number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,01 Jan 13,"Beg, Borough, or Steal",""
2,1,2,01 Jan 13,"Lady Luck Comes to Harlem",""
3,1,3,08 Jan 13,"Straight Outta Connecticut",""
4,1,4,08 Jan 13,"The Shore Thing",""
5,1,5,15 Jan 13,"Long Island City of Dreams",""
6,1,6,15 Jan 13,"I've Got a Bridge to Sell You in Brooklyn",""
7,2,1,09 Jul 13,"The Walking Bid",""
8,2,2,09 Jul 13,"A Turtle Grows in Harlem",""
9,2,3,16 Jul 13,"An Embarrassment of Richards",""
10,2,4,16 Jul 13,"Hi-Text...Hi-Jinx",""
11,2,5,23 Jul 13,"Da Bronx Tale",""
12,2,6,23 Jul 13,"Pig in a Puck",""
13,2,7,30 Jul 13,"Legends of the Fog",""
14,2,8,30 Jul 13,"As the World Bids",""
15,2,9,06 Aug 13,"The Forgotten Borough",""
16,2,10,06 Aug 13,"Snakes in a Locker",""
17,2,11,13 Aug 13,"School of Lock",""
18,2,12,13 Aug 13,"Breaking Bank",""
19,2,13,20 Aug 13,"A Few Good Bids",""
20,2,14,20 Aug 13,"Bidding in the Rain",""
21,3,1,01 Nov 13,"East River Gold",""
22,3,2,01 Nov 13,"Bid with a Bang",""
23,3,3,08 Nov 13,"Auction Haunters",""
24,3,4,08 Nov 13,"Bid Master Funk",""
25,3,5,08 Nov 13,"It Takes a Queen's Village",""
26,3,6,08 Nov 13,"Drags to Riches",""