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48 Hours Mystery

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Last updated: Tue, 6 Jun 2023 -1:00
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Newsmagazine that focuses on a single story, told from different perspectives by a group of correspondents.
Show Details:
Start date: Jan 1988
End date: ___ ____
Status: current show
Network(s): CBS (US)
Run time: 60 min
Episodes: 800+ eps
Genre(s): News
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Episode # Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1-1 19 Jan 88Hospital
2.1-2 19 Jan 88In Las Vegas
3.1-3 02 Feb 88Airport
4.1-4 09 Feb 88In the Promised Land
5.1-5 16 Feb 88In the Campaign
6.1-6 10 Mar 88On Runaway Street
7.1-7 17 Mar 88Miami Fights Back
8.1-8 31 Mar 88More than a game
9.1-9 07 Apr 88In Hollywood
10.1-1014 Apr 88Faith Under Fire
11.1-1121 Apr 88From Disaster to Discovery
12.1-1228 Apr 88In the Cocaine War
13.1-1305 May 88Top Dog
14.1-1412 May 88Beating Heart Disease
15.1-1519 May 88Rags to Riches
16.1-1626 May 88The Warriors
17.1-1709 Jun 88Gold Medal Fever
18.1-1816 Jun 88Hitting Home
19.1-1930 Jun 88On Gang Street
20.1-2007 Jul 88Wedding Day
21.1-2114 Jul 88The 24 Hours of Le Mans
22.1-2228 Jul 88Time and Punishment
23.1-2304 Aug 88In the Wild
24.1-2411 Aug 88In the Cocaine War
25.1-2525 Aug 88Showdown at Cheyenne
26.1-2601 Sep 88On Runaway Street
Season 2
27.2-1 08 Sep 88Smoking War
28.2-2 15 Sep 88Hurricane Watch
29.2-3 22 Sep 88Hard Sell
30.2-4 29 Sep 88Not on My Street
31.2-5 06 Oct 88Making Babies
32.2-6 13 Oct 88In Aids Alley
33.2-7 20 Oct 88Abortion Battle
34.2-8 27 Oct 88Who's Watching the Kids?
35.2-9 03 Nov 88Gun Fight
36.2-1010 Nov 88Drunk or Sober?
37.2-1117 Nov 88Nightmare Next Door
38.2-1201 Dec 88In the Rhino War
39.2-1308 Dec 88Assignment: Gorbachev
40.2-1415 Dec 88Inside the Vatican
41.2-1529 Dec 88America for Sale
42.2-1605 Jan 89Behind the Badge
43.2-1712 Jan 98In High School
44.2-1826 Jan 89Critical Condition
45.2-1902 Feb 89Animal Rights
46.2-2009 Feb 89Victim of Divorce
47.2-2116 Feb 89On Homeless Street
48.2-2223 Feb 89After Hirohito
49.2-2302 Mar 89Hot TV
50.2-2409 Mar 89Murder Capital
51.2-2516 Mar 89Armed and Deadly
52.2-2630 Mar 89L.A. Justice
53.2-2706 Apr 89Toy Money
54.2-2813 Apr 89Dying Wish
55.2-2920 Apr 89Working High
56.2-3027 Apr 89Lottery Fever
57.2-3104 May 89Crystal USA
58.2-3211 May 89Death Row Kids
59.2-3318 May 89China Rebellion
60.2-3425 May 89Lights, Camera, War!
61.2-3501 Jun 89The Deprograming
62.2-3622 Jun 89Abortion Battle
63.2-3729 Jun 89On the Border
64.2-3806 Jul 89Drunk or Sober?
65.2-3913 Jul 89Revolution '89
66.2-4027 Jul 89Crude Awakening
67.2-4103 Aug 89Out of Mind
68.2-4210 Aug 89Behind the Badge
69.2-4317 Aug 89Behind the Soaps
70.2-4424 Aug 89Murder Capital
71.2-4531 Aug 89No Place Like Home
72.2-4607 Sep 89Making Babies
Season 3
73.3-1 14 Sep 89Return to Crack Street
74.3-2 21 Sep 89Hurricane Watch (Hugo)
75.3-3 28 Sep 89The Tarnished Years
76.3-4 05 Oct 89On Lonely Street
Season 10
77.10-130 Apr 98Never Forget I
78.10-207 May 98Revenge
79.10-314 May 98Who's My Mommy?
80.10-428 May 98Uproar in Wenatchee
81.10-511 Jun 98Princess Diana: Investigating Tragedy
82.10-629 Jun 98Free to Kill
83.10-709 Jul 98Eyewitness
84.10-816 Jul 98Making It
85.10-906 Aug 98Afterlife
86.10-1010 Aug 98A Killer Walks Free
87.10-1113 Aug 98Trouble Next Door
88.10-1220 Aug 98Cheating Death
89.10-1331 Aug 98Chance of a Lifetime
90.10-1403 Sep 98Step by Step
91.10-1510 Sep 98Nowhere to Hide
92.10-1614 Sep 98Deadly Encounter
Season 11
93.11-117 Sep 98Kidnapped!
94.11-224 Sep 98The Curse of Small Town U.S.A.
95.11-301 Oct 98Nature's Fury
96.11-408 Oct 98Save My Child
97.11-515 Oct 98Breaking Point
98.11-622 Oct 98Torn by Hate
99.11-729 Oct 98Dad's Double Life
100.11-803 Nov 98A Family Accused
101.11-905 Nov 98Samantha's Choice
102.11-1012 Nov 98Searching for Immortality
103.11-1118 Nov 98My Father's Killer
104.11-1219 Nov 98Cry Rape
105.11-1303 Dec 98Surviving Divorce
106.11-1410 Dec 98Royals Among Us
107.11-1516 Dec 98Whiz Kids!
108.11-1617 Dec 98Class of 2000
109.11-1707 Jan 99The Killer Next Door
110.11-1814 Jan 99Binge
111.11-1921 Jan 99A Second Chance
112.11-2028 Jan 99Expert Witness
113.11-2104 Feb 99My Daughter's Killer
114.11-2211 Feb 99A Time to Kill: Sterling Barber
115.11-2318 Feb 99Never Forget II
116.11-2422 Feb 99Second Hand Man
117.11-2525 Feb 99Obsessed
118.11-2604 Mar 99Pain Killers
119.11-2701 Apr 99$trike It Rich
120.11-2808 Apr 99Who Killed JonBenet?
