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Last updated: Sun, 5 Mar 2023 0:00
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 2011
End date: Aug 2013
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): syndicated (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 342 eps
Genre(s): Talk
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1 Anderson
1.1-1 12 Sep 11Amy Winehouse's Family
2.1-2 13 Sep 11Kathy Griffin, Snooki & Daniel Radcliffe
3.1-3 14 Sep 11Abandoned at Birth: Baby Jane Doe & Miraculous Mary
4.1-4 15 Sep 11Sarah Jessica Parker and the Cast of "I Don't Know How She Does It"
5.1-5 16 Sep 11Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: After the Tragedy
6.1-6 19 Sep 11The Story of My Mom: Gloria Vanderbilt
7.1-7 20 Sep 11Outrageous Custody Battles
8.1-8 21 Sep 11Conjoined Twins
9.1-9 22 Aug 11Wallace Jeffs & Former Members of FLDS
10.1-1023 Sep 11Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld
11.1-1126 Sep 11Twins: Abandoned and Abused
12.1-1227 Sep 11Anderson's Food Intervention (1)
13.1-1328 Sep 11'50/50' with Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Anjelica Huston
14.1-1429 Sep 11Former FLDS Teens, Plus Kody Brown & Sister Wives
15.1-1530 Sep 11Anna Faris: Was My Ex 'The One'?
16.1-1603 Oct 11When Teen Bullying Doesn't Get Better: The Deadly Consequences
17.1-1704 Oct 11Second Chances with Paula Abdul, Morgan Freeman and 'America's Got Talent' Winner
18.1-1805 Oct 11How Much Would You Pay for a Baby? Black Market Babies
19.1-1906 Oct 11Taking Back Your Life From an Abusive Spouse
20.1-2007 Oct 11Pet Extravaganza
21.1-2110 Oct 11Black Market Babies Scandal
22.1-2206 Oct 11Carré Otis
23.1-2312 Oct 11Undercover Investigations: Psychics
24.1-2413 Oct 11Whom Did I Marry?
25.1-2514 Oct 11Big Family Adoption; Dani's Story
26.1-2617 Oct 11Can Psychic John Edward Reach Deceased Members of Anderson & Gloria's Family?
27.1-2718 Oct 11Are Parents Playing Favorites?
28.1-2819 Oct 11Anderson Investigation... Germs
29.1-2920 Oct 11Toddlers & Tiaras
30.1-3021 Oct 11Meet the Johnstons: One Little Happy Family
31.1-3124 Oct 11Anderson's Costco Adventure
32.1-3225 Oct 11Stressed Out Family Meets the Simple Life
33.1-3326 Oct 11Conquering Your Fears
34.1-3427 Oct 11Anderson's Food Intervention (2)
35.1-3528 Oct 11Mark Wahlberg Goes Back to His Hometown
36.1-3631 Oct 11Is Anderson's House Haunted?
37.1-3701 Nov 11Chaz Bono; Toddlers & Tiaras Update; Anderson Teaches Kindergarten
38.1-3802 Nov 11Stephanie Madoff Mack Speaks Out; Top Chef Challenge
39.1-3903 Nov 11Suburban Polygamy; Viewers' Trash or Treasure; 90-Year-Old Sorority Pledge
40.1-4004 Nov 11The Dating Outside Your Race Controversy
41.1-4107 Nov 11How to Survive Loss with Gloria Vanderbilt
42.1-4208 Nov 11Intervention of a Mom Addicted to Perscription Pills | David Arquette & 'Top Chef' Challenge w/ Padm
43.1-4309 Nov 11Scorned lovers Take Revenge on the Internet | Toni Braxton | Utah Motercycle Rescue Reunion
44.1-4410 Nov 11Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader Slander Lawsuit, Nancy Grace talks about 'Dancing w/ the Stars'
45.1-4511 Nov 11Judge Spanking Teenage Daughter Goes Viral | Eva Longoria
46.1-4614 Nov 11Stop Spending and Start Saving! Plus, Joy Behar
47.1-4715 Nov 11Penn State Show
48.1-4816 Nov 11Children & Teens Caught in the Wrong Bodies
49.1-4917 Nov 11All-American Muslims Debate: How Do You Feel About Muslims Living in the U.S.
