paradise
415.1979-419 Mar 79Sweet Solutions
416.1979-526 Mar 79Bronze Age Blast-Off
417.1979-602 Apr 79The Real Bionic Man
418.1979-709 Apr 79A Mediterranean Prospect
419.1979-823 Apr 79Elements of Risk
420.1979-930 Apr 79Mr. Ludwig's Tropical Dreamland
421.1979-1007 May 79Where Nothing Happens Twice
422.1979-1114 May 79Journey Through the Human Body
423.1979-1221 May 79The Fight to Be Male
424.1979-1328 May 79The Robots Are Coming
425.1979-1424 Sep 79Mexican Oil Dance
426.1979-1501 Oct 79Tracks on the Oregon Trail
427.1979-1608 Oct 79The Race to Reshape Cars
428.1979-1715 Oct 79Dragnet for Diabetes
429.1979-1822 Oct 79The Lost Waters of the Nile
430.1979-1929 Oct 79Survival of the Fastest
431.1979-2005 Nov 79A Touch of Sensitivity
432.1979-2112 Nov 79A Treasury of Trees
433.1979-2219 Nov 79Darkness Visible
434.1979-2303 Dec 79Uranium Goes Critical
435.1979-2410 Dec 79The Fat in the Fire
436.1979-2517 Dec 79Decade
Season 1980
437.1980-114 Jan 80The Ghost of the Amoco Cadiz
438.1980-221 Jan 80You Are Old, Father William
439.1980-304 Feb 80Cleared for Takeoff
440.1980-411 Feb 80A Sporting Chance
441.1980-518 Feb 80Cancer Detectives of Lin Xian
442.1980-625 Feb 80The Big If...
443.1980-703 Mar 80Cash from Trash
444.1980-810 Mar 80Encounter with Jupiter
445.1980-917 Mar 80Portrait of a Poison
446.1980-1024 Mar 80Magnet Earth
447.1980-1101 Sep 80Goodbye Gutenberg
448.1980-1208 Sep 80Invasion of the Virions
449.1980-1315 Sep 80Beyond the Milky Way
450.1980-1422 Sep 80Little Boxes
451.1980-1529 Sep 80The Other Kenya
452.1980-1606 Oct 80Moving Still
453.1980-1713 Oct 80The Way Out
454.1980-1820 Oct 80The Dead Sea Lives
455.1980-1927 Oct 80Once in a Million Years
456.1980-2003 Nov 80Smoker's Luck
457.1980-2110 Nov 80Behind the Horoscope
458.1980-2217 Nov 80The Mondragon Experiment
459.1980-2324 Nov 80The Spike
460.1980-2401 Dec 80The Slatemakers
461.1980-2515 Dec 80Anatomy of a Volcano
Season 1981
462.1981-105 Jan 81Spend and Prosper
463.1981-212 Jan 81A Whole New Medicine
464.1981-319 Jan 81The Qualyub Project
465.1981-426 Jan 81No-One Will Take Me Seriously
466.1981-502 Feb 81Living with Dying
467.1981-609 Feb 81A is for Atom, B is for Bomb
468.1981-716 Feb 81Who Will Deliver Your Baby?
469.1981-802 Mar 81West of Bangalore
470.1981-909 Mar 81Gentlemen, Lift Your Skirts
471.1981-1016 Mar 81Hello Universe!
472.1981-1123 Mar 81Voices from Silent Hands
473.1981-1230 Mar 81Did Darwin Get It Wrong?
474.1981-1306 Apr 81East of Bombay
475.1981-1411 Apr 81Resolution on Saturn - The Rings
476.1981-1513 Apr 81Resolution on Saturn - The Moons
477.1981-1628 Sep 81Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
478.1981-1705 Oct 81The Hunt for the Legion Killer
479.1981-1812 Oct 81Breaking in Children
480.1981-1919 Oct 81The Grid
481.1981-2026 Oct 81Butterflies or Barley?
482.1981-2102 Nov 81Science for the People
483.1981-2209 Nov 81The Race to Ruin
484.1981-2316 Nov 81Death of the Dinosaurs
485.1981-2423 Nov 81The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
486.1981-2530 Nov 81The Cornucopia
487.1981-2607 Dec 81The Race Against Time
488.1981-2721 Dec 81Painting by Numbers
Season 1982
489.1982-111 Jan 82The Secret of the Snake
490.1982-218 Jan 82Finding a Voice
491.1982-325 Jan 82The Sea Beyond the Dunes
492.1982-401 Feb 82Whatever Happened to the Energy Crisis?
493.1982-508 Feb 82Notes of a Biology Watcher
494.1982-615 Feb 82The Cline Affair
495.1982-722 Feb 82The Million Murdering Death
496.1982-801 Mar 82Shots in the Dark
497.1982-908 Mar 82The Victims
498.1982-1015 Mar 82The Future - Made in Japan?
499.1982-1122 Mar 82The Private Face of Medicine
500.1982-1205 Apr 82The Fatal Bargain
501.1982-1311 Oct 82The Miracle of Life
502.1982-1418 Oct 82The Case of the UFOs
503.1982-1525 Oct 82A Killing Rain
504.1982-1601 Nov 82Intimate Relations
505.1982-1708 Nov 82The Scientist and the Baby
506.1982-1815 Nov 82Brave New Babies?
507.1982-1929 Nov 82The Professor of Surgery
508.1982-2006 Dec 82The Chopper
509.1982-2113 Dec 82The State of the Planet
510.1982-2220 Dec 82The Mysterious Mr. Tesla
Season 1983
511.1983-110 Jan 83Sizewell Under Pressure
512.1983-217 Jan 83The Tropical Time Machine
513.1983-324 Jan 83The Geneva Event
514.1983-407 Feb 83How Much Can You Drink?
515.1983-514 Feb 83Talking Turtle
516.1983-621 Feb 83What Little Girls Are Made of
517.1983-728 Feb 83British Science - On the Wrong Track?
