number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,19 Sep 62,"The Executioners",""
2,1,2,26 Sep 62,"Woman from White Wing",""
3,1,3,03 Oct 62,"Throw a Long Rope",""
4,1,4,10 Oct 62,"The Big Deal",""
5,1,5,17 Oct 62,"The Brazen Bell",""
6,1,6,24 Oct 62,"Big Day, Great Day",""
7,1,7,07 Nov 62,"Riff-Raff",""
8,1,8,14 Nov 62,"Impasse",""
9,1,9,21 Nov 62,"It Tolls for Thee",""
10,1,10,28 Nov 62,"West",""
11,1,11,05 Dec 62,"The Devil's Children",""
12,1,12,12 Dec 62,"Fifty Days to Moose Jaw",""
13,1,13,19 Dec 62,"The Accomplice",""
14,1,14,26 Dec 62,"Man from the Sea",""
15,1,15,02 Jan 63,"Duel at Shiloh",""
16,1,16,09 Jan 63,"The Exiles",""
17,1,17,16 Jan 63,"The Judgement",""
18,1,18,23 Jan 63,"Say Goodbye to All That",""
19,1,19,30 Jan 63,"The Man Who Couldn't Die",""
20,1,20,13 Feb 63,"If You Have Tears",""
21,1,21,20 Feb 63,"The Small Parade",""
22,1,22,27 Feb 63,"Vengeance is the Spur",""
23,1,23,06 Mar 63,"The Money Cage",""
24,1,24,13 Mar 63,"The Golden Door",""
25,1,25,20 Mar 63,"A Distant Fury",""
26,1,26,27 Mar 63,"Echo of Another Day",""
27,1,27,03 Apr 63,"Strangers at Sundown",""
28,1,28,17 Apr 63,"The Mountain of the Sun",""
29,1,29,24 Apr 63,"Run Away Home",""
30,1,30,01 May 63,"The Final Hour",""
31,2,1,18 Sep 63,"Ride a Dark Trail",""
32,2,2,25 Sep 63,"To Make This Place Remember",""
33,2,3,02 Oct 63,"No Tears for Savannah",""
34,2,4,09 Oct 63,"A Killer in Town",""
35,2,5,16 Oct 63,"The Evil That Men Do",""
36,2,6,23 Oct 63,"It Takes a Big Man",""
37,2,7,30 Oct 63,"Brother Thaddeus",""
38,2,8,06 Nov 63,"A Portrait of Marie Valonne",""
39,2,9,13 Nov 63,"Run Quiet",""
40,2,10,27 Nov 63,"Stopover in a Western Town",""
41,2,11,04 Dec 63,"The Fatal Journey",""
42,2,12,11 Dec 63,"A Time Remembered",""
43,2,13,18 Dec 63,"Siege",""
44,2,14,25 Dec 63,"Man of Violence",""
45,2,15,01 Jan 64,"The Invaders",""
46,2,16,08 Jan 64,"Roar from the Mountain",""
47,2,17,15 Jan 64,"The Fortunes of J. Jimerson Jones",""
48,2,18,22 Jan 64,"The Thirty Days of Gavin Heath",""
49,2,19,29 Jan 64,"The Drifter",""
50,2,20,12 Feb 64,"First to Thine Own Self",""
51,2,21,19 Feb 64,"A Matter of Destiny",""
52,2,22,26 Feb 64,"Smile of a Dragon",""
53,2,23,04 Mar 64,"The Intruders",""
54,2,24,11 Mar 64,"Another's Footsteps",""
55,2,25,25 Mar 64,"Rope of Lies",""
56,2,26,01 Apr 64,"The Secret of Brynmar Hall",""
57,2,27,08 Apr 64,"The Long Quest",""
58,2,28,15 Apr 64,"A Bride for Lars",""
59,2,29,29 Apr 64,"Dark Destiny",""
60,2,30,06 May 64,"A Man Called Kane",""
61,3,1,16 Sep 64,"Ryker",""
62,3,2,23 Sep 64,"Dark Challenge",""
