number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,03 Jan 10,"Into the Fire",""
2,1,2,10 Jan 10,"Looking Good",""
3,1,3,17 Jan 10,"Feelin' the Flavor",""
4,1,4,24 Jan 10,"Multitasking",""
5,1,5,31 Jan 10,"Are You Ready",""
6,1,6,01 Feb 10,"Final Test",""
7,2,1,02 Jan 11,"Worst Food Forward",""
8,2,2,09 Jan 11,"Farmageddon",""
9,2,3,16 Jan 11,"Frozen to Fabulous",""
10,2,4,23 Jan 11,"Grill Skills",""
11,2,5,30 Jan 11,"Game-Day Party",""
12,2,6,06 Feb 11,"Facing Food Fears",""
13,2,7,13 Feb 11,"Sweet Surprise",""
14,2,8,20 Feb 11,"Worst to First",""
15,3,1,12 Feb 12,"Baseline Challenege",""
16,3,2,19 Feb 12,"Going Global",""
17,3,3,26 Feb 12,"Flavor Combos",""
18,3,4,04 Mar 12,"Late Night/Date Night",""
19,3,5,11 Mar 12,"Luck of the Irish",""
20,3,6,18 Mar 12,"Something Fishy",""
21,3,7,25 Mar 12,"Kicked Off By Kinfolk",""
22,3,8,01 Apr 12,"Worst to First: The Final Battle",""
23,4,1,17 Feb 13,"The Worst of the Worst",""
24,4,2,24 Feb 13,"Straight Edge Skills",""
25,4,3,03 Mar 13,"Fire and Ice",""
26,4,4,10 Mar 13,"Do It Yourself Cooking",""
27,4,5,17 Mar 13,"Face Your Fears Of Feeding Others",""
28,4,6,24 Mar 13,"Revisit Your Past Before The Last",""
29,4,7,31 Mar 13,"So Close I Can Almost Taste It",""
30,5,1,17 Feb 14,"Worse Than Ever",""
31,5,2,24 Feb 14,"Scratching the Surface",""
32,5,3,03 Mar 14,"Glazed and Confused",""
33,5,4,10 Mar 14,"Surprise!",""
34,5,5,17 Mar 14,"Two-a-Day",""
35,5,6,24 Mar 14,"Eat, Pray, Love",""
36,5,7,31 Mar 14,"Timer's Up",""
37,6,1,04 Jan 15,"It Just Keeps Getting Worse",""
38,6,2,11 Jan 15,"Prepping for Success",""
39,6,3,18 Jan 15,"Spice Up Your Life",""
40,6,4,25 Jan 15,"Scared Straight Into the Kitchen",""
41,6,5,01 Feb 15,"Feeding Frenzy",""
42,6,6,08 Feb 15,"Blast From the Past",""
43,6,7,15 Feb 15,"Final Food Fight",""
44,7,1,23 Sep 15,"Celebrity Pot-un-lucky",""
45,7,2,30 Sep 15,"Takeout or Get Out",""
46,7,3,07 Oct 15,"Celebrity Showdown",""
47,7,4,14 Oct 15,"Riddle Me This",""
48,7,5,21 Oct 15,"Tapas Can't Stop Us",""
49,7,6,28 Oct 15,"Final Food Fight",""
50,8,1,03 Jan 16,"Fear the Worst",""
51,8,2,10 Jan 16,"Getting Stuffed",""
52,8,3,17 Jan 16,"50 Shades of Flavor",""
53,8,4,24 Jan 16,"Taking It to the Streets",""
54,8,5,31 Jan 16,"The Cod Squad",""
55,8,6,07 Feb 16,"Blast From the Past",""
56,8,7,14 Feb 16,"Final Food Fight 8",""
57,9,1,14 Sep 16,"Celebrity: Celebrity Dish-asters",""
58,9,2,21 Sep 16,"Celebrity: Hawaiian Pig And Poke",""
59,9,3,28 Sep 16,"Celebrity: Oktoberfest Feast",""
60,9,4,05 Oct 16,"Celebrity: BOOOOT Camp!",""
61,9,5,12 Oct 16,"Celebrity: Celebrity Cheat Meals",""
62,9,6,19 Oct 16,"Celebrity: Hollywood Goes Bollywood",""
63,9,7,26 Oct 16,"Celebrity: Live and Let Dough",""
64,9,8,02 Nov 16,"Celebrity: The Final Showdown",""
65,10,1,01 Jan 17,"A Decade of Dish-asters",""
66,10,2,08 Jan 17,"Frozen Freak Out",""
67,10,3,15 Jan 17,"All Aboard!",""
68,10,4,22 Jan 17,"Fish Freak Out",""
69,10,5,29 Jan 17,"All Fun and Game Day",""
70,10,6,05 Feb 17,"The Proof Is in the Pudding",""
71,10,7,12 Feb 17,"Facing Your Fears",""
72,10,8,19 Feb 17,"Mardi Gras Mad",""
73,10,9,26 Feb 17,"The Reason You're Here",""
74,10,10,05 Mar 17,"A Fine Finale",""
75,11,1,23 Aug 17,"Celebrity: Social Media Food Failures",""
76,11,2,30 Aug 17,"Celebrity: Shabby to Chic",""
77,11,3,06 Sep 17,"Celebrity: Starting From Scratch",""
78,11,4,13 Sep 17,"Celebrity: Around the World in a Day",""
79,11,5,20 Sep 17,"Celebrity: This Meat Is Offal!",""
80,11,6,27 Sep 17,"Celebrity: Get Baked",""
81,11,7,04 Oct 17,"Celebrity: Tin Foil Chefs",""
82,11,8,11 Oct 17,"Celebrity: Finale the End!",""
83,12,1,07 Jan 18,"Can It Really Be This Bad?",""
84,12,2,14 Jan 18,"Fish are Food, Not Friends",""
85,12,3,21 Jan 18,"Show Me the Vegetables!",""
86,12,4,28 Jan 18,"Game Day!",""
87,12,5,04 Feb 18,"Leftovers Again?",""
88,12,6,11 Feb 18,"Sweets for My Sweetie",""
89,12,7,18 Feb 18,"Sausage Party",""
90,12,8,25 Feb 18,"Can You Pleas Pas-Ta Sauce?",""
91,12,9,04 Mar 18,"Flair Flair Everywhere",""
92,12,10,11 Mar 18,"The Final Countdown",""
93,13,1,15 Apr 18,"Hit Me With Your Best Dish",""
94,13,2,22 Apr 18,"Rolling in the Deep",""
95,13,3,29 Apr 18,"Mother Dough",""
96,13,4,06 May 18,"Celebrity: Nutritious And Delicious",""
97,13,5,13 May 18,"Celebrity: A La Cuisine!",""
98,13,6,20 May 18,"Celebrity: It's All For The Fans",""
99,14,1,12 Aug 18,"By Land and Sea",""
100,14,2,19 Aug 18,"Hibachi Heroes",""
101,14,3,26 Aug 18,"Winner Winner Chicken Dinner",""
102,14,4,02 Sep 18,"The Ick Factor",""
103,14,5,09 Sep 18,"Piece of Cake",""
104,14,6,16 Sep 18,"Duck, Duck...",""
105,14,7,23 Sep 18,"Finally the Finale",""
S09,9,0,09 Nov 16,"Best of the Worst",""
S09,9,0,16 Nov 16,"Holiday House Call",""