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Australia - New Episodes
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Seven Early News (Seven Network)
2017x102: Tuesday, May 23

Nine News Early Edition (Nine Network)
2017x102: Tue May 23


Sunrise (Seven Network)
2017x102: Tuesday, May 23

Today (Nine Network)
2017x102: Tue May 23


ABC News Breakfast (ABC)
2017x102: 23/05/2017

Toasted TV (Eleven)
2017x143: Tue May 23


Get Arty (7TWO)
1x37: Episode 37


Most Extreme Alien Planet Earth (9Go!)
1x02: Gardeners
Digging, pruning, fertilizing. The gardeners of Alien Planet Earth know their patch and how to look after it. Nature is wild and unruly and it takes extreme determination to bend it to your will. But for these green thumbs it's a walk in the jungle.


Studio 10 (Network Ten)
2017x102: Tue May 23


ABC News Mornings (ABC News 24)
2017x102: 23/05/2017

The Morning Show (Seven Network)
2017x81: Tuesday, May 23

Today Extra (Nine Network)
2017x102: Tue May 23

Hi-5 (9Go!)
14x07: Imaginary Adventures


Crocamole (Eleven)
2x52: Munching And Crunching
Get your teeth stuck into today's episode and munch and crunchthrough some super veggie creations.


Behind the News (ABC ME)
2017x15: 23/05/2017


ABC Open: Makers and Creators (ABC ME) series premiere
1x01: Ocean Rubbish Turned Into Marine Animals
David Day has made over 40 pieces of art - turtles, stingrays, manta rays and fish - from ocean rubbish. Some pieces are purely made out of thongs, others made out of mixed marine debris


Managing Populations (ABC ME) series premiere
1x01: Managing Youthful Populations
This program covers all the issues and implications associated with managing a youthful and growing population. The Gambia, with one of the most youthful populations in the world, is used as a case study. The role of contraception and family planning is looked at in detail, as are the pressures on resources and the environment. The programme then looks at how governments and NGOs are working together to provide schools, housing and healthcare


Managing Populations (ABC ME)
1x02: Ageing Populations
This resource examines the issues surrounding an ageing population in the UK, using East Devon as a case study. It illustrates the causes, impacts and management of the UK's ageing population and changing dependency ration. It shows how governments, NGOs and individuals are meeting the challenges at a national and local level. It then explores the strain on healthcare, transport, housing, the pensions time bomb and the growing crisis of care.

Seven Morning News (Seven Network)
2017x92: Tuesday, May 23

Nine's Morning News (Nine Network)
2017x102: Tue May 23


ABC News at Noon (ABC)
2017x102: 23/05/2017


Parliament Question Time (ABC)
2017x24: Episode 24

The Daily Edition (Seven Network)
2017x83: Tuesday, May 23


Nine News Now (Nine Network)
2017x102: Tue May 23


My Market Kitchen (Network Ten)
2017x42: Episode 42


Seven News at 4 (Seven Network)
2017x93: Tuesday, May 23

Nine's Afternoon News (Nine Network)
2017x102: Tue May 23

Kids' WB (9Go!)
2017x102: Tue May 23

Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield (Network Ten)
7x27: Episode 27


BtN Newsbreak (ABC ME)
2017x213: 23/05/2017


ABC News: Early Edition (ABC)
2017x102: 23/05/2017

The Chase Australia (Seven Network)
5x50: Episode 50

Millionaire Hot Seat (Nine Network)
2017x87: Episode 87

TEN Eyewitness News First at Five (Network Ten)
2017x151: Tue May 23


The Drum (ABC)
2017x82: 23/05/2017


I'm Recyclable Get Me Out of Here (ABC ME)
1x03: Episode 3


Family Feud (Network Ten)
5x123: Tue May 23

The Chefs' Line (SBS)
1x37: Lebanese 2
Watch station chef Lily from Lebanese restaurant Nour go up against three passionate home cooks and chefs. Who will make it to the chefs' line?


