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Good Morning Britain (ITV)
3x330: 13/12/2017

Breakfast (BBC One)
2017x346: 13/12/2017
The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team.


Hey Duggee (CBeebies)
2x35: The Brave Banana Badge
It's a stormy day outside. The Squirrels are busy playing and Duggee is making banana muffins. A big dark cloud hovers over the clubhouse, it wobbles and we hear a massive BOOM! A loud clap of thunder! Suddenly there is a flash of white light. It turns out the Squirrels are scared of lightning. Fortunately, Duggee has his brave banana badge, so he knows exactly how to help them overcome their fears.


Lorraine (ITV)
7x316: 13/12/2017


Island Medics (BBC One)
1x08: Episode 8
Behind the scenes at the UK's most remote hospital. In this episode, an elderly lady is rushed into hospital with a suspected stroke. Though former nurse Kathleen's symptoms point to a stroke, the investigation by the A&E team sheds new light on her condition. Elsewhere, Dr Saul Wilson has a broken hand to contend with; Norwegian Kari was on board a tall ship in Lerwick Harbour when she took a tumble and injured her hand. And on the first day of his holiday in the Skerries, Jimmie takes a trip he wasn't looking for when he falls off a wall and ends up in A&E with head injuries. Dr Lauren Cammaert needs to determine what is wrong with him and get him back on his feet and back to his holiday as soon as she can.

The Wright Stuff (Channel 5)
2017x247: 13/12/2017
Lively magazine show in which Matthew Wright and guests discuss the topical issues of the day.


The Jeremy Kyle Show (ITV)
15x73: 13/12/2017


Junior Doctors (BBC Three)
4x08: Episode 8
The seven newly-qualified junior doctors come to the end of their placements. Emeka gets involved in a dispute over the hospital's dress code and finds out if he has passed into next year. Jo gets involved in her most gory and complicated surgery so far. Anna spends the day teaching a medical student and Jess helps a patient with a dangerously high heart rate. Finally, the junior doctors gather for dinner to celebrate their successes.


This Morning (ITV)
29x322: 13/12/2017


Street Auction (BBC One)
2x03: Plymouth
A community surprises a Plymouth man who uses his own experience as a refugee to bring people together. Presenter Paul Martin hosts a pop-up auction on his doorstep.


Loose Women (ITV)
21x317: 13/12/2017


BBC News at One (BBC One)
2017x248: 13/12/2017
The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.


ITV Lunchtime News (ITV)
2017x245: 13/12/2017
Alastair Stewart presents the latest headlines from around the world. Followed by a national weather forecast.


Doctors (BBC One)
19x126: Confidence
A last-minute testimony is heard as the case comes to a close. Rob investigates an accusation of romance fraud but the case is not as cut and dry as it seems.


Countdown (Channel 4)
76x237: 13/12/2017
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Paul Zenon is in with Susie Dent.


Armchair Detectives (BBC One)
1x18: White Collar Crime
In today's story, the armchair detectives sift through the evidence to identify the killer when the body of a priest is found in the church bell tower. Who will be praying for forgiveness?


Lost and Found (Channel 4)
1x13: Episode 13
Dumped Esme is found with a painful gash on her leg. An elderly terrier cross is handed in after her owner passed away. The hunt is on for a new home, but not before emergency dental work. And Bolt by name, bolt by nature, a Japanese Akita runs away from home, leaving his owner devastated.

Dickinson's Real Deal (ITV)
14x43: Episode 43
David and his team are in Dewsbury, where a car-boot teddy has words with Debbie Serpell. Stuart Hofgartner puts down a fighting offer for a military watch, and headmistress Alison Chapman tries to control an unruly class.

Escape to the Country (BBC One)
18x22: Kent
Alistair Appleton is in the Kent helping a dynamic international couple with a £1 million pound budget branch out from city life in London, so they can raise their young family in the countryside. While in the county, Alistair heads to the atmospheric area of Romney Marsh to meet a sixth-generation farmer still rearing the native Romney sheep breed with his wife, who has grown a spin-off rural business creating handmade woollen textiles.


