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Doctor Who (2005)

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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A human-looking alien from a destroyed planet travels through time and space, having adventures and protecting the innocent from various dangers.
Continuation of Doctor Who (1963)
Continued as Doctor Who (2023)
Show Details:
Start date: Mar 2005
End date: Oct 2022
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): BBC One (UK)
Run time: 50 min
Episodes: 153 eps + specials
Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction
Credits: [show/hide]
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 26 Mar 05Rose
2.1-2 02 Apr 05The End of the World
3.1-3 09 Apr 05The Unquiet Dead
4.1-4 16 Apr 05Aliens of London
5.1-5 23 Apr 05World War Three
6.1-6 30 Apr 05Dalek
7.1-7 07 May 05The Long Game
8.1-8 14 May 05Father's Day
9.1-9 21 May 05The Empty Child
10.1-1028 May 05The Doctor Dances
11.1-1104 Jun 05Boom Town
12.1-1211 Jun 05Bad Wolf
13.1-1318 Jun 05The Parting of the Ways
Season 2
14.2-1 15 Apr 06New Earth
15.2-2 22 Apr 06Tooth and Claw
16.2-3 29 Apr 06School Reunion
17.2-4 06 May 06The Girl in the Fireplace
18.2-5 13 May 06Rise of the Cybermen
19.2-6 20 May 06The Age of Steel
20.2-7 27 May 06The Idiot's Lantern
21.2-8 03 Jun 06The Impossible Planet
22.2-9 10 Jun 06The Satan Pit
23.2-1017 Jun 06Love & Monsters
24.2-1124 Jun 06Fear Her
25.2-1201 Jul 06Army of Ghosts
26.2-1308 Jul 06Doomsday
Season 3
27.3-1 31 Mar 07Smith and Jones
28.3-2 07 Apr 07The Shakespeare Code
29.3-3 14 Apr 07Gridlock
30.3-4 21 Apr 07Daleks in Manhattan
31.3-5 28 Apr 07Evolution of the Daleks
32.3-6 05 May 07The Lazarus Experiment
33.3-7 19 May 0742
34.3-8 26 May 07Human Nature
35.3-9 02 Jun 07The Family of Blood
36.3-1009 Jun 07Blink
37.3-1116 Jun 07Utopia
38.3-1223 Jun 07The Sound of Drums
39.3-1330 Jun 07Last of the Time Lords
Season 4
40.4-1 05 Apr 08Partners in Crime
41.4-2 12 Apr 08The Fires of Pompeii
42.4-3 19 Apr 08Planet of the Ood
43.4-4 26 Apr 08The Sontaran Stratagem
44.4-5 03 May 08The Poison Sky
45.4-6 10 May 08The Doctor's Daughter
46.4-7 17 May 08The Unicorn and the Wasp
47.4-8 31 May 08Silence in the Library
48.4-9 07 Jun 08Forest of the Dead
49.4-1014 Jun 08Midnight
50.4-1121 Jun 08Turn Left
51.4-1228 Jun 08The Stolen Earth
52.4-1305 Jul 08Journey's End
Season 5
53.5-1 03 Apr 10The Eleventh Hour
54.5-2 10 Apr 10The Beast Below
55.5-3 17 Apr 10Victory of the Daleks
56.5-4 24 Apr 10The Time of Angels
57.5-5 01 May 10Flesh and Stone
58.5-6 08 May 10The Vampires of Venice
59.5-7 15 May 10Amy's Choice
60.5-8 22 May 10The Hungry Earth
61.5-9 29 May 10Cold Blood
62.5-1005 Jun 10Vincent and the Doctor
63.5-1112 Jun 10The Lodger
64.5-1219 Jun 10The Pandorica Opens
65.5-1326 Jun 10The Big Bang
Season 6
66.6-1 23 Apr 11The Impossible Astronaut
67.6-2 30 Apr 11Day of the Moon
68.6-3 07 May 11The Curse of the Black Spot
69.6-4 14 May 11The Doctor's Wife
70.6-5 21 May 11The Rebel Flesh
71.6-6 28 May 11The Almost People
72.6-7 04 Jun 11A Good Man Goes to War
73.6-8 27 Aug 11Let's Kill Hitler
74.6-9 03 Sep 11Night Terrors
75.6-1010 Sep 11The Girl Who Waited
76.6-1117 Sep 11The God Complex
77.6-1224 Sep 11Closing Time
78.6-1301 Oct 11The Wedding of River Song
Season 7
79.7-1 01 Sep 12Asylum of the Daleks
80.7-2 08 Sep 12Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
81.7-3 15 Sep 12A Town Called Mercy
82.7-4 22 Sep 12The Power of Three
83.7-5 29 Sep 12The Angels Take Manhattan
84.7-6 30 Mar 13The Bells of Saint John
85.7-7 06 Apr 13The Rings of Akhaten
86.7-8 13 Apr 13Cold War
87.7-9 20 Apr 13Hide