Neighbours (Eleven)
33x97: Episode 7607

The Project (Network Ten)
2017x102: Tue May 23

SBS World News (SBS)
2017x143: Tuesday May 23rd


Home and Away (Seven Network)
30x85: Episode 6665
Jett encourages John to seek professional help. Will Hunter break the difficult truth to Zac? VJ struggles to come to terms with losing custody of Luc.

A Current Affair (Nine Network)
2017x102: Tue May 23


Demolition Man (A&E)
1x10: The Big Demo
Lawrie's ideal family outing is a road trip to an auction. So packing up the family and taking them to a Ballarat auction house, the Demo Man has his eyes on several items. But wife Sue only wants one.

MasterChef Australia (Network Ten)
9x18: Immunity Challenge
The three best performing contestants from the invention test compete for immunity. Each contestant has 90 minutes to create a dessert while the professional chefs will only have 75 minutes.

House Rules (Seven Network)
5x17: Episode 17
It's time for TAS paramedics Sean and Ella to hand over their keys. What will their five all-important House Rules be?

7.30 (ABC)
2017x96: 23/05/2017

The Voice (Nine Network)
6x13: Knockouts 3
The Knockout rounds continue. Blind girl Lara Nakhale steps up against 4 chair turn Annalise Walker and stuntman Russel Francis. Plus country powerhouse Lyn Bowtell takes on a Beatles classic in her knockout.

2017x97: Tuesday May 23rd


Ask the Doctor (ABC)
1x02: Diet
Like many Aussies Dr Shalin believes he is lactose intolerant. He wants to know if there any health risks to giving up dairy. While, Dr Sandro heads to the country to find out how our diet could be used to treat depression.

BtN Newsbreak (ABC ME)
2017x214: 23/05/2017


Wentworth (showcase)
5x08: Think Inside The Box
Franky's escape plan derails her relationship with Bridget, Sonia unleashes on Liz, and Will makes a shocking discovery.

War on Waste (ABC)
1x02: Episode 2
In this episode Craig dives underwater to discover the shocking amount of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans, which in turn becomes ingested by our marine life.

Outback Truckers (7mate)
5x02: Episode 2
Nick and Jo can't catch a break with break downs and melt downs in the remote Kimberely.

Meet the Hockers (9Go!)
1x03: Bible
See the quirky and curious items being bought, sold and traded every day in Australia's oldest and largest pawnshop. Meet the many and varied characters who 'hock', and see what goes down when they go head to head.

Insight (SBS)
2017x15: Episode 15


Seven Year Switch (Seven Network)
2x11: Episode 11
Our couples reflect on everything they've learned during their time together before they are finally reuniting with their partners. Letters from their partners produce mix results for the couples.


Love Child (Nine Network)
4x04: Episode 4
Viv and Martha fight for their rights at the International Women's Day march. When Joans baby falls ill, Matron is wracked with guilt over the possible baby swap. Debbie defies Matron by visiting her older, married lover.


Foreign Correspondent (ABC)
2017x11: Hunting The KGB Killers
For the first time, British investigators tell the inside story of the bizarre murder of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. In a tale that's stranger than fiction, a teapot is the murder weapon. (Part 1 of 2)

Dateline (SBS)
2017x15: The Most Divided Town in Britain
The Brexit vote has driven a wedge between migrants and British-born citizens. In a small town that voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU, one Brexit voter is trying to bring these communities together.


The Book Club (ABC)
11x06: Episode 6
Guests Ben Quilty and Jane Allen join Jennifer Byrne, Marieke Hardy and Jason Steger to discuss David Grann's exploration into the Osage county murders and much-loved children's classic 'Watership Down'.

Operation Thailand (Nine Network)
1x04: Episode 4
Follow the emotional journeys of a diverse group of people who travel to Thailand, combining cosmetic surgery with a luxury vacation. They come from different parts of Australia – all with their own needs, insecurities and dreams. It will be a trip that will change their lives forever.

SBS World News Late Edition (SBS)
2017x102: Tuesday May 23rd


The Last Resort (9Life)
1x05: Episode 5
The couples are forced to go back to basics when they are presented with their next island challenge. Each couple must spend 24 hours on a remote beach with no luxuries, relying on each other as they set up camp and brave the elements.


rage (ABC)
2017x93: 23/05/2017