518.1983-807 Mar 83The Great Plains Massacre
519.1983-914 Mar 83Hard Rock
520.1983-1021 Mar 83Better Mind the Computer
521.1983-1111 Apr 83Madness on Trial
522.1983-1218 Apr 83Sixty Minutes to Meltdown
523.1983-1325 Apr 83Killer in the Village
524.1983-1426 Sep 83The Case of ESP
525.1983-1503 Oct 83The Artificial Heart
526.1983-1610 Oct 83Dr. Priestley and the Breath of Life
527.1983-1717 Oct 83Professor Hawking's Universe
528.1983-1824 Oct 83The Cruel Choice
529.1983-1931 Oct 83A Child's Guide to Languages
530.1983-2007 Nov 83China's Child
531.1983-2114 Nov 83The Earthquake Connection
532.1983-2228 Nov 83Prisoner or Patient?
533.1983-2305 Dec 83Cancer - The Pattern in the Genes
534.1983-2412 Dec 83The Academy
Season 1984
535.1984-109 Jan 84The Intelligence Man
536.1984-216 Jan 84Microworld!
537.1984-323 Jan 84A New Green Revolution?
538.1984-430 Jan 84Spies in the Wires
539.1984-513 Feb 84Valley of the Inca
540.1984-627 Feb 84The Conquest of Parasites
541.1984-705 Mar 84Reflections on a River
542.1984-812 Mar 84A Normal Face
543.1984-919 Mar 84Prisoners of Incest
544.1984-1026 Mar 84Signs of the Apes, Songs of the Whales
545.1984-1109 Apr 84Professor Bonner and the Slime Moulds
546.1984-1216 Apr 84The Mind of a Murderer - The Case of the Hillside Strangler
547.1984-1323 Apr 84The Mind of a Murderer - The Mask of Madness
548.1984-1430 Apr 84A Cruel Inheritance
549.1984-1507 May 84The Malvern Link
550.1984-1605 Nov 84Contented Cows and Other Animals
551.1984-1712 Nov 84Picking Winners
552.1984-1819 Nov 84The Brain Puzzle
553.1984-1926 Nov 84Global Village
554.1984-2003 Dec 84Ivan
555.1984-2110 Dec 84A Mathematical Mystery Tour
556.1984-2217 Dec 84Supercharged
Season 1985
557.1985-107 Jan 85Colourful Notions
558.1985-214 Jan 85A World of Their Own
559.1985-321 Jan 85Decoding Danebury
560.1985-428 Jan 85A Mission to Heal
561.1985-504 Feb 85The Mystery of the Left Hand
562.1985-611 Feb 85The Theatre of War
563.1985-725 Feb 85The Careful Predator
564.1985-804 Mar 85What Einstein Never Knew
565.1985-911 Mar 85Eurekaaargh!
566.1985-1018 Mar 85Careering On
567.1985-1125 Mar 85How to Film the Impossible
568.1985-1201 Apr 85The Food Allergy War
569.1985-1315 Apr 85The Goddess of the Earth
570.1985-1422 Apr 85IRAS - The Supercooled Eye
571.1985-1529 Apr 85A Prize Discovery
Season 1986
572.1986-106 Jan 86Are You a Racist?
573.1986-213 Jan 86Genesis
574.1986-320 Jan 86Bitter Cold
575.1986-427 Jan 86The Mould, the Myth and the Microbe
576.1986-503 Feb 86Outbreak: The Microbe Masters the Mould
577.1986-610 Feb 86The Wrong Stuff
578.1986-717 Feb 86Science...Fiction?
579.1986-824 Feb 86The Children of Eve
580.1986-903 Mar 86The New Face of Leprosy
581.1986-1010 Mar 86Hi-Tech a la Francaise
582.1986-1117 Mar 86In the Wake of HMS Sheffield
583.1986-1224 Mar 86AIDS: A Strange and Deadly Virus
584.1986-1307 Apr 86The Case of the Frozen Addicts
585.1986-1414 Apr 86Nice Guys Finish First
586.1986-1521 Apr 86The Men Who Bottled a Cow
587.1986-1628 Apr 86Twice Five Plus the Wings of a Bird
588.1986-1712 May 86What Makes an Animal Smart?
589.1986-1819 May 86A Handful of Sugar with a Pinch of Salt
590.1986-1926 May 86Uranus Encounter
591.1986-2009 Jun 86Who Built Stonehenge?
592.1986-2116 Jun 86Battered Baby - From Generation to Generation
593.1986-2223 Jun 86Battered Baby - Breaking the Chain
594.1986-2330 Jun 86Doctors to Be
Season 1987
595.1987-105 Jan 87The Twentyfive Hour Clock
596.1987-212 Jan 87The Search for the Disappeared
597.1987-319 Jan 87The Blind Watchmaker
598.1987-426 Jan 87Riding the Stack
599.1987-502 Feb 87Bruno Bettelheim: The Man Who Cared for Children
600.1987-609 Feb 87Bruno Bettelheim: A Sense of Surviving
601.1987-716 Feb 87Energy from Outer Space
602.1987-823 Feb 87The Return of the Osprey
603.1987-902 Mar 87Can AIDS Be Stopped
604.1987-1009 Mar 87Police Stress: The John Wayne Syndrome
605.1987-1116 Mar 87To Engineer is Human
606.1987-1223 Mar 87The Magma Chamber
607.1987-1330 Mar 87Broken Images
608.1987-1406 Apr 87Trial Babies
609.1987-1513 Apr 87After Chernobyl - Closer to Home
610.1987-1627 Apr 87Life Story
611.1987-1711 May 87Making Sex Pay
612.1987-1818 May 87The Anthropic Principle
613.1987-1901 Jun 87Aircrash: The Burning Issue
614.1987-2008 Jun 87The Riddle of the Joints
615.1987-2115 May 87To Catch a Falling Star
616.1987-2222 Jun 87In the Light of New Information
617.1987-2329 Jun 87Janice's Choice
Season 1988
618.1988-104 Jan 88The Transplanted Brain
619.1988-211 Jan 88Death of a Star
620.1988-318 Jan 88Playing with Madness
621.1988-425 Jan 88The Canal in the Jungle
622.1988-501 Feb 88Death of the Working Classes
623.1988-608 Feb 88The Greenhouse Effect
624.1988-715 Feb 88Struggling for Control
625.1988-822 Feb 88Thinking
626.1988-929 Feb 88Patients on Trial
627.1988-1007 Mar 88Purple Warrior - Rules of Engagement
628.1988-1114 Mar 88Purple Warrior - Limited War
629.1988-1228 Mar 88The Heart of Another
630.1988-1311 Apr 88Easter Island - The Secrets
631.1988-1418 Apr 88Easter Island - The Story
632.1988-1523 Apr 88Doctors to Be - Trial by Interview
633.1988-1624 Apr 88Doctors to Be - The Knowledge
634.1988-1725 Apr 88Doctors to Be - Welcome to the Real World
635.1988-1802 May 88Cancer at Bay
636.1988-1909 May 88Traces of Murder
637.1988-2016 May 88The Hope of Progress
638.1988-2123 May 88A Newsday Revolution
639.1988-2206 Jun 88A Good Test?
