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Australia - New Episodes
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The Drum (ABC)
2019x101: Episode 101


Neighbours (10 Peach)
35x127: Episode 8133


Home and Away (Seven Network)
32x101: Episode 7141


The Super Switch (Seven Network)
1x04: Episode 4
After a confronting group therapy session, Marcus snapped and left the City Mansion in a shock walkout. As the rest of the house is left reeling, Lachlan tries to convince him to return.

Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation (Nine Network)
6x08: Episode 8

MasterChef Australia (Network 10)
11x43: Team Challenge - Best Diners & Best Ingredients


Anh's Brush with Fame (ABC)
4x10: Georgie Parker
Anh invites TV's golden girl Georgie Parker to share her story. She opens up about life with scoliosis, her family's iconic furniture business and how a dear friend's death taught her more about life than she ever expected.


Shaun Micallef's MAD AS HELL (ABC) season premiere
10x01: Episode 1
Believing he's made Wilma disappear by magic, Fred is arrested and tried for witchcraft. Under torture, he confesses but Barney turns up moments before the burning and points out that Christianity doesn't yet exist.


Five Bedrooms (Network 10)
1x07: Episode 7
Following Heather's surprise party, the housemates try to put their differences aside for Mia's visit. What they didn't expect was the household to erupt with the most violent bout of food poisoning.


The Letdown (ABC)
2x05: Rat Park
When Barbara's drinking gets out of control, Audrey enlists the help of her back lane friend, Scott. Ester's despair about getting old is put into perspective when an intern starts at the office.

Rostered On (7mate)
2x02: Use The Lady's, Man