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Fashion House

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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Greed and lust abound as the ruthless head of the most successful company in the fashion business fends off a corporate takeover by her long-time rival.
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 2006
End date: Dec 2006
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): My Network TV (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 62 eps
Genre(s): Drama
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 05 Sep 06It Takes One to Know One
2.1-2 06 Sep 06Unforgiven
3.1-3 07 Sep 06Secrets & Lies
4.1-4 08 Sep 06Broken Promise
5.1-5 11 Sep 06The Best Laid Plans
6.1-6 12 Sep 06A Rose by Any Other Name
7.1-7 13 Sep 06Payola
8.1-8 14 Sep 06Friends with Benefits
9.1-9 15 Sep 06A Private Affair
10.1-1018 Sep 06Let It Ride
11.1-1119 Sep 06Secrets and Gifts
12.1-1220 Sep 06A New Face
13.1-1321 Sep 06Portrait of a Lady
14.1-1422 Sep 06Multiple Offers
15.1-1525 Sep 06Political Posturing
16.1-1626 Sep 06Maternal Instincts
17.1-1728 Sep 06Madness in Manhattan
18.1-1829 Sep 06Polite Dinner Conversation
19.1-1902 Oct 06(There's Got to Be) A Morning After
20.1-2003 Oct 06Bridezilla
21.1-2104 Oct 06Rehearsal
22.1-2205 Oct 06Do You Take This Woman
23.1-2306 Oct 06Wedding Blues
24.1-2409 Oct 06The Ties That Bind
25.1-2510 Oct 06All in the Family
26.1-2611 Oct 06Revelations
27.1-2712 Oct 06Stirring the Pot
28.1-2813 Oct 06Enough is Enough
29.1-2916 Oct 06Table for Two
30.1-3017 Oct 06The Blow Up
31.1-3118 Oct 06Building Blocks
32.1-3219 Oct 06Coup de Grace
33.1-3320 Oct 06Irreconcilable Differences
34.1-3423 Oct 06Nursing the Wound
35.1-3524 Oct 06Women on Verge
36.1-3626 Oct 06Opportunity Knocks, Rings the Doorbell, and Beats Down Your Door!
37.1-3727 Oct 06Gaggle at the Gallery
38.1-3830 Oct 06Michelle's and Luke's Story
39.1-3901 Nov 06The Shot Heard Round the...
40.1-4002 Nov 06After the Assassin
41.1-4103 Nov 06The Heart Attack
42.1-4206 Nov 06Second Chances
43.1-4307 Nov 06Dark Days Dawn
44.1-4408 Nov 06Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
45.1-4509 Nov 06Truth and Consequences
46.1-4610 Nov 06Sabotage
47.1-4713 Nov 06Down to the Wire
48.1-4814 Nov 06Maria's Story
49.1-4915 Nov 06Miller's Crossing
50.1-5016 Nov 06Out of the Woods
51.1-5117 Nov 06Mother I'd Like to Forget
52.1-5220 Nov 06Nothing Ventured... Nothing Capital Gained
53.1-5321 Nov 06Safe Haven
54.1-5422 Nov 06After the Fall
55.1-5524 Nov 06Breaking Point
56.1-5627 Nov 06The Betrayal
57.1-5728 Nov 06Down to the Wire (Part Dos)
58.1-5829 Nov 06Maria's Final Bow
59.1-5930 Nov 06Too Little Too Late
60.1-6001 Dec 06In Loving Memory
61.1-6104 Dec 06Falling Apart at the Seams
62.1-6205 Dec 06A New Foundation
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