50.1-5018 Nov 11Sperm Donor Reunion & Hugh Jackman
51.1-5121 Nov 11Monster In-Laws; Hottest Holiday Trends With NeNe Leakes
52.1-5222 Nov 11Private Lives Exposed; Ellen Barkin; Latest Dancing With the Stars Castoff, Hope Solo
53.1-5323 Nov 11Thanksgiving Dinner With Jamie Oliver & Eric Stonestreet
54.1-5428 Nov 11Melissa McCarthy; Could You Forgive Someone Who Almost Killed You? The Turkey Lady's Story
55.1-5529 Nov 11Dad Gives Daughter Plastic Surgery; Bullying PSA
56.1-5630 Nov 11Tracey Gold; Teacher Abuse Caught on Tape; Elton John
57.1-5701 Dec 11Hoarders; How to Clutter-Free Your Life
58.1-5802 Dec 11Michael Pearl and Extreme Child Discipline; Miracle Dog; Healthy Cooking With Rocco DiSpirito
59.1-5905 Dec 11Extreme Measures People Take for Beauty; Sperm Donors Reconnect Through Anderson Show; Dugan Smith U
60.1-6006 Dec 11Meredith Vieira & Richard Cohen; Betty White; "The Help's" Octavia Spencer
61.1-6107 Dec 11Teacher Abuse Caught on Tape; Stars of Hot in Cleveland
62.1-6208 Dec 11Steve Harvey's Relationship Secrets Revealed; Anderson's Family Dinner Challenge Winners
63.1-6309 Dec 11Look Your Best for Less With Heidi Klum
64.1-6419 Dec 11Angelina Jolie & the Cast of In the Land of Blood and Honey
65.1-6520 Dec 11Jane Fonda; Professor Charged With Serving Minors
66.1-6621 Dec 11Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson & the Cast of We Bought a Zoo
67.1-6722 Dec 11Anderson's Holiday Show
68.1-6826 Dec 11Anderson's New Year's Eve Show With Kathy Griffin & Gloria Vanderbilt
69.1-6902 Jan 12Anderson's Resolution Solutions
70.1-7004 Jan 12Getting Failure Out of Your Life
71.1-7109 Jan 12How Far Is Too Far?
72.1-7210 Jan 12Daytime Exclusives: Dance Moms & Inside the Casey Anthony Trial
73.1-7311 Jan 12The Mom Debate: Are Stay-at-Home Moms Lazy? Plus, Kathie Lee & Hoda
74.1-7412 Jan 12Families in Crisis Over Money & More, Plus Suze Orman
75.1-7513 Jan 12Women in Love With Prisoners
76.1-7616 Jan 12Are Little Girls Growing Up Too Fast?
77.1-7717 Jan 12Headline-Makers: The One-Man Sperm Bank & the Latest Author Phenom
78.1-7818 Jan 12Winning the Lottery Ruined My Life; Bayou Billionaires
79.1-7919 Jan 12Dolly Parton & the Human Lie Detector
80.1-8020 Jan 12Purity: Promise or Myth?
81.1-8123 Jan 12Has Your Obsession Gone Too Far? Mother Reveals She Spent Kids' College Tuition
82.1-8224 Jan 12Man-imony: Should Women Have to Pay Their Ex-Husbands Alimony?
83.1-8325 Jan 12Should You Call the Cops on Your Kids?
84.1-8426 Jan 12Your Family's Secret Life: Sex Addiction & Shocking Teen Trends Uncovered
85.1-8527 Jan 12What Does Confessed Murderer Joran van der Sloot's Guardian Angel Say Now?
86.1-8630 Jan 12Unhappily Ever After: The Business of Divorce
87.1-8731 Jan 12Families in Crisis; Is Your House Making You Fat?
88.1-8801 Feb 12Katherine Heigl; Honduras Plane Crash Survivors Reunite With Rescuers
89.1-8902 Feb 12Madonna: A Daytime Exclusive
90.1-9003 Feb 12Drew Barrymore; The Real Story Behind JFK Jr.'s Final Days!
