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by Russell Wodell

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Cast Photo
aired from: Sep 1996 to: May 1997 21 eps UPN 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Flex as Ty Walker
  • Darryl M. Bell as Morris Clay
  • Rhona Bennett as Loquatio
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Vashti
  • Paulette Braxton as Amma
  • Peter MacKenzie as Android Lloyd Wellington III [ episode 3+ ]

    recurring characters:

  • Michael K. Colyar as Milky Ray, a.k.a. Silky Jay

    "Two affable twenty something free-lancers are under pressure to make something of themselves - and in the 23rd century there is plenty to do. Ty and Morris spend their days hopping from one galaxy to another in their Space Hoopty, an intergalactic vehicle. It's guided by a sassy onboard computer named Loquatia and maintained by their trusty yet clueless mechanic, Carl (John Webber). Along the way, Ty and Morris pick up odd jobs, encounter hot space babes and struggle for cold hard cash. The two set up 'office' in the corner of Jupiter Too, a futuristic tavern run by Ty's brother-in-law, Vashti (Kevin M. Richardson). When Vashti, a human-eating, cigar loving humanoid from the Vognarian planet, isn't running the bar, he's sending Ty and Morris out on messenger trips via Space Hoopty." (UPN press release.)

    The presence of James Doohan in a supporting role in the pilot, and George Takei in the final episode, allowed the producers to hint that this was a black-oriented parody of Star Trek. In fact it's a blaxplotation rip-off of Red Dwarf if you remove Rimmer and the basic premise, add the Kryton character only in the third episode, and give everyone concerned a lobotomy. Abysmal, offensive trash in a medium starved for positive portrayals of black Americans.

    Production Credits:
    Sweet Lorraine Productions in association with Touchstone Television
    Created by Ehrich Van Lowe
    Executive producer: Ehrich Van Lowe
    Producers: Lore Kimbrough, Stan Foster, Miguel Nunez, Ted Schacter
    Produced by Jeffrey Lampert
    Consulting Producers: Gary Miller, Mike Reiss, Al Jean
    Creative Consultants: Stuart Kreisman, Christopher Cluess

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      1st Season 1996

    1. "There's No Space Like Home, or Return of the Jed Eye"
      gs: James Doohan [ Pippen ], Edafe Blackmon [ Jed Eye ], Iqbal Theba [ Habib ], Jean Speegle Howard [ Ernestine ]

      gs: Milky Ray

      Ty and Morris are two wacky space cadets hustling jobs in the 23rd century, waiting for the contract that will pay off big. When rich Jed Eye mercenary approaches them with a lucrative contract to find buried treasure, they're in seventh heaven, but there's no such thing as easy money. Morris and Ty meet the famous and notorious bounty hunter Jed Eye, who seems to be old friends/enemies with Amma. Jed Eye offers to take Morris and Ty on a lucrative mission. Once they're on the mission, Jed Eye hijacks the Hoopty and strands Morris and Ty on a deserted asteroid. After they are picked up by a little old lady who lusts after Ty, our heroes hail a space taxi and track Jed Eye to the planet Remula, where he has gone to retrieve his buried treasure. Jed Eye, who has the ability to change his shape, makes himself look like Morris and manages to capture Ty. At the last minute, Morris shows up and turns the tables on Jed Eye. As Morris and Ty count their money, Amma shows up and claims the treasure - Jed Eye stole it from her years ago. Morris and Ty reluctantly hand over the treasure, and Amma pays them a small finder's fee, which is immediately snatched out of their hands by the space-taxi driver, who has been waiting all this time - with the meter running. (Touchstone Television press release.)

      b: 27 Aug 96 pc: _________ w: Ehrich Van Lowe, Gary H. Miller & Lore Kimbrough d: Gerry Cohen
    2. "The Pleasure Planet Principle, or G Marks the Spot"
      gs: Tempestt Bledsoe [ Herself ], Gretchen Palmer [ Ula La ], Kimberly Huie [ Trizie ], John Grantham [ UPS Delivery Man ]

      rc: Milky Ray

      It's Morris's birthday and Ty has forgotten, yet again, to get him a birthday present. Ty's tickets for his vacation to the pleasure planet Fallopia arrive on the Hoopty, and Ty pretends that he bought the vacation for Morris. Morris and Ty arrive on Fallopia and find that it is a lush planet full of beautiful women. Morris is thrilled that Ty got him such a generous gift. Ty is incredibly frustrated that he is going to miss out on a weekend filled with pleasure. Back on the Jupiter Too, Vashti activates his new android, Android Lloyd Wellington III. When the android hears that Morris and Ty have gone to Fallopia, he explains to Vashti and Amma that the Fallopians lure men to their planet, only to mate with them and then throw them into a volcano. Back on Fallopia, Morris is getting settled in his room and Ty is reluctant to leave. Morris finds out that Ty originally bought the vacation for himself, and he is furious with Ty. Ty apologizes and leaves Fallopia. Back on the Hoopty, Ty watches some Fallopian TV and sees that Morris is about to be thrown into the volcano. Ty disguises himself as a woman and sneaks back to the planet to rescue Morris. After Ty manages to get both himself and Morris captured by the Fallopians, Amma shows up and rescues them. (Touchstone press release.)

