number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,29 Apr 99,"Newhaven: The Timber Frame Kit House",""
2,1,2,06 May 99,"Berkshire: English Barn",""
3,1,3,13 May 99,"Brighton: The Co-Operative Build",""
4,1,4,20 May 99,"Amersham: The Water Tower",""
5,1,5,03 Jun 99,"Suffolk: The Eco-House",""
6,1,6,10 Jun 99,"Cornwall: The Chapel",""
7,1,7,17 Jun 99,"Islington: The House of Straw",""
8,1,8,24 Jun 99,"Doncaster: The Glass House",""
9,2,1,17 Jul 01,"Farnham: The Regency Villa",""
10,2,2,24 Jul 01,"Sussex: The New England Gable House",""
11,2,3,31 Jul 01,"Netherton: The Wool Mill",""
12,2,4,07 Aug 01,"Brecon Beacons: The Isolated Cottage",""
13,2,5,14 Aug 01,"Lambourn Valley: The Cruciform House",""
14,2,6,21 Aug 01,"Birmingham: The Self-Build",""
15,2,7,28 Aug 01,"London: The Jewel Box",""
16,2,8,04 Sep 01,"Devon: The Derelict Barns",""
17,2,9,08 Nov 01,"Revisited - Doncaster: The Glass-House (Revisited from S1 Ep8)",""
18,2,10,15 Nov 01,"Revisited - Suffolk: The Eco-House (Revisited from S1 Ep5)",""
19,2,11,22 Nov 01,"Revisited - Islington: The House of Straw (Revisited from S1 Ep7)",""
20,2,12,29 Nov 01,"Revisited - Birmingham: The Self-Build (Revisited from S2 Ep6)",""
21,2,13,06 Dec 01,"Revisited - Brighton: The Co-Op (Revisited from S1 Ep3)",""
22,2,14,10 Sep 02,"Revisited - Brecon Beacons, Wales: The Isolated Cottage (Revisited from S2 Ep4)",""
23,2,15,17 Sep 02,"Revisited - London: The Dilapidated Georgian House (Revisited from Grand Designs Indoors - 15 March 2001)",""
24,2,16,24 Sep 02,"Revisited - Coleshill, Amersham: The Water Tower (Revisited from S1 Ep4)",""
25,2,17,01 Oct 02,"Revisited - Devon: The Derelict Barns (Revisited from S2 Ep8)",""
26,3,1,12 Feb 03,"Peterborough: The Wooden Box",""
27,3,2,19 Feb 03,"Chesterfield: The Water-Works",""
28,3,3,26 Feb 03,"Sussex: The Woodsmans Cottage",""
29,3,4,05 Mar 03,"Surrey: The Victorian Threshing Barn",""
30,3,5,12 Mar 03,"Buckinghamshire: The Inverted-Roof House",""
31,3,6,17 Sep 03,"Hackney: The Terrace Conversion",""
32,3,7,24 Sep 03,"Cumbria: The Underground House",""
33,3,8,01 Oct 03,"Herefordshire: The Traditional Cottage",""
34,3,9,08 Oct 03,"Revisited - Lambourn Valley: The Cruciform House (Revisited from S2 Ep5)",""
35,3,10,15 Oct 03,"2nd Revisit - Islington: The House of Straw (Revisited from S1 Ep7 & S2 Ep11)",""
36,3,11,22 Oct 03,"Revisited - Sunderland: The Former Electricity Sub-Station (Revisited from Grand Designs Indoors - 1 March 2001)",""
37,3,12,29 Oct 03,"Revisited - Berkshire: The English Barn (Revisited from S1 Ep2)",""
38,4,1,21 Jan 04,"Lambeth: The Violin Factory",""
39,4,2,28 Jan 04,"Walton on Thames: Customised German Kit House",""
40,4,3,04 Feb 04,"Revisited - Buckinghamshire: The Inverted-Roof House (Revisited from S3 Ep5)",""
41,4,4,11 Feb 04,"Leith: 19th Century Sandstone House",""