91.1-9106 Feb 12My Mom's a Hoarder; Joan & Melissa Rivers
92.1-9207 Feb 12OCD Is Ruining My Life; Howie Mandel
93.1-9308 Feb 12How My Husband Became My Wife; The Latest Theory on Why Men Cheat
94.1-9409 Feb 12Barbara Sheehan; What Would You Do? With John Quiñones
95.1-9510 Feb 12Headline-Making Medical Mystery; The Strangest Addictions Ever
96.1-9613 Feb 12MTV's Teen Mom and the Real Face of Teen Pregnancy; What Would You Do? With John Quiñones
97.1-9714 Feb 12Could You Protect Yourself?; Animal Planet's Pit Boss Shorty Rossi
98.1-9815 Feb 12Blended Family Boot Camp
99.1-9916 Feb 12Making Money Off of Murder; Public Shaming
100.1-10017 Feb 12New Toddlers & Tiaras Controversy
101.1-10120 Feb 12Janet Jackson
102.1-10221 Feb 12Courteney Cox & the Cast of Cougar Town
103.1-10322 Feb 12Should You Be Worried About the End of the World?; Anderson Discusses the Headlines
104.1-10423 Feb 12Inside the Mind of a Sex Offender: How to Protect Your Kids
105.1-10524 Feb 12The Duggars; Lisa Kudrow & Blair Underwood
106.1-10627 Feb 12The Voice's Adam Levine; Trapped in the Wrong Body ... I'm Not Paralyzed
107.1-10728 Feb 12Help My Drug-Addicted Daughters; The Latest on Whitney's Daughter, Bobbi Kristina
108.1-10829 Feb 12Are Teen Exorcists for Real? Plus, Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson
109.1-10901 Mar 12Life-Shattering Scams: Could It Happen to You?
110.1-11002 Mar 12Freaky Food Hoarders; Danny DeVito
111.1-11105 Mar 12Anderson's Easy Money Hour
112.1-11206 Mar 12Could You Be Fired Over Your Facebook Page?; A Mom's Double Life
113.1-11307 Mar 12One-of-a-Kind Primordial Twins
114.1-11408 Mar 12Are ADHD Drugs Helping or Hurting Your Kids?; Kristin Davis
115.1-11509 Mar 12Julianne Moore; Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures
116.1-11612 Mar 12New STD Website Outs People Without Proof or Consent
117.1-11713 Mar 12Families of Serial Killers; Olympic Boxing Hopeful Beats the Odds
118.1-11814 Mar 12TV's Good Wife, Julianna Margulies & Polygamy Dating Sites
119.1-11915 Mar 12Medical Mysteries With Sanjay Gupta; The Muppets' Miss Piggy
120.1-12016 Mar 12Where Are They Now? John Ramsey 15 Years After JonBenét's Death
121.1-12119 Mar 12Bethenny Frankel; Million-Dollar Female Inventors; DWTS Preview With Tom Bergeron
122.1-12220 Mar 12TLC's Little Couple; American Idol Eliminated Contestant
123.1-12321 Mar 12Caught on Tape; Ashley Judd
124.1-12422 Mar 12The Boy Who Cannot Eat; Kathy Bates
125.1-12523 Mar 12The Boy Who Can Not Eat; Mad Med: Jon Hamm & John Slattery
126.1-12626 Mar 12Sleep Disorders; Kristin Chenoweth
127.1-12727 Mar 12Modern Day Arranged Marriages; The Bully Project
128.1-12828 Mar 12American Idol Contestant Castoff; Long Island Medium; Niecy Nash
129.1-12929 Mar 12Renegade Moms; Kristen Johnston
130.1-13030 Mar 12Miss Robbie & Her Son; Dangerous Distractions: What You Need to Know
131.1-13109 Apr 12Outrageous Ways to Save Money; Hypnotism to Lose Weight
132.1-13210 Apr 12Obsessed Moms and Extreme Pet-Owners
133.1-13311 Apr 12Simple Steps to Change a Habit; Facebook Changed My Life
134.1-13412 Apr 12Edie Falco; 85-Year-Old Food Critic
135.1-13513 Apr 12My Husband Is a Murderer; How to Spot a Liar
136.1-13616 Apr 12Dancing With the Stars Castoff; Natalie Morales and Fran Drescher
137.1-13717 Apr 12Daytime Exclusive: Trayvon's Brother & Family Speaks Out; Racism in America
138.1-13818 Apr 12Anderson's Fight Lab; Best-Selling Author Nicholas Sparks; American Idol Castoff
139.1-13919 Apr 12Daytime Exclusive: My Husband Tried to Kill Me
140.1-14020 Apr 12Extreme Groupies vs. Pro Athletes' Wives; Wedding Day Disasters
141.1-14123 Apr 12Amazing Stories of Fate, Chance & Luck; Debra Messing
142.1-14224 Apr 12I've Been Abducted by Aliens; Topher Grace
143.1-14325 Apr 12Anderson's Live Auction & John Cusack
144.1-14426 Apr 12Amish: Out of Order; Total Memory Makeover With Marilu Henner
145.1-14527 Apr 12DWTS Castoff; True Crime Stories; Anderson's Mystery Guest
146.1-14630 Apr 12Co-Host Monday With Kristen Johnston; Private Practice's Kate Walsh
147.1-14701 May 12Daytime Exclusive: Judi Dench; Anderson Investigates: Why Are We Rude?