88.7-1027 Apr 13Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
89.7-1104 May 13The Crimson Horror
90.7-1211 May 13Nightmare in Silver
91.7-1318 May 13The Name of the Doctor
Season 8
92.8-1 23 Aug 14Deep Breath
93.8-2 30 Aug 14Into the Dalek
94.8-3 06 Sep 14Robot of Sherwood
95.8-4 13 Sep 14Listen
96.8-5 20 Sep 14Time Heist
97.8-6 27 Sep 14The Caretaker
98.8-7 04 Oct 14Kill the Moon
99.8-8 11 Oct 14Mummy on the Orient Express
100.8-9 18 Oct 14Flatline
101.8-1025 Oct 14In the Forest of the Night
102.8-1101 Nov 14Dark Water
103.8-1208 Nov 14Death in Heaven
Season 9
104.9-1 19 Sep 15The Magician's Apprentice
105.9-2 26 Sep 15The Witch's Familiar
106.9-3 03 Oct 15Under the Lake
107.9-4 10 Oct 15Before the Flood
108.9-5 17 Oct 15The Girl Who Died
109.9-6 24 Oct 15The Woman Who Lived
110.9-7 31 Oct 15The Zygon Invasion
111.9-8 07 Nov 15The Zygon Inversion
112.9-9 14 Nov 15Sleep No More
113.9-1021 Nov 15Face the Raven
114.9-1128 Nov 15Heaven Sent
115.9-1205 Dec 15Hell Bent
Season 10
116.10-115 Apr 17The Pilot
117.10-222 Apr 17Smile
118.10-329 Apr 17Thin Ice
119.10-406 May 17Knock Knock
120.10-513 May 17Oxygen
121.10-620 May 17Extremis
122.10-727 May 17The Pyramid at the End of the World
123.10-803 Jun 17The Lie of the Land
124.10-910 Jun 17Empress of Mars
125.10-1017 Jun 17The Eaters of Light
126.10-1124 Jun 17World Enough and Time
127.10-1201 Jul 17The Doctor Falls
Season 11
128.11-107 Oct 18The Woman Who Fell to Earth
129.11-214 Oct 18The Ghost Monument
130.11-321 Oct 18Rosa
131.11-428 Oct 18Arachnids in the UK
132.11-504 Nov 18The Tsuranga Conundrum
133.11-611 Nov 18Demons of the Punjab
134.11-718 Nov 18Kerblam!
135.11-825 Nov 18The Witchfinders
136.11-902 Dec 18It Takes You Away
137.11-1009 Dec 18The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos
Season 12
138.12-101 Jan 20Spyfall, Part 1
139.12-205 Jan 20Spyfall, Part 2
140.12-312 Jan 20Orphan 55
141.12-419 Jan 20Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror
142.12-526 Jan 20Fugitive of the Judoon
143.12-602 Feb 20Praxeus
144.12-709 Feb 20Can You Hear Me?
145.12-816 Feb 20The Haunting of Villa Diodati
146.12-923 Feb 20Ascension of the Cybermen
147.12-1001 Mar 20The Timeless Children
Season 13 Flux
148.13-131 Oct 21Chapter One: The Halloween Apocalypse
149.13-207 Nov 21Chapter Two: War of the Sontarans
150.13-314 Nov 21Chapter Three: Once, Upon Time
151.13-421 Nov 21Chapter Four: Village of the Angels
152.13-528 Nov 21Chapter Five: Survivors of the Flux
153.13-605 Dec 21Chapter Six: The Vanquishers
S01.1-0 18 Nov 05Born Again
S01.1-0 25 Dec 05The Christmas Invasion
S02.2-0 25 Dec 06The Runaway Bride
S03.3-0 30 Jun 07The Infinite Quest
S03.3-0 16 Nov 07Time Crash
S03.3-0 25 Dec 07Voyage of the Damned
S04.4-0 25 Dec 08The Next Doctor
S04.4-0 11 Apr 09Planet of the Dead
S04.4-0 15 Nov 09The Waters of Mars
S04.4-0 25 Dec 09The End of Time - Part One
S04.4-0 01 Jan 10The End of Time - Part Two
S05.5-0 25 Dec 10A Christmas Carol
S06.6-0 25 Mar 11Prequel (The Impossible Astronaut)
S06.6-0 30 Apr 11Prequel (The Curse of the Black Spot)
S06.6-0 28 May 11Prequel (A Good Man Goes to War)
S06.6-0 15 Aug 11Prequel (Let's Kill Hitler)
S06.6-0 24 Sep 11Prequel (The Wedding of River Song)
S06.6-0 06 Dec 11Prequel (The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)
S06.6-0 25 Dec 11The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
S07.7-0 01 Sep 12Prequel (Asylum of the Daleks)
S07.7-0 16 Nov 12The Great Detective
S07.7-0 17 Dec 12Vastra Investigates: A Christmas Prequel
S07.7-0 25 Dec 12The Snowmen
S07.7-0 23 Mar 13Prequel (The Bells of Saint John)
S07.7-0 10 May 13She Said, He Said
S07.7-0 18 May 13Clarence and the Whispermen