121.11-2915 Apr 99Ultimate Risk
122.11-3024 Apr 99After the Tears
123.11-3106 May 99The Confession
124.11-3213 May 99Murder for Hire?
125.11-3327 May 99Price of Perfection
126.11-3410 Jun 99Class of 2000: Driven to Extremes
127.11-3524 Jun 99Desperate Measures
128.11-3601 Jul 99Kidnapped: A Year Later
129.11-3706 Jul 99Wild Things
130.11-3808 Jul 99Multiple Choice
131.11-3912 Jul 99Murder, Madness, Insanity
132.11-4013 Jul 99Against All Odds
133.11-4120 Jul 99Animal Magnetism
134.11-4202 Aug 99The Shame of Rush Springs
135.11-4303 Aug 99Mission Impossible
136.11-4405 Aug 99Sixth Sense
137.11-4509 Aug 99Who Killed Allen Griffen?
138.11-4612 Aug 99Teacher's Pet
139.11-4716 Aug 99Deadly Deception
140.11-4819 Aug 99Something Wild: Animal Intelligence
141.11-4930 Aug 99Missing
142.11-5031 Aug 99On the Edge of Your Seat
143.11-5102 Sep 99Courage
144.11-5214 Sep 99Race to Freedom
Season 12
145.12-123 Sep 99Mr. Wonderful
146.12-207 Oct 99Why Did Josh Kill?
147.12-314 Oct 99Fatal Attraction
148.12-426 Oct 99Gambling with Your Life
149.12-528 Oct 99Deadly Secret
150.12-601 Nov 99Impossible Mission
151.12-704 Nov 99A Mother Accused
152.12-811 Nov 99The Imposter
153.12-918 Nov 99A House Divided
154.12-1009 Dec 99Miracles
155.12-1116 Dec 99Class of 2000: Too Much Too Soon
156.12-1230 Dec 99The Future of Everything
157.12-1306 Jan 00Family Feuds
158.12-1413 Jan 00A Family's Shame
159.12-1520 Jan 00Weighing the Risks
160.12-1631 Jan 00Justice For Sheila? - Revisited
161.12-1703 Feb 00Who Killed Robert Adair?
162.12-1810 Feb 00The Perfect Child
163.12-1914 Feb 00Matchmaker
164.12-2017 Feb 00Daddy's Little Girl
165.12-2124 Feb 00Panic
166.12-2202 Mar 00Invisible Killers
167.12-2309 Mar 00Never Forget III
168.12-2430 Mar 00Cyberstalker
169.12-2513 Apr 00Who Killed These Girls?
170.12-2620 Apr 00Bad Girls
171.12-2727 Apr 00Accused
172.12-2804 May 00Judging Dr. Morgan
173.12-2911 May 00Never Forget IV
174.12-3015 May 00Impossible Mission II
175.12-3118 May 00Citizen Jane
176.12-3222 May 00It's Only Sex
177.12-3301 Jun 00That's My Child
178.12-3415 Jun 00Living Better Longer
179.12-3522 Jun 00Class of 2000: Great Expectations
180.12-3626 Jun 00Ghosts of Mississippi
181.12-3705 Jul 00Fame
182.12-3827 Jul 00Tornado
183.12-3909 Aug 00The Legacy
Season 13
184.13-121 Sep 00Service Please!
185.13-205 Oct 00Gold Rush
186.13-312 Oct 00The Enemy Within
187.13-419 Oct 00Lori Berenson
188.13-526 Oct 00A Grandmother's Mission
189.13-602 Nov 00Heroes Under Fire
190.13-716 Nov 00Rage
191.13-830 Nov 00Ecstasy
192.13-907 Dec 00The Colonel's Wife
193.13-1021 Dec 00The Fight to Forgive
194.13-1128 Dec 00Great Dames
195.13-1204 Jan 01David's Journey
196.13-1311 Jan 00Getting Away with Murder?
197.13-1425 Jan 01Cybercrime
198.13-1501 Feb 01Krystal's Courage
199.13-1608 Feb 01Krystal's Courage: The Trial
200.13-1715 Feb 01The Boston Strangler
201.13-1822 Feb 01Tug of Love
202.13-1905 Mar 01Living with the Enemy
203.13-2014 Mar 01Slim Chance
204.13-2121 Mar 01Survival of the Fittest: Eco-Challenge
205.13-2226 Mar 01Dead Certain
206.13-2303 Apr 01Campus Insecurity
207.13-2419 Apr 01Sleep Tight
208.13-2526 Apr 01The Road Back
209.13-2602 May 01Against All Odds III
210.13-2724 May 01Prisoners in Paradise
211.13-2804 Jun 01Bitter Pill: A Wife on Trial
212.13-2911 Jun 01Day of Reckoning
213.13-3014 Jun 01Medical Mysteries
214.13-3105 Jul 01For Better or Worse: Divorce??
215.13-3220 Jul 01Murder They Wrote: While Innocents Slept
216.13-3327 Jul 01Murder They Wrote: The End of the Dream Pt. 1
217.13-3427 Jul 01Murder They Wrote: The End of the Dream Pt. 2
218.13-3503 Aug 01Murder They Wrote: By Two and Two
219.13-3610 Aug 01Murder They Wrote: Precious Angels
220.13-3717 Aug 01Murder They Wrote: Double Jeopardy
221.13-3824 Aug 01Murder They Wrote: Murder in Spokane
222.13-3931 Aug 01Everybody Has a Story
223.13-4005 Sep 01Silent Killers
224.13-4120 Sep 01Enough Trauma for a Lifetime
Season 14
225.14-128 Sep 01At Ground Zero
226.14-205 Oct 01Safe at Home?
227.14-312 Oct 01Untold Story of Flight 11
228.14-419 Oct 01Special Security
229.14-525 Oct 01Double Life
230.14-602 Nov 01The Rookies
231.14-709 Nov 01Out of Control aka Parent Trap
232.14-816 Nov 01Murder in Las Vegas
233.14-903 Dec 01A Family Torn Apart
234.14-1007 Dec 01Twin Miracles
235.14-1112 Dec 01Addicted: OxyContin
236.14-1221 Dec 01All in the Family
237.14-1328 Dec 01Your Wildest Dreams
238.14-1404 Jan 02Web of Seduction
239.14-1511 Jan 02Bookie's Wife
240.14-1618 Jan 02A Lot to Lose - Atkins Controversy
241.14-1730 Jan 02Target Terror
242.14-1811 Feb 02Your Money or Your Life
243.14-1906 Mar 02Is It a Crime?