640.1988-2313 Jun 88Superconductor - The Race for the Prize
641.1988-2427 Jun 88Believe Me
642.1988-2504 Jul 88The Quest for Tannu Tuva
Season 1989
643.1989-109 Jan 89The Book of Man
644.1989-216 Jan 89The Poison That Waits
645.1989-323 Jan 89Perils of the Deep
646.1989-430 Jan 89Smart Weapons
647.1989-506 Feb 89Wasting the Alps
648.1989-613 Feb 89In the Last Resort
649.1989-720 Feb 89Gaze in Wonder
650.1989-827 Feb 89In My Lifetime?
651.1989-906 Mar 89Concerto
652.1989-1013 Mar 89Black Schizophrenia
653.1989-1120 Mar 89Trial in the Jungle
654.1989-1203 Apr 89Who Will Make Me Better?
655.1989-1317 Apr 89A Wonderful Life
656.1989-1424 Apr 89Why Buildings Make You Sick
657.1989-1508 May 89Jubilee
658.1989-1615 May 89Crash
659.1989-1722 May 89The New Sixth Sense
660.1989-1812 Jun 89Clive Sinclair: The Anatomy of an Inventor
661.1989-1919 Jun 89Newpin: A Lifetime
662.1989-2026 Jun 89Time of Darkness
Season 1990
663.1990-108 Jan 90Oil Spill
664.1990-215 Jan 90Medicine 2000
665.1990-322 Jan 90Food Irradiation: Would You Buy It?
666.1990-429 Jan 90From Earth to Miranda
667.1990-505 Feb 90Encounter with Neptune
668.1990-612 Feb 90Guess What's Coming to Dinner?
669.1990-719 Feb 90The First 14 Days
670.1990-805 Mar 90The 10,000 Year Test
671.1990-912 Mar 90Hurricane!
672.1990-1019 Mar 90The Britannic Greenhouse
673.1990-1126 Mar 90Cold Fusion
674.1990-1202 Apr 90The Quake of '89 - The Final Warning?
675.1990-1309 Apr 90The Sharpest Show of the Universe
676.1990-1423 Apr 90The Company of Ants and Bees
677.1990-1530 Apr 90The Intelligent Island
678.1990-1614 May 90Legacy of a Volcano
679.1990-1721 May 90Do Cows Make You Mad?
680.1990-1804 Jun 90The Child Mothers
681.1990-1911 Jun 90Signs of Life
682.1990-2025 Jun 90AIDS: A Quest for a Cure
Season 1991
683.1991-107 Jan 91Sudden Death
684.1991-214 Jan 91Keen as Mustard
685.1991-321 Jan 91Smokers Can Harm Your Health
686.1991-428 Jan 91Coming In from the Cold
687.1991-504 Feb 91Small Problems with the Mirror
688.1991-610 Feb 91Two Weeks to Save the Earth
689.1991-711 Feb 91California Dreaming
690.1991-825 Feb 91The Day the Earth Melted
691.1991-925 Feb 91The Curse of Karash
692.1991-1004 Mar 91Playing at Noah
693.1991-1111 Mar 91Cashing in on Paradise
694.1991-1218 Mar 91The Terracotta Time Machine
695.1991-1325 Mar 91Measuring the Roof of the World
696.1991-1415 Apr 91The First Americans
697.1991-1522 Apr 91Inside Chernobyl's Sarcophagus
698.1991-1629 Apr 91Colonising Cyberspace
699.1991-1713 May 91Emerging Viruses
700.1991-1820 May 91Camelford - A Bitter Aftertaste
701.1991-1903 Jun 91Of Big Bangs, Stick Men and Galactic Holes
702.1991-2010 Jun 91Food for Thought
703.1991-2117 Jun 91The Long Road to the West
704.1991-2224 Jun 91Half Hearted About Semi-Skimmed
705.1991-2301 Jul 91T-Rex Exposed
Season 1992
706.1992-106 Jan 92The Shadow of Breast Cancer
707.1992-213 Jan 92Pest Wars
708.1992-320 Jan 92Molecules with Sunglasses
709.1992-427 Jan 92In Search of the Noble Savage
710.1992-503 Feb 92Malaria: Battle of the Merozoites
711.1992-617 Feb 92The Black Sun
712.1992-724 Feb 92Hitler's Bomb
713.1992-802 Mar 92An Expensive Theology
714.1992-909 Mar 92The Strange Life and Death of Dr. Turing
715.1992-1016 Mar 92Hot Jam in the Doughnut
716.1992-1130 Mar 92A Diet for a Lifetime
717.1992-1206 Apr 92Before Babel
718.1992-1313 Apr 92The Man Who Moved the Mountains
719.1992-1427 Apr 92Iceman
720.1992-1511 May 92Taking the Credit
721.1992-1618 May 92Fast Life in the Food Chain
722.1992-1701 Jun 92Dodging Doomsday
723.1992-1808 Jun 92A Question of Sport...
