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Australia - New Episodes
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A Current Affair (Nine Network)
2018x167: Episode 167


Australian Survivor (Network Ten)
5x10: Episode 10
After losing at an endurance challenge for immunity, one team enters in what looks to be the fiercest Tribal Council yet.


Neighbours (Eleven)
34x162: Episode 7912


The Block (Nine Network)
14x11: Kids Undercover Challenge
Sara's is elated when her secret weapon arrives. Courtney and Hans cannot stay at the Block, so Scott sends all the couples for a night away in Bendigo.

Dance Boss (Seven Network)
1x06: Episode 6

7.30 (ABC)
2018x134: Episode 134


Foreign Correspondent (ABC)
2018x11: The Village
Veteran ABC correspondent Sean Dorney, who is suffering motor neurone disease, makes an emotional return to PNG tonight in Foreign Correspondent. Sean Dorney got thrown out of PNG for his reporting, yet he received one of its top honours. He skippered its footy team and fell for a local girl. Now suffering motor neurone disease, he makes an emotional final visit. For most Australians, Manus Island evokes a grim, now-shuttered detention centre, nothing more. But for veteran ABC correspondent Sean Dorney, it's paradise. It's where he married a chief's daughter, Pauline, after draining his bank account to pay bride price, and where the embrace of a vast extended family awaits… People have said to me that Pauline is like a princess in Manus, whereas you're just a commoner -– Dorney …And it's where Sean and his beloved Pauline are now returning, in what will probably be his last time in PNG, the country that's defined his life. The thing is I've now got motor neurone disease. I may have just two years left - Dorney As his boat touches shore, a burly tribesman lifts the frail Dorney and carries him to the sand. Tears flow in a tempest of drums and song. Even the smallest children are constantly dancing. I'm no longer up to the more vigorous moves – but even with a walking stick one can but try – Dorney at welcome ceremony Sean Dorney first reported on PNG before it won independence from Australia. He ended up a household name, thanks to his reporting of political crises, disasters and daily life struggles. Thanks too to his place in the national rugby league side. His team mates called him "Grasscutter" for his tackling style. It's a sport that unites a country where 860 languages are spoken… though Pauline needed lots of persuasion. I was thinking, do they call this sport? This is not sport. This is a bunch of dogs fighting over chicken bones – Pauline Nare, Sean's wife On this farewell journey to PNG, Dorney makes a special report for Foreign Correspondent. He finds nuggets of progress, like more girls getting educated. He unleashes his frustrations in trying to inform Australians about their nearest neighbour, about whom they seem to care little. Frankly I'm appalled at the lack of coverage in Australia – Dorney It's his journey as a sick man to his and Pauline's Manus clan that showcases PNG's great treasure… the pulsating villages where 80 per cent of its people live. They're poor but they enjoy what Sean calls "subsistence affluence". In Tulu, Sean is initiated as a clan chief, a first for an outsider. Then, before Sean is carried back into the boat, comes Tulu's healing ceremony, unforgettable in its passion and unimaginably removed from the high-tech Australian medicine to which he will return. Few correspondents have etched themselves more deeply into the life of a country they've covered than Sean Dorney.


True Story with Hamish & Andy (Nine Network)
2x03: Sarah
This week on True Story with Hamish & Andy the guest cast includes Lucy Honigman, John Leary, Ryan Shelton, Susie Youssef and Genevieve Morris. Sarah isn't afraid to tell it like it is. As a bubbly and very funny woman from Geraldton, Sarah's always willing to have a laugh, never taking herself or life too seriously. When Sarah was 18, she had just completed a year-long hospitality course, focusing on silver service and fine dining. At the completion of the course she was promised that she "could work for the Queen", a promise that she took to heart. But first she needed some experience and successfully applied for a trial position at the fanciest restaurant in the city. When she arrived, she was dazzled – it had a grand piano, amazing views, white linen, crystal glasses and expensive menus. But there is competition in the form of another trainee called Jeff. And only one of them would get the job. Sarah is nervous and intimidated by the snobby maître d', Jock, who became increasingly frustrated with her and her sloppy skills. But stranger still, as the days went on, Sarah started to notice strange things happening – she would return to tables and find the guests missing, or moved to another table. She was convinced that either Jeff was messing with her or Jock was sabotaging her chances. But when Sarah realises what is really going on, the shame and confusion is so great she can only walk out of the restaurant, never to return. Spoiler alert: she never did work for the Queen.


Catalyst (ABC)
19x02: Feeding Australia (Part 2)
In Part 2 of Feeding Australia, Chef Paul West, Dietitian Professor Clare Collins and Dr Noby Leong reveal the key breakthroughs in science and technology that will shape what we might be eating in the coming decades.

Wentworth (Showcase)
6x10: Fractured


800 Words (Seven Network)
3x10: Episode 10


Search for Second Earth (ABC)
1x02: The Engineers
The new space race has begun. After more than 50 years exploring nearby planets, it's time to venture beyond our solar system to explore alien worlds orbiting distant suns.

Dateline (SBS)
2018x25: From Pariah to Messiah