244.14-2008 Mar 02The Mystery of Slide Mountain
245.14-2127 Mar 02Reasonable Doubt
246.14-2203 Apr 02To Hell and Back
247.14-2310 Apr 02Tracking a Killer I
248.14-2412 Apr 02Spencer's Journey
249.14-2517 Apr 02Spring Break Exposed
250.14-2619 Apr 02A Cop Behind Bars
251.14-2729 Apr 02Trouble Next Door II
252.14-2801 May 02Teen Idol
253.14-2903 May 02Perfect
254.14-3008 May 02Millionaire Boys Club
255.14-3110 May 02Legends
256.14-3220 May 02Murder in the Fast Lane
257.14-3331 May 02Truth and Consequences
258.14-3414 Jun 02It's All in Your Head
259.14-3517 Jun 02End of the Road
260.14-3621 Jun 02Jackpot!
261.14-3728 Jun 02Death in the Desert
262.14-3810 Jul 02Idol Maker
263.14-3912 Jul 02Sin City Exposed
264.14-4015 Jul 02Murder Without Justice
265.14-4102 Aug 02Til Death Do Us Part
266.14-4205 Aug 02A Question of Guilt: The Bakley Murder
267.14-4307 Aug 02A Family Accused - Revisited
268.14-4423 Aug 02Middletown, U.S.A.
Season 15
269.15-120 Sep 02Silent Killers II
270.15-227 Sep 02A Crime of the Mind
271.15-304 Oct 02Searching for a Killer
272.15-411 Oct 02The Alibi: Disturbing the Peace I
273.15-511 Oct 02The Alibi: Reasonable Doubt I
274.15-618 Oct 02Addictions on All Sides
275.15-725 Oct 02The Investigators
276.15-801 Nov 02Where is Janet March?
277.15-908 Nov 02Scammed!
278.15-1022 Nov 02Burden of Proof
279.15-1129 Nov 02Cold Turkey
280.15-1206 Dec 02Family Secrets
281.15-1306 Dec 02Tracking a Killer II
282.15-1410 Jan 03Searching for Elizabeth
283.15-1515 Jan 03Invitation to a Murder
284.15-1631 Jan 03To Hell and Back II
285.15-1705 Feb 03Elizabeth's Road Home
286.15-1805 Feb 03Murder in Monaco
287.15-1912 Feb 03Mystery in Room 813
288.15-2019 Feb 03Lust, Lies and Videotape aka The Secret Tapes
289.15-2126 Feb 03Chambers Speaks aka Justice Served?
290.15-2205 Mar 03The Negotiators aka Desperate Call
291.15-2307 Mar 03The Tale of the Tape
292.15-2414 Mar 03The Babysitter's Story
293.15-2525 Mar 03One on One with Powell
294.15-2629 Mar 03How Long a War?
295.15-2730 Mar 03Waiting on Women Warriors: Jessica Lynch
296.15-2804 Apr 03Hidden Dangers of Ambush Alley
297.15-2904 Apr 03A Widow's Tale
298.15-3009 Apr 03Battling Gulf War Syndrome
299.15-3109 Apr 03Hong Kong: Crowded City of Fear
300.15-3211 Apr 03Fog of War: Facing Friendly Fire
301.15-3316 Apr 03Ghosts of Greenwich
302.15-3423 Apr 03To Catch a Stalker
303.15-3530 Apr 03Extremely Perfect
304.15-3614 May 03For Love or Money
305.15-3723 May 03The Canal Street Brothel
306.15-3811 Jun 03Rich Kids
307.15-3912 Jul 03Baby Hope
308.15-4028 Jul 03Tribute to Bob Hope
309.15-4127 Aug 03Star Witness
310.15-4220 Sep 02The Profiler
Season 16
311.16-127 Sep 03Tacoma Confidential
312.16-204 Oct 03Kobe Bryant: Full Court Press
313.16-311 Oct 03What's Love Got to Do with It?
314.16-429 Oct 03The Law and Mrs. Shelton
315.16-501 Nov 03It's a Big Country
316.16-608 Nov 03The Secret Life of Eric Wright
317.16-712 Nov 03Robert Blake's Real Life Drama
318.16-815 Nov 03Twist of Fate
319.16-922 Nov 03Heavy Burden: Eat It Raw
320.16-1029 Nov 03Dangerous Extremes
321.16-1103 Dec 03Missing Molly
322.16-1210 Dec 03The Homecoming
323.16-1317 Dec 03Without Warning, Chaos
324.16-1417 Dec 03Air Sunshine: Flying Into Danger
325.16-1507 Jan 04The Other Woman
326.16-1614 Jan 04Prime Suspect: Billy Fox
327.16-1721 Jan 04It's Just Sex
328.16-1828 Jan 04Who Killed the Prosecutor?
329.16-1911 Feb 04Murder in the Hamptons
330.16-2025 Feb 04Trapped
331.16-2110 Mar 04Searching for Angela Shelton
332.16-2212 Mar 04Mystery in Paradise
333.16-2317 Mar 04The Mystery of Robert Durst
334.16-2431 Mar 04Caged Kids
335.16-2507 Apr 04Prime Suspect: Marty Tankleff
336.16-2614 Apr 04Dangerous Minds
337.16-2721 Apr 04Diana's Secrets
338.16-2824 Apr 04Right or Wrong
339.16-2928 Apr 04Driven to Extremes
340.16-3015 May 04Who Murdered the Rock Star?
341.16-3119 May 04Six Miracles for Christmas
342.16-3202 Jun 04Legal Challenges in the Spotlight
343.16-3304 Jun 04Young, Rich and Powerful II
344.16-3410 Jul 04Cold Cases Get Hot
345.16-3506 Aug 04Going to Extremes
Season 17
346.17-125 Sep 04Written in Blood
347.17-202 Oct 04The Ghosts of El Segundo
348.17-309 Oct 04Dark Side of the Mesa
349.17-416 Oct 04Who Killed Stephanie Crowe?