724.1992-1915 Jun 92Genes R Us
Season 1993
725.1993-104 Jan 93Awakening the Frozen Addicts
726.1993-211 Jan 93Cheating Time
727.1993-318 Jan 93TB - The Forgotten Plague
728.1993-425 Jan 93No Ordinary Genius (1)
729.1993-501 Feb 93No Ordinary Genius (2)
730.1993-608 Feb 93Mars Alive
731.1993-715 Feb 93Suggers, Fruggers and Data-Muggers
732.1993-822 Feb 93The Pyramid Builders
733.1993-901 Mar 93Here Be Monsters
734.1993-1008 Mar 93Iceman (Update)
735.1993-1115 Mar 93Whatever Happened to Star Wars
736.1993-1222 Mar 93Resurrecting the Dead Sea Scrolls
737.1993-1329 Mar 93Dante Goes to Hell
738.1993-1405 Apr 93Ghosts in the Dinosaur Graveyard
739.1993-1519 Apr 93The New Alchemists
740.1993-1610 May 93Allergic to the 20th Century
741.1993-1724 May 93Wot U Looking At?
742.1993-1807 Jun 93The Electronic Frontier
743.1993-1914 Jun 93A Vital Poison
744.1993-2021 Jun 93Chimp Talk
745.1993-2128 Jun 93Life is Impossible
Season 1994
746.1994-110 Jan 94Small Arms, Soft Targets
747.1994-217 Jan 94The Last Mammoth
748.1994-324 Jan 94The Man Who Made Up His Mind
749.1994-431 Jan 94Genie
750.1994-507 Feb 94Death Wish - The Untold Story
751.1994-614 Feb 94Air Crash - The Deadly Puzzle
752.1994-728 Feb 94Hunt for the Doomsday Asteroid
753.1994-807 Mar 94Hubble Vision
754.1994-914 Mar 94Some Like It Hot
755.1994-1021 Mar 94Too Close to the Sun
756.1994-1128 Mar 94Sir Walter's Journey
757.1994-1218 Apr 94After the Flood
758.1994-1325 Apr 94Against the Clock
759.1994-1409 May 94The Blueprints of Genocide
760.1994-1516 May 94Ulcer Wars
761.1994-1607 Nov 94Deaf Whale, Dead Whale
762.1994-1714 Nov 94Whispers of Creation
763.1994-1821 Nov 94The Predator
764.1994-1928 Nov 94Close Encounters
765.1994-2012 Dec 94Orange Sherbet Kisses
766.1994-2119 Dec 94Designer Wines
Season 1995
767.1995-109 Jan 95Tibet - The Ice Mother
768.1995-216 Jan 95Russia's Deep Secrets
769.1995-323 Jan 95Bones of Contention
770.1995-430 Jan 95Siamese Twins
771.1995-520 Feb 92Too Big Too Soon?
772.1995-627 Feb 95Farewell Fantastic Venus
773.1995-706 Mar 95Exodus
774.1995-813 Mar 95The Betrayers
775.1995-920 Mar 95Icon Earth
776.1995-1027 Mar 95The I-Bomb
777.1995-1103 Apr 95Foetal Attraction
778.1995-1210 Apr 95Cracks in the Crust
779.1995-1324 Apr 95Hearing Voices
780.1995-1430 Oct 95Liar
781.1995-1506 Nov 95The Human Laboratory
782.1995-1613 Nov 95Nanotopia
783.1995-1720 Nov 95Hunt for the Doomsday Asteroid (Update)
784.1995-1827 Nov 95A Code in the Nose
785.1995-1904 Dec 95AIDS: Behind Closed Doors
786.1995-2011 Dec 95The Runaway Mountain
Season 1996
787.1996-108 Jan 96The Butchers of Boxgrove
788.1996-215 Jan 96Fermat's Last Theorem
789.1996-322 Jan 96A Miracle for Cancer ?
790.1996-429 Jan 96Nature's Numbers
791.1996-505 Feb 96The Gene Race
792.1996-612 Feb 96Masters of the Ionosphere
793.1996-726 Feb 96Assault on the Male (revisited)
794.1996-804 Mar 96Death by Design
795.1996-911 Mar 96The Planet Hunters
796.1996-1025 Mar 96Inside Chernobyl's Sarcophagus (Update)
797.1996-1101 Apr 96Fallout from Chernobyl
798.1996-1204 Nov 96TV is Dead, Long Live TV
799.1996-1311 Nov 96Aliens from Mars
800.1996-1425 Nov 96Living Death
801.1996-1502 Dec 96The Time Lords
802.1996-1616 Dec 96Noah's Flood
Season 1997
803.1997-127 Feb 97Psychedelic Science
804.1997-206 Mar 97Fat Cats, Thin Mice
805.1997-313 Mar 97Shipwreck
806.1997-420 Mar 97Genius of the Jet
807.1997-527 Mar 97Smallpox on Death Row
808.1997-603 Apr 97Silent Children, New Language
809.1997-717 Apr 97Turned On by Danger
810.1997-824 Apr 97A Perfect Oil Spill
811.1997-901 May 97The Great Balloon Race
812.1997-1011 Sep 97Crater of Death
813.1997-1118 Sep 97Mind Over Body
814.1997-1225 Sep 97Out of Asia
815.1997-1309 Oct 97The Virus That Cures
816.1997-1416 Oct 97The Man Who Lost His Body
817.1997-1523 Oct 97Dawn of the Clone Age
Season 1998
818.1998-119 Feb 98Saddam's Secrets
819.1998-226 Feb 98Dr Miller and the Islanders
820.1998-305 Mar 98The Rainmaker
821.1998-419 Mar 98Hopeful Monsters
822.1998-526 Mar 98The Limits to Birth
823.1998-602 Apr 98Overkill
824.1998-716 Apr 98The Curse of Vesuvius
825.1998-823 Apr 98Mir Mortals
826.1998-930 Apr 98The Computer That Ate Hollywood
827.1998-1007 May 98Magic Bullet
828.1998-1114 May 98The Gulf War Jigsaw
829.1998-1210 Sep 98Sexual Chemistry
830.1998-1301 Oct 98Chimps on Death Row
831.1998-1408 Oct 98Dinosaurs in Your Garden
832.1998-1515 Oct 98Mosquito!