S07.7-0 14 Nov 13The Night of the Doctor
S07.7-0 21 Nov 13The Last Day
S07.7-0 23 Nov 13The Day of the Doctor
S07.7-0 25 Dec 13The Time of the Doctor
S08.8-0 25 Dec 14Last Christmas
S09.9-0 11 Sep 15Doctor Who: Series 9 Prologue
S09.9-0 18 Sep 15The Doctor's Meditation
S09.9-0 25 Dec 15The Husbands of River Song
S10.10-023 Apr 16Friend from the Future
S10.10-025 Dec 16The Return of Doctor Mysterio
S10.10-025 Dec 17Twice Upon a Time
S11.11-001 Jan 19Resolution
S12.12-001 Jan 21Revolution of the Daleks
S13.13-001 Jan 22Eve of the Daleks
S13.13-017 Apr 22Legend of the Sea Devils
S13.13-023 Oct 22The Power of the Doctor
S02.2-0 25 Dec 05Attack of the Graske
S04.4-0 27 Jul 08Music of the Spheres
S04.4-0 25 Dec 08Top 5 Christmas Moments
S04.4-0 23 May 09Tonight's the Night
S04.4-0 24 Dec 09A Ghost Story for Christmas
S05.5-0 08 Nov 10Meanwhile in the TARDIS 1
S05.5-0 08 Nov 10Meanwhile in the TARDIS 2
S05.5-0 26 Jan 11National Television Awards Sketch 2011
S07.7-0 14 May 11Rain Gods
S06.6-0 13 Aug 11Best of the Doctor
S06.6-0 20 Aug 11Best of the Monsters
S06.6-0 27 Aug 11Best of the Companions
S06.6-0 01 Oct 11Death is the Only Answer
S06.6-0 18 Oct 11The Naked Truth
S06.6-0 22 Nov 11Night and the Doctor: Bad Night
S06.6-0 22 Nov 11Night and the Doctor: Good Night
S06.6-0 22 Nov 11Night and the Doctor: First Night
S06.6-0 22 Nov 11Night and the Doctor: Last Night
S06.6-0 23 Nov 11Night and the Doctor: Up All Night
S06.6-0 24 May 12Good as Gold
S07.7-0 04 Aug 12The Science of Doctor Who
S07.7-0 11 Aug 12The Women of Doctor Who
S07.7-0 18 Aug 12The Timey-Wimey of Doctor Who
S07.7-0 25 Aug 12The Destinations of Doctor Who
S07.7-0 27 Aug 12Pond Life: Episode One – April
S07.7-0 28 Aug 12Pond Life: Episode Two – May
S07.7-0 29 Aug 12Pond Life: Episode Three – June
S07.7-0 30 Aug 12Pond Life: Episode Four – July
S07.7-0 31 Aug 12Pond Life: Episode Five – August
S07.7-0 15 Sep 12The Making of the Gunslinger
S07.7-0 12 Oct 12P.S.
S07.7-0 20 Dec 12The Inforarium
S07.7-0 25 Mar 13The Battle of Demons Run: Two Days Later
S07.7-0 09 Apr 13Strax Field Report: Trafalgar Square
S07.7-0 16 May 13Strax Field Report: The Name of the Doctor
S07.7-0 18 May 13Strax Field Report: A Glorious Day - The Name of the Doctor
S07.7-0 24 May 13Strax Field Report: The Doctor's Greatest Secret
S07.7-0 04 Aug 13Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor
S07.7-0 24 Sep 13Clara and the TARDIS
S02.2-0 12 Oct 13Doctor Who - Season 2: The Christmas Invasion - Deleted Scene
S07.7-0 07 Nov 13Strax Field Report: The Zygons
S08.8-0 14 Nov 13The Science of Doctor Who with Brian Cox
S07.7-0 17 Nov 13Strax Field Report: Queen Elizabeth
S07.7-0 19 Nov 13David Tennant introduces The Day of the Doctor
S07.7-0 21 Nov 13An Adventure in Space and Time
S07.7-0 23 Nov 13Cinema Introduction to The Day of the Doctor
S07.7-0 23 Nov 13A Deleted Scene - The Day of the Doctor
S07.7-0 23 Nov 13Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty
S07.7-0 23 Nov 13The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot
S07.7-0 19 Dec 13Strax Field Report: The Doctors
S07.7-0 22 Dec 13Strax Field Report: A Sontaran's View of Christmas
S07.7-0 25 Dec 13Strax Field Report: The Doctor Has Regenerated!
S07.7-0 18 Apr 14Doctor Who: A Farewell to Matt Smith
S08.8-0 23 Aug 14Prequel (Deep Breath)
S08.8-0 11 Oct 14Foxes performs 'Don't Stop Me Now' on board the Orient Express
S08.8-0 16 Jan 15Doctor Who: Earth Conquest – The World Tour
S10.10-025 Dec 17Doctor Who: The End of an Era
S11.11-007 Oct 18Doctor Who: The Ultimate Watch Party: Pre-Show
S11.11-007 Oct 18Doctor Who: The Ultimate Watch Party: Post Show
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