350.17-523 Oct 04American Taboo
351.17-630 Oct 04On the Verge of a Verdict
352.17-706 Nov 04The Right to Kill
353.17-813 Nov 04Vanished
354.17-920 Nov 04Eye of the Beholder
355.17-1027 Nov 04Black Dahlia Confidential
356.17-1111 Dec 04Why Did Eric Kill
357.17-1218 Dec 04JonBenet: Prime Suspects
358.17-1308 Jan 05A Shot in the Dark
359.17-1415 Jan 05Where's Our Baby
360.17-1522 Jan 05Hostage
361.17-1629 Jan 05Michael Jackson: Critical Stage
362.17-1712 Feb 05Postmarked for Murder
363.17-1819 Feb 05Chamber of Secrets
364.17-1926 Feb 05Rescued from the Shadows
365.17-2005 Mar 05Secrets of the Well aka Cold Case Clay
366.17-2112 Mar 05Prime Suspect: Marty Tankleff Revisited
367.17-2226 Mar 05A Question of Murder
368.17-2309 Apr 05Blood Feud
369.17-2416 Apr 05Prescription for Murder
370.17-2523 Apr 05Terror at the Morgue
371.17-2630 Apr 05The Man Who Knew Too Much
372.17-2707 May 05Secrets from the Grave
373.17-2814 May 05A Mind for Murder
374.17-2921 May 05Two Wigs, a Gun and a Murder
375.17-3031 May 05The Pretender
376.17-3106 Aug 05Perfectly Executed
Season 18
377.18-124 Sep 05Back from the Dead
378.18-201 Oct 05BTK: Out of the Shadows
379.18-308 Oct 05Strange Truth
380.18-415 Oct 05Defending Your Life
381.18-522 Oct 05Secrets & Lies on Grapevine Lake
382.18-629 Oct 05Scared to Death
383.18-705 Nov 05Jeffrey McDonald: Time for Truth
384.18-812 Nov 05Sex, Lies and the Doctor's Wife
385.18-919 Nov 05Nightmare in Napa
386.18-1026 Nov 05Deadly Ride
387.18-1110 Dec 05Love, Lies, Murder? aka The Mystery of Janet March
388.18-1217 Dec 05Who Murdered the Newlyweds
389.18-1320 Dec 05The Mystery of Christmas
390.18-1407 Jan 06The Girl Next Door
391.18-1521 Jan 06The Phone Call
392.18-1628 Jan 06Rage on the Run
393.18-1704 Feb 06Blaming the Babysitter
394.18-1818 Feb 06Dream Killer
395.18-1925 Feb 06What They Did for Love
396.18-2004 Mar 06The Highest Stakes aka The Biggest Gamble
397.18-2111 Mar 06Texas Confidential
398.18-2225 Mar 06Natalee Holloway: New Clues in Paradise
399.18-2308 Apr 06Love Lost
400.18-2415 Apr 06A Knock on the Door
401.18-2522 Apr 06The Marilyn Tapes
402.18-2629 Apr 06Deadly Proposal
403.18-2706 May 06The Last Dance
404.18-2813 May 06Cheatin' Heart
405.18-2920 May 06Duty, Death, Dishonor
406.18-3030 May 06Deadly Obsession
Season 19
407.19-123 Sep 06Dark Voyage: Ashley's Tale
408.19-230 Sep 06The Informer
409.19-307 Oct 06Millionaire Manhunt
410.19-414 Oct 06Dangerous Liaisons
411.19-521 Oct 06Nashville Blues
412.19-628 Oct 06Scientology: A Question of Faith
413.19-704 Nov 06Memory of Murder
414.19-811 Nov 06Exposed
415.19-918 Nov 06Blood and Money
416.19-1025 Nov 06Decade of Mystery
417.19-1109 Dec 06Murder on Lockhart Road
418.19-1206 Jan 07Endgame
419.19-1313 Jan 07Murder on His Mind
420.19-1416 Jan 07Taylor Behl: Searching for Secrets
421.19-1527 Jan 07The Sweetheart Murders
422.19-1630 Jan 07Secrets in the Sand
423.19-1703 Feb 07Love and Lies
424.19-1810 Feb 07Murder Comes Knocking
425.19-1917 Feb 07The Biggest Gamble
426.19-2024 Feb 07Caught in the Crossfire aka Courting Disaster
427.19-2103 Mar 07To Catch a Killer: Nelson Serrano
428.19-2206 Mar 07Murder on the Cape
429.19-2310 Mar 07Dangerous Reunion
430.19-2407 Apr 07The Ghost of David Coffin
431.19-2514 Apr 07The Puppet Master
432.19-2605 May 07Power, Passion and Poison
433.19-2712 May 07Death of a Dream
434.19-2819 May 07Beyond the Boardwalk
Season 20
435.20-129 Sep 07The McGuire Diaries
436.20-213 Oct 07Storm of Murder
437.20-320 Oct 07The Sugar Land Conspiracy
438.20-427 Oct 07An Eye for an Eye
439.20-510 Nov 07A Time to Kill: Michele Harris
440.20-617 Nov 07Where's Maddie?
441.20-701 Dec 07Capture the Queen
442.20-808 Dec 07An Invisible Enemy
443.20-905 Jan 08Death Without Mercy
444.20-1019 Jan 08The Socialite's Secret
445.20-1122 Jan 08In Too Deep
446.20-1226 Jan 08Fight for the Truth: Marty Tankleff
447.20-1329 Jan 08Trigger Point
448.20-1402 Feb 08No Way Out aka Flood of Blame
449.20-1509 Feb 08Who Killed the Beauty Queen?
450.20-1616 Feb 08Addicted to Love
451.20-1701 Mar 08The Long Road
452.20-1815 Mar 08Stolen Dreams
453.20-1912 Apr 08A Long Way from Home
454.20-2015 Apr 08The Letter
455.20-2119 Apr 08Deadline for Justice
456.20-2226 Apr 08The Last Take
457.20-2310 May 08The Preachers Wife
458.20-2417 May 08Point Blank
459.20-2503 Jun 08Betrayal
460.20-2610 Jun 08The Secret Life of Paige Birgfeld
461.20-2701 Jul 08Stolen Beauty
Season 21
462.21-124 Sep 08Kidnapped - Shawn Hornbeck's Incredible Story
463.21-218 Oct 08Into Thin Air
464.21-325 Oct 08Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor?