833.1998-1622 Oct 98The Life and Times of Life and Time
834.1998-1729 Oct 98Thalidomide: A Necessary Evil
835.1998-1805 Nov 98Beyond a Joke
Season 1999
836.1999-128 Jan 99From Here to Infinity
837.1999-204 Feb 99Pandemic
838.1999-311 Feb 99Elephants or Ivory
839.1999-418 Feb 99Electric Heart
840.1999-525 Feb 99Sudden Death
841.1999-611 Mar 99New Star in Orbit
842.1999-718 Mar 99New Asteroid Danger
843.1999-825 Mar 99Skeleton Key
844.1999-901 Aug 99Wings of Angels
845.1999-1011 Nov 99Mistaken Identity
846.1999-1118 Nov 99Volcanoes of the Deep
847.1999-1225 Nov 99Anatomy of an Avalanche
848.1999-1302 Dec 99The Midas Formula
Season 2000
849.2000-113 Jan 00Breath of Life
850.2000-220 Jan 00Lost City of Nasca
851.2000-327 Jan 00The Diamond Makers
852.2000-403 Feb 00Supervolcanoes
853.2000-510 Feb 00Miracle in Orbit
854.2000-617 Feb 00Complete Obsession - Body Dysmorphia
855.2000-709 Mar 00Is GM Safe?
856.2000-816 Mar 00Planet Hunters
857.2000-930 Mar 00Constant Craving: The Science of Addiction
858.2000-1004 Apr 00Moon Children
859.2000-1112 Oct 00Mega-Tsunami: Wave of Destruction
860.2000-1219 Oct 00Conjoined Twins
861.2000-1326 Oct 00The Lost World of Lake Vostok
862.2000-1402 Nov 00Vanished: The Plane That Disappeared
863.2000-1509 Nov 00The Secret Treasures of Zeugma
864.2000-1616 Nov 00The Valley of Life or Death
865.2000-1723 Nov 00Extreme Dinosaurs
866.2000-1830 Nov 00Supermassive Black Holes
867.2000-1907 Dec 00The Boy Who Was Turned Into a Girl
868.2000-2014 Dec 00Atlantis Reborn Again
Season 2001
869.2001-125 Jan 01The Mystery of the Miami Circle
870.2001-201 Feb 01The Missing Link
871.2001-308 Feb 01Killer Algae
872.2001-415 Feb 01Ecstasy and Agony
873.2001-522 Feb 01Snowball Earth
874.2001-606 Mar 01Taming the Problem Child
875.2001-720 Sep 01The Mystery of the Persian Mummy
876.2001-804 Oct 01The Ape That Took Over the World
877.2001-911 Oct 01Life Blood
878.2001-1018 Oct 01The Death Star
879.2001-1125 Oct 01Cloning the First Human
Season 2002
880.2002-110 Jan 02Helike - The Real Atlantis
881.2002-217 Jan 02Volcano Hell
882.2002-324 Jan 02Fatbusters
883.2002-431 Jan 02The Lost Pyramids of Caral
884.2002-507 Feb 02Death of the Iceman
885.2002-614 Feb 02Parallel Universes
886.2002-721 Feb 02The Dinosaur That Fooled the World
887.2002-807 Mar 02The Fall of the World Trade Center
888.2002-914 Mar 02Archimedes' Secret
889.2002-1028 Mar 02The Mystery of the Jurassic
890.2002-1104 Apr 02Killer Lakes
891.2002-1216 May 02The A6 Murder
892.2002-1323 May 02The England Patient
893.2002-1414 Nov 02Freak Wave
894.2002-1521 Nov 02Stone Age Columbus
895.2002-1626 Nov 02Homeopathy: The Test
896.2002-1705 Dec 02The Day the Earth Nearly Died
897.2002-1819 Dec 02The Secret of El Dorado
Season 2003
898.2003-109 Jan 03The Mystery of Easter Island
899.2003-216 Jan 03Living Nightmare
900.2003-323 Jan 03Averting Armageddon
901.2003-430 Jan 03Dirty Bomb
902.2003-513 Feb 03Sexual Chemistry (Update)
903.2003-620 Feb 03The Day We Learned to Think
904.2003-727 Feb 03Trial and Error
905.2003-806 Mar 03Earthquake Storms
906.2003-927 Mar 03Life on Mars (Update)
907.2003-1003 Apr 03The Secret Life of Caves
908.2003-1117 Apr 03God on the Brain
909.2003-1208 May 03Flight 587
910.2003-1329 May 03SARS: The True Story
911.2003-1413 Nov 03The Big Chill
912.2003-1520 Nov 03The Bible Code
913.2003-1627 Nov 03Last Flight of the Columbia
914.2003-1704 Dec 03The Hunt for an AIDS Vaccine
915.2003-1811 Dec 03Percy Pilcher's Flying Machine
916.2003-1918 Dec 03Time Trip
Season 2004
917.2004-108 Jan 04The Demonic Ape
918.2004-215 Jan 04The Moscow Theatre Siege
919.2004-322 Jan 04The Atkins Diet
920.2004-429 Jan 04Secrets of the Star Disc
921.2004-505 Feb 04The Dark Secret of Hendrik Schön
922.2004-612 Feb 04Thalidomide - A Second Chance?
923.2004-704 Mar 04Diamond Labs
924.2004-811 Mar 04T-Rex - Warrior or Wimp?
925.2004-918 Mar 04Project Poltergeist
926.2004-1025 Mar 04The Truth of Troy
927.2004-1116 Sep 04The Truth About Vitamins
928.2004-1223 Sep 04King Solomon's Tablet of Stone
929.2004-1330 Sep 04Derek Tastes of Earwax
930.2004-1407 Oct 04What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?