63,3,3,30 Sep 64,"The Stallion",""
64,3,4,07 Oct 64,"The Hero",""
65,3,5,14 Oct 64,"Felicity's Spring",""
66,3,6,21 Oct 64,"The Brazos Kid",""
67,3,7,28 Oct 64,"Big Image . . . Little Man",""
68,3,8,04 Nov 64,"A Father for Toby",""
69,3,9,11 Nov 64,"The Girl from Yesterday",""
70,3,10,18 Nov 64,"Return a Stranger",""
71,3,11,25 Nov 64,"All Nice and Legal",""
72,3,12,02 Dec 64,"A Gallows for Sam Horn",""
73,3,13,09 Dec 64,"Portrait of a Widow",""
74,3,14,16 Dec 64,"The Payment",""
75,3,15,23 Dec 64,"Man of the People",""
76,3,16,30 Dec 64,"The Hour of the Tiger",""
77,3,17,06 Jan 65,"Two Men Named Laredo",""
78,3,18,13 Jan 65,"Hideout",""
79,3,19,27 Jan 65,"Six Graves at Cripple Creek",""
80,3,20,03 Feb 65,"Lost Yesterday",""
81,3,21,10 Feb 65,"A Slight Case of Charity",""
82,3,22,17 Feb 65,"You Take the High Road",""
83,3,23,24 Feb 65,"Shadows of the Past",""
84,3,24,03 Mar 65,"Legend for a Lawman",""
85,3,25,10 Mar 65,"Timberland",""
86,3,26,17 Mar 65,"Dangerous Road",""
87,3,27,24 Mar 65,"Farewell to Honesty",""
88,3,28,31 Mar 65,"Old Cowboy",""
89,3,29,14 Apr 65,"The Showdown",""
90,3,30,21 Apr 65,"We've Lost a Train",""
91,4,1,15 Sep 65,"The Brothers",""
92,4,2,22 Sep 65,"Day of the Scorpion",""
93,4,3,29 Sep 65,"A Little Learning",""
94,4,4,06 Oct 65,"The Claim",""
95,4,5,13 Oct 65,"The Awakening",""
96,4,6,27 Oct 65,"Ring of Silence",""
97,4,7,03 Nov 65,"Jennifer",""
98,4,8,10 Nov 65,"Nobility of Kings",""
99,4,9,17 Nov 65,"Show Me a Hero",""
100,4,10,24 Nov 65,"Beyond the Border",""
101,4,11,01 Dec 65,"The Dream of Stavros Karas",""
102,4,12,08 Dec 65,"The Laramie Road",""
103,4,13,15 Dec 65,"The Horse Fighter",""
104,4,14,22 Dec 65,"Letter of the Law",""
105,4,15,29 Dec 65,"Blaze of Glory",""
106,4,16,05 Jan 66,"Nobody Said Hello",""
107,4,17,12 Jan 66,"Men with Guns",""
108,4,18,19 Jan 66,"Long Ride to Wind River",""
109,4,19,26 Jan 66,"Chaff in the Wind",""
110,4,20,02 Feb 66,"The Inchworm's Got No Wings at All",""
111,4,21,09 Feb 66,"Morgan Starr",""
112,4,22,16 Feb 66,"Harvest of Strangers",""
113,4,23,23 Feb 66,"Ride a Cock-Horse to Laramie Cross",""
114,4,24,02 Mar 66,"One Spring Like Long Ago",""
115,4,25,09 Mar 66,"The Return of Golden Tom",""
116,4,26,23 Mar 66,"The Wolves Up Front, the Jackals Behind",""
117,4,27,30 Mar 66,"That Saunders Woman",""
118,4,28,06 Apr 66,"No Drums, No Trumpets",""
119,4,29,13 Apr 66,"A Bald-Faced Boy",""
120,4,30,20 Apr 66,"The Mark of a Man",""
121,5,1,14 Sep 66,"Legacy of Hate",""
122,5,2,21 Sep 66,"Ride to Delphi",""
123,5,3,28 Sep 66,"The Captive",""