465.21-401 Nov 08Blood and Money on Horseshoe Bay
466.21-508 Nov 08Vegas Heat
467.21-615 Nov 08Truth on Trial
468.21-722 Nov 08Sign of the Times aka The Mortgage and the Murder
469.21-829 Nov 09Drawn to Murder
470.21-906 Dec 08The Guessing Game
471.21-1013 Dec 08Invitation to a Murder - Revisited
472.21-1120 Dec 08Power, Passion and Poison - Revisited
473.21-1210 Jan 09Who Killed Toni Heartstring
474.21-1317 Jan 08Peace, Love and Murder
475.21-1424 Jan 09Lady in the Harbor
476.21-1531 Jan 09Conspiracy to Kill
477.21-1607 Feb 09An Invisible Enemy - Revisited
478.21-1707 Mar 09Picture Perfect
479.21-1814 Mar 09Toxic
480.21-1928 Mar 09The Curious Case of Colonel Shue
481.21-2011 Apr 09American Girl, Italian Nightmare
482.21-2125 Apr 09Craigslist: Classified for Murder
483.21-2202 May 09Dark Voyage
484.21-2309 May 09Catch Her If You Can
485.21-2416 May 09Daddy's Girl
486.21-2502 Jun 09Deep Secret
487.21-2613 Jun 09Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor? - Revisited
Season 22
488.22-119 Sep 09Seven Days of Rage
489.22-226 Sep 09The Godfather's Daughter aka Their Father, the Godfather
490.22-303 Oct 09Show Me the Money
491.22-417 Oct 09Caylee Anthony: The Untold Story
492.22-524 Oct 09Haunted
493.22-631 Oct 09Deadly Prophecy
494.22-714 Nov 09A Case for Murder
495.22-821 Nov 09Diary of a Showgirl
496.22-905 Dec 09Justice in the Heartland
497.22-1012 Dec 09The Lost Children
498.22-1109 Jan 10Innocence Lost: The Yogurt Shop Murders
499.22-1223 Jan 10Buried Secrets of Las Vegas
500.22-1330 Jan 10The Secret
501.22-1406 Feb 10Thou Shalt Not Kill
502.22-1513 Feb 10A Time to Kill: Michele Harris - Updated
503.22-1620 Feb 10Lies and Whispers
504.22-1727 Feb 10A Cry for Innocence
505.22-1806 Mar 10Lady in the Pool
506.22-1913 Mar 10The Girl Who Knew Too Much
507.22-2020 Mar 10In Too Deep - Updated
508.22-2110 Apr 10My Mother's Murder
509.22-2224 Apr 10Unmasking a Killer aka Hannibal Unmasked
510.22-2301 May 10A Killer Defense
511.22-2408 May 10Shelley's Last Breath
512.22-2515 May 10Betting Her Life: Susan Wright
513.22-2622 May 10One of Their Own
Season 23
514.23-125 Sep 10The Killing Game
515.23-209 Oct 10fugitive@hotmail.com
516.23-316 Oct 10The Whole Truth
517.23-423 Oct 10The One Who Got Away
518.23-530 Oct 10Dirty Little Secrets
519.23-606 Nov 10Taken: The Amber DuBois Story
520.23-713 Nov 10Chasing the Barefoot Bandit
521.23-820 Nov 10Secrets, Lies and Alibis
522.23-927 Nov 10Shootout at the Hills
523.23-1008 Jan 11Fatal Choice
524.23-1115 Jan 11Body of Lies
525.23-1222 Jan 11Temptation
526.23-1329 Jan 11Every Picture Tells a Story
527.23-1412 Feb 11The Dog Trainer, the Heiress and the Bodyguard - Part 1
528.23-1512 Feb 11The Dog Trainer, the Heiress and the Bodyguard - Part 2
529.23-1619 Feb 11Playing with Fire
530.23-1726 Mar 11The Lost Night
531.23-1809 Apr 11Name Rank Serial Killer
532.23-1916 Apr 11Only Casey Knows
533.23-2023 Apr 11Grave Injustice
534.23-2130 Apr 11Last Chance for Justice
535.23-2207 May 11The Facebook Detectives
536.23-2314 May 11The Boy Next Door
537.23-2420 May 11House of Secrets
538.23-2521 May 11Follow the Money
539.23-2612 Jun 11Barefoot Bandit: The Stunning Conclusion
Season 24
540.24-124 Sep 11Arturo Gattis Last Fight
541.24-208 Oct 11Amanda Knox: The Untold Story
542.24-315 Oct 11Redemption Song
543.24-422 Oct 11The Killing Fields
544.24-529 Oct 11Murder in the O.C.
545.24-612 Nov 11Private Needham's War
546.24-726 Nov 11Murder at the Manor
547.24-803 Dec 11Secrets of a Marriage
548.24-917 Dec 11The Long Island Serial Killer
549.24-1007 Jan 12Family Affair
550.24-1121 Jan 12Showdown in the Bedroom
551.24-1228 Jan 12A Fatal Attraction
552.24-1304 Feb 12Dark Side of Paradise
553.24-1411 Feb 12Screenplay for Murder: The Diary of a "Dexter" Wannabe
554.24-1518 Feb 12Soccer Moms Confidential
555.24-1625 Feb 12Fatal Episode: The Producer's Story
556.24-1703 Mar 12The Country Club Murders
557.24-1810 Mar 12The Boy Next Door - Updated
558.24-1917 Mar 12Grave Injustice - Updated
559.24-2024 Mar 12Arturo Gatti's Last Fight - Updated
560.24-2107 Apr 12A Family's Honor
561.24-2214 Apr 12The Stranger Beside Me
562.24-2321 Apr 12Mystery on Twin Peaks Drive
563.24-2428 Apr 12Death Wish
564.24-2505 May 12The Writing on the Wall
565.24-2612 May 12Ransom
566.24-2726 May 12One of Their Own - Updated
Season 25
567.25-129 Sep 12My Dad's Killer
568.25-206 Oct 12Friends for Life
569.25-313 Oct 12Collision Course
570.25-420 Oct 12The Preacher's Passion
571.25-527 Oct 12Lina's Heart
572.25-610 Nov 12Secrets of the River
573.25-717 Nov 12Highway of Tears
574.25-824 Nov 12Presumed Guilty
575.25-901 Dec 12The Hunt for Mr. Wright
576.25-1008 Dec 12Everything to Lose
577.25-1105 Jan 13Shattered Dreams
578.25-1212 Jan 13The Perfect Family
579.25-1319 Jan 13Picture Perfect: The Trial of Jodi Arias
580.25-1426 Jan 13Crazy Love
581.25-1502 Feb 13Live to Tell: The Stranger You Know
582.25-1616 Feb 13Honor and Dishonor
583.25-1723 Feb 13The Accuser
584.25-1802 Mar 13The Usual Suspect
585.25-1909 Mar 13Cold as Ice
586.25-2016 Mar 13Ambushed
587.25-2113 Apr 13Power and Passion
588.25-2220 Apr 13Caught
589.25-2327 Apr 13Muscle and Mayhem
590.25-2404 May 13Over the Edge
591.25-2511 May 13Murder at Sea?