42,4,5,18 Feb 04,"Clapham: The Curved House",""
43,4,6,25 Feb 04,"Sussex: The Modernist Sugar Cube",""
44,4,7,03 Mar 04,"Argyll: The Oak-Framed House",""
45,4,8,10 Mar 04,"Dorset: An Idiosyncratic Home",""
46,5,1,06 Apr 05,"Revisited - Edinburgh:19th Century Sandstone House (Revisited from S4 Ep4)",""
47,5,2,13 Apr 05,"Peckham: The sliding glass roof house",""
48,5,3,20 Apr 05,"Gloucester: The 16th Century Farmhouse",""
49,5,4,27 Apr 05,"Kent: Finnish Log Cabin",""
50,5,5,04 May 05,"Revisited - Hackney: The Terrace Conversion (Revisited from S3 Ep6)",""
51,5,6,13 Oct 05,"Revisited - Lambeth: The Violin Factory (Revisited from S4 Ep1)",""
52,5,7,19 Oct 05,"Shaldon: Shaped Like a Curvy Seashell",""
53,5,8,26 Oct 05,"Revisited - Sussex: The Woodsmans Cottage (Revisited from S3 Ep3)",""
54,5,9,02 Nov 05,"Belfast: A 21st Century Answer to the Roman Villa",""
55,5,10,09 Nov 05,"Devon: The Miami-Style Beach House",""
56,5,11,16 Nov 05,"Carmarthen: The Eco-House",""
57,6,1,05 Apr 06,"Killearn: The Loch House",""
58,6,2,12 Apr 06,"Ross-on-Wye: The Contemporary Barn Conversion",""
59,6,3,19 Apr 06,"Stirling: The Contemporary Cedar Clad Home",""
60,6,4,26 Apr 06,"Ashford: Water Tower Conversion",""
61,6,5,03 May 06,"Revisited - Creuse, France: 19th Century Manor House (Revisited from Grand Designs Abroad - 29 September 2004)",""
62,6,6,10 May 06,"Revisited - Les Gets, France: 300 Year Old Chalet (Revisited from Grand Designs Abroad - 20 October 2004)",""
63,6,7,17 May 06,"Exeter: Garden House aka "Mies van der Rohe Inspired House",""
64,6,8,23 May 06,"Revisited - Clapham: The Curved House (Revisited from S4 Ep5)",""
65,7,1,28 Feb 07,"Skipton: The 14th Century Castle (90 minutes)",""
66,7,2,07 Mar 07,"Hampshire: The Thatched Cottage",""
67,7,3,14 Mar 07,"Medway: The Eco-Barge",""
68,7,4,21 Mar 07,"Bournemouth: The Bournemouth Penthouse",""
69,7,5,28 Mar 07,"Revisited - Carmarthen: The Eco-House (Revisited from S5 Ep11)",""
70,7,6,04 Apr 07,"Tipton: The Birmingham Church",""
71,7,7,11 Apr 07,"Guildford: The Art Deco House",""
72,7,8,18 Apr 07,"Revisited - Peckham: The Sliding Glass Roof House (Revisited from S5 Ep2)",""
73,7,9,25 Apr 07,"Revisited - Argyll: The Oak-Framed House (Revisited from S4 Ep7)",""
74,7,10,02 May 07,"Cambridgeshire: The Cambridgeshire Eco Home",""
75,7,11,09 May 07,"Revisited - Tuscany: The Tuscan Castle (Revisited from Grand Designs Abroad - 13 October 2004)",""
76,7,12,16 May 07,"Dulwich: The Glass & Timber House",""
77,8,1,16 Jan 08,"Cheltenham: The Underground House",""
78,8,2,23 Jan 08,"Oxford: The Decagon House",""
79,8,3,30 Jan 08,"Bristol: The Modernist Sugar Cube",""
80,8,4,06 Feb 08,"Herefordshire: The Gothic House",""
81,8,5,13 Feb 08,"Midlothian: The Lime Kiln House",""
82,8,6,20 Feb 08,"Bath: The Bath Kit House",""
