number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,12 Oct 12,"Stan of the House (50 min)",""
2,1,2,04 Nov 12,"The Fast and the Furriest",""
3,1,3,11 Nov 12,"Dog with a Hog",""
4,1,4,18 Nov 12,"Wingstan",""
5,1,5,25 Nov 12,"World of Woofcraft",""
6,1,6,02 Dec 12,"Bark! the Herald Angels Sing",""
7,1,7,13 Jan 13,"The Parrot Trap",""
8,1,8,27 Jan 13,"The Bone Identity",""
9,1,9,17 Feb 13,"Stan Stops Talking",""
10,1,10,24 Feb 13,"Dog Loses Girl",""
11,1,11,24 Mar 13,"Stan-ing Guard",""
12,1,12,07 Apr 13,"Freaky Fido",""
13,1,13,28 Apr 13,"Guess Who's a Cheerleader",""
14,1,14,05 May 13,"Crimes of the Art",""
15,1,15,12 May 13,"Avery's First Crush",""
16,1,16,09 Jun 13,"The Truck Stops Here",""
17,1,17,23 Jun 13,"Avery's First Breakup",""
18,1,18,14 Jul 13,"A New Baby?",""
19,1,19,21 Jul 13,"Stan Talks to Gran",""
20,1,20,28 Jul 13,"Avery's Wild Party",""
21,1,21,11 Aug 13,"My Parents Posted What?!",""
22,1,22,25 Aug 13,"Stan's Old Owner",""
23,2,1,20 Sep 13,"Too Short",""
24,2,2,27 Sep 13,"Good Girl Gone Bad",""
25,2,3,04 Oct 13,"Howloween",""
26,2,4,11 Oct 13,"Stan Makes His Mark",""
27,2,5,01 Nov 13,"Tyler Gets a Grillfriend",""
28,2,6,22 Nov 13,"Don't Karl Us, We'll Karl You",""
29,2,7,06 Dec 13,"Twas the Fight Before Christmas",""
30,2,8,10 Jan 14,"Lost in Stanslation",""
31,2,9,24 Jan 14,"Avery B. Jealous",""
32,2,10,21 Feb 14,"Love Ty-Angle",""
33,2,11,28 Feb 14,"Stan Runs Away",""
34,2,12,07 Mar 14,"I Want My Nikki Back, Nikki Back, Nikki Back",""
35,2,13,21 Mar 14,"Avery-body Dance Now",""
36,2,14,04 Apr 14,"The Green-Eyed Monster",""
37,2,15,11 Apr 14,"Who's Training Who?",""
38,2,16,16 May 14,"Love, Loss and a Beanbag Toss",""
39,2,17,13 Jun 14,"How I Met Your Brother and Sister",""
40,2,18,20 Jun 14,"Will Sing for Food Truck",""
41,2,19,18 Jul 14,"Stuck in the Mini with You",""
42,2,20,25 Jul 14,"Pod People from Pasadena",""
43,2,21,01 Aug 14,"The Mutt and the Mogul",""
44,2,22,15 Aug 14,"Stan Gets Schooled",""
45,2,23,22 Aug 14,"Karl Finds Out Stan's Secret",""
46,2,24,12 Sep 14,"The Kids Find Out Stan Blogs",""
47,3,1,26 Sep 14,"Guess Who Gets Expelled?",""
48,3,2,02 Oct 14,"Howloween 2: The Final Reckoning",""
49,3,3,17 Oct 14,"Avery Schools Tyler",""
50,3,4,21 Nov 14,"Stan Falls in Love",""
51,3,5,28 Nov 14,"Avery vs. Teacher",""
52,3,6,05 Dec 14,"Stan Steals Christmas",""
53,3,7,09 Jan 15,"Avery Makes Over Max",""
54,3,8,16 Jan 15,"Avery Dreams of Kissing Karl",""
55,3,9,06 Feb 15,"Dog on a Catwalk",""
56,3,10,20 Feb 15,"Guess Who's a Cheater?",""
57,3,11,06 Mar 15,"Stan's New BFF",""
58,3,12,26 Mar 15,"Stan Sleep Talks",""
59,3,13,17 Apr 15,"Stan Gets Married",""
60,3,14,24 Apr 15,"Guess Who Becomes President",""
61,3,15,08 May 15,"Stan Has Puppies (1)",""
62,3,16,08 May 15,"Stan Has Puppies (2)",""
63,3,17,12 Jun 15,"You're Not My Sister Anymore",""
64,3,18,19 Jun 15,"The Puppies Talk",""
65,3,19,17 Jul 15,"Guess Who's Dating Karl",""
66,3,20,24 Jul 15,"Murder of the Ornamental Dress",""
67,3,21,07 Aug 15,"Stan Rescues His Princess",""
68,3,22,21 Aug 15,"Cat with a Blog",""
69,3,23,18 Sep 15,"Avery Starts Driving",""
70,3,24,25 Sep 15,"Stan's Secret is Out (28 min)",""