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Animal Park (BBC One)
14x12: Episode 12
In a race against the clock, keepers and the vet battle to save the lives of a red deer and her unborn calf.


A Matter of Life and Debt (BBC One)
3x02: Episode 2
Affordable housing makes dreams come true, an artisan baker overcomes illness to cook up a winning business, and a fear of debt comes at a life-changing price.


The £100K Drop (Channel 4)
3x27: Episode 27
Davina McCall presents the quiz show in which friends from London and a couple from Edinburgh start off with £100,000 and are challenged to place quantities of the cash over trapdoors as they face a series of questions, the wrong answers to which will lose them money every time they slip up.


Emmerdale (ITV)
50x213: Tuesday 20th August
Moira is determined to prove a point, Dawn has a plan, and Paddy tells Bear the truth.


Save Money: Good Health (ITV)
4x03: Episode 3
Dr Ranj meets pharmacist Harsha Parmar to look at everything from natural remedies to sleeping tablets. What are the active ingredients and can they work? Sian meets with sleep specialist Dr Sophie Bostock to look at the latest gadgetry designed to help us sleep - from a gravity blanket to a state-of-the-art speaking eye mask. All have a hefty price tag, but will any of them do the trick for our Save Money insomniac road tester? We'll also be continuing to shop around for treatments to those embarrassing problems so you don't have to. This time we're tackling a painful condition that will effect half of us over our lifetimes: haemorrhoids. And not forgetting, our essential weekly guide to vitamin and mineral supplements which continues with B12.

EastEnders (BBC One)
35x134: Tuesday 20th August
Phil is determined to discover the truth about his attack, Mel turns to Gray for help, and Jack receives an update on the case involving Fraser.


Battle of the Brass Bands (Sky Arts) series premiere
1x01: Episode 1
It's Brighouse and Rastrick vs Fairey Band as the series kicks off with two of the UK's biggest brass bands going head-to-head at The Whit Friday Contest in Saddleworth

Inside the Factory (BBC Two)
6x04: Mattresses
Gregg Wallace visits a mattress factory in Leeds, where he discovers how steel is stretched and coiled into springs and the advantages of natural fibres like hemp and wool. Cherry Healey talks to a sleep scientist about the benefits to reaction time from taking an afternoon nap, and Ruth Goodman tries out a Middle Ages mattress made out of a straw-stuffed sack.

Big Week at the Zoo (Channel 5)
2x02: Episode 2
The Yorkshire Vet's Julian Norton assists with a procedure on a giant Aldabra tortoise, while Helen Skelton helps to look after the only family of polar bears in captivity in the UK. One of the zoo's male Asiatic lions is being transported to Tehran, but is almost immediately replaced by a newly arrived female.

Holby City (BBC One)
21x34: Where Does It Hurt
Essie has a shocking encounter with a distressed stranger who claims to know Raf, and plays on her good nature - leading her to make a pact that could change her life for ever. Xav notices Ric making more and more mistakes, and decides to confront him about it. Kian tries to boost Nicky's confidence by giving her a tricky patient to diagnose.

World War Weird (Yesterday)
3x03: Episode 3
The unfortunate fate of the world's first tank, which failed to make it onto the battlefield, and the case of the Japanese soldier who continued fighting - until 1974.

Emmerdale (ITV)
50x214: Tuesday 20th August
Moira has a close call, David and Leyla are stunned by a discovery, and Harriet pleads Will's case.


Yorkshire Airport (ITV)
1x06: Episode 6
The airport is preparing for the grand opening of its multi-million pound facelift and Phil is under pressure to impress Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.
Elsewhere, three special charter pilgrimage planes are putting the nerves of Special Assistance Agent Dan to the test, and an oversized piece of hand luggage gives Chloe a headache at the gate.


Keeping Faith (BBC One)
2x05: Episode 5
Amidst the fall-out from Evan's return home, Faith uncovers new and disturbing truths as she continues to look into Madlen's case. Evan struggles to find his place at home,, the Reardons threaten to detail the Corran Energy deal, and DI Breeze continues to dial up the pressure on both Faith and Evan as Steve plays a new deadly game of his own

Building the Dream (More4)
8x07: Shrewsbury

24 Hours in A&E (Channel 4)
18x16: Episode 16

Celebs Go Dating (E4)
7x13: Episode 13

Fighter Pilot: The Real Top Gun (ITV) series premiere
1x01: Episode 1
In the first episode, the pilots are put through their paces learning to fly the new F35 Lightning stealth jet. These planes can avoid radar, hover and land vertically, but with only a few months to bring them to the UK and prepare them for active service, the stakes a re high for the aspiring pilots.

Inside the Tower of London (Channel 5) season premiere
2x01: Episode 1
Raven chicks are born in the tower for the first time in 30 years - but only one of the newborn birds can stay, and ravenmaster Chris faces the tough decision of choosing one to keep and finding suitable homes for all the others. The tower director prepares to retire after 15 years, and takes a moment to enjoy his final gun salute, while AJ Clarke, only the second woman to join the Yeoman warders, embarks on a fitness regime that soon leaves her in need of a new uniform. Plus, a look at the story of the time the future Queen Elizabeth I was imprisoned in the tower for plotting to overthrow her sister, Queen Mary.

Disasters at Sea (Quest)
2x04: The Arctic Rose Mystery
Fishing boats sink frequently in the Bering Sea, but normally at least some of the crew survive. In 2001, Seattle-based Arctic Rose, went down, claiming the lives of all 15 crew members. Some human remains were recovered 14 years later.


The Bad Skin Clinic (Quest Red)
1x02: Episode 2
Twenty four-year-old Elise visits Dr Emma Craythorne in a last-ditch attempt to fix her excruciatingly painful skin condition, while Gary wants a lump on the back of his head removed.

Kathy Burke's All Woman (Channel 4)
1x02: Motherhood
The actress discusses attitudes to motherhood, discovering why the average age of first-time mothers is rising and contemplating the reasons why women choose whether or not to have children. She talks to a London financial analyst who has decided to freeze her eggs, and discovers the likelihood of the procedure resulting in a successful conception. Kathy also talks to film star Samantha Morton and comedian Katherine Ryan about their experiences of parenthood, and has her first experience of attending a birth.