The Hairy Bikers Home for Christmas (BBC One)
1x08: Leftovers
Broadcasting veteran Gloria Hunniford joins the Hairy Bikers while they cook up some great solutions to all those leftovers, including Christmas pudding trifle, tartiflette, gougere, bubble and squeak and turkey pie. Alongside the recipes and fun, there are also fantastic ideas for homemade edible Christmas presents.

Secret Life of Boys (CBBC)
3x03: Day Three
Ginger plans on getting her cousins to Australia by any means necessary. She decides to prank call them until they give up and get on that plane. Ginger's plan doesn't go well though and both Corey and Chris are unphased by her 'Ginger Snaps'. Matt tries to get Robbie to admit that he's the reason the trip is cancelled, but Matt inadvertently tells Robbie his own secret - Matt is spending Christmas with Tabitha's family. Ethan is disappointed in Matt's efforts and vows to break Robbie on his own, but his plan backfires and Chris finds out Matt's skipping Christmas. Chris tells Matt that he's going to tell their Mum. Can Matt stop him?


Raven (CBBC)
11x08: The Quest Continues
Four young, brave Warriors answered Raven's call to join her quest. Janra, Teeja, Saris and Rygo have gathered together under the Banner of the Wildcat. They must demonstrate courage, strength, agility and resourcefulness as they take on four new challenges which will determine their fate. This episode sees the Warriors face the ultimate Leap of Faith, destroying the Target Mines to clear the path, and solving complex riddles in Elixir of Life and Symbol Search. One of them will have to leave the quest at the end of this day and only one of them can be successful and reach The Grand Tournament to battle for the chance to be named as a True Warrior.


A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun (Channel 4)
2017x54: Murcia
Lynn and Gerald are looking for a holiday home in the north of Spain's Murcia region, where they can enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine and numerous golf courses the area has to offer. With a budget of £100,000 will any of Ben Hillman's five contenders tempt them to make an offer?


Go Jetters (CBeebies)
2x17: Christmas Island, Indian Ocean
Grand Master Glitch travels with his Grimbots to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean in the hope of finding some festive cheer, even though it's not Christmas Day. He is sorely disappointed when he finds himself on a tropical island with not a hint of Christmas in sight! Determined to have his Christmas Day, he sets about trying to spread his own festive cheer by covering the island in snow. But this means the island's Red Land Crabs can't get to the ocean to lay their eggs. As the crabs are in danger, it's a race against time for the Go Jetters to stop that snow!

The Chase (ITV)
11x91: 13/12/2017
Bradley Walsh presents another battle of the brains. Can Nick, Carol, Joseph and Mary team up to beat the Chaser and leave with thousands of pounds?

Kirstie's Handmade Christmas (Channel 4)
5x03: Episode 3
This time, Kirstie Allsopp's Christmas HQ hosts an advent calendar competition. Four talented crafters race against the clock to create beautiful calendars. There's also leather crafting; Christmas ham; and treats for Father Christmas.


Operation Ouch! (CBBC)
6x13: Flabbergasting Favourites
In the last episode of the series, the doctors have picked out some of their favourite moments - get ready to see just how strong your tendons really are and discover who the better pilot is when Dr Chris and Dr Xand join the Air Ambulance in Operation Takeover. Find out how to help someone who's been drowning in First Aid, and catch up with our four Ouch Patients for one last time. Meanwhile in Accident and Emergency some of our favourites are back too - arriving by helicopter is Jamie with a sore neck, and Bella Rose who's got a sore hip after busting some moves on the dancefloor.


BBC News at Six (BBC One)
2017x248: 13/12/2017
The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.


Hollyoaks (Channel 4)
23x248: 2017-12-13
Diane is reaching the end of her tether with Tony's behaviour, and James is worried when Tony suggests telling all about Harry. Maxine and Nancy team up to teach Darcy a lesson.

Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two (BBC Two)
15x58: Episode 58
Zoe Ball gives us all the news and gossip from Strictly as one of the final couples joins her on the sofa. Ian Waite casts his expert eye over all the couples' training footage in his Warm-Up, and Tess and Claudia drop by for a catch-up.

