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Chicago Med

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Last updated: Fri, 24 May 2024 -1:00
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A courageous team of doctors holds together the pandemonium of a major Chicago hospital, in the same television universe as Chicago Fire and Chicago PD.
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 2015
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): NBC (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 163+ eps
Genre(s): Drama, Medical
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 17 Nov 15Derailed
2.1-2 24 Nov 15iNO
3.1-3 01 Dec 15Fallback
4.1-4 08 Dec 15Mistaken
5.1-5 05 Jan 16Malignant
6.1-6 19 Jan 16Bound
7.1-7 26 Jan 16Saints
8.1-8 02 Feb 16Reunion
9.1-9 09 Feb 16Choices
10.1-1016 Feb 16Clarity
11.1-1123 Feb 16Intervention
12.1-1229 Mar 16Guilty
13.1-1305 Apr 16Us
14.1-1419 Apr 16Hearts
15.1-1526 Apr 16Inheritance
16.1-1603 May 16Disorder
17.1-1710 May 16Withdrawal
18.1-1817 May 16Timing
Season 2
19.2-1 22 Sep 16Soul Care
20.2-2 29 Sep 16Win Loss
21.2-3 06 Oct 16Natural History
22.2-4 13 Oct 16Brother's Keeper
23.2-5 20 Oct 16Extreme Measures
24.2-6 27 Oct 16Alternative Medicine
25.2-7 03 Nov 16Inherent Bias
26.2-8 10 Nov 16Free Will
27.2-9 05 Jan 17Uncharted Territory
28.2-1012 Jan 17Heart Matters
29.2-1119 Jan 17Graveyard Shift
30.2-1202 Feb 17Mirror Mirror
31.2-1309 Feb 17Theseus' Ship
32.2-1416 Feb 17Cold Front
33.2-1502 Mar 17Lose Yourself
34.2-1609 Mar 17Prisoner's Dilemma
35.2-1716 Mar 17Monday Mourning
36.2-1830 Mar 17Lesson Learned
37.2-1906 Apr 17Ctrl Alt
38.2-2013 Apr 17Generation Gap
39.2-2127 Apr 17Deliver Us
40.2-2204 May 17White Butterflies
41.2-2311 May 17Love Hurts
Season 3
42.3-1 21 Nov 17Speak Your Truth
43.3-2 28 Nov 17Nothing to Fear
44.3-3 05 Dec 17Trust Your Gut
45.3-4 12 Dec 17Naughty or Nice
46.3-5 02 Jan 18Mountains and Molehills
47.3-6 09 Jan 18Ties That Bind
48.3-7 16 Jan 18Over Troubled Water
49.3-8 23 Jan 18Lemons and Lemonade
50.3-9 06 Feb 18On Shaky Ground
51.3-1027 Feb 18Down by Law
52.3-1106 Mar 18Folie à Deux
53.3-1220 Mar 18Born This Way
54.3-1327 Mar 18Best Laid Plans
55.3-1403 Apr 18Lock It Down
56.3-1510 Apr 18Devil in Disguise
57.3-1617 Apr 18An Inconvenient Truth
58.3-1724 Apr 18The Parent Trap
59.3-1801 May 18This is Now
60.3-1908 May 18Crisis of Confidence
61.3-2015 May 18The Tipping Point
Season 4
62.4-1 26 Sep 18Be My Better Half
63.4-2 03 Oct 18When to Let Go
64.4-3 10 Oct 18Heavy is the Head
65.4-4 17 Oct 18Backed Against the Wall
66.4-5 24 Oct 18What You Don't Know
67.4-6 31 Oct 18Lesser of Two Evils
68.4-7 07 Nov 18The Poison Inside Us
69.4-8 14 Nov 18Play By My Rules
70.4-9 05 Dec 18Death Do Us Part
71.4-1009 Jan 19All the Lonely People
72.4-1116 Jan 19Who Can You Trust
73.4-1223 Jan 19The Things We Do
74.4-1306 Feb 19Ghosts in the Attic
75.4-1413 Feb 19Can't Unring That Bell
76.4-1520 Feb 19We Hold These Truths
77.4-1627 Feb 19Old Flames, New Sparks
78.4-1727 Mar 19The Space Between Us
79.4-1803 Apr 19Tell Me the Truth
80.4-1924 Apr 19Never Let You Go
81.4-2008 May 19More Harm Than Good
82.4-2115 May 19Forever Hold Your Peace
83.4-2222 May 19With a Brave Heart
Season 5
84.5-1 25 Sep 19Never Going Back to Normal
85.5-2 02 Oct 19We're Lost in the Dark
86.5-3 09 Oct 19In the Valley of the Shadows
87.5-4 16 Oct 19Infection, Part II
88.5-5 23 Oct 19Got a Friend in Me
89.5-6 30 Oct 19It's All in the Family
90.5-7 06 Nov 19Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings
91.5-8 13 Nov 19Too Close to the Sun
92.5-9 20 Nov 19I Can't Imagine the Future
93.5-1008 Jan 20Guess It Doesn't Matter Anymore
94.5-1115 Jan 20The Ground Shifts Beneath Us
95.5-1222 Jan 20Leave the Choice to Solomon
96.5-1305 Feb 20Pain is for the Living
97.5-1412 Feb 20It May Not Be Forever
98.5-1526 Feb 20I Will Do No Harm
99.5-1604 Mar 20Who Should Be the Judge
100.5-1718 Mar 20The Ghosts of the Past
101.5-1825 Mar 20In the Name of Love
102.5-1908 Apr 20Just a River in Egypt
103.5-2015 Apr 20A Needle in the Heart
Season 6
104.6-1 11 Nov 20When Did We Begin to Change