148.1-14802 May 12Straight From the Headlines; Aziz Ansari
149.1-14903 May 12Suburban Double Life: Mommy Madam's Husband; Vanessa Williams & Mother
150.1-15004 May 12Daytime Exclusive: Inside the Jailhouse With a Teen Killer
151.1-15107 May 12Co-Host Monday With Kristin Chenoweth
152.1-15208 May 12The Truth Behind Deception
153.1-15309 May 12Sister Wives; Kelly Osbourne; A Surprise From Lady Antebellum
154.1-15410 May 12Latest Teen Modeling Scams Exposed With Kelly Cutrone; Susan Sarandon
155.1-15511 May 12Anderson's Mother's Day Show With Gloria Vanderbilt; Chandra Wilson, Jessica Alba and Their Moms
156.1-15614 May 12Co-Host Monday With Niecy Nash; Andy Cohen; Rosie Perez
157.1-15715 May 12Jennifer Connelly; A Phobia Is Ruining My Life; Anderson's Spelling Bee
158.1-15816 May 12Jeopardy; Top 10 Ways to Avoid ID Scams; Debt-Collector Nightmares
159.1-15917 May 12Bridezilla Intervention With Kim Zolciak; Tennis Champion Serena Williams
160.1-16018 May 12Suzanne Somers; Caught on Tape
161.1-16121 May 12Co-Host Rebecca Romijn; Controversial Parenting Methods
162.1-16222 May 12The New Human Barbie; Men Who Love Dolls
163.1-16323 May 12Co-Host Ana Gasteyer; Storage Wars; Jimmy Fallon
164.1-16424 May 12Kevin Costner; I Married Myself
165.1-16525 May 12Moms Behaving Badly
166.1-16628 May 12Co-Host Monday With Carrie Ann Inaba
167.1-16729 May 12Hidden Health Risks; The World's Tallest Man
168.1-16830 May 12HGH Debate; Kid Phenoms
169.1-16931 May 12How I Cheated Death; Forced Sterilization
170.1-17001 Jun 12The Most Controversial Guests and Outrageous Moments
Season 2 Anderson Live
171.2-1 10 Sep 12Co-Host Kristin Chenoweth | Honey Boo Boo | Beyonce
172.2-2 11 Sep 12Co-Host Niecy Nash | Jacqueline Laurita | Human Lie-Detector Janine Driver
173.2-3 12 Sep 12Co-Host Kelly Osbourne | Ryan Lochte | The Cast of Breaking Amish
174.2-4 13 Sep 12Co-Host Howie Mandel | William McKee
175.2-5 14 Sep 12Co-Host David Arquette | Richard Gere | Susan Sarandon & the Cast of Arbitrage
176.2-6 17 Sep 12Co-Host Tamar Braxton | Emma Watson | The Cast of The Perks of Being a Wallflower
177.2-7 18 Sep 12Co-Host Deborah Norville | Damien Echols
178.2-8 19 Sep 12Co-Host Cyndi Lauper | Jon Cryer | The Cast of Bayou Billionaires
179.2-9 20 Sep 12Co-Host Maria Menounos | Claire Danes | Tom Bergeron
180.2-1021 Sep 12Co-Host Retta | Jake Gyllenhaal | Michael Peña
181.2-1124 Sep 12Co-Host Goldie Hawn | Athlete Cheryl Leitner
182.2-1225 Sep 12Co-Host Katherine Schwarzenegger | Viola Davis | Maggie Gyllenhaal | Rosie Perez & the Cast of Won't
183.2-1326 Sep 12Co-Host Kellie Pickler | Kelsey Grammer | Teresa Giudice
184.2-1427 Sep 12Co-Host Taraji Henson | Ty Burrell | Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan
185.2-1528 Sep 12Co-Host Rosanna Scotto | Carol Burnett | Vicki Lawrence | Tim Conway | Reality-TV stars Bridgette & Brad
186.2-1601 Oct 12Co-Host Amy Brenneman | Ramona Singer
187.2-1702 Oct 12Co-Host Bethenny Frankel | Anna Kendrick & Brittany Snow
188.2-1803 Oct 12Co-Host Martin Short | Julie Bowen
189.2-1904 Oct 12Co-Host Andy Cohen | The Cast of Steel Magnolias
190.2-2005 Oct 12Co-Host Keke Palmer | Stephen Colbert
191.2-2108 Oct 12Co-Host Kellie Pickler | 'X Factor' Alum Chris Rene
192.2-2209 Oct 12Co-Host Deborah Norville | Daughter of Alleged 'Coffee Cup Killer'