ITV Evening News (ITV)
2017x248: 13/12/2017
Mary Nightingale presents the latest headlines from around the world. Followed by a national weather forecast.


CBeebies Bedtime Stories (CBeebies)
2017x30: Jb Gill - AC-Choo
Join JB for a rather sneezy bedtime story about a little boy trying to find the perfect pet for his little sister.


Emmerdale (ITV)
48x288: Wednesday 13th December
Victoria is plagued with doubt. Out of desperation, Moira meets a known face. Arthur and Elliot make a discovery.

The Hurting (Dave)
1x25: Episode 25
Jake Yapp narrates this remorseless compilation of quite frankly the dumbest endeavours ever attempted on camera, most of which go hilariously wrong.

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (BBC Two)
7x17: Felicity Montagu and Clare Holman
The stars in the vintage cars are actors Felicity Montagu and Clare Holman. With the help of experts James Braxton and Arusha Irvine, they mosey madly around the Midlands in search of antiques to make a profit at auction.

The One Show (BBC One)
2017x224: 13/12/2017

Channel 4 News (Channel 4)
2017x345: 13/12/2017
Channel 4 News, includes sport and weather.


Coronation Street (ITV)
58x257: Wednesday 13th December
Chesney's romantic gesture for Sinead dismays Daniel. Robert hopes for a fresh start. Kevin calls time on his relationship with Anna.

The Hurting (Dave)
1x26: Episode 26
Jake Yapp narrates this remorseless compilation of quite frankly the dumbest endeavours ever attempted on camera, most of which go hilariously wrong.


Machines of War (Yesterday)
1x02: Tank
Mobile protected firepower - that's what every general wants. This episode traces the near 100-year history of mobile protected firepower. Since it first appeared on the muddy fields of northern France in the World War I, designers and engineers have been trying to perfect and improve these steel leviathans. In this programme, a US tank crew-in-training will give us an exclusive look at the latest Abrams M1A2 main battle tank at the US Army's Fort Hood, while tank historians and war veterans will spotlight the major advances that make up the evolutionary timeline of the tank's development. What makes an Abrams one of the best tanks of today? In the near 100-year history of the tank, how did we end up here?

Gino's Italian Escape (ITV)
5x07: Calabria
Tonight Gino reveals the rugged and wild region that is Calabria. Its landscape is as breathtaking as the powerhouse ingredients it produces and this week it's about fire and spice, with eye watering chillies, a new wonder salami, and then an Italian ingredient that is as English as they come. Join Gino as he explores this vast region by train, taking in the coast and the mountains, and creates two dishes in honour of this wild region.

Masterchef: The Professionals (BBC Two)
10x17: Episode 17
Semi-finals week continues as Gregg Wallace, Monica Galetti and Marcus Wareing search for this year's MasterChef: The Professionals champion. The first three semi-finalists are sent to work alongside former professional golfer and self-taught chef James Close, whose County Durham restaurant was the only new restaurant in the UK to be awarded two Michelin stars in 2017. The chefs' first challenge is to each take responsibility for one dish from the tasting menu, delivering complex two-star standard dishes during a packed lunchtime service. James then sets the chefs the task of recreating one of his signature dishes - a seasonal salad of up to 50 ingredients. Finally, the inspired chefs return to the MasterChef kitchen, where they face the challenge of cooking their own dishes for a two-course menu which Marcus, Monica and Gregg will taste.

Mary Berry's Country House Secrets (BBC One)
1x04: Goodwood House
Mary visits Goodwood House, home to the March family and a long line of innovators in the fields of sport and farming. Famous for iconic horse racing and motoring events, Mary is taken on a thrilling lap of the Goodwood motor circuit by Lord March, in a car designed by his grandfather, and invited to one of his dinner parties where 300 dine in style in the splendid state rooms. But the family were not only innovators in sport, Mary meets the octogenarian Duchess and her daughter Nimmy who reveal the forward thinking story behind the estate's organic farm. Discovering below stairs Mary takes to the butler's pantry to tempt us with a race day breakfast, a coq au vin and a four tier cake for a cricket tea set in the one of the oldest cricket clubs in the world.