592.25-2617 May 13Unraveling the Lies of Jodi Arias
593.25-2718 May 13The War in Chicago
594.25-2814 May 14A Daughter, a Mortgage, and Two Murders
595.25-2907 Sep 13The Usual Suspect; Death Wish
596.25-3026 May 15End of the Trail
Season 26
597.26-105 Oct 13Spies, Lies & Secrets
598.26-212 Oct 13Death at Cottonwood Creek
599.26-319 Oct 13aka Rockefeller
600.26-426 Oct 13The Ghosts of Greenwich
601.26-526 Oct 13Loved to Death
602.26-602 Nov 13Relentless
603.26-716 Nov 13The Devils Twin
604.26-823 Nov 13Hollywood Secrets
605.26-930 Nov 13Walking Free
606.26-1007 Dec 13Nelson Mandela: Father of a Nation
607.26-1114 Dec 13Love, Hate & Obsession
608.26-1204 Jan 14Death at the Parsonage
609.26-1318 Jan 14Perilous Journey
610.26-1425 Jan 14A Bad Bet
611.26-1501 Feb 14Death at Soho House
612.26-1622 Feb 14Pain and Gain
613.26-1701 Mar 14The Last Confession
614.26-1808 Mar 14The Blue River Murder
615.26-1915 Mar 14Fateful Connection
616.26-2029 Mar 14Last Chance
617.26-2105 Apr 14Wounded by Love
618.26-2212 Apr 14Father and Son
619.26-2319 Apr 14Decades of Deceipt
620.26-2426 Apr 14Dangerous Beauty
621.26-2504 May 14Temptation in Texas
622.26-2610 May 14A Raging Son
623.26-2731 May 14One Last Hug
624.26-2802 Jun 14The Lost Daughter
625.26-2909 Jun 14The Trials of Cal Harris
626.26-3016 Jun 14Oscar Pistorius: Shots in the Dark
627.26-3112 Sep 14Blade Runner: The Verdict
Season 27
628.27-127 Sep 14Paradise Lost
629.27-204 Oct 14Mommy Dearest
630.27-311 Oct 14The Hit
631.27-418 Oct 14Kristen's Secret
632.27-525 Oct 14The Pact
633.27-625 Oct 14Live to Tell: I Remember Everything
634.27-715 Nov 14Prison Diaries
635.27-815 Nov 14Devil's Island
636.27-929 Nov 14The Sober Truth
637.27-1013 Dec 14The Two Faces of Todd Winkler
638.27-1103 Jan 15Live to Tell: Sole Survivor
639.27-1209 Jan 15Ultimatum
640.27-1317 Jan 15Murder in Pinyon Pines
641.27-1424 Jan 15Kiss of Death and the Google Exec
642.27-1531 Jan 15The Millionaire, the Model & the Hit Man
643.27-1607 Feb 15Gone
644.27-1714 Feb 15Dangerous Games
645.27-1821 Feb 15Fall from Grace
646.27-1928 Feb 15Blaming Melissa
647.27-2007 Mar 15Murder in Aspen
648.27-2114 Mar 15Bruce Beresford-Redman: The Verdict
649.27-2214 Mar 15Cold Case: Who Killed Amy Gellert?
650.27-2321 Mar 15The Bizarre Saga of Robert Durst
651.27-2404 Apr 15The Accidental Husband
652.27-2511 Apr 15Death After Midnight
653.27-2618 Apr 15To Catch a Genius
654.27-2725 Apr 15The Verdict
655.27-2802 May 15A Vision of Murder
656.27-2909 May 15Father and Son: The Verdict
657.27-3016 May 15Janet's Secret
658.27-3123 May 15Cal Harris: Deadlocked
659.27-3230 May 15Last Chance for Freedom
660.27-3302 Jun 15Temptation in Texas: Update
Season 28
661.28-126 Sep 15Hannah Graham: Deadly Connections
662.28-226 Sep 15Hannah Graham: Stalked by Evil
663.28-303 Oct 15The Doctor's Daughter
664.28-410 Oct 15Shadow of Death
665.28-517 Oct 15Vengeance in Vegas
666.28-624 Oct 15The Hunter: Searching for Kelli Bordeaux
667.28-731 Oct 15The Bugs Bunny Defense
668.28-814 Nov 15Paris Under Attack
669.28-921 Nov 15The Strange Case of Kurt Sonnenfeld
670.28-1028 Nov 15Road to Redemption
671.28-1105 Dec 15Dear Savanna
672.28-1226 Dec 15Love and Death in Alaska (120 min)
673.28-1323 Jan 16Live to Tell: My Name is Victoria
674.28-1430 Jan 16Murder 90210
675.28-1513 Feb 16Target Justice
676.28-1620 Feb 16What Did the Children See?
677.28-1727 Feb 16A Student of Murder
678.28-1805 Mar 16Trail of Tears
679.28-1912 Mar 16Playing by the Rules?
680.28-2019 Mar 16Eliminating the Threat?
681.28-2102 Apr 16What Happened in Apt. 1601?
682.28-2223 Apr 16Ryan Poston Murder Part 1: Breaking Point
683.28-2323 Apr 16Ryan Poston Murder Part 2: Obsessed
684.28-2430 Apr 16Blood in the Sand
685.28-2507 May 16The Soldier's Wife
686.28-2614 May 16Death of an Olympian
687.28-2721 May 16The Spymasters - CIA in the Crosshairs (120 min)
688.28-2828 May 16Cal Harris: The Final Verdict
689.28-2909 Jul 16Bringing a Nation Together
690.28-3017 Sep 16Death and the Dentist
Season 29
691.29-124 Sep 16Killer App
692.29-201 Oct 16The Mortician, the Murder, the Movie
693.29-308 Oct 16Killer Performance
694.29-429 Oct 16Bad Boy
695.29-512 Nov 16Buried Truth
696.29-619 Nov 16Hunted
697.29-719 Nov 16Live to Tell: Sophia's Secret
698.29-826 Nov 16Live to Tell: The Long Road Home
699.29-903 Dec 16The Psychiatrist and the Selfie
700.29-1017 Dec 16The Fight for Melissa
701.29-1107 Jan 17Crime & Punishment
702.29-1228 Jan 17Solve This Case: Who Killed Kay Wenal?