83,8,7,27 Feb 08,"Revisited - Puglia: An Artists' Retreat (Revisited from Grand Designs Abroad - 22 September 2004)",""
84,8,8,05 Mar 08,"Revisited	- Peterborough: The Wooden Box (Revisited from S3 Ep1)",""
85,8,9,12 Mar 08,"Revisited - Surrey: Customised German Kit House (Revisited from S4 Ep2)",""
86,8,10,19 Mar 08,"Revisited - Surrey: The Victorian Threshing Barn (Revisited from S3 Ep4)",""
87,8,11,26 Mar 08,"Revisited - Cumbria: The Underground House (Revisited from S3 Ep7)",""
88,8,12,02 Apr 08,"Maidstone: The Hi Tech Bungalow",""
89,9,1,28 Jan 09,"Somerset: The Apprentice Store",""
90,9,2,04 Feb 09,"Oxfordshire: The Chilterns Water Mill",""
91,9,3,11 Feb 09,"Newport: The Newport Folly",""
92,9,4,18 Feb 09,"Kent: The Eco Arch",""
93,9,5,25 Feb 09,"Brittany: The Brittany Groundhouse",""
94,9,6,04 Mar 09,"Wiltshire: The Marlborough Farm House",""
95,9,7,11 Mar 09,"Kent: The Headcorn Minimalist House",""
96,9,8,18 Mar 09,"Revisited: The 14th Century Castle (Revisited from S7 Ep1)",""
97,9,9,25 Mar 09,"Revisited - Cambridgeshire: The Cambridgeshire Eco Home (Revisited from S7 Ep10)",""
98,9,10,08 Apr 09,"Brighton: The Brighton Modern Mansion",""
99,9,11,15 Apr 09,"Revisited - Hampshire: The Thatched Cottage (Revisited from S7 Ep2)",""
100,9,12,22 Apr 09,"Revisited - Killearn, Scotland: The Loch House (Revisited from S6 Ep1)",""
101,9,13,29 Apr 09,"2nd Revisit - Sussex: The Woodsmans Cottage (Revisited from S3 Ep3 & S5 Ep8)",""
102,10,1,15 Sep 10,"Isle of Wight: The Tree House",""
103,10,2,22 Sep 10,"Cotswolds: The Stealth House",""
104,10,3,29 Sep 10,"Woodbridge: The Modest Home",""
105,10,4,06 Oct 10,"Stowmarket: The Barn & Guildhall",""
106,10,5,13 Oct 10,"Ipswich: The Radian House",""
107,10,6,20 Oct 10,"Lizard Peninsula: The Scandinavian House",""
108,10,7,27 Oct 10,"Cumbria: The Adaptahaus",""
109,10,8,03 Nov 10,"Lake District: The Dome House",""
110,10,9,10 Nov 10,"Revisited - Brittany, France: The Brittany Groundhouse (Revisited from S9 Ep5)",""
111,10,10,17 Nov 10,"Revisited - Dulwich: The Glass & Timber House (Revisited from S7 Ep12)",""
112,10,11,24 Nov 10,"Revisited - Belfast: A 21st Century Answer to the Roman Villa (Revisited from S5 Ep9)",""
113,10,12,01 Dec 10,"Revisited - Lot, France: House from Straw (Revisited from Grand Designs Abroad - 15 September 2004)",""
114,10,13,08 Dec 10,"Coleshill, Amersham - 2nd Revisit: The Water Tower (Revisited from S1 Ep4 and S2 Ep16)",""
115,10,14,15 Dec 10,"Revisited - Midlothian, Scotland: The Lime Kiln House (Revisited from S8 Ep5)",""
116,11,1,14 Sep 11,"Morpeth: The Derelict Mill Cottage",""
117,11,2,21 Sep 11,"London: The Contemporary Mansion",""
118,11,3,28 Sep 11,"Tenby: The Lifeboat Station",""
119,11,4,05 Oct 11,"Essex: The Large Timber-framed Barn",""
120,11,5,12 Oct 11,"Herefordshire: The Recycled Timber-framed House",""
