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Suncorp Super Netball (Nine Network)
2018x30: Round 08, Game 02: Fever vs Thunderbirds
Round 08, Game 02: Fever vs Thunderbirds @ Perth Arena, Perth (Live broadcast on 9Gem: WA & SA, Delayed broadcast on 9Gem: QLD, NSW, VIC & TAS) For Nine network broadcast details goto: and set your correct location.


Suncorp Super Netball (Nine Network)
2018x32: Round 08, Game 04: Firebirds vs Swifts
Round 08, Game 04: Firebirds vs Swifts @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane (Delayed broadcast on 9Gem: All States) For Nine network broadcast details goto: and set your correct location.


Neighbours (Eleven)
34x121: Episode 7871


House Rules (Seven Network)
6x30: Episode 30
An unmissable homeowner reveal as dairy farmer Toad and Mandy see their 150 - year-old renovated homestead for the very first time.

MasterChef Australia (Network Ten)
10x36: Pressure Test: Katherine Sabbath
Continuing Sweet Week, the judges are joined by social media cake superstar Katherine Sabbath. The bottom two teams from the previous invention test will face off in a pressure test.


Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation (Nine Network)
5x06: Episode 6

Back Roads (ABC)
4x03: Natimuk
Guest presenter Paul West visits the small, yet spectacular, town of Natimuk in Victoria. Paul discovers that two worlds have collided in Natimuk, where the community is a mix of rock climbers and German-Lutheran farmers.


Have You Been Paying Attention? (Network Ten)
6x07: Episode 7

Four Corners (ABC)
2018x20: Second Chance Kids
Monday's Four Corners story "Second Chance Kids" is produced by PBS Frontline and looks at US teen criminals sentenced to life in jail. "How much punishment is enough?" Lawyer Being tough on crime has become a popular mantra for political parties. Law and order debates are frequently fuelled by tabloid headlines calling for a crackdown on crime. The result is often harsher sentencing. In the United States it's led to thousands of prisoners facing mandatory life sentences for crimes they committed as teenagers. "A super-predator is a young juvenile criminal who is so impulsive, so remorseless that he can kill, rape, maim without giving it a second thought." Forensic psychologist Now there's debate over whether these prisoners should be given a second chance at life. "To say to any child of 13 that you're only fit to die in prison is cruel." US Lawyer In this compelling documentary, the film makers follow the cases of two of these now adult prisoners who expected to spend their entire lives behind bars."I was a bad kid. I was an angry kid. But I don't think I was so to the point where OK now you're going to be a kid that dies in prison." Prisoner With exclusive access, the film closely documents their legal bid for freedom following a landmark court case. "I've changed and I'm not the same individual. But I feel ashamed of what I did." Prisoner We witness the confrontation between the perpetrators, guilty of murder, and the families of their victims in emotionally charged parole hearings. "He was my only son and I'll never forgive him, ever!" Victim's mother As juvenile offenders across the US await their potential re-sentencing, Second Chance Kids asks tough questions about crime and punishment. "There are some people who should never be released…there are some crimes, in my opinion, that are so deleterious to our community that individuals deserve to go to jail for life." Prosecutor For the two prisoners, their chance of a new life presents them with the challenge of how to live after decades behind bars.

Love Island Australia (Nine Network)
1x22: Episode 22


First Dates (Seven Network)
3x09: Episode 9
In this episode, Mr Right is looking for his Mr Right, a missing wallet spells embarrassment and a perpetual wink leaves a date feeling extra nervous.


Media Watch (ABC)
2018x20: 2018-06-25


11x20: NDIS and Disability
On Monday's Q&A host Tony Jones twill moderate a panel debating the challenges of the disability community. The NDIS has been a game changer but there are serious teething problems, so who's benefitting and who's missing out? Will people with disability ever be fully included in our schools, our offices, our politics and our screens? On the panel: Wheelchair tennis and basketball champion and broadcaster Dylan Alcott
Actress with dwarfism and disability advocate Kiruna Stamell
Lawyer and former Disability Discrimination Commissioner who is blind Graeme Innes
Founding father of the NDIS, now Director of the Melbourne Disability Institute Bruce Bonyhady
And parent and carer Catia Malaquias, advocate for inclusion of disability in culture and education