703.29-1304 Feb 17Guilty Until Proven Innocent
704.29-1411 Feb 17Murder in Beverly Hills
705.29-1511 Feb 17The Strange Life of Dr. Schwartz
706.29-1618 Feb 17Eleven Hundred Miles to Murder
707.29-1725 Feb 17Stalked: Part 1
708.29-1825 Feb 17Stalked: Part 2
709.29-1911 Mar 17Live to Tell: Afraid of the Dark
710.29-2018 Mar 17Death on Valentine's Day
711.29-2125 Mar 17The Alternate Suspects
712.29-2215 Apr 17The DNA of a Killer
713.29-2322 Apr 17The Golden State Killer
714.29-2429 Apr 17The Family (120 min)
715.29-2506 May 17Resident Evil
716.29-2613 May 17Murder in the Mansion
717.29-2720 May 17Murder by Design
718.29-2816 Jun 17Death by Text
719.29-2924 Jun 17Serial Confessions
Season 30
720.30-130 Sep 17O.J. Simpson: Endgame
721.30-230 Sep 17The Widow on Solway Road
722.30-307 Oct 17Moment of Truth
723.30-414 Oct 17Operation Murder
724.30-521 Oct 17Red Notice for Murder
725.30-628 Oct 17Storm of Suspicion
726.30-711 Nov 17Reality Kills
727.30-818 Nov 17Taken Away
728.30-925 Nov 17A Brother's Mission
729.30-1023 Dec 17The Evidence Room (120 min)
730.30-1129 Dec 17Secrets of Waco
731.30-1206 Jan 18Grapes of Wrath
732.30-1320 Jan 18All-American Murder: The Rise and Fall of Aaron Hernandez
733.30-1427 Jan 18Sins of the Father
734.30-1503 Feb 18Natalie Wood: Death in Dark Water
735.30-1617 Feb 18Rodney Alcala: The Killing Game
736.30-1703 Mar 18The Good Girl
737.30-1810 Mar 18Who Killed Fabio?
738.30-1917 Mar 18Mystery at Eagle Creek
739.30-2024 Mar 18The Fitbit Alibi
740.30-2131 Mar 18Live to Tell: Trafficked
741.30-2207 Apr 18Missing Marsha
742.30-2314 Apr 18The Lost Boy
743.30-2421 Apr 18The Clown Did It
744.30-2528 Apr 18The Last Ride Home
745.30-2605 May 18Don't Scream
746.30-2712 May 18Lorenzen Wright: No Defense
747.30-2819 May 18Murder on Red River
Season 31
748.31-129 Sep 18Click for a Killer (120 min)
749.31-206 Oct 18Hollywood Horror Story
750.31-313 Oct 18Dead Ringer
751.31-420 Oct 18Cold-Blooded Killer
752.31-510 Nov 18In The Name of Hate
753.31-617 Nov 18What Happened in Apartment 4C?
754.31-724 Nov 18The Mysterious Death of Casey Kasem
755.31-801 Dec 18Defending DJ
756.31-915 Dec 18FindJodi
757.31-1005 Jan 19Sugar Land: Life or Death
758.31-1112 Jan 19Jayme Closs Comes Home
759.31-1219 Jan 19Knock Knock
760.31-1326 Jan 19Was Kevin Cooper Framed? Part 1
761.31-1426 Jan 19Was Kevin Cooper Framed? Part 2
762.31-1516 Feb 19Live to Tell: Standoff at Trader Joe's
763.31-1623 Feb 19Portrait of a Killer
764.31-1702 Mar 19Fatal Crossing
765.31-1809 Mar 19Out of Reach
766.31-1916 Mar 19The Shape of a Killer
767.31-2023 Mar 19Karrie's Choice
768.31-2130 Mar 19Widow's War
769.31-2213 Apr 19Live to Tell: The Vendetta
770.31-2320 Apr 19In Jason's Name
771.31-2427 Apr 19A Death in Payson Canyon
772.31-2504 May 19The Case Against Enrico Forti
773.31-2611 May 19#FindPeterChadwick
774.31-2718 May 19What Happened to Rachael?
Season 32
775.32-114 Sep 19The Hollywood Ripper (120 min)
776.32-228 Sep 19The Case Against Brooke Skylar Richardson
777.32-305 Oct 19The Murder of Kelsey Berreth
778.32-412 Oct 19Live to Tell: The Chowchilla Kidnapping
779.32-519 Oct 19Good Cop/Bad Cop: Solving the Murder of Heather Bogle
780.32-626 Oct 19Who Wanted Howard Pilmar Dead?
781.32-702 Nov 19The Disappearance of Kelly Dwyer
782.32-809 Nov 19The Twisted Case of Angie Dodge
783.32-916 Nov 19Maria Spencer's Vow to Kill
784.32-1023 Nov 19Justice for Kelsey Berreth
785.32-1130 Nov 19Mandy Stavik: The Case No One Could Forget
786.32-1207 Dec 19The Killing of Officer Green
787.32-1318 Jan 20Chacey Poynter: Witness to Murder
788.32-1425 Jan 20Live to Tell: Murder on Prom Night
789.32-1501 Feb 20The Death of Todd Stermer
790.32-1608 Feb 20The Case Against Ezra McCandless
791.32-1715 Feb 20The Plot to Kill Dr. Sievers
792.32-1822 Feb 20The Life and Death of Amie Harwick
793.32-1929 Feb 20Find Yura - Manhunt on the Dark Web
794.32-2007 Mar 20The Case Against Sandra Garner
795.32-2114 Mar 20Broken Hearts
796.32-2221 Mar 20The Troubling Case Against Kevin Cooper
797.32-2328 Mar 20Lizzie Borden Took an Axe
798.32-2404 Apr 20Reuschel vs. Reuschel
799.32-2511 Apr 20Live to Tell: Surviving Ted Bundy
800.32-2618 Apr 20Crosley Green's Hard Time
801.32-2725 Apr 20The Murder of Haley Anderson
802.32-2802 May 20What Ever Happened to Mary Day?