931.2004-1514 Oct 04Making Millions the Easy Way
932.2004-1621 Oct 04Saturn - Lord of the Rings
933.2004-1728 Oct 04The Hunt for the Supertwister
934.2004-1804 Nov 04Dr. Money and the Boy with No Penis
Season 2005
935.2005-113 Jan 05Global Dimming
936.2005-220 Jan 05Einstein's Unfinished Symphony
937.2005-327 Jan 05Einstein's Equation of Life and Death
938.2005-403 Mar 05Living with ADHD
939.2005-510 Feb 05Neanderthal
940.2005-617 Feb 05An Experiment to Save the World
941.2005-724 Feb 05Who's Afraid of Designer Babies?
942.2005-803 Mar 05The Lost Civilisation of Peru
943.2005-922 May 05The Next Megaquake
944.2005-1029 May 05Does the MMR Jab Cause Autism?
945.2005-1105 Jun 05Malaria: Defeating the Curse
946.2005-1201 Sep 05Tsunami: Naming the Dead
947.2005-1308 Sep 05The Hawking Paradox
948.2005-1415 Sep 05The Mystery of the Human Hobbit
949.2005-1506 Oct 05The Doctor Who Makes People Walk Again?
950.2005-1606 Oct 05Can Fish Make My Child Smart?
951.2005-1713 Oct 05Madagascar - A Treetop Odyssey
952.2005-1810 Nov 05Titan. A Place Like Home?
953.2005-1908 Dec 05The 7/7 Bombers: A Psychological Investigation
954.2005-2015 Dec 05The Ghost in Your Genes
Season 2006
955.2006-103 Jan 06The Life and Times of El Niño
956.2006-212 Jan 06Space Tourists
957.2006-319 Jan 06Waiting for a Heartbeat
958.2006-426 Jan 06A War on Science
959.2006-502 Feb 06The Lost City of New Orleans
960.2006-609 Feb 06Most of Our Universe is Missing
961.2006-718 Mar 06Winning Gold in 2012
962.2006-808 Jun 06The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow
963.2006-915 Jun 06The Genius Sperm Bank
964.2006-1022 Jun 06Bye Bye Planet Pluto
965.2006-1129 Jun 06We Love Cigarettes
966.2006-1213 Jul 06Nuclear Nightmares
967.2006-1320 Jul 06Tutankhamun's Fireball
968.2006-1403 Oct 06Survivors Guide to Plane Crashes
969.2006-1510 Oct 06Chimps Are People Too
970.2006-1617 Oct 06The Worlds First Face Transplant
971.2006-1724 Oct 06Human v2.0
972.2006-1831 Oct 06The Great Robot Race
973.2006-1907 Nov 06Pandemic
974.2006-2014 Nov 06We Are the Aliens
Season 2007
975.2007-113 Mar 07My Pet Dinosaur
976.2007-220 Mar 07The Elephant's Guide to Sex
977.2007-327 Mar 07Prof Regan's Beauty Parlour
978.2007-403 Apr 07Mad But Glad
979.2007-510 Apr 07Moon for Sale
980.2007-617 Apr 07Battle of the Brains
981.2007-724 Apr 07Skyscraper Fire Fighters
982.2007-801 May 07The Six Billion Dollar Experiment
983.2007-908 May 07How to Commit the Perfect Murder
Season 2008
984.2008-115 Jan 08How to Kill a Human Being
985.2008-222 Jan 08Total Isolation
986.2008-329 Jan 08What on Earth is Wrong with Gravity?
987.2008-405 Feb 08Is Alcohol Worse Than Ecstasy?
988.2008-512 Feb 08How to Make Better Decisions
989.2008-619 Feb 08How to Live to Be 101
990.2008-726 Feb 08Prof. Regan's Supermarket Secrets
991.2008-804 Mar 08Are We Alone in the Universe?
992.2008-918 Mar 08How Much is Your Dead Body Worth?
993.2008-1025 Mar 08How Does Your Memory Work?
994.2008-1116 Sep 08The President's Guide to Science
995.2008-1211 Nov 08How Mad Are You? (1 of 2)
996.2008-1318 Nov 08How Mad Are You? (2 of 2)
997.2008-1425 Nov 08Jimmy's GM Food Fight
998.2008-1502 Dec 08Do You Know What Time It Is?
999.2008-1609 Dec 08Allergy Planet
1000.2008-1716 Dec 08Where's My Robot?
Season 2009
1001.2009-126 Jan 09Why Are Thin People Not Fat?
1002.2009-203 Feb 09Cannabis: The Evil Weed?
1003.2009-310 Feb 09Why Do We Dream?
1004.2009-417 Feb 09Can We Make a Star on Earth?
1005.2009-524 Feb 09The Secret Life of Your Bodyclock
1006.2009-603 Mar 09What's the Problem with Nudity?
1007.2009-710 Mar 09How to Survive a Disaster
1008.2009-817 Mar 09Who Do You Want Your Child to Be?
1009.2009-924 Mar 09Why Can't We Predict Earthquakes?
1010.2009-1031 Mar 09Alan and Marcus Go Forth and Multiply
1011.2009-1112 May 09How Violent Are You?
1012.2009-1213 Oct 09Do I Drink Too Much?
1013.2009-1320 Oct 09The Secret You
1014.2009-1427 Oct 09Fix Me
1015.2009-1503 Nov 09Who's Afraid of a Big Black Hole?
1016.2009-1610 Nov 09Why Do We Talk?
1017.2009-1717 Nov 09How Long is a Piece of String?
1018.2009-1809 Dec 09How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?
Season 2010
1019.2010-106 Jan 10The Secret Life of the Dog
1020.2010-213 Jan 10Why Do Viruses Kill?
1021.2010-320 Jan 10Pill Poppers
1022.2010-403 Feb 10Don't Grow Old
1023.2010-510 Feb 10To Infinity and Beyond
1024.2010-617 Feb 10What Makes a Genius?
1025.2010-702 Mar 10Did Cooking Make Us Human?
1026.2010-809 Mar 10Is Everything We Know About the Universe Wrong?
1027.2010-927 Sep 10Back from the Dead
1028.2010-1004 Oct 10The Death of the Oceans
1029.2010-1111 Oct 10What Happened Before the Big Bang?
1030.2010-1218 Oct 10Is Seeing Believing?