      b: 3 Sep 96 pc: T603 w: Jim Bernstein & Michael Shipley d: Gerry Cohen
    3. "Papa's Got A Brand New Old Bag or, That's No Lady, That's My Grandma"
      gs: Jonathan Fuller [ Dr Zarkov ], Peter Mackenzie [ Android Lloyd Wellington III ]

      rc: Milky Ray

      Ty and Morris meet a relative when they transport cryogenic chambers. Android Lloyd Wellington III becomes a regular character after this episode.

      b: 10 Sep 96 pc: T604 w: Michael Barker & Matt Weitzman d: Gerry Cohen
    4. "Behold a Pale Planet or, What If God Was One of Us"
      gs :

      Synopsis not available.

      b: 17 Sep 96 pc: T605 w: ______________ d: ______________
    5. "Loquatia Unplugged or, Come Back, Little Cyber"

      Loquatia's singing career forces the guys to install a new computerized navigator.

      b: 24 Sep 96 pc: T601 w: ______________ d: ______________
    6. "House Party or, Play That Funky White Music Droid"
      gs: Ethan Phillips [ Inspector 17 ]

      After the Jupiter Too fails a routine intergalactic inspection by Inspector 17, Vashti puts Ty and Morris in charge of cleaning up and keeping an eye on the place while he's on vacation. Ty and Morris are in desperate need of funds to repair the Hoopty. Much to Morris's initial dismay, the little idea light goes off in Ty's head, and the guys are soon the hosts of a universal party held at...where else? The Jupiter Too! Morris is suddenly thrilled with the amounts of cash rolling in, but, before Ty can say "Vashti," Inspector 17 decides not only to shut the Jupiter Too down, but also to blow it up!

      b: 1 Oct 96 pc: T607 w: Chuck Cummings d: Matthew Diamond
    7. "Dog Day Afternoon, or When the Going Gets Ruff"
      gs: Donovan Scott [ Petey Bar-num ], Darla [ Snowball ]

      As Mo and Ty are bringing Vashti's poodle back from a grooming, they pass through an energy field that tranfers Morris's consciousness into the dog.

      b: 15 Oct 96 pc: T609 w: Stu Kreisman & Chris Cluess d: Rae Kraus
    8. "Devil in Miss Jones or, Dismember of the Wedding"
      gs: La Rita Shelby [ Shelly ], Dennis Singletary [ Natkin Cole ]

      rc: Milky Ray

      While Vashti plans for his little sister's wedding, Ty and Morris discover that the dreaded Lucifer virus has possessed Loquatia.

      b: 29 Oct 96 pc: T608 w: Michael Price d: Matthew Diamond
    9. "Trading Faces or All the King's Homeys"
      gs: Joel Brooks [ Major Domo ], Luis Antonio Ramos [ Weasel ], Christpher Holloway [ Whiteblack Guy ], Harry Hutchinson [ Blackwhite Guy ], Dina Sherman [ Customer ]

      Synopsis not available.

      b: 5 Nov 96 pc: T610 w: Stan Foster & Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. d: Patrick Maloney
    10. "A Man's Place is in the Homey, or The Stepford Guys"
      gs: Edie McClurg [ Demille ], Andrew Bilgore [ Rick ], Iona Morris [ Kate ]

      When the Hoopty conks out in outer space, it's towed to a planet run by women, where Ty and Morris discover they'll have to work off the repair bill in a strip club.

      b: 12 Nov 96 pc: T611 w: Gary H. Miller d: Patrick Maloney
    11. "Homeboys in Wonderland or, Hoopty Doopty"
      gs: Peter Kwong [ Billy Bash ]

      Ty and Morris are offered up as guinea pigs for a new transporter machine that Vashti has purchased. When the guys emerge from the machine, they step into a world that is 180 degrees opposite from the one they left - and they like it fine! Ty and Morris emerge from the transporter as the most feared space pirates in the galaxy. Vashti kowtows to them, and Amma lavishes her favors on the guys. With their new status, they have a hard time justifying their return to the other side. Meanwhile, evil versions of the pair are transported to the Jupiter Too in their place, wreaking havoc in both dimensions.

      b: 19 Nov 96 pc: T612 w: Jeff Martin d: Pat Maloney

    12. "Super Bad Foxy Lady Killer or Ty and Morris Get the Shaft"
      gs: Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs [ Staff ], Kenya Moore [ Nefertiti ]

      An homage to '70s blacksploitation flicks with a take-off on that era's popular "Shaft" series. Ty and Morris bend the rules of quantum physics when they are sucked up into an antique motion picture - Staff - a mid-20th-century opus in the genre of blacksploitation. The trick is that they can't interfere with the plot, or they'll remain trapped in the film forever.