803.32-2909 May 20Tracking the Murders of Israel Keyes
804.32-3016 May 20The Missing Children of Lori Vallow Daybell
Season 33
805.33-112 Sep 20Home Renovation Homicide
806.33-219 Sep 20The Final Hours of Cayley Mandadi
807.33-326 Sep 20The Corn Rake Murder
808.33-403 Oct 20The Final Days of JJ and Tylee
809.33-510 Oct 20Justice for Ahmaud
810.33-624 Oct 20Where Is Jennifer Kesse?
811.33-731 Oct 20The Murder of Anna Repkina
812.33-807 Nov 20Murder at the Mall: The Michelle Martinko Case
813.33-914 Nov 20Christy Martin - The Fight of Her Life
814.33-1021 Nov 20The Case Against Nicole Addimando
815.33-1128 Nov 20The Disappearance of Kristin Smart
816.33-1212 Dec 20The Hunt for the Long Island Serial Killer
817.33-1302 Jan 21The Tara Grinstead Mystery
818.33-1409 Jan 21The Suspicious Death of Christian Andreacchio
819.33-1516 Jan 21The Murder of Jackie Vandagriff
820.33-1623 Jan 21The 30-Year Secret - The Tracey Harris Murder
821.33-1730 Jan 21The Search for Christie Wilson
822.33-1813 Feb 21What Does the Other Woman Know? The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos
823.33-1920 Feb 21The Deliveryman Murders
824.33-2027 Feb 21The Puzzle: Solving the Madeleine McCann Case
825.33-2106 Mar 21Fighting for Aniah
826.33-2213 Mar 21The Eye Drop Homicide
827.33-2327 Mar 21The Kidnapping of Jonelle Matthews
828.33-2410 Apr 21The Mysterious Death of Kat West
829.33-2517 Apr 21Crosley Green Comes Home
830.33-2624 Apr 21The Killing of Cowboy Ray Green
831.33-2701 May 21Scott Peterson: Case In Question
832.33-2808 May 21The Covid Cover-Up: Searching for Gretchen Anthony
833.33-2915 May 21A Sister's Fight for her Brother
834.33-3022 May 21The Fenn Treasure
835.33-3125 Aug 21The Circleville Letters
836.33-3201 Sep 21The Secrets of Chad Daybell's Backyard
837.33-3308 Sep 21The Black Swan Murder?
Season 34
838.34-118 Sep 21The Online Life & Death of Bianca Devins
839.34-225 Sep 21What Happened to Gabby Petito?
840.34-302 Oct 21Jasmine Hartin's Shot in the Dark
841.34-416 Oct 21#LindasStory
842.34-523 Oct 21The Station Nightclub Fire: Who's Responsible?
843.34-630 Oct 21The Murdaugh Mysteries
844.34-706 Nov 21The Diary of Martha Moxley
845.34-813 Nov 21The Ring: The Murder of Patrick De La Cerda
846.34-920 Nov 21A Killer in the Family Tree
847.34-1027 Nov 21A Promise to Ahmaud
848.34-1104 Dec 21What Happened to the Perfect Child?
849.34-1211 Dec 21Who Killed Rachael DelTondo?
850.34-1318 Dec 21The Life and Death of Nikki Kuhnhausen
851.34-1401 Jan 22The Missing Millionaire: A 'Tiger King' Mystery
852.34-1508 Jan 22Who Killed Jonelle Matthews?
853.34-1622 Jan 22The Suzanne Morphew Case: Nothing Is What It Seems
854.34-1729 Jan 22Mystery on County Road M
855.34-1805 Feb 22The Yogurt Shop Murders
856.34-1912 Feb 22The Final Hours of Amie Harwick
857.34-2019 Feb 22Searching for Maya Millete
858.34-2126 Feb 22Katrina Brownlee: The Good Cop
859.34-2205 Mar 22What Ally Kostial Didn't Know
860.34-2312 Mar 22The Poisonous Wife
861.34-2426 Mar 22Eric Smith: Gambling on a Killer
862.34-2502 Apr 22Who Shot the Tech Exec?
863.34-2609 Apr 22The Plot to Kill Jamie Faith
864.34-2716 Apr 22Death on Safari
865.34-2823 Apr 22The Dexter Killer
866.34-2930 Apr 22Chasing Catherine Shelton (Part 1)
867.34-3007 May 22Chasing Catherine Shelton (Part 2)
868.34-3121 May 22Please Don't Tell
869.34-3228 May 22Death By Text
Season 35
870.35-117 Sep 22The Shooting of Lauren Kanarek
871.35-224 Sep 22A Man with a Past
872.35-301 Oct 22Death Hits Home: The Hargan Killings
873.35-415 Oct 22The Strange Death of Professor Shockley
874.35-522 Oct 22The Kidnapping of Schanda Handley
875.35-605 Nov 22The Snapchat Clue
876.35-712 Nov 22The 'Unsolvable' Murder of Roxanne Wood
877.35-819 Nov 22Last Seen in Breckenridge
878.35-926 Nov 22The Case Against Michael Politte
879.35-1003 Dec 22The Betrayal of Linda Slaten
880.35-1110 Dec 22The Tree That Helped Solve a Murder
881.35-1207 Jan 23The Idaho Student Murders
882.35-1314 Jan 23Melissa Turner's Closing Act
883.35-1421 Jan 23The Daughters Who Disappeared
884.35-1528 Jan 23The Death of an Officer's Wife
885.35-1611 Feb 23The Kidnapping of Michelle and Breea Renee
886.35-1725 Feb 23The Brighton Ax Murder
887.35-1804 Mar 23The Trial of Alex Murdaugh
888.35-1911 Mar 23What Angelina Saw
889.35-2018 Mar 23Remembering the Chowchilla Kidnapping
890.35-2125 Mar 23The Mysterious Death of Tiffiney Crawford
891.35-2208 Apr 23Kassanndra's Secret
892.35-2315 Apr 23Christy and Hilda's Last Dance
893.35-2422 Apr 23Alisa Mathewson's Night Terrors
894.35-2529 Apr 23Lamar Johnson: Standing in Truth
895.35-2606 May 23Where Is Diana Duve?
896.35-2713 May 23Lori Vallow Daybell: Guilty
897.35-2820 May 23A Stabbing in Colts Neck
898.35-2903 Jun 23The Case of the Poison Cheesecake
S28.28-012 Sep 15Death on the Hudson
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