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Cases of a tough and dedicated young neurosurgeon at a large hospital.
Show Details:
Start date: Oct 1961
End date: Mar 1966
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): ABC (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 153 eps
Genre(s): Drama, Medical
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 02 Oct 61To the Pure
2.1-2 09 Oct 61But Linda Only Smiled
3.1-3 16 Oct 61The Insolent Heart
4.1-4 23 Oct 61I Remember a Lemon Tree
5.1-5 30 Oct 61An Expensive Glass of Water
6.1-6 06 Nov 61The Sound of Laughter
7.1-7 13 Nov 61A Few Brief Lines for Dave
8.1-8 20 Nov 61Pavane for a Gentle Lady
9.1-9 27 Nov 61My Good Friend Krikor
10.1-1004 Dec 61The Sweet Kiss of Madness
11.1-1111 Dec 61A Certain Time, a Certain Darkness
12.1-1218 Dec 61A Dark Night for Billy Harris
13.1-1301 Jan 62And If I Die
14.1-1408 Jan 62A Memory of Candy Stripes
15.1-1515 Jan 62Imagine a Long, Bright Corridor
16.1-1622 Jan 62A Story to Be Softly Told
17.1-1729 Jan 62The Big Trouble with Charlie
18.1-1805 Feb 62Give My Hands an Epitaph
19.1-1912 Feb 62Victory Wears a Cruel Smile
20.1-2019 Feb 62Odyssey of a Proud Suitcase
21.1-2126 Feb 62Behold a Pale Horse
22.1-2205 Mar 62For the Ladybug, One Dozen Roses
23.1-2312 Mar 62To a Grand and Natural Finale
24.1-2419 Mar 62Monument to an Aged Hunter
25.1-2526 Mar 62All the Clocks Are Ticking
26.1-2602 Apr 62Among Others a Girl Named Abilene
27.1-2716 Apr 62A Pleasant Thing for the Eyes
28.1-2823 Apr 62And Eve Wore a Veil of Tears
29.1-2930 Apr 62Preferably, the Less-Used Arm
30.1-3007 May 62An Uncommonly Innocent Killing
31.1-3121 May 62So Oft It Chances in Particular Men
32.1-3228 May 62When You See an Evil Man
Season 2
33.2-1 01 Oct 62Mrs. McBroom and the Cloud Watcher
34.2-2 08 Oct 62The Night That Nothing Happened
35.2-3 15 Oct 62In the Name of Love, a Small Corruption
36.2-4 22 Oct 62Legacy from a Stranger
37.2-5 29 Oct 62Go Not Gently Into the Night
38.2-6 05 Nov 62Behold! They Walk an Ancient Road
39.2-7 12 Nov 62Of All Save Pain Bereft
40.2-8 19 Nov 62And Even Death Shall Die
41.2-9 26 Nov 62The Fireman Who Raised Rabbits
42.2-1003 Dec 62Between Summer and Winter, the Glorious Season
43.2-1110 Dec 62I Hear America Singing
44.2-1217 Dec 62Pack Up All My Cares and Woes
45.2-1331 Dec 62Saturday, Surgery and Stanley Shultz
46.2-1407 Jan 63I'll Be Alright in the Morning
47.2-1514 Jan 63A Cardinal Act of Mercy (1)
48.2-1621 Jan 63A Cardinal Act of Mercy (2)
49.2-1728 Jan 63Use Neon for My Epitaph
50.2-1804 Feb 63He Thought He Saw an Albatross
51.2-1911 Feb 63A Short Biographical Sketch of James Tuttle Peabody, M.D.
52.2-2018 Feb 63A Hundred More Pipers
53.2-2125 Feb 63Suffer the Little Children
54.2-2204 Mar 63Rigadoon for Three Pianos
55.2-2311 Mar 63The White Ones Are Dolphins
56.2-2418 Mar 63Will Everyone Who Believes in Terry Dunne Please Applaud?
