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Half & Half

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Last updated: Fri, 19 Apr 2024 -1:00
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Show Details:
Start date: Sep 2002
End date: May 2006
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): UPN (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 91 eps
Genre(s): Comedy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze • 
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 23 Sep 02The Big Pilot Episode
2.1-2 30 Sep 02The Big Forget-Me-Not Episode
3.1-3 07 Oct 02The Big Crappy Birthday Episode
4.1-4 14 Oct 02The Big Pimpin' Episode
5.1-5 21 Oct 02The Big Dose of Reality Episode
6.1-6 28 Oct 02The Big Award Episode
7.1-7 04 Nov 02The Big Sistah Sans Soul Episode
8.1-8 11 Nov 02The Big Ex-pectations Episode
9.1-9 18 Nov 02The Big In with the In Crowd Episode
10.1-1025 Nov 02The Big Thanks for Forgiving Episode
11.1-1116 Dec 02The Big Upsetting Set-up Episode
12.1-1220 Jan 03The Big Hit It and Quit It Episode
13.1-1303 Feb 03The Big Condom-nation Episode
14.1-1410 Feb 03The Big Game of Love Episode
15.1-1517 Feb 03The Big Phat Mouth Episode (1)
16.1-1618 Feb 03The Big Phat Mouth Episode (2)
17.1-1717 Mar 03The Big Mixed Up Mojo Episode
18.1-1824 Mar 03The Big Sexy Shame Episode
19.1-1921 Apr 03The Big Falling for It Episode
20.1-2021 Apr 03The Big 'I Have a Dream' Episode
21.1-2128 Apr 03The Big Much 'I Do' About Nothing Episode
22.1-2205 May 03The Big Mother of a Mother's Day Episode
23.1-2312 May 03The Big Bad Neighbor Episode
Season 2
24.2-1 15 Sep 03The Big Mis-Conception Episode (1)
25.2-2 22 Sep 03The Big Mis-Conception Episode (2)
26.2-3 29 Sep 03The Big Keep Your Eyes Off My Prize Episode
27.2-4 06 Oct 03The Big Birth-quake Episode
28.2-5 13 Oct 03The Big No-Substitutions Please Episode
29.2-6 20 Oct 03The Big Butting In Episode
30.2-7 03 Nov 03The Big Foot in My Mouth Episode
31.2-8 10 Nov 03The Big Forbidden Fruit Episode
32.2-9 17 Nov 03The Big College Admission Episode
33.2-1024 Nov 03The Big Bitter Baby Shower Episode
34.2-1024 Nov 03The Big Bitter Baby Shower Episode
35.2-1115 Dec 03The Big How the Ex Stole Christmas Episode
36.2-1212 Jan 04The Big Double Date with My Mate Episode
37.2-1309 Feb 04The Big You're Not the Boss of Me Episode
38.2-1416 Feb 04The Big Love Is Here and Now You're Gone Episode
39.2-1523 Feb 04The Big I Haven't Got the Vegas Idea Episode
40.2-1601 Mar 04The Big Labor of Love Episode
41.2-1729 Mar 04The Big Typecast Episode
42.2-1829 Mar 04The Big Good Help Is Hard to Fire Episode
43.2-1912 Apr 04The Big Practice What You Preach Episode
44.2-2026 Apr 04The Big Employee Benefits Episode
45.2-2103 May 04The Big Mother of a Mother's Day Rides Again Episode
46.2-2210 May 04The Big Fetish What You Started Episode
47.2-2317 May 04The Big Rules of Engagement Episode
48.2-2417 May 04The Big Lover My Brother
Season 3
49.3-1 20 Sep 04The Big My Little Pony Episode
50.3-2 27 Sep 04The Big Birth-Date Episode
51.3-3 04 Oct 04The Big Advice to Put It on Ice Episode
52.3-4 11 Oct 04The Big One Wedding and a Funeral Episode
53.3-5 18 Oct 04The Big Don't Leave Me This Way Episode
54.3-6 25 Oct 04The Big Not So Loyal Family Episode
55.3-7 08 Nov 04The Big Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls Episode
56.3-8 15 Nov 04The Big My Life and Kids Episode
57.3-9 22 Nov 04The Big Thanks for Nothing Episode
58.3-1029 Nov 04The Big Parent Trap Episode
59.3-1103 Jan 05The Big Home Is Where the Car Is Episode
60.3-1231 Jan 05The Big All Bets Are Off Episode
61.3-1307 Feb 05The Big Credit Check Episode
62.3-1414 Feb 05The Big Performance Anxiety Episode
63.3-1521 Feb 05The Big Fast Track Episode (1)
64.3-1628 Feb 05The Big Fast Track Episode (2)
65.3-1728 Mar 05The Big Undercover Lover Episode
66.3-1825 Apr 05The Big Doormat No More Episode
67.3-1902 May 05The Big Who's Wooing Who Episode
68.3-2009 May 05The Big Mothers for Others Episode
69.3-2116 May 05The Big Thorne in My Side Episode
70.3-2223 May 05The Big Pomp and Circumstance Episode
Season 4
71.4-1 19 Sep 05The Big Gen-Why Me Episode
72.4-2 26 Sep 05The Big Dollars & Sense Episode
73.4-3 03 Oct 05The Big Frozen Assets Episode
74.4-4 10 Oct 05The Big Training Day Episode
75.4-5 17 Oct 05The Big Young and the Restless Episode
76.4-6 24 Oct 05The Big Off Pitch Episode
77.4-7 07 Nov 05The Big State of the Reunion Episode
78.4-8 14 Nov 05The Big How to Do & Undo It Episode
79.4-9 21 Nov 05The Big Days of Wine & Neuroses Episode
80.4-1028 Nov 05The Big Sexism in the City Episode
81.4-1112 Dec 05The Big Sweet Smell of Excess Episode
82.4-1216 Jan 06The Big Turning Over a New Leaf Episode
83.4-1306 Feb 06The Big Diva Down Episode
84.4-1413 Feb 06The Big My Funny Valentine Episode
85.4-1520 Feb 06The Big Take Me As I Am Episode
86.4-1627 Feb 06The Big Reality Bites Episode
87.4-1727 Mar 06The Big Stuck in the Middle Episode
88.4-1817 Apr 06The Big 'What Have We Done?' Episode
89.4-1924 Apr 06The Big Nervous Breakup Episode
90.4-2001 May 06The Big Mother's What?! Episode
91.4-2115 May 06The Big Hide & Sneak Episode
92.4-2215 May 06The Big Who You Gonna Call Episode
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