number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,17 Mar 10,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,24 Mar 10,"An American Werewolf in America",""
3,1,3,31 Mar 10,"Demon Baby",""
4,1,4,07 Apr 10,"Blob Gets a Job",""
5,1,5,14 Apr 10,"Treegasm",""
6,1,6,21 Apr 10,"So, You Want to Be a Vampire?",""
7,1,7,28 Apr 10,"Kong of Queens",""
8,1,8,06 Oct 10,"Better Off Undead",""
9,1,9,13 Oct 10,"Kill...Mark, Kill",""
10,1,10,20 Oct 10,"Sympathy for the Devil",""
11,1,11,27 Oct 10,"Hell for the Holidays",""
12,1,12,03 Nov 10,"Trolling for Terror",""
13,1,13,10 Nov 10,"Soulsucker",""
14,1,14,17 Nov 10,"The Manbirds",""
15,2,1,30 Jun 11,"Wet Hot Demonic Summer",""
16,2,2,07 Jul 11,"Callie and Her Sister",""
17,2,3,14 Jul 11,"Ride Me to Hell",""
18,2,4,21 Jul 11,"G. I. Twayne",""
19,2,5,28 Jul 11,"The Ring of Powers",""
20,2,6,04 Aug 11,"Attack of Mark's Clone",""
21,2,7,11 Aug 11,"Wail Street",""
22,2,8,18 Aug 11,"Little Ship of Horrors",""
23,2,9,25 Aug 11,"Lilly and the Beast",""
24,2,10,01 Sep 11,"Mummy Dearest",""
25,2,11,14 Mar 12,"Journey to the Center of Twayne",""
26,2,12,21 Mar 12,"Any Given Workday",""
27,2,13,28 Mar 12,"The Roast of Twayne the Boneraper",""
28,2,14,04 Apr 12,"Mark Loves Dick",""
29,2,15,11 Apr 12,"The Stalking Dead",""
30,2,16,18 Apr 12,"The Dork Knight",""
31,2,17,25 Apr 12,"Fools for Love",""