57.2-2525 Mar 63For I Will Plait Thy Hair with Gold
58.2-2601 Apr 63Father Was an Intern
59.2-2715 Apr 63Rage Against the Dying Light
60.2-2822 Apr 63La Vie, La Vie Intérieure
61.2-2929 Apr 63My Enemy is a Bright Green Sparrow
62.2-3006 May 63Lullaby for Billy Dignan
63.2-3113 May 63Hang No Hats on Dreams
Season 3
64.3-1 09 Sep 63For This Relief, Much Thanks
65.3-2 18 Sep 63Justice to a Microbe
66.3-3 25 Sep 63With the Rich and Mighty, Always a Little Patience
67.3-4 02 Oct 63Allie
68.3-5 09 Oct 63If There Were Dreams to Sell
69.3-6 16 Oct 63The Echo of a Silent Cheer (1)
70.3-7 23 Oct 63The Echo of a Silent Cheer (2)
71.3-8 30 Oct 63Little Drops of Water, Little Grains of Sand
72.3-9 06 Nov 63Light Up the Dark Corners
73.3-1013 Nov 63Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast
74.3-1120 Nov 63Fire in a Sacred Fruit Tree
75.3-1227 Nov 63Dispel the Black Cyclone That Shakes the Throne
76.3-1304 Dec 63My Love, My Love
77.3-1411 Dec 63From Too Much Love of Living
78.3-1518 Dec 63It Is Getting Dark... and We Are Lost
79.3-1625 Dec 63The Last Splintered Spoke on the Old Burlesque Wheel
80.3-1701 Jan 64The Light That Loses, the Night That Wins
81.3-1808 Jan 64I'll Get on My Ice Floe and Wave Goodbye
82.3-1915 Jan 64The Only Place Where They Know My Name
83.3-2022 Jan 64There Was Once a Man in the Land of Uz
84.3-2129 Jan 64One Nation Indivisible
85.3-2205 Feb 64Goodbye to Blue Elephants and Such
86.3-2312 Feb 64The Bark of a Three-Headed Hound
87.3-2419 Feb 64The Sound of One Hand Clapping
88.3-2526 Feb 64A Falcon's Eye, a Lion's Heart, and a Girl's Hand
89.3-2604 Mar 64The Lonely Ones
90.3-2711 Mar 64Keep Out of Reach of Adults
91.3-2818 Mar 64Dress My Doll Pretty
92.3-2925 Mar 64Onions and Mustard Seed Will Make Her Weep
93.3-3001 Apr 64Make Me the First American
94.3-3108 Apr 64Heap Logs and Let the Blaze Laugh Out
95.3-3215 Apr 64For a Just Man Falleth Seven Times
96.3-3322 Apr 64Evidence of Things Not Seen
Season 4
97.4-1 14 Sep 64August is the Month Before Christmas
98.4-2 21 Sep 64A Bird in the Solitude Singing
99.4-3 28 Sep 64But Who Shall Beat the Drums?
100.4-4 05 Oct 64Autumn Without Red Leaves
101.4-5 12 Oct 64You Fish or You Cut Bait
102.4-6 19 Oct 64For Jimmy, the Best of Everything
103.4-7 26 Oct 64Woods Full of Question Marks
104.4-8 09 Nov 64A Thousand Words Are Mute
105.4-9 16 Nov 64Money, a Horse, and a Knowledge of Latin
106.4-1023 Nov 64A Disease of the Heart Called Love
107.4-1130 Nov 64Kill the Dream, But Spare the Dreamer
108.4-1207 Dec 64Courage at 3 A.M.
109.4-1314 Dec 64This Wild, Wild, Wild Waltzing World
110.4-1404 Jan 65A Boy is Standing Outside the Door
111.4-1511 Jan 65Where Does the Boomerang Go?
112.4-1618 Jan 65Pas de Deux
113.4-1725 Jan 65Every Other Minute, It's the End of the World
114.4-1801 Feb 65A Rambling Discourse on Egyptian Water Clocks
115.4-1908 Feb 65When I am Grown to Man's Estate
116.4-2022 Feb 65A Man, a Maid, and a Marionette
117.4-2101 Mar 65A Dipperful of Water from a Poisoned Well
118.4-2208 Mar 65A Little Fun to Match the Sorrow
119.4-2315 Mar 65Minus That Rusty Old Hacksaw
120.4-2422 Mar 65Eulogy in Four Flats
121.4-2529 Mar 65Three Li'l Lambs
122.4-2612 Apr 65A Slave is on the Throne
123.4-2719 Apr 65Journeys End in Lovers Meeting
124.4-2826 Apr 65The Day They Stole County General
125.4-2903 May 65Did Your Mother Come from Ireland, Ben Casey?
126.4-3010 May 65From Sutter's Crick...and Beyond Farewell
127.4-3117 May 65A Horse Named Stravinsky
Season 5
128.5-1 13 Sep 65War of Nerves
129.5-2 20 Sep 65O the Big Wheel Turns by Faith
130.5-3 27 Sep 65A Nightingale Named Nathan
131.5-4 04 Oct 65Run for Your Lives, Dr. Galanos Practices Here
132.5-5 11 Oct 65Because of the Needle, the Haystack Was Lost
133.5-6 18 Oct 65What to Her is Plato?
134.5-7 25 Oct 65Francini? Who is Francini?
135.5-8 01 Nov 65Then I, and You, and All of Us Fall Down
136.5-9 08 Nov 65No More, Cried the Rooster - There Will Be Truth
137.5-1015 Nov 65The Importance of Being 65937
138.5-1122 Nov 65When Givers Prove Unkind
139.5-1229 Nov 65The Man from Quasilia
140.5-1306 Dec 65Why Did the Day Go Backwards?
141.5-1420 Dec 65If You Really Want to Know What Goes on in a Hospital...
142.5-1527 Dec 65If You Play Your Cards Right, You Too Can Be a Loser
143.5-1606 Jan 66In Case of Emergency, Cry Havoc
144.5-1720 Jan 66Meantime, We Shall Express Our Darker Purpose
145.5-1817 Jan 66For San Diego, You Need a Different Bus
146.5-1924 Jan 66Smile, Baby, Smile, It's Only Twenty Dols of Pain
147.5-2031 Jan 66Fun and Games and Other Tragic Things
148.5-2107 Feb 66Weave Nets to Catch the Wind
149.5-2216 Feb 66Lullaby for a Wind-Up Toy
150.5-2321 Feb 66Where Did All the Roses Go?
151.5-2428 Feb 66Twenty-Six Ways to Spell Heartbreak, A, B, C, D ...
152.5-2514 Mar 66Pull the Wool Over Your Eyes, Here Comes the Cold Wind of Truth
153.5-2621 Mar 66Then, Suddenly, Panic
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