193.2-2310 Oct 12Co-Host Jane Velez-Mitchell | 'Half-Ton Killer' | 1,100-Pound Woman Confesses to Murder | Celebrity Mystery Guest
194.2-2411 Oct 12Co-Host Alexa Chung | Human Lie Detector Janine Driver | Kenny Rogers
195.2-2512 Oct 12Co-Host Nancy O'Dell | Ben Affleck | John Goodman | Bryan Cranston
196.2-2615 Oct 12Co-Host Tasha Smith | Anderson Live's Next Big Idea | Gina & Pat Neely
197.2-2716 Oct 12Co-Host Sara Ramirez | Kerry Washington | Cynthia Nixon
198.2-2817 Oct 12Co-Host Rachel Dratch | Julie Andrews
199.2-2918 Oct 12Co-Host D.L. Hughley | John Edward | Eric LeGrand
200.2-3019 Oct 12Co-Host Susan Barnett | Hugh Laurie | Amazing Stories Caught on Tape
201.2-3122 Oct 12Co-Host Yvette Nicole Brown | Buyer Beware: We Bought a Meth House | Stump Anderson
202.2-3223 Oct 12Co-Host Jane Velez-Mitchell | Janine Driver | True Crime Tuesday
203.2-3324 Oct 12Co-Host Lisa Ling | Anderson Live Investigates
204.2-3425 Oct 12Co-Host Martina McBride | Secrets from American Pickers
205.2-3526 Oct 12Co-Host Suze Orman | Frugal Friday Hour
206.2-3629 Oct 12Co-Host Ashleigh Banfield | The Latest on Hurricane Sandy
207.2-3730 Oct 12Co-Host Gabrielle Union | Cesar Millan | Ripley's Believe It or Not
208.2-3801 Nov 12Co-Host Deborah Norville | The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy
209.2-3902 Nov 12Co-Host Nancy Grace | Phaedra & Porsha from Real Housewives
210.2-4005 Nov 12Co-Host Kyle Richards | Krysten Ritter
211.2-4106 Nov 12Co-Host Keke Palmer | Election Day | True Crime Tuesday
212.2-4207 Nov 12Co-Hosts Meghan McCain & Deborah Norville | Anderson Live's Post Election Day Special
213.2-4308 Nov 12Co-Host Keke Palmer | Cheech Marin | Scams
214.2-4409 Nov 12Co-Host Iyanla Vanzant | Norman Reedus
215.2-4512 Nov 12Co-Host Kelly Osbourne | Kandi Burruss | Extreme Hoarding
216.2-4613 Nov 12Co-Host Jane Velez-Mitchell | True Crime Tuesday | Nick Cannon
217.2-4714 Nov 12Co-Host Andy Cohen | Adam Levine
218.2-4815 Nov 12Co-Host Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi | Bow Wow
219.2-4916 Nov 12Co-Host Cynee Simpson | Frugal Friday
220.2-5019 Nov 12Co-Host NeNe Leakes | James Spader
221.2-5120 Nov 12Co-Host Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb | Ashley Greene
222.2-5221 Nov 12Anderson Live's Thanksgiving Special
223.2-5303 Dec 12Co-Host Caroline Manzo | New Online Danger | Extreme Obsessions
224.2-5404 Dec 12Co-Host Christie Brinkley | Gilles Marini
225.2-5505 Dec 12Co-Host Meghan McCain | James Van Der Beek
226.2-5606 Dec 12Co-Host Stacy London | Bobbi Brown
227.2-5707 Dec 12Co-Host Lisa Rinna | Melissa Benoist
228.2-5810 Dec 12Co-Host Judy Greer | The Full 60
229.2-5911 Dec 12Co-Host Rosanna Scotto | Medical Mysteries
230.2-6012 Dec 12Co-Host Sharon Osbourne | Anderson Live Alert
231.2-6113 Dec 12Co-Host Christina Milian | The Full 60
232.2-6214 Dec 12Co-Host Challenge Winner | Frugal Friday | Cast of The Hobbit
233.2-6317 Dec 12Co-Host Stacy London | Scam Alert
234.2-6418 Dec 12Co-Host Judy Gold | The Full 60
235.2-6519 Dec 12Co-Host Jane Seymour | Gina Gershon | Reality Check
236.2-6620 Dec 12Co-Host Rosie Perez | Cast of Downton Abbey
237.2-6721 Dec 12Co-Host Leslie Mann | Paul Rudd | Judd Apatow | Winner of The Voice | Frugal Friday
238.2-6824 Dec 12Anderson's Christmas Episode
239.2-6931 Dec 12Anderson's Live New Year's Eve Special
240.2-7001 Jan 13Anderson's Live New Year's Day Special!