121,11,6,19 Oct 11,"Cornwall: The Dilapidated Engine House",""
122,11,7,26 Oct 11,"London: The Disco Home",""
123,11,8,02 Nov 11,"Revisited - Lake District: The Dome House (Revisited from S10 Ep8)",""
124,11,9,09 Nov 11,"Revisited - Kent: The Eco Arch (Revisited from S9 Ep4)",""
125,11,10,16 Nov 11,"Revisited - Ashford, Kent: The Water Tower Conversion (Revisited from S6 Ep4)",""
126,11,11,23 Nov 11,"Revisited - Cumbria: The Adaptahaus (Revisited from S10 Ep7)",""
127,11,12,30 Nov 11,"Revisited - Kent: The Headcorn Minimalist House (Revisited from S9 Ep7)",""
128,12,1,12 Sep 12,"Roscommon, Ireland: Cloontykilla Castle",""
129,12,2,19 Sep 12,"Hertfordshire: The Computer-cut House",""
130,12,3,26 Sep 12,"Brixton: The Glass Cubes House",""
131,12,4,10 Oct 12,"Oxfordshire: The Thames Boathouse",""
132,12,5,17 Oct 12,"London: The Derelict Water Tower",""
133,12,6,24 Oct 12,"London: The Edwardian Artist's Studio",""
134,12,7,31 Oct 12,"Isle of Skye: The Larch-Clad House",""
135,12,8,07 Nov 12,"London: The Joinery Workshop",""
136,12,9,14 Nov 12,"Revisited - Isle of Wight: The Tree House (Revisited from S10 Ep1)",""
137,12,10,21 Nov 12,"Revisited - London: The Disco Home (Revisited from S11 Ep7)",""
138,12,11,28 Nov 12,"Revisited - Essex: The Large Timber-Framed Barn (Revisited from S11 Ep4)",""
139,12,12,05 Dec 12,"2nd Revisiting - Brighton: The Co-Op (Revisited from S1 Ep3 & S2 Ep13",""
140,13,1,04 Sep 13,"South Yorkshire: The 1920's Cinema",""
141,13,2,11 Sep 13,"North London: The Miniature Hollywood Mansion",""
142,13,3,18 Sep 13,"York: The Giant Farm Shed",""
143,13,4,25 Sep 13,"Tiverton: The Crooked Chocolate Box Cottage",""
144,13,5,02 Oct 13,"South Lanarkshire: The Metal Sculptural Home",""
145,13,6,09 Oct 13,"Monmouthshire: The Japanese House",""
146,13,7,16 Oct 13,"Brockwell Park, South London: The Modernist Masterpiece",""
147,13,8,23 Oct 13,"East Devon: The Cob Castle",""
148,13,9,30 Oct 13,"Newbury: The Christmas Farm",""
149,13,10,06 Nov 13,"Revisited - Málaga, Spain: The Modernist Villa (Revisited from Grand Designs Abroad 8 September 2004)",""
150,13,11,13 Nov 13,"Revisited - Woodbridge: The Modest Home (Revisited from S10 Ep3)",""
151,14,1,03 Sep 14,"Gwynedd: The Clifftop House",""
152,14,2,10 Sep 14,"Cornwall: The Cross-Laminated Timber House",""
153,14,3,17 Sep 14,"Milton Keynes: The Round House",""
154,14,4,24 Sep 14,"County Londonderry: The Shipping Containers House",""
155,14,5,01 Oct 14,"London: The Urban Shed",""
156,14,6,08 Oct 14,"Norfolk: The Periscope House",""
157,14,7,15 Oct 14,"Marlow: The Floating House",""
158,14,8,22 Oct 14,"Revisited - Creuse, France: The 19th Century Manor House",""
159,14,9,29 Oct 14,"Revisited - Monmouthshire: The Japanese House",""
160,14,10,05 Nov 14,"Revisited - Devon: The Crooked Chocolate Box Cottage",""