Landscape Artist of the Year (Sky Arts)
3x09: Episode 9
This special film follows the winner of Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 to Jamaica, where they will paint the breathtaking view from Noel Coward's home, Firefly.

Your Face or Mine? (Comedy Central)
2x11: Episode 11
Vicky and Akil are this week's loved up couple who are getting grilled by Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan.

The Secret Life of the Zoo (Channel 4)
4x05: Episode 5
There are only around 50 Javan green magpies left in the world, and two of them live at Chester Zoo. Keepers are desperate to breed youngster Permata with older female Metina, but the problem is that he still has his juvenile blue feathers. Will he mature and can he help breed the next generation? Chester's bachelor pad of lemurs is in for a shock with a female on her way to their island. In the lemur world females rule the roost, so the boys' peaceful existence may be coming to an end. The zebras also have a newcomer to their herd: female Okoth, who starts to make a play for power, which doesn't go down well with top zebra Florence. And the zoo's three Komodo dragon sisters need some space from each other. Keeper Isolde has an unusual plan to take them for outside walks.

GPs: Behind Closed Doors (Channel 5)
5x21: Episode 21
Patients this week include regular Michael who is due to have his toe amputated, Donovan who is stressed from caring for his wife, Richard whose blood test doubles as an alcohol test, and Janet who fell off her high heels.


Coronation Street (ITV)
58x258: Wednesday 13th December
Daniel makes Chesney feel sick to his stomach. Faye sees Phelan's true colours. Craig shares his feelings with Bethany.


Peaky Blinders (BBC Two)
4x05: The Duel
Tommy prepares himself as the bloody battle lines are drawn between the Peaky Blinders and Changretta. A deal is struck - with potentially devastating consequences.

Tamara's World (ITV Be)
1x05: Episode 5
In the fifth episode, Tamara has to face her fear when she becomes the ambassador of a new charity and has to give a speech at a large black-tie event. Tamara also heads to Oslo to launch her line of hair products, and Sophia's new-found independence leaves Tamara breaking new ground. Back in London, Jay hosts a games night for a group of his mates.

Dian Fossey: Secrets in the Mist (National Geographic Channel)
1x02: Dark Side of thee Mountain
After Dian Fossey's favorite gorilla was slaughtered and her health began to fail, Sir David Attenborough traveled to Rwanda to film the gorillas. The result was one of television's most treasured experiences with animals in the wild. However, due to battles with the Rwandan government, Fossey was forced to return to the United States. During this period Fossey wrote "Gorillas in the Mist" and became a global celebrity.

Taskmaster (Dave)
5x"": Champion Of Champions - Part 1
Greg Davies and Alex Horne return to Dave with a seasonal treat - Taskmaster brings together all five of the show's series champions for the ultimate battle in a brand new two-part special. Critically-acclaimed, multi-award nominated Taskmaster welcomes back all five series champions: Josh Widdicombe, Katherine Ryan, Noel Fielding, Rob Beckett and Bob Mortimer. Greg Davies once again rules as the all-powerful Taskmaster with loyal assistant Alex Horne firmly by his side as they put the series victors through their paces with a collection of confounding new assignments in a fight to become the ultimate Taskmaster champion.

The Apprentice (BBC One)
13x12: Interviews
The final five candidates are summoned to Lord Sugar's newly refurbished offices in the City, where they are joined by some of Lord Sugar's closest associates, who are ready to put the candidates through their paces in the toughest of interviews. Each candidate goes head to head with a business heavyweight and attempts to prove their worth in the fight of their lives.

Digging for Britain (BBC Four)
6x04: The Horsemen of Hadrian's Wall
Professor Alice Roberts reveals the forgotten story of the Roman Army's secret weapon in Britain - their cavalry. These fearsome horsemen were the key to defending Britain's most famous Roman monument fortification. Alice sets off across Hadrian's Wall to investigate any evidence the Roman cavalry left behind, while a team of archaeologists and historical re-enactors attempt to re-stage a Roman cavalry tournament - a spectacle that no one has seen for over 1,600 years. Alice joins them at a public display in Carlisle where 30 riders perform in front of a crowd of spectators. The film also explores the latest archaeological digs happening across the UK, each of which is searching for new evidence of the Roman cavalry. Alice visits some of the most iconic sites associated with the Roman cavalry, including Chester's Roman fort, Vindolanda fort and museum and Hexham Abbey. Along the way she builds a picture of the horsemen's lives here on the northern frontier of the Roman Empire.

