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Guy Code

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Last updated: Wed, 10 Jan 2024 1:00
Show Details:
Start date: Nov 2011
End date: Mar 2015
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): MTV2 (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 60 eps
Genre(s): Reality
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze •  TV.com
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 15 Nov 11Manscaping, Sexting, Bottle Service & Camping
2.1-2 22 Nov 11Dancing, Bathroom Etiquette, Exercise & One Night Stands
3.1-3 29 Nov 11Crying, Drinking like a Man, Rules of Karaoke, Hygiene
4.1-4 06 Dec 11Avoiding the Friend Zone, Social Networks, Cars, Contraception
5.1-5 13 Dec 11Bachelor Pads, Strip Clubs, Long Distance Relationships & Penis Size
6.1-6 20 Dec 11Hoiliday Parties, Gift-giving & New Year's Eve (Holiday Edition)
7.1-7 20 Dec 11Cheating, Ideal Wingman, Cookin 101, Ex-Girlfriends
8.1-8 27 Dec 11Tattoos, Girlfriends, Diets, Getting Your Girlfriend into Sports
9.1-9 03 Jan 12Drugs, Money, Ex-Girlfriends, Competitiveness
10.1-1010 Jan 12Masturbating, Fighting, Perfect Roommate, Break-ups
11.1-1117 Jan 12Getting Freaky, Perfect Pregame, Nicknames, Jobs
12.1-1210 Apr 12Guy Code Spring Break Survival Guide
Season 2
13.2-1 10 Jul 12Porn, being broke, jealousy and having a crush
14.2-2 17 Jul 12Farting, foreplay, lying, and bachelor parties
15.2-3 24 Jul 12One-night stands, racism and going abroad
16.2-4 31 Jul 12Paying for sex, being a player, road trips and sisters
17.2-5 07 Aug 12Pregnancy scares, the code to BBQs, astrology, and hosting a friend in town
18.2-6 14 Aug 12STDs, video games, cops and weddings
19.2-7 20 Aug 12Stress, how to work a rebound, friends and fantasy sports
20.2-8 21 Aug 12Friends with benefits, rejection, shopping and freshman year
21.2-9 27 Aug 12Body piercings, gossip and cohabitation are discussed.
22.2-1003 Sep 12online dating, going to the doctor, and tailgating
23.2-1110 Sep 12Hair loss and meeting a significant other's parents are discussed.
24.2-1217 Sep 12Rules of flirting, revenge and gambling are discussed.
25.2-1324 Sep 12Guy Code to Hooking Up
26.2-1401 Oct 12Guy Code to the Night Out
27.2-1508 Oct 12Guy Code to Manscaping and Everything Else
Season 3
28.3-1 15 Jan 13Boners, getting engaged, being fat, house parties
29.3-2 22 Jan 13Virginity, gay, birthdays, being sick
30.3-3 29 Jan 13Cock blocking, insecurity, texting, Super Bowl parties
31.3-4 05 Feb 13Body odor, rivalry, first dates, religion. The guys compete in the Hangover Olympics
32.3-5 12 Feb 13PMS, Valentine's Day, being stoned, apologizing
33.3-6 19 Feb 13Puberty, Interviewing, Being Whipped, Sleeping
34.3-7 26 Feb 13New relationships, bar etiquette, having a kid, being a nerd
35.3-8 05 Mar 13Your boy's girlfriend, wine, kissing, maturity
36.3-9 12 Mar 13PDA, being scared, dealing with her friends, moms
37.3-1019 Mar 13Flying, spicing things up, teachers, funerals
38.3-1126 Mar 13Prom, taking a break, going to the game, moving back in
39.3-1202 Apr 13Dads, falling in love, guys' night out, being embarrassed. Joe Budden shares his Good Ass Night
Season 4
40.4-1 16 Apr 14Pooping, Closing, Gym, #AskGuyCode
41.4-2 23 Apr 14Turning 21; platonic girlfriends; an update on manscaping
42.4-3 30 Apr 14Intercourse; male bonding; roommates; shark fishing
43.4-4 07 May 14Heartbreak; testicles; an update on life online.
44.4-5 14 May 14Breasts; snooping; an update on dancing; the pull-out method; crying.
45.4-6 21 May 14Puking, Feeling Guilty, Bathroom, Ask Guy Code
46.4-7 28 May 14Style, Drinking, Girls With Boyfriends, Ask Guy Code
47.4-8 04 Jun 14Being Faithful, Competing, Favors, Ask Guy Code
48.4-9 11 Jun 14Hangovers, Sexting, Concerts, Ask Guy Code
49.4-1018 Jun 14Senior Year, Fighting, Body Image, Ask Guy Code
50.4-1125 Jun 14Peer Pressure, Ex Girlfriend, Unemployment, Ask Guy Code
51.4-1202 Jul 14Getting Older, Morning After, Art, Ask Guy Code
Season 5
52.5-1 14 Jan 15Dry Spell, Porn 2.0, Crying
53.5-2 21 Jan 15Mood, Suprise a Woman, Sleeping with 1 million Women
54.5-3 28 Jan 15Liquor, Butts, Listening
55.5-4 04 Feb 15Being Funny, Laughing, Making Fun, Tickling
56.5-5 11 Feb 15Being Offensive, Commitment, Being Crazy
57.5-6 11 Feb 15Having Gas, Breaking up 2.0, Our First Time
58.5-7 18 Feb 15Being Dumb, Being a Gentleman DTR
59.5-8 25 Feb 15Girlfriends 2.0, Getting Your License, Online Dating
60.5-9 04 Mar 15Settling; Being Busy; What a Kiss Means
61.5-1011 Mar 15Playing the Field; Being Tough; Boobs
62.5-1118 Mar 15Reputation, Penises 2.0, Baggage
63.5-1225 Mar 15Hot Girls: Types, Meeting Them, Sex, Foreplay
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