241.2-7102 Jan 13Co-Host Carmen Electra | 2013 Resolution Solutions
242.2-7203 Jan 13Co-Host Melissa Joan Hart | 2013 Resolution Solutions
243.2-7304 Jan 13Co-Host Barbara Lee Edwards | Reality Check | Gina Gershon
244.2-7407 Jan 13Co-Host Soledad O'Brien | New Online Danger Targeting Women
245.2-7508 Jan 13Co-Host Lisa Vanderpump | Betty White | Losing Weight Tips
246.2-7609 Jan 13Co-Host Cyndi Lauper | Andrew Rannells
247.2-7710 Jan 13Co-Host Marlon Wayans | Bridget Moynahan | Dating Rules in 2013
248.2-7811 Jan 13Co-Host Robin Robinson | Frugal Friday
249.2-7914 Jan 13Co-Host T-Boz | Chris Colfer
250.2-8015 Jan 13Co-Host Stacy London | Kenya Moore | Clare Bowen
251.2-8116 Jan 13Co-Host Dari Alexander | Busy Philipps
252.2-8217 Jan 13Co-Host Tatyana Ali | Shorty Rossi & His Dog, Hercules
253.2-8318 Jan 13Co-Host D.L. Hughley | Mark Wahlberg | Jeffrey Wright
254.2-8421 Jan 13Co-Host Meghan McCain | Josh Gad
255.2-8522 Jan 13Co-Host Judge Marilyn Milian | Anderson Live Investigates
256.2-8623 Jan 13Co-Host Deborah Tillman | America's Supernanny Helps a Family of Three
257.2-8724 Jan 13Co-Host Rosie Perez | Liam McIntyre
258.2-8825 Jan 13Co-Host Maria Sansone | Frugal Friday | Animal Planet's Gator Boys
259.2-8928 Jan 13Co-Host Emmitt Smith | Online Hoax Alert
260.2-9029 Jan 13Co-Host Deborah Norville | Patrick Duffy & Linda Gray
261.2-9130 Jan 13Co-Host Jane Velez-Mitchell | Tony Goldwyn
262.2-9231 Jan 13Co-Host Stacy London | Hoda Kotb
263.2-9301 Feb 13Co-Host Lisa Rinna | Frugal Friday
264.2-9404 Feb 13Co-Host Jill Martin | Max Greenfield
265.2-9505 Feb 13Co-Host Kimora Lee Simmons | Clare Bowen
266.2-9606 Feb 13Co-Host Tiffani Thiessen | Rashida Jones
267.2-9707 Feb 13Co-Host Stacy London | Allison Williams
268.2-9808 Feb 13Co-Host Toni Braxton | Judith Light
269.2-9911 Feb 13Co-Host Jane Velez-Mitchell | Anderson's Oscar Pick
270.2-10012 Feb 13Co-Host Regina King | Emmy Rossum
271.2-10113 Feb 13Co-Host Fran Drescher | Libby Phelps Alvarez | Inside the Controversial Westboro Baptist Church
272.2-10214 Feb 13Co-Host Christie Brinkley | Jackie Collins | Aaron McCargo Jr.
