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Comic Relief

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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Show Details:
Start date: Feb 1988
End date: ___ ____
Status: on hiatus
Network(s): BBC One (UK)
Run time: 360+ min
Episodes: 50+ eps
Genre(s): Comedy
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1986
1.1986-125 Apr 86Omnibus presents Comic Relief
Season 1988
2.1988-105 Feb 88A Night of Comic Relief
3.1988-205 Feb 88A Night of Comic Relief
4.1988-331 Dec 88Comic Relief's Nose at Ten
Season 1989
5.1989-110 Mar 89A Night of Comic Relief 2
6.1989-210 Mar 89Kylie, Connolly and TV Gaga
7.1989-310 Mar 89Comic Relief 2
8.1989-410 Mar 89'Allo'Allo! and a Dollop of Sauce
9.1989-510 Mar 89The Night of the Comic Dead
10.1989-610 Mar 89Barry Goes Bananas and Midnight Goes Mad
11.1989-710 Mar 89Theophilus P. Wildebeeste Introduces the Big Love Hour
12.1989-810 Mar 89Hamlet by the Stavros Shakespearian Players
13.1989-910 Mar 89The Young Ones and Monty Python
14.1989-1001 May 89Comic Relief's Nose Trek II
15.1989-1127 Mar 90Follow Your Nose
16.1989-1228 Mar 90Follow Your Nose
17.1989-1329 Mar 90Follow Your Nose
18.1989-1430 Mar 90Follow Your Nose
19.1989-1531 Mar 90Follow Your Nose
Season 1991
20.1991-115 Mar 91The Stonker Starts Here
21.1991-215 Mar 91Comic Relief 1991
22.1991-317 Apr 92Comic Relief 1992 - Behind the Nose
23.1991-417 Apr 92Comic Relief 1992 - Behind the Nose - Who's Funniest?
24.1991-517 Apr 92The Comic Relief Snappily Titled and Utterly Sponditious Stab at Explaining Why So Many People in Africa Are So Damn Poor
25.1991-617 Apr 92The A-Z of Comic Relief Comedy
Season 1993
26.1993-105 Mar 93Comic Relief's Red Nose Alert
27.1993-212 Mar 93Total Relief
28.1993-312 Mar 93Comic Relief... from the Nine O'Clock News
29.1993-412 Mar 93Total Relief
30.1993-531 May 93The Red Nose Awards
31.1993-630 May 94Red Nose Awards
32.1993-730 May 94Raiders of the Lost Nose
Season 1995
33.1995-117 Mar 95The Night of Comic Relief
34.1995-217 Mar 95Harry Enfield and His Charity Chums
35.1995-317 Mar 95Two's Comedy
36.1995-417 Mar 95French and Saunders and Much More
37.1995-517 Mar 95Smith and Jones and Wood
38.1995-617 Mar 95Lenny Henry Presents "Belfast Live"
39.1995-717 Mar 95Late and Languid with Jonathan Ross
40.1995-817 Mar 95Comic Relief Viewers' Choice
41.1995-929 May 95Red Nose Awards 95
42.1995-1027 May 96Red Nose Awards
Season 1997
43.1997-114 Mar 97Close Encounters of the Furred Kind
44.1997-214 Mar 97Comic Relief Goes to the Movies
45.1997-314 Mar 97Close Encounters of the Furred Kind
46.1997-416 Mar 97Comic Relief: The Juicy Bits
47.1997-512 Apr 98Comic Relief 97: The Furry Funny Bits
48.1997-626 May 97Red Nose Awards
49.1997-825 May 98The Megatastic Comic Relief Red Nose Awards
Season 1999
50.1999-112 Mar 99The Record Breaker
51.1999-212 Mar 99Comic Relief: Alan Partridge Live
52.1999-312 Mar 99The Record Breaker
53.1999-414 Mar 99Comic Relief: The Director's Cut
54.1999-501 May 99Comic Relief - Have I Got Buzzcocks All Over
55.1999-612 Jun 99Comic Relief: The Debt Wish Show
56.1999-730 Aug 99Comic Reliefs Debt Wish
57.1999-824 Apr 00Comic Relief 99: What a Hooter
Season 2001
58.2001-113 Feb 01Comic Relief's Short Pants
59.2001-224 Feb 01Naked Red Nose Ground Force in Practice!
60.2001-316 Mar 01Comic Relief Presents: Big Red Nose Night
61.2001-416 Mar 01Comic Relief Presents: Have I Got Buzzcocks All Over
62.2001-516 Mar 01Comic Relief Presents: Big Red Nose Night
63.2001-616 Mar 01Skinner and Baddiel Unpaid
64.2001-716 Mar 01Graham Norton
65.2001-816 Mar 01Top 50 Sweaty Bits
66.2001-920 Mar 01The Best of the Big Red Nose Night 2001
67.2001-1029 Dec 01Comic Relief Hot Christmas Pants
Season 2003
68.2003-115 Feb 03Total Comic Relief
69.2003-201 Mar 03Comic Relief ... the Ultimate Makeover!