      b: 26 Nov 96 pc: T613 w: Bernie Kukoff d: Matthew Diamond
    13. "Brother's Got No Soul, or I Love Lucifer"
      gs: Walter Franks III [ Mr Tan ], Doug Llewelyn [ Himself ]

      rc: Milky Ray

      When a shady character appears in the Jupiter Too, everyone is smart enough to steer clear of the sly little guy, except for Ty who is easy prey for the devil, a.k.a. "Mr. Tan." Ty signs a contract that promises him fame, power, and women, women, women! This is all in exchange for a payment that Mr. Tan, the broker on the deal, says they can discuss at a later date. Ty is suddenly transformed into the sexiest, most fearless mercenary in the entire universe, just as Morris Ty's smarter half, realizes exactly who Mr. Tan really is. But Ty is sucked into the sweltering underground sauna known as "Hell" before Morris can knock some sense into his fellow Homeboy.

      b: 7 Jan 97 pc: T615 w: Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman d: Matthew Diamond
    14. "El Voyage Fantastico, or I've Got You Under My Skin"
      gs: J.D. Hall [ De La Gout ], Eric Vidal [ Rico ], Nick Vidal [ Bernardo ], Santos Morales [ Poppy ], K.J. Sanchez [ Maria Julia ], Ian M. Galespie [ Antibody ]

      rc: Milky Ray

      When Amma falls ill with the fatal tropical disease pina colitis, Andy shrinks the Hoopty, Ty and Morris, and injects them into her bloodstream to battle the virus.

      b: 14 Jan 97 pc: _________ w: Chris Cluess & Stu Kreisman d: Glynn Turman
    15. "The Longest Yard and a Half or, The Shawshank Redemption Center"
      gs: Michael McCarty [ Warden Gee ], Christopher Michael Moore [ Steiger ], Ted Davis [ Greebo ], Terrence Stone [ Referee ]

      When Ty and Morris are caught smuggling sugar, they're sent to prison--but they plan to break out during a football game with a rival prison.

      b: 28 Jan 97 pc: T614 w: ______________ d: ______________
    16. "An Officer and a Homeboy or, Full Metal Jackass"
      gs: Little Richard [ Ebolatollah ], Robert Gossett [ Sgt. Stryker ], Brett Wagner [ Countryboy ], Evan Gore [ Brooklyn ]

      When the Ebolatollah threatens the galaxy, Ty and Mo enlist in the military, where Ty is thrown out of boot camp and Mo is sent on a hazardous mission to find a way to successfully drop a mega-bomb on the enemy's command post.

      b: 4 Feb 97 pc: T617 w: ______________ d: ______________
    17. "Happy Happy, Droid Droid, or Amma Sees Red"
      gs: Natasha Henstridge [ Unknown ]

      Andy is successful in finding the sacred orb, and the guys realize he has proven himself to be a Soldier of Fortune. When they discover that he has no emotions, they try to find him an emotion donor, but the doctor thinks they are volunteers. Amma's best friend comes to visit, and Amma feels left out whenever she's around.

      b: 11 Feb 97 pc: T619 w: Michael Barker & Matt Weizman d: Tony Singletary
    18. "The Naked and the Dred, or The Toast of the Town"
      gs: Shannon Tweed [ Delia ], Mikki Blair [ Susan ], Fred Sanders [ Vice Cop ]

      Ty inherits the planet "Indabuff" from his uncle, inhabited by all naked people and where the law forbids clothing. Morris joins a rebellious group of the planet that wants to wear clothes, and is sentenced to death. Ty's Uncle Rollo dies and leaves Ty his estate, which includes the planet Indabuff, where garments are illegal, but Morris joins a group of clothes-wearing rebels.

      b: 18 Feb 97 pc: T620 w: Lore Kimbrough d: Matthew Diamond
    19. "Tales From the Dark Side or, Ty Takes the Redeye"
      gs: Pat Cooper [ Ben ], Clifton Powell [ Lord Heppus ]

      Ty takes an offer to become a Redeye Knight, but he finds himself lured to the evil Dark Side; meanwhile, Vashti has trouble with the I.R.S.

      b: 29 Apr 97 pc: T618 w: ______________ d: ______________
    20. "How the West Was Lost or, Daddy's Home"
      gs: Erik Estrada [ Mr. Dork ], Gary Coleman [ Snafu ], Karla Green [ Trudy ], Manner Washington [ Leo ]

      rc: Milky Ray

      The Hoopty crashes on the Fantasy Planet, where Mr. Dork and Snafu accommodate Mo's cowboy fantasy and Ty's desire for a perfect sitcom family.

      b: 6 May 97 pc: T622 w: ______________ d: ______________
    21. "The Adventures of Ratman and Gerbil or, Holy Homeboys in Outer Space"
      gs: John Astin [ Rhymer ], Burt Ward [ Gerbil ], George Takei [ Himself ], Peter MacKenzie [ Ratman ], Shaun Baker [ Buttman ], J. Karen Thomas [ Dogwoman ], Louis Antoni Ramos [ Peacock ], Suzanne Mari [ Ginger ]

      Ty and Mo purchase the Ratman and Gerbil superhero franchise; little realizing the evil Rhymer has a villainous coalition ready to destroy them.

      b: 13 May 97 pc: T621 w: ______________ d: ______________

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