273.2-10315 Feb 13Co-Host Brandi Glanville | Josh Duhamel & Julianne Hough
274.2-10418 Feb 13Co-Host Willie Geist | Kimora Lee Simmons
275.2-10519 Feb 13Co-Host Robin Meade | Psychic Medium Char Margolis | Jennifer Finnigan
276.2-10620 Feb 13Co-Host Yvette Nicole Brown | Jillian Michaels | Melissa Rauch
277.2-10721 Feb 13Co-Host Patti Stanger | Andrew Zimmern | Mystery Celebrity Guest
278.2-10822 Feb 13Co-Host Marilu Henner | Extreme Hoarding Intervention
279.2-10925 Feb 13Co-Host Stacy London | Madeleine Stowe
280.2-11026 Feb 13Co-Host Kenya Moore | Wendi McLendon-Covey
281.2-11127 Feb 13Co-Host Heather McDonald | Al Roker
282.2-11228 Feb 13Co-Host La La Anthony | Mom Turned Private Investigator
283.2-11301 Mar 13Co-Host Vivica A. Fox | Dulé Hill
284.2-11404 Mar 13Co-Host Sunny Hostin | Maggie Q
285.2-11505 Mar 13Co-Host Lisa Rinna | Marlee Matlin
286.2-11606 Mar 13Co-Host Lisa Rinna | Ricky Schroder
287.2-11707 Mar 13Co-Host Molly Sims | Matthew Fox
288.2-11808 Mar 13Co-Host Jackée | Katherine Heigl | Extreme OCD
289.2-11911 Mar 13Co-Host Daisy Fuentes | Jesse Tyler Ferguson
290.2-12012 Mar 13Co-Host Isha Sesay | Rev Run & Actor & Tyrese | Hidden Home Dangers
291.2-12113 Mar 13Co-Host Cynthia McFadden
292.2-12214 Mar 13Co-Host Tamar Braxton | Trina, Traci, Towanda & Evelyn Braxton
293.2-12315 Mar 13Co-Host Padma Lakshmi | Josh Henderson
294.2-12418 Mar 13Co-Host Ana Gasteyer | Budget-Friendly Dinner Secrets
295.2-12519 Mar 13Co-Host Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi | Meatball Secrets with Owners of The Meatball Shop Restaurant
296.2-12620 Mar 13Co-Hosts Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi & Jenni 'JWoww' Farley | Matthew Rhys
297.2-12721 Mar 13Co-Host Marilu Henner | Fran Drescher
298.2-12822 Mar 13Co-Host Marilyn Milian | Frugal Friday
299.2-12925 Mar 13Co-Hosts Marilyn Milian & Vinny Guadagnino | The Duggar Family
300.2-13026 Mar 13Co-Host Kyra Phillips | Crazy Obsessions
301.2-13127 Mar 13Co-Host Padma Lakshmi | Video Vigilantes Solve Crimes
302.2-13228 Mar 13Co-Host Kathy Griffin | Caroline Manzo
303.2-13329 Mar 13Co-Host Jill Martin | Julianne Moore
304.2-13405 Apr 13Co-Host Andy Cohen | Jessica Walter
305.2-13512 Apr 13Seven Little Johnstons | Ask Your Favorite Celebrities
306.2-13615 Apr 13Co-Host Jane Pratt | Jesse Metcalfe
307.2-13724 Apr 13Co-Host Sunny Anderson | Celebrity Mystery Guest
308.2-13825 Apr 13Co-Host Erica Hill | Tim Gunn
309.2-13926 Apr 13Co-Host Kathy Griffin | Anderson & Kathy's Truth or Dare Game
310.2-14029 Apr 13Co-Host Marilu Henner | Cast of TV Land's Forever Young
311.2-14130 Apr 13Co-Host Vivica A. Fox | Dana Delany
312.2-14201 May 13Ripped from the Headlines: An Entire Hour of True Crime Exclusives
313.2-14302 May 13Co-Host Norah O'Donnell | Are You a Food Addict?
314.2-14403 May 13Co-Host Andy Cohen | 3 Ways to Get Out of Debt on Just $10 a Day
315.2-14506 May 13Co-Host Judy Gold | Amazing Caught-on-Tape Stories
316.2-14607 May 13Anderson Live's Biggest Newsmakers & Exclusives
317.2-14708 May 13Co-Host Natalie Morales | Medical Mystery: Boy Who Can't Eat
318.2-14809 May 13Co-Host Brandy | Wendy Williams | Custody Battle Mistakes
319.2-14910 May 13Anderson Live's Biggest Surprises & Most Embarrassing Moments | Celebrity Mystery Guest
320.2-15020 May 13Anderson Live Undercover: Entire Hour of Hidden-Camera Investigations
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