124,5,4,05 Oct 66,"An Echo of Thunder",""
125,5,5,12 Oct 66,"Jacob Was a Plain Man",""
126,5,6,19 Oct 66,"The Challenge",""
127,5,7,26 Oct 66,"Outcast",""
128,5,8,02 Nov 66,"Trail to Ashley Mountain",""
129,5,9,09 Nov 66,"Deadeye Dick",""
130,5,10,16 Nov 66,"High Stakes",""
131,5,11,23 Nov 66,"Beloved Outlaw",""
132,5,12,30 Nov 66,"Linda",""
133,5,13,14 Dec 66,"The Long Way Home",""
134,5,14,28 Dec 66,"The Girl on the Glass Mountain",""
135,5,15,04 Jan 67,"Vengeance Trail",""
136,5,16,11 Jan 67,"Sue Ann",""
137,5,17,18 Jan 67,"Yesterday's Timepiece",""
138,5,18,25 Jan 67,"Requiem for a Country Doctor",""
139,5,19,01 Feb 67,"The Modoc Kid",""
140,5,20,08 Feb 67,"The Gauntlet",""
141,5,21,15 Feb 67,"Without Mercy",""
142,5,22,22 Feb 67,"Melanie",""
143,5,23,01 Mar 67,"Doctor Pat",""
144,5,24,08 Mar 67,"Nightmare at Fort Killman",""
145,5,25,15 Mar 67,"Bitter Harvest",""
146,5,26,22 Mar 67,"A Welcoming Town",""
147,5,27,29 Mar 67,"The Girl on the Pinto",""
148,5,28,05 Apr 67,"Lady of the House",""
149,5,29,12 Apr 67,"The Strange Quest of Claire Bingham",""
150,6,1,13 Sep 67,"Reckoning",""
151,6,2,20 Sep 67,"The Deadly Past",""
152,6,3,27 Sep 67,"The Lady from Witchita",""
153,6,4,04 Oct 67,"Star Crossed",""
154,6,5,11 Oct 67,"Johnny Moon",""
155,6,6,18 Oct 67,"The Masquerade",""
156,6,7,25 Oct 67,"Ah Sing vs. Wyoming",""
157,6,8,01 Nov 67,"Bitter Autumn",""
158,6,9,08 Nov 67,"A Bad Place to Die",""
159,6,10,22 Nov 67,"Paid in Full",""
160,6,11,29 Nov 67,"To Bear Witness",""
161,6,12,06 Dec 67,"The Barren Ground",""
162,6,13,13 Dec 67,"Execution at Triste",""
163,6,14,20 Dec 67,"A Small Taste of Justice",""
164,6,15,27 Dec 67,"The Fortress",""
165,6,16,03 Jan 68,"The Death Wagon",""
166,6,17,10 Jan 68,"Jed",""
167,6,18,17 Jan 68,"With Help from Ulysses",""
168,6,19,24 Jan 68,"The Gentle Tamers",""
169,6,20,07 Feb 68,"The Good-Hearted Badman",""
170,6,21,14 Feb 68,"The Hell Wind",""
171,6,22,21 Feb 68,"The Crooked Path",""
172,6,23,28 Feb 68,"Stacey",""
173,6,24,06 Mar 68,"The Handy Man",""
174,6,25,13 Mar 68,"The Decision",""
175,6,26,20 Mar 68,"Seth",""
176,7,1,18 Sep 68,"The Saddle Warmer",""
177,7,2,25 Sep 68,"Silver Image",""
178,7,3,02 Oct 68,"The Orchard",""
179,7,4,09 Oct 68,"A Vision of Blindness",""
180,7,5,16 Oct 68,"The Wind of Outrage",""
181,7,6,23 Oct 68,"Image of an Outlaw",""
182,7,7,30 Oct 68,"The Heritage",""
183,7,8,06 Nov 68,"Ride to Misadventure",""
184,7,9,13 Nov 68,"The Storm Gate",""
185,7,10,27 Nov 68,"Dark Corridor",""
186,7,11,04 Dec 68,"The Mustangers",""
187,7,12,11 Dec 68,"Nora",""