70.2003-308 Mar 03The Story of Comic Relief Pop
71.2003-414 Mar 03Comic Relief Red Nose Night
72.2003-514 Mar 03Comic Relief Red Nose Night
73.2003-614 Mar 03Comic Relief's Classic Comedy Masterclass
74.2003-716 Mar 03Comic Relief
75.2003-830 Dec 03Comic Relief 2003 - Highlights
Season 2005
76.2005-102 Mar 05It's Your Comic Relief
77.2005-204 Mar 05Comic Relief: Red Nose Night Live 05
78.2005-304 Mar 05Comic Relief: Red Nose Night Live 05
79.2005-404 Mar 05When Johnny Met Keira
80.2005-514 Mar 05Comic Relief Update
81.2005-619 Dec 05Comic Relief Highlights 2005
Season 2007
82.2007-116 Mar 0716/03/2007
83.2007-216 Mar 07Top Gear of the Pops
84.2007-316 Mar 0716/03/2007
85.2007-418 Mar 0718/03/2007
86.2007-527 Dec 07The Best of the Big One
Season 2009
87.2009-113 Mar 09Part 1: David Tennant and Davina McCall/Harry Hill/the Saturdays/Ronnie Corbett/Let's Dance for Comic Relief
88.2009-213 Mar 09Part 2: Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse/Outnumbered/Harry Potter/Annie Lennox/French and Saunders/Catherine Tate/Ant and Dec
89.2009-313 Mar 09Part 3: Mount Kilimanjaro climbers/French and Saunders/James Corden/Denise Van Outen
90.2009-413 Mar 09Part 4: Davina McCall/Adele/Gervais and Merchant
91.2009-513 Mar 09Part 5: Robbie Williams/Royle Family
92.2009-613 Mar 09Part 6: Armstrong and Miller/Mitchell and Webb
93.2009-713 Mar 09Part 7: Graham Norton/Omid Djalili/Jason Manford/the Full Monty/Katy Brand/Sadie Frost/Kate Moss/James Corden and Mathew Horne
94.2009-814 Mar 09The Best Bits
95.2009-927 Dec 09The Net Result
Season 2011
96.2011-118 Mar 11Part 1
97.2011-218 Mar 11Part 2
98.2011-318 Mar 11Part 3
99.2011-418 Mar 11Jack and Kevin's Comic Relief Lock-In
100.2011-520 Mar 11Highlights
101.2011-628 Dec 11What a Cracker
Season 2013
102.2013-115 Mar 13Funny for Money - Part 1
103.2013-215 Mar 13Funny for Money - Part 2
104.2013-315 Mar 13Funny for Money - Part 3
105.2013-415 Mar 13Grimmy's Comic Relief Late Nighter
106.2013-517 Mar 13The Best Bits
107.2013-629 Dec 13100 Million Laughs
Season 2015
108.2015-113 Mar 15Face the Funny - Part 1
109.2015-213 Mar 15Face the Funny - Part 2
110.2015-313 Mar 15Making It Funny for Money
111.2015-415 Mar 15The Best Bits
112.2015-526 Dec 15Thanks a Billion!
Season 2017
113.2017-124 Mar 17Red Nose Day
114.2017-224 Mar 17Greg Davies' Hot Tub Half Hour
115.2017-324 Mar 17Graham Norton's Big Chat Live
116.2017-424 Mar 17Russell Brand's Stand Off
117.2017-524 Mar 17Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them
118.2017-626 Mar 17The Best of Red Nose Day
119.2017-731 Dec 17'Twas the Thanks After Red Nose Day
Season 2019
120.2019-115 Mar 19Part 1
121.2019-215 Mar 19Part 2
122.2019-317 Mar 19The Best Bits
Season 2020
123.2020-124 Dec 20Cinderella: A Comic Relief Pantomime for Christmas
Season 2021
124.2021-118 Mar 21Billy Monger's Big Red Nose Day Challenge
125.2021-218 Mar 21Rob Brydon's Now That's What I Call Comic Relief
126.2021-319 Mar 21Red Nose Day
127.2021-419 Mar 21The Great Comic Relief Prizeathon
128.2021-521 Mar 21The Best Bits
129.2021-619 Dec 21Beauty and the Beast: A Comic Relief Pantomime for Christmas
Season 2022
130.2022-114 Mar 22Tom Daley's Hell of a Homecoming for Comic Relief
131.2022-215 Mar 22Rowing Home with Jordan North
132.2022-318 Mar 22Red Nose Day 2022
133.2022-418 Mar 22Comic Relief at the Movies
134.2022-518 Mar 22The Great Comic Relief Prizeathon
135.2022-620 Mar 22The Best Bits
Season 2023
136.2023-114 Mar 23Emma, Oti & Rylan's Big Red Nose Day Challenge
137.2023-217 Mar 23Red Nose Day
138.2023-317 Mar 23When Comic Relief Did Big Brother
139.2023-417 Mar 23The Best of the Best Bits
140.2023-518 Mar 23Highlights
Season 2024
141.2024-111 Mar 24Snow Going Back: Comic Relief v the Arctic
142.2024-215 Mar 24Funny for Money
143.2024-315 Mar 24More Funny for Money
144.2024-415 Mar 24A Whole Lotta Lenny
S19911991-004 Nov 90Video Relief
S19911991-005 Mar 91The Barry Awards
S19951995-010 Mar 95Billy Connolly's Return to Nose and Beak
S19951995-015 Mar 95Comic Relief Special Michelle's Story
S19951995-028 Aug 95Victoria Wood's Dirty Weekend
S19971997-012 Mar 97Walk on By
S20012001-021 Feb 01Dead Serious: Rwanda Hope in Hell
S20032003-010 Mar 03Billy Connolly in African Hospital - Not a Feelgood Nicey Nicey Film
S20052005-006 Feb 05Comic Relief's Great Big Celebrity Red Nose Job
S20052005-026 Feb 05Comic Relief Presents: Orphans of Nkandla
S20092009-008 Mar 09Comic Relief Presents Islands in the Stream
S20112011-011 Mar 11Girl on Wire
S20112011-017 Mar 11The Big Red Nose Desert Trek
S20132013-014 Mar 13Through Hell and High Water
S20152015-010 Mar 15Kids in Camps
S20152015-012 Mar 15Operation Health
S20172017-023 Mar 17The Red Nose African Convoy
S20192019-013 Mar 19Kilimanjaro: The Bigger Red Nose Climb
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