number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,07 Nov 08,"Needle in a Haystack",""
2,1,2,14 Nov 08,"Nothing's Ideal",""
3,1,3,21 Nov 08,"International Incidents R Us",""
4,1,4,28 Nov 08,"We Are Hooligans",""
5,1,5,05 Dec 08,"Doors Slamming and Things Breaking",""
6,1,6,12 Dec 08,"Ladies First",""
7,1,7,19 Dec 08,"Boiling Point",""
8,2,1,05 Jun 09,"The Sound of Ice",""
9,2,2,12 Jun 09,"The Flexibility of Steel",""
10,2,3,19 Jun 09,"As Bad As Our Bark",""
11,2,4,26 Jun 09,"Yum Yum, Eat Crow",""
12,2,5,10 Jul 09,"The Unintimidatables",""
13,2,6,17 Jul 09,"With a Hook",""
14,2,7,24 Jul 09,"The Desire to Fling Things",""
15,2,8,31 Jul 09,"Bait and Switch",""
16,2,9,07 Aug 09,"Crazy Ivan",""
17,2,10,14 Aug 09,"The Stuff of Nightmares",""
18,2,11,21 Aug 09,"Overlooking a Forlorn Shore",""
19,3,1,04 Jun 10,"Surrounded by Spies",""
20,3,2,11 Jun 10,"Crossing Danger",""
21,3,3,18 Jun 10,"From Hell's Heart",""
22,3,4,25 Jun 10,"Stealth Attack",""
23,3,5,09 Jul 10,"The Thrill of the Chase",""
24,3,6,16 Jul 10,"Sliced in Two",""
25,3,7,23 Jul 10,"Revenge is Mine",""
26,3,8,30 Jul 10,"Ready to Snap",""
27,3,9,06 Aug 10,"A Bloody Trail",""
28,3,10,13 Aug 10,"Zero Hour",""
29,3,11,20 Aug 10,"Fire in the Sky",""
30,3,12,27 Aug 10,"Vendetta",""
31,3,13,27 Aug 10,"To the Ends of the Earth",""
32,3,14,03 Sep 10,"From Pirate to Prisoner",""
33,4,1,03 Jun 11,"Battle Cry",""
34,4,2,10 Jun 11,"No Escape",""
35,4,3,17 Jun 11,"Ghosts in the Machine",""
36,4,4,24 Jun 11,"The Devil's Icebox",""
37,4,5,08 Jul 11,"Tracking the Enemy",""
38,4,6,15 Jul 11,"Race to Save Lives",""
39,4,7,22 Jul 11,"Enemy in Their Grasps",""
40,4,8,29 Jul 11,"Battle Stations",""
41,4,9,05 Aug 11,"The Giant Enemy",""
42,4,10,12 Aug 11,"Delivering the Final Blow",""
43,5,1,01 Jun 12,"Setting the Trap",""
44,5,2,08 Jun 12,"Games of Chance",""
45,5,3,15 Jun 12,"Dead in the Water",""
46,5,4,22 Jun 12,"Into the Belly of the Beast",""
47,5,5,29 Jun 12,"Crossing the Line",""
48,5,6,06 Jul 12,"Never Say Die",""
49,5,7,13 Jul 12,"Counterstrike",""
50,5,8,20 Jul 12,"Target Acquired",""
51,6,1,13 Dec 13,"A Commander Rises",""
52,7,1,02 Jan 15,"The Devil's Den",""
53,7,2,02 Jan 15,"Fight to the Death",""
54,7,3,02 Jan 15,"The Darkest Hour",""