Bancroft (ITV)
1x03: Episode 3
Bancroft is faced with a startling blast from the past, which brings the events from 1990 back to the surface. Meanwhile, Katherine wrestles with twists and turns of the new information she is uncovering. Bancroft secures Zaheera in safe accommodation and Daanish fulfils his part of the deal. Anya makes a surprising visit to an old friend. Katherine is faced with a chilling truth.

The Channel: The World's Busiest Waterway (Channel 4)
1x03: Episode 3
This episode follows Nemo project manager Dave as he attempts to stick to the schedule, as a day's delay could cost a six-figure sum. Meanwhile, the project has pushed fisherman Steve out of his fishing grounds.

Penelope Keith's Coastal Villages (More4) series premiere
1x01: Isle of Wight & West Sussex
In the first episode, Penelope discovers the seaside villages of West Sussex and the Isle of Wight. She quickly finds herself immersed in stories of seafarers, smugglers and shipwrecks. In the village of Bosham, she uncovers the real reason behind King Canute's battle with the tide. In Birdham, Penelope visits the country's first purpose-built marina and climbs on board with Olympic gold medallist Sarah Ayton for a sail up the estuary. There's also a flight in the cockpit of a hovercraft; the astonishing story of a local woman and an old £10 note; and an epic battle of the waves.

Harrogate: A Yorkshire Christmas (Channel 5) series premiere
1x01: Part 1
First of a two-part documentary following the great and good of Harrogate as they prepare for the town's annual Christmas windows competition. More than fifty shops pull out all the stops to put on the best window display possible and wow the crowds.


Detectorists (BBC Four)
3x06: Episode 6
Lance wisely observes that 'there's something about karma going on' and there certainly seems to be something in the air. They have one last day on the farm, one last chance to pull out all the stops and find that gold. Terry's got a new gazebo. Perfect time for a rally.

The Rebel (Gold)
2x06: Love
Henry is doing his best to support Cath as she comes to terms with the fact Jeremy is staying in Lesotho for good. Their dwindling family is hit further by a burglary at Henry's house, which includes the theft of the Urn with Henry's late wife in. An even more erratic than usual Henry and Cath take it upon themselves to reclaim the ashes and embark on a journey into Brighton's 'petty' criminal underworld. This leaves Margaret facing a life-changing dilemma alone - does she take Charles up on his offer to move to Scotland with him? It seems everyone is being forced to make decisions about love that they've been avoiding for far too long...

The Apprentice: You're Fired (BBC Two)
12x11: Interviews
On this week's Apprentice: You're Fired, it is the interviews! Host Rhod Gilbert and the panel meet the three candidates who didn't make it through and get the lowdown on the two finalists.

BBC News at Ten (BBC One)
2017x247: 13/12/2017
The latest national and international news, with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide.

ITV News at Ten (ITV)
2017x207: 13/12/2017
Ranvir Singh presents the latest headlines from around the world. Followed by a national weather forecast.


Newsnight (BBC Two)
2017x241: 13/12/2017
In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Evan Davis.


Scot Squad (BBC One Scotland)
4x05: Episode 5

Exposure (ITV)
7x02: Who Cares? Children's Homes Undercover
Exposure presents the results of a year-long undercover investigation into privately-run children's care homes, examining the standard of care provided and asking where the money is spent.


Match of the Day (BBC One)
2018x18: MOTD: 13th December 2017
Gary Lineker introduces highlights from all ten midweek Premier League games. West Ham entertain London rivals Arsenal, Manchester City travel to Swansea, and Newcastle meet Everton. Alan Shearer and Danny Murphy provide expert analysis.