188,7,13,18 Dec 68,"Big Tiny",""
189,7,14,08 Jan 69,"Stopover",""
190,7,15,15 Jan 69,"Death Wait",""
191,7,16,22 Jan 69,"Last Grave at Socorro Creek",""
192,7,17,29 Jan 69,"Crime Wave at Buffalo Springs",""
193,7,18,12 Feb 69,"The Price of Love",""
194,7,19,19 Feb 69,"The Ordeal",""
195,7,20,26 Feb 69,"The Land Dreamer",""
196,7,21,05 Mar 69,"Eileen",""
197,7,22,12 Mar 69,"Incident at Diablo Crossing",""
198,7,23,19 Mar 69,"Storm Over Shiloh",""
199,7,24,26 Mar 69,"The Girl in the Shadows",""
200,7,25,02 Apr 69,"Fox, Hound, and the Widow McCloud",""
201,7,26,09 Apr 69,"The Stranger",""
202,8,1,17 Sep 69,"Long Ride Home",""
203,8,2,24 Sep 69,"A Flash of Darkness",""
204,8,3,01 Oct 69,"Halfway Back from Hell",""
205,8,4,08 Oct 69,"The Power Seekers",""
206,8,5,15 Oct 69,"The Family Man",""
207,8,6,22 Oct 69,"The Runaway",""
208,8,7,29 Oct 69,"A Love to Remember",""
209,8,8,05 Nov 69,"The Substitute",""
210,8,9,19 Nov 69,"The Bugler",""
211,8,10,26 Nov 69,"Home to Methuselah",""
212,8,11,03 Dec 69,"A Touch of Hands",""
213,8,12,10 Dec 69,"Journey to Scathelock",""
214,8,13,17 Dec 69,"A Woman of Stone",""
215,8,14,31 Dec 69,"Black Jade",""
216,8,15,07 Jan 70,"You Can Lead a Horse to Water",""
217,8,16,21 Jan 70,"Nightmare",""
218,8,17,28 Jan 70,"Holocaust",""
219,8,18,04 Feb 70,"Train of Darkness",""
220,8,19,11 Feb 70,"A Time of Terror",""
221,8,20,18 Feb 70,"No War for the Warrior",""
222,8,21,25 Feb 70,"A King's Ransom",""
223,8,22,04 Mar 70,"The Sins of the Fathers",""
224,8,23,11 Mar 70,"Rich Man, Poor Man",""
225,8,24,18 Mar 70,"The Gift",""
226,9,1,16 Sep 70,"The West vs. Colonel MacKenzie",""
227,9,2,23 Sep 70,"The Best Man",""
228,9,3,30 Sep 70,"Jenny",""
229,9,4,07 Oct 70,"With Love, Bullets, and Valentines",""
230,9,5,14 Oct 70,"The Mysterious Mr. Tate",""
231,9,6,21 Oct 70,"Gun Quest",""
232,9,7,28 Oct 70,"Crooked Corner",""
233,9,8,04 Nov 70,"Lady at the Bar",""
234,9,9,11 Nov 70,"The Price of the Hanging",""
235,9,10,18 Nov 70,"Experiment at New Life",""
236,9,11,02 Dec 70,"Follow the Leader",""
237,9,12,09 Dec 70,"Last of the Comancheros",""
238,9,13,30 Dec 70,"Hannah",""
239,9,14,06 Jan 71,"Nan Allen",""
240,9,15,13 Jan 71,"The Politician",""
241,9,16,20 Jan 71,"The Animal",""
242,9,17,27 Jan 71,"The Legacy of Spencer Flats",""
243,9,18,10 Feb 71,"The Angus Killer",""
244,9,19,17 Feb 71,"Flight from Memory",""
245,9,20,24 Feb 71,"Tate, Ramrod",""
246,9,21,03 Mar 71,"The Regimental Line",""
247,9,22,10 Mar 71,"The Town Killer",""
248,9,23,17 Mar 71,"Wolf Track",""
249,9,24,24 Mar 71,"Jump-Up",""