161,15,1,09 Jul 15,"Living in the City",""
162,15,2,16 Jul 15,"Living in the Wild",""
163,15,3,23 Jul 15,"Living in Suburbia",""
164,15,4,30 Jul 15,"Living in the Country",""
165,16,1,09 Sep 15,"West Sussex: The Perfectionist's Bungalow",""
166,16,2,16 Sep 15,"East Sussex - The Boat House",""
167,16,3,23 Sep 15,"Isle of Wight: The Seaside House",""
168,16,4,30 Sep 15,"Worcestershire: The Cave House",""
169,16,5,07 Oct 15,"County Antrim: The Blacksmith's House",""
170,16,6,14 Oct 15,"Somerset: The Concrete Cowshed",""
171,16,7,21 Oct 15,"Lewes: The Rusty Metal House",""
172,16,8,28 Oct 15,"Revisited - Marlow: The Floating House",""
173,16,9,13 Nov 15,"Revisited - Cornwall: The Cross-Laminated Timber House",""
174,17,1,21 Sep 16,"Dursley: Gloucestershire Treehouse",""
175,17,2,28 Sep 16,"Horsham: Fun House",""
176,17,3,05 Oct 16,"South Cornwall: Steam Bending House",""
177,17,4,12 Oct 16,"Essex: Black House",""
178,17,5,19 Oct 16,"Bolton: Ultra-Modern House",""
179,17,6,26 Oct 16,"Pembrokeshire: Low-Impact House",""
180,17,7,02 Nov 16,"Devon: Plough-Shaped House",""
181,17,8,17 Nov 16,"The Wirral: Floating Timber House",""
182,17,9,30 May 17,"Revisited - Somerset: Cow Shed",""
183,18,1,06 Sep 17,"Malvern Hill House",""
184,18,2,13 Sep 17,"Harringey, London: Victorian Gatehouse",""
185,18,3,20 Sep 17,"County Down: Agricultural House",""
186,18,4,27 Sep 17,"South Hertfordshire: Roman House",""
187,18,5,04 Oct 17,"South East London: Victorian Dairy House",""
188,18,6,11 Oct 17,"Blackdown Hills, Devon: Snake House",""
189,18,7,18 Oct 17,"Peak District: Post-Industrial House",""
190,18,8,25 Oct 17,"London: Miniscule House",""
191,18,9,01 Nov 17,"Revisited - Herefordshire: The Recycled Timber-Framed House",""
192,19,1,19 Sep 18,"Buckinghamshire",""
193,19,2,26 Sep 18,"Padstow, Cornwall: American Modernist House",""
194,19,3,03 Oct 18,"Richmond: Hypoallergenic House",""
195,19,4,10 Oct 18,"Leominster: Amphitheatre Farmhouse",""
196,19,5,17 Oct 18,"Sheffield: Twin Houses",""
197,19,6,24 Oct 18,"East Sussex: Modern Country House",""
198,19,7,31 Oct 18,"Revisited - East Devon: Cob Castle",""
199,20,1,04 Sep 19,"Galloway: Cliff-Top House",""
200,20,2,11 Sep 19,"Lincolnshire: Cylinder Home",""
201,20,3,18 Sep 19,"Warwickshire: Wheelchair-Friendly House",""
202,20,4,25 Sep 19,"Hull: Underground Family House",""
203,20,5,02 Oct 19,"West Suffolk: Tree House",""
204,20,6,09 Oct 19,"North Devon: Lighthouse",""
205,20,7,16 Oct 19,"Strathaven: Airfield Revisited",""
206,21,1,06 Jan 21,"South West London 2021",""
207,21,2,13 Jan 21,"Sevenoaks, Kent 2021",""
208,21,3,20 Jan 21,"South Lincolnshire: Contemporary Dutch-Style Barn House",""
209,21,4,27 Jan 21,"Bletchley: Self-Heating House",""
210,21,5,03 Feb 21,"Liskeard, Cornwall 2021",""
S20,20,0,28 Aug 19,"Kevin's Grandest Design",""