105.6-2 18 Nov 20Those Things Hidden in Plain Sight
106.6-3 13 Jan 21Do You Know the Way Home
107.6-4 27 Jan 21In Search of Forgiveness, Not Permission
108.6-5 03 Feb 21When Your Heart Rules Your Head
109.6-6 10 Feb 21Don't Want to Face This Now
110.6-7 17 Feb 21Better Is the Enemy of Good
111.6-8 10 Mar 21Fathers and Mothers, Daughters and Sons
112.6-9 17 Mar 21For the Want of a Nail
113.6-1031 Mar 21So Many Things We've Kept Buried
114.6-1107 Apr 21Letting Go Only to Come Together
115.6-1221 Apr 21Some Things Are Worth the Risk
116.6-1305 May 21What a Tangled Web We Weave
117.6-1412 May 21A Red Pill, a Blue Pill
118.6-1519 May 21Stories, Secrets, Half Truths and Lies
119.6-1626 May 21I Will Come to Save You
Season 7
120.7-1 22 Sep 21You Can't Always Trust What You See
121.7-2 29 Sep 21To Lean In, or to Let Go
122.7-3 06 Oct 21Be the Change You Want to See
123.7-4 13 Oct 21Status Quo, aka The Mess We're in
124.7-5 20 Oct 21Change Is a Tough Pill to Swallow
125.7-6 27 Oct 21When You're a Hammer Everything's a Nail
126.7-7 03 Nov 21A Square Peg in a Round Hole
127.7-8 10 Nov 21Just as a Snake Sheds Its Skin
128.7-9 08 Dec 21Secret Santa Has a Gift for You
129.7-1005 Jan 22No Good Deed Goes Unpunished...in Chicago
130.7-1112 Jan 22The Things We Thought We Left Behind
131.7-1219 Jan 22What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You
132.7-1323 Feb 22Reality Leaves a Lot to the Imagination
133.7-1402 Mar 22All the Things That Could Have Been
134.7-1509 Mar 22Things Meant to Be Bent Not Broken
135.7-1616 Mar 22May Your Choices Reflect Hope, Not Fear
136.7-1706 Apr 22If You Love Someone, Set Them Free
137.7-1813 Apr 22Judge Not, For You Will Be Judged
138.7-1920 Apr 22Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes
139.7-2011 May 22End of the Day, Anything Can Happen
140.7-2118 May 22Lying Doesn't Protect You from the Truth
141.7-2225 May 22And Now We Come to the End
Season 8
142.8-1 21 Sep 22How Do You Begin to Count the Losses
143.8-2 28 Sep 22(Caught Between) The Wrecking Ball and the Butterfly
144.8-3 05 Oct 22Winning the Battle, but Still Losing the War
145.8-4 12 Oct 22The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Teacher
146.8-5 19 Oct 22Yep, This Is the World We Live In
147.8-6 02 Nov 22Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This
148.8-7 09 Nov 22The Clothes Make the Man... Or Do They?
149.8-8 16 Nov 22Everyone's Fighting a Battle You Know Nothing About
150.8-9 07 Dec 22This Could Be the Start of Something New
151.8-1004 Jan 23A Little Change Might Do You Some Good
152.8-1111 Jan 23It Is What It Is, Until It Isn't
153.8-1218 Jan 23We All Know What They Say About Assumptions
154.8-1315 Feb 23It's an Ill Wind That Blows Nobody Good
155.8-1422 Feb 23On Days Like Today... Silver Linings Become Lifelines
156.8-1501 Mar 23Those Times You Have to Cross the Line
157.8-1622 Mar 23What You See Isn't Always What You Get
158.8-1729 Mar 23Know When to Hold and When to Fold
159.8-1805 Apr 23I Could See the Writing on the Wall
160.8-1903 May 23Look Closely and You Might Hear the Truth
161.8-2010 May 23The Winds of Change Are Starting to Blow
162.8-2117 May 23Might Feel Like It's Time for a Change
163.8-2224 May 23Does One Door Close and Another One Open?
Season 9
164.9-1 17 Jan 24Row Row Row Your Boat on a Rocky Sea
165.9-2 24 Jan 24This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us
166.9-3 31 Jan 24What Happens in the Dark Always Comes to Light
167.9-4 07 Feb 24These Are Not the Droids You Are Looking For
168.9-5 21 Feb 24I Make a Promise, I Will Never Leave You
169.9-6 28 Feb 24I Told Myself That I Was Done With You
170.9-7 20 Mar 24Step on a Crack and Break Your Mother's Back
171.9-8 27 Mar 24A Penny for Your Thoughts, Dollar for Your Dreams
172.9-9 03 Apr 24Spin a Yarn, Get Stuck in Your Own String
173.9-1001 May 24You Just Might Find You Get What You Need
174.9-1108 May 24I Think There Is Something You're Not Telling Me
175.9-1215 May 24Get By with a Little Help from My Friends
176.9-1322 May 24I Think I Know You, But Do I Really?
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