1031.2010-1325 Oct 10Miracle Cure? A Decade of the Human Genome
1032.2010-1403 Nov 10Asteroids - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
1033.2010-1516 Nov 10Deepwater Disaster - The Untold Story
Season 2011
1034.2011-110 Jan 11What is One Degree?
1035.2011-217 Jan 11What is Reality?
1036.2011-324 Jan 11Science Under Attack
1037.2011-431 Jan 11The Secret World of Pain
1038.2011-507 Feb 11Surviving a Car Crash
1039.2011-614 Feb 11How to Mend a Broken Heart
1040.2011-701 Mar 11Are We Still Evolving?
1041.2011-808 Mar 11Predators in Your Backyard
1042.2011-908 Aug 11Do You See What I See
1043.2011-1015 Aug 11Seeing Stars
1044.2011-1122 Aug 11The Nine Months That Made You
1045.2011-1231 Aug 11The Core
1046.2011-1307 Sep 11Are You Good or Evil?
1047.2011-1414 Sep 11Fukushima: Is Nuclear Power Safe?
Season 2012
1048.2012-117 Jan 12Playing God
1049.2012-228 Feb 12The Truth About Exercise
1050.2012-306 Mar 12Solar Storms: The Threat to Planet Earth
1051.2012-413 Mar 12Out of Control?
1052.2012-520 Mar 12The Truth About Fat
1053.2012-627 Mar 12Global Weirding
1054.2012-703 Apr 12The Hunt for AI
1055.2012-810 Apr 12Defeating Cancer
1056.2012-905 Jun 12The Transit of Venus
1057.2012-1023 Jul 12The Truth About Looking Younger
1058.2012-1130 Jul 12Mission to Mars
1059.2012-1206 Aug 12Eat, Fast and Live Longer
1060.2012-1327 Aug 12How Big is the Universe?
1061.2012-1403 Sep 12How Small is the Universe?
1062.2012-1510 Sep 12Defeating the Superbugs
Season 2013
1063.2013-114 Mar 13The Creative Brain: How Insight Works
1064.2013-221 Mar 13How to Avoid Mistakes in Surgery
1065.2013-328 Mar 13The Truth About Taste
1066.2013-404 Apr 13The Age of Big Data
1067.2013-513 Jun 13The Secret Life of the Cat
1068.2013-614 Jun 13Little Cat Diaries
1069.2013-719 Jun 13Fracking: The New Energy Rush
1070.2013-826 Jun 13Swallowed by a Black Hole
1071.2013-903 Jul 13What Makes Us Human?
1072.2013-1010 Jul 13The Truth About Personality
1073.2013-1112 Aug 13Monitor Me
1074.2013-1219 Aug 13Defeating the Hackers
1075.2013-1326 Aug 13Dinosaurs: The Hunt for Life
Season 2014
1076.2014-129 Jan 14Sugar vs. Fat
1077.2014-203 Feb 14Swallowed by a Sink Hole
1078.2014-310 Feb 14Man on Mars - Mission to the Red Planet
1079.2014-417 Feb 14The Power of the Placebo
1080.2014-524 Feb 14How You Really Make Decisions
1081.2014-601 Apr 14Living with Autism
1082.2014-722 May 14The £10 Million Challenge
1083.2014-817 Jun 14Where is Flight MH370?
1084.2014-917 Jul 14What's Wrong with Our Weather?
1085.2014-1018 Aug 14Should I Eat Meat? - The Big Health Dilemma
1086.2014-1120 Aug 14Should I Eat Meat? - How to Feed the Planet
1087.2014-1227 Aug 14Allergies: Modern Life and Me
1088.2014-1303 Sep 14Inside the Dark Web
1089.2014-1410 Sep 14Ebola - The Search for a Cure
1090.2014-1529 Sep 14Is Your Brain Male or Female?
Season 2015
1091.2015-103 Mar 15Secrets of the Solar System
1092.2015-210 Mar 15Aftershock: The Hunt for Gravitational Waves
1093.2015-317 Mar 15Dancing in the Dark - The End of Physics?
1094.2015-411 May 1570 Million Animal Mummies: Egypt's Dark Secret
1095.2015-520 May 15Is Binge Drinking Really That Bad?
1096.2015-605 Aug 15The Trouble with Space Junk
1097.2015-712 Aug 15Are Health Tests Really a Good Idea?
1098.2015-819 Aug 15First Britons
1099.2015-926 Aug 15OCD: A Monster in My Mind
1100.2015-1002 Sep 15Which Universe Are We In?
1101.2015-1109 Sep 15Cosmic Dawn: The Real Moment of Creation
1102.2015-1216 Sep 15Are Video Games Really That Bad?
Season 2016
1103.2016-116 Mar 16The Immortalist
1104.2016-223 Mar 16Project Greenglow - The Quest for Gravity Control
1105.2016-330 Mar 16The Mystery of Dark Energy
1106.2016-406 Apr 16Oceans of the Solar System
1107.2016-513 Apr 16The End of the Solar System
1108.2016-617 Apr 16Should We Close Our Zoos?
1109.2016-725 Apr 16How to Find Love Online
1110.2016-804 May 16Ice Station Antarctica
1111.2016-911 May 16Curing Alzheimer's
1112.2016-1022 May 16E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace? (65 min)
1113.2016-1107 Jun 16Why Are We Getting So Fat
1114.2016-1219 Jul 16Sports Doping - Winning at Any Cost?
1115.2016-1310 Aug 16Special - Inside Cern
1116.2016-1425 Aug 16My Amazing Twin
1117.2016-1511 Sep 16Jimmy Carr and the Science of Laughter
1118.2016-1612 Oct 16The Lost Tribes of Humanity
1119.2016-1723 Oct 16The Wildest Weather in the Universe
Season 2017
1120.2017-119 Jan 17Clean Eating - The Dirty Truth
1121.2017-223 Jan 17Hair Care Secrets
1122.2017-325 Apr 17ADHD and Me with Rory Bremner
1123.2017-402 May 17Why Did I Go Mad?
1124.2017-516 May 17Strange Signals from Outer Space!
1125.2017-623 May 17Volcanoes of the Solar System
1126.2017-707 Jun 17Antarctica - Ice Station Rescue
1127.2017-812 Jun 17Cyber Attack - The Day the NHS Stopped
1128.2017-919 Jun 1710 Things You Need to Know About the Future
1129.2017-1029 Jun 17Dawn of the Driverless Car
1130.2017-1113 Jul 17Dippy and the Whale
1131.2017-1229 Aug 17What Makes a Psychopath?
1132.2017-1312 Sep 17Mars - A Traveller's Guide
1133.2017-1418 Sep 17Goodbye Cassini - Hello Saturn
1134.2017-1526 Sep 17Being Transgender
Season 2018
1135.2018-105 Feb 18My Amazing Brain: Richard's War
1136.2018-226 Jun 18Teenagers vs Cancer: A User's Guide
1137.2018-310 Jul 18How to Build a Time Machine
1138.2018-426 Jul 18Spina Bifida & Me
1139.2018-507 Aug 18Jupiter Revealed
1140.2018-622 Aug 18Stopping Male Suicide
1141.2018-729 Aug 18A Week Without Lying - The Honesty Experiment
1142.2018-804 Oct 18The Placebo Experiment: Can My Brain Cure My Body?
1143.2018-911 Oct 18Body Clock: What Makes Us Tick?
1144.2018-1018 Oct 18Avalanche: Making a Deadly Snowstorm
1145.2018-1125 Oct 18Vitamin Pills: Miracle or Myth?
1146.2018-1201 Nov 18Diagnosis on Demand? The Computer Will See You Now
1147.2018-1321 Nov 18The Contraceptive Pill: How Safe Is It? (59 min)
Season 2019
1148.2019-123 Jan 19We Need to Talk about Death
1149.2019-221 May 19Alastair Campbell: Depression and Me
1150.2019-301 Jul 19Britain's Next Air Disaster? Drones
1151.2019-408 Jul 19The Honest Supermarket: What's Really in Our Food? (59 min)
1152.2019-516 Jul 19Inside the Social Network: Facebook's Difficult Year
1153.2019-622 Jul 19The 250 Million Pound Cancer Cure (59 min)
1154.2019-728 Aug 19Cannabis: Miracle Medicine or Dangerous Drug?
Season 2020
1155.2020-116 Jan 20Addicted to Painkillers? Britain's Opioid Crisis (59 min)
1156.2020-221 Jan 20Chris Packham: 7.7 Billion People and Counting (59 min)
1157.2020-323 Mar 20Toxic Town: The Corby Poisonings
1158.2020-409 Apr 20Coronavirus Special - Part 1
1159.2020-520 Apr 20The Restaurant that Burns Off Calories (58 min)
1160.2020-624 Apr 20Hubble: The Wonders of Space Revealed (59 min)
1161.2020-704 May 20The Great British Intelligence Test
1162.2020-819 May 20Coronavirus Special - Part 2
1163.2020-921 May 20What's the Matter with Tony Slattery?
1164.2020-1006 Jul 20Pluto: Back From the Dead
Season 2021
1165.2021-104 Jan 21Feast to Save the Planet
1166.2021-225 Feb 21Coronavirus Special - What We Know Now
1167.2021-316 Jun 21Horizon Special: The Vaccine (90 min)
Season 2022
1168.2022-131 Mar 22How to Sleep Well with Michael Mosley
1169.2022-202 Jun 22Making Sense of Cancer with Hannah Fry
1170.2022-314 Jul 22Super Telescope: Mission to the Edge of the Universe
S19771977-025 Nov 77The Case of the Ancient Astronauts (58 min)
S20092009-009 Jul 0940 Years on the Moon (59 min)
S20092009-015 Nov 09The Horizon Guide to Mars
S20112011-006 Jan 11What Makes Us Clever? A Horizon Guide to Intelligence (59 min)
S20112011-027 Mar 11Japan Earthquake: A Horizon Special with Iain Stewart
S20112011-010 Apr 11The Space Shuttle: A Horizon Guide
S20112011-012 May 11The End of the World? A Horizon Guide to Armageddon
S20112011-021 Sep 11Extinct: A Horizon Guide to Dinosaurs
S20122012-009 Jan 12The Hunt for the Higgs: A Horizon Special
S20122012-001 Mar 12Woof! A Horizon Guide to Dogs (59 min)
S20122012-019 Apr 12Stuff: A Horizon Guide to Materials (59 min)
S20122012-011 Jul 12Blink: A Horizon Guide to the Senses
S20122012-017 Jul 12Immortal? A Horizon Guide to Ageing
S20122012-017 Oct 12The Final Frontier? A Horizon Guide to the Universe
S20132013-003 Mar 13The Truth About Meteors: A Horizon Special
S20132013-027 Mar 13Mend Me: A Horizon Guide to Transplants
S20132013-011 Apr 13Tomorrow's World: A Horizon Special
S20132013-002 Aug 13What's Killing Our Bees? A Horizon Special
S20132013-011 Sep 13Sex: A Horizon Guide
S20132013-014 Oct 13Impact! A Horizon Guide to Plane Crashes
S20132013-021 Oct 13Impact! A Horizon Guide to Car Crashes
S20132013-023 Nov 13Comet of the Century: A Horizon Special
S20142014-007 Oct 14Cat Watch 2014: The New Horizon Experiment: A Cat's Eye View
S20142014-008 Oct 14Cat Watch 2014: The New Horizon Experiment: The Lion in Your Lap
S20142014-009 Oct 14Cat Watch 2014: The New Horizon Experiment: Cat Talk
S20152015-012 Jan 15What's the Right Diet for You? A Horizon Special: Episode 1
S20152015-013 Jan 15What's the Right Diet for You? A Horizon Special: Episode 2
S20152015-014 Jan 15What's the Right Diet for You? A Horizon Special: Episode 3
S20152015-004 Mar 15Climate Change: A Horizon Guide
S20152015-009 Mar 15The Mystery of Murder: A Horizon Guide
S20152015-013 Dec 15Tim Peake Special: How to Be an Astronaut
S20182018-004 Sep 18The Horizon Guide to AI
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