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Last updated: Tue, 25 Jul 2023 -1:00
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Sitcom about newlyweds with existing children, based on the 2005 film.
Show Details:
Start date: June 2010
End date: Mar 2013
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): TBS (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 100 eps
Genre(s): Comedy
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze • 
Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 02 Jun 10The Hyphenated Name Episode
2.1-2 02 Jun 10The Credit Check Episode
3.1-3 09 Jun 10The Day Off Episode
4.1-4 09 Jun 10The Soccer Episode
5.1-5 16 Jun 10The Rat in the House Episode
6.1-6 16 Jun 10The Booty Episode
7.1-7 23 Jun 10The Viral Video Episode
8.1-8 23 Jun 10The Michele Obama Sweater Episode
9.1-9 30 Jun 10The No Nah Nah Episode
10.1-1030 Jun 10The Get Together Episode
Season 2
11.2-1 05 Jan 11The Mr. Himdependent Episode
12.2-2 05 Jan 11The We Ain't Going Out Like That Episode
13.2-3 12 Jan 11The Oh No She Di-in't Episode
14.2-4 12 Jan 11The Nick's Manny-Pedi Episode
15.2-5 19 Jan 11The Gold Party Episode
16.2-6 19 Jan 11The Boy Has Style Episode
17.2-7 26 Jan 11The Man and the Bragging Snafu Episode
18.2-8 26 Jan 11The Suzanne Theft Auto Episode
19.2-9 02 Feb 11The Despicable E Episode
20.2-1002 Feb 11The She Got Game Night Episode
21.2-1109 Feb 11The Valentine's Day Episode
22.2-1209 Feb 11The Parent Teacher Trap Episode
23.2-1316 Feb 11The Whose Card is It Anyway Episode
24.2-1416 Feb 11The Suzanne Gets One-Upped Episode
25.2-1523 Feb 11The First .45 Episode
26.2-1623 Feb 11The Take Your Kids to Work Day Episode
27.2-1702 Mar 11The Fall of Troy Episode
28.2-1802 Mar 11The Pole Dance Episode
29.2-1909 Mar 11The Disney Episode
30.2-2009 Mar 11The Salsa Episode
31.2-2116 Mar 11The Nick Gets Jealous Episode
32.2-2216 Mar 11The Test Taker Episode
33.2-2323 Mar 11The Compatibility Test Episode
34.2-2423 Mar 11The Good Cop, Bad Cop Episode
35.2-2530 Mar 11The Mr. Almost Episode
36.2-2630 Mar 11The Play Date Episode
37.2-2706 Apr 11The Lindasy Gets High Episode
38.2-2806 Apr 11The Liar, Liar Episode
39.2-2913 Apr 11The Fight Party Episode
40.2-3013 Apr 11The Nick's Kid Episode
41.2-3127 Apr 11The Kevin Gets a Commercial Episode
42.2-3227 Apr 11The Suzanne's Surprise Party Episode
43.2-3304 May 11The Mother's Day Episode
44.2-3404 May 11The Lindsay Goes Vegan Episode
Season 3
45.3-1 17 Sep 12The Staycation Episode
46.3-2 18 Sep 12The Thief Episode
47.3-3 19 Sep 12The Bad Dream Episode
48.3-4 20 Sep 12The 22 Episode
49.3-5 21 Sep 12The Cooking Episode
50.3-6 24 Sep 12The Regift Episode
51.3-7 25 Sep 12The Susan Gets Arrested Episode
52.3-8 26 Sep 12The Second Black President Episode
53.3-9 27 Sep 12The Green Episode
54.3-1028 Sep 12The Father's Day Episode
55.3-1101 Oct 12The My First Job Episode
56.3-1202 Oct 12The Tiger Dad Episode
57.3-1303 Oct 12The Expensive Purse Episode
58.3-1404 Oct 12The Master of Ceremonies Episode
59.3-1505 Oct 12The Control Issue Episode
60.3-1608 Oct 12The Ghost Dog Episode
61.3-1709 Oct 12The Lemon Squeeze Episode
62.3-1810 Oct 12The Mother's-in-Law Episode
63.3-1911 Oct 12The Tit for Tat Episode
64.3-2012 Oct 12The Quarantine Episode
65.3-2115 Oct 12The V.I.P. Tickets Episode
66.3-2216 Oct 12The Lindsey Dances Episode
67.3-2317 Oct 12The Career Day Episode
68.3-2418 Oct 12The House Sitter's Episode
69.3-2519 Oct 12The Nick Gets Promoted Episode
70.3-2622 Oct 12The Big Loan Episode
71.3-2723 Oct 12The Family Portrait Episode
72.3-2824 Oct 12The Nick Hosts a Telethon Episode
73.3-2925 Oct 12The Nick Gets an Assistant
74.3-3026 Oct 12The Silent Treatment Episode
75.3-3129 Oct 12The Kwandanegaba Children's Fund Episode
76.3-3230 Oct 12The Blockbuster Movie Episode
77.3-3331 Oct 12The Pocket Dial Episode
78.3-3401 Nov 12The Secret Episode
79.3-3502 Nov 12The Life Insurance Episode
80.3-3609 Nov 12The Hypertension Episode
81.3-3712 Nov 12The Satchel Pagge Episode
82.3-3812 Nov 12The Cyrano Episode
83.3-3913 Nov 12The Identity Theft Episode
84.3-4013 Nov 12The Inappropriate Website Episode
85.3-4114 Nov 12The Open Mic Gaffe Episode
86.3-4214 Nov 12The Timeshare Episode
87.3-4314 Nov 12The Thanksgiving Episode
88.3-4415 Nov 12The Sex Symbol Episode
89.3-4515 Nov 12The Insignificant Anniversary Episode
90.3-4616 Nov 12The Long Con Episode
91.3-4716 Nov 12The Bigg Box Klub Episode
92.3-4819 Nov 12The Black Friday Episode
93.3-4919 Nov 12The Blackout Episode
94.3-5020 Nov 12The Wrong Way Episode
95.3-5120 Nov 12The Concussion Episode
96.3-5221 Nov 12The Bucket List Episode
97.3-5321 Nov 12The Spelling Bee Episode
98.3-5422 Nov 12The Kleptomaniac Episode
99.3-5523 Nov 12The Hand on a House Episode
100.3-5601 Mar